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  • Vin& Mikala
    Vin& Mikala 2 months ago

    your videos make me laugh so much! you guys are an amazing couple and have so much fun I love it!

  • YaBoi M.O.E
    YaBoi M.O.E 2 months ago

    really enjoyed the content you ya page ill sub if you sub...

  • Emily Brannon
    Emily Brannon 2 months ago

    Shawn, first of all you are awesome! I was a gymnast for 13 years and loved going to Chow's meet the last year I competed. Second, would you do a makeup tutorial and take us shopping? I am 5'1 with a small waist and muscular thighs and booty, I know many gymnasts are like this and struggle to shop, especially for jeans. Where do you shop and how does your size effect what you get.

  • Jen Sweet
    Jen Sweet 3 months ago

    Thank you for being so brave in sharing your story. I suffered a still birth at 20 weeks and I know how heartbreaking it is. There is too much stigma associated with pregnancy loss, thank you for helping to change that. Hugs!

  • Dee Morris
    Dee Morris 3 months ago

    I love all your videos you both seem like such lovely, kind, funny people - and so interesting to watch all your stories. I'm from Australia and have followed Shawn's career since 2006 (absolutely all time favourite gymnast) but I would love to hear how Andrew started his pro football carerr. We have nothing remotely like the US college system in Australia and I'd be very interested to hear how Andrew navigated his way through from high school to college to now. :)

  • wonderglory
    wonderglory 3 months ago

    I'm sorry. Dominique Dawes suffered a miscarriage this past spring/summer. You may feel free to contact her if you'd like.

  • SkateboardCalifornia
    SkateboardCalifornia 3 months ago

    I just noticed your channel has about 100,000 more subscribers than USA Gymnastics! How crazy is that!? Congratulations!

  • Kelly Gray
    Kelly Gray 3 months ago

    You're video was so touching. I've been there too. Please know that it will happen for you guys. Prayers for you both!

  • Myles Moore
    Myles Moore 3 months ago

    Nice show, you guys should check out Clowning Down South a new series that just started on here it is hilarious,

  • Harry Johnston
    Harry Johnston 4 months ago

    Have the Saints called? Keep the dream alive my brother

  • Lindsey Byram
    Lindsey Byram 4 months ago

    Can we see yalls first dance at your wedding??

  • dalan0201
    dalan0201 4 months ago

    I don't remember what video it was where you mentioned that you live in Nashville, Tennessee, but I lived in Nashville from 2010-2011. I live in Lebanon, Tn now. I've been a big gymnastics fan since 2013.

  • Brian Durant
    Brian Durant 4 months ago

    Love you Shawn . You are so beautiful . Big fan of yours

  • A's life Kammer jammer

    Your awesome I look up to you

  • molly dempsey
    molly dempsey 6 months ago

    You should do a makeup tutorial like how you get ready and with tips etc. I would definitely watch it

  • Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Challenge

    Hey Shawn!! My name is Mike :) I don't know if you're interested but I'm asking everyone on youtube if they could do a fun challenge to raise awareness for Muscular Dystrophy. Do you think you would possibly want to participate in my challenge on your channel? It would really mean a lot. All you have to do is film yourself stepping in a big pile or bowl of shaving cream. Or instead donate to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. I posted videos of me and some of my friends and family doing it on my channel if you want to check them out.

  • Catherine Vanhoy
    Catherine Vanhoy 9 months ago

    No way you live in Tennessee to omg

  • VL123
    VL123 9 months ago

    Nauseating that all these little gymnasts go off to find the first football player they can find. And they are all a bunch of has been players! Can we digger?

