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7 months ago

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  • Chase Lotito
    Chase Lotito 2 months ago

    Suggestion: Learn to write cursive, but with your non-dominant hand.

  • Fancy Pansy
    Fancy Pansy 2 months ago

    I saw this gif and immediately thought of you. How about trying to learn this crazy slinky magic? gfycat.com/gifs/detail/SkeletalFelineBoa

  • mealman044
    mealman044 2 months ago

    learn a new language like czech or french or something else otherthan the language(s) you all ready know

    • mealman044
      mealman044 2 months ago

      im actually learning czech

  • sschat
    sschat 3 months ago

    Did you ever learned how to drum? Take a Phil collins song or so and try to repeat it... ;)

  • Josh Swersky
    Josh Swersky 3 months ago

    Nice videos!!! have you thought about caligraphy, drawing or painting?

  • GAME__M E__ME
    GAME__M E__ME 3 months ago

    learn beatbox

  • Trey Trivigno
    Trey Trivigno 3 months ago

    you should make more frequent videos

  • Jhon Doux
    Jhon Doux 3 months ago

    I am dying for more videos

  • IMainHanzo
    IMainHanzo 3 months ago

    pls make a this week i learned how to catch a fly with chopsticks like in the jackie chan movies would love it even i think it is impossible xD love all the vids btw

  • The_LongDark
    The_LongDark 3 months ago


  • Maria Remark
    Maria Remark 3 months ago

    Hi could you please learn how to do L sit or any other hard gymnast trick. i would love to see progression

  • Crusty Raisin
    Crusty Raisin 3 months ago


  • Nathan Bright
    Nathan Bright 3 months ago

    Hi Mike! Love your videos, super inspiring. I'd like to see you learn how to rock climb! A good indicator would be to climb V3 or 5.10c. Hope you like a tough challenge!

  • Tommi Korhonen
    Tommi Korhonen 3 months ago

    Longboard slide / powergrind. :)

  • Adam Birnie
    Adam Birnie 3 months ago

    Your videos are very entertaining - my son (12 yrs old) and me love them. I see fear comes in to play a lot - a challenge for you to learn - lead climbing. I'd say to get to lead on an indoor wall at 6a, with overhang would test your skill, mental nerve etc? It really is a mind game! If fear of falling gets in, it's horrible.... The mtb'ing ones (wheelie, manual and DH) have been great. We'll be putting those skills to practice....

  • Luis Torres
    Luis Torres 3 months ago

    Hello you should try throwing knives

  • Giles Laycock-Brown
    Giles Laycock-Brown 3 months ago

    Challenge............Multiple back flips from a standing start. Gymnast style.

  • Bradley Clarke
    Bradley Clarke 3 months ago

    Hey Mike just wanted to say absolutely love the videos!!! i have been absolutely enthroned by all of your content its great to see someone from Scotland make such great quality entertainment and no your videos are defiantly not "crap", i also relate a lot to you being a quitter my hole life but seeing your videos has really inspired me to try more and not give up or worry about what people think of me so just sending a big THANK YOU and also a request for your next video, watching your "learn the violin" video you played the "flower of Scotland" and if your from Scotland or ever been to a Scotland game the song hits you in the feels so am just wondering if you could do the Flower of Scotland on Bagpipes?. Regards Bradley

  • Help-full How 2's
    Help-full How 2's 3 months ago

    Love what your doing! If you have the time (And Money) I would be very interested in how you would de at air trekkers, jumping stilts, kangaroo shoes, sky runners, call them what you want you can jump up to six foot hight and run with 9 foot steps. Its a hobby I love and would be very interested on your take on it. If you are not interested thats fine, all the best and keep up the good work.

  • Tim Normore
    Tim Normore 3 months ago

    Hey, I watched your videos after learning of you from Alec Steele's side. I enjoy your videos and your efforts in acquiring new and odd skills. I had a brief look and didnt see it in your videos, so here is an idea for your next thing to learn. Learn to roll/walk coins across your knuckles. - tvclip.biz/video/wbokdZh7_Gg/video.html

  • Dirkie Myburgh
    Dirkie Myburgh 3 months ago

    Hi I'm from South Africa. This is bit of a different one! If you like it you can try it out. African women have a way of carrying, sometimes very big and heavy, loads on their heads and they can walk for miles and miles balancing water, wood or other goods on their heads. I've never understood this? And when try it, it's actually quite hard! See if you can walk have a mile with a big load on your head without touching it. Here's an example: tvclip.biz/video/-tRp939_kio/video.html My name is Dirkie Cheers

