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Pies | Basics with Babish
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  • Eli Cox
    Eli Cox 16 minutes ago

    At 4:30 you can see a juul on the table

  • Vladimir Harkonnen
    Vladimir Harkonnen 16 minutes ago

    Three days? Screw that. Just take the E train. Get off at 5th real quick.

  • Tim Sila
    Tim Sila 18 minutes ago

    Can you try to make a good burger with Ed’s sauce??

  • Martin Kabát
    Martin Kabát 18 minutes ago

    Your way of doing that ad is hilarious! :-D Go Babish!

  • UncleGweilo
    UncleGweilo 20 minutes ago

    Look up the Malaysian/Singaporean variant of roti. In Malaysia, it's called roti canai ("chan-eye), and roti prata in Singapore. Samsu from Uzbekistan is also a delicious stuffed dough.

  • LiL Kaz
    LiL Kaz 21 minute ago

    Can I use pumpkin purée instead of fresh baked pumpkin?

  • Ollertron 994
    Ollertron 994 22 minutes ago

    I feel nastalgic for regular show

  • Emily Hery
    Emily Hery 23 minutes ago

    Babish could you please make curry from pokemon sword and shield??? Theres so many and they look so good and i'd love your take on it

  • Zane the ultimate
    Zane the ultimate 23 minutes ago

    If my dad was watching this he would throw a fit because you use veggie oil when cooking the patties

  • Ansel Jewel
    Ansel Jewel 24 minutes ago

    I didn’t like how my hands cut the bread so I replaced them with new ones

  • alexdunlap16
    alexdunlap16 26 minutes ago

    I worked at KFC for a while. Literally powdered mashed potato's and powdered gravy mixed with an unhealthy amount of liquid butter substitute. The biscuits are frozen and when pulled out of the oven brushed with more melted butter substitute. And everything else except the chicken is made in the microwave.

  • Wolf Cub
    Wolf Cub 27 minutes ago

    I'm dying at the fact that his voice isnt all that bad, but some of the dialogue needs to be dumbed down 😂 I'm laughing so hard it hurts LENNAAAAAAYYYYY

  • ana ML
    ana ML 29 minutes ago

    Calzones means lady underwear in Spanish.

  • poke flipper
    poke flipper 30 minutes ago

    There’s a recepy in a game called apex and a character named mirage who loves pork chop s and in one of he’s loading screens he describeds the best recepy passed down by he’s family for the best pork chops in the universe

  • Cori Cooper
    Cori Cooper 35 minutes ago

    OR.... (or) you live in St. Louis, Missouri and you order Sauce on the Side 😍😍😍

  • MrAvianBear
    MrAvianBear 35 minutes ago

    Those weren't San Marzano Tomatoes! LIAR!

  • 啊啊啊
    啊啊啊 35 minutes ago

    *and* the proceeds from the old car went to supporting kids with dreams about STEM careers! amazing.

  • Kate Austin
    Kate Austin 38 minutes ago

    Absolutely need this!

  • Scott Slater
    Scott Slater 44 minutes ago

    We have the same stove !

  • Brad Sumner
    Brad Sumner 48 minutes ago

    Nice 🍆 man😉🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Kyle Francis
    Kyle Francis 56 minutes ago

    Can u do the calzone from we bare bears?

  • Asuka
    Asuka 58 minutes ago

    I would love to see more of the dishes from Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma

  • Jakob Rasmussen
    Jakob Rasmussen Hour ago

    What the hell is wrong with Swedish people?

  • Kharmitas
    Kharmitas Hour ago

    "Crackerlike" That is exactly the word I want to hear regarding a pizza. I've only had Chicago Thin Crust a few times, because it's neither nationally popular enough nor my local towns foodie enough to attract a place that makes it, but it practically ruined all overbreaded, floppy garbage pizzas for me. My preference for pizzas in my mouth is much like what the movie Cool Runnings has to say about the fate of bones in a bobsled crash - they will not break, they will shatter. Pizza should consist of an ultrathin layer of entirely crisp crust and then just the right amount of sauce, cheese, and toppings to add flavor without making said crust soggy.

  • FrozenSpaghetti
    FrozenSpaghetti Hour ago

    did anyone else watch the number the whole time?

  • PorkyPiggieBoy
    PorkyPiggieBoy Hour ago

    I need to tell you something Babish, if an italian food ends with an e, it’s pronounced like an “ei.” For example, Mascarpone (Maa-skaar-pow-nei), Zeppole (Sep-pow-lei), and of course, Calzone (Calt-sow-nei).

