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  • kanishka pruthi
    kanishka pruthi 2 months ago

    The movie was great. But there no selena gomez there. But movie still is great.

  • Carol Ruvah
    Carol Ruvah 5 months ago

    This movie's ending got me crying .Lesson learnt...thank you so much

  • Randy Molina
    Randy Molina 6 months ago

    The movie is really great.

  • Randy Molina
    Randy Molina 6 months ago

    Oooooohhhhh!!,sound sucks and the camera moving to fast ..

  • aracelis De los santos
    aracelis De los santos 10 months ago

    I just wasted all my time for watching this video this is a waste of time and there's no Selena Gomez in this what a poor video

  • Kerren Kidd
    Kerren Kidd Year ago

    Nice movie but I don't see why she gave up the baby

  • Hashtagjesusfreak :-*

    Why does is say selena gomez liiiiike that is NOT selena

  • monique carrot
    monique carrot Year ago

    that mom is such a bitch.

  • Osagie Precious
    Osagie Precious Year ago

    i didn't see Selena Gomez

  • Adrianna Hanna
    Adrianna Hanna Year ago

    Selena Gomez was young as FUCK and if u like this show watch the pregnancy pact

  • Mahima Kazi
    Mahima Kazi Year ago

    She is the real mom.😮and she realise that how much miss him.😢 I really love this.😄I can't live without my mom .I love my mom.😊💖and mother is the main part of our life we should respect her.😇😇

  • Lusiana Vuli
    Lusiana Vuli Year ago


  • Danielle Vanlaningham

    Yeah Selena gomaz is not in here they need to get their stuff straighten out

  • monica cormack
    monica cormack Year ago

    hey Ha NGuyen if you are going to upload a movie make sure it the right one don't say selena gomez when she no where part of this movie

  • Shashara Sims
    Shashara Sims Year ago

    This a good movie but it's not Selena Gomez it's Danielle Panabaker

  • sumaya Jasmin
    sumaya Jasmin Year ago

    this is a worst movie

  • benvinda nanja
    benvinda nanja Year ago

    That is awesome but where is Selena Gomez, l have been waiting for hours to see her.

  • Debra Timms
    Debra Timms Year ago

    mom pat weille pat Debra yes levs Debra levs ata ko44 Debra yes GmBc pat Debra Debra yes levs

  • mhine 21
    mhine 21 Year ago

    Im crying while watching this Im a bit sad on the ending bcoz she decided to let the baby charley be adopted,,but happy also still charley know who his real mom is ,,i can't stop crying my tears keep on flowing through my face!

  • Hanna Stenros
    Hanna Stenros Year ago

    In Northern Europe Young moms can stay home with their baby and take school later.

  • Narender Singh
    Narender Singh Year ago

    nice story

  • Calandra Powell
    Calandra Powell Year ago

    nice movie!

  • Shifa Khan
    Shifa Khan Year ago

    I dont get it why do u care weather sel is there or not it's just a wonderful wonderful movie i never saw something like this. Like someone's comment said "selena is not there why did i waste my time" , i dont think this movie is a waste of time its one of most well written and well acted movies i have ever seen

  • hanan mohammed
    hanan mohammed Year ago

    Selena gomez isn't there....it a boring movie. ..😈😈😭😭😢😢😬😬😠😠

  • Anita K
    Anita K Year ago

    Me at 1:18:20: "Don't cry, don't cry... Aw man too late." Me at ending of movie:"Is that Charlie?! Oh no don't cry don't cry... Of forget it." Bawls till credits end. 😂

  • Sairam Santhi
    Sairam Santhi Year ago

    Giving baby to athors is the pain full thing in our life

  • Daniela Rojano
    Daniela Rojano Year ago

    Without or without Selena Gomez this video is still deep.