  • Nathan Center
    Nathan Center 3 months ago

    Hi Mike, I just saw a fairly recent talk given by Trevor Noah, a South African comedian and the host of a late-night political satire and commentary program. In his address, he talks about his homeland and childhood under apartheid. He also shares that his mother was likely one of the last native speakers of Khoisan, the language group most of us know as the sub-Saharan clicking languages. Rumor has it that the sounds required to communicate effectively are all but impossible for non-native speakers to acquire. (about 144 distinct sounds, as compared the 44 sounds employed by English speakers.) So the challenge is to learn those sounds and enough of a vocabulary to ask for directions and understand (mostly) the response to at least at least a fair approximation of how to reach the destination.

  • Cord Wright
    Cord Wright 3 months ago

    Mike try learning how to diagnose a broken car. Mechanics is viewed by many as a unobtainable skill but if that was the case how could 16 year olds know how to rebuild an engine? Its not as hard as the masses view it and its a skill all should learn but few try. If you learn how to be a mechanic quick you could show the world its doable.

  • yyyyyyyyyyyhhhhhh
    yyyyyyyyyyyhhhhhh 3 months ago

    You should learn to drum, either on set, or rudimental, if you don't know what I mean by rudimental, think drumline

  • Ganapathy M
    Ganapathy M 3 months ago

    just a suggestion try learning a shorthand writing

  • wearekj21
    wearekj21 3 months ago

    I challenge you to learn how to shoot a lacrosse ball. Challenge: how long will it take you to hit all 4 corners of a lacrosse goal from 15 yards or 14 meters?

  • Security Camera Gaming

    Random suggestion here: What if you learned how to play the Tin Whistle, or the Irish Pennywhistle? It's an instrument that can be used with music from Europe and the Americas, and represents a challenge for even experienced musicians once you get into learning advanced tunes. You can find a good, cheap whistle from Clarke, and set yourself to learning from there! Carry on, good sir!

  • Ryan Webb
    Ryan Webb 4 months ago

    Bring in some buddies and learn to jump rope Double Dutch!

  • Chris Hill
    Chris Hill 4 months ago

    Hey Mike, are you ever going to tackle the back flip again?

  • Song Life
    Song Life 4 months ago


  • The Jeffersons
    The Jeffersons 4 months ago

    Hey Mike, learn how to roll a pen around your finger

  • Jonathan Vanderford
    Jonathan Vanderford 4 months ago

    Not sure if you're much of a golfer but here's a challenge that could take some time... tvclip.biz/video/5t1wqcgtlYM/video.html

  • XavlaminYT
    XavlaminYT 4 months ago

    Hey, learn to to Butterfly Knife tricks! :C

  • Jennifer Cardona
    Jennifer Cardona 4 months ago

    Can you do something with rock climbing?

  • coolkevin77
    coolkevin77 4 months ago

    Hey Mike, you're inspirational! How about learning to twirl a pen in you fingers. v.redd.it/e4q5ulcdcmrz

  • [HUN]Headhunter23
    [HUN]Headhunter23 4 months ago

    hi, can you learn drums? it would be awesome seeing you jam out to ACDC's songs :) greetings from hungary.

  • wawa rom
    wawa rom 4 months ago

    hey, you should learn how to count cards. BlackJack

  • Ryan McConnell
    Ryan McConnell 4 months ago

    Hey, So as I was scrolling through some of your videos, I decided to watch the Learn not so quick: Backflip. Now as I am currently working out how I'm am going to attempt to learn it, I would love to see you try it again. I find your videos very insperational, and I think it may help to see you go through the prossece of learning how. I have already learned how to do a front flip on the flat ground, and land on the flat ground, and think it may help you. Front flips are harder to actually do, however backflips take much more confidence. So if you were to learn how to do a front flip first, it may help you out. Good Luck!!!! Nice vids!!!

  • Zareth DeTullio
    Zareth DeTullio 4 months ago

    I just found your channel 3 days ago, and I think I've watched almost all your videos about as quick as you learn these skills!

  • Fernando Isensee
    Fernando Isensee 4 months ago

    heeeey do a kick up to gain confidence to do a back flip!!!! I'm counting on you doing a back flip soon :D

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith 4 months ago

    Hey, Mike, just messaging here to maybe give you a good low cost easy suggestion for a new skill. This could get a lot of use out of your go pro. Learn to walk a Tight Rope! or juggle 4 balls.

  • xios42
    xios42 4 months ago

    What about learning to animate a video?

