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  • john bush
    john bush Hour ago

    I can see them taking losses to the Packers n Vikings for sure

  • Manny Flores
    Manny Flores Hour ago

    They should see if the madden curse has ever went this hard ! 2 nfl players went down same yr 🤔creepy

  • Bill Bailey
    Bill Bailey Hour ago

    Et tu Cuttino? You played for us. Ill take some shrimp fried rice, moo goo guy pan, egg rolls an a coke.

  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    "Looks average" but ends up throwing for 334

  • Steve Hauptmann
    Steve Hauptmann 2 hours ago

    People forgetting what Andy Reid did with Alex Smith. Smh.

  • Nicholas DePoutot
    Nicholas DePoutot 2 hours ago

    Gonna love to listen to this idiot backtrack on this comment and now say the Colts are the best team in the AFC. Media is just full of Patriots haters. And then when they get called out on it, they’re like “we never bet against them hurr durr” as if there isn’t TVclip videos with evidence.

  • Lord Raiden
    Lord Raiden 2 hours ago

    Well the BS pass interference calls, the fact that the packers are given a game vs the lions, etc is the reason I don’t watch much of the nfl anymore It gives me a lot more time on the weekends

  • Mark blue
    Mark blue 2 hours ago

    If I'm Miami dolphins I'm offering Carolina a first and third Rd pic for Cam Newton

  • douglas marlowe
    douglas marlowe 3 hours ago

    colts win! colts win! colts win!

  • B Noble
    B Noble 3 hours ago

    I can't help but say My favorite guy is T.J. Housh

  • Matt beer
    Matt beer 3 hours ago

    Are we sure the Texans are still the best team in the AFC??????

  • Wayne Oneal
    Wayne Oneal 3 hours ago

    Instant replay shows exactly what happened

  • Morgan Glory
    Morgan Glory 3 hours ago

    The media eploits everything, the media says the relationship is going down the wrong path, all the media does is SPECULATE, and in turn that influences peoples thoughts, all this lavar vs lonzo media bs might turn lonzo against his father, what a shame

    MARCUS PERKINS 3 hours ago


  • rayism 24b
    rayism 24b 4 hours ago

    Go 3-1 without Mahomes? They went 0-2 at home *WITH MAHOMES*

  • Ralph Reagan
    Ralph Reagan 4 hours ago

    Christian should have been drafted by Denver

  • Rand Steele
    Rand Steele 4 hours ago

    Love this talk show! Love the expert authoritative commentary. Each panel member merits respect for his close analysis. Each projects his dynamic personality well. Only problem is when all four talk simultaneously results with cacophony meaningful static. At that time, close captions are required. Then what insights are conveyed are not covered over by their noise of enthusiasm.

  • Eliezel
    Eliezel 4 hours ago

    Listen, without wentz, Foles doesn't win a superbowl.

  • Bryan Clark
    Bryan Clark 4 hours ago

    How bout them Colts baby! 30-23

  • Brad Dilley
    Brad Dilley 5 hours ago

    Are you i stupid its not that they cant they just don't Macoy has 5.9 yards per carry

  • jposco
    jposco 5 hours ago

    Yeah... best team in the AFC, that just lost to Indy. Stop reaching.

  • Tim Owen
    Tim Owen 5 hours ago


  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 5 hours ago

    Whitlock is highly intelligent, and he thinks on a 3 dimensional level.

  • Michael Brooks
    Michael Brooks 5 hours ago

    I agree 💯💯 with Mobley... People will interpret what Lebron says however they want. It all depends if you want to agree with him or not.

    SPORTN LIFE 5 hours ago

    What “People” Whitlock? Fans r still going to support him. Right! Tiger Woods is straight today after all he’s gone through. LeBron will always b good despite the media’s narrative. Wiley wtf 🤔

  • yukin1990
    yukin1990 5 hours ago

    Lebron been always vocal about the human right for the Black people or minority !! And He said he more than the athlete, but when his money is on line, people would be able expect he speak out and in fact he said Morey tweet about HK is nobody business, uninformed and uneducated. Turning his own words against himself!!

