The Late Late Show with James Corden
The Late Late Show with James Corden
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  • DorkyNadong
    DorkyNadong 3 hours ago

    Two types of eldest (sorry for bringing BLACKPINK into this btw) Jisoo: I’m not scaredy *literally doesn’t flinch at all* Jin: but come on come on I’m not afraid you know *has a whole seizure*

  • Joann
    Joann 3 hours ago

    "nailed my styles, dreams do come true" i-

  • Isabella Rose
    Isabella Rose 3 hours ago

    taylor is beautiful

  • adrian kovalski
    adrian kovalski 3 hours ago

    these democrats have all these gun laws cause they want to go north korea on us christians one day

  • Sam Cruz
    Sam Cruz 3 hours ago

    They both sound amazing

  • Val Bon
    Val Bon 3 hours ago

    R.I.P Kobe 😢😭

  • Erik
    Erik 3 hours ago

    4:44 That laugh tho.

  • Marvin Grande
    Marvin Grande 3 hours ago

    RIP Kobe. Fr PHILIPPINES. 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Thor
    Thor 3 hours ago

    RIP Kobe, we will never forget you🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Martina Orsó
    Martina Orsó 3 hours ago

    Am i the only who don't like (actually HATE) Camila?

  • julie clifford
    julie clifford 3 hours ago

    Love to hear some voice response before swiping ... love the show! xo.

  • Genevieve Renaud
    Genevieve Renaud 3 hours ago

    James always going for the crotch cause he knows what's up lol ;)

  • Karla Silva
    Karla Silva 3 hours ago

    I’m glad the world got to know such a kind and wonderful soul. Rip Kobe you are missed😭

  • hamham 1O1
    hamham 1O1 3 hours ago

    i came bac to watch this again. i still cried. its just so amazing. It shows how much our scoiety has improved. Trans and Lgbtq+ people are now playing major roles in a musical. Ellen DeGeneres is lesbian and has her own show. This performance is just so empowering. Absolutely amazing

  • Shawn
    Shawn 3 hours ago

    Music IS NOT better nowadays!!! The ‘90s was the last great decade for music. maybe til ‘10 but definitely not after 2010. No great story telling songs, no awesome guitar solos or riffs etc.

  • Campbell Johnson
    Campbell Johnson 3 hours ago

    Rest In Peace u king 🐍🖤

  • luke cinavas
    luke cinavas 3 hours ago

    Oo, that whole Harry and Meghan mention didn't age well

  • Night
    Night 3 hours ago

    Rest in peace Kobe and Gianna ❤

  • Andrew Lazaro
    Andrew Lazaro 3 hours ago


  • Cauan Silva
    Cauan Silva 3 hours ago


  • Broly
    Broly 3 hours ago

    2:16 shittt

  • Filip Arambašić
    Filip Arambašić 3 hours ago

    James Corden is such a jerk I can’t even watch him anymore

  • hayley1211_
    hayley1211_ 3 hours ago

    Can’t believe Kobe is gone😭💔😭💔

  • Sapphire Stone
    Sapphire Stone 3 hours ago

    He's talking about shit music and then a very drab artist appears

  • James Montgomery
    James Montgomery 3 hours ago

    best one ever

  • Mason Mactavish
    Mason Mactavish 3 hours ago

    A good heart has stopped beating, a good soul ascended to heaven. ......RIP

  • 357CLOUDY Black Feather

    If I didn't know who he was I'd think that was a Republican senator being interviewed.

  • Emmaylee
    Emmaylee 3 hours ago

    Rest in peace Kobe and Gigi ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Andrew Lazaro
    Andrew Lazaro 3 hours ago


  • Shah
    Shah 3 hours ago

    You are not driving haha

  • Brynjar Kári Gunnarsson

    R.I.P kobe

  • Tim Green
    Tim Green 3 hours ago

    David Hog is a fraud. Why do mass shootings happen in schools? Because they can. Gun free zones are safe havens for criminals and those who seek to harm others.

  • Sandi Mejia
    Sandi Mejia 3 hours ago

    Jane looks short of breath. Anyone else notice that?