  • Andrich Steyn
    Andrich Steyn 4 months ago

    you should really try stacking cups

  • Devoider
    Devoider 4 months ago

    ever thought of learning a second language like Chinese or Japanese?

  • Zikri Zakri
    Zikri Zakri 4 months ago

    can you try to complete super mario 64 in less than 3 hours

  • Knut-Ivar Grindvik
    Knut-Ivar Grindvik 4 months ago

    After re-watching the pirates of the carribean movies, i had the idea to learn to roll coins on my knuckles, wheen seeing Jack rolling a goldpiece as the skeleton. took me roughly 1.5h to learn to roll it fluid-ish back and forth. could be a fun little thing to learn for you.

  • Drew Gumins
    Drew Gumins 4 months ago

    Hey man, love the channel. I have a suggestion for something you should learn how to do. You should learn how to fly a racing drone (also known as a quadcopter). I am a college student and also a racing drone pilot. Whenever I fly, all my friends think it is super easy (which it's not). If you do make this video, I would love to help out in any way I can. Keep being you!

  • I Regret This Name
    I Regret This Name 4 months ago

    Learn to play FPS games

  • iamlikeme
    iamlikeme 4 months ago

    Really think it would be cool if you learnt how to use the cyr wheel? Target of maybe a successful 30 consecutive spins 3 times in a row?

  • Wishful God
    Wishful God 4 months ago

    Try learning how to throw a throwing knife

  • Nico Gatapia
    Nico Gatapia 4 months ago

    Learn to break glass with your voice!

  • rasmus hanell
    rasmus hanell 4 months ago

    here's a challenge for you. learn some contact staff ^^

  • Alex Lawrence
    Alex Lawrence 4 months ago

    Could you try to learn to do the side splits? Really want to figure out how to do this the fastest way possible myself and wouldn't mind seeing how you got there in the end.

  • Martin Jenssen
    Martin Jenssen 4 months ago

    I discovered that for some reason I had been Unsubscribed from your channel, resubbed but thought I'd let you know.

  • Zarażaj Pasją
    Zarażaj Pasją 4 months ago

    You can juggle 3 balls, maybe try 100 catches of 5 balls :) science says only 2% of people can't juggle 5 :)

  • Mr Montugar
    Mr Montugar 4 months ago

    please learn slinky telekinesis gfycat.com/ActiveGrimAmericanwirehair

  • Atlas
    Atlas 4 months ago

    Hey , i like your channel and i found this video on the internet tvclip.biz/video/nF_2gifB-UQ/video.html where they do perfect circles ( the lastteacher) and it will be great if you try to learn to do it.

  • Mac Stringer
    Mac Stringer 4 months ago

    How long does it take to reach 75 wpm typing in Dvorak?

  • Gen15
    Gen15 4 months ago

    This is an odd one. Everyone can blow a bubble with bubblegum. However, blowing a bubble inside of a bubble can be quite tricky. You got to manage air pressure of the outside bubble while you blow up the inside bubble. However, with your facial hair, this might be a bit tricky to do. It's one for the list, at least. Good luck!

  • wardedgromit
    wardedgromit 4 months ago

    Hey, a coworker showed me your channel, specifically the muscle up video. I then found the violin and saxophone video and let me tell you. What you have done here is probably the most motivational thing I have seen in years! I immediately showed the musical ones to my wife who is a middle school band teacher. She is going to show your videos to her students to help show them what can be accomplished with time, patience, and practice. She hears all the time, and I am guilty of it with other skills, "this is too hard, I can't do this. It's going to take years before I can be good at this" Watching you start something from scratch, then watching the running timer and seeing the end result and how long it took, the timer is always astoundingly lower than I would have thought. This has renewed mine, my wife's and probably countless other people's perspective on accomplishing....anything. I wanted to thank you for what you have done. Your channel is great work and I wish you the best.

  • Edvin Nordqvist
    Edvin Nordqvist 4 months ago

    It would be cool if you learned to make a perfect circle tvclip.biz/video/eAhfZUZiwSE/video.html

  • Robin Nikula
    Robin Nikula 4 months ago

    try to learn backflip its actual prety eazy you youst need to be brave and focus on the high but not to mutch so you not spinning and have almost a straigt head more rotation have you legg spreded and tuck and you have the flip done

    • Gen15
      Gen15 4 months ago

      He tried and got scared and stopped trying.

    • Robin Nikula
      Robin Nikula 4 months ago

      its eazier then its look but try to have the straght flip not so you go back you whant to go up in the air not flu backwards

  • Andrew Chapman
    Andrew Chapman 4 months ago

    Channel has exploded, Mike! Keep up the good work!

