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67 bronco in snow
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Mudvayne - Cradle (Live )
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Incubus-Vitamin (live)
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Incubus-Hilikus (live)
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Incubus-azwethinkweiz (live)
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4 wheelin ATV fun
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How not to do a wheelie
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311 - jupiter (fan made)
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311 - firewater (fan made)
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311 - cali soca (fan made)
Views 14K13 years ago
311 - beyond the grey sky
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  • Daniel O
    Daniel O 17 hours ago

    2019 still rockin this!

  • Paulo QZO
    Paulo QZO Month ago

    0:49 this is tom morello version of guitar hero 3

  • Shaban Satan
    Shaban Satan Month ago

    I cant stand the new bassist

  • Daniel O.
    Daniel O. Month ago

    Shark bait, ooh ha ha, come up to mount wannahakaloogee

  • Obiwannabe
    Obiwannabe Month ago

    I love you Ryan. I hope you found your slice.

  • Tessie Radl
    Tessie Radl Month ago

    Lost my wife recently. This song helps. Mahalo 311 trying to hang in there

  • Rielly Sarjeant
    Rielly Sarjeant Month ago

    We lost the war!! The Left has taken over and we are mindless idiots worshiping the kardashians and mindless shits like & whores of Beverly Hills that have no purpose other than to keep you believing a bunch of bs !!!!!!!

  • Albert Kolb
    Albert Kolb Month ago

    Still my favorite version of this song ...

  • Jeff Hoon
    Jeff Hoon 2 months ago

    3:11 you hear the 311 of the near future after this we all know and love. 🤯 Love seeing my favorite bands humble beginnings. Pearl Jam, Rage now this...all first live taped shows were outdoors in super small venues. That’s how it is. Love it man.

  • Kane Madsen
    Kane Madsen 2 months ago

    This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. If you cannot feel the impact and power of the lyrics then not sure what to tell you. Sorry they lost a great friend. What a BEAUTIFUL tribute.

  • Ricardo Cagnoni
    Ricardo Cagnoni 3 months ago

    for me....this is the best song of Pink floyd, when David starts to sign the world collapse !! and the guitar solo....simple and great..

  • Manic Mechanic Man
    Manic Mechanic Man 3 months ago

    One of the best songs by 311 and that is saying a lot.

  • เตงเต้ง Rock'nRoll

    love this song มั๊กหลายกะเพลงนี้ละ สมัย 2003

  • Waishington Luis Oliveira Junior


  • 311 Jazzy 🌸🎀💖

    Nick had long hair

  • Bastiaan Band
    Bastiaan Band 3 months ago

    Sick song and crowd!!!

  • Bastiaan Band
    Bastiaan Band 3 months ago

    Sick song and crowd!!!

  • Ralph Sawyer
    Ralph Sawyer 4 months ago

    Dame guys one beautiful song thanks 311

  • Patrick Channing II
    Patrick Channing II 4 months ago

    A coworker gave me a CD that came out of an old CD player a few weeks before I got married (three years ago, now). I remember cruising around with my son getting wedding stuff done and bumping this song as we made our rounds; good times. I hope he knows i was singing along to him.

  • Berlyn wall
    Berlyn wall 4 months ago

    RIP Chrissy!! I love you butterfly. I always think what could I have done?

  • NikoLetsGoBowling
    NikoLetsGoBowling 4 months ago

    Wow i didn't think they would have the balls to play their good shit

  • Johnny Syncs
    Johnny Syncs 5 months ago

    I just so love this song. But where's the whistle. :D

  • ShottaKenya
    ShottaKenya 5 months ago

    this is probably the first 311 "video" on TVclip

  • eric farrington
    eric farrington 5 months ago

    I remember this video! Mr. Mooseknuckle. Introduced me to 311 as a young lad.

  • ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed

    I think i'll go out and shred now.

  • Craig Stack
    Craig Stack 6 months ago

    If doing don't make you dance there is somthing wrong

  • Jase Cameron
    Jase Cameron 6 months ago

    HAPPY 3/11/2019!

  • jesus guevara
    jesus guevara 6 months ago

    Incredible Richard Wright

  • Weni Kartikov
    Weni Kartikov 6 months ago

    I always sing along in SA' s part. Dunno why?

  • Bri F
    Bri F 7 months ago

    God damn. Why is everyone all gay in the comments?lol

  • Matute Alfonzo
    Matute Alfonzo 7 months ago


  • Araguaia Cond. Ed.
    Araguaia Cond. Ed. 7 months ago

    Essa música tem uma letra muito bonita

  • paisteuser06
    paisteuser06 8 months ago

    Awkward performance...they should have stuck to playing their more evolved radio hits for that set.

  • fon ducci
    fon ducci 8 months ago

    1996 af

  • Robert Osborn
    Robert Osborn 8 months ago

    What a powerful song ! Props to Tim Mahoney for his superb guitar work.

