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The Air Pod Proposal!
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  • Hey Hoe
    Hey Hoe Hour ago

    I haven't laughed this hard Ina minute

  • Yung Nuggets
    Yung Nuggets 2 hours ago


  • Anthony Porter
    Anthony Porter 2 hours ago

    10:09 da sound of disappointment in they voice when she said Periodt lmfao.

  • Friedrich wilhelm II Prussia

    Mixers, lost faith, trying to get rid of the most advance race.

  • Sosa Bandz
    Sosa Bandz 3 hours ago

    Did they break up?

  • King Cole
    King Cole 4 hours ago

    Curly red my by aggressive but she got that sauce ❤️

  • Jey mula
    Jey mula 5 hours ago

    She fine bro No Cap

  • Samar Shah
    Samar Shah 5 hours ago

    They forgot the milly rock

  • Jey mula
    Jey mula 6 hours ago

    Red team ofc

  • Brandin Jacks
    Brandin Jacks 6 hours ago

    Red team

  • ta. jibreel
    ta. jibreel 6 hours ago

    Smooth almost got shited on with that glock no cap😂😂🤣

  • jose gil
    jose gil 7 hours ago


    YOUNG KING 7 hours ago

    lightskins still at the top its just sometimes we to full of ourselfs so people reject us and go for the less confident people

  • Malik Tv
    Malik Tv 7 hours ago

    yall funnny

  • Great Dragon
    Great Dragon 7 hours ago

    drop weed in public. bet no real stoner would give that shit back cuz

  • Benny Is funny
    Benny Is funny 8 hours ago

    red team won

  • Niya Solow
    Niya Solow 8 hours ago

    Nle choppa

  • Lonnie Darden
    Lonnie Darden 8 hours ago


  • Jason Roberts
    Jason Roberts 9 hours ago

    I just started the video and off the bat, that girl ain’t even-

  • twinn yeah
    twinn yeah 9 hours ago

    Bruh drop tha song

  • Mashyia Westmoreland

    Ok after seeing this video im on the smooth gio gang im sorry he to funny i love him smooth gang all day

  • NoCap FLOW
    NoCap FLOW 9 hours ago


  • NoCap FLOW
    NoCap FLOW 9 hours ago

    That boi smooth

  • Crandon Davis
    Crandon Davis 11 hours ago

    Its fake, he be tellin dem how to react

  • We Are Venom
    We Are Venom 11 hours ago

    "What you bout to kick a football?" LMAO

  • Alecia Owens
    Alecia Owens 12 hours ago

    Lesson #1-don't play with people in da hood!!!! Yall gon learn!!!

  • Kaleum Shaw
    Kaleum Shaw 12 hours ago

    Nigga you really do to much it’s hard to fine girls like her

  • Katia Dillon
    Katia Dillon 12 hours ago

    All is know is he runs fast.

  • Young
    Young 13 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂 they bang after the video

  • Jasean Lyle
    Jasean Lyle 13 hours ago

    why he said it was a prank👎🏾😬

  • Ybc Crisss
    Ybc Crisss 13 hours ago

    That darkskin niggga ugly asb 😂

  • Keishon Sandy
    Keishon Sandy 15 hours ago

    Yeah make your own try not to rap video

  • Eliya Ness
    Eliya Ness 15 hours ago


  • Maine
    Maine 15 hours ago

    A "prank" that involves you assaulting people isn't a prank. I hope you don't get killed in self defense for likes and views. The same kids rooting you on will call you dumb after.

  • Britanne Bent
    Britanne Bent 15 hours ago

    Fucking gold digger!!! Get yaa own money bitchhh.

  • Maine
    Maine 15 hours ago

    Yeah this shit wasn't funny. I would be the nigga to up on you too. If I don't know you don't hit me with shit. Pillow or not. I'll get the last laugh watching you run away screaming it's a prank 🤣🤣. Change the approach. I'm positive them niggas would have did the shit for fun with you if you asked.

  • Roslyn Wyche
    Roslyn Wyche 16 hours ago

    He looked nothing like you

  • slim Ebreazy
    slim Ebreazy 16 hours ago

    She knows a lot of things about flirting or should I say nahh it will get demonetized😅

  • Sade Monroe
    Sade Monroe 16 hours ago

    Dude stay stong

  • Bethanie Charles
    Bethanie Charles 18 hours ago

    Why smoothgio so... Off now where he at college ?.

