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Perfect Health - Subliminal
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Get Debt Free - Subliminal
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Type Fast - Subliminal
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Perfect Brain Subliminal
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  • Trifa Rahim
    Trifa Rahim 43 minutes ago

    Can you make a one for higher eyebrows I mean not just for the end wich makes you look like a devil 🙄but the part that is close to the eyes.

  • xZatanna
    xZatanna Hour ago

    To everyone who's listening to this subliminal and not getting your desired wishes and are about to give up, please don't give up and lose hope! It'll take some time, but in the end it's worth it. I've been using this subliminal for almost two months now and it really works! My mom is underpaid at work and not getting the recognition that she deserves and I wished for her to get a raise or a promotion and then after almost a month of listening to this subliminal my mom just told me yesterday that the company she's working for finally acknowledged her hardwork and her boss decided to promote her as manager. 😊

  • ______________
    ______________ 2 hours ago

    Okay so this really works and like i listened overnight for 3-4 days and i got results literally the 2nd day, so im going to tell what happened the second day and update every day if theres something interesting enough Day 2: i woke up early, and i arleady used this ulzzang subliminal for like 6 weeks and im getting really apparent results, so i went to school and since the teaxher was sick i just played on my phone for a while until the next class and then suddenly this hot guy just sat next to me and randomly started talking to me and he was kind of touchy and stuff( later i found out that he was one of my friends ex and he was in a reliationship with on of the friends of my friend) so then i went to my next class, and this guy sat next to me and god i was really nervous cuz it was my bffs crush, and like he helped me do some exercises and stuff and gave me his pens cuz i didnt have any and he was really kind to me but since he was my bffs crush, i was really cold,i couldnt be nice i just couldnt, then it was lunch, i talked to my online friends and one guy just dm me, he was bad boy type, i heard of him in my school, people say hes really rude and stuff but like hes so hot, i texted him a bit and he was kinda friendly but idk if it was just me misinterpreting his messages, then the next class was my last class i had a pretty short day, but during that class, i noticed that the popular boys in my class are always siting around me like its kinda annoying but my ego felt good tbh, i was so into the lesson i didnt really pay attention to what was around me but i saw some guys stating at me, and just to be sure i took a mirror and nothing was on my face, so it was the end of the day and so i went out of school and this really cute guy stopped walking and just stared at me, so i just stared back at him and to not make things awkward i said hello and i think he jumped back into the real world cuz he was probably wondering in area 51 when he looked at me and he just aggressivly ran away and then i went to my home talked to my online friendz, just chilling and stuff and then i just slept heh

  • Sinthiyaa vickneswaran

    Is it good to listen this with mobile earphones??? can i listen to this while i watch movies??

  • suman Mondal
    suman Mondal 3 hours ago

    How many times should I listen this ?plz tell me..

  • newstep saini
    newstep saini 3 hours ago

    Brother can I use restore brain cells naturally subliminal and perfect brain subliminal together ?

  • Spoorthy Kachireddy
    Spoorthy Kachireddy 3 hours ago

    Today started listening dis. I will update after few days

  • Kalpana M
    Kalpana M 4 hours ago

    I have new clients coming in everyday! My clients are the nicest. I am achieving my sales targets!

  • x x
    x x 5 hours ago

    Bro can i still listen subliminals ones a day even after completing three months and can i add 5 or 6 new more subliminal but tell me still new subliminal will have slow result or no

  • Riya Srivastava
    Riya Srivastava 5 hours ago

    This is one of my most favorite subliminal

  • Shahid Miah
    Shahid Miah 5 hours ago

    I had long convos with one of my friends and we both felt so comfortable with each other, he did most of the talking but still the level of trust and comfort improved, gonna keep listening

  • vintage subliminals.

    i don’t usually leave comments on things like this within the first day of listening but holy FUCK when i tell you this works quick. i woke up and went to pee not too long ago and looked in the mirror and my cheeks were slimmer than ever before. this is so powerful bruh.

  • Santosh Kumar
    Santosh Kumar 5 hours ago

    Great relief after just one listen

    #NERO PLAYZ# 5 hours ago

    is it unisex??

