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  • Diles46 - AIRSOFT
    Diles46 - AIRSOFT 4 months ago

    Awesome channel!

    YLLUEMNATI JONES 10 months ago

    If you like Metal Gear then try this guy out.

  • Sky Animated
    Sky Animated Year ago

    hahaah this is a cool channel!

  • Doctor Yak Reviews

    Awesome channel!

  • Solaris Tech Tips

    Nice channel ! ... keep it up

  • Kings and Generals
    Kings and Generals 2 years ago

    Hi , fantastic videos. Liked it a lot. Keep it up. Thanks

  • Rookie Dalton
    Rookie Dalton 3 years ago

    Hey if you have a couple minutes today I'd love for you to check out the playlist I just uploaded of my first songs. If you feeling it please help share them specially the Micheal Brown shooting tribute. Much love n give thanks you

  • Jarr
    Jarr 5 years ago

    Hey guys, it would be mad if you could come check out my channel!

  • GlamGirlGamer17
    GlamGirlGamer17 5 years ago

    Welcome To My Gaming Channel! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!

  • TheShopiholic208
    TheShopiholic208 5 years ago

    Hello! For gametime with Smosh I think you guys should play Hatoful Boyfriend. You date pigeons!

  • Jordey Gore
    Jordey Gore 5 years ago

    I challenge all of you. I'm issuing individual challenges to every one of you, and I'm issuing a few group challenges. One day, if I can make it out there (Or if you all want to get beaten so badly you bring me out there), you are all going down. I will wreck you guys!!

  • Ipan Giler
    Ipan Giler 5 years ago

    Do a Batman Arkham City challenge Game Bang.

  • Jacob The Pig Shouter

    Smosh Game Bang: Marvel VS Capcom 2 PLEAAAAASSSSSEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

  • RiftshawThePanda
    RiftshawThePanda 5 years ago

    I am a new youtuber, it would be awsome if someone could check out my channel, or dont, its your choice

  • Iniria Kampf
    Iniria Kampf 5 years ago


  • Iniria Kampf
    Iniria Kampf 5 years ago

    Maplestory Gil gle hehehe.....

  • GamerGirl?!
    GamerGirl?! 5 years ago

    Play more games with pewds

  • Ethan Eastlack
    Ethan Eastlack 5 years ago

    I challenge these guys to a 4v4 match

  • Allybug903
    Allybug903 5 years ago

    Like if you think smosh should play minecraft

  • hi
    hi 5 years ago

    why were single: funniest moments in gaming

  • Blazing Falcon
    Blazing Falcon 5 years ago

    Play eyes

  • Broken Leg Films
    Broken Leg Films 5 years ago

    Also, what happened to shutup cartoons? Why are there no vids?

  • Broken Leg Films
    Broken Leg Films 5 years ago

    Play pyjama sam

  • Iniria Kampf
    Iniria Kampf 5 years ago

    Ther are a lot of comments right so ya can u play maplestory? Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?.?.?..

  • BudderCyndaquil
    BudderCyndaquil 5 years ago

    play minecraft

  • MightyStokefan
    MightyStokefan 5 years ago

    I love smosh but smosh games is rubbish, most of the games they play are shit

  • GlamGirlGamer17
    GlamGirlGamer17 5 years ago


  • HumpingDuck
    HumpingDuck 5 years ago

    do a computer build!

  • Norilla
    Norilla 5 years ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Clevver Games have no idea on what they're doing?

