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This Is How We'll Die...
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You Breathe You Die
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We Took an IQ Test
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The Sensory Overload Tank
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We Eat Bugs
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We Took The Polar Plunge
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You Blink You Lose
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Taped and Afraid
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The Great Meat Mistake
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There's Still Hope...
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1 Man 100 Accents
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Helium Therapy
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Play-Doh Thanksgiving
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Baby Hands Operation
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The Bad Kind of Cupping 😐
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Hot Dog'd to Death
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Cooking with Sex Toys
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Unus Annus
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  • Optimal Leisure
    Optimal Leisure 30 minutes ago

    I think the nuke and astroid deaths would be sick, but so many people would die from it to the point where you get lost in an ocean of other deaths, so I would go with the assassination death.

  • Logan Entertainment
    Logan Entertainment 30 minutes ago

    0:28, Could an Ice Pick work too in this situation???

  • Connor Evelsizer
    Connor Evelsizer 30 minutes ago

    I hate sonic

  • Charles Cheney
    Charles Cheney 30 minutes ago

    Mark pulls that outfit off so damm good

  • Xx_Pillow_xX
    Xx_Pillow_xX 31 minute ago

    Mark embodies the very essence of grandpas in this video

  • mini_ _moose121
    mini_ _moose121 31 minute ago

    Worlds fastest growing channek sine logan paul

  • Zeta Steve
    Zeta Steve 31 minute ago

    bOI, that man is R I P P E D

  • TheRageQuitter
    TheRageQuitter 31 minute ago

    Yeah but can it save a broken marriage? Because Flex-Seal can do all this and fix a broken marriage.

  • Caleb Pruitt
    Caleb Pruitt 31 minute ago

    Their sperm count after freezing ⬇

  •  31 minute ago

    If you want to see tow pieces of shit srugl look no futher

  • Bread Boy
    Bread Boy 31 minute ago

    Steam roller? I think you mean “ROAD ROLLA!”

  • Jenny BTS ARMY
    Jenny BTS ARMY 31 minute ago

    I just keep thinking about Mark and Ethan's " This is what it means to go farther beyond! " ;-; My Hero reference istg-

  • komakozeee
    komakozeee 32 minutes ago

    That guy was fuckin rad too bad im not in cali fornai eh

  • Vanic- Draws
    Vanic- Draws 32 minutes ago

    He looks like Keanu Reeves had a breakdown

  • Skyn zor
    Skyn zor 32 minutes ago

    Mark is for sure going to show Amy the cold popsicle tonight.

  • FurryGamer OwO
    FurryGamer OwO 33 minutes ago

    Lol I’m 12 and I’m 5’9 :) I’m not joking 🙃

  • sum rando boi
    sum rando boi 33 minutes ago

    Ethan is a 0

  • Lil dipper
    Lil dipper 33 minutes ago

    Is god tier just Bruce Willis scenarios

  • Bryce Roy
    Bryce Roy 33 minutes ago

    It’s kinda sad that this van has been with him and thru a lot one like = a R.I.P and a great send off 😭🥺

  • Ruptro
    Ruptro 33 minutes ago

    the end lol

  • Youngreek Tragedy
    Youngreek Tragedy 33 minutes ago

    Not gonna lie mark over here lookin like Dr.Strange 9:17

  • Antibeast Plays
    Antibeast Plays 33 minutes ago

    We need a vote for "Best Instructor" at the end of the year

  • Mitz Umali
    Mitz Umali 33 minutes ago

    Ethan you’re a solid 10, you’re sweet, kind hearted, adorable, A SINGER, and you have a good heart! I mean, you could’ve sent Mark to the great beyond many times before and you haven’t! Such a good friend :)

  • Hypno Toad
    Hypno Toad 34 minutes ago

    If I died playing a video game i'd be happy cause I died doing what I love. I don't see that as a bad way to die.

  • Apocalypticnick
    Apocalypticnick 34 minutes ago

    Mark be out here setting records, and go to the beyond!