  • Lenin Trejo
    Lenin Trejo 6 hours ago

    The texans just lost against the colts

  • Jeremy Cartwright
    Jeremy Cartwright 6 hours ago

    LeBron isn't the GOAT.. PLEASE

  • MARC D.
    MARC D. 6 hours ago

    Morey was talking about social justice and that triggered LeBron bc now his money got involved. Morey's remarks were ill timed, but not misinformed. LeBron just said he'd take his money over slavery. But LeBron fans will still buy his shoes, then claim America is racist 😅

  • Polestar Wes
    Polestar Wes 6 hours ago

    I wonder what these clowns will say now. Texans take another loss

  • Mikel Burrows
    Mikel Burrows 6 hours ago

    bro we dont need this on game day

  • Robert South
    Robert South 6 hours ago

    Didnt these guys say phillip lindsay was gonna get his yards.

  • Robert South
    Robert South 6 hours ago

    Watchball these guys get on the bandwagon if chiefs win either green bay or vikings. IF the defense continues to step up then this team goes 3 and 1 or 2 and 2 at best.

  • Ron G
    Ron G 6 hours ago

    This is funny: instagram.com/p/B3vbdmul1Ds/?

  • Villz3gs
    Villz3gs 7 hours ago

    As an Eagles fan, I remember a comment Carson made about how the team can rally together regardless of backgrounds, and different Political Views. I hate to bring up politics but we can tell that Wentz is a Trump supporter and shouldn’t be a villain because of his views.

  • Oscar Lopez
    Oscar Lopez 7 hours ago

    I said it the first time this came out. It is Alshon Jefferies. Foles use to lob it up to him so he could jump and catch the football. Wentz does not do that. You can tell when Wentz passes to Alshon. There is always some strife for dropping the ball, or not running far enough.

  • Joseph Kool
    Joseph Kool 8 hours ago

    Lebrons the man. Period. He shouldn’t have said anything but let’s keep it real. Behind close doors we’d feel exactly how lebron felt. He can’t control anything that happens in China no matter what he said

  • Elijah Ford
    Elijah Ford 8 hours ago

    Who cares

  • 976magik
    976magik 8 hours ago

    This guys for real?

  • truebeast32
    truebeast32 8 hours ago

    How are you gonna say we didn’t pay nick foles when we gave him a bonus after he won us the super bowl 😂

  • Robert Gomez
    Robert Gomez 9 hours ago

    Chairman James has entered the chat

  • jlc 800
    jlc 800 9 hours ago

    Not even a title will change my view on this issue.

  • Higher World
    Higher World 9 hours ago

    If some of these reporters or commentators are defending LeBron James you need to get the DJ khaled you played yourself sound bite.

  • Anna Simmins
    Anna Simmins 9 hours ago

    TJ'S right but you also have to be cognitive enough to know 🤔🤔🤔 that if my said dominant personality is disrupting the overall sistaining way of winning then one must take a step back.

  • Mexi-Rican American
    Mexi-Rican American 9 hours ago

    Lebron and all those million $$ athletes are all hypocrites. They were quick to disrespect America on the job in front of paying customers claiming blacks are oppressed but don't let "US" criticize a truly oppressive regime!!! Fcuk them fake athletes. Keep your uneducated mouths quiet and just dribble the ball!!! Americans stop supporting these fake people.

  • Thomas Kelly
    Thomas Kelly 9 hours ago

    Let's not kid ourselves , the addition of Ramsey would make any defense better, that being said would it have not been more of a necessity to deal those picks to Washington for Trent Williams?

  • Quincee 33
    Quincee 33 10 hours ago

    Case Keenum too.

  • Quincee 33
    Quincee 33 10 hours ago

    Who is in the background saying Elway won 2 Super Bowl's with Manning at 8:01 ? He never won 2 . Manning won 1 and lost 1 to the Seahawks.

  • Fock Lung
    Fock Lung 10 hours ago

    Nick Foles is like "Joe Cool"! He'd have them at 4 and 2 right now! At least! 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Nolan Gleason
    Nolan Gleason 10 hours ago

    Mobley is so dumb

  • Nolan Gleason
    Nolan Gleason 10 hours ago

    Lebron is an activist when it makes him money. Period

  • kitdacraze phillyphilly

    They don't watch eagles foo tball

  • Nolan Gleason
    Nolan Gleason 10 hours ago


  • hhh
    hhh 10 hours ago

    I think I’m gonna listen to ex REAL PLAYERS. Not some fat loser who has the credentials of skip bayless

  • chamber burnett
    chamber burnett 10 hours ago

    They do know the xfl paying like $700 a game right??? How bout pointing dude towards the CFL???