  • victor
    victor 5 years ago

    I only subbed for Gametime with Smosh, Gamebang, and sometimes Fun Time with Mari :3

  • TheSWMTeam
    TheSWMTeam 5 years ago

    stay awesome everyone

  • Chris Richards
    Chris Richards 5 years ago

    Call of Duty Ghosts teaser trailer has revealed that the next xbox will be announced on May 21st

  • MediaBuddies
    MediaBuddies 5 years ago

    Check out our dual channel please? Thanks :)

  • Bethany Young
    Bethany Young 5 years ago

    You should play super mario bros on wii for gametime

  • Roselps100
    Roselps100 5 years ago

    plz reply

  • Stoney
    Stoney 5 years ago

    play castle crashers

  • Logan Scott
    Logan Scott 5 years ago

    Play jak and daxter in gametime with smosh

  • 18difway2liv
    18difway2liv 5 years ago

    Hello Smosh, i would like to know if you guys play Counter Strike: Source, or will play, please Reply ASAP :)

  • beacon
    beacon 5 years ago

    legend of zelda ? ocarina?

  • Roberto Castillo
    Roberto Castillo 5 years ago

    Injutice gods among us

  • Roberto Castillo
    Roberto Castillo 5 years ago


  • MediaBuddies
    MediaBuddies 5 years ago

    Check out our dual channel please? Thanks :) - (Free Cookies)

  • rainbowghostleader
    rainbowghostleader 5 years ago

    i have my money on smosh games for the video game olympics!

  • Tommy Kålås
    Tommy Kålås 5 years ago

    You have to play sumotori dreams

  • Stoney
    Stoney 5 years ago

    play castle crashers.its really fun!

  • Captain YOLO
    Captain YOLO 5 years ago

    Play Prototype 2 . Its the best game

  • Gabe Lobatos
    Gabe Lobatos 5 years ago

    on gametime with smosh play antichamber

  • Danny N
    Danny N 5 years ago

    Do sonic.exe

  • Person maybe
    Person maybe 5 years ago

    did u guys hear about nigahigas new upcoming gaming channel?

    CORPLΛY 5 years ago

    I like league of legends

  • Declan McHugh
    Declan McHugh 5 years ago


  • Declan McHugh
    Declan McHugh 5 years ago

    Plz, play souring!

  • Alastair Hennessy
    Alastair Hennessy 5 years ago

    Why didn't you guys tell us that you're going to be facing Node???

  • Matthew Hill
    Matthew Hill 5 years ago

    cn u giys pley minecraft plz i dnt fo muc n watch all ur vidz

  • Roselps100
    Roselps100 5 years ago

    Could you guys on game bang play robot rainbow unicorn? My sister suggested it

  • Jerrold Yip
    Jerrold Yip 5 years ago

    what happen to boss fight of the week? sorry to ask

  • Hi There
    Hi There 5 years ago

    anything scary (just for u Ian)

  • Swift4.x
    Swift4.x 5 years ago

    Please play Dread Out! Thank you!

  • Sammy Colon
    Sammy Colon 5 years ago

    game time with smosh shud play surgeon simulator

  • medalta bros.
    medalta bros. 5 years ago

    Play minecraft

  • Brandon Valdez
    Brandon Valdez 5 years ago

    in game time with smosh you guys should play plants vs zombies two players

  • Brandon Valdez
    Brandon Valdez 5 years ago

    in game time with smosh you should play plants vs zombies

  • TheNorwegianGangster

    In gametime with smash, u got to play Dogs Life

  • Brandon Valdez
    Brandon Valdez 5 years ago

    next game bang play injustice gods among us.

  • Review The Cheapest
    Review The Cheapest 5 years ago

    You guys are hilarious. I love your videos.

  • Mastercreation
    Mastercreation 5 years ago

    play white noise please (xbox360)

  • Jmklamke
    Jmklamke 5 years ago

    Can i please play with you my gamertag is SoccerSwagg101

  • Cookie The Gamer
    Cookie The Gamer 5 years ago

    epic channel :D

  • AMtoast intolerant
    AMtoast intolerant 5 years ago

    Once you get to 3,000,000 subscribers you should make another minecraft!

  • Swift4.x
    Swift4.x 5 years ago

    Smosh,you should play Dread Out!

