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  • Choice Username
    Choice Username 7 hours ago

    Why do these old timers even go in the royal rumble, they never win

  • Loo Jay
    Loo Jay 7 hours ago

    RIP Kobe 24 Bryant

  • Jfdrac Far
    Jfdrac Far 7 hours ago

    I love that if you look even the REF marks out when he sees AJ

  • EssaBoss77
    EssaBoss77 7 hours ago

    It’s has been 3 years since he won it come on wwe

  • dontae skinner
    dontae skinner 7 hours ago

    cm punk

  • Awkward Demon
    Awkward Demon 7 hours ago


  • LovingEveryday InLife

    Why does he only have one glove on

  • Husain Patel
    Husain Patel 7 hours ago

    Whole world 😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kristian Nikolla
    Kristian Nikolla 7 hours ago

    Rest in peace to Kobe Bryant!

  • MD shakir Hussain
    MD shakir Hussain 7 hours ago

    One like for all superstars

  • Brayan Loud
    Brayan Loud 7 hours ago

    °<° Evolution :v Evolution 2030 =v Evolution 3000 =V

  • Loo Jay
    Loo Jay 7 hours ago

    RIP Kobe...

  • Robert Garcia
    Robert Garcia 7 hours ago

    Garza need win it back

  • Gabryel Araújo
    Gabryel Araújo 7 hours ago

    all this to Summer Rae who created "The Boss" there at NXT

  • Dirty Sanchez
    Dirty Sanchez 7 hours ago

    I don't remember... Someone tell me.. Who attacked test.. Who was Austin talking too?

  • Obi-Wan Kanobi
    Obi-Wan Kanobi 7 hours ago

    Bryan vs Strowman The lights go out and the fiend attacks Bryan letting Strowman get the victory

  • Mhmdrza Khodayarian
    Mhmdrza Khodayarian 7 hours ago

    Well Becky, Charlotte did beat you at Money in the Bank.

  • Pedro Gonzalez
    Pedro Gonzalez 7 hours ago


  • 4.93 10
    4.93 10 7 hours ago

    2:12 Sami callihan

  • Fitness de Semana
    Fitness de Semana 7 hours ago


  • Svenpay
    Svenpay 7 hours ago

    rip Kobe Bryant :(

  • Jaden OP
    Jaden OP 7 hours ago

    6:37 some random child

  • Wrestling Results
    Wrestling Results 7 hours ago

    Who’s ready to rumble

  • Chris Atkins
    Chris Atkins 7 hours ago

    This is WWE but Kobe was an all around major part in the sports entertainment industry

    JUAN THE JUANSTER 7 hours ago

    6:40 LOL

  • Hemant Sharma
    Hemant Sharma 7 hours ago

    Roman reigns hit like ... ♥️ From India🇮🇳

  • Ayoub Benmezoughi
    Ayoub Benmezoughi 7 hours ago


  • Paul Cloherty
    Paul Cloherty 7 hours ago

    The fiend sucks

  • Md.Faruqul Islam
    Md.Faruqul Islam 7 hours ago

    6:30 "You are sick"

  • Jhon.constantine Hellblazer


  • Atos Valério
    Atos Valério 7 hours ago

    I love you Sasha. Happy Birthday!!! 👏🎂🎉

  • Wrackzed
    Wrackzed 7 hours ago

    15:04 the face I make when my crush doesn't like me back

  • Clara Wright
    Clara Wright 7 hours ago

    Rip to Kobe Bryant and his daughter they both died in the helicopter ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Tamzid Mohsin Khan
    Tamzid Mohsin Khan 7 hours ago

    Great that Johnny Gargano picks and predict that Drew McIntyre will win the Men Royal Rumble

  • Extra Crunch
    Extra Crunch 7 hours ago

    Matt riddle would be sick. I actually hope he's in it now

  • Joshua Titzer
    Joshua Titzer 7 hours ago

    Rip kobie Bryant

  • Ryan Everding
    Ryan Everding 7 hours ago


  • Armar Elder
    Armar Elder 7 hours ago

    4.15 sumbody said " u are sick" that's wen i knew bray wyatt is the best thing about smackdown rite now and hes having fun being the fiend. Tbats wats crazy

  • Antonio Andrio
    Antonio Andrio 7 hours ago

    Carmella you think your better than Ronda girl you wish

  • Cory Koller
    Cory Koller 7 hours ago

    A sad day to always remember

  • Quentin Diaz [Late night Pornhub 2]

    Dam shame about ember moon 😔 a beast in nxt a jobber on the main roster

  • yoyofargo
    yoyofargo 7 hours ago

    Nobody remembers this as Brock winning. Only Taker losing. lmao you played yourself.

  • Jamie Lamont
    Jamie Lamont 7 hours ago

    Omg Charlotte Flair

  • 77 assassins
    77 assassins 7 hours ago

    Rackmara ruined it john cena was gonna take out Roman

  • alexkurtbaker94
    alexkurtbaker94 7 hours ago

    “This is jinder mahal’s first ever royal rumble match”... So are they just gonna pretend that 2012 & 2013 didn’t exist?

