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  • Ayla Adame
    Ayla Adame 11 months ago

    LITA 17

  • Sarah Abdelwahab


  • meagan turner
    meagan turner Year ago


  • samilopez sn
    samilopez sn Year ago

    mas canciones de fifth harmony

  • 3KidsTV
    3KidsTV Year ago

    i like this channel

    EDWARD V.P Year ago

    I would like to be one of the Disney Channel actors, grabbing laugh at people with one if their comedy programs could be ayi!? Can I act on your TV show? Thank you for your attention. Att: Edward vp

  • Nevies Corner
    Nevies Corner Year ago

    Hey! Awesome channel!!! Cool videos! :D

  • skyler tonata
    skyler tonata 2 years ago

    I love radio disney!just subscribed.

  • ale_dy_pau ale
    ale_dy_pau ale 2 years ago

    porque no hacen ceñales en directo oen vivo

  • Carlos Sabazar
    Carlos Sabazar 2 years ago

    feliz cumple años radio disney

  • Ladie poke'Fan19
    Ladie poke'Fan19 2 years ago


  • Ladie poke'Fan19
    Ladie poke'Fan19 2 years ago

    hi radiodisney, you people rock! have a fun summer. bye! :-]

  • Ladie poke'Fan19
    Ladie poke'Fan19 2 years ago

    hi R.D, you people Rock! ^v^ / i so Love your music!. :-} have a fun Summer• bye.

  • Sciarra
    Sciarra 2 years ago

    amazing job!=) hope to see more from you soon!

  • TheNewVocal
    TheNewVocal 2 years ago

    Sending my Greetings from SG! Have a great day!

  • Citlalli Pichardo
    Citlalli Pichardo 2 years ago

    because they have not uploaded videos 'm moon

  • Eanna Martinez
    Eanna Martinez 2 years ago

    love all the videos

  • Lele Bvby
    Lele Bvby 2 years ago

    alright so I noticed Disney channel doesn't have this so ima just ask yall...CAN YALL PLEASE FIND ABOUT IF STARSTRUCK can get played on tv

  • Ghabrielatf Ramírez

    hola radio disney quiero que me ponga ha ash perdon perdon

  • Sofiane Ouar
    Sofiane Ouar 2 years ago

    great i just love it radio disney is also disney

  • Tiago Lupas
    Tiago Lupas 3 years ago


  • Carly D
    Carly D 3 years ago

    Hey @radiodisney Can you do a Jelly Bean Challenge with all the Disney Channel Stars? Just an idea

  • Diana XD
    Diana XD 3 years ago

    habe you a matty love famous sng

  • Cece Gaming
    Cece Gaming 3 years ago

    I have a song that I would love to give to someone who is famous. I really would mean a lot to me to give them this song I wrote that took about a month

  • Maria Arellano
    Maria Arellano 3 years ago

    you guys should still put justin biber baby.

  • QUIT
    QUIT 3 years ago

    in there channel art they have ariana grande Taylor Swift AND Fifth Harmony

  • Lessly Love
    Lessly Love 3 years ago

    i love u guys soooo much +radiodisney

  • Legitallswagger Aj
    Legitallswagger Aj 3 years ago

    I wish I was famous! I love to sing and act out stuff :P If I was famous I would dream bigger! Most famous people don't really care about helping the poor! I would I would do concerts for raise money for people with cancer or people that are really hungry! i'm tired of poor kids and moms and dads and ppl starving ppl take all the stuff they have for granted! I wouldn't! If I was rich I would help people! Money is money theres so many things you can do with it! Money can save people! THATS ALWAYS BEEN MY WISH! I WANT THE WORLD TO BE A BETTER PLACE! Like this comment if you agree! I have hope for the world :D! I have hope that radio Disney will reply back! :prays:

  • Ioji Corbalan
    Ioji Corbalan 3 years ago

    NO ES JUSTOO! en mi pais no se pueden ver estos videos!! hasta que no hagan que esto este permitido en mi pais los voy a odiar, a radio disney, a su pais! hijos de pt.

  • Puma Fighter123
    Puma Fighter123 3 years ago

    my friend wants to join radio disney... is there a way, if there is plz tell me

  • Guadalupe Ramirez
    Guadalupe Ramirez 3 years ago

    los quiero

  • Guadalupe Ramirez
    Guadalupe Ramirez 3 years ago


  • afairywithoutwings
    afairywithoutwings 3 years ago


  • Adriana Mellid
    Adriana Mellid 3 years ago

    ame los rdma de este año desee estar en los angeles

  • Tsuki479
    Tsuki479 3 years ago

    Wish you'd make a playlist of all your movies' songs. I really like disney soundtracks specially the old ones (Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Hercules, etc.), they're kind of hard to find if not, not everything is included, and I could listen to it all day while playing games lol.

