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  • Yobert Da Lunatique

    Billie straight up looks like Jolyne

  • Cindy Sobtafo
    Cindy Sobtafo Hour ago

    I still don't know why only black people were getting that surgery thing

  • Lai Arne
    Lai Arne Hour ago

    *Billie Eilish's Interviews are the only* *interviews that I fully watch*

  • Bebea Iren
    Bebea Iren Hour ago

    I hope Director Bong and Choi Wooshik make another great film ♡ and it's nice to hear Wooshik talk in english heheh

  • Moonlit
    Moonlit Hour ago

    Taron deserves an Oscar.

  • Dotson Mac
    Dotson Mac Hour ago

    It's about time somebody asked the hard questions

  • S Peters
    S Peters Hour ago

    Success is not how you're looked at, sorry. It's how you look at yourself.

  • hangsang P
    hangsang P Hour ago

    Ever heard of shoeonhead?

  • Jamie karate
    Jamie karate Hour ago

    She looks great . Happiness is key

  • Toby Pohan
    Toby Pohan Hour ago

    Big bird doesn't pay taxes

  • Richie Perry
    Richie Perry Hour ago

    Billie looks so bright and full of life no cap

  • Bts Army
    Bts Army Hour ago

    It’s like they’re 3 different persons...

  • Charlie Fillmore

    "Not thief. I was a robber" Such confident

  • MarleeAndHudson
    MarleeAndHudson Hour ago

    This is so cool! Check out what we did at WoodSongs Radio Show

  • Kathy Kishanto
    Kathy Kishanto Hour ago

    GROWTH !

  • ana ́
    ana ́ Hour ago

    0:58 chandler bing

  • cool man
    cool man Hour ago

    Did Elmo just say the f word at 6:14

  • Lynnlee Ennis
    Lynnlee Ennis Hour ago

    I don’t know how to feel about this but thank you for making it-

  • Hero for Hire
    Hero for Hire Hour ago

    I'm in love with this woman! 😂😍

  • ramiinoes cookioes

    i gotta say, shes much more happier!! im so happy for her ><

  • Brennan Bone
    Brennan Bone Hour ago

    5:16 WTF

  • Sarcasm Swaadanusaar

    Karen : Thanos is her dad!! Paul rudd : wai..wait...WHATTTT? Joe : ahhh spoiler Alert.

  • Waffleking3 Gamer

    Year before st3 look at his mustache

  • Dave Kenny
    Dave Kenny Hour ago

    Joker was a beautiful movie, Lawrence Sher seems like such a cool guy!!

  • F Kh
    F Kh Hour ago

    0:19 floss Dance in the background 😂😂 LMAO

  • khen sane
    khen sane Hour ago


  • Robert Santarossa

    Why the British come to Italia and eat like there is no tomorrow. After this video and as an Italian I have to say the poor things.

  • Phil Crane
    Phil Crane Hour ago


  • bom
    bom Hour ago

    I absolutely adore everyone in this video, watching this made me so happy.

  • McDude [MC]
    McDude [MC] 2 hours ago

    0:34 what it that face on the left

  • Trinidad Gil
    Trinidad Gil 2 hours ago

    3:39 Casey: That's like the stuff you watch on TVclip wait-

  • Shachi Sharma
    Shachi Sharma 2 hours ago

    It looks she is a lot happier than last years...

  • Steve
    Steve 2 hours ago

    I had just recently picked up a new copy of SEF. Excellent film

  • Pope Pesty
    Pope Pesty 2 hours ago

    Harvey Keitel dressed as Heisenberg

  • Nolan
    Nolan 2 hours ago

    Celebrities right? I couldn’t stop watching

  • Agrim Bhandari
    Agrim Bhandari 2 hours ago

    I only clicked on this video because i thought the guy on the thumbnail was bruno mars..

  • Gurjot Kakar
    Gurjot Kakar 2 hours ago

    Billie seems the happiest and healthiest she’s ever been thas dope

  • Nicole Jereza
    Nicole Jereza 2 hours ago

    His voice is so manly AAAARGHHH♥️

  • falling stars
    falling stars 2 hours ago

    she's got some really nice hands

  • Chronical AleX
    Chronical AleX 2 hours ago


  • Dea Lukicc
    Dea Lukicc 2 hours ago

    first interview: happy billie second interview:sad billie and we thought she would be even sadder but *NO* third interview: *HAPPY BILLIE*

  • Flancito
    Flancito 2 hours ago

    Its like she grows a lot in this 3 years. And i think the grass on her hair too its starting to spread all in his head. I like how she changes in this years .

  • hussi_playzs oof
    hussi_playzs oof 2 hours ago

    9:10 Lola

  • MrssS4Jumper
    MrssS4Jumper 2 hours ago

    2:09 something about her face and her reaction when she realises its a Toad just makes me burst out in laughter

  • jeremyramone
    jeremyramone 2 hours ago


  • razielunleashed
    razielunleashed 2 hours ago

    aguante phill!!! geniooooo phil collins

  • Selma Gymnastika
    Selma Gymnastika 2 hours ago

    So many spoilers 😩

  • Johannes Gale
    Johannes Gale 2 hours ago


  • Not Angel
    Not Angel 2 hours ago

    Not gonna lie, Jamie Lee Curtis one of my top 5 ever. She’s the goat

  • WadeLaxtonFilm
    WadeLaxtonFilm 2 hours ago

    Thank you Red Dead Redemption for teaching me what a fence is.

  • WadeLaxtonFilm
    WadeLaxtonFilm 2 hours ago

    I’d love to see an oil drilling expert breakdown Armageddon.

