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  • Silver Rams
    Silver Rams 7 hours ago

    I don't have an apple card or Apple Pay. I use my debit

  • Silver Rams
    Silver Rams 7 hours ago

    I ordered iphone 11 with a clear case.

  • Finn juniper Denaro
    Finn juniper Denaro 7 hours ago

    Hey I like your channel man, You do a really good job :)

  • acemanawc
    acemanawc 14 hours ago

    Hey Isaac was nice meeting and chatting with you in line at the Bellevue store this morning. Keep up the good work! Al (#4 in line)

  • Marcell Hunt
    Marcell Hunt Day ago

    When will it come if you pre order it like shipping time to the point your holding it after inboxing

  • CrazyAunt CC
    CrazyAunt CC 3 days ago

    I just subscribed to your channel & I preordered my iPhone 11 pro max in dark green (can’t remember the exact name of the color) today from Vzn & according to my email it should ship to me by the 27th I think I don’t know if that means I’ll get it by the 27th or it’s shipping out that day but I also need a new wireless Bluetooth speaker (bc my old one died it was really awful & old) so my question is does it matter what speaker I go with as far as compatibility w/my new iPhone? & I’m looking for a speaker with awesome sound quality as close to stereo as you can get and some awesome bass do you have any suggestions? Also y’all please don’t make fun of my questions bc I have no idea how the speaker world works now! Bc my old portable speakers were not Bluetooth they were what I got when I got my 1st iPod and they just lasted a long time I think it was maybe $20 but the sound was horrid so I wanna rich true sound bc I love all different kinds of music from country, classic rock & heavy metal to Motown, rap, R&B to 80’s rock & alternative to classical & some gospel & everything in between. & I want to hear it as it would sound on a stereo or CD player. But I also want to make sure it will connect with my new phone where all my music is stored on my iTunes acct. thanks!

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster Day ago

      I’m not an expert at all when it comes to speakers and sound quality. But here’s an article you may find useful.

  • Eliezer Otero
    Eliezer Otero 3 days ago

    hello, I am viewer, maybe you should be more energetic so you can attract more subscribers. Thanks for the info.

  • Hikaru Nara
    Hikaru Nara 4 days ago

    Is there any rumors for ipad mini 2020?

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster 2 days ago

      The iPad Mini was just refreshed this year for the first time in 3.5 years so I wouldn’t count on it. No rumors so far.

  • Echo Cheng
    Echo Cheng 4 days ago

    It looks great, I can't wait to buy one:)

  • Mychael Brennan
    Mychael Brennan 4 days ago

    My Otterbox Defender Pro will be here tomorrow.

  • AB Entertainment
    AB Entertainment 4 days ago

    Kamusta po

  • Isabella Bove
    Isabella Bove 4 days ago

    the man

  • Z- _Moouse
    Z- _Moouse 4 days ago

    Oki doki nice

  • Speed UP
    Speed UP 5 days ago

    Please add the resources .. don't pretend that you have own resources

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster 4 days ago

      No sources needed. All of this video was speculation except for the talk about the A12 processor which I credited in the video.

  • Georgia-Maddison
    Georgia-Maddison 6 days ago

    I’ve done it hahahahaha

  • RaYhAn ThE vLoG's
    RaYhAn ThE vLoG's 6 days ago

    Plzz gift me i phone plzzz 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 My crush i phone. But 💷💶💴💵💸💴💷 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 My Instagram . Mb.rayhan.925

  • Jessica
    Jessica 7 days ago

    this video is ill-informed

  • Zulal Army’Monbebe

    Thank you so much for the tips ❤️my iPhone 8 Plus is still working I have my phone a year I have to wait 2 years later I going to buy a new iPhone we all need more money to pay its a lot money dam why iPhone doing that all the time

  • Daniel Arellano
    Daniel Arellano 8 days ago

    They’re giving 600 bucks for a XS Max I think that’s great

    • Daniel Arellano
      Daniel Arellano 5 days ago

      Apple Hipster you’re right I didn’t think of that! I have the base 64 gigs so it’s not so bad for me

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster 5 days ago

      For the base you’re right. I guess I was thinking more about my device. It’s terrible for those who maxed out their storage because it’s not taken into account when trading. The 512GB XS Max retailed for $1,450 but the most I would get is $600 which is less than half of the price.