  • Pine Straw
    Pine Straw 11 months ago

    You should do the whisper challenge with either friends or Andrew again because that was hilarious oml

  • Jennifer Kirchberg
    Jennifer Kirchberg 11 months ago

    Hi Shawn & Andrew. I watched your home tour video, beautiful home! Love your decor! I have an idea for your odd space you mentioned. I would move your console table behind the couch by the back door to that spot and add your picture frames and some of your candle collection on it :) move Nash's bed and toys in the spot where your table is now, or by the couch. Luv you guys! Jen in WI

  • Super Oober
    Super Oober 11 months ago

    Your name always sticks out to me since I had a friend named Shawn Johnson in middle school. I think that is why I became a fan of yours.

  • 3em3
    3em3 Year ago

    Always a pleasure to watch your work! You're doing just great!

  • redlineross
    redlineross Year ago

    Hey Shawn. I recently watch your I Am Second Video, and want to thank you for how inspiring it was. So much so, that I was curious to know if I'd be able to ask you a few questions about your testimony to help me out with a sermon I am working on about hope?

  • Emily Schulz
    Emily Schulz Year ago

    Can you upload videos more often please? A pizza challenge video would be fun to watch 😊

  • Irene Fernandez
    Irene Fernandez Year ago

    ♡ ∞☺Merry Christmas! ♡ ∞☺
    ♡ ∞☺From Spain!♡ ∞☺

  • shout outs for subs

    JUST SUBED!!!!

  • Ella Reynolds
    Ella Reynolds Year ago

    Dear Shawn, Although I have many favorite gymnasts, you are my favorite gymnast of all time because you are so funny, a wonderful gymnast, and full of so much wisdom. You have inspired me to become a better gymnast and I hope to be just like you one day! Pease tell me if you ever come to Washington! -One of your biggest fans ever, Ella Reynolds💗

  • TrueStory
    TrueStory Year ago

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  • Maggie Meg
    Maggie Meg Year ago

    Hey Shawn! I love the earrings (string of diamond post earrings and that have a slight curve in them) that you wear in a bunch of your videos! If you have the opportunity, would you be able to tell me where you got them or websites that have them?
    Thank you!

  • Nancy M
    Nancy M Year ago

    I love the interview videos you've been uploading. Do you think that you could do an interview with Aly Raisman? As you can probably tell from my profile picture and account, I'm a huge Aly Raisman fan (but of course I'm a fan of you too😉💕)

  • emphasis20
    emphasis20 Year ago

    Thanks for uploading the interview videos; they are insightful and entertaining.
    It might be something you already have planned, or has been already requested, but when you have the opportunity can you please make an interview video with Alicia (Sacramone) Quinn?

  • Pied Piper
    Pied Piper Year ago

    Hey check this out! Bratayley dad gets exposed!

  • Makenzie Hughes
    Makenzie Hughes Year ago

    I would love some relationship advice. I have currently been in a relationship for 2 years, and we are beginning to hit bumps that seem impossible to overcome. You two are so inspirational and I would appreciate the guidance.
    Thank you in advance!

  • Jack Dempsey
    Jack Dempsey Year ago

    Excellent channel! PKeep up the good work! Please take a look at my videos!

  • Lorelei Still
    Lorelei Still Year ago

    i wish that shawn johnson could teach me how to do gymnastics. lol need to work on my back hand spring by landing it. also i have never gone to gymnastics before.

  • Ashleigh Brandmeyer

    Because some of these comments are just dumb and mean, I thought I'd add this comment:
    Thank you for your I am Second was beautiful and SO encouraging. God has been working on my heart for awhile with similar insecurities so hearing an OLYMPIC athlete say she struggles with the SAME issues is beyond encouraging.
    God is good.

  • pythongamingmedia

    a bit of constructive criticism if I may: you could look to making a definitive end to your videos. At the moment all the ones I've watched just cut off or end quite abruptly, and the end thumbnails being in silence emphasizes the cut. Even if it's just a one or two sentence sign off, or just "see you tomorrow guys" etc. And a bit of light music over the final thumbnails would also go to help defining the video's end as well

  • Ashlyn Watkins
    Ashlyn Watkins Year ago

    Do you know Kim Jacob? I met Kim's friend the other day, I think her name is Ariana ( I know it's something like Ariana but I can't remember) and I asked her if she know's you and she said that she has done gymnastic camp's with you.