  • Gabriel Beretich
    Gabriel Beretich 5 years ago

    you guys are dumb you dont play happy wheels

  • Emi Celebi
    Emi Celebi 5 years ago

    you should play Skyrim

  • Fabian Medina
    Fabian Medina 5 years ago

    You guys should play You Don't Know Jack

  • Zamaku
    Zamaku 5 years ago

    i am excited for gamebang it has to be the best thing they upload on this channel

  • Maricela Macias
    Maricela Macias 5 years ago

    thats weird because people call me mari and that is my nick name mari

  • Cody Mescal
    Cody Mescal 5 years ago

    great channel guys!

  • Terence Robinson
    Terence Robinson 5 years ago

    For mw3 free for all game bang roit sheild man and knife man guy

  • Bailey Cox
    Bailey Cox 5 years ago

    Checks are red and so are u baileys channel likes to give shout plsssssas otherwise he will cry

  • Swift4.x
    Swift4.x 5 years ago

    SMOSH!! Please play Dread Out! The indie game.Dread Out! Please play it!

  • snipebog1
    snipebog1 5 years ago


  • JinKazama2000
    JinKazama2000 5 years ago

    Still waiting for an RSM and KMG show!

  • Iniria Kampf
    Iniria Kampf 5 years ago

    Cn u play maplestory

  • Draxain
    Draxain 5 years ago

    In gamer nation talk about video games that you wish didn't have to be cancelled

  • Jonatán Like
    Jonatán Like 5 years ago

    Apuesto a que ustedes no creerá esto, pero yo tengo este código libre Microsoft Points Card y redimido muy bien! Me lo dio freemspointsforever ► com

  • Hugo Sundberg
    Hugo Sundberg 5 years ago

    please do a gamebang of injustice gods among us!

  • Justin roque
    Justin roque 5 years ago

    Do gamebang

  • Kirsten N
    Kirsten N 5 years ago

    I love this gaming channel!!!!! Lol (not sarcastic)

  • Poppi
    Poppi 5 years ago

    You guys need to play Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes! It's such a fun game AND it's 2 player. Plus, there's a character with jiggley boobs!

  • Luc Luc Ung
    Luc Luc Ung 5 years ago

    Play pokemon black 2 and white 2 to wifi battle to the death

  • Inspectorinfernape
    Inspectorinfernape 5 years ago

    Play Conkers bad fur day

  • RjPiar
    RjPiar 5 years ago

    wheres game time with smosh

  • VTookAllTheJams
    VTookAllTheJams 5 years ago


  • Justin roque
    Justin roque 5 years ago

    Do gamebang

  • Mario583
    Mario583 5 years ago

    Joven, wear the MLP shirt that you lost the bet too in the Halo vid!

  • Ash-Lad
    Ash-Lad 5 years ago

    You shall play spore. Best Game... EVER!!!!

  • Diggy209
    Diggy209 5 years ago

    More just dance

  • Diggy209
    Diggy209 5 years ago

    More karoke

  • Justin Summers
    Justin Summers 5 years ago

    Yal should do a game bang where you play wii bowling and the loser has to slide down a real bowling aisle.

  • staraptortamer0720
    staraptortamer0720 5 years ago

    FYI there is a new smash bros game coming out called super smash bros universe and you should make a video about it

  • c poopsy
    c poopsy 5 years ago


  • Logan MacDonald
    Logan MacDonald 5 years ago

    Do castle crashers pls

  • Derp Derpy
    Derp Derpy 5 years ago

    I mean loses

  • Derp Derpy
    Derp Derpy 5 years ago

    Play sumotori dreams. It is a game where you are drunk block men and you are wrestling each other and the first one to hit the ground wins.