  • Gmnm Rtr
    Gmnm Rtr 6 hours ago

    Okay so, i want to tell the truth... im sorry for telling this but I listened to this for two or three times and my day was horrible. I don’t know what happened and I’m actually telling you this just because I want to know what did I do wrong. Yes I actually drink a lot of water and I listen to this really carefully but maybe my mind didn’t know some words on English because I don’t live here, I actually believed in this and everyone wrote that it is really great Subliminal, I thought my day was going to be really great... for sure somethings were good, but most of them were awful I even cried... please answer me if you can

  • LizzyLps
    LizzyLps 6 hours ago

    IDK my height but I want to be 4'1

  • RT Tales
    RT Tales 6 hours ago

    Sir!! will hearing it for only 3 months would give best result?? Plz rply

  • moon princess
    moon princess 7 hours ago

    Should I use it before subliminal or after.subliminal ??

  • Learning with Reena
    Learning with Reena 7 hours ago

    Hello hypnidaddy.....sorry to disturb u again......may i ask u...i..listen 4 video... For blocage acclelater...booster... after then my playlist.. For beauty...4 video.s..in the morning...... And in the evening .4 videos for sucess n brain Power in...the evening .....is this ok..will i get the full result...or should i listen only..beauty...for one year....sucecss. For .one year.. N brain power for one year.....plzz reply...thanx..it will be a graet help...

  • A N
    A N 7 hours ago

    Starting today, pretty bad eczema, eczema scars and psoriasis all over body. Will update weekly

  • geronimoijon
    geronimoijon 8 hours ago

    I am old solitary man but want fuller lips too now

  • astro loger
    astro loger 8 hours ago

    Listening to this once daily for 1 month i attracted the appartment i wanted in a very very good price!! That house i wanted for the specific time!!

  • Ahzsa Webb
    Ahzsa Webb 8 hours ago

    Okay Update: Listened twice yesterday noticed i recieved a friend request from Soulja Boy. After i accepted he started liking all my pictures. Then i messaged him in his inbox. Long story short we exchanged numbers and now were talking otp for hours, and hes constantly texting me and checking up on me. This video works, you just gotta have faith

    MICHAEL WRIGHT 9 hours ago

    WOW this really works so fast and great results - Thank you

  • Tiago Costa
    Tiago Costa 10 hours ago

    Can i use this and height increase?

  • astro loger
    astro loger 10 hours ago

    Whenever i hear this once or twice, i feel motivated and i complete all my tasks easily and happily :-)

  • scott clifford
    scott clifford 11 hours ago

    so in the future i must self-lawyer

  • scott clifford
    scott clifford 11 hours ago

    trying not to live in past but ..its on my permanent record ...

  • moon princess
    moon princess 11 hours ago

    How many time I have to listen it??

    • moon princess
      moon princess 8 hours ago

      @HypnoDaddythnx for replying can I listen.it after.meditation

    • HypnoDaddy
      HypnoDaddy 9 hours ago

      Listen twice every day for three months to get the best results

  • scott clifford
    scott clifford 11 hours ago

    shool sticks of ibicks :(

  • scott clifford
    scott clifford 11 hours ago

    scott mccluskey was my public defender and he failed me :(

  • scott clifford
    scott clifford 11 hours ago

    to the advertisement : "it would like a big ice bag of diarrhea"

  • K D
    K D 12 hours ago

    Hallo hoyni daddy i want to be a successful business man. Which one should I use this or attract cash sub. And many time per day. Plz reply

    • HypnoDaddy
      HypnoDaddy 9 hours ago

      Both will help you to become a successful businessman. You can listen as many times as you wish.

  • RT Tales
    RT Tales 12 hours ago

    Sir if I hear this subliminal together|| 1.perfect intelligence 2.mathematical genius 3.super human intelligence.. Will they clash with each other??? Plz reply...

    ZAHID HASAN 12 hours ago

    I am downloading this at 720p. I hope it works... :)

  • Adarsha Mehta
    Adarsha Mehta 13 hours ago

    From past 3 years I'm not at all getting a good job! Infact I'm not getting any job, losing friends, self respect, dignity, self doubts, fears, getting offended from everyone even though I'm not harming anyone & feeling shy, feeling hopelessness & waste person to live on Earth & my parents are forcing me to marry whom I'm not liking! But recently I came across subliminals! I don't know what are the subliminals I need to listen & how many times I should listen so that they help me to get jobs and boost my communication skills with people and enjoy happiness, satisfaction, & get all the good things I deserve! If anyone can help me, it will be really helpful! Thank you!

  • XxMyLameUserNamexX
    XxMyLameUserNamexX 13 hours ago

    I'm currently listening to your wealth playlist before bed. I hope 20+ subliminal to fall asleep to won't be too much for my subconscious.