  • Itz Daniel
    Itz Daniel Hour ago

    MMM.. Diabetes

  • Carl Brittain
    Carl Brittain Hour ago

    I used to work in a pizzeria out in Buffalo, NY and we had calzones on our menu. A good way to reduce moisture, which also helps reduce doming since its trapped air that contains both the moisture and causes the dough to lift, is to cut a few small slits in the top of your calzone. Incidentally, it also helps make it look nicer too. Not sure why, it just does.

  • Blake Louthan
    Blake Louthan Hour ago

    What the fuck is oragahno

  • harrygirl56
    harrygirl56 Hour ago

    Babish has the voice of an angel

  • andyt1313
    andyt1313 Hour ago

    Soggy bottom mitigation technique for NY style pizza I just learned on another channel. Lay down a layer of low moisture cheese first. So you’d have crust, cheese, sauce, cheese, toppings.

  • Kara TheHusky23
    Kara TheHusky23 Hour ago

    Babish: making your own puff pastry is like making your own kit kats, you shouldn't. Claire would like to know your location

  • Esaú Castro
    Esaú Castro Hour ago

    me a native spanish speaker: *reads "calzones"* also me: HA, THAT MF FUNNY

  • Dick Butt
    Dick Butt Hour ago

    swap the cilantro with scallions, you still get that beautiful green colour but it doesnt taste like soap

  • creep
    creep Hour ago

    Again. Every time I get flashed by his bald head I cringe.

  • HTM
    HTM Hour ago

    Make the colorful Krabby Patties from SpongeBob SquarePants

  • Lucas Rios
    Lucas Rios Hour ago

    So basically an every mexican style pork burrito

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith Hour ago

    When you said "low cal calzone zone" I shouted "YES!" very loud and it's late at night, thanks Babish.

  • Gabe Bradley
    Gabe Bradley Hour ago

    You're making me so hungry man

  • Teddy Johnson
    Teddy Johnson Hour ago

    Garlic doesn’t belong in guacamole

  • Martrom
    Martrom Hour ago

    Tamales from Akuma*

  • James Parramore
    James Parramore Hour ago

    I am so happy you prefer blue cheese

  • VampireQueenBrittany


  • Lainey Dawson
    Lainey Dawson Hour ago

    Please do green eggs and ham

  • Vince Bato
    Vince Bato Hour ago

    Do the Appetizer from HIMYM S5:E4 pleaseeee

  • Luis Moreno
    Luis Moreno Hour ago

    Am I the only one who got massively distracted by the music? Not in a good way. I couldn't even finish the video.

  • VampireQueenBrittany

    Dang it now I want some tiramisu and coffee.

  • MemeMayor
    MemeMayor Hour ago

    Do the Strudels from Inglorious Basterds

  • Ally Goodwill
    Ally Goodwill Hour ago


  • GodHatesGlobalists

    For the people who dont want to spend the kind of money and resources as this recipe. Take some pillsbury canned pizza dough, store brand mozzarella, your choice of sauce and ingredients. It tastes amazing as I've made a few different types the same way. Delicious and cheap.

  • Ren C
    Ren C Hour ago

    Baby banish <3

  • jaiunkabogable
    jaiunkabogable Hour ago

    This video's 10th Anniversary will be next year. Time flies so fast. 😂💖

  • Christian Maldonado

    Should’ve had another Calzone making battle with Sean Evans again

  • GodHatesGlobalists

    Seems like the smart thing is not use ricotta cheese. It's not a typical ingredient in calzones anyways.

  • Extremely obnoxious Person

    Is being a food stylist even a job?

  • Ivan Salazar
    Ivan Salazar 2 hours ago

    im just thinking of an alfredo calzone

  • cannabisPREVENTION
    cannabisPREVENTION 2 hours ago

    thats actually a panzerotti

  • Britney Wilson
    Britney Wilson 2 hours ago

    please please please make bon bons from jimmy neutron!!!!!

  • Snowdrop snow star
    Snowdrop snow star 2 hours ago

    You should of saved the skin to make pork rinds

  • Brad Locken
    Brad Locken 2 hours ago

    Y’all clearly weren’t paying attention to the movie that chick chef clearly says it’s just vegetables and the guy won’t like it

  • Owais Behram
    Owais Behram 2 hours ago

    Looks nothing like a naan

  • Rachel A
    Rachel A 2 hours ago

    Yummm. Rayann2065. Tweeter

  • TotalbleShip01 Cizz
    TotalbleShip01 Cizz 2 hours ago

    Please make fry bread from Smoke Signals. Btw, love u Babish.