  • kristomaster4
    kristomaster4 5 years ago

    Mari should play Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds :3

  • 7Stars4Kinztube
    7Stars4Kinztube 5 years ago

    this is a collab

  • Dorian Klapakis
    Dorian Klapakis 5 years ago

    play black ops 2

  • Masibon de ayahuasca

    Play The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

  • sæd twix stan
    sæd twix stan 5 years ago

    Injustice gamebang

  • YuriMasterRace
    YuriMasterRace 5 years ago

    play catmario for gametime with smosh

  • Hey Baby
    Hey Baby 5 years ago

    Play surgeon simulator on game time w/ smosh! One of u controls the hand. The other controls the fingers! Plz play THIS!!!!

  • Sean Theulen
    Sean Theulen 5 years ago

    Play Injustice Gods Among Us for gamebang

  • xosage
    xosage 5 years ago


    SPLiNDOGZ 5 years ago

    U guys are epic

  • xosage
    xosage 5 years ago

    1m not a gg I just have this pic cuz it's fun XD

  • thelama boizz
    thelama boizz 5 years ago

    shit forgot something do it for gamebang

  • thelama boizz
    thelama boizz 5 years ago

    hi dudes how you doing i was just thinking maybe you should play injustice peace out fools

  • Jacob Caffee
    Jacob Caffee 5 years ago

    I wod

  • Shayan
    Shayan 5 years ago

    Play Surgeon Simulator 2013 for Backseat Gaming, please!

  • XyLc990
    XyLc990 5 years ago

    Hi! I want to see you guys play some guitar, so I was thinking maybe you could play Rocksmith? That would be fun :D Thanks.

  • Lazy Lemon Dzy
    Lazy Lemon Dzy 5 years ago

    play some warrios

  • Lazy Lemon Dzy
    Lazy Lemon Dzy 5 years ago

    play some The Warriors

  • Vanellope Von schweetz

    Play minecraft

  • elchiffonism
    elchiffonism 5 years ago

    Hey guys check out my channel for spanish gaming channel gameplay and awesome stuff "ESPANOL" thank you guys and subscribe if you want.

  • Nyancow1
    Nyancow1 5 years ago

    You guys should game bang Battleblock Theater.

  • Terence Robinson
    Terence Robinson 5 years ago

    You should get pewdiepie in one of your gamebangs

  • Yukino chan
    Yukino chan 5 years ago

    I Really Am a Fan Of Smosh, Pewdiepie and , Cryaotic/Cry :D My Fave youtubers! i Really don't care when people Say That Pewdiepie Is Better Cuz He Has More Subs... i Only Care That There My Favorite.. and i never Want Them Too End There youtube videos :3 <33

  • Jun Shui
    Jun Shui 5 years ago

    Hi Ian and Anthony , I am really appreciated to introduce our game--StarSequel to you.Wish you'd like it and we really appreciate if you can have our game review!

  • Cropalitet -
    Cropalitet - 5 years ago

    Ian and Anthony should play Man VS wild LOL , IT WOULD BE SOO FUNNY

  • Fiat Punto
    Fiat Punto 5 years ago

    Can you guys play forza horizon ?

  • Hijihiza
    Hijihiza 5 years ago

    You guys should do Castle Crashers

  • Dan Parkinson
    Dan Parkinson 5 years ago

    Where did the raging bonus video go, it was hilarious :(

  • Iniria Kampf
    Iniria Kampf 5 years ago

    Too many comments, right?

  • Iniria Kampf
    Iniria Kampf 5 years ago

    Bad grammar

  • Iniria Kampf
    Iniria Kampf 5 years ago

    Maplestory nut ;1

  • Iniria Kampf
    Iniria Kampf 5 years ago

    Eh, sry can u play maplestory? Thx if u does :3

  • KosKryptonyte
    KosKryptonyte 5 years ago

    Two of your videos just turned to private!? :(

  • Jake Schmitz
    Jake Schmitz 5 years ago

    you guys should play some Cel Damage in the near future. it would be awesome!!!

  • TotheEndwefight
    TotheEndwefight 5 years ago

    I am really looking forward for Saints row four to come out, and can't wait after that for a backseat gaming or a video from you guys on it.