  • Mexican Show
    Mexican Show 3 years ago

    lots of viewer

  • Ronaldo Blanco
    Ronaldo Blanco 3 years ago

    hola radio disney mepodrian poner la cacion de one direction que sellama you & i y la que sellama kiss you

  • Millie Alcazar
    Millie Alcazar 3 years ago

    disney love radio because I can always see your concerts to my favorite artists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥(me encanta radio disney porque siempre puedo ver sus conciertos de a mis artistas preferidos)

  • Celis
    Celis 3 years ago

    i wanted to ask if you wanted to hear my song beacause im working on a new song

  • Esther Aparecida
    Esther Aparecida 3 years ago

    eu amo a radio disney passem no meu canal se iscrevaose

  • Mexican Show
    Mexican Show 4 years ago

    add my clip please

  • Yady Sepulveda
    Yady Sepulveda 4 years ago

    hola radio disney solo quiero decirles que porfabor me puedan responder esto bueno soy una super fans de ustedes y bueno se que algunos que vean este comentario se ban a burlar pero bueno... quiero decirle que siempre e querido cantar y ser una actris como ariana grande o como selena gomez bridgit mendler o bueno espero que me puedan contestar plis

  • That one Skeleton rat

    who can live without radio Disney

  • edgimetools
    edgimetools 4 years ago

    I am a child but would like know

  • edgimetools
    edgimetools 4 years ago

    would go to meet austin mahome but I'm from Peru and donot English

  • edgimetools
    edgimetools 4 years ago

    Radio Disney are cheveres

  • edgimetools
    edgimetools 4 years ago

    i love radio disney my name joaquin

  • Jonathan Brito
    Jonathan Brito 4 years ago

    i love to dance and act im going to NEW YORK in a week for a big seen

  • Jose Ramirez
    Jose Ramirez 4 years ago

    I love radio disney and ARIANA GRANDE...

  • H iqbal
    H iqbal 4 years ago

    I miss zack and cody plz contact and bring them back

  • Brooke McMahon
    Brooke McMahon 4 years ago

    I love you radio disney watch youtube and go to Trinity Haynie's page and subscribe her

  • Amber Hibbs
    Amber Hibbs 4 years ago

    Alana Hibbs Dj 5sos

  • Wendii Rivera
    Wendii Rivera 4 years ago

    Me gusta RADIO DISNEY I love you

  • BuddyBoy600alt
    BuddyBoy600alt 4 years ago

    I love you Radio Disney. And I will miss your AM/FM stations.

  • Regina Alas
    Regina Alas 4 years ago

    esto es de disney channel

  • Binta Diawara
    Binta Diawara 4 years ago

    L love radio disney

  • weirdotown
    weirdotown 4 years ago

    please subscribe I have no subscribers :( hey also I love radio Disney im listening to it right now

  • brian snake
    brian snake 4 years ago


  • Maria Trujillo
    Maria Trujillo 4 years ago

    hola,por ahora no tengo videos en mi canal, pero pronto subiré un video mio cantando (forget about you) de r5 seguizme

  • Nina Todorovic
    Nina Todorovic 4 years ago

    On which station is Radio Disney i can't find it :(

  • Aniyah Catlin
    Aniyah Catlin 4 years ago

    i would love to sing on radio disney

  • ab4056
    ab4056 4 years ago


  • ab4056
    ab4056 4 years ago


  • ab4056
    ab4056 4 years ago

    O.M.G I watched the thing like five times it was amazing everyone was so good. I hope I can be on radio Disney some time I LOVE RADIO DISNEY!! From Gabby brown

  • Burnt Crisps
    Burnt Crisps 4 years ago

    I just advertised the RDMAs on my channel and i am hoping to geta acting agent

  • Agni Love
    Agni Love 5 years ago

    I LOVE ROSS LYNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Velizara Hristova
    Velizara Hristova 7 years ago

    Selena Gomez is my fav.

  • halie mahone
    halie mahone 7 years ago

    i love cody simpson and allstar weekend

  • puyopuyo2012
    puyopuyo2012 7 years ago

    love ur channel :)<3

  • hottestmamiinthehood

    iloveRADIODISNEY x)

  • 34spedr
    34spedr 7 years ago

    radio disney BEST RADIO CHANNEL EVER !!!!! : )

  • etlove15
    etlove15 7 years ago

    I love you radio disney!!

