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The Blues Band - Ooo Oo Ee
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Chris Stapleton - Parachute
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Jubal Kane - Long Road
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Deep Purple - Black Night
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Iron Maiden - POA 2008
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  • Free
    Free 16 days ago


  • Ramus Sumar
    Ramus Sumar Month ago

    Meh. It sounds like too much "modern Nashville country" and too little Big Pink real music.

  • Jesse Ontiveros
    Jesse Ontiveros Month ago

    sometimes when the blues catches up to us , we need to cut loose and just go out and play them out , perfect tight drums and jimmy guitar riffs . awesome

  • Richard fortier
    Richard fortier 2 months ago

    One of the best ever playing a Telecaster.

  • Dominic Whiting
    Dominic Whiting 2 months ago

    Supporting Cheryl Crow at Glastonbury, so so good ❤️❤️

  • steve2275
    steve2275 2 months ago

    my favorite of this bunch

  • Johnny Machado
    Johnny Machado 3 months ago

    Respeito demais!

  • david gormley
    david gormley 5 months ago

    Excellent...driving rhythmic blues by Cedric Burnside for 2019 and beyond..............

  • lav hanson
    lav hanson 6 months ago

    this is the real deal ..

  • iccarman
    iccarman 6 months ago

    WZZQ in Jackson, Ms. Blew me away.

  • Terry Reich
    Terry Reich 7 months ago

    Red lamp lounge ...Macon ga. What a blast... long ago

  • Bill Frizzell
    Bill Frizzell 7 months ago

    Not a Ry Cooder song. ( or maybe that what you mean) He covered this 1929 song by Carson Robison and Bud Billings. Ry just knows a good tune. I'm planning to do this tomorrow at an open mic... and have checked it out. Gene Autry did a version too. ( Thi sis very cool. My version will be pants, but hopefully have some soul from my appreciation of it..)

  • L. K.
    L. K. 7 months ago

    thanks for uploading this :) has anybody the harmonica tabs?

    LEAH FILMMAKER 8 months ago

    \(•_•) ( (> KOOL / \

  • Denise Culley
    Denise Culley 10 months ago

    I love this tune 🎸🎶🤘😎

  • John Mitchell
    John Mitchell 11 months ago

    Born in the desert, great song. Thank you.

  • Andre Serrano
    Andre Serrano 11 months ago


  • Philip Matsikoudis
    Philip Matsikoudis 11 months ago

    Beautiful SWAY cover. Not as good as the Stones but better than anyone else I've heard do it.

  • Agustin Villafañe

    Amazing cover!!!

  • Frank Hibberd
    Frank Hibberd Year ago

    I like the characterizations on the cover: Bill Wyman on left, in purple suit; Steve Winwood leaning on lamp post; Eric Clapton sitting on step, with guitar; Howlin' Wolf; Charlie Watts, far right.

  • Baby Pudge
    Baby Pudge Year ago

    Goddamn dude, now that I hear all this BRILLIANT later stuff of urs, ur up in MOS HIGH rank of voices, mr Robinson! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Rex Felton
    Rex Felton Year ago

    Recorded in Memphis, Miami, Macon, and Atlanta.

  • Ron Baade
    Ron Baade Year ago

    Would never have know about great tune unless for Pandora absolutely love it

  • methesponge
    methesponge Year ago

    this got played on KFML from boulder colorado for a while as I remember. my cousin Tommy Carlisle is the lead guitar. I met him in about 1970 at my grandparent's house in south Texas near Lyford I think it was called near Brownsville .

  • Gustavo Andrade
    Gustavo Andrade Year ago

    Esses caras tocam muito!! Deusulivre!!

  • Johnny Rocco
    Johnny Rocco Year ago

    A friend of mine who grew up in atl gave me this lp to listen too and boy did i listen, over and over. Drove the neighborhood mad, this was back in 77 i think, small town ala. Anyway my friend lived fast and died young. This lp is all I have left from my friend Mark. May he rest in peace. I still miss him after all these years.

  • Rex Felton
    Rex Felton Year ago

    Originally from South of Corpus Christi Texas and moved to Memphis and on to Atlanta .

  • Jimi Hendrix Jr
    Jimi Hendrix Jr Year ago

    Trabalho de gênios sao pouco visualizados e apreciados. Isso retrata a mente acéfala do povo brasileiro. Viva o mestre Luan Santana e Wesley Safadao

  • Nathaniel Ford
    Nathaniel Ford Year ago

    And the wind did howl! CRB are one of the best live bands in the cosmos!



  • Ginny Jackson-Pownell

    Macon, GA !! '71-'72 Opening for The Allman Brothers. This was one of my favorite songs. They were damn good !! We lost Bear :( ...I was going to Mercer University, they were AWESOME :-)

    HENGHER GALLADRIX 2 years ago

    Superbe reprise, from your heart and soul, Johnny would be surely proud!!! THX Boys and congratulations!