  • Donna Graham
    Donna Graham Year ago

    cool movie wish it would happen to me tho 😧

  • Donna Graham
    Donna Graham Year ago

    is the mother a man....kinda sounds like it lol

  • Sha'Mari Jernagin

    The end had me crying like a baby

  • ChiyaCutie Bieber

    Wow!! Tears came out of my eyes...!! While ending.......... Although wt happened is happened .! It's a happy ending 😭😢☺

  • Desmond Thomas
    Desmond Thomas Year ago

    I cried while watching most of this. A great movie even without Selena. It is an insparation fot young mothers. IF IT WAS MARKED OUT OF 10 I WOULD GIVE IT 20 OUT OF 10 IF THATS POSSIBLE😀😅

  • Nicky Kearney
    Nicky Kearney Year ago

    It mosove Bien hard for her to let the parents adopt the baby.

  • jerry baker
    jerry baker Year ago

    Liar liar! Selena Gomez my ass! 🖕

  • Searia Joseph
    Searia Joseph Year ago

    I cried for the whole movie 😢😢

  • Sephina Joseph
    Sephina Joseph Year ago

    This is a really nice movie sad 😢😢😢it the when she had to give up her baby but it had the most happy ending 😊😊😊😊 I love it

  • amanda miller #419

    Brought tears to my eyes towards the end of this movie. Good movie 👍

  • Mrs. Hiskers
    Mrs. Hiskers Year ago

    I dont find selena gomze

  • Lola Gemz
    Lola Gemz Year ago

    Selena gomez is not in this moive but i love this moive and the actress that played the teen mom

  • Maria Marshall
    Maria Marshall Year ago

    seleana is not in this film.

  • JB espada de fuego

    No Selena

  • Pitangalie Mangal

    Heart touching movie i love it ..... It actually made me cry at the last part

  • Mariyah Rodriguez

    That was so sweet even with out Selena Gomez!

  • A. Nefi
    A. Nefi Year ago

    She would make a good mom for each baby ... harts and kiss

  • Mazelleprinsloo Zellaq

    Don't say it's a selena gomez production if she isn't playing in the movie

  • Mazelleprinsloo Zellaq

    This movie isn't even about selena gomez

  • Leitha Barrett
    Leitha Barrett Year ago

    This movie is so good believe me I cry watch to the end its a great movie for teenage mother's /// genie Walters comments on this ////

  • Neumbe Rebbeca
    Neumbe Rebbeca Year ago


  • Harshil Trivedi
    Harshil Trivedi Year ago

    This video picture is wizards of waverly place Episode baby cupid

  • som oun
    som oun Year ago

    if it was mine I can give you some stuff Wow that's father supposed do for kid , I was a poor guy but I take care of my two sisters when I was 14 it's hard I know what feelings because I don't know How's School like like after my mom married to my stepfather I was 9 , he never let me go to school anymore but he died I was 14 I never knew what my dad look like he cheated on my mom when her pregnant me and he walked out 3 months after I was born but I love my family I my sisters I love stepfather he never allow me go to school but he never left my mom he never cheating I did that for him by take care of my family

  • JC Truth
    JC Truth Year ago

    Ik mess up right

  • ZIML 7704
    ZIML 7704 2 years ago

    This is NOT her movie, it's Killer Frost's.

  • Janice Mathias
    Janice Mathias 2 years ago

    This movie is awesome And the last scene made me cry

  • Christine Polangcos
    Christine Polangcos 2 years ago

    i am crying n0w

  • Lowan Mariner
    Lowan Mariner 2 years ago


  • Janie Pollock
    Janie Pollock 2 years ago

    I cryed at the end

  • urmomissahotcheeto jk

    The actress 4 the mom is on the flash

  • Maham Maham
    Maham Maham 2 years ago

    where is Selena Gomez. I waisted my time for this

    • vinatoli francisca
      vinatoli francisca Year ago

      Same with me. I was eagerly waiting for selena gomez to appear😁😁

    • Nellie Yenin
      Nellie Yenin Year ago

      Def wasn’t a waste of time it was a great movie with a wonderful meaning

  • Zainab Mohsin
    Zainab Mohsin 2 years ago

    selena gomez is not in there