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The Truth About Dimples
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The Truth About Green Eyes
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  • BrinyGale
    BrinyGale 2 minutes ago

    Its. All. Fried.

  • Alexandra Calzada
    Alexandra Calzada 3 minutes ago

    Geez this is stupid. You're stupid get your crap right, don't make people have heart attacks! The 6th season hasn't even come out and it's coming back for a 7th dipshits! We are getting 2 more fucking seasons of these goddesses! Fuck your clickbaiting asses. Y'all already pissed me off with your stupidity!

  • lil oreo
    lil oreo 4 minutes ago

    he soooo damn gay stop it bro

  • Alexandra Calzada
    Alexandra Calzada 6 minutes ago

    It isn't cancelled yet! Get your shit together. They said the 7th season will be its last. Not that they are gonna just fuckin cancel it. Geez.

  • Irene Madrid
    Irene Madrid 20 minutes ago

    I would watch them forever! I thought they were extraordinarily funny...and at times, so truthful, it hurt .I will miss them so much.

  • Rocco Gant
    Rocco Gant 26 minutes ago

    lesbian ....

  • Sirius J
    Sirius J 27 minutes ago

    Love this family

  • Veronica Ramirez
    Veronica Ramirez 36 minutes ago

    How do they afford all the food? Food is expensive!!

  • Veronica Ramirez
    Veronica Ramirez 36 minutes ago

    How do they afford all the food? Food is expensive!!

  • Ray of Light
    Ray of Light 44 minutes ago

    Seriously who cares when there are families who can't afford to eat?

  • Naro Longchar
    Naro Longchar 44 minutes ago

    JoJo and Jordan 😍😍

  • Tonya Shores
    Tonya Shores 45 minutes ago

    They should have made their deal with this scandal now everyone has done what they needed to do and they still have not had their case heard .. BIG TROUBLE N LITTLE CHINA now they stand to spend 20 plus years #stupid

  • Lauren Pederson
    Lauren Pederson 45 minutes ago

    All of these "hypothesis" are sooo wrong.

  • barlart
    barlart 46 minutes ago

    Beartrice and Eugenie both take after their Dad don't they. Big powerful and muscular girls I wouldn't laugh at their absurd hats within hearing distance of either of them. Both look like they could do one awful damage. I imagine they are great at any royal wedding given that with them present any girl is going to look beautiful and feminine. I really felt sorry for the guy one of them recently married. He looked feeble in comparison to his "Hulk like" wife.

  • Alicia Lang
    Alicia Lang 48 minutes ago

    My eyes are green/blue , they change quite a bit and idk why 🤣🤣

  • S S
    S S 54 minutes ago

    in a video with mostly young models...

  • Slaughter Shit
    Slaughter Shit Hour ago

    Reminds me of walking behind fat people with a trumpet 😂

  • Cole Parker
    Cole Parker Hour ago

    Loved her music.

  • Nich Cooke
    Nich Cooke Hour ago

    8:45 what "glass ceiling"

  • Real Kardashians

    This is so damn fake. Why don't they tell the truth we want to see the transformation of Michelle to Michael

  • Veronika Zając Nyírő

    It's like having Jabba next door.

  • Charlene Frantz
    Charlene Frantz Hour ago

    Can't stand looking at Camilla.

  • KCSunshine
    KCSunshine Hour ago

    Kills me when someone's beauty routine is to take off their make-up before going to bed. Other than drunks, addicts and prostitutes, I don't know who doesn't do this.

  • Nakidz
    Nakidz Hour ago

    Taking all positive about a Michael and still can’t find one good pic of him.

  • Titu Lal
    Titu Lal Hour ago

    I love my gal curves and brown shiny skin (she aisian) 😍😍

  • Keyser94
    Keyser94 Hour ago

    No the real reason why they wouldn't put NAZI in Downton Abbey is that the majority of the nobles at the time, agree with them.

  • Autumn Peacock
    Autumn Peacock Hour ago

    If she is "too advanced" for preK then it's good she can move up. The parents don't want to hold her back and that's good for all of them.