  • Diego Nava
    Diego Nava 7 hours ago

    RIP Kobe Bryant

  • Abhi Dodgson
    Abhi Dodgson 7 hours ago

    A great moment would be when creative let’s her to successfully defend a title and have a meaningful reign

  • Crazy danya
    Crazy danya 7 hours ago

    Вот он русский коментарий

    X SHEIKH 7 hours ago

    the crowd was so energetic

  • Bob Sub
    Bob Sub 7 hours ago

    Theme song and titantron scares me 😱

  • JustJSD
    JustJSD 7 hours ago


    CAPTAIN DEADPOOL 7 hours ago

    When smackdown was truly good in a long time.

  • Weiner Dog
    Weiner Dog 7 hours ago

    I don't know where you got your research from Michael Cole. Michael Cole and Jinder Mahal both in the 2012 Royal Rumble. So this wasn't his debut.

  • Md.Faruqul Islam
    Md.Faruqul Islam 7 hours ago

    Lacey Evans be like it doesn't matter hiw much you kick me Sonya but I won't leave that shoe ...

  • Rafay Jamro
    Rafay Jamro 7 hours ago

    Fixed match shinsuke nakamura doesn't deserved that

  • JustJSD
    JustJSD 7 hours ago

    CM Punk should make an appearance🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • Kiz •
    Kiz • 7 hours ago


  • Perarasan Kumaran
    Perarasan Kumaran 7 hours ago


  • Alilashari Ali
    Alilashari Ali 7 hours ago


  • Dorion Castillo
    Dorion Castillo 7 hours ago

    I remember hoping Rey won this one.

  • Robert Olsen
    Robert Olsen 7 hours ago

    For you 3 k down f u you have no respect

  • Undisputed Fan
    Undisputed Fan 7 hours ago

    Rest In Peace Kobe Bryant. I was hyped for the rumble but

  • Jannis Kühnle
    Jannis Kühnle 7 hours ago

    Nice sound

  • MastaMS21
    MastaMS21 7 hours ago

    The running gag of Heath Slater being beaten up by consecutive entrants before eliminating Sheamus in seconds is quite an underrated Royal Rumble moment.

  • How to Properly Clean Your Wood Computer

    The booing for Roman Reigns was great

  • Chilled B3ST
    Chilled B3ST 7 hours ago

    This is not a good start to the decade

  • NebraskaFan77
    NebraskaFan77 7 hours ago

    After the Kobe news I don't care about the Royal Rumble

  • redzoom727
    redzoom727 7 hours ago

    Um... I can’t hear them...

  • Amason adventures
    Amason adventures 7 hours ago

    5 yes

  • MALARE andIoop
    MALARE andIoop 7 hours ago

    Before I let this video go on......it better have Randy Orton attacking Alberto del rio

  • Amason adventures
    Amason adventures 7 hours ago

    4 yes

  • Amason adventures
    Amason adventures 7 hours ago


  • DoctorLazers
    DoctorLazers 7 hours ago

    What an awesome chapter in the story of Cena and Edge. John comes out to save his hated nemesis from a vile new enemy.

  • Yusha Memi
    Yusha Memi 7 hours ago

    Mvp return tonight confirmed

  • MihaiȘ
    MihaiȘ 7 hours ago

    Alexa bliss is the most sexy diva in wwe. i wanna see more about her.

  • Amason adventures
    Amason adventures 7 hours ago

    3 yes

  • Saluran Lawak Channel

    mengarut semua ni!!

  • Amason adventures
    Amason adventures 7 hours ago

    2 yes

  • Connor Love
    Connor Love 7 hours ago

    The people of Philly love Rusev

  • Walter White
    Walter White 7 hours ago

    rey mysterio :)

  • Shaquan Myers
    Shaquan Myers 7 hours ago

    Notice how they didnt show Christ Benoit as one of the winners who entered from #1

  • Cartier Mosley
    Cartier Mosley 7 hours ago

    Did he not know he green arrow

  • Amason adventures
    Amason adventures 7 hours ago

    1 yes

  • Sofia Drosos
    Sofia Drosos 7 hours ago

    They're the cutest.❤

  • مصطفى الموسوي

    انه عراقي

  • cool Cris 2nd channel


  • Hypebeastjoe ツ
    Hypebeastjoe ツ 7 hours ago

    What channel can u watch on

  • goldy bogdan
    goldy bogdan 7 hours ago


  • Eseng Cruz
    Eseng Cruz 7 hours ago


  • Pro Gamer 123
    Pro Gamer 123 7 hours ago

    Good Job💪💪🔥🔥 👉👍

  • L
    L 7 hours ago

    RIP Kobe Today is awful no matter what

  • Spider Slayer
    Spider Slayer 7 hours ago

    Rip Kobe

  • Vince Sergi
    Vince Sergi 7 hours ago

    And of course Brock Lesner wins. WWE can't get out of their own way by still pushing Brock.

  • Gift Idimi
    Gift Idimi 7 hours ago

    am confused when is the show going to start?

    • Bee Anca
      Bee Anca 7 hours ago

      I just searched the time in Houston Texas and it's around 15:10 pm so there's still a lot of time before the match

    • Axpectz
      Axpectz 7 hours ago

      In 1 hour the kick off show will start

    • Vivian Johnson
      Vivian Johnson 7 hours ago

      Not until 7pm tonight this is something they do before every main event. Chat sessions....

  • Omar Howard
    Omar Howard 7 hours ago

    Why does dragunov sound like one of those Russian snipers? Or is it just me