  • Grace Phillips
    Grace Phillips Year ago

    I love you Shawn You are my favorite athlete, role model, and just you! I'm so excited about you're wedding!!!!

  • Tui hinton
    Tui hinton Year ago

    Congats Shawn and Andrew best wishes for your life ahead

  • Angie 4 Eva
    Angie 4 Eva Year ago

    CONGRATS! Hope you have a Lovely family

  • Karlien Van Wyk
    Karlien Van Wyk Year ago

    Hi Shawn!!! I just wanted to mention that you are my favourite gymnast/ex-gymnast in the whole world. You inspire me so much and I love watching your videos because you just let off such a happy vibe and it makes me smile. I wish I could meet you but that probably won't happen so just know I'm thankful to God for creating you and making your beauty and kindness known to the world.
    Karlien Xx

  • A Little Bit of Everything

    Happy late wedding date

  • Orlaith Buckley
    Orlaith Buckley Year ago

    you are so amazing and wonderful and talented i hope u had a great wedding best of wishes

  • Brookie
    Brookie Year ago

    where the video with sevengymnasticsgirls

  • Two Terrific Tumblers

    +Shawn Johnson Could you please subscribe to my channel? It would mean so much to me, I have a tumbling channel!

  • Haylee Blair
    Haylee Blair Year ago

    please reply i could not answer these questions because they were not online so i thought that i could just ask you

  • Haylee Blair
    Haylee Blair Year ago

    hi im doing a research paper on you and i was wondering if i can ask you some questions like what famous person inspired you and what book

  • tyaira jointer
    tyaira jointer Year ago

    i have state meet coming up what do you do when your nervous

  • _Alyssa _Tzimbal


  • Haylee Blair
    Haylee Blair Year ago

    im doing a research paper on you.

  • tbfdude
    tbfdude Year ago

    Have you heard of the SevenGymnasticsGirls TVclip channel? My favorite is Mary, who is the Wednesday girl. :D

    • tbfdude
      tbfdude Year ago

      +tbfdude Answering myself, lol. I guess you have! :D It's great to see them on your channel. I had no idea you were already about to meet them when I posted that question.

  • Tay Schmalz
    Tay Schmalz Year ago

    When are your videos with bratayley going to be up.

  • Anastasia Budrick

    Shawn i cant wait for u and Andrew to get married! You guys are perfect for each other! And i am also glad he is a christian! You have one special man Shawn! And congrats to u both!

  • Marisa Sigman
    Marisa Sigman Year ago

    do you have any brothers or sisters????

  • Cheyeanne cavener


  • Daniel christopherson

    my brother is going to meet jordan wieber in july check my channel and you can see it in the future

  • tatulover2120
    tatulover2120 Year ago

    hey shawn! can you do a video for NEDA Awareness week? :) Feb 22-27th I am holding a fundraiser for gymnasts/cheerleaders with ED's my team is called "Flip Off ED" and it would be so awesome if gold medal olympian such as yourself could help raise awareness during this time! i look forward to receiveing a reply (i hope!)

  • Cora Baldon
    Cora Baldon 2 years ago

    I can't wait for you to post your next video! Love you so much!

  • Tailyn Keller
    Tailyn Keller 2 years ago

    I have a gymnastics based question... What would be a tip you have on cast to handstand?... I need it for my giants, but I am having trouble just plain casting to handstand. BTW I am such a huge fan and you are the reason I started gymnastics.

  • Flo quinn
    Flo quinn 2 years ago

    the gymnastique please

  • Rayz PlayzYT for fun

    them two make a good couple together!!! :]

  • BuckHollywood
    BuckHollywood 2 years ago

    I am ready!

  • Cara
    Cara 2 years ago

    So excited for this channel!!