  • Thatone Dul
    Thatone Dul 7 years ago


  • mmmm55ful
    mmmm55ful 7 years ago

    roshon fegan 4 ever

  • Caleigh Cat
    Caleigh Cat 7 years ago

    I Love Disney!

  • Ann Hudson
    Ann Hudson 7 years ago


  • Candi 🦄
    Candi 🦄 7 years ago


  • Chasey Cuevas
    Chasey Cuevas 7 years ago

    what radio station is it?

  • Jenna Byrd
    Jenna Byrd 7 years ago

    love the music!!

  • TaylorSwiftFan01313
    TaylorSwiftFan01313 7 years ago

    Radio Disney is AWESOME!!!!!

  • Asha
    Asha 7 years ago

    I have your app :)

  • ames.
    ames. 7 years ago

    Radio Disney. ♡

  • Patricia Rodriguez
    Patricia Rodriguez 7 years ago

    I LOVE RADIODISNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aj
    aj 7 years ago

    omy gosh they have a pic of cody simpson now!

  • xoxocupcakexoxo
    xoxocupcakexoxo 7 years ago

    Awesome! RadioDisney rocks. ;D ♥

    JULiEEANNA1 7 years ago

    i luve radio disney (c:

  • SelenaPeace6
    SelenaPeace6 7 years ago

    how do u sign up for NBT?

  • MIKE Alex
    MIKE Alex 7 years ago

    wooo the best radio i listen all day

  • Kelly Dionne
    Kelly Dionne 7 years ago

    hey my frend javern & i wud like 2 be the next big thanq ! she plays da piano nd i sinq we're a team ! :D We are ready 2 start a new chapter in our lives ♥

  • Kinley Sivacek
    Kinley Sivacek 7 years ago

    riado disney roxz... who do i tell my questions to for celberties to answer them ? HELP PLEASE

  • Leticia Alvarado
    Leticia Alvarado 7 years ago


  • MusiicxLoVE64
    MusiicxLoVE64 7 years ago


  • Aileen Andino
    Aileen Andino 7 years ago

    Love disney

  • 28bff
    28bff 7 years ago

    Im just like China Anne McClain.... (: I wish i could be like a guest star or something on the show ant farm

  • Kiersten Richter
    Kiersten Richter 7 years ago

    i ♥ RadioDisney!!!

  • Claudia Girardin
    Claudia Girardin 7 years ago

    love what you do! great channel!

  • Eduardo Ibarra
    Eduardo Ibarra 7 years ago

    love disney

  • Beezus Weaslina
    Beezus Weaslina 7 years ago

    yeah HOW???? i want 2 audition !!!!

  • Sonsea808
    Sonsea808 7 years ago

    u guys r so awsome :)

  • Camila
    Camila 7 years ago

    love the exterminate rap :D

  • FaitHope
    FaitHope 7 years ago

    so.... how do i get on TV.... how do i find out about've been dying to know....i'm really good....maybe i can be on disney channel....please answser the question...cause some people don't and wont answer :)

  • maddylizzietwins
    maddylizzietwins 7 years ago

    you guys should do a usa talent search for singing and acting. i mean, you did a dance one. the winner should like be on a show or have their song on radio disney just a suggestion :)

  • Kristina A.
    Kristina A. 7 years ago

    i listen to radio disney all the time in my room :)

  • Diana Garza
    Diana Garza 7 years ago

    you rock radio disney love you

    DANI - DEES 7 years ago

    Hi, DEES, my real name is Dany! I love the world of music, I have 16 years from the 7 I do sing, and want to get this music world! The truth DISNEY CHANNEL! is very large and very professional, and I never refuse to teach, I try to have the talent in me on TV! Thanks! :)

  • James Thang
    James Thang 7 years ago

    you guys rock

  • keonna broussard
    keonna broussard 7 years ago


  • Jada Facer
    Jada Facer 7 years ago

    Love Disney! Would love to hear my songs on their station some day! xoxo Jada

  • tiaraalexus
    tiaraalexus 7 years ago

    Are you guys ganna have A disney Chanel NBT 2011 ? ahha '

  • Rebekka Rannva, Creamy


  • AnjaPetrovič
    AnjaPetrovič 7 years ago

    Love you Disney!! U r my favorite channel <3 xD

  • disneyclebs101
    disneyclebs101 7 years ago

    You guys rock!!!

  • msducttapecreations
    msducttapecreations 7 years ago

    cool i like justinbieber

  • danny williams
    danny williams 7 years ago

    its funny how dey always only put zendayas first name only

  • Sunlittleshine
    Sunlittleshine 7 years ago

    Hi ♥

  • kyatama1
    kyatama1 7 years ago


  • Boyet Maquinad
    Boyet Maquinad 7 years ago


  • Kellie Neelson
    Kellie Neelson 7 years ago

    lol Justin on top on one side Selena on the other side JELENA FANS!! say hey!!