  • Kenneth Young
    Kenneth Young 18 hours ago

    My baby cat was named Sheila but she died

  • Code Bird
    Code Bird 19 hours ago

    4:32 buddy really did that

  • J Iglesias
    J Iglesias 19 hours ago

    Ashley birthday is a day after mines November 23 and hers November 24

  • Diane Ramlagan
    Diane Ramlagan 19 hours ago

    Part2 plz

  • Jay banks
    Jay banks 20 hours ago

    Nicca rlly yelled out "pink toe vibes in the condot"😭

  • Jay banks
    Jay banks 20 hours ago

    I Hurd the song pink toes too dababy an Uzi kilt it😭🔥

  • Zadoe772
    Zadoe772 20 hours ago

  • Sherrif Haidara
    Sherrif Haidara 20 hours ago

    I know I fuck after the video

  • Aviyon Hill
    Aviyon Hill 20 hours ago

    Red team won do No capp

  • Amiyah Miller
    Amiyah Miller 21 hour ago

    You can’t try to make people change their opinion wth he said black move on why you pushing it

  • Jaquette Morson

    What’s the intro beat

  • Me Is cool
    Me Is cool Day ago

    This how youtubers get killed there’s honestly better content fam this is dangerous

  • No one
    No one Day ago

    White people: support black people Also black people:steal their money

  • Stephanie Pascual

    This man stright quieeer 🤣🤣🤣🤣 on da b

  • Kayy Mariee
    Kayy Mariee Day ago

    Why did she have to be in a bikini in the thumbnail lol

  • royalty jenny
    royalty jenny Day ago


  • Jewsh469
    Jewsh469 Day ago is a prank but that's somethin to do with a dude to a chick... imagine being her she prolly traumatized smh...good prank..wrong person

  • Lovely Amber
    Lovely Amber Day ago

    Is this the same boy on legacies

  • Daniyah Smith
    Daniyah Smith Day ago

    Smooth Gio and her should be together

  • Sincere Harris

    Red team

  • Ya Girl Bdubzs

    the end doh 💀. SmoothGio - It’s ya boi smoooth gio ... my curls like good now don’t it 🤣.

  • Jewsh469
    Jewsh469 Day ago

    After she said he used to box that cut seen had me dead 😂😂😂

  • Itsss. Za
    Itsss. Za Day ago

    U don’t post anymore it’s hurting my feelings

  • animeboy 66
    animeboy 66 Day ago


  • Aniah Walker
    Aniah Walker Day ago

    I gotta be honest he’s pretty cute😂😍

  • caleb reid
    caleb reid Day ago

    "I came to just do the prank" 😂😂😂

  • caleb reid
    caleb reid Day ago

    "Graining the salt" lol

  • Caisa Ferrer
    Caisa Ferrer Day ago


  • Dasia Stephenson

    Both of y’all asses is slow cuz they is talking abt there dads being Dead and that Is why they say can you see me and also the first time I saw the video I cried so hard cuz it was just emotional for me💔💔❤️❤️💯🥺🙏🏾🙏🏾🕊🕊🕊

  • flyhigheaglenation

    She lost her dad in 911 yall are slow asf

  • Rockielle Frazier

    They was not giving da red team any type of points cheaters but blue still won

  • Jay banks
    Jay banks Day ago

    Keep her bro

  • Collosull Thing

    Black girls because most white girls be Tom Boys

  • James Young
    James Young Day ago

    Low lifespan in the hood straight bums

  • Badd Dribbler
    Badd Dribbler Day ago

    What is the music in the beginning

  • Akia Allison
    Akia Allison Day ago

    He smacked his hand lol

  • Zariah spamms
    Zariah spamms Day ago

    When the little boy say yeah he took it

  • NTorres_31
    NTorres_31 Day ago


  • Pauline Robinson

    Go red team

  • Jay banks
    Jay banks Day ago

    Girl numba 5 & 3 can get it they fye an they got a valid personality

  • cj socool38
    cj socool38 Day ago

    his sweaty pits

  • L0rdAquarius 04

    Niggas wild, girl number 1 was def a complete 10

  • Jaela Smith
    Jaela Smith Day ago

    She look like miss piggy . 😭😂

  • Eggy the egg Egg

    I just noticed the guy at 6:45 has a 20 on his shirt lol 😂

  • Blerim Kuqo
    Blerim Kuqo Day ago

    4:40 HOLY CRAP

  • Jaionna Anthony

    I can’t believe you did that to her she’s so pretty even tho I liked that vid

  • Bolo Fit &Fun
    Bolo Fit &Fun Day ago

    Bro what camera u use I been trying to find a good one

  • Bolo Fit &Fun
    Bolo Fit &Fun Day ago


  • Randal Isaacks

    Damn man what's wrong with u gio.😡😡