  • Jacob Cooper
    Jacob Cooper 8 days ago

    Bruh i woke up 20 mins late and still got mine 😂

  • Jazmine
    Jazmine 8 days ago

    Awesome vid, I just subscribed! I downloaded the apple store app rn and I've never ordered anything through it so it has no info and it has the apple thing so I cannot do anything till 5am. should I still use the app at 5am or my laptop? What would be fastest? My card is in the wallet app, but that initial info the apple store app asks for hasn't been inputted.

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster 8 days ago

      I still recommend you use your iPhone. Just make sure to have your carrier information PIN, 4.S.S., Apple ID and password written down on paper, right next to you.

  • My Boring Channel
    My Boring Channel 8 days ago

    Good stuff

  • Mychael Brennan
    Mychael Brennan 8 days ago

    Apple is offering me $600 for my XS Max. My new 11 Pro will cost me $499

    • Mychael Brennan
      Mychael Brennan 5 days ago

      Apple Hipster That’s why I get a 64GB and pay $36 a year for 250GB of iCloud storage.

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster 5 days ago

      I shouldn’t have said terrible. It’s just bad for those who maxed out their storage because they don’t take it into account. My XS Max 512GB cost me $1,450 and $600 is all I would get.

  • Spencer Mclaughlan
    Spencer Mclaughlan 8 days ago

    Has anyone ever told you that you look like Matt Leblanc?

  • Mohammad Tayyab Shahzad

    Is apple going to release an ipad pro in 2019? should I wait or just get a 2018 model?

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster 5 days ago

      The iPad Pro won’t be refreshed until 2020. I wouldn’t bother waiting. It will be a minor upgrade.

  • Jon Brady
    Jon Brady 9 days ago

    Can I preorder you papi

  • King Riel
    King Riel 9 days ago

    If your doing the installment program for your carrier do you know what we have to pay? [Just taxes] ? Or what else? Credit or debit card?

  • Wanirada nomai
    Wanirada nomai 9 days ago

    what if i add the iphone accessories to bag before hand then wait for the drop

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster 9 days ago

      That would work just fine. iPhone 11 accessories/cases are actually available to purchase now! :)

  • Lilyy Lil
    Lilyy Lil 10 days ago

    Hey! My carrier is Metropcs so I can just click “activate later” and then take it to Metropcs to activate it ? This is just for the normal iPhone 11

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster 9 days ago

      I would just choose “buy a new iPhone” then click “or activate with any carrier later”. This option shows right after you choose the storage.

  • Jacob Lee
    Jacob Lee 10 days ago

    Lmao Isaac im getting my sister an iPhone 11 for Christmas bc I actually rlly like it

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster 9 days ago

      Lol sounds good. I recommend the lavender/purple. 👌🏼

  • Z- _Moouse
    Z- _Moouse 10 days ago

    I am buying iPhone 11 don't ask why not pro in India it's very expensive btw mint green it's mint shade

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster 10 days ago

      Price wise, you’re definitely getting more for your money with the iPhone 11. Not the Pro.

  • mkgta
    mkgta 10 days ago

    R we sure we r getting a new ipad pro 2020

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster 8 days ago

      Nothing is confirmed but it’s a fairly good bet considering Ming-Chi Kuo is the reporting analyst in this case.

  • Jacob Lee
    Jacob Lee 10 days ago

    1) Its funny you think the new iPhones are going to sell out? 😬 sorry 2) If I have to call my bank... to order a smartphone... where has our sanity gone🤦‍♂️

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster 8 days ago

      I called the bank earlier today 😅

    • Jacob Lee
      Jacob Lee 10 days ago

      @Erick Pacheco 4) Isaac is my close friend and I watch all of his videos bc I support all my friends. It's just an inside joke that I poke fun at Apple smh👌 5) its TVclip and theres nothing wrong with having an opinion

    • Erick Pacheco
      Erick Pacheco 10 days ago

      Jacob Lee 3) it’s funny how you are still watching this video

  • KGF_V1P3R
    KGF_V1P3R 10 days ago

    LOL at first I thought you were one of those tech youtubers with millions of subs. Nice video.

  • megan’ t
    megan’ t 10 days ago

    just subbed

  • Upwards Believer
    Upwards Believer 11 days ago

    Awesome video!

