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Tool - Pneuma (REACTION!!!)
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Dave - Psycho (REACTION!!!)
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Stormzy Vossi Bop REACTION!
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  • MadMax™
    MadMax™ 7 seconds ago

    Can you guys react to Gerry Rafferty "Baker Street?" It's one of the best classic rock songs of all time.

  • MadMax™
    MadMax™ 7 seconds ago

    Can you guys react to Gerry Rafferty "Baker Street?" It's one of the best classic rock songs of all time.

  • Br Greg
    Br Greg Minute ago

    Please Please Whipping Post

  • Ed Castillo
    Ed Castillo 3 minutes ago

    This tune needs to be cranked up to 11.....The legendary Leslie West on guitar and vocals. Try the tune, Nantucket Sleighride...

  • Aaron V
    Aaron V 6 minutes ago

    1970 Live version of this: tvclip.biz/video/ZFUUtGVsEOE/video.html One of the best videos/versions of a stupendous song of all time. If I had a list of top 10 videos to pick me up, that one would be in the top 5. Shows the total power of the Mountain, Leslie West. If you like this song, watch that. (long time viewer, rare commenter) PLEASE DO PUNK ROCK MARATHON NEXT! I AM DYING TO HEAR YOU REACT TO ANYTHING BY THE CLASH! (This is Radio Clash or London Calling or Rock the Casbah or Train in Vain, anything, pleeeeeeeeaaassseee!)

  • Stephen Holt
    Stephen Holt 7 minutes ago

    I saw Leslie West at the Municipal Auditorium in San Antonio, TX in 1977...whew, that was a long time ago :) Thanks guys for that Flashback :)

  • Jacob Eckman
    Jacob Eckman 17 minutes ago

    Why No "Black Keys"?

  • monicka lynn
    monicka lynn 20 minutes ago

    9:53 lol! Great band and Brad Delph's vocal ability was one in a million.Rest in peace

  • James Morgan
    James Morgan 20 minutes ago

    I loved this when I was 13 in 1978 and love it just as much in 2019 at 54 and loved seeing you guys being blown away by the brilliant Mark Knopfler.

  • Lane Dayton
    Lane Dayton 22 minutes ago

    I'll just be the dude that says Chris Stapleton should cover this song.

  • Yahshua The Observer
    Yahshua The Observer 23 minutes ago

    From someone who has been watching Supernatural for 12 years this is nostalgic in different ways from those who have lived through this song.

  • Judith Jackson
    Judith Jackson 23 minutes ago

    FAM it's the hardest remix on chixtape v

  • Mgrzx3
    Mgrzx3 23 minutes ago


  • Kelly Lit
    Kelly Lit 26 minutes ago

    Another classic!!! Yesssss!!

  • YeahIGotNuthin
    YeahIGotNuthin 29 minutes ago

    Please react to THE TAKE which his song with Chris Brown 😭😭😭😭😭🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Rebecca Porter
    Rebecca Porter 31 minute ago

    This is my favorite reaction ever. I loved that you guys loved this song so much. I've had this song as my ringtone for years. ❤❤

  • Scott Tetrick
    Scott Tetrick 31 minute ago

    Mind blown. How a single person can hit the dislike button is beyond me...

  • Paul Tucker
    Paul Tucker 31 minute ago

    I live in your town and just found you guys! Keep this coming!

  • Danny G
    Danny G 32 minutes ago

    Living Colour - Cult of Personality next please! Killer song!

  • Robert Reichle
    Robert Reichle 32 minutes ago

    It's gonna feel like a big drop in quality to get off the Classic Rock genre. There's a thing present that makes it classic, not just age. What's going to compare?

  • Kevin Walker
    Kevin Walker 33 minutes ago

    Montrose: bad motor scooter..

  • Nate Wilder
    Nate Wilder 34 minutes ago

    Marlon Craft - gang shit Watch the video too, it’s incredible

  • Phaulty
    Phaulty 34 minutes ago

    not that it matters but just wondering roughly you twos ages? Gives me a perspective

  • YeahIGotNuthin
    YeahIGotNuthin 35 minutes ago

    Every time I come to watch these R&B videos 🥰

  • Nikkei Pvck
    Nikkei Pvck 36 minutes ago

    omg I was waiting for your reaction on this

  • Patrick Cannon
    Patrick Cannon 39 minutes ago

    Gotta see you guys doing Burnin' for You!!!