  • Tim Slade
    Tim Slade 8 months ago

    I’ve seen these guys six times and would see them six more times if I live that long.(I’m 70)

  • Grizzle Ones
    Grizzle Ones 8 months ago

    Name a better better band....

  • Job Vilchez
    Job Vilchez 8 months ago

    Its my favorite.

  • Andrew Nelson
    Andrew Nelson 8 months ago

    Fuck yes. I love you. Thank you.

  • Gonzalo
    Gonzalo 9 months ago

    Incubus performing: "i forgot to make justice to this song"

  • Timmy P
    Timmy P 9 months ago

    Sorry 311 I am a huge fan, but this song I have come to realize is a blatant ripoff of U2 - Some Days are Better than others. Prove me wrong doubters. 311 before 311.

  • Craig Stack
    Craig Stack 9 months ago

    This always makes me feel good

  • J Pai
    J Pai 9 months ago

    They sound so rough lol, but great memories of Omaha and the 90's, 311 rocks

  • Eli P.
    Eli P. 10 months ago

    And at 1:10 is when 311 found S.A. 😂😂

  • carlos eugenio
    carlos eugenio 10 months ago

    this solo makes me chills all my life!!Pink FLoyd Rules!

  • mricecreamman1000
    mricecreamman1000 10 months ago


  • Ari ZabaloFotos
    Ari ZabaloFotos 10 months ago

    this song bring me beyond the gray sky with the hope that some day i will see the clear blue.. the vibration of guitar"s distorsion push me up!

  • Fabian Teran
    Fabian Teran 11 months ago

    0:14 Eres puto?

  • re se
    re se 11 months ago

    "I never think, I never thought that maybe I'm insane, I think I like going way the fuck out of my brain." That's the best part of the song!

  • i2designer
    i2designer Year ago

    My wife was diagnosed w/ Leukemia in 2011. Many evenings during the "dark days" I would dial up this song as I rolled into my neighborhood after work. I would sit in my car in the garage & listen to this, gathering courage to face up & be strong for her. Helped me through some tough times.

  • Danfrombackhome
    Danfrombackhome Year ago

    This song came out right around the time we had to put my childhood dog to sleep. This song always reminds me of her.

  • Cadester22
    Cadester22 Year ago

    Saw them earlier tonight in Bristow VA and they played this. Everyone got their lighters or phone lights out when SA sang the candle part.

  • Kane Dean
    Kane Dean Year ago

    It is a gift I know A moment of bliss that we hold A firecracker flash of light then on To the next plane soul remain Come along if you dare It's gonna be that you're scared Lovely life I thank you For the reason to see the pain through Light a candle for the dead The wick is burning returning what we have It's who we are We'll reach you if you're beyond the furthest star Don't give up the fight to stay alive and even if you have to Find the reason of another's pain if they lose you If not for your self then those around who care like I do One day you'll see the clear blue Beyond the Gray Sky Light a candle... The wick... It's who we are... One day youill see the clear blue Beyond the Gray Sky I can't believe you didnit call What made you want to end it all Wasn't there something I should have tried To help you see beyond the gray sky

  • Josh Flanders
    Josh Flanders Year ago


  • Nate
    Nate Year ago

    I just read this while listening to this song "Margot Kidder Suicide" RIP

  • ZSJ311
    ZSJ311 Year ago

    This is hot in 1.5 no joke

  • Marvel_fan229 1988

    Love listening to this tune when my depression and anxiety are out of wack

  • Bob Lima
    Bob Lima Year ago

    Why so slow? 😀

  • Mark Owens
    Mark Owens Year ago

    this has to be the coolest thing ive ever seen

  • Erin Duncan
    Erin Duncan Year ago

    As I moved through life finding different music, some bands become staples. 311 has been a positive staple in my life. So glad they are STILL throwing down great tracks. 30 years strong all along.

  • E S
    E S Year ago

    blading back then was the shit and still his to this day. Just good memories much love blade or die motha fukas

  • Pentex Sucks
    Pentex Sucks Year ago

    Lame. It's been 14 years since they played anything off of fungus

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas Year ago

    LOOK AT THOSE DREADS ON MIKE LMAO I miss the old funky Incubus, some of their best songs are from SCIENCE and a lot of their fan base probably skips over the old stuff. This song is no exception.

  • Rae Rat
    Rae Rat Year ago

    If this doesn't make you happy i dont know what will

  • gctones
    gctones Year ago

    when shit gets too real, throw this on, and enjoy, because things gonna get better :)

  • msa1985
    msa1985 Year ago

    311 was an inside job

  • Oren Ben-Joseph
    Oren Ben-Joseph Year ago

    This song just makes you d r i f t a w a y

  • soup gang
    soup gang Year ago

    Stopped my friend's brother from suicide. Thank you guys so much

  • doug148877
    doug148877 Year ago

    Imagine pulling up to a stop light to race someone with an engine that sounded like that....