  • Moonwalker 20
    Moonwalker 20 13 hours ago

    I LOVE YOU SM! I watched this yesterday cuz today is our contest in AP (Araling Panlipunan/History) I wished that we will win and now. WE'RE FIRST PLACE!

  • Ayesha B
    Ayesha B 14 hours ago

    +hypnodaddy can I lstn To this sub and other channels well.. Pls reply

    • HypnoDaddy
      HypnoDaddy 9 hours ago

      Yes, you can listen to this subliminal and other channels

  • Syeda Aina Fatima
    Syeda Aina Fatima 14 hours ago

    Can anyone tell me dat results are permanent

  • kjhc jhgjh
    kjhc jhgjh 14 hours ago

    Due to sun exposure my arms and face look like 5 shades darker than the rest of muy body and form some reason i have dark spots un other parts so i hope this evens muy pale skin tone

  • elissa __127
    elissa __127 15 hours ago

    Ugh my ear is paining me I had an ear infection like 3 years ago and that sucked it hurt like hell so I hope that isn't happening again right now but it feels a little better

  • Babygirlgarcia Twdgfan

    Free from tumours?

  • Caspian Blue
    Caspian Blue 15 hours ago

    I listened to this everyday for weeks and saw no results. So many people say it works but we haven't seen any proof 🙄

  • kjhc jhgjh
    kjhc jhgjh 15 hours ago

    Am i the only one who can't concentrate because the music creeps me out?

    • MegaMuleque
      MegaMuleque 8 hours ago

      What? This is the kind of music that put babies to sleep

  • Z ee
    Z ee 15 hours ago

    This is my first day listening to this subliminal, I am suffering from unhealthy scalp and hair loss. I will listen to this subliminal for 100 days and give an update every 15 days, comment if you want to get an update ❤️

  • Sofia Aga
    Sofia Aga 16 hours ago

    Update 1 : my mom said I am pretty , like everyday I listen to this , she hadn’t told me that a lot before

  • queenpin pin
    queenpin pin 16 hours ago

    Thank youu

  • kjhc jhgjh
    kjhc jhgjh 16 hours ago

    Can I speed up subliminal videos? Because i cant spend much time listening

  • Playnormal Pls
    Playnormal Pls 17 hours ago

    *Just try to not touch your thingy if you cant hold it, just do things that you like. Such as playing video game(No violence or sex scene) Or just take a nap, cause man sleeping is better than masturbating and watching porn.*

  • Gmnm Rtr
    Gmnm Rtr 17 hours ago

    Can I eat while listening?

    • Gmnm Rtr
      Gmnm Rtr 7 hours ago

      HypnoDaddy hey, can you make a subliminal for getting rid of erythrophobia ???

    • HypnoDaddy
      HypnoDaddy 9 hours ago


  • Gmnm Rtr
    Gmnm Rtr 17 hours ago

    Hypnodaddy, can you make a subliminal for erythrophobia to go away?

  • Elle Franks
    Elle Franks 17 hours ago

    Okay so I have worked out that I need to listen to this accelorator before I listen to my favorite subliminal, does anyone know how many times that I should listen to this track before I move onto my chosen subliminal? Thanks in advance.

    • HypnoDaddy
      HypnoDaddy 9 hours ago

      Listen to this track once before your playlist or subliminal.

    • Elle Franks
      Elle Franks 17 hours ago

      So far I have been listening to it twice. Is that what I am supposed to do?

  • You’re Busted
    You’re Busted 18 hours ago

    Hypnodaddy I need your help! I REALLY need to get into my dream college but whenever I listen to any subliminal, even without earphones, my head starts hurting so bad that I can’t do anything. Please help me😢

  • Bhargavi Vasu
    Bhargavi Vasu 18 hours ago

    Does subconscious mind knows the golden ratio face if we cannot visualize the picture

  • mikinonono98
    mikinonono98 18 hours ago

    Do you guys get result listening with earphones? Can I download this to mp3

    • HypnoDaddy
      HypnoDaddy 9 hours ago

      Headphone or earphones both will work the same. You can download this to mp3.