  • Ashton Dane
    Ashton Dane 3 hours ago

    Stacey Paterson you are so right about her being Cruella de Vil . She is such a BITCH I worked on X Files with her and the actor Alan Dale was reading Peoples Mag and shaking his foot and she said that I did it. Gillian went around screaming that I was unprofessional and that she wanted me fired. The director told her that I can't be fired because I was a major part of the scene however when the show was released there was a lot cut out . WHAT A NARCISSISTIC BITCH. I BET THAT IF SHE CUTS A STINKY FART THAT SHE'LL BLAME ON SOMEONE ELSE.

  • gillian Martinez
    gillian Martinez 3 hours ago

    Her singing style kind of reminds me of Judy Garland ❤

  • Mario Jaír
    Mario Jaír 3 hours ago

    This is so sad 😞

  • Shivank Hali
    Shivank Hali 3 hours ago


  • nubia Alcântara
    nubia Alcântara 3 hours ago


  • Basic
    Basic 3 hours ago

    I watched this just yesterday

  • Chub of the Bub
    Chub of the Bub 3 hours ago


  • Levi Lovie
    Levi Lovie 3 hours ago

    RIP kobe Bryant u will be forever missed 😭😭😭

  • Victoria Carranza
    Victoria Carranza 3 hours ago

    1:39 🤣🤣

  • user 123
    user 123 3 hours ago

    he’s such a fat bully his size and him he’s stoopid why would he be like thad to number 1

  • Âme Heureuse
    Âme Heureuse 3 hours ago

    7:00 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • HWP
    HWP 3 hours ago

    He looks soooo much better bald than with that wiglette.

  • Karen Eastman
    Karen Eastman 3 hours ago

    Oh no.Poor Jame's Corden.His small dinner get together is ruined.;-O:-(

  • Karen Eastman
    Karen Eastman 3 hours ago

    I would love to be at one of those dinners.Someday I will.:-):-D Rebel,are you sure that doesn't cost much more than $20.00 ??? It does not?:-):-D It is great .Anne,that is impressive.

  • Esther Zavala
    Esther Zavala 4 hours ago

    Rest easy❤️😔🙏

  • Iskandar Zharfan
    Iskandar Zharfan 4 hours ago


  • YarrBr0
    YarrBr0 4 hours ago


  • Cheyenne Carlo
    Cheyenne Carlo 4 hours ago

    Get the Kardashians all together 💀

  • Freya Vlogs
    Freya Vlogs 4 hours ago

    Rip Kobe Bryant and Gigi Bryant you will be missed and we all will still love you with our hearts ❤🙏

  • anrina
    anrina 4 hours ago

    God I love how much Bryan is teasing Timmy and his adorable reactions. Bryan Cranston is fuckin awesome LMAO. "Lil Timmy T!"

  • Kangaroo GAMING
    Kangaroo GAMING 4 hours ago

    You are forever be loved KOBE BRYANT .

  • GEoRgeTte BEuLaH
    GEoRgeTte BEuLaH 4 hours ago


  • domi92b
    domi92b 4 hours ago

    The best karaoke ever

  • Same
    Same 4 hours ago

    Thank you for the memories, Kobe. You’ll always be in our hearts

  • Niko Conway
    Niko Conway 4 hours ago

    Who watching 2020 Like if you are

  • Same
    Same 4 hours ago

    I’m still at a loss for words. Thank you for being a big part of my childhood. Thank you, Kobe

  • Samsha akhlaq
    Samsha akhlaq 4 hours ago

    It’s so cute how Shawn mendes try’s to be mean but is being so polite especially the part where he was like show me what you got!

  • Jude George
    Jude George 4 hours ago

    this man sounds like Gorden Ramsey 😂😂

  • moon disaster
    moon disaster 4 hours ago

    From china? Its hongkong . You backstabbing Corona virus contaminated wang.

  • Curley Pubes
    Curley Pubes 4 hours ago

    everyone sang so well except the "rappers". Clear to see how all they can do is yell expletives and make noises

    • Curley Pubes
      Curley Pubes 4 hours ago

      especially carbi-b who sounds like a damn orangutan

  • Miss sunshine
    Miss sunshine 4 hours ago

    Who is she?i dont have any idea seriously...