  • Giovanni Sales
    Giovanni Sales 4 months ago

    Hey, i just saw your video were u try to spin the basketball i can spin a book (or anything with a similar shape really)in my finger, but, when i tried to do with a basketball i noticed that there are some different skills needed. Why don u try learning spinning the book? Real fan of your work here from Brazil !!

  • SkyLiesStill
    SkyLiesStill 4 months ago

    H A N D S T A N D ! ! ! ! !

  • blueduderanch
    blueduderanch 4 months ago

    I've seen very few people do this but would really like to see how you'd fare at learning to draw a perfect freehand circle on a black/white board. Think it would be right up your alley!

  • Mohamed Issa
    Mohamed Issa 4 months ago

    learn how to shuffle

  • Lewis Horobin
    Lewis Horobin 4 months ago

    Here is a potential idea, Why don't you learn how to build an acoustic piano or learn how to tune one that hasn't been tuned.

  • Adriano Rodrigues
    Adriano Rodrigues 4 months ago

    Learn to Chug a can or two? WikiHow has methods! Love it! keep up

  • Kekatronic
    Kekatronic 4 months ago

    *learn pig latin*

  • MrMe1609
    MrMe1609 4 months ago

    try a 9 dart finish

  • Herr Vorragend
    Herr Vorragend 4 months ago

    Absolutely love your channel! Greetings from Germany

  • I'm a nerd. And I love it.

    My favourite TVclip channel ever!! I love your videos! Don't stop :D

  • Fred Turville
    Fred Turville 4 months ago

    I'm a surf coach down in Cornwall, I'd love to teach you how to surf! (Also one of the coolest most fun sports in the world)

  • Ivar Gustle
    Ivar Gustle 4 months ago

    Nice channel! Do you ever shave or trim your beard? Learn to shave with a Straight razor or Shavette, useful skill that you can use everyday and save money. Keep up the good work!

  • Mine592 The Player
    Mine592 The Player 4 months ago

    Can you try learn how to play osu

  • 20cwy
    20cwy 4 months ago

    learn to lucid dream

  • Jackst
    Jackst 4 months ago

    You should learn how to stack cups fast! Your goal is to lean how to do the cycle in under 15 seconds And if you want to push yourself, learn to do it with two colors in under 15 seconds PS Don't use plastic kitchen cups, buy real stacking cups. Keep making amazing content!

  • Rk Dev
    Rk Dev 5 months ago

    Just found your channel last day, I love it. You won my sub for sure.

  • Nadiv Kaspi
    Nadiv Kaspi 5 months ago

    Just found this channel, and these videos are SO well done, UNIQUE, and INTERESTING! The style of the video of learning to backflip went viral (which came first, I dont know or care), but every video is like this! Like, holy shit, Ive been SEARCHING for something new and interesting like this for months. Good on you man. Keep it up :D

  • ThatOneShmGuy
    ThatOneShmGuy 5 months ago

    you should manuel the backwards brain bike

  • Oliver Sklar
    Oliver Sklar 5 months ago

    Learn to use a Balisong a.k.a. a butterfly knife

  • Emanuel Magerman
    Emanuel Magerman 5 months ago

    I recently discovered your channel and from video number one I found your content and personality so honest and nice! Your videos are fun and entertaining to watch. I think I'm becoming a true fan! Greets from Belgium

  • Ethan Vinopal
    Ethan Vinopal 5 months ago

    plz learn a language , thanks

  • Jesper Persson
    Jesper Persson 5 months ago

    can you lern how to spin a normal playing card on your finger

  • HomeschoolersLearnTo
    HomeschoolersLearnTo 5 months ago

    Hey Mike. My channel HomeschoolersLearnTo is inspired by your videos. My family homeschools and we have been wanting to do new things. Thanks for your hard work.

  • Euan McIlvean
    Euan McIlvean 5 months ago

    Hey Mike, I have a suggestion for a skill you could learn... the bowdrill method of fire-by-friction. It's hugely rewarding when you get a flame. Tip: Use Sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus) ;)

  • milkmesoftly
    milkmesoftly 5 months ago

    You should learn to do the coin walkdown trick! I tried but gave up myself...

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson 5 months ago

    you should learn how to make a Venetian glass goblet,Good Luck... Check out Jim mongrain glassblower.

  • kjesse 198
    kjesse 198 5 months ago

    You should learn to paint pinstriping as fast as possible.

