The Late Late Show with James Corden
The Late Late Show with James Corden
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  • Mel Triana
    Mel Triana Hour ago

    James has a good voice 🚫🧢

  • Skyscrapers & MegaProjects

    To everyone saying that healthy foods are too expensive and not affordable for most people, I’d like to point out that you can buy a pound of lentils, black beans, tofu, brown rice, eggs, and countless in season vegetables at any store. In fact eating healthy can be cheaper than at a fast food restaurant, you just need will power. You can cook a multi-bean chili with tomatoes and peppers in crockpot while you’re at work for less than $1.5 a serving, then fry and egg and put it on top. People just dont like healthy food an make excuses to not prepare it.

  • Ethan with a P
    Ethan with a P Hour ago

    Did anyone else recognize Dave and Calvin from The Neighborhood

  • Ushton Fljabon
    Ushton Fljabon Hour ago

    DAMN SONNNNNN, Samuel went hard

  • the ginger gamer

    Tarantino would’ve reacted a lot more harshly

  • Jessica Lee
    Jessica Lee Hour ago

    I agree that we don't need fat shaming - but we don't need fat embracing either. Trying to make obesity beautiful is just WRONG.

  • Maximiliano Ríos Vera

    I love how he does all these retarded shows with such resolution, I'm starting to believe actors are actually underpaid for having to go through this shit

  • Alexandria Fiori

    The most virgo thing ever.

  • Gillian Broadway

    They needed to tag Neil in this to get more views

  • star plays1
    star plays1 Hour ago

    The tallest person in the world in 8 ft 11.1 in

  • Garry G
    Garry G Hour ago

    If it happened in India,that someone make fun of our pm,he'd be in jail under 10 min

  • Larissa Beers
    Larissa Beers Hour ago

    I find her extremely obnoxious in this video.

  • Autumn Cook
    Autumn Cook Hour ago

    nick: “can’t wait until they recast me with harry styles” me: it wouldn’t be too bad...

  • Lavender And Honey

    .somebody please ask Pfeiffer why she showed up wearing a huge satanic goathead necklace at the scarface reunion.....extremely creepy . perhaps this is why she still gets the best roles.

  • Robyn Holmes
    Robyn Holmes Hour ago

    WE LOVE YOU JAMES!!!!!!! <3 <3

  • Courtney Sheets
    Courtney Sheets Hour ago

    Was Paul pimping out his sister?? Lol

  • Collin
    Collin Hour ago

    The circumcisionist dude looks like Gary from DC’s legends of tomorrow

  • TheCarlScharnberg

    6:36 Anyone notice how Christian stops "Officer Milner" from walking onto the stage? That was awkward. These fake Hollywood types, man... Hugh Jackman would never!

  • January Baby
    January Baby Hour ago


  • nan sam
    nan sam Hour ago

    Last comment from corden was like you just had to ruin the moment YOU rest i leave it to viewers imagination..... lol.

  • leijonakuningas
    leijonakuningas Hour ago

    Suomi tekee kohta maalin!

  • Treveon McGuffery

    I need a cover of 0:49

  • victor dunson
    victor dunson Hour ago

    This needs to come to Broadway 🎭

  • francine m.
    francine m. Hour ago

    ok but I just realized if I was part of that game I would be the same height as the last girl

  • Post Malone
    Post Malone Hour ago

    Hi people like down below if you think that zlatan is the best 👇

  • Kamal Poluri
    Kamal Poluri Hour ago

    Yeah SCIENCE!!

  • MrDeadmorning
    MrDeadmorning Hour ago

    James Coeden choke on donkey chode and die already. You suck.

  • Emanuel Luis
    Emanuel Luis Hour ago

    No pude evitar sonreír mientras veía esto.

  • Richell Mae Bacalso

    im still dumbfounded until now

  • Jessica Lynn
    Jessica Lynn Hour ago

    I get *SUCH* a Scully vibe (X Files chick!) from her in this interview haha

  • Ethan Ballard
    Ethan Ballard 2 hours ago

    Don't-Don't do that Don't ever touch a harmonica

  • Bespabeetobybuy
    Bespabeetobybuy 2 hours ago


  • Bespabeetobybuy
    Bespabeetobybuy 2 hours ago


  • Lady Kennie Frog
    Lady Kennie Frog 2 hours ago

    Preach honey. ... Also I'm so going to watch that movie now. I have to, I just have to.

