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Happy Birthday, Emirates!
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Rule #4: Play fair.
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Rule #22: Stay onside.
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  • Jeneral Azmie
    Jeneral Azmie 4 minutes ago

    Last flight

  • Ijaat
    Ijaat Hour ago

    is this some kind of musical drama movie or something?

  • uhHarry
    uhHarry 2 hours ago

    This K-pop is weird

  • Rafael Marques partilhando o Pão

    Espetacular!!! É um sonho para mim voar um dia nessa tão maravilhosa companhia aérea!!! Parabéns Emirates Airline!!!! Admiro muuuiiittooo vocês!

  • Binne Bambaronn
    Binne Bambaronn 2 hours ago

    Whitest Whites

  • _일리맨
    _일리맨 3 hours ago

    I was there.

  • Sans •-•
    Sans •-• 3 hours ago

    This should be the boys locker room

  • Alva 421
    Alva 421 5 hours ago

    Thanks Emirates!!!!!😀❤❤❤❤❤

  • 울드보이
    울드보이 5 hours ago


  • Shahzad Aslam
    Shahzad Aslam 5 hours ago

    l love the multi-talented flight crew

  • Shahzad Aslam
    Shahzad Aslam 5 hours ago

    whole city in air

  • Ibnu Anto Vlog
    Ibnu Anto Vlog 5 hours ago

    Jakarta :(

  • Yeriel Nah
    Yeriel Nah 7 hours ago

    Girl’s locker room: Brenda! your hair lookin fine! Boy’s locker room:

  • L¡ttlë Pøtätö
    L¡ttlë Pøtätö 7 hours ago

    *sigh* i just love the Philippines

  • prinsly santhiogu
    prinsly santhiogu 9 hours ago

    I'm in UK I wood like work in Dubai air port please

  • Noor Al Shams
    Noor Al Shams 12 hours ago

    It's nice

  • Kurt YT
    Kurt YT 12 hours ago

    Thats we do when saw a coconut

  • New Tech
    New Tech 12 hours ago

    How can i join your Academy


    How did you make them do this?

  • StupidApple
    StupidApple 12 hours ago

    how do you get married on an emirates aircraft???

  • pubg lite diamond Aberin

    That song is from Philippines

  • lee nahibuan
    lee nahibuan 13 hours ago

    tignan mo tong mga bobo nato

  • lee nahibuan
    lee nahibuan 13 hours ago

    oh fuck thats dangerous dont fcking move around like that . your plane is flying just an inertia or something like force can affect the plane . its ok if its just one .. but all people? stupid

  • King Houndz
    King Houndz 16 hours ago

    My mind before a test: ok so this is actually easy When I take the test:

  • thedemonsword yt
    thedemonsword yt 20 hours ago

    I have been wanting to fly with Emirates since I was 5 and now I am already 12

  • steven ortega
    steven ortega 21 hour ago

    My desire is bigger than the main obstacle "money" but I promised myself that I'm gonna be a pilot. Just remember my name, I'll be up there

  • lumfoo /
    lumfoo / 21 hour ago

    Oh shit I wish I was with them lol

  • One Punch Man
    One Punch Man 21 hour ago

    👽 : so what's so special about this planet? 🌎 :

  • Cathy
    Cathy 21 hour ago

    Wow amazing I have never travelled with Emirate Airline but l have heard a lot of good stuff about the Airline and good stuff about the staff 😀👌🏾 Will ❤ to fly🛩 the 🌏 with Emirate one day 👌🏾😊.

  • Naspamspam 2
    Naspamspam 2 21 hour ago

    Hey Siri, define homosexuality

  • Raju
    Raju 21 hour ago

    Yes Muslim is the best worlds....