  • ChikkenEggs
    ChikkenEggs 12 days ago

    Thinking of selling my iPhone XS Max and buying the new iPhone

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster 9 days ago

      I recommend waiting till 2020 (major redesign) but I’ll be doing the same. 😅

  • Bobby Banks
    Bobby Banks 12 days ago

    Well IPhone Max Pro or Pro max will be my first iPhone. Android Pro models all have curves I hate that. Time to give apple try.

    • Spookers
      Spookers 10 days ago

      Why do you hate it? It is super fucking cool.

  • nawtyourhuman
    nawtyourhuman 12 days ago

    When you said "USB Version" I think you meant HDMI. Thanks for the info bud! 👍🏼

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster 12 days ago

      Realized it after I recorded and assumed viewers would just wave it off. Guess not. 😅

  • Alan Otero
    Alan Otero 12 days ago

    AirPods 3? Will it come with large updates like with noise cancellation, volume control, and water resistance?

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster 12 days ago

      Noise cancellation & water resistance are very likely. Announcement could be tomorrow @ the keynote though it wouldn’t launch until the end of this year or early next year.

  • enrico ignacio
    enrico ignacio 14 days ago

    what date iphone 11 available in philippines ??????what is the price i thank if 1000 dollars or 1099 its ok

  • Sayem Sufian
    Sayem Sufian 15 days ago

    this is totally wrong design iPhone 11 as per my experience bc this getup looks like very lower class call phone apple again loss their face value in the mobile market around the world

  • Juma Aljbar
    Juma Aljbar 15 days ago

    *Why People say 2020* maybe there is no iphone in 2020

  • Albert Diaz
    Albert Diaz 15 days ago

    I have my fingers crossed that there will be a Product Red for the Pro series. 🤞

    DEATHTELLER 16 days ago

    You're way of talking is so smooth you deserve more subscribers 🎸🎸🎸

  • Jacob Lee
    Jacob Lee 16 days ago

    Mmmmm a case holding an Apple Pencil?? Looks awfully familiar.. ahem... Galaxy Tab S6👀

    • Jacob Lee
      Jacob Lee 13 days ago

      @Juan Martinez Okay okay... fair point😂

    • Juan Martinez
      Juan Martinez 14 days ago

      Jacob Lee And Tab S6 looks like iPad pro design. Ahem🤣

  • Niklaus91
    Niklaus91 16 days ago

    My new phone... waiting!!

    • Bam Bizzy
      Bam Bizzy 13 days ago

      lol same here

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster 15 days ago

      After it's announced I'll be doing a video on the best 16 pre-ordering tips and how to get it the day it comes out! Stay tuned. :)

  • Samyar Johni
    Samyar Johni 16 days ago

    2020 iphone 11s pro max. the same design . the same performance. the same battery. 4 camera. shame for iphone

    • Loynell Frazer
      Loynell Frazer 14 days ago

      Lol u right about that

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster 16 days ago

      2020 iPhone. Major redesign. Better performance. Better camera. Battery is unknown.

    DWAYNE GRAY 17 days ago

    I never use a case on any phone. Great video, i follow alot of tech reviewers and you can stand toe to toe with any of them. Very informative and knowledgeable. Bright future for you sir, just got a new subscriber off this one video.

  • Tsiawatho Josh
    Tsiawatho Josh 17 days ago

    The back camera design sucks....not that good enough

  • Jeevraj
    Jeevraj 17 days ago

    So ugly and old boring phone and this more words needed

  • Alpha Turay
    Alpha Turay 18 days ago

    I like it

  • Muntadher Alaa
    Muntadher Alaa 18 days ago

    Please tell me Do I buy Galaxy tab s6 or wait to new i pad pro 🌹

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster 17 days ago

      In my opinion it depends on your smartphone. An iPhone syncs beautifully with an iPad. Here’s an article I think you’ll find fairly useful.

  • jauc equestra
    jauc equestra 18 days ago

    love your graphics, man

  • Riverdale tales
    Riverdale tales 19 days ago

    I'm not buying it's a useless phone

  • Ivy Shilpi
    Ivy Shilpi 19 days ago

    should i upgrade to iphone 11 from my SE?

    • Snickers _
      Snickers _ 18 days ago

      If the camera is the only change to the iPhone 11, wait for 2020 or get a Samsung s11

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster 18 days ago

      Typically with a gap so large, I would say yes. But this time I will recommend you to not upgrade until 2020 because of how radical the redesign will be next year. You could have an even older phone and I would still recommend you hold out. 2020 will give the same “shock” effect when the iPhone 4 and iPhone 6 came out.