  • Polish Filipino
    Polish Filipino 2 hours ago

    "People who look like me are generally taller" **Chooses other option*

    MTC MCMXCI 2 hours ago

    Oh wow Chris Griffin as the Joker 💀

  • Shanofar Hairun
    Shanofar Hairun 2 hours ago


  • Angelo Curtice
    Angelo Curtice 2 hours ago

    This video was made on my birthday

  • Eli 142590
    Eli 142590 2 hours ago

    Song at 8:44 it’s 🔥🔥🔥 what is it called And song at 5:08

  • Nice Person
    Nice Person 2 hours ago

    I love it “Mums”

  • Brett Law
    Brett Law 2 hours ago

    People use the term stalker like it is a fashion accessory. A modern social proof of high social value.

  • Nadine Osullivan
    Nadine Osullivan 2 hours ago

    That's not actually JB it was a prank to see if they could fool the internet. True story

  • RavensCry017
    RavensCry017 2 hours ago

    You’re not a true fan if you don’t recognise his guitar straight away

  • ishika Gilani
    ishika Gilani 2 hours ago

    miley will always be the red lipstick queen

  • Vitor luiz
    Vitor luiz 2 hours ago

    BR 2019 !?

  • Madeline._.05
    Madeline._.05 2 hours ago

    I’ve seen this 5 times it’s amazing every time

  • Nom pachok 23
    Nom pachok 23 2 hours ago

    Giving me early fall out boy vibes

  • kelyson araujo
    kelyson araujo 2 hours ago


  • LPs cupcakes :3
    LPs cupcakes :3 2 hours ago

    They both sound good we each other :3

  • Ben Fletcher
    Ben Fletcher 2 hours ago

    Is John called Kinky John when he’s in bed?

  • Kristine Gloton
    Kristine Gloton 2 hours ago

    Miss them😭 Still watching this until now

  • Ethan
    Ethan 2 hours ago

    And also in FRIENDS, Rachel mentions names of people who she has dated in one episode, Ben Wyatt, which is also a person on Parks and Recreation. Also, in the Office their printers are the same company I’m pretty sure. Not to be a nerd, but what if they’re all connected

  • Logan Wright
    Logan Wright 2 hours ago

    You’re so fat I want to throw up

  • Claire Keenan
    Claire Keenan 2 hours ago

    “ Ew! Icky!”

  • footos
    footos 2 hours ago


  • Zoe Kidd
    Zoe Kidd 2 hours ago

    i thought this was the guy from the breakfast club

  • Lily Raimey
    Lily Raimey 2 hours ago

    First of all, what was that dude on? Aaron is actually a fucking exceptional actor.

  • Amaris Mason
    Amaris Mason 2 hours ago

    Hazard chocking and internal bleeding we’re he’s coughing up blood he can die I’m surprised he still living ❌⚠️‼️

  • Seventh Trumpet Tattoos

    Why don't we just talk about the scene in his netflix movie where he hangs dong for a while. Lol

  • FrohShi
    FrohShi 2 hours ago

    Rip his booty hole

  • Angelina
    Angelina 2 hours ago

    If your fat you’re fat! If you’re skinny you’re skinny ! Obese is obese period. Very unhealthy!

  • Xxdxrknightmarexx GamEs

    What a LEDGEN

  • Jack O'Lantern
    Jack O'Lantern 2 hours ago

    Hey, I'm uh.. here for the couch?

  • xd Spiderz
    xd Spiderz 2 hours ago

    y0u LiKe GLaZz?!!