  • I Am Sang Lewis
    I Am Sang Lewis Hour ago

    She said this show will have 7 season... So I’m guessing after 7 it’ll end? But then I don’t think it’s about most of the things that was states I feel like it’s time to end? Sooner or later the story has to end somewhere

  • Shane Barrow
    Shane Barrow 2 hours ago

    Sorry I have no respect for this women she should have stayed out of Diana marriage and got a life It's all very disgusting and sad for the world yuck yuck yuck Get to know God and repent

  • carole gerst
    carole gerst 2 hours ago

    just watch and see if I'm not right Meghan markle and Harry will never make it she's calculating and she's a bitch and she's just like Fergie duchess of York she's no damn good she's vulgar vulgar

  • Juana Garcia
    Juana Garcia 2 hours ago

    I honestly almost hit 300 pounds that was in March now I'm 250 and I'm still pushing. I love myself and accept myself but I love myself to much that I had too change

  • Flower gal Power
    Flower gal Power 2 hours ago

    Get your facts straight

  • Alaskan Dollmix
    Alaskan Dollmix 2 hours ago

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'm so sad. They need to figure out how to bring back.

  • Emma the Cake
    Emma the Cake 2 hours ago

    I was born with freckels all over Mah face, and i love my freckels (sorry if im spelling it wrong) do u have freckels?

  • Tharindu Darshana
    Tharindu Darshana 2 hours ago

    Hi..i am from srilanka.when i am searching about marilyn,i could see video from your channel.thanks.

  • Michel Fregefon
    Michel Fregefon 3 hours ago

    Look at all this SHIT , PERVERS, and what else going on behind close door living at the expense of this TAX Payer when families are suffering who are deprives and often homeless for some vulnerable...Nice to have a Family's at the cost of anybody else ...I would like to hire the French guillotine and take care of this shit and give to the pigs ..Myself I am trying so hard to borrow a Small amount for 9 Bedrooms renovation and purchase to Help only this Homeless and young who are deprived I am so sick to see even the local council don't give a SHIT...but I would succeed, I have so far 25% and more in the way but the council try to stop me ...GO TO THE HELL...? I can not bare to see these rotting, live at the expense of other..and stealing all around UK..when so little could give to eat on the table the most deprived...

  • Lea Rene`
    Lea Rene` 3 hours ago

    What a load of rubbish. How would you from fast talkin USA know all this. Leave our series be and rate your own gun totin dramas.

  • jennifer stewart
    jennifer stewart 3 hours ago


  • Ida and Ferdinand
    Ida and Ferdinand 3 hours ago

    Omg I didn’t know that Catherine played hockey 🏒 I’m playing hockey

  • Kukuchanxia cuteee
    Kukuchanxia cuteee 3 hours ago

    It's more like sexualizing women's body like srsly u don't need to tell us what men likes about us ??? Like we are beautiful just the way we are ❤️

  • Mayaculpa Mayaculpa
    Mayaculpa Mayaculpa 3 hours ago

    Charles whot ever love means whot a Cunt

  • Mari Felix
    Mari Felix 3 hours ago

    I love bath and body works! Please bring back the Tutti Dolce line that was and still my fave♥️

  • Misty Uren
    Misty Uren 3 hours ago

    Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Someone shot his wad into my shoe! (sounds like a poem from Josiah)

  • Sheryllrose Obispo
    Sheryllrose Obispo 4 hours ago

    Always my fave scent store and their body lotion is so awesome,nothing compares to it !

  • laza laza
    laza laza 4 hours ago

    Mohamed is gay

  • Veralynn Sapp
    Veralynn Sapp 4 hours ago

    God bless you and your mom

  • Nessa Morse
    Nessa Morse 4 hours ago

    How can Clarence House possibly have a Monet painting from QE the first?????? Someone needs to check the script before it's recorded. LoL !!!