    • Kishor Gunasekaran
      Kishor Gunasekaran 19 days ago

      It's worth it if are on iPhone 7+ or above only is not worth, then you can just wait for a year and get 2020 iPhone I recommend you to upgrade

  • Z- _Moouse
    Z- _Moouse 19 days ago

    I am getting green but if it has a minty shade

    • Z- _Moouse
      Z- _Moouse 19 days ago

      @Apple Hipster well we have same choices XD

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster 19 days ago

      I'm going for green as well 👌🏼

  • your average introvert

    the “iphone 11 max pro” is such a horrible naming scheme tbh 😂

    • your average introvert
      your average introvert 19 days ago

      Apple Hipster ikr

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster 19 days ago

      I honestly don’t like it either. In my opinion, the budgeted model should just be called “iPhone” and the premium models should be called “iPhone Pro.” The premium models would be differentiated based on the year and size.

  • Isabella Bove
    Isabella Bove 19 days ago

    Your graphics are amazing. You do an amazing job with each video and give so much information!! Can’t wait to see next video

  • Alexander skauvik
    Alexander skauvik 19 days ago

    Really good vid keep up the great work! You make my Day!

  • Edwin Wiredu
    Edwin Wiredu 19 days ago

    Is it going to be a Qualcomm chip or the “useless” intel?????

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster 19 days ago

      Apple will continue with Intel in 2019. The iPhone will switch to Qualcomm in 2020 to include 5G.

  • AniMAYA
    AniMAYA 19 days ago

    your channel will have a boost soon.. great graphics and very good character.

  • Jon Brady
    Jon Brady 19 days ago


  • Rawda H.
    Rawda H. 19 days ago

    Such a good quality video you deserve more recognition Especially the editor.

  • Steve st-pierre
    Steve st-pierre 23 days ago

    Yep, I really like you and your video. Please keep on creating.

  • Z- _Moouse
    Z- _Moouse 23 days ago

    Should I wait for the new iPad pro or buy the iPad pro 2018 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    • Max
      Max 9 days ago

      it’s barley going to be an update, just a fix minor minor upgrades. If you’re expecting a major upgrade for the iPad then expect that in like 3-4 years. You might as well buy the pro right now, really won’t be any different from next years etc.

    • Damrongdet Arromsit
      Damrongdet Arromsit 10 days ago

      I also have the same question. Thanks.

    • Z- _Moouse
      Z- _Moouse 15 days ago

      @Mr Zadboi what

    • Mr Zadboi
      Mr Zadboi 15 days ago

      Wait for the 128 gb. Its better than 64 or 256 :D

    • Z- _Moouse
      Z- _Moouse 23 days ago

      @Apple Hipster thnx for the reply bro u earned a sub

  • Im a bot
    Im a bot 24 days ago

    Well done great review

  • Joe Da Dog
    Joe Da Dog 27 days ago

    this video should've had 1 million views by now. It was a great video!

  • Vedant Tiwari
    Vedant Tiwari 28 days ago

    Been here since the Instagram HomePod video

  • Noah Winnick
    Noah Winnick 29 days ago

    Hey Isaac can you do a video on the Apple TV

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster 15 days ago

      Apple TV 6 is looking more likely. There's not too much information on it but I'll be uploading a video on it September 7-8.

  • Corgany Lothar
    Corgany Lothar Month ago

    apples in house processors a good thing ? them going ARM is like going back to powerpc. if you like lack of comparability due to Architecture. Microsoft tried that with surface RT it failed

  • The Timeless Driver

    You deserve a lot more subscribers

  • Veda Earth Alive
    Veda Earth Alive Month ago

    Apple watch should be able to check your temperature 🤒 there are thermometers that do this by placing them on your skin, should be east for Apple Watch to adopt this feature.

  • SNK Corp.
    SNK Corp. Month ago

    with no OLED? No 4K? For such a high price? Hm, Nope.

    • Roman Scharkov
      Roman Scharkov 16 days ago

      I'm not exactly against 4K, I prefer 4K on 27", but on 15" it's totally unnecessary. Why render 4x more pixels draining the battery if you don't even recognize the difference? I'd rather prefer something around 2K on 15" just with an adaptive 120hz refresh rate (that's definitely very noticeable). OLED is also a very controversial topic, burn-in is a thing and AFAIK, in contrast to LCD, OLED uses more power on average when all pixels are lit and less power when most are black.

