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  • Literally Hitler
    Literally Hitler 38 seconds ago

    Willing to bet this guy is a Jew

  • Biggest Fan
    Biggest Fan Minute ago

    I’m hoping for another one soon

  • michaela baumeister
    michaela baumeister 2 minutes ago

    Ok... as a native Nebraskan I need to give some of these slang terms and alternate name that many people also use. Farmer wave is also considered the 5 finger wave and instead of sandhiller a lot of people use out in the boondocks or boonies. Also side note who actually uses the word buggy? I’ve personally never heard it said. The huskers winning a championship comment was all too real.....

  • capitano moe
    capitano moe 2 minutes ago

    Not even those professional dancers can match the awesomeness of the scene, sorry

  • Salmon Mammaries
    Salmon Mammaries 2 minutes ago

    she looks transgender ffs

  • Arcangel
    Arcangel 3 minutes ago

    If I looked out the winder and saw her purdy face out yaunder I would just holler.

  • AZ Trigger
    AZ Trigger 4 minutes ago

    I still don't understand why Runza and Valentino's Pizza are not part of the same sentence...

  • Cristina Ortiz
    Cristina Ortiz 4 minutes ago

    this is amazing

  • Chelsie Chelsea Chelsey


  • Dr. Duck feet
    Dr. Duck feet 6 minutes ago

    Where is Freddie Mercury

  • W.L. Ziegler
    W.L. Ziegler 8 minutes ago

    Vainty Fair research team kinda failed this one. Maybe ask your followers on twitter for suggestions the next time you do this with a celebrity. Buggy and Doodinkus aren't real slang words. Sandhiller gets a pass only because it's a specific area in NE. I grew up in the Sandhills and I wouldn't call myself that. Should have gone with sandbur/sticker (goathead), miller (moth), Sea of Red (Memorial Stadium on Husker game day).

  • DF Animations
    DF Animations 8 minutes ago

    This just about sums up the 2019 NLCS.

  • Kaite Omaha
    Kaite Omaha 8 minutes ago

    I both love, and am embarrassed by, this video 😂🖤

  • Relentless Was Here
    Relentless Was Here 12 minutes ago

    6:10 had me dead That rhymes

  • Sam Lyle
    Sam Lyle 12 minutes ago

    This guys voice is almost exactly the same as Hamilton Morris’s

  • Monica Engleman
    Monica Engleman 13 minutes ago

    No body says buggy! It's doohicky! Chex makes puppychow.

  • Carrie Webber
    Carrie Webber 13 minutes ago

    The problem with Titanic wasn't how long they lasted after the ship went down, it was how long they were splashing around on the lower decks before it went down. And while they were splashing on the lower decks, no one seemed to notice or care how cold the water was. Almost as if it were swimming pool temperatures instead of the North Atlantic. Weird.

  • Ben Hill
    Ben Hill 14 minutes ago

    First episode: Barba: Makes deal Every other episode: Ight imma head out

  • Bhavee Rathod
    Bhavee Rathod 18 minutes ago

    Charlie be like to Akiva and Jorm: suckers my rap lasted 6 seasons

  • Savannah Jane Duncan
    Savannah Jane Duncan 21 minute ago

    I want like an hour more of this!!!

  • Isabel A
    Isabel A 21 minute ago


  • Emilio Rivera
    Emilio Rivera 22 minutes ago

    That Michael Caine wow!

  • Chudi Okafor
    Chudi Okafor 23 minutes ago

    I do not see a movie a second time till probably after a couple years. I saw this movie twice in 3 days. The raw take they took into Arthur's mind is disturbing, terrifying, unsettling, revealing, and intriguing. Combine that with the realities of our time and you're concluding, this could be anyone. Anyone.

  • Sham Rock
    Sham Rock 24 minutes ago

    I'm going to miss Madea

  • wolf OP
    wolf OP 26 minutes ago

    Even there cockroaches are friendly

  • Patti P
    Patti P 26 minutes ago

    I was amazed at the end of this video because all of this "canadian slang" is a daily basis almost so hearing put like this- I'm a full blown hoser eh

  • Eljunior Cen
    Eljunior Cen 28 minutes ago

    Now Here is 2019 with her hair bright green and black :)

  • Claydaddy
    Claydaddy 28 minutes ago

    0:43 is my bible verse

  • pNp Khaotic Vlogs
    pNp Khaotic Vlogs 29 minutes ago

    Nobody Me when I stub my toe at 3am 6:15

  • Stars Bruins
    Stars Bruins 29 minutes ago

    The only people who talk like this are wannabe rappers in Toronto. There’s nothing Canadian aboooot this

  • Chris Sanchez
    Chris Sanchez 29 minutes ago

    why do nick and John look like an adult version of their characters 😂

  • Google User
    Google User 33 minutes ago

    Never heard them called buggies

  • Gameboy23
    Gameboy23 35 minutes ago

    Are his eyes closed, or is he looking down?