    • thedarkemissary
      thedarkemissary 8 hours ago

      Probably harder to find a reason to kneel during CFL national anthem.

  • JomoDaMusicMan
    JomoDaMusicMan 10 hours ago


  • sgbcea
    sgbcea 10 hours ago

    Whitlock is an idiot.

  • Marlon Dominguez
    Marlon Dominguez 10 hours ago

    Brady declined in the cold,He didn't see the game again Kansas, Brady throw 3 3rd and 10. Wait when Brady had those healthy receivers

  • Niccolo Machiavelli
    Niccolo Machiavelli 11 hours ago

    He's a coward point blank, you cans see that he knows the right thing to say but says the wrong thing to protect his money. That's a coward. Guess your only have integrity when it don't cost you nothing

  • oxygn limited
    oxygn limited 11 hours ago

    Americans are just plain illiterate about the outside world. Whitlock and Mobley completely out of their depth

  • Antonio Marcos Dos Santos

    Wow ; their laughing is so Pathetic and Sad ; who is paying those clowns to seat there and make fools of themselves ?! 😳😳😳

  • Jonathan Pryce Jr.
    Jonathan Pryce Jr. 11 hours ago

    The Patriots defense isn’t as good as everyone is making it seem. The best offense they’ve played so far is the struggling Steelers offense and they’ve played the 3 worse offenses in the league. Plus the Bills and Giants who only average around 18 points per game. If they can shut down the Ravens offense, then I’ll be a believer in their defense. Lamar Jackson is going to have to play the smartest, not just best game of his career if he wants to beat the Pats defense who are usually good against young QBs. (Except Russell Wilson who’s a different breed.)

  • King 27
    King 27 12 hours ago

    Trump said Hong Kong is in China let them deal with it, and nobody said nothing, but they have this fake outrage about a basketball player who pretty much said the same thing. FOH

  • Mazur HighPoint
    Mazur HighPoint 12 hours ago

    CUT some one... your gonna play down cause you don't like the offices choice on QB . Don't need you. See ya....

  • Chharith Oeun
    Chharith Oeun 12 hours ago

    Dude really judging Russel Wilson kuz he ain’t black enough.

  • shawndeglass123
    shawndeglass123 12 hours ago

    Because he is a black man making money in America of course this was the chance they were waiting for to tear him down

  • Derek Smidl
    Derek Smidl 13 hours ago

    If KC goes 2-2 and the season isn't over yet

  • Lincoln Is Trash
    Lincoln Is Trash 13 hours ago

    texans fan.. no they aint

  • Tyler Wolf
    Tyler Wolf 13 hours ago

    He is going to make the pro bow, Maybe comeback player of the year. Receivers are dropping balls and corners are getting burnt, the defense can’t get off the field, until we make changes on defense, we are not a championship caliber team, even if Wentz is a championship level QB

  • Tyler Wolf
    Tyler Wolf 13 hours ago

    Well we have a rat problem It was probably Zach brown Because he got cut But this could exaggerated the media always make things bigger than they are

  • Toby Cadenhead
    Toby Cadenhead 13 hours ago

    Cam Newton with hands on face going to create greatness Newton is no more

  • windsurfsnow
    windsurfsnow 14 hours ago

    Let’s see what happens when we play the 49ers , this will show the organization all things. Cam is not our franchise man.

  • Cheri White
    Cheri White 14 hours ago

    He killed 5 people. BS. He is where he belongs.

  • Cedric Bethea
    Cedric Bethea 14 hours ago

    Baker Mayfield should spend more time in the film and weight room instead of making so many tv commercials...just saying.

  • Jason Strom
    Jason Strom 14 hours ago

    To be honest I don't even think this is a true story.... I think the one in the past was true but I think this was done by some stupid reporter trying to stir up drama when there is none. The report doesn't even make sense right now....lol!

