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Top 50 Rap Songs of July 2019
Views 231K3 months ago
Top 50 Rap Songs of May 2019
Views 231K5 months ago
Top 50 R&B Songs of 2018
Views 5K10 months ago


  • A i g h t
    A i g h t 39 minutes ago

    How come alot of people are playing those old songs at the same month I don't get it, and yes I know people do listen to old rap songs but we are talking chances of the song being played multiple times this month like hit em' up, how come this is the most listened song out of any other classic??

  • Not Musa
    Not Musa 2 hours ago


  • Meet Patel
    Meet Patel 3 hours ago

    3:17 "foosebumps"

  • NM FAN
    NM FAN 4 hours ago

    Highest in the room 1st

  • Oussama Ben
    Oussama Ben 6 hours ago

    War are x 😢😢😢💔💔

  • Fadimata 78
    Fadimata 78 7 hours ago

    Tik tok la Life 👌🏾❤️

  • Caleb Black
    Caleb Black 7 hours ago

    bruh where’s house arrest tings

  • Lupe Torres
    Lupe Torres 8 hours ago

    It shud be bañito for 1

  • Ronnie Garcia
    Ronnie Garcia 9 hours ago

    Lie on me twice

  • Super Luigi
    Super Luigi 10 hours ago

    Tbh I don’t really like enimem.

  • Kai Greenwald
    Kai Greenwald 10 hours ago

    One of these only had 22 thousand views and the one before it had 22 million

  • mr. gold
    mr. gold 11 hours ago

    13. Is not envey me it's deep end

  • Big Meow Meow
    Big Meow Meow 12 hours ago

    Change the title

  • Kar 741eem
    Kar 741eem 15 hours ago

    I came here to sing because im bored...😂

  • Jens Sommer Nielsen V6A Vestskolen, Vibeeng afdeling

    3:17 i didnt know that the name of the DONG was Foosebumbs

  • BoxMouseMods
    BoxMouseMods 15 hours ago

    All he does is shuffle them...

  • RiFAAU 10
    RiFAAU 10 18 hours ago

    Where is juice wrld - lucid dreams and all girls are the same

  • Alexis Martinez
    Alexis Martinez 19 hours ago

    Can we make Tyga number 1

  • Photon
    Photon 20 hours ago

    I call bullshit

  • n0rth360
    n0rth360 20 hours ago

    Eminem the Greatest of All Time. Without Me 💙

  • Michael Rodriguez
    Michael Rodriguez 20 hours ago

    I rap to see you again and murder on my mind

  • Cardib Bts
    Cardib Bts 20 hours ago

    Cardi B number one 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • M.J. Gaston
    M.J. Gaston 22 hours ago

    He lying the nle chopp show flow has 104 million views

  • M.J. Gaston
    M.J. Gaston 22 hours ago

    He lying the nle chopp show flow has 104 million views

  • Luca Marino
    Luca Marino 22 hours ago

    foosebump? 3:19 imagine not knowing how to spell

  • Wrath-
    Wrath- 22 hours ago

    half of these ive never heard lmao

  • Clark Monachelli

    There’s no way this is right,mainly because their is only 1 lil tecca song 🤔

  • Aiden Martin
    Aiden Martin Day ago

    How was cardi b first? Explain

  • YankeesFan99
    YankeesFan99 Day ago

    I’m glad that people aren’t just listening to music that came out yesterday. It’s not about how new the song is. It’s about if you like it or not.

  • roughing the passer

    Ok where is Ran$om

  • XoJPXo57
    XoJPXo57 Day ago

    There's my boy NF

  • Brian Hernandez

    Yo were’s sanguine paradise?

  • Jyotish Jotwani

    And highest in the room should be number one

  • Jyotish Jotwani

    Bandit should be higher

  • Meme Videos
    Meme Videos Day ago

    This Songs makes me to teach my teacher

  • Haha Troll
    Haha Troll Day ago

    Some of these make sense but how tf are 2pac and Biggie on here not hating but like what??

  • Collin Dawson
    Collin Dawson Day ago

    Goosebumps **

  • SkatterV
    SkatterV Day ago

    Bobby still looking for his hat

  • tentacion X
    tentacion X Day ago

    Damn ! Hot n**** is still on the list tho😂

  • Daniel schwab
    Daniel schwab Day ago


  • churromaster 88

    Pretty cool that pac and big songs are still on this list

  • Poli
    Poli Day ago

    This is rap? AHAHAHAHAAHHAAH

  • LilOontz
    LilOontz Day ago

    How wasn't ransom even one there

  • M
    M Day ago

    Why do black people have to be so negative

  • Giulio Guastini


  • Lijo Thomas
    Lijo Thomas Day ago

    You guys post the same shit everywhere with different titles. There's lot of better rap songs that get you pumped

  • Baxter Davis
    Baxter Davis Day ago

    @brandon rashad

  • Fabian Rivera
    Fabian Rivera Day ago

    what's the song with the long "meeeeeee" I can't find it it

  • Will Bain
    Will Bain Day ago

    Lists not very accurate as it only counts the views of yt not apple music, spotify or soundcloud

  • Will Bain
    Will Bain Day ago

    Old town road higher than camelot FUCK ME!!!!