  • Raquel Soto
    Raquel Soto 35 minutes ago

    I can't stand Nick Roll just because of his role in Parks and Rec... But jeez, he's talented!

  • Mk11 Liu kang
    Mk11 Liu kang 35 minutes ago

    *"Ight imma head out*"

  • No Name Girl
    No Name Girl 36 minutes ago

    1:56 I heard the Hormone Monster come out

  • Darla Johnson
    Darla Johnson 38 minutes ago

    We have medicine for faeries rings ha! 🇺🇸

  • Molly Dunn 2007
    Molly Dunn 2007 39 minutes ago

    Who else is here when it’s not on Netflix anymore 😭😭😭

  • Israel Hernandez
    Israel Hernandez 40 minutes ago

    For all the fake depressed girls, she's obviously faking she's about to cry, how do ppl not see this, she is not "depressed" she wants and likes the attention she has gotten!!

  • photoshopknight
    photoshopknight 42 minutes ago

    Thank you for creating Arthur.

  • cosmicwave
    cosmicwave 42 minutes ago

    but...but...what about Kroll show...

  • Laura McKay
    Laura McKay 43 minutes ago

    Clarification: this isn't Toronto slang. It's ALL Scarborough.

  • Marcus B.
    Marcus B. 46 minutes ago

    Everything must go!

  • Naashia Jackson
    Naashia Jackson 46 minutes ago

    Tom Kenny play as spongebob square plants ice king the Mayor and inherit

  • Bella Curcio
    Bella Curcio 47 minutes ago

    he's so cute honestly what the eff

  • PUNKem733
    PUNKem733 47 minutes ago

    Why not get a real wrestler, and not a guy who only knows like 3 moves.

  • Doug Working
    Doug Working 48 minutes ago

  • Techstuff India
    Techstuff India 51 minute ago

    The hairstyles are good but what will the people do after that...can't go out with these...

  • Evan Birkett
    Evan Birkett 53 minutes ago

    If there’s a 2019 version it’ll be in 4 days

  • Dude Dudes
    Dude Dudes 53 minutes ago

    Im sad

  • Missy Barbour
    Missy Barbour 54 minutes ago

    Get this to the Carlin Bros STAT.

  • camren stinespring
    camren stinespring 56 minutes ago

    He forgot to mention his best roll,ruckson in the league

  • mighty pepp
    mighty pepp 56 minutes ago

    Jamie pull that up

  • Bobby Horne
    Bobby Horne 57 minutes ago

    No explanation on the elf. He just went for it. Hahaha

  • Jordan Mack
    Jordan Mack 58 minutes ago

    GO BIG RED 😂 I’m a native Nebraskan and I forget our slang isn’t used by everyone else lol

  • Theresa Waters
    Theresa Waters 59 minutes ago

    Jimmies are “sprinkles” that you put in ice cream

  • Meghan Lindell
    Meghan Lindell Hour ago

    Lol the farmer's wave! I was always taught it was one finger for a car and two for a truck

  • ryanizer11
    ryanizer11 Hour ago

    Would be great if they have a voice clip of the character to show them how they actually sound 😂

  • Fabian Perez
    Fabian Perez Hour ago

    He sounds like Lola for The grandmother

  • Issa Q
    Issa Q Hour ago

    Dude Pete Davison is a genius

  • M Anne
    M Anne Hour ago

    Why was this recommended to me. The comments make sad. It shows that people are classless and ignorant. I think there are a lot of good to great female comedians out there. And women can be funny.

  • strongforu
    strongforu Hour ago

    I think I've just developed my first bromance. This dude makes me want to be a better person all-around.