  • AYBUB ايبوب
    AYBUB ايبوب 5 hours ago

    what is it with fatties always making it a "i got molested/assaulted that's why im fat" ur fat cuz u eat alot

  • OutOfSight123
    OutOfSight123 5 hours ago

    Can I go ONE day without hearing about this radical bitch? She's a hypocrite with the intelligence level of a 9 year old.

  • TheDominator2548 Roblox and Gacha


  • Lola Diaz
    Lola Diaz 5 hours ago

    You guys could word this a little better.....

  • jean myers
    jean myers 5 hours ago

    So true

    V PHOENIX 5 hours ago

    i wouldn't watch that fonda bitch in anything even if ya paid me.

  • jennifer stewart
    jennifer stewart 6 hours ago

    Id be pissed if my husband left me for another man

  • jennifer stewart
    jennifer stewart 6 hours ago

    Lmao but what about "EQUAL PAY"

  • Zahra Abdo
    Zahra Abdo 6 hours ago


  • Patti R
    Patti R 6 hours ago

    She expects to much from Tyler when she had treated him badly. I'm sure that if she wanted to date someone she would have. It sounds like she always wants to get her way. She still has a lot of growing up to do.

  • Vera R.
    Vera R. 6 hours ago

    In 20 years our fashion will look old and ridiculous 😅. In 40 years, it will be trendy

  • Mr. Nobody
    Mr. Nobody 6 hours ago

    I like all the actors in this show, but I only watched a couple episodes and got bored.

  • Brart Art
    Brart Art 6 hours ago

    Wait but netflix says its renewed for another season?

    ASSMR 6 hours ago

    100TH COMMENT Btw no one has my name its Aisha pronounced I sha

  • Naomi Grace
    Naomi Grace 6 hours ago

    Pushed into a deeply religious upbringing???? Rude

  • Haley Tafolla
    Haley Tafolla 6 hours ago

    I geeked when I heard kali uchis in the background

  • Jonesy Baker
    Jonesy Baker 7 hours ago

    But the show isn’t cancelled ...

  • Renee Antonelli
    Renee Antonelli 7 hours ago

    I don’t know where you get your facts, but still lists Season Grace and Frankie as Season 6 coming 2020. So why is this?

    • Sidell Jimenez
      Sidell Jimenez Hour ago

      Because it was announced the 7th season would be the last.

  • Justina Marina
    Justina Marina 7 hours ago

    I loved this show; we'd watch it every Sunday night. We got to go on a Saturday, when I had a day off from work, to Rose Hill, KS. My daughter, Eve, wanted so much to meet Ty Pennington.

  • Lashawn Baptiste
    Lashawn Baptiste 7 hours ago

    Love the bath perfume it's awesome my favorite is japnesce cherry blossom keep it coming a fan lashawn

  • Dannyaber 1971
    Dannyaber 1971 7 hours ago

    Wow babies starving to death in one part of the world and people eating themselves to death in another!

  • Gorgeous - Talented
    Gorgeous - Talented 7 hours ago

    I love this...Thanks for share !

  • stubones
    stubones 7 hours ago

    I hope Princess Diana is haunting this bordello.

  • That one garbage Gacha tuber

    Early I love you guys 💕

  • Judia's Life
    Judia's Life 7 hours ago

    Oh no, why oh why? 😉

  • Angus Charlie
    Angus Charlie 7 hours ago

    Awe sadness I love this show wish they would just get another season but oh well

  • Lola Flanagan
    Lola Flanagan 7 hours ago

    If I told my red headed friend that she was a mutation she wouldn’t talk to me

  • Toba Amini
    Toba Amini 8 hours ago

    هر دو برادر گل هستین ، براتون آرزوی موفقیت میکنم ،😍😍😍😍😍

  • Danielle Crowley
    Danielle Crowley 8 hours ago

    Am I being dim? Who the hell is that girl in the reed dress with her hair all to the side?

  • Radical Greek 3
    Radical Greek 3 8 hours ago

    She's absolutely massive and she is going to die young unless she loses weight right now.

  • Merveil Meok
    Merveil Meok 8 hours ago

    Melania is gorgeous...and I a democrat.