  • Yasser
    Yasser 18 hours ago


  • Thomas Bangalter
    Thomas Bangalter 19 hours ago

    *_Will this give me narrow hip bones?_*

  • felicity cotton
    felicity cotton 19 hours ago

    i want to attract my crush a pluses i wish that my dad would stop smoking i will actually understand math

  • Banana Butter
    Banana Butter 19 hours ago

    PWTs coming to my school

    ZAHID HASAN 19 hours ago

    How many times a day should I listen to this subliminal to successfully reprogram my subconcious mind? I want to listen to it 6 times a day.

      ZAHID HASAN 17 hours ago

      @HypnoDaddy Okay..Thank you :)

    • HypnoDaddy
      HypnoDaddy 17 hours ago

      Listen at least twice every day. You can listen more than twice if you wish so.

  • Silver Sparkles
    Silver Sparkles 19 hours ago

    I HV started From today tell me if u want me to update

  • Banana Sandwich
    Banana Sandwich 20 hours ago

    I wish I became Handsome,Photogenic and Videogenic, I wish developed a slim, V shaped and define jawline with hollow cheeks and I developed big attractive male eyes and a attractive smile, I wish I became a extremely talented actor, voice actor, singer, rapper and sports athlete,I wish I became 5 foot 11,i developed a body like my friend Tobbey in weight training class and I could gain muscle easily and get stronger quickly, I wish I became extremely intelligent, witty, funny, charismatic,likeable, interesting and I developed an amazing sense of humor and amazing charisma, I wish I developed a great personality, great social skills, great storytelling skills and I became a Alpha Male, I wish I was a winner and very successful, I wish I became a ladies man, I wish my penis grew and became 7 inches and I wish I started to always get 8 hours of sleep and a full nights rest everyday

  • Yasser
    Yasser 20 hours ago

    Should I meditate ,visualize ???????

    • Yasser
      Yasser 10 hours ago

      @HypnoDaddy Thanks man much love 💘💘💘

    • HypnoDaddy
      HypnoDaddy 17 hours ago

      You can meditate, visualize or do any task while listening to subliminal

  • 100K subs without videos

    so it was gym, and i had to pick partners, my buddy chris has this girlfriend, i like her, he got into a group of four, but one of the boys got out, just as i was walking out, my crush said, hey! “my name”. come on! so i did, ends up we had to hold hands and protect each other from the tagger. so i held hands with my crush and another girl, and chris. awkward.

  • Lil fun sized
    Lil fun sized 22 hours ago

    Do you have to keep looking at the picture your using for your desired body or can I do something else while I listen and still get results?

    • Lil fun sized
      Lil fun sized 17 hours ago

      HypnoDaddy but how would my subconscious know what I want from this if I’m looking at something else?

    • HypnoDaddy
      HypnoDaddy 17 hours ago

      You can do something else while you listen and still get results

  • Lil fun sized
    Lil fun sized 22 hours ago

    Can this work for something as little as toenails?

  • HarrytheEarFan
    HarrytheEarFan 22 hours ago

    Thank you. I needed that. It helped. 😊👍

  • Edge Bot
    Edge Bot 23 hours ago

    Wow, after reading what this was supposed to give you, this may be very well better than most subliminal, this along with Tyler Durden from Black Sheep is all everyone really needs to be happy or daring or whatever you want to be really. Edit: You should probably remove stop feeling insecure as its name though, seeing as how people won't believe they are after a month of listening and stop listening, maybe change it to Dr. Feelgood or something.

  • Yasser
    Yasser 23 hours ago

    Is this related to "all my wishes come true" Subliminal Because they have the same topic...Should I listen to them both??

    • Yasser
      Yasser 10 hours ago

      @HypnoDaddy Thanks man

    • HypnoDaddy
      HypnoDaddy 17 hours ago

      Affirmations are different, you can listen to both

  • Kishlay Shrivastava

    Hey Hypnodaddy, why you use water pouring sounds in all your subliminals, Does it have any special effect on our mind

    • HypnoDaddy
      HypnoDaddy 17 hours ago

      It easily relaxes the mind.

  • A N
    A N Day ago

    I've listened to this for nearly a year now and received good results, if I continue to listen to them will I receive more or is there a max limit of how effective this is? Thanks

  • Stama Alexandru

    Im a guy. I don t want to get skinny.I like my Body just how it is. I would rather want something like famous Actor get picked in movies etc. Thank you

  • Lauren Andrews

    I'm gonna travel to wales cardiff with my family.

  • Gamer Fox
    Gamer Fox Day ago

    I really want this to work. I really want this to fix my asymmetrical face and crooked nose.