  • Raymond Crain
    Raymond Crain Day ago

    And wtf is foosebumps

  • Raymond Crain
    Raymond Crain Day ago

    These the best songs of 2018 fuc u mean

  • Aaron Minajjj
    Aaron Minajjj Day ago

    Since obviously y’all are slow as FUCK, he put 2019 for views! So stop acting stupid, I’m sure he knows what he was doing!🙄👌🏾

  • Fish Drowner
    Fish Drowner Day ago

    Sicko mode Still a thing lmao

  • Ryan Geary
    Ryan Geary Day ago

    Old town road not in top five. Me: How did I get to this other timeline?

  • tany gurd
    tany gurd Day ago

    I feel like these are just random songs

  • Ryan Geary
    Ryan Geary Day ago

    Post Malone driving tank The World: Video games...

  • The Beast In the East

    This video a whole lie

  • Caash Kickflip
    Caash Kickflip 2 days ago

    All this shits old

  • King Poptarts
    King Poptarts 2 days ago

    Thb gucci gang trash

  • Doran Warner
    Doran Warner 2 days ago

    Ok tf is the first song

  • z000mbful
    z000mbful 2 days ago

    is this 200 worst or best ?

  • Tic Toc
    Tic Toc 2 days ago

    Hit em up? From 1996 tho?

  • GermanO_oFighter [RAT-G]

    Polo G 😍❤️

  • EZ Zeee
    EZ Zeee 2 days ago

    5:08 in 0.75 speed.. FIRE

  • brianna washington
    brianna washington 2 days ago

    I won.

  • JJ_ 4K
    JJ_ 4K 2 days ago

    Why is cream here but ain’t nobody liked that shit

  • Lil Sxper
    Lil Sxper 2 days ago

    Dude Reel Steel came out like 10 years ago theres no way people are still listening to till i collapse

  • Pee Pee
    Pee Pee 2 days ago

    Twerk is only popular because all the virgins Watch the vid

  • Nathan van der Nest

    none of these are good

  • Hannes_ Norrman
    Hannes_ Norrman 2 days ago

    It says panini got more views then old town road that is pretty wrong

  • Alex LLC
    Alex LLC 2 days ago

    1:04 R.I.P x

  • F*ck Fortnite
    F*ck Fortnite 2 days ago

    Fuck this list 1. Where is Juice Wrld? 2. Where is Ran$om by Lil Tecca? 3. Where is I by Lil Skies? 4. Are you Lil Nas X's boyfriend???? He is in every single list

  • Jeremie Brown
    Jeremie Brown 2 days ago

    Some of these are so boring my eyes fall out of my fucking face

  • Jeremie Brown
    Jeremie Brown 2 days ago

    My sound went out after get the bag

  • k e b e
    k e b e 2 days ago

    I wasted twelve minutes of my fucking life just to see some shit cardi b song

  • Рауана Тажибаева

    7:00 vs 11:12

  • Рауана Тажибаева

    7:49 vs 10:02

  • Sixto Antonio
    Sixto Antonio 2 days ago

    How you gonna running out of chicken when you are what you are the town s chicken head and every hait in on you

  • Nshd Jjd
    Nshd Jjd 2 days ago

    rap god?

  • Max attax
    Max attax 2 days ago


  • Max attax
    Max attax 2 days ago


  • Mevvo Customs
    Mevvo Customs 2 days ago

    am i the only one that loves lil pump

  • Dalaire Jahan
    Dalaire Jahan 2 days ago

    1:41 LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Oneirus
    Oneirus 3 days ago

    5:13 Is nobody else going to realize my man wrote "Foosebumps" instead of "Goosebumps" 😂😂💀

  • JT Brasil
    JT Brasil 3 days ago

    Rainha Nicki❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  • Ansh Shah
    Ansh Shah 3 days ago

    Y’all love NBA young boy I do to but y’all taking it too far

  • collin gang687
    collin gang687 3 days ago

    this youtube must like gays or sum for the #1 spot😁

  • Frostbite BTW
    Frostbite BTW 3 days ago

    Lil skies is a white nigga

  • Animate Damons
    Animate Damons 3 days ago

    I feel like the middle section of this list is the best

  • Anthonio Edits
    Anthonio Edits 3 days ago

    Can cardi b stop makeing music her voice makes my ears bleed

  • Xd BoisYT
    Xd BoisYT 3 days ago


  • Jessica Lewno
    Jessica Lewno 3 days ago


  • Jessica Lewno
    Jessica Lewno 3 days ago

    Because I went to his conserte 2019 it seatty

  • Jessica Lewno
    Jessica Lewno 3 days ago

    Black and yellow is my thing

  • Leo- Brawl Stars
    Leo- Brawl Stars 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who don't knows 75% of the Songs?

  • Mason Gerhardt
    Mason Gerhardt 3 days ago

    This list sucks wtf

  • Félix Kozma
    Félix Kozma 3 days ago

    Lil tecca ransom? Nle choppa shotta flow?

  • Mårran Mårresson
    Mårran Mårresson 3 days ago

    50%: Big bootys 49%: Bad words 1%: Comments like this

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