  • Kevin Hood
    Kevin Hood 5 months ago

    lean to read braille

  • xios42
    xios42 5 months ago

    Where is your Sgian Dubh video?

  • Sir Jeffrey
    Sir Jeffrey 5 months ago

    I really love this channel, such a great inspiration. I've been watching this a lot lately since I found you. Keep up the incredible videos.

  • Dmitri Reavis
    Dmitri Reavis 5 months ago

    Love the videos! You're inspiring me to try some of these things.I'd love to see you learn how to bowl leg spin (or off spin) and I once went to a seminar where the instructor was writing on a whiteboard with both hands. Everyone was suitably impressed. Give it a try!

  • Kenny Moats
    Kenny Moats 5 months ago

    Alec sent me. He was right, great channel.

  • Anthony Groza
    Anthony Groza 5 months ago

    You should learn how to catch a fly with chopsticks

  • SpiceCandies
    SpiceCandies 5 months ago

    Hi, Loved your channel. Why don't you show people how EASY it is to make home made candies. For some odd reason I don't think they believe me... Thanks Saar

  • Garth Mage
    Garth Mage 5 months ago


  • Garth Mage
    Garth Mage 5 months ago

    Have you thought of donating chippings to , tvclip.biz/video/ssaYktaIrTY/video.html tvclip.biz/video/rFlpCfB-cK/video.html

  • phil h
    phil h 5 months ago

    try and hit a 180 in darts

  • William Patton
    William Patton 5 months ago

    Just got turned on to your channel from Alec Steele. Great videos, and I really like your format. I'd like to see if you can learn Parkour. It's something I've alwyas wanted to do, but it might be hard to decide on an end game.

  • Joshua James Castle
    Joshua James Castle 5 months ago

    Hi Mike !!! I have a good challenge for you ! I would like to see you produce some electronic music. It can be any style you want. As i have been making electronic music for quite a long time i know first hand that it can be extremley hard, but one can also get relativley good results in not too much time if one has some musical knowledge. So because you play guitar and piano you should know your way around chords. If you want we can get in contact so that i can give you a bit of a helping hand. Absolutely love all the vids !!! Think they are really great !!! Greetings Josh

  • Sam Gordon
    Sam Gordon 5 months ago

    Hi Mike, I think I have the ultimate challenge for you. Learn something to the point of where you can get a World Record.

  • עדן גורן
    עדן גורן 5 months ago

    Hey, i think that it is amazing that you are learining new things all the time, but im really interested... can you still do all the privious things that you have learned?

  • Josh Magpoc
    Josh Magpoc 5 months ago


  • Isaac Martinez
    Isaac Martinez 5 months ago

    tvclip.biz/video/okuNHU1WNWI/video.html buzzfeed stealing vids?

  • Scesmic Hands
    Scesmic Hands 5 months ago

    Try to learn to walk on two hand.

  • SirMisterHimself
    SirMisterHimself 5 months ago

    Really, really like the channel!

  • Tyler McEwan
    Tyler McEwan 5 months ago

    tvclip.biz/video/eAhfZUZiwSE/video.html Learn to draw a perfect circle

  • 3 King Gaming
    3 King Gaming 5 months ago

    learn how to bar spin on a scooter (easier then you think.) love the vids :)

  • Michael Steyn
    Michael Steyn 5 months ago

    Hi Mike, i love your channel, great work. You seem like a fit guys, I'd love to see you learn to planche. It looks very cool, hard but cool. If you can do it i would give it a go. All the best.

  • crowymoto
    crowymoto 5 months ago

    Hi Mike, really like the videos I'm going to be working on how to manual following your inspiration, I have a couple of ideas, how about learning to nose wheelie, walk a slack line or pulling off a climbing dyno! Cheers

  • Derechte
    Derechte 6 months ago

    a good idea would be to learn to handstand for 10 seconds (its harder than you think)

  • MrWindsurfdude
    MrWindsurfdude 6 months ago

    learn to walk on stilts

  • MrWindsurfdude
    MrWindsurfdude 6 months ago

    i love your channel and i watch it as much as i can please can you carry on learning a back flip

  • Clément Dontenville
    Clément Dontenville 7 months ago

    Man, this is probably my first comment ever on TVclip, and I'm proud to write it on your channel. This content is so inspiring to me, and brings a lot of hope : perseverance pays, motivation can lead you to things that you're not supposed to do. This is gold for me as an engineering student that can't find what motivates me. Thanks a lot, keep going, and I hope you will have the success that men like you deserve.