  • Peter Roberts
    Peter Roberts 42 minutes ago

    L.I.V. check this out, John Fogerty got sued by the record company in his later years for plagiarism of his own songs. They owned the rights to C.C.R. and another Vietnam movie era song "Run Through The Jungle" he got sued for " Old Man Down The Road".

  • William brooks
    William brooks 43 minutes ago

    U gotta do invincible and tempest

  • monicka lynn
    monicka lynn 44 minutes ago

    Passionate emotional song-grabs you immediately,even before the vocals

  • Sally Galarneau
    Sally Galarneau 46 minutes ago

    Dog and Butterfly has been a personal favorite. Beautifully mellow and moving lyrics.

  • Dante Recknagel
    Dante Recknagel 51 minute ago

    Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls

  • Drew Fierros
    Drew Fierros 52 minutes ago

    Lead guitarist and lead vocalist Mark Knopfler is the only reason this song is a classic...no disrespect to the rest of the band

  • Robert Rixey
    Robert Rixey 54 minutes ago


  • Suz
    Suz 56 minutes ago

    Lots of good stuff by the Allman Brothers. If you like this style of stuff, the blues influenced rock, check out Robin Trower - anything off the Bridge of Sighs album (although I'm personally partial to The Fool and Me). I think you guys will love it.

  • Sally Galarneau
    Sally Galarneau 58 minutes ago

    Our government will spend Trillions of dollars on war but won't spend a few billion to take care of our vets. When I was in the army in the late 70's\early 80's, luckily it wasn't during a war. Sexual harassment was rampant by our "superiors ' and terrorism was just becoming obvious. A friend of mine was killed by a bomb blast. She was a govt employee, not even in the military. Wars are huge money makers for the govt and what does it change? Still, I have massive respect for those who serve.

  • B. Scott Farthingsworth
    B. Scott Farthingsworth 58 minutes ago

    Excellent choice. We lived down the road from Corky's sister's family. I was friends with her kids,. When Mountain came to NYC to play concerts, they saved money by staying at her place. One day I was over, and there were long haired guys and girls in the back room. Out walks this big sweaty guy looks down and says, "hey, Kid". I was 5, and here I am standing in front of the one and only Leslie West. The whole band was there with, ahem, groupies. I was a child, but knew there was something very cool happening with these guys. The next night my parents went to their concerst and gave my om the drum sticks from the show. I damaged cookingware and coffee cans with them.

  • D dawg
    D dawg 59 minutes ago

    one thing I know you clown's are a waste of time and add rev. Wow black guy;s How about 2 white guy;s picking apart hip hop ? Sad Times!

  • Chris B
    Chris B Hour ago

    Norma Jean - robots 3 humans 0 Underrated drumming in that song

  • Pokes 98
    Pokes 98 Hour ago

    Joe Walsh "In The City" from The Warriors soundtrack

  • The Lonely Ranter

    Deep Purple are one of the Holy Trinity of the 70s...they influenced Metallica, Iron Maiden, etc....the other two bands in the trinity are Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

  • Ryan
    Ryan Hour ago

    This song should end in "Amen"

  • Pokes 98
    Pokes 98 Hour ago

    Aerosmith "Train Kept Rolling"!

  • emma ess
    emma ess Hour ago

    "Low-dee" that's so cute. But it's Low-Die, guys. As in the town in California. Love you!

  • Josh Mahan
    Josh Mahan Hour ago

    Hey I love giving Kanye room to breathe (and have found myself on the uncomfortable end of defending him plenty of times) but lets not fall into the trap of blaming "the media" for his public image.

  • eclipsewrecker
    eclipsewrecker Hour ago

    I’m gonna talk sum sheet here: Y’all need to stop playing around and get to either Calm Like a Bomb or No Shelter. Both are by Rage Against The Machine. Same energy as this. Plus will make your “staylist.” I have spoken.

  • Jeremy Bussey
    Jeremy Bussey Hour ago

    You guys should really react to Rival Sons, I suggest Pressure and Time. You seem to really enjoy the groove heavy, blues inspired classic rock. They are doing a lot currently to explore that style. I think you would appreciate it.