  • anh dao
    anh dao 7 years ago

    Not much people like Disney now since it's "changing" but it's completely not, I still love Disney very much

  • Joe Ornelas
    Joe Ornelas 7 years ago


  • Anthony Rebello
    Anthony Rebello 7 years ago

    Much Love! Anthony Rebello

  • superselgomez4ever
    superselgomez4ever 7 years ago

    I love Selena Gomez

  • Eric Yarbrough Jr.
    Eric Yarbrough Jr. 7 years ago

    BIg fan !

  • Meagan Porter
    Meagan Porter 7 years ago


  • Far I Shields
    Far I Shields 7 years ago

    One Human Family

  • Poseidon
    Poseidon 7 years ago

    Hello to all my friends at Radio Disnry! Love all of you! :) James

  • shinlinifay
    shinlinifay 7 years ago

    err.. not available in phil.! bummer!

  • xXPancakezsXx
    xXPancakezsXx 7 years ago

    I won something from the road crew today!!! A paramore [Or someone else] CD!!!

  • llama a
    llama a 7 years ago

    OMG!!! I Love Justin Bieber! I have always wanted 2 meet him in person.. but, U KNow Someday ur dreams will come true.. and he lives his dreams everyday, he thanks his wonderful fans for supporting him and caring for him, and he loves us back! I Love him soo MUCH!!! NeverSayNever

  • Alyssa Basic
    Alyssa Basic 7 years ago

    i love lemonade mouth

  • RandomChineseGy
    RandomChineseGy 7 years ago

    Hello radiodisney ^_^

  • MrSammylinda
    MrSammylinda 7 years ago


  • Rogerio Junior
    Rogerio Junior 7 years ago

    i love DISNEY!! --'

  • satania
    satania 7 years ago

    thank you sooo much for accepting my friend request! i love disney!

  • Julianna Zheng
    Julianna Zheng 7 years ago

    can u upload determinate (movie version) by lemonade mouth?

  • satania
    satania 7 years ago


  • Sarah Arie'l
    Sarah Arie'l 7 years ago


  • Becca Ransom
    Becca Ransom 7 years ago

    goodbye Suite Life!!!!!!!!

  • Becca J
    Becca J 7 years ago

    I love Radio disney it is my dream come true to have stanion that has disney on it thank you a lot

  • Rusweld Canaza Bautista

    Selena Gomez & The Scene - Who Says - Music Video - Radio Disney

  • Vanesalovesmusic
    Vanesalovesmusic 7 years ago

    I <3 U disney

  • Sevda Ercetin
    Sevda Ercetin 7 years ago

    Meeeeee toooooooooooo. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Andreea Muraru
    Andreea Muraru 7 years ago

    I love Radio Disney <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 and I also love all the Disney's Channel Stars..

  • Andreea Muraru
    Andreea Muraru 7 years ago

    Just love him and the song

  • Nessa
    Nessa 7 years ago


  • Mel Sanchis
    Mel Sanchis 7 years ago

    I love this song.

  • tabbyluvslilly
    tabbyluvslilly 7 years ago

    I got a hold of Radio Disney 4 times the other day with my friend!

  • Leap Froging
    Leap Froging 7 years ago

    Yo, Ernie, you gotta play Charice's new song-One Day.

  • mackenzie pflum
    mackenzie pflum 7 years ago

    New Video!

  • celso pasaylo
    celso pasaylo 7 years ago

    cool channel....

  • SuperPerfektionist
    SuperPerfektionist 7 years ago

    good channel!! :)

  • Elisabette Labonte
    Elisabette Labonte 7 years ago

    i luv willow smith she sing really really good

  • Jan P
    Jan P 7 years ago

    Subbed! I <3 Selena Gomez!

  • Axel Young
    Axel Young 7 years ago


  • Berna
    Berna 7 years ago


  • mackenzie pflum
    mackenzie pflum 7 years ago

    Justin bieber ROCKS!!!! anyone with me???