  • ibby bhutta
    ibby bhutta 5 years ago


  • Buffg bakerM
    Buffg bakerM 5 years ago

    they have to ask pewdiepie

  • Buffg bakerM
    Buffg bakerM 5 years ago

    these guys & girl

  • Buffg bakerM
    Buffg bakerM 5 years ago

    play Killzone 3

  • Jason laten
    Jason laten 5 years ago

    what up your my favourite youtubers

  • tylee romero
    tylee romero 5 years ago

    im your #1 fan i love you guys you should do mncraft i subscribed to both chanels

  • Logan Maclennan
    Logan Maclennan 5 years ago

    Do minecraft in super mari Funtime she didn't get to play

  • priese royster
    priese royster 5 years ago


  • Adrian Elizarraras
    Adrian Elizarraras 5 years ago

    Game bang with pewdiepie

  • TheFuniestable
    TheFuniestable 5 years ago

    please subscribe to my channel and i will gave sub back!!!

  • Cody ­Petitt
    Cody ­Petitt 5 years ago

    Dear Gamers, how to play Smosh Game VS with you guys?

  • Rip ME
    Rip ME 5 years ago

    Funny asses

  • musicalgirl1412
    musicalgirl1412 5 years ago

    you should play one of the sly cooper games

  • Deadeagels80177
    Deadeagels80177 5 years ago

    Smosh and others can u sub to me plz

  • snow101as
    snow101as 5 years ago

    wheres game bang?

  • Robert Long
    Robert Long 5 years ago

    at 3pm pst time

  • Kawaaaai
    Kawaaaai 5 years ago

    When is Games Bang up ?

  • Ellie Manning
    Ellie Manning 5 years ago

    Guys gang bang is meant to be between the 5 people that run this channel battling to the death. Is pewds running this

  • Flousunia
    Flousunia 5 years ago

    Gamebang with Pewdiepie!!!!

  • Fernando cardoso
    Fernando cardoso 5 years ago

    play unit 13 !!!

  • Cameron King
    Cameron King 5 years ago

    pewdiepie gamebang please!

  • Xantheian Trimpe
    Xantheian Trimpe 5 years ago

    put pewdiepie in a gamebang

  • musicalgirl1412
    musicalgirl1412 5 years ago

    please play a sly cooper game

  • linkofhyrule27
    linkofhyrule27 5 years ago

    because this is smosh games if you wanna see pewdiepie go to his channel

  • KoR clan
    KoR clan 5 years ago

    Pewdiepie would be awesome in game bang!

  • N-4-1-M
    N-4-1-M 5 years ago

    Can you put pewdiepie in game bang?

  • Katarina
    Katarina 5 years ago

    Please please please play Outlast as soon as you can and I will forever love you guys as I have always been :))

  • Evil Spud
    Evil Spud 5 years ago

    I would really enjoy Riot Shield Man and Knife Man Guy to come back.

  • delinquentXpanda
    delinquentXpanda 5 years ago

    Bring back Boss Fight of the Week please? I skip the Smash Games vs. vids now because they are boring and don't tell me anything about the games. I used to love the Boss Fights and now it's just a video with you playing some randoms like you do on your own channels? If I want to watch that I go on the other channels, I watch Smosh Games to get educated on games and get some laughs not watch you play some randoms :/

  • pandahawaiian 123
    pandahawaiian 123 5 years ago

    ok, this channel is getting really boring, UNSUBSCRIBING

  • Googin Games
    Googin Games 5 years ago

    dear smosh crew i am FallenRec0n of Googin games, i love your gaming channel so me and my friend DeathWingDrag0n started one in hopes of being famous on youtube and doing what you guys do! we just wanna be as awesome and cool as you guys, please if you can to help us start our adventure give us a shoutout to our channel on one of your videos or something! that would be super duper awesome.........WE LOVE YOU GUYS...and mari BITCH! LOL :)

  • Sebastien Charbonneau

    Hey guys, there is something I missed from this channel, and that was boss fight of the week. Can you bring that back please. I would be even willing to help out. The best boss would have to be the entire ending battle of the newest Legend of Zelda game, that includes big hordes of badies after you, Ghiharhim (Don't know if I spelled that right..) both parts, and facing big bady, Demise, origins of Ganon and Vhadi. Muhahahahaha. That would be awesome.