  • Esteban Grijalva
    Esteban Grijalva 2 hours ago

    Big bird is too nice to lie

  • SC123
    SC123 2 hours ago

    How to win an Oscar: 1. Make a movie about a historical figure, one of the World Wars, or slavery 2. Have the moral be "racism/war/sexism bad" 3. Release about 1 month before the Oscars 4. Win

  • Aurora Hovden
    Aurora Hovden 2 hours ago

    Who is here after shay had her baby?

  • 연두
    연두 2 hours ago

    tree hairstyle I like it unique👍

  • Kimberlee Catena
    Kimberlee Catena 2 hours ago

    I'm so excited to see some of these movies! She is known for a role that is so quiet but she speaks and expresses her self incredibly! She is frikken delightful!

  • nicey bott7
    nicey bott7 2 hours ago

    Так вот откуда спиздил это Клик Клак

  • Tanvi Mittal
    Tanvi Mittal 2 hours ago

    Billie in 2017: happy Billie in 2018: kinda sad Billie in 2019: I HAVE DRAKE’S PHONE NUMBER

  • Jess_K
    Jess_K 2 hours ago

    we watched the outsiders like five years ago in school and i had the BIGGEST crush on his character

  • themaybelline
    themaybelline 3 hours ago

    This is amazing... can't wait for part 4.

  • Call Me Gacha Potato

    Billie did a woah.I-

  • Bill k
    Bill k 3 hours ago

    Why justin and kanye even exist in a list of top singers?

  • Sensei Wolfe
    Sensei Wolfe 3 hours ago

    The worst rapper in history

  • YES Gaming
    YES Gaming 3 hours ago

    That Woah and the Laugh is GOLD.....

  • Berto Murillo
    Berto Murillo 3 hours ago

    God I like her accent

  • Liam Bradley
    Liam Bradley 3 hours ago

    Anybody know the truth about lie detectors if you know what I mean? I do!

  • Rachel Amber Everleigh

    I've been waiting for this!!

  • Paris Papachristos
    Paris Papachristos 3 hours ago

    Am I the only one wondering what she did to make her skin glow? We need to know the secret! 😋

  • Ove Adams
    Ove Adams 3 hours ago

    Billie: describes what a favorite artist is Me: WELP BILLIE IS MY FAVORITE ARTISTTT

  • monataehms
    monataehms 3 hours ago

    2017: :( 2018: :/ 2019: :D

  • Justin Farina
    Justin Farina 3 hours ago

    Even though mark cuban is a billionaire business man.. in his interviews he comes off as a normal man. It’s strange . Not everyone can do that. Ether they come off too strong or too weak. He’s right in the middle.


    Still waiting for the 4th harold and kumar. Make sure to put NPH in the movie also

  • Spencer Moore
    Spencer Moore 3 hours ago

    This is because of Rick and morty

  • J R
    J R 3 hours ago

    Did he take his hairline back for Elton and it never grew back in or something?

  • LIeb Lee
    LIeb Lee 3 hours ago

    Lovely couple👍🥰

  • Nilbog
    Nilbog 3 hours ago

    Half way through I realized he doesn't have a pulse and the test was meaningless.

  • Ove Adams
    Ove Adams 3 hours ago

    Am I the only one who really wants Billie to always be "Billie" like please don't turn like those other celebs 😭❤🌻

  • Danielle Lebel
    Danielle Lebel 3 hours ago


  • Cristian Perez
    Cristian Perez 3 hours ago

    Drake going to catch a case.

  • Curbell
    Curbell 3 hours ago

    She forgot impulse

  • Keon Ford
    Keon Ford 3 hours ago

    people in 1950: in 2019 years we'll have flying cars 2019:

  • Luís Tato
    Luís Tato 3 hours ago

    Is there any better trio??

  • Aysel Duman
    Aysel Duman 3 hours ago

    türkçe altyazı eklenme imkanı yok mu ya

  • Mentally Tilly
    Mentally Tilly 3 hours ago

    I cannot wait to see elton John live next year 🥺🥺

  • 7dayspking
    7dayspking 3 hours ago

    Awful, historical consultant barely even analyzes the films and seems to say things that probably aren't true or don't actually make much sense.

  • Chase Richter
    Chase Richter 3 hours ago

    I have listened to the soundtracks he has made so many times.

  • Luis Alfonso Lacuata

    She's a great lady. The world is honored to have her.

  • Angelo Rei Mape
    Angelo Rei Mape 3 hours ago

    Barry is the true MVP.

  • Angelo Rei Mape
    Angelo Rei Mape 3 hours ago

    Barry is the true MVP.

  • Angelo Rei Mape
    Angelo Rei Mape 3 hours ago

    Barry is the true MVP.

  • 柴犬はち
    柴犬はち 3 hours ago


  • Moment Teller
    Moment Teller 3 hours ago

    Great Stuff 👏

  • onions for the win
    onions for the win 3 hours ago

    No one: 2010s: K-pop: My time has come

  • Azmil Azme
    Azmil Azme 3 hours ago

    Freddie mercury?

  • friendless32 lonelysoverylonely

    I know he has a new friend, but his voice just doesn’t sound right anymore.

  • L Hagood
    L Hagood 3 hours ago

    Who doesn't love Jamie Lee..

  • Mentally Tilly
    Mentally Tilly 4 hours ago

    I’ve been obsessed with taron since 2015 and I’m so proud of how far he’s come :( I miss when ppl would ask my fave actor and no one knew who he was tbh

  • Dabad
    Dabad 4 hours ago

    This girls hair is cool what does she do?

  • Shalala. cls
    Shalala. cls 4 hours ago

    Stops. Circles. "Very funny face right there." My kind of people.

  • prince amoakwa
    prince amoakwa 4 hours ago

    Wait, did Idris say "Shaba" at 3:09 & follow with "Rank" at 3:10?