  • VladimirDaGreat
    VladimirDaGreat 7 months ago

    oi mate, just don't turn into a cocky cunt when you have a couple million subscribers, you're an amazing person now so don't change much

  • Hannah Miller
    Hannah Miller 7 months ago

    Learn the splits!!

  • Daniel Gerren
    Daniel Gerren 7 months ago

    Hey Mike! You should keep going on skateboarding and learn how to drop in! Have a 4 of 5 foot quarter pipe be your goal.

  • Alex Fauvel
    Alex Fauvel 7 months ago

    Hi Mike, suggestion for you, learn the Trachtenberg System. It's a way of doing mental maths very quickly.

  • Casto Sulpizii
    Casto Sulpizii 7 months ago


  • Alec Maier
    Alec Maier 7 months ago

    Thanks for the great content. I have a challenging one for you. How about learning to climb a v5 Bouldering route (indoor is better). I've recently started climbing and have found it to be a very fun workout.

  • Aidda GW2
    Aidda GW2 8 months ago

    So glad I found this channel. how about learn some old school yo-yo tricks.

  • Rosher Perera
    Rosher Perera 8 months ago

    Suggestion: Learn to type fast. Set yourself a word count per minute :D

  • Filipe Teixeira
    Filipe Teixeira 8 months ago

    learn blindfolded rubik's cube

  • Joseph Armenio
    Joseph Armenio 9 months ago

    I love you're channel so much, always brightens my day. But here's a suggestion, you should do something with Golf. How long does it take for you to get a hole in one? haha, could be fun. Also I know it's already been a while, but congratulations with your engagement!!!! She seems so lovely!

  • Filipe Teixeira
    Filipe Teixeira 9 months ago

    How long does it takes to learn soccer freestyle tricks?

  • Filipe Teixeira
    Filipe Teixeira 9 months ago

    How long does it takes you to full combo a Guitar Hero song on expert? It took me long.

  • al francesco
    al francesco 9 months ago

    learn breakdance moves such as windmill!

  • Liam15329
    Liam15329 9 months ago

    Hey, love the channel, I'd really like two see you do two things. First, when you hit your next milestone (2 years or whatever you want), see how many of the things you learnt you can still do, and how long it takes you to re-learn some of them. Second, is a video/vlog about how you go about learning things and what you feel you have learnt by doing all of these challenges.

  • Slyex
    Slyex 9 months ago

    MIKE ! here's my suggestion : try to learn how to "walldrag" in Rocket league :P savage

  • Antoine Gagne
    Antoine Gagne 9 months ago

    Cool! How about learning survival skills. Lear how to start a fire using only wood or rock or ice or... wathever natural occuring element. I would love to see that. ¦¬)

  • Manu H
    Manu H 9 months ago

    Hey Mike you know make a wheeling but i think you need learn to make a stoppie !! thank's for your vids! have fun

  • SpaceNavy90
    SpaceNavy90 9 months ago

    I feel like you've gotten this suggestion a lot, but maybe try learning a language to the level of being able to carry on a simple conversation. Something easy for an English speaker like French, Spanish or Esperanto. Learning multiple languages is something I've always wanted to do but never had the patience. Seeing you put the time in would very likely inspire me to do the same. Great videos and congrats on your recent engagement!

  • Gergely H
    Gergely H 9 months ago

    Cool channel. Inspires you to go and try stuff. Wanna tackle becoming ambidextrous. My goal would be to write with both hands at near similar speed.

  • rodrigo jundy
    rodrigo jundy 9 months ago

    you should try to learn pen spinning .

  • Drunk and Sober
    Drunk and Sober 10 months ago

    How about flair bartending? Could learn a full (but simple) routine!

    • Mike Boyd
      Mike Boyd 10 months ago

      +Drunk and Sober this is a good idea. It's on the list!

  • Ger Unkwon
    Ger Unkwon 10 months ago

    Learn how to eat pussy. I'd like to see and hear your girlfriend's reaction to your "would-be" improvements

  • Ger Unkwon
    Ger Unkwon 10 months ago

    Learn how to get jacked like Arnold

  • OkiStriker
    OkiStriker 10 months ago

    Awesome!! I feel like when I did many attempts at trying new things. You victories felt as if they were mine when watching your videos. Keep up the good work.

  • JJanimater
    JJanimater 10 months ago

    Looking forward to your next video, Mike! I subscribed a few weeks ago and have watched nearly all your vids. This is a great concept and I really appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to try new things! Keep it up!