  • Mario583
    Mario583 5 years ago

    Did Jovenshire ever wear that My Little Pony shirt? He chickened out. 50 awesome points deducted.

  • Keno Smith
    Keno Smith 5 years ago

    gamebang super mario bros wii

  • Keno Smith
    Keno Smith 5 years ago

    minecraft minecraft mincraft miftnec

  • Keno Smith
    Keno Smith 5 years ago

    mincraft seris

  • Crimson342
    Crimson342 5 years ago

    Lost Planet 2

  • sæd twix stan
    sæd twix stan 5 years ago

    Injustice gamebang

  • sæd twix stan
    sæd twix stan 5 years ago

    Injustice gamebna

  • Bernt Pallesen
    Bernt Pallesen 5 years ago

    play star wars old republikk, its great and now freetoplay (not on steam)

  • Francis Earl Cueto
    Francis Earl Cueto 5 years ago

    how about play amnesia with pewdiepie?

  • ScareynotHarry
    ScareynotHarry 5 years ago

    Anyone here think the next backseat gamer should be crackdown?

  • DarkHorizon21
    DarkHorizon21 5 years ago

    Yo! Smosh,you should play a game called Call of mini Double Shot.Its a good game!Get it on the apple store.

    BMAX64 HDGAMER 5 years ago

    why diden't you listen to my comment I said play wario ware smooth moves for a second chance in gametime with smosh Just try to listen in my coment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jothan50000
    jothan50000 5 years ago

    ok its been 30 minutes

  • jothan50000
    jothan50000 5 years ago

    its been more than 10 min

  • 100Bombs Studios
    100Bombs Studios 5 years ago

    Gametime with smosh do Injustice Gods Among Us

  • Karumanimeinu
    Karumanimeinu 5 years ago

    Waiting... And waiting.... And more waiting....

  • snipebog1
    snipebog1 5 years ago


  • batboy159
    batboy159 5 years ago

    Play Injustice Please.

  • Intelignece Gaming
    Intelignece Gaming 5 years ago

    Play Injustice for a game bang and the penalty should be for the people with the 2 lowest scores should do a slow motion fight in injustice costumes

  • snow101as
    snow101as 5 years ago

    GAME TIME WITH SMOSH! amnesiaaaaaa

  • Gil marasigan
    Gil marasigan 5 years ago

    play pokèmon

  • Lance Madriaga
    Lance Madriaga 5 years ago

    Play sonic dash on ipad for game bang it's really awesome

  • zZhellerZz
    zZhellerZz 5 years ago

    U should play ufc 3 undiputed

  • Deranox999
    Deranox999 5 years ago

    u should play guitar hero

  • Elliott DeBenetti
    Elliott DeBenetti 5 years ago

    u should play call of duty black ops 2

  • Kenny O'Donnell
    Kenny O'Donnell 5 years ago

    u should play the hidden in game bang plz

  • The Chump
    The Chump 5 years ago

    play more trials and die ANTHONY

  • Jacob Brodeur
    Jacob Brodeur 5 years ago

    ROFL! That Backseat gaming with Pewdiepie was so funny! I laughed so much in the first 3 minutes!

  • Soap Mactavish Is Gay

    Congrats on getting yourselves stuck in the war between Tobuscus, Nova, and Pewds

  • Rasmus Nielsen
    Rasmus Nielsen 5 years ago

    Play league of legends on gamebang