  • Mrs. Shaniee Kennedy

    Anyone else feel like they could easily be a voice actor now 🙋🏾‍♀️😂

  • Sarah Bryan
    Sarah Bryan Hour ago

    Something that stuck out to me in the movie was in the comedy club. When he was about to tell his first joke he said, “Okay here’s one” or something to that effect. That broke my heart. It was like watching a little boy try to impress someone he looked up to.

  • Sergio Dali Barrantes Bustios

    OMG lo adoro 😍 está era la entrevista que no sabía que necesitaba. We love you Jessica.

  • Lepe
    Lepe Hour ago

    "I'm richer now" SO DEEP WOW LETS ADD SAD MUSIC

  • Travis Erickson
    Travis Erickson Hour ago


  • - PatoMomo -
    - PatoMomo - Hour ago

    1:59 Feminist hair cut. Feminist: *N A N I ? !*

    ΞXΛKΘ Hour ago


  • BellaLps
    BellaLps Hour ago


  • Borzu Ravan
    Borzu Ravan Hour ago

    Cinematography: PERFECTION. Acting: PERFECTION. Music: PERFECTION. Directing? Not so sure.

  • DinoBroof
    DinoBroof Hour ago

    16:20 his super power in his hand

  • Mr. Magic Potato

    I heard coach Steve in that old lady character

  • Miles Bethel
    Miles Bethel Hour ago


  • Doogle Lawless
    Doogle Lawless Hour ago

    I totally didn't see the flower gag at the cinema. Amazing. Joaquin nailed this performance.

  • Yoongi 100% Done

    I love Tommy haha

  • julswed
    julswed Hour ago

    whenever people try to speak with a Swedish or Scandinavian accent they always end up sounding german. hahahha

  • Danielle G
    Danielle G Hour ago

    Lived in Canada my whole life, only use 4 of these

  • Atomic
    Atomic Hour ago

    6:10 Me when I stub my toe

  • The majestic Mango

    Do girls do drag to?

  • Superwatch
    Superwatch Hour ago

    6:11 that’s all I have to say..

  • Benjamin Caputo
    Benjamin Caputo Hour ago

    Ur a wassy yute fam

  • kristina edwards

    pa has a lot of the same slang haha

  • Hey
    Hey Hour ago

    1:07 Why this guy looks like he's about to make a joker movie

  • Polyphony
    Polyphony Hour ago

    I love that they're actually eating and reminiscing about their old favorites

  • Krumpulous
    Krumpulous Hour ago

    He sounds exactly the same with every character. Nick Kroll IS trash. Big Mouth is the shittiest show on any platform. I've watched the first two seasons.

  • stacey Flanigan
    stacey Flanigan Hour ago

    OMG watch supercarlin brothers ! This dude is clueless. They interviewed Mike Mozart and he revealed what happened to Andy's dad. Yes death happened. No CIA bull....ayfkm?

  • NeuQN
    NeuQN Hour ago

    I couldn't stop laughing at the skeleton woman. I'd watch that cartoon.

  • Chiugo Umezuruike

    This video is giving me anxiety

  • Kanai Robinson
    Kanai Robinson Hour ago

    She looks so serious. I couldnt tell if it was fake or real😭

  • Pabo
    Pabo Hour ago

    “i gOt sO hUngRy DuRing mY pReGnaNcy..DaT i aTe mY OwN sKiN”

  • cami powell
    cami powell Hour ago

    Do a part 3 (2019 edition)

  • LegendaryMode
    LegendaryMode Hour ago

    I mean, in Toronto we say "reach" and "link up", but Khabib says, "Send me location"

  • pet cheetah
    pet cheetah Hour ago

    Zimmer: *does everything by accident* Also Zimmer: *does everything perfectly*

  • Liam-bot 2000
    Liam-bot 2000 Hour ago

    Fam it’s so TRUUUUU!!!

  • tallaussiebloke
    tallaussiebloke Hour ago

    Nick as a Cat = Jeff Goldblum ( 8:52 ) EDIT: Clicks in Nick's head. (10:22)

  • Neama Khan
    Neama Khan Hour ago

    I'm looking forward to this year's

  • Elsbeth May
    Elsbeth May Hour ago

    “Pisst do you want to see my d***?” Lol I am so done 🤣💀

  • Tyler Munz
    Tyler Munz Hour ago

    This guys throat looks like it’s fighting a war

  • T1000AX
    T1000AX Hour ago

    1:57 the truth