  • ashlesha shah
    ashlesha shah Day ago

    ok i dont usually comment but this worked !!! i have been listening to this along with others and my visa got accepted. 1. this subliminal along with a booster. 2. desired country subliminal by miss synergy 3.and make your wish come true by unicorn tears and its working so well. i can't thank you enough @hypnodaddy :)

  • kiran chirivella


  • caniget uhhhfries

    What are the affs

  • ramya k
    ramya k Day ago

    Hyponodaddy please make a sub on Magnetic and charismatic face, unique sense of style , attractive personality ,beauty with brain, a sense of elegance and grace!!

  • Manish Chanda
    Manish Chanda Day ago

    hey can you make one for Get supernatural rare singing voice

  • love Animals
    love Animals Day ago

    I m soo grateful and happy to have a beautiful nose. I have a cute thin slim button nose I love my nose I love the perfect shape of my nose. I have a slimmer sharper nose I have a thinner and cuter nose tip My nose is slim thin and beautiful I love my nose. I m beautiful and radiant I love my self. I m flawless I have a perfect button nose I have a beautiful slim nose I love my nose I love my cute slim nose I love my beautiful radiant button nose..

  • Ali Blanco
    Ali Blanco Day ago

    Believe believe believe.. that's what it all comes down to.

  • love Animals
    love Animals Day ago

    I have a thin cute nose I have a slimmer nose The tip of my nose is smaller and sharper I love my nose I love myself I have a perfect button nose

  • Samrat Singh
    Samrat Singh Day ago

    Can I use male beauty and high bridge nose and other subliminal at a time

    • HypnoDaddy
      HypnoDaddy 17 hours ago

      You can listen to male beauty and high bridge nose and other subliminal every day one by one

  • SoftToymaster 72

    Hello viewer scrolling through the comments hope what you watching makes you successful

  • 'Ariam'_ Soraiツ

    Can i listen it offline?

    • 'Ariam'_ Soraiツ
      'Ariam'_ Soraiツ 16 hours ago

      @HypnoDaddy ok can i listen without earphones it will still work? Thank you so much🍃🌺🌺🌺💙

    • HypnoDaddy
      HypnoDaddy 17 hours ago

      Yes, you can

  • helpless boy
    helpless boy Day ago

    Just want to find a huge amount of money. That's it. :)

  • Loyangamba Khangembam

    Does it work at any age pliz reply 😊

  • Kpop Smilè'
    Kpop Smilè' Day ago


  • oops i did it again but

    Everyone else mainly wanting to get rid of armpit hair?

  • Anti-HyperLink

    If you listen while driving will you get pulled over for underage driving? 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Santosh Kumar
    Santosh Kumar Day ago

    Miraculous listened one time and I felt better as I had a constipation problem

  • Magneeets Pink

    ppl say i look like millie but i dont i wanna be her look like her shes so pretty my bestfriend never calls me pretty but shes always like millie is so pretty ii cant

  • Elizopoulo
    Elizopoulo Day ago

    @Hypnodaddy can you make a subliminal about belly button that was ruined by 2 surgeons and bring back to its original appearance before the surgeries? Also surgery scars. And sunken scars from surgery. I would be very appreciate it please.

  • siddu n ganachari

    It's not working for me. My hair fall still not reduced. Please suggest

    • H S
      H S 18 hours ago

      @siddu n ganachari it takes time just keep on listening. It takes 3 to 6 months. Have faith.

    • siddu n ganachari
      siddu n ganachari 19 hours ago

      @H S from two weeks

    • H S
      H S 19 hours ago

      How long did u listen?

  • Steve Papas
    Steve Papas Day ago

    hypnodaddy, can I burn the audio on a CD, or will it loose certain frequencies?

    • HypnoDaddy
      HypnoDaddy 18 hours ago

      Yes, you can burn the audio on a CD. It will not lose frequencies.

  • Aron Lopes
    Aron Lopes Day ago

    It really works... I'm using this sub from past 2months & have increased my height upto 3 inches... Tq HypnoDaddy

  • La Bruja
    La Bruja Day ago

    Im from Brazil. I will listen this subliminal and if i have results i will posting here but thanks hipnodaddy i have sure that i will passed in my desire university

  • Simran Sandhu
    Simran Sandhu Day ago

    Reduction of melanin is safe for body??

  • Me Ha Na
    Me Ha Na Day ago

    does it still work if i listen in X1.5 or X2 speed