  • Victoria Sabina
    Victoria Sabina 2 hours ago

    Why is Allison always there

  • prachi sharma
    prachi sharma 2 hours ago

    I m here for harry

  • cristinna silva
    cristinna silva 2 hours ago

    Ai gente, sinceramente, eu continuo apaixonada ❤

  • Syed Ateia
    Syed Ateia 2 hours ago

    I am a Britney Spears Fan

  • Siddharth Kaza
    Siddharth Kaza 2 hours ago

    I do this too... in GTA 5

  • Eric Eric
    Eric Eric 2 hours ago

    America is doing so well right now, you have blacks committing hate crimes against themselves just so shit feels normal!!!!!!!!! TRUMP 2020

  • Alyssa Bernal
    Alyssa Bernal 2 hours ago

    What all of the songs

  • Jonathan Joestar
    Jonathan Joestar 2 hours ago

    Arnold got a lap dance Nice.


    Louis seems so proud bc how much the fandom loves the song

  • Emma James
    Emma James 2 hours ago

    Nah, I still love Liam Neeson doing the Taken one.

  • Saffy • 30 years ago

    Gordon: "Is it canned or fresh?" *nO, iTs RaW!*


    Louis is looking at hazz half the time bc he wrote the song about hazzybear and he looks so embarrassed bc hazza is being read the lyrics abt him and he has to hear how comfortable and how much he loves staying with harry 'under the sheets naked' it's like harry is saying "huh that's how he really feels love him even more" and louis is saying "dammit I'm so humiliated now he knows"

  • Henry Smith
    Henry Smith 2 hours ago

    The corDons

  • Jayven Okuda
    Jayven Okuda 2 hours ago

    Nobody: No one: God: *Hold my crown of thorns*

  • Bang Big
    Bang Big 2 hours ago

    He was and is adorable

  • Tommy Gun
    Tommy Gun 2 hours ago

    Literally injects race in the first 10 seconds...

  • Amy Renz
    Amy Renz 2 hours ago

    I'm so mad that nick broke the band up but he got it got it back together

  • Trailtracker
    Trailtracker 2 hours ago

    The beginning scared me its too french

  • Antony Dinyo
    Antony Dinyo 2 hours ago

    2019 am here,, who else??

  • navya vadlamudi
    navya vadlamudi 2 hours ago


  • blessed T
    blessed T 2 hours ago


  • Danique van der Hoeven

    his smile is the reason i exist

  • talker51292
    talker51292 2 hours ago


  • Zeus Olympus Driven
    Zeus Olympus Driven 2 hours ago

    Love these two

  • Moist Ravioli
    Moist Ravioli 2 hours ago

    He sounds gay

  • latingirl042
    latingirl042 2 hours ago

    The movie Traffic where he won his Oscar he was really good looking there and his acting was great. I'm glad he won. I watched the Academy Awards that year because of Benicio. I wanted him to win. Many say he looks like Brad Pitt. Looking back I remember Angelina Jolie gave him the Oscar and what a coincidence yrs later she married Brad Pitt and we'll now they're divorced.

  • Ash merner
    Ash merner 2 hours ago

    *I wanna be a theater kid but I can't sing-*

  • Athixcy꿈
    Athixcy꿈 2 hours ago

    So Basically at the start is get some musical piano ad....

  • Gregory Piccirilli
    Gregory Piccirilli 2 hours ago

    Whats funny is Chance probably would make a song about CVS....

  • Meepingmeepers
    Meepingmeepers 2 hours ago

    I want to cry while listening to this music. Beautiful song, breathtaking voice.

  • Gamers Galaxy
    Gamers Galaxy 2 hours ago

    James Corden looks like a fat Chris Hemsworth

  • ivy krist
    ivy krist 2 hours ago

    aT lEaSt YoU dOnt WeaR sIze 13 nIkes

  • debbie duccini-day
    debbie duccini-day 2 hours ago

    Trump would like for the "witch hunt" to end all witch hunts to "end now". That would enable him to keep his criminal activity going and going. It won't stop.

  • Malyki Weddington
    Malyki Weddington 2 hours ago

    This how many people looked away well watching

  • Liron Weirdo
    Liron Weirdo 2 hours ago

    I’m Jewish and that Yom Kippur song absolutely killed me

  • James Bradford
    James Bradford 2 hours ago

    Mariska seems like one of those people who puts her hands on other people affectionately whether they consented to it or not.