  • The Lonely Ranter

    the song is themed around the Cold War between the USA and Soviet Union, .....it is considered by many Eastern Europeans as an anthem for the Cry of Freedom. Deep Purple followed up that song in the 90s with the song Anya. If you want to hear an outstanding live performance and the most no holds barred solo by Ritchie Blackmore, check out Anya on the Come Hell or High Water CD....

  • ORagnar
    ORagnar Hour ago

    It needs more cowbell.

  • yubbed
    yubbed Hour ago

    React to “ stainless” the game ft. Andersen Paak.

  • mhump23
    mhump23 Hour ago

    Great band! They can sound completely different with Felix Pappalardi manning the vocals. A true underrated gem here!

  • REBMeTaL
    REBMeTaL Hour ago

    Whiskey Myers "Die Rockin" Lets hear what you thought about their show!!

  • Terriminator420
    Terriminator420 Hour ago

    You guys need some more RedBull lol

  • phillyfanatic11
    phillyfanatic11 Hour ago

    Love this song. Actually found it through the regular show lol

  • dlarriuz
    dlarriuz Hour ago

    Dazed and confused!

  • Ryan Dempsey
    Ryan Dempsey Hour ago

    You've done CCR and Mountain, time to do The Hollies - Long Cool Woman!

  • Sarthak Ray
    Sarthak Ray Hour ago

    I agree with you on everything but telling that revival was shot without even listening to it and telling it was an attempt to sell records .....why would he try to sell records.ge is a millionaire.He is an artist so wouldn't he try to experiment with his music. Just a thought. ☮️

  • Nate Garduno
    Nate Garduno Hour ago

    I am a true Metal Head, and this song kicks ass. It has heavy ass guitar riffs, killer vocals, and a cool ass grove. Metal Purists are stuck in the 80's and can't get out of it. Don't get me wrong, love me some Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Skid Row, Badlands, and even some White Snake, but this was a new type of Heavy for the time.

  • Robert Rohde
    Robert Rohde Hour ago

    Kansas was and has always been a Christian Rock Band!

  • aswjr92
    aswjr92 Hour ago

    SiR New Sky?

  • Goodfella
    Goodfella Hour ago

    5:40. If I’m not mistaken, the guitar is tuned down 1/2 step to Eb.

  • Jack Coates
    Jack Coates Hour ago

    Definitely at the top of my list of best rock! Check out theme for an imaginary western by mountain! You won't be sorry!

  • mwrobinson1169
    mwrobinson1169 Hour ago

    Oh an Leslie West used a standard tuning on the guitar, in fact it is somewhat sharp on the recording. He plugged a Les Paul Junior into a Sunn amp with 4x12 speakers. His right-hand technique was somewhat responsible for the great sound on this tune, along with the way it was recorded.

  • jerjerbinkz04
    jerjerbinkz04 Hour ago

    I couldn’t wait to see their reaction at the end when Dave started his solo. Like they were already shocked by how fast they were going at it in the beginning. Lol

  • Milo Fuli
    Milo Fuli Hour ago

    can you please react to this group from New Zealand tvclip.biz/video/kl_lvUXrXzk/video.html

  • Geoff Storie
    Geoff Storie Hour ago

    YES PLEASE MORE CLASSIC ROCK! Van Halen - Unchained!!!! Please please please!

  • Milo Fuli
    Milo Fuli Hour ago

    can you react to this group from NZ tvclip.biz/video/kl_lvUXrXzk/video.html

  • mokoarii
    mokoarii Hour ago

    Whens the next Tool reaction? Invincible!

  • Eric Benitez
    Eric Benitez Hour ago


  • Catherine Craig
    Catherine Craig Hour ago

    Review some old school rap from seventies early eighties...Rap today is like when rock went to damn commercial

  • Annemarie Chysyk

    Yeah, Southern Rock 💕

  • Catherine Craig
    Catherine Craig Hour ago

    Sorry Most rappers say don't duck with white boy....but if wasn't for Eminem even with Dre I don't think these white rappers would have a shot today..

  • Paul T Sjordal
    Paul T Sjordal Hour ago

    It's more industrial than metal, but the industrial fans complained that NIN is too melodic to properly count as real industrial music.