  • redbrandonk
    redbrandonk 10 months ago

    I'm sure you've probably been given this suggestion before, but how about learn to walk a slackline. Something like a 15 meter line. It's something that is both difficult but super satisfying and addicting with each second longer you're able to stay on. Cheers.

  • Sean Lee
    Sean Lee 10 months ago

    Learn another language.

  • massi khelfaoui
    massi khelfaoui 11 months ago

    Hey, what kind of drone did you use in your last video ? thanks !

  • dave307
    dave307 11 months ago

    why did you private your microvlogs they were really cool you can only get on the from a link in one of your vids

    • Mike Boyd
      Mike Boyd 11 months ago

      +dave307 lost a bunch of subs when I released so I figured I'd release them on another channel. Glad you liked them. They are on a channel called Mike Boyd 2

  • Seb Judd
    Seb Judd Year ago

    I have tried out so many new things because of this channel, much better than computer games! Some ideas - slacklining, singing, trampolining, 180 on a bmx and skimboarding - at least land a 360 shove-it. Good luck!

  • MonsieurNinja
    MonsieurNinja Year ago

    What about learning how to sing? most of us are like "oh I can't sing" but it can be learned!

  • Zedfinite
    Zedfinite Year ago

    Awesome vid! Can you put up a video on how to draw people & faces? I understand there are channels by Proko, Jazza, Sycra etc. on TVclip, but due to work & lethargy, I couldn't keep up with their pace. There's this book called 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain' by Betty Edwards which you can look up, and hopefully teach back to your fans.

  • Stefan Wehren
    Stefan Wehren Year ago

    Please learn Back Palm Card Tricks

  • stephenmcginley
    stephenmcginley Year ago

    Hi Mike, I love your videos. I am a professional Juggler and teach a lot of skills including a weekly unicycle club. Some suggestions for you to learn: Balance a 3ft Pole on your head (chin nose or forehead) for 30 seconds Kendama (10 tricks) Diabolo (10 Tricks) Juggle 4 balls, 3 Clubs, 10 tricks with 3 balls. Jitter-ring (10 Tricks) padiddle - Start with a cushion, move to large book Yo-Yo Slack Line (if you have trees nearby to attach it) Tight Rope (you can buy a freestanding one for about £500) Easy if you can Unicycle. Stilt walking (since you can unicycle you might learn this straight away) Poi - 3 beat weave backwards and forwards - could do with fire. Hula Hoop (10 Tricks) large Hoop for beginners Flowerstick - Propeller didgeridoo - Circular Breathe for 1 minute Throw a Knot Rola Bola Knife Throwing Speed Stacking Dice Stacking Find your local Juggling Club/ university Society and try to attend a Juggling Convention. Check out the British Juggling Convention in Nottingham this April where you can see all of the above skills.

  • Antoine Gagne
    Antoine Gagne Year ago

    Suggestion: learn how to slap shot on target or baseball bat flip trick

  • DrewDriver
    DrewDriver Year ago

    can you whistle?

  • sam ali
    sam ali Year ago

    nice tricks

  • sam ali
    sam ali Year ago

    learn how to do female split and hold it for 2 minutes

  • Sean Donaldson
    Sean Donaldson Year ago

    You should apply to be on Tom Scott's channel this year!: tvclip.biz/video/vQxfY0p-dkQ/video.html

    NO FEAR Year ago

    Hi mate cool videos! How about some downhill double jumps? Here is an example tvclip.biz/video/eagElg8YnZY/video.html

  • Dante Kienigiel
    Dante Kienigiel Year ago

    Dude, you should learn to throw a lasso cowboy-style

  • lois6b
    lois6b Year ago

    Hey Mike! I love your videos. How about learn to throw cards (cut fruit or something )

  • Christian Lieb
    Christian Lieb Year ago

    Great content, I'm glad I found you here! Keep doing it!

  • tjarod11
    tjarod11 Year ago

    You know,... They say that Esperanto is the easiest language to learn. It's a constructed language without funky exceptions and easy rules. All there is to it is to memorize the sixteen grammar rules, build up a good vocabulary, and actively use it. With some frequent practice and good resources, someone can have good conversation (,but perhaps limited one) in less than a week. To become fluent in the language is significantly less time than natural languages. My friend and I could make our own sentences with the little vocabulary we had on the first day. I didn't record minutes because it really didn't matter to me. Since I moved I've had nobody to talk to and have lost a lot of vocabulary, but I still remember most of the grammar. I was very fun to learn. I don't know if this is interesting at all, or anything anyone in this discussion will do, but I tried it and enjoyed it.