  • M.S. Davis
    M.S. Davis Year ago

    So young!

  • Sufficating The Place Dying

    mei` Great Granz Marianou Ramos Y' Saustina(mei esk). Clerical`, of 16 age. A wrote though, 2000, 01. !. Who knows. in few... more twins.... . . . -aeni`

  • Astralplain *CHANNEL CLOSED*

    Wow, is this with the old guitarist and also is that Nick with long hair??

  • NaXhitO FHN yKwa

    powerfull music!!!!

  • John Au
    John Au Year ago

    It's def one of those songs, I remember when I first heard this and it's still good today.

  • Meili Yuan
    Meili Yuan Year ago

    I love you ZACK!

  • kevin weinz
    kevin weinz Year ago

    That bass though...

  • chetty h
    chetty h Year ago

    In love with Mel-abration !!!! Girl you’ve got this and beyond!!!!

  • mercster
    mercster Year ago

    I can't believe you didn't call... What made you want to end it all? Wasn't there something I should have tried? To help you see beyond the gray sky?

  • Joshua Sumrell
    Joshua Sumrell Year ago

    Come on 2018

  • Omar Zavala
    Omar Zavala Year ago

    And thats how i screwed my knees 21 years ago.... the good old days..!

  • Smitty ThaGreat
    Smitty ThaGreat Year ago

    why's the time one second shy of 4 dot dot 2-0?

  • Tony Emmons
    Tony Emmons Year ago

    My skater buddy Kyle this was his favorite band he died in a car wreck it's a tribute I'm gonna reach him but for now light a candle.

  • SEee Ladadading
    SEee Ladadading Year ago

    Y doesnt the exaust melt

  • KreivaDrum
    KreivaDrum Year ago

    C A P O L A V O R O

  • Josh Dollins
    Josh Dollins Year ago

    listened to these guys and this song a lot in high school great song means a lot to me

  • Ryan Coakley
    Ryan Coakley Year ago

    I came to this song because i was told it might prevent suicide. Now i wanna kill myself even more. Cheers.

    • Josh Beard
      Josh Beard Year ago

      Ryan Coakley One day you'll see the clear blue, bud.

  • Tony Hunter
    Tony Hunter Year ago

    I remember seeing this video in the 90's. Made me discover 311!

  • Rob Miller
    Rob Miller 2 years ago

    They forgot to remember the passion of this song

    • Sharon R
      Sharon R 10 months ago

      All you have to do is CLOSE YOUR EYES. You "forgot to remember" that this is m.u.s.i.c first, then video.

  • Fred Potter
    Fred Potter 2 years ago

    My cousin committed suicide in 2013, Rest his soul. Suicide never ends the pain, it just passes the pain onto the loved ones you leave behind.

  • hektik
    hektik 2 years ago

    Just got back from a 311 show. I've listened to these guys since I was 16, now am 33. HOLY FUCK. Best show I've ever seen. These guys love putting on a show.

  • Adriana Martinez
    Adriana Martinez 2 years ago

    I listen to 311 every time I'm in the hospital and it always makes my days better and totally makes me want to hurry up and get better. I have missed so many amazing & unforgettable 311 concerts all because of hospital stays. I have Lupus and had a kidney transplant in July 18, 2009 but unfortunately it only lasted 4 years and it had to be removed in July of 2013. I am currently waiting on another beautiful gift of life and hopefully it happens again soon 🙏🏼❤️. But 311 always puts me in a good mood😉😘🙏🏼❤️☝🏼💞☺️☮️ and in a dancing mood.

    • Ranch Boy
      Ranch Boy 2 years ago

      Thank you for sharing that Adriana. 311 is just one of those bands that can totally take a person out a funk. So glad you found them and that they have that effect on you. Much Love

  • Alexandre Selin
    Alexandre Selin 2 years ago

    When you got the wrong crowd

    • Sharon R
      Sharon R 10 months ago

      They seem like deer in the headlights.

  • True Grace
    True Grace 2 years ago

    Yes!! I was at this show!!!!!! Thank you! This is awesome 🤗😝💛😜

  • rapisor
    rapisor 2 years ago

    The bass on this song! Fuuuuu-----

  • RLMasonry
    RLMasonry 2 years ago

    thank you for your service God bless .311 is awsome . I lost my best friend to suicide 5 years ago this song has a personal connection to me love you Jeff your always remembered. God bless our vets and their families!

  • Tyler Vernon
    Tyler Vernon 2 years ago

    this reminded of a friend. I love this song

  • OG Drifter
    OG Drifter 2 years ago

    This is why F1 cars aren't allowed to sit idle for long

  • johnny07652
    johnny07652 2 years ago

    Greatest band ever

  • zach nai
    zach nai 2 years ago

    I'm sorry but even now days there's no fucking way I can do half those tricks on booters