  • Vanesalovesmusic
    Vanesalovesmusic 7 years ago

    i <3 U Radio Disney! You will my only radio station that I will always listen to xxxx U make me happy btw ur profile is looking mighty awesome...I also love it too! <3 xxx

  • Carson Taegan
    Carson Taegan 7 years ago

    hi im carson and i wish so bad i could be answered on air on radio disney!!! i want to be soooooooo bad :D

  • Elijah Imhogiemhe
    Elijah Imhogiemhe 7 years ago

    i love willow smith so much sshe is such a tremendous teacher

  • mackenzie pflum
    mackenzie pflum 7 years ago


  • Laine Middleton
    Laine Middleton 7 years ago

    SELENA ROCKS YO Love selena gomez

  • enlik enkow
    enlik enkow 7 years ago

    i love you selena ! you are beautiful and perfect!

  • Destiny Rosenberry
    Destiny Rosenberry 7 years ago

    i love willow

  • Colonello
    Colonello 7 years ago

    SELENA GOMEZ IS THE BEST i love her yupi ¬¬

  • _Megan_xx
    _Megan_xx 7 years ago

    love it on the raido<3 love the app on my ipod touch 4G<3 love the youtube channel<3 love disney channel<3 love disney XD<3333 love playhouse disney<3 and the new shows<3 P.S~~ i am 11 and i love "jake and the never land pirets"

  • Sami Ortega
    Sami Ortega 7 years ago

    uuuuu comentario justin y selena love intre

  • faith hoemr
    faith hoemr 7 years ago

    i love selena gomaz

  • MiaMo0831
    MiaMo0831 7 years ago

    Happy 15th birthday Radio Disney! I'm all ears!!!

  • Haley Hozella
    Haley Hozella 7 years ago

    cool channel i love justin bieber

  • lexiethomas17
    lexiethomas17 7 years ago


  • Danielle Robertson
    Danielle Robertson 7 years ago

    *clap clap clap* i love you

  • DanielJoshua2000
    DanielJoshua2000 7 years ago

    sup guys

  • okdoei
    okdoei 7 years ago

    Nice Channel :-)

  • okdoei
    okdoei 7 years ago

    so cool ther ar cool songs nice!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • okdoei
    okdoei 7 years ago


  • cvgirl20111
    cvgirl20111 7 years ago

    nice channel

  • me5232
    me5232 7 years ago

    u R#0ck Ra1i0 d1snEY

  • xAlice23
    xAlice23 7 years ago

    Heyyy!!!!! Nice Chanel(:

  • Gagan Dhandwar
    Gagan Dhandwar 7 years ago

    Thanks for the add........amazing channel :)

  • Nycs tog
    Nycs tog 7 years ago

    best channel ever

  • Nycs tog
    Nycs tog 7 years ago


  • Jarrett Marks
    Jarrett Marks 7 years ago

    i'm happy that u guys started playing lil wayne

  • MiaGreenMusic
    MiaGreenMusic 7 years ago

    Radio Disney is amazing, I will forever be a fan, lolz! :) If you like these disney artists, could you please check me out? I sing some of their songs! :) ♥ Mia

  • lean
    lean 7 years ago


  • christ111ful
    christ111ful 7 years ago

    I love RADIO DISNEY i listen to it everyday. Hope yall accept my invite

  • juliafromero
    juliafromero 7 years ago

    hey radio disney i love the channel bye subscribe and add me

  • heylovex3
    heylovex3 7 years ago

    i hope selena gomez know how much who says inspries me

  • Tabbie R.
    Tabbie R. 7 years ago

    nice channel. i love how radio disney doesnt have advertisments

  • alina burns
    alina burns 7 years ago

    radio disney is the best EVER!!! <3(:

  • Carine Tran
    Carine Tran 7 years ago

    Nicee! <3

    GINTS SKRIBANS 7 years ago

    Salut ! Greeting from Latvia !

  • Orange Planet Soundz

    Nice Channel :-)

  • Rida4lif3az
    Rida4lif3az 7 years ago

    oh hey

  • Andrea Zendejas
    Andrea Zendejas 7 years ago

    i love radio disney

  • Ksenija Erjavec
    Ksenija Erjavec 7 years ago

    COOL!!! like your chanell, and disney

  • Sarah Rose
    Sarah Rose 7 years ago

    I got to talk to Selena gomez on september 14 2010 on a tuesday[I was her first caller] and I rea;;y want them to put it up. She was really nice I love talking to her and hope to do it with her again or justin bieber! AHH SO I GOT TO TALK TO SG AND WON A CR2TFJ GIFT PACK. TOTALLY AWESOME:) THANKS RD! -Sarah 16, NJ

  • Kelvin Editions
    Kelvin Editions 7 years ago


  • SparklingDust
    SparklingDust 7 years ago


  • Surkor
    Surkor 7 years ago

    This channel is amazing :D ~~LeticiaSurkor

  • Kim G
    Kim G 7 years ago

    Hello nice music ;)