  • Dee Taylor
    Dee Taylor Hour ago

    On Mississippi Queen, I have always considered it and others like it, to be a true sound of the 70s. I grew up with that mix and mashup of all the genre's. Everybody loved it. They weren't worried if it fit into on type of music or another. We didn't worry about what songs was playing on which station, because we heard and fell in love with it all.

  • MakaveliG17C
    MakaveliG17C Hour ago

    Tory dropped a masterpiece AOTY

  • Brian Dean
    Brian Dean Hour ago

    You wanna talk about soul? Y'all need to check out creedence's song "long as I can see the light".

  • tkddgh
    tkddgh Hour ago

    Corky Laing! Yes, snare. They were huge back in the day (early 70s). Bass player Felix Pappalardi was a producer for Cream ("Disraeli Gears" and "Goodbye." Mountain recorded a song of Bruce's, "Theme For an Imaginary Western." Nice job! (as always).

  • Dave McKinney
    Dave McKinney Hour ago

    I hear a LOT of SRV in the music.

  • Suzanne Cole-Rice

    Speaking of heavy metal, Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild” is the first song to use the phrase “heavy metal” in the lyrics. If you haven’t already heard it, please do a reaction.

  • Sai Mahidhar
    Sai Mahidhar Hour ago

    U and your family sucks

  • Lucy Myers
    Lucy Myers Hour ago

    If you guys love this track, check out "Rock Candy" by Montrose.

  • Alonso Ortiz
    Alonso Ortiz Hour ago

    React to grand funk railroad inside looking out live

  • Dee Taylor
    Dee Taylor Hour ago

    There's an area of songs I don't y'all have hit yet. I would call them Political/Protest songs. Quite frankly I would understand if y'all didn't want to step into it. But if ya do, I have one for you. It's also Irish. It was recorded in 1995, and was re-releaseased in 2018 for a video and Irish constitutional vote. It's a beautiful song by The Saw Doctors, Everyday. Their other music is also beautiful. Give it a listen.

  • Dom Germano
    Dom Germano Hour ago

    A reason to fight -disturbed

  • Lawrence Eason
    Lawrence Eason Hour ago

    Love the use of the block from the drummer in this song

  • ryanschofield4494

    You guys are awesome... never in my life did I think I'd see some hip hop dudes head banging

  • cpoe nasty
    cpoe nasty Hour ago

    FM Steely Dan

  • tully3711th
    tully3711th Hour ago

    This song need some acid

  • Chris Aguilar
    Chris Aguilar Hour ago

    God is reaching people through Kanye. His platform can reach the masses.

  • Ed Hill
    Ed Hill Hour ago


  • Rebel_sniper10
    Rebel_sniper10 2 hours ago


  • Sage
    Sage 2 hours ago

    That's playlist right there. Bottled Up Inside -- Korn 🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙

  • Ed Hill
    Ed Hill 2 hours ago

    One of my favorites. Saw them at a free concert in Central Park.

  • Lawrence Eason
    Lawrence Eason 2 hours ago

    One word description...MEAN

  • Moone Stewart
    Moone Stewart 2 hours ago

    Quinton Tarantino dusk till dawn

  • frankenzion0001
    frankenzion0001 2 hours ago

    You should check out the live cover of "Ain't That Peculiar" by Fanny. The slide guitar work in that is RAUNCHY! tvclip.biz/video/imZUqkPlUaQ/video.html

  • mtn7224
    mtn7224 2 hours ago

    If you like this feel, check out "Closer" by Kings of Leon

  • Ed Hill
    Ed Hill 2 hours ago

    Lesley West guitarist/vocalist I think was from the Bronx NY. Felix Papalardi was killed by his wife because of a love triangle. Listen to For Yasgurs farm and theme from an imaginary western.

  • Skinny Buddha
    Skinny Buddha 2 hours ago

    You guys have to hear Ozzy's cover of this

  • Kevin Blaize
    Kevin Blaize 2 hours ago

    Do the Take feat Chris Brown

  • Sage
    Sage 2 hours ago

    Mississippi Queen, one of my favorite songs on Guitar Hero lol. Bottled Up Inside -- Korn pleese!!