  • Ruby Nguyen
    Ruby Nguyen 34 minutes ago

    No one: Not even a single soul: Ethan: t O T s i E s

  • caitwin
    caitwin 34 minutes ago

    mark shoving the mic in everybody's face in videos is a mood on a whole other level

  • Bren Palashewski
    Bren Palashewski 34 minutes ago

    She keeps saying “or male” she probably thinks they’re gay lmaoooo

  • MoonHunters Gaming
    MoonHunters Gaming 35 minutes ago

    Unus Annus should do a Try not to laugh challenge. Im sure ethan would lose first :)

  • G Man Hacker
    G Man Hacker 35 minutes ago

    Basically a Bacta Tank

  • Rae Harrison
    Rae Harrison 35 minutes ago

    Think of Mark and Ethan reactions and then think of titanic

  • Zitlali Pizarro
    Zitlali Pizarro 35 minutes ago

    Dude ik what mark feels in this whole video 😂

  • Lindsay Mejia
    Lindsay Mejia 35 minutes ago

    Ppl that come from Canada: Pfffff that's nothing

  • RayneMaranochi
    RayneMaranochi 35 minutes ago

    I love that. "If you want instant fans just flex." 'dude shows off 6-pack' and now tons of women and men have now liked the video. lol

  • Christopher M.
    Christopher M. 36 minutes ago

    2 grown men with only their right arm swole, intriguing

  • the Darkside
    the Darkside 36 minutes ago

    Ethan is a 10/20

  • Fictional Void
    Fictional Void 36 minutes ago

    I got a chemical headache just watching this

  • Gamer Guy
    Gamer Guy 36 minutes ago

    S Tier- After 1year of Unas Anas.

  • D- licious
    D- licious 36 minutes ago

    Mark: Glendales Also Mark: Glendales California Me: *cries in Arizona*

  • Addison Alyss
    Addison Alyss 36 minutes ago

    What is Anton from Deuce Bigolow doing at a cryogenic center?! 😂

  • Brooklyn-Jade Senhenn
    Brooklyn-Jade Senhenn 36 minutes ago

    ethans blue socks are iconic

  • caitstenz
    caitstenz 36 minutes ago

    Nordic blood for the win!

  • gamer_x dragon
    gamer_x dragon 37 minutes ago

    Unus annus is gone in 297 days

  • Youngin Jae
    Youngin Jae 37 minutes ago

    Have a professional paint your face on the mold

  • vgjuglgj bjbvhb
    vgjuglgj bjbvhb 37 minutes ago

    the video just started and not even 5 seconds in they are already naked help

  • Lance Vasquez
    Lance Vasquez 37 minutes ago

    I workout with Shaun Tee

  • Bro My Slow
    Bro My Slow 37 minutes ago

    Ethan: It got in my eyes Mark: Well don't look at it Me: Lojik

  • ElmaQuestions
    ElmaQuestions 37 minutes ago

    I’m just here feeling bad for Ethan-

  • The Quirky Monster
    The Quirky Monster 38 minutes ago

    Ethan: _puts square on board wrong_ Mark: _starts having vietnam flashbacks in the background_

  • Lizzy Burrows
    Lizzy Burrows 38 minutes ago

    Mark, your yancy is showing

  • John Vanhorn
    John Vanhorn 38 minutes ago

    Ssj Goku meme all the way.

  • Isla Giles
    Isla Giles 38 minutes ago

    I have to say it’s great Ethan knows how to do this now. But I say mark is giving big dad energy acting exactly how a dad would

  • Drew Bell
    Drew Bell 38 minutes ago

    How do they not freeze to death immediately?

  • Brooklyn-Jade Senhenn
    Brooklyn-Jade Senhenn 38 minutes ago

    is it even possible for mark to get even thiccer?

  • Fat Seal
    Fat Seal 38 minutes ago


  • myusernameistaken
    myusernameistaken 38 minutes ago

    I thought they where going to say "this is what it means to go beyond. PLUS ULTRA!" right after Ethan gets in

  • Ray Griego
    Ray Griego 38 minutes ago

    Does Ethan cut his arms??

  • TribalIsland 87
    TribalIsland 87 38 minutes ago

    Did he say the coc is ticking at 1:28

  • Beau Curry
    Beau Curry 39 minutes ago


  • Inbedded
    Inbedded 39 minutes ago

    Ethan is a 420 out of 69

  • Micheala W
    Micheala W 39 minutes ago

    “I’m not holding my breath but I’m not breathing” Then what the hell are you doing??