  • fried coconut
    fried coconut Year ago

    Your channel is very inspiring :) Subscribed! By the way, I'm a beginner in acoustic guitar (playing for 1 year) and really passionate about it but I don't know any songs that i could practice to become better. I'd appreciate the hell out of you if you could share with me a few tips maybe on how to learn it faster and more efficiently :)

  • Raymond Messier
    Raymond Messier Year ago

    Hey Mike, how about learning to play a song on the drums, I'll bet your cross-over skills will give you an advantage and your mastery time will be much quicker than you think.

  • Skvid
    Skvid Year ago

    Hey, great vids. Heres a suggestion: Learn to walk a rope (doesnt need to be high up :D)

    • VladimirDaGreat
      VladimirDaGreat 7 months ago

      You should learn how to do tricks with a pen

    • Mike Boyd
      Mike Boyd Year ago

      +Skvid great suggestion thanks!

  • Patracie
    Patracie Year ago

    Great channel...I can finally do the Rubik's Cube because of you! I know this channel is basically about learning a new skill quick, but have you thought about taking on a larger challenge (getting a single figure golf handicap) and posting regular updates on your progress? Keep up the great work :)

  • Jens Kristian Toft

    Hi. I've already left you a mesage, but I'll leave here as well. How about this: tvclip.biz/video/BlhUt8AJJO8/video.html

  • greeze
    greeze Year ago

    Learn to walk on your hands!

  • roan Ballantine
    roan Ballantine Year ago

    learn how to spin a frisbee on your finger for 60 seconds, iv been trying it for days now GRR!!

  • mttotoole
    mttotoole Year ago

    You should do a learn how to Windmill (breakdance move)

  • Kalen Robeson
    Kalen Robeson Year ago

    I love you channel, I think you should learn how to walk a slackline next. I hear it's pretty hard!

  • 1skippo
    1skippo Year ago

    Hey Mike try learning how to use the boxing speedball

  • ShirollNecough
    ShirollNecough Year ago

    nice channel!i just saw your video today,really funny :) btw can you do a video about "learning bunny hop on trial bike"?

  • Beta Storm
    Beta Storm Year ago

    Hey Mike, I got a question about that bamboo sax of yours: Did you buy the "Goldstar Banboosax Bd" or did you buy the "Goldstar Shotgun Bamboosax C"? If you could answer it would really help me out. Thanks for making such awesome video's and motivating me to learn something new too!

  • Hokiebird428
    Hokiebird428 Year ago

    I have a request for a "learn to" video, and it's something that I myself do not know how to do, nor do I know of anyone that actually can. The skill itself is fairly useless and possibly uninteresting to watch, but seeing the process of how you go about learning it would be very interesting to me. Can you learn how to play Spider Solitaire on Hard (4 suits) difficulty?

  • Jurriaan Jansen
    Jurriaan Jansen Year ago

    This is my favorite channel on youtube by far! hope he just does a bit more commentary about how he feels and thinks and got the idea.

  • Marc Riddell
    Marc Riddell Year ago

    How long would it take to get a 180 in darts ?

  • Christian Werther

    You're so inspiring, thank you! You got me and my brother searching for a suitable challenge we can do together - should be a lot of fun!

    • Mike Boyd
      Mike Boyd Year ago

      +Christian Werther awesome dude. Let me know how you get on. :)

  • Icithis
    Icithis 2 years ago

    I'd love to see you learn Freeline Skates. tvclip.biz/video/23g50WyVjYs/video.html

  • huevun
    huevun 2 years ago

    hello. can you to learn to do cardisrty?

  • Wyatt Zapotok
    Wyatt Zapotok 2 years ago

    Please make a learning to 180 on a bmx bike. I think that'd be a true challenge from a beginners perspective.

  • mauriano baruso
    mauriano baruso 2 years ago

    GREAT Channel !!! Theres Nothing Better than seeing Progression and improvement and hard work pay off!!

    • Mike Boyd
      Mike Boyd 2 years ago

      +mauriano baruso thanks, that really means a lot.

  • Steven Weston
    Steven Weston 2 years ago

    Congratulations. You've nailed this channel. Great concept and awesome production. In addition, you seem like a good guy. Keep improving yourself, the journey's never over!

  • FhoodyCast
    FhoodyCast 2 years ago

    he's going to be famous. Mark my words.

    • vchabal
      vchabal Year ago

      yes, I like this new video genre/idea

  • FhoodyCast
    FhoodyCast 2 years ago

    hi babies