  • Julie Hattory
    Julie Hattory 2 years ago


    • Chip Musick
      Chip Musick 2 months ago

      p.s this cd introduced me to Mr. Luther Allison, for which I will be grateful, not to mention the other great bluesmen who were on it. What a lineup!

    • Chip Musick
      Chip Musick 2 months ago

      AIN'T THAT THE TRUTH!!!BEYOND 5 *****'s***************(maybe THAT'S a little much)

  • James V
    James V 2 years ago

    WHY ISN'T THERE 9 ZERO'S BEHIND THAT NUMBER OF PLAYS Audley you is - the Best damn guitarist to arrive in the last 25 years

  • MuddyLeePerkins
    MuddyLeePerkins 2 years ago

    Hotlanta club - Ponce de Leon near Peachtree in Atlanta - mid 70s - those were the days...

  • Jim Hill
    Jim Hill 2 years ago

    Roy and Billy Price worked great together.

  • Jim Hill
    Jim Hill 2 years ago

    One truly great album! Rolling Stone trashed this album when it came out.

    • Richard fortier
      Richard fortier 2 months ago

      Rolling Stone trashed it but the Rolling Stones wanted him in the band. Ironic, isn't it.

    • Danny Canes
      Danny Canes 7 months ago

      Rolling Stone has been nothing but a bad joke since the mid 70’s. I love this album!

    • presapus
      presapus Year ago

      Screw Rolling Stone, your right, a master piece!

  • Cora Visser
    Cora Visser 2 years ago

    Brilliant blues i love it with my whole soul and heart,

  • Dony Sandley
    Dony Sandley 2 years ago

    great stuff!!!!!😋

  • Kjell Olsson
    Kjell Olsson 2 years ago

  • Skinny J
    Skinny J 2 years ago

    Thanks for the upload man 👌🏻

  • John Dooling
    John Dooling 2 years ago

    Main St. Augusta Ga. Whipping Post. Miss It.

    • John Mitchell
      John Mitchell 2 months ago

      Did you see Eric Quincy Tate there? I was there for their live album recording

  • Dan Walker
    Dan Walker 3 years ago

    Bad Ass!

    • waterloo 8
      waterloo 8 Year ago

      Dan Walker yob I can be a great deal

  • marco antonio toni gama reis

    Estava na gravação deste em Juiz de Fora, no antigo Prova Oral! Boas lembranças!!

  • Keith Hale
    Keith Hale 3 years ago

    yeah man those were some good times in Augusta the Georgia Moon And "TheWhippingPost" and don't forget 533 1/2 Broadstreet Augusta Ga 14 las Vegas shows nightly God bless Whitey Lester on fine man and a fine m,?? I met him Lee Cotton and LD Wheeler and who knows they my have pasted on but I can remember the stories he would tell on how he started out in Augusta with so many glasses man those were the days foc sure

    • Margaret Richer
      Margaret Richer Year ago

      Whipping Post & the Georgia Moon in Augusta GA were both great places to go in the 70s & 80s. Both had a lot to offer musically, along with the people who frequented those nightclubs! GREAT TIMES! Never forget those times!

    • Margaret Richer
      Margaret Richer Year ago

      Yeah! Whipping Post in Augusta and almost forgot about the Georgia Moon! Augusta Ga Broad St. had some really good clubs to see great music, even the Snake Lady at the Discoteque (not really music but she was fun to watch with her snake)! Really great places to go to see good music in Augusta back in the 70s! Never be another time like those!

  • Humberto J.C.
    Humberto J.C. 3 years ago

    Desempenho totalmente honesto !! Hi Level !!

  • Hometown Anomaly
    Hometown Anomaly 3 years ago

    Very solid cover mate, love it! Cant wait to check out your future videos.

  • Randy Lindsey
    Randy Lindsey 3 years ago

    Thank You EQT

  • hoopafied
    hoopafied 4 years ago

    some very great friends,when i bought this in 1973 i put next to tha allman bros....! then in 76 we were playing an after hours club-"tarzan swings"-n.augusta s c,,i was blessed to be able to jam with each of these great players.eric quincy tate recorded at tha "whipping post" in augusta,,,...awesomeness & great memories.....hoop

  • Randy Lindsey
    Randy Lindsey 4 years ago

    very nice Guitarwork, EQT.

  • procol harum Lara
    procol harum Lara 5 years ago

    the old Quincy Tate....

  • Robert Phillips
    Robert Phillips 5 years ago

    Great Memphis Band. Not lost on me.

  • Luiz Henrique Zandonai

    Hahaha... massa kra... tu aparece no video?

  • Vinicius Rasia
    Vinicius Rasia 12 years ago

    asheiosahe porra tu tava mto perto de mim (eu tava do lado do cara com o caixão ali no muro, meu amigo) aihsoehaoi mto massa! mto foda o vid! dalhe gremioooo! golaço do lucio!

  • dothyglc
    dothyglc 12 years ago

    Que venha o São Paulo! xD~