  • Tatiana Lizcano
    Tatiana Lizcano 39 minutes ago


  • osoffically dah one
    osoffically dah one 39 minutes ago

    Y don't u guys go disguise as people like police officers or security or mall security

  • Adli
    Adli 39 minutes ago

    song 3:56 ? i've heard it from dota wtf channel but didn't know the song name

  • Victoria Coulombe
    Victoria Coulombe 40 minutes ago

    As a Canadian I can say this is everyday life to us

  • Smelly Trash Rat
    Smelly Trash Rat 40 minutes ago

    Ethan hit puberty as soon as he hit the water

  • osoffically dah one
    osoffically dah one 40 minutes ago

    Have tried decompression tanks

  • Kathleen Carroll
    Kathleen Carroll 40 minutes ago

    Guys you don't have to be in a cryogenic tank to get cold, man you just have to live in my home town here in Canada in January, you will freeze your dong just as well here in my hometown. BTW that dude Alex has really nice abs. ;-)

  • Otaku Chan
    Otaku Chan 40 minutes ago

    *Ethan:* "This is gonna be a little gross but I'm thinking of the cups for your periods" *Majority of subscribers and viewers, most likely women:* "Are we a joke to you?"

  • tree animates
    tree animates 40 minutes ago

    They should make a rage centre where everything is unbreakable and unshatterable

  • Ken Swisid
    Ken Swisid 40 minutes ago

    Mark over there like a bull salsa

  • Ashley Melo
    Ashley Melo 41 minute ago

    i have that same exact wrist brace for my carpal tunnel, worth every dollar 😎

  • Willow 1208
    Willow 1208 41 minute ago

    i wonder if Ethan and Mark will do arial silks on thi channel.

  • Ikari_Sama 77
    Ikari_Sama 77 41 minute ago

    the thumbnail sent my mind in all the wrong directions-

  • Makaylea Shaw
    Makaylea Shaw 41 minute ago

    Commenting on all unus annus vids till mark AND Ethan notice me. Tsk tsk Mark always asks about death

  • madi dadi
    madi dadi 41 minute ago

    alex really out here fully caked, double cheeked, in the middle of the day.

  • Dana N
    Dana N 41 minute ago

    Omg you two are hilarious makes me laugh so hard sometimes ty for that the world needs a good laugh keep it up guys

  • Mactire the wolf
    Mactire the wolf 41 minute ago

    Noice abs

  • Lianne H
    Lianne H 42 minutes ago

    this was.. really gay

  • Natalie Miller
    Natalie Miller 42 minutes ago

    GLenDaLLe cALifOrniA

  • TakeV
    TakeV 42 minutes ago

    Whelp, I am a fan of cold ab man.

  • Punk Pride
    Punk Pride 42 minutes ago

    “It’s like crawling up my buttcrack”, mark -2020

  • Tim Hemingway
    Tim Hemingway 42 minutes ago

    I lost my shit at 17:11

  • Hanna
    Hanna 42 minutes ago

    i strive to be as pretty as that man

  • FistDaPam Matsvyy
    FistDaPam Matsvyy 43 minutes ago

    Based on my observations Ethan is the one doing the recomended dose of everything While Mark amps it up to the point that he's always at the brink of DEATH


    ???? 0:39 ?? ? ??

  • Galaxy Toad
    Galaxy Toad 43 minutes ago

    I’d like to die from nuke splosion deffo, as scary as it’d be, it’d be fast

  • ciel_ phantomVA
    ciel_ phantomVA 43 minutes ago

    What's up with ethans arm? Is it a tattoo? Or what? It looked like cuts but it could just be me 👀

  • jack Grosse
    jack Grosse 43 minutes ago


  • Darla Liverpool
    Darla Liverpool 43 minutes ago


  • JC Hite
    JC Hite 43 minutes ago

    Bruh I lived right next to the park at 8:10 wyoming gang rise up 😔✊

  • Weisdog
    Weisdog 44 minutes ago

    Ik its the theme and stuff but i cringe when they talk about death and stuff lol

  • Matthew Zhou
    Matthew Zhou 44 minutes ago

    Why do they both feel like real grandpas

  • Professor SharkBait
    Professor SharkBait 44 minutes ago

    Finally, I’ve been waiting for you guys to do this, your the best

  • Kenzie
    Kenzie 44 minutes ago

    Dmsjdnsjjdf the names from the live stream Ethan did, are still on ethans arms 😂

  • pittbul101op scalise
    pittbul101op scalise 44 minutes ago

    8:31 Thats what she said

  • Lillian Stokley
    Lillian Stokley 44 minutes ago

    Hv u ever taken dance lessons... Mark: I was an engineer... * says nothing about the pole dancing lessons him and Jack took together*

  • Nick Perry
    Nick Perry 44 minutes ago

    All I could think of was damn Quinn is a good actress, she really stayed in character with those questions.

  • Deadly Demon
    Deadly Demon 45 minutes ago

    4:47 well oops

  • Dabmachine
    Dabmachine 45 minutes ago

    It's 7:36 pm where I'm at