  • HappyGamer 456
    HappyGamer 456 23 hours ago

    Me: trying to sleep cause I have exams tomorrow Brain: Coconut nut is a giant nut!! Me: 🤯

  • Harry Johnson
    Harry Johnson 23 hours ago

    Not a single one of them is all completely right in the head

  • Renu RATHOR
    Renu RATHOR 23 hours ago

    I saw all airshow🇦🇪💕💕🇮🇳

  • nisso kurbanova
    nisso kurbanova 23 hours ago

    OMG how do people give you a thumbs down? Are they crazy in their head what's wrong with them???!!! Well I totally left you a like I love you guys and I am a girl.💝💝💝💝

  • nisso kurbanova

    Why do so much people hate this video? that's sad😥😢😭

  • nisso kurbanova

    Hey guys, when you see me I am 8 years old when 9 or 10 I will come to you guys so I have black hair and I have tan on my skin please comment but do a nice comment. I always wanted to fly on this plane say hi to me when I come you can leave me a comment and I am just a kid. Byeeeeeee! Kisses and hugs😚💝💝😚

  • DA
    DA Day ago

    The kid in they hat is just pure cringe it is actually pissing me off

  • NajRFajMbestfamousfootballersRm

    I love Emirates 😍😍😍

    ANU ABRAHAM Day ago


  • Ronaldo Everton

    Girls locker room : OMG are going out with james or Todd boys locker room:

  • Paris Plane Spotting

    great video

  • Davi -J-S-
    Davi -J-S- Day ago

    Is he brasilian?

  • LiveLeak Daily

    Money is the problem here bot the brain

  • Oli
    Oli Day ago

    Would love to be clever enough to be a pilot

  • Bay Of Bengal
    Bay Of Bengal Day ago

    I like to fly for Emirates but I think I’m bit old.😢😢

  • Сергей SPELLYNG


  • Vitthalbhai Patel

    This is class collection of Emirates air services.

  • Kumi Franklin
    Kumi Franklin Day ago

    Pls anyone say how to become pilot

    • james park
      james park 3 hours ago

      @Shebeer Basheer to become ATPL or ap initio to CPL liscens it Cost around 55000€ But to Be an instructor you need to obtain Flight instructor liscnse After you finish your ATPL course and that will Be around 5000€ then you can gain 1500 TT as flight instructor By free as part of your Job

    • Shebeer Basheer
      Shebeer Basheer 6 hours ago

      @james park bro may i know the total cost to become a pilot (CPL) in Europe, also the cost to attain 1500 hours as a flight instructor??

    • james park
      james park Day ago

      @Angus McLay No i don't agree with you bro if you become an instructor you will gain 1500 Tt by 1year or 6 month when you just have 1500 Tt in your pocket You gonna be A Pilot with Full skill and you can be hiered in Every Company that fit you

    • james park
      james park Day ago

      @Angus McLay In Europe i study In Olympus Aviation school and i am about to Get my ATPL Lis so i just paid 60k$ ..

    • Kumi Franklin
      Kumi Franklin Day ago

      @Angus McLay how many year to drive airline

  • TheGamerzChannel

    Hey I'm here early!

  • Md Wasim
    Md Wasim Day ago

    I love this academy I want to become emirates pilot

  • sakunthala ludaveeka

    I need to know "how to become emirates air line pilot "with discriptive

  • Tim RFS Aviation RFS

    Its a shame that in 2020 in July Emirates will retire its A380:(

  • TTSPS Tetris & more

    Early again

  • The Unrivaled
    The Unrivaled Day ago

    i hope i can be a pilot of emirats

  • love butterflies

    Ahhh i wish that one day i will be a cabin crew with Emirates! ❤️

  • Aïda Khodabux

    I’m before 10 views!!! So happy! Plzz give me a like!!

    • Aïda Khodabux
      Aïda Khodabux 2 hours ago

      Oli 😡 i’m not forcing u.. there’s no need to say no. Just don’t do it 🤬

    • Oli
      Oli Day ago


    • Sean Axel
      Sean Axel Day ago


  • Afro Gammers
    Afro Gammers Day ago

    I hope to be a pilot for Emirates one day

  • Tanvir Siddique

    No views 9 likes😂😂

  • TTSPS Tetris & more

    My dad is pilot for emirates a380 name Martijn Farla

    • TTSPS Tetris & more
      TTSPS Tetris & more 14 hours ago

      Well i am not sure now but in two days i could tell u because now Hi is in China and i was three hrs old