  • Paula Tristan
    Paula Tristan 8 hours ago

    When your a big girl it takes time and at Chrissy's size to lose all that weight. Most likely about a year to get Chrissy where she wants to be. You just don't wake up one morning and 200 pounds are gone ! Anyone that's had 50 lbs or more to lose knows that it takes time. Lay off and give Chrissy time, she'll get there. She's going to be stunning because Chrissy is already beautiful. Can you imagine when you can see that Chrissy's body starts to get shapely ?! Go girl do it for "You" no one else. 😁👍🏼💕🎉

  • Merveil Meok
    Merveil Meok 8 hours ago

    I like Tiffany.

  • Lewis Cypher
    Lewis Cypher 8 hours ago

    She proves oppression does not exist yet continues to talk about it.....

  • Natalia
    Natalia 9 hours ago

    She bleachs her skin and dyes her blond to try and be a white woman.

  • Lotte Concepts
    Lotte Concepts 9 hours ago

    so almost no-one became a model

  • Corkie Smith
    Corkie Smith 9 hours ago

    She’s ugly

  • Soundari Sivaraj
    Soundari Sivaraj 10 hours ago


  • Metorajetta
    Metorajetta 10 hours ago

    Oh god. I fucking hated Penny when I first viewed her episode. And perhaps this will sound incredibly awful; but I hope she dies. Her poor husband and child need to be free of her bullshit. As they deserve better.

  • Brooke Benton
    Brooke Benton 10 hours ago

    Wish they would bring back the Tutti Dolce line!!

  • S S
    S S 10 hours ago

    Stunning transformation? Where is it? Where is the flat chested brunette Dolly Parton that became this flamboyant icon?

  • Fabi Gonzalez
    Fabi Gonzalez 10 hours ago

    He’s with his girlfriend and people are the ones who like to keep them together . If you follow his IG you can tell he moved on a long time ago

  • B
    B 10 hours ago

    My boy TC is not wrong. She chose the wrong guy on national TV. Then on the reunion says there's something there... obviously something went he moved on. No foul in my opinion

  • Simon Tesoro
    Simon Tesoro 11 hours ago

    it says she was born in 1982 which is true but then says "in 1998 when she was 6 years old"... Can we at least get our math straight?

  • Crystal Wolfie
    Crystal Wolfie 11 hours ago

    My name is Sadie and my nick name is boo XD don’t judge me!!!

  • Vera R.
    Vera R. 12 hours ago

    They are not her own children, but adoptive children. I never saw her with baby belly. Nowadays, the stars are cheating with false pregnant bellies , but she was at least - honest

  • Travis
    Travis 12 hours ago

    It's nice you put the phone number for suicide prevention at the end. Perhaps put it in the description, too. So you don't just seem to be exploiting all of these tragic stories.

  • Something007SC
    Something007SC 12 hours ago

    where the fuck do these fat fucks get the money to feed there 600lb body

  • Stephanie Gordon
    Stephanie Gordon 12 hours ago

    How can they bring back Cucumber Melon but not Exotic Coconut😖😖😖😖...I need answers

  • So Done
    So Done 12 hours ago

    She still ugly doe! 😁

  • Samudra Celine
    Samudra Celine 12 hours ago

    You don't need to be much more than a lamppost with a rich and powerful dad to attend schools like those. I believe Gaddafi's son has a PhD from the SAME ole Anglish university !!!! Cosy !!!! Remember Gaddafi? "We came, We saw, He Died.......Ha ha ha!" To be fair to Chelsea and Gaddafi junior , we can never be sure if they would have earned their degrees had they not been ......well Gaddafi and Clinton. Promotional video's like these do make them fair target for cynical people.

  • Erica M. Flores
    Erica M. Flores 12 hours ago

    Creators must be 3rd wave feminist, SJW.. Just because how SHE has the nerve to say that the Dragon Dog was being sexual suggestive.. Obviously THEY have never had an dog.. And obviously they will take everything and make up something to ruin a perfectly FINE family movie that I still love to watch...

  • alicia austin
    alicia austin 12 hours ago

    These are so sad