    • your average introvert
      your average introvert 23 days ago

      SNK Corp. why does having 4k matter lol

  • Jacob Lee
    Jacob Lee Month ago

    A few things, first, aren't the new iPhone Xs using OLED panels from LG? (Bc Samsung conflicted with Apple) so why doesnt Apple just have LG produce OLED panels for Macs?? Second, my Surface Book 2 (and a lot of Windows computers) have "Face ID" (Windows Hello) XD works awesome third, best for last, awesome video youre doing great Isaac im proud

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster Month ago

      Samsung produces all OLED panels for the iPhone. Lol I know you have Face ID. Apple’s just behind. (;

  • Luis Fuentes
    Luis Fuentes Month ago

    Been subscribed & staying subscribed! 😁

  • Stuart Bain
    Stuart Bain Month ago

    I love your videos, and you get hotter with every video you post

  • Jon Brady
    Jon Brady Month ago


  • mahmoud
    mahmoud Month ago

    You're so so cute

  • Furious Taco
    Furious Taco Month ago

    Pretty good presentation overall! You’ve earned my sub! :-)

  • nexApex
    nexApex Month ago

    I really love your efforts Hope you achieve the success you deserve ✌️✌️🤞🤞👌👌👍👍

  • Milind Pinjani
    Milind Pinjani Month ago

    Dude it's actually too late for glucose monitoring system!

  • Calum Malcolmson
    Calum Malcolmson Month ago

    Well my guys raiding Area 51 will be rocking the Apple Watch series 5 before they die

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster Month ago

      The 51 raid is set for Sep. 20 which is the release of the Apple Watch S5 so I won’t be there 😅

  • Adam Shaheedh
    Adam Shaheedh Month ago

    Dude where have you been? I thought you died.

    • Adam Shaheedh
      Adam Shaheedh Month ago

      @Apple Hipster congrats on getting graduated, looking forward to your future vids!

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster Month ago

      High school, but I’m graduated and out of that now. 👌🏼

  • Steve st-pierre
    Steve st-pierre Month ago

    Love you keep on sending good video

  • Jacob Lee
    Jacob Lee Month ago

    Sounds like Apple is copying Samsung 😳🤔 Too bad Apple cant even use Super Dynamic AMOLED displays :(

    • your average introvert
      your average introvert Month ago

      10000 subs Without posting a video you’re*

    • Jacob Lee
      Jacob Lee Month ago

      @10000 subs with out having any friends lol it's okay I'm used to it thanks to Isaac🤦‍♂️😂

    • 10000 subs with out having any friends
      10000 subs with out having any friends Month ago

      Jacob Lee, it’s ok, I’m one of those people that like super pro apple for some reason so your not wrong 😂

    • Jacob Lee
      Jacob Lee Month ago

      @10000 subs with out having any friends also that's an opinion not a fact so I'm sorry to burst your narrow minded bubble 😂😂

  • TaticalGamer
    TaticalGamer Month ago

    Can we do a collab

  • Ultimate Prime
    Ultimate Prime Month ago

    Ur an amazing TVclipr ur very underated

  • Jasmine Lancaster

    Ayyyyyeeee remember me?

  • P Meister
    P Meister Month ago

    Dude out of all iPhone 11 videos out there, your video summed out everything there is to know about the iPhone 11 in good clarity thanks!

  • Jacob Lee
    Jacob Lee Month ago

    psh... we have yet to see any phone pass the HP30P and Pixel 3 in terms of night time photography. The iPhone would be the last phone I'd expect to be the one to take front and center but we'll see :P p.s. Galaxy Note series dominates but that my personal preference lol awesome job w the viedo tho Isaac👍👍

  • Christopher Zaidan
    Christopher Zaidan 2 months ago

    Great video

  • Jon Brady
    Jon Brady 2 months ago


  • Jose Chavez
    Jose Chavez 2 months ago

    disappointed dead iphone game over

  • Branf
    Branf 2 months ago

    How secure is it that the notch will remain?

    • Branf
      Branf 2 months ago

      @Apple Hipster why with so much certainty if it is just a leak?

    • Apple Hipster
      Apple Hipster 2 months ago

      Branf 100%

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    Long time no see