  • Luke Cage
    Luke Cage 14 hours ago

    ITS T .O

  • Skyler Kidd
    Skyler Kidd 15 hours ago

    Alshon ????

  • Manny Walters
    Manny Walters 15 hours ago

    Wentz is having the same career arc as Derek Carr in oakland.

  • Ricky Morgan
    Ricky Morgan 15 hours ago

    Shut up Fatlock !!

  • Kimber Walker
    Kimber Walker 16 hours ago

    Never been happened

  • Ramone DeCurta
    Ramone DeCurta 16 hours ago

    Leave it to Bucky Brooks to be the last mfka to give Russell Wilson his due. He’s a 4th-tier analyst on a 3-tier paradigm.

  • Billy Snots
    Billy Snots 16 hours ago

    Let's just talk about a qb and not the color. Wilson is MVP

  • D Greatest
    D Greatest 16 hours ago

    Okay so I looked up the stats since everyone is enamored with numbers and wentz in 2017 (if you look at it really wasn't an MVP caliber season) threw for under 55% completion percentage in 7 of 11 games. Since the run game was going off for 160 or more it masked his inaccuracy and struggles. He had a lot of garbage time td throws (weak opponents like the cardinals. 49ers. and Washington helped to pad those stats) the defense was giving him a short field as well. Since the run game isn't producing 160 yards per game his inaccuracy and mistakes are magnified and that's why the offense is erratic in his 11 starts last year and 6 starts this year.

  • Ramone DeCurta
    Ramone DeCurta 16 hours ago

    A.B. was the Patriots’ Robyn Givens. But I like the Texans being Evander Holifield to the Patriots’ Mike Tyson.

  • yjm je
    yjm je 16 hours ago

    It's definitely alshon lol

  • Cody Sampson
    Cody Sampson 17 hours ago

    Its one of the "#11" men in the offensive huddle *hint hint*😂

  • Anthony Colon
    Anthony Colon 17 hours ago

    Cuttinos heart should explode on live television

  • Anthony Colon
    Anthony Colon 17 hours ago

    Cuttino auditioning to get on lebrons payroll

  • alfred belford
    alfred belford 17 hours ago

    if only tetris was that easy

  • Dried Noodles
    Dried Noodles 18 hours ago

    I dont agree that it was someone on offense that said it. Put 2 and 2 together and you see that Zach Brown is gone plus he went to same college as the reporter who broke the story. They know each other.

  • Captain Dingleberry
    Captain Dingleberry 18 hours ago

    If they keep winning and everyone AFC West keeps losing...as long as they’re still ahead...keep Mahomes out and bring him after bye.

  • jaydub2003
    jaydub2003 19 hours ago

    This convo will be very different by December.

  • Richard Ladines
    Richard Ladines 19 hours ago

    Cam is done. Anyone who thinks he will ever come back to form is holding on to memories of a better time. I agree that they have to give him a chance though.

  • Nat Helm
    Nat Helm 19 hours ago

    Why do people use the phrase where there's smoke there's fire? I live in southern California and we have our fair share of fires and there is smoke. However even after the fire is out there's still smoke. It's like "hey look at all that smoke...wait, where's the fire?" "They already put the fire out 10 minutes ago". "Oh, ok, thanks". Do you see in that particular situation there's no fire, but there is smoke, but, where there's fire there's always smoke. So we need to change the phrase to something more like "blah blah blsh, blah, hey when there's fire there's smoke, blah blah blah, blah".

  • Mike Garcia
    Mike Garcia 19 hours ago

    Eagles receivers have the most drops in the league. He supposed to catch the ball for them too? The defense can't stop anyone!😂

  • Beats By Neek
    Beats By Neek 19 hours ago

    Cuttino gotta chill with the Sharpie hair on national tv.. It's way to well lit in there 4that

  • Hayes Jansen
    Hayes Jansen 19 hours ago

    Theses guys are all idiots

  • BMo
    BMo 20 hours ago

    Offensive coordinator GROH is the problem, he needs to go, he got the job because he is white over DEUCE STALEY.

  • BJ Young
    BJ Young 20 hours ago


  • WORkM4N
    WORkM4N 20 hours ago

    How many times have people said this? Lol im not even a Patriots fan either