    • Ashwin Balan
      Ashwin Balan Day ago

      Then pls ask ur dad and tell me how to become pilot in emirates

  • TTSPS Tetris & more

    I love it


    I love emirates all aircraft all airoplne

  • chan_찬
    chan_찬 Day ago

    wonderful😮i love emirates so much❤

  • zeeshan ali
    zeeshan ali Day ago

    I love you Emirates

  • Justina Nkuwa
    Justina Nkuwa Day ago

    Best Airline ever😘😘😘

  • Danielle Delport

    So beautifully i hope Emirates help south Africa

  • Magicon
    Magicon Day ago

    Me and the boys singing coconut in Emirates

  • hungarian hungarian

    i like this advertisement. HEY! Why dont you like to see white man with creol girl? Can you tell me your idiot problem? :)

  • Dipu Bhatt
    Dipu Bhatt Day ago

    I ❤ Emirates

  • 보라해방탄

    당신은 그곳에 없었습니다 라는 이말이 자꾸 중독 되네요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 마케팅 이겠지만은

  • Bee Singha
    Bee Singha Day ago

    Very sad U cut down the flight from BKK to Sydney. Traveling was never the same...

  • Gleidson Rodrigues Leal Rodrigues Leal

    Hey Emirates! Was this A380 airbus equipped with paying passengers? They must have been impressed looking out of the windows.

  • T7PID
    T7PID Day ago

    Can't wait for those A350s!

  • Angelaine Jarrett

    I think it would be better to sit down with the seatbelts on.

  • Asilbai Ganizat


  • Trees Brother
    Trees Brother Day ago

    imagine you choosing if you want to do choir or not, then you have a difficult decision and choose not. Then you hear that they’re taking a plane a singing ko ko ko nut song. Sad.

  • Bilal playings

    😇❤ ✈

  • El Salvador/ USA plus

    I’m ready to fly this airplane now.

  • sinan gülen
    sinan gülen Day ago

    Is there an upper limit of age limit in your interviews? #emirates For example, is there any chance that a 35-year-old will be elected?

  • Maximilian Mus

    Can someone tell me the guys name on channel 5001

  • Heba Farouk
    Heba Farouk Day ago

    You can see from his smile how awkward he feels 4:05😂😂😂

  • M'crae Glacier

    Hope you are the best airline in 2020

  • Егор
    Егор Day ago

    But it's VEEERY expensive

  • NajRFajMbestfamousfootballersRm

    I love Emirates 😍😍😍

  • Sagecedar
    Sagecedar Day ago

    Emirates have you cancelled your 787 orders and replaced them with A350s?

  • Tony Chelsea
    Tony Chelsea Day ago

    Please don't stop A380 from tour fleets the aircraft awesome and very comfortable for flying long journey and the seats space very good and specially first class service. Keep it up pls.

  • Benjamin Ironside

    Fucking hate Americans

  • Maneesh jack
    Maneesh jack Day ago


  • Anish Gupta
    Anish Gupta 2 days ago

    I wish you guys did an "All A380" formation flight like Airbus did! That would be simply the most awesome thing on earth to watch!!!

  • coeur de.port666
    coeur de.port666 2 days ago

    comme ça doit les rendre fous les djihadistes en jupettes des années 700 AjC, de voir des femmes pilotes ,ha ha ha bravo mesdames vous êtes plus intelligente qu'eux ,vous travaillez pour une bonne cause vous au moins .

  • coeur de.port666
    coeur de.port666 2 days ago

    BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO et chapeaux bas pour ces femmes pilotes.

  • Hotel trivago
    Hotel trivago 2 days ago

    Hey you- out of evreything to do you clicked on this video and found this comment! Mission passed Respect 100+ Sex appeal 45+ Stamina 47+ Fat 0+

  • Hotel trivago
    Hotel trivago 2 days ago

    1990: in 2017 there will be flying cars 2017: cOcOnuT

  • mowo mowo cats
    mowo mowo cats 2 days ago

    Ok i loveeeeee emirates i ride it 4 times and it gives you toyseee !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ERTAN TURHAN TV 2 days ago

    Emirates 👉 tvclip.biz/video/fwwXL4NOE-I/video.html

  • Свободный охотник одиночка


  • MrTacoPig
    MrTacoPig 2 days ago

    A full group of men talking about nuts

  • Rafissin
    Rafissin 2 days ago

    First class ????

  • TheGamerzChannel
    TheGamerzChannel 2 days ago

    I'm here early!