  • gocubs1815
    gocubs1815 2 hours ago

    You had me at 'Meat Tornado'

  • Sean Connally
    Sean Connally 2 hours ago


  • Ernie Laloma Tattoos

    I like my calzone with? 😂

  • carrot
    carrot 2 hours ago

    Make the Turkish Pide

  • Rickey Gobert
    Rickey Gobert 2 hours ago

    I wonder how much coffee he drank while filming this

  • Alicia Soriano
    Alicia Soriano 2 hours ago

    I’m from El Salvador and I love calzone😋

  • MrLeary73
    MrLeary73 2 hours ago

    Well black Friday is coming up and waffle irons will be very cheap so might give this one a go lol

  • bloopblipable
    bloopblipable 2 hours ago

    I love that you show us what would happen if you messed up in the recipe it's actually so helpful.

  • Diesel Johnson
    Diesel Johnson 2 hours ago

    I enjoy your trail and error, I knew that was gonna be too much ricotta on the first one but also straining it was a good idea. Where I live there’s literally no good calzones so you might’ve inspired me to make my own, anybody that has a calzone that doesn’t include ricotta cheese it’s not a real calzone. That’s the first way to know if a place is legit a classic calzone is simply ricotta and mozzarella and that’s it and then you add whatever toppings to that you want.

  • Albert Nave
    Albert Nave 2 hours ago

    How was the mouthfeel of the black garlic burger?

  • Cooking with Sonny
    Cooking with Sonny 2 hours ago

    This was emotional! I would love to buy a loved one something nice in this lifetime!❤️

  • Kino
    Kino 2 hours ago

    Cal zonay 👌👌👌

  • adam d
    adam d 2 hours ago

    Do you like cheers ? I see Frasier in it a lot

  • shadi samaan
    shadi samaan 2 hours ago

    Awesome video!!!

  • MrSacralidge
    MrSacralidge 2 hours ago

    That right there is the standard all TVclip ads should be held to. Not sure what Phillips paid you for them, but it wasn't enough.

  • rohitanand14
    rohitanand14 2 hours ago

    I'm just imagining cut-paste of one's hair on the others or ones beard over the other

  • Misty Valzania
    Misty Valzania 2 hours ago

    That looked beautiful! 😍 loved it!

  • SarcyseTiranin
    SarcyseTiranin 2 hours ago

    A shit on a shingle is better than California pizza. Oddly enough you can find both in San Francisco.

  • Elizabeth Andrews
    Elizabeth Andrews 2 hours ago

    2 more days....

  • Steve Harvey Official

    What exactly constitutes a “healthy glug”?

  • Kyzu Suri
    Kyzu Suri 2 hours ago

    Lazy effort using The Good Place again..

  • Trex0328
    Trex0328 2 hours ago

    You did it better

  • Jamie Brown
    Jamie Brown 2 hours ago

    Babby dont hold the eggplant like that please

  • DrLIAMDaAsian
    DrLIAMDaAsian 2 hours ago

    That’s crazy I’m from syracuse 😁

  • Ben Poulos
    Ben Poulos 2 hours ago

    2:00 bruh 😂😂

  • Alessio Prosdocimo
    Alessio Prosdocimo 2 hours ago

    Guys, trust him. It is a pig’a tail!

    LUER ASMR 3 hours ago


  • JonTheArtist
    JonTheArtist 3 hours ago

    Seinfeld! finnally! my favorite show!

  • Lily Grace
    Lily Grace 3 hours ago

    "Do you have life insurance?"

  • Virgil Grenier
    Virgil Grenier 3 hours ago

    Unlike you I tasted the real stuff, back in the day. As is it happened, I went to drive-thru and got the Mulan meal. I was given schezuan coz this was the only flavor left. I remember being amazingly grateful for the circumstances. It’s like the original zinger, very vivid memberberries. Color is wrong. Was darker and there were speck of seasoning evenly sparsed in there. If I was to guess I’d say there was some kind of fish sauce extract or replacement in there. It was sweet, tangy, umami-y asf, and with some kind of smoky asian spice, maybe smoke green tea? Challenge still pending. The release was not up to standards, at least not to that of thoses that tasted mcD fries fried in beef suet...

  • Andreas Aagaard
    Andreas Aagaard 3 hours ago

    you should do pink f*ck- the drink of El Jefe (Ash vs evil dead)

  • jay hill
    jay hill 3 hours ago

    What about the pita pocket?

  • cati almond
    cati almond 3 hours ago


  • Jay Gaming
    Jay Gaming 3 hours ago

    why he saids chicken like dat lmfao

  • Ernane D Barros
    Ernane D Barros 3 hours ago

    I enjoyed this really cool video top👏👏👏

  • Jay Gaming
    Jay Gaming 3 hours ago

    why did he say that in these times i bet he was trying to be clever 3:57

  • Misty Valzania
    Misty Valzania 3 hours ago

    Omg! I LOVE cloves, use them a lot, but I cringed with that first recipe!! 😂 all I could think was "Your mouth is gonna be numb"!