  • Same
    Same 4 hours ago

    RIP, Kobe and Gigi. Thank you for being an inspiration

  • Nou Nou
    Nou Nou 4 hours ago

    Rip legend

  • Devin Adriano
    Devin Adriano 4 hours ago

    Rest in peace kobe......😭😭

  • Stsh.H
    Stsh.H 4 hours ago

    Kobe, you’ve been the biggest hero and hope for my life. We, people in Kobe, Japan are with great sadness for your going... RIP Kobe

  • Alberto vlog's gipsy king

    Rest in peace kobe bryant you will be missed😭😭❤

  • Carlo
    Carlo 4 hours ago

    Who's here after watching: 1 - Golden Buzzer girl 2 - Jennifer hudson movie scene 3 - this?

  • JJ
    JJ 4 hours ago

    I watched this like 2 days ago and 2 days later he’s gone 😔

  • lucas olivera
    lucas olivera 4 hours ago

    0:37 When your CPU crash and failed!!! Haha

  • Nomader
    Nomader 4 hours ago

    Wow! She is so beautiful and cute!!! This eyes! This smile! I am fallin in Love!!

  • Talk Moves
    Talk Moves 4 hours ago

    Hes not even driving 😭

  • Carmen
    Carmen 4 hours ago

    Oh man 😔

  • Sean Chavez
    Sean Chavez 4 hours ago

    I love demi Lovato

  • Sabri .S
    Sabri .S 4 hours ago

    Miro la entrevista hoy porque me salió en recomendados y me entero que el ex deportista falleció. Hoy a las 15hrs. Wtf

  • Vonn Peirsol
    Vonn Peirsol 4 hours ago

    Shawn Mendes: We're just friends Camila Cabello: You're making me a liar

  • Supattsak Wongsuthaniti

    I think Jame Corden can be a singer

  • Virtuous Woman 0030
    Virtuous Woman 0030 4 hours ago

    Ok so when David started talking I was like ok ... stop playing 😂😂😂😂

  • Andrew Garfield
    Andrew Garfield 4 hours ago

    Didn’t see that coming. RIP Kobe and Gianna Bryant

  • Clara
    Clara 4 hours ago

    Just marry all of them

  • coolant22
    coolant22 4 hours ago

    Sing girl

  • Randy Baer
    Randy Baer 4 hours ago

    I love migos

  • Wa Zabi
    Wa Zabi 4 hours ago

    RIP kobe bryant 😔

  • Rosa Lila
    Rosa Lila 4 hours ago


  • César Martinez
    César Martinez 4 hours ago

    alguien que hable español CONFIRMEN!!!

  • Hailey Lemmon
    Hailey Lemmon 4 hours ago

    Rest In Peace Kobe 💔

  • Santhosh K.A
    Santhosh K.A 4 hours ago

    RIP Kobe 😔

  • Robb Patterson
    Robb Patterson 4 hours ago

    Watched this in the morning, by the evening; he's gone. Not a basketball fan but this world won't be the same without him

  • Alex Tv Alex Tv
    Alex Tv Alex Tv 4 hours ago

    Long live Kobe😢

  •  4 hours ago


  • DaltonThomas
    DaltonThomas 4 hours ago

    I can't believe he's dead. Unreal.

  • Sor Seung Wan
    Sor Seung Wan 4 hours ago

    I came back here just to see Kobe laughed #RIPKING

  • Louicage Studios
    Louicage Studios 4 hours ago

    R.I.P Kobe

  • Âme Heureuse
    Âme Heureuse 4 hours ago

    7:05 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ashlee Louise
    Ashlee Louise 4 hours ago

    i think a lot of the time we all forget harry was just a little 16 year old boy from cheshire. like what if he don’t audition, he wouldn’t be the harry styles, living in la and doing everything he does

  • MB 610
    MB 610 4 hours ago

    Her husband has been on here too. He put a running chainsaw in his mouth.

  • Anna RB
    Anna RB 4 hours ago

    Kobe 💔😪

  • Znp3r Swain
    Znp3r Swain 4 hours ago

    Bruh Jeff murder him