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  • Les V
    Les V 3 days ago

    Shout out to my bro that jumped rope on top of a cooking pot

  • Chosen Lamb
    Chosen Lamb Month ago

    TheMirad0r Quel est le diamètre DW cereal cocotte ? 33 ou 37?

  • Tom Crowley
    Tom Crowley 2 months ago

    Just FYI, don't go straight from cold (esp. freezing) to the oven. That will eventually crack the enamel. ANY kind of thermal shock is bad for these, since the different layers expand and contract at different rates, and the quicker they do so, the more stress on the bond

  • Rosaria Nastasi
    Rosaria Nastasi 2 months ago

    my creuset ware has discolored just after one use cooking vegetable soup...Is that normal??

    • stirling
      stirling 2 months ago

      Yes, just needs cleaning. Use liquid bar keepers friend

  • Stevetori Cuisine
    Stevetori Cuisine 3 months ago

    Looks amazing

  • Walter
    Walter 3 months ago

    Hi, what type of steel are they made out of? Thanks.

  • Ram Goradia
    Ram Goradia 3 months ago

    Put the information where to buy

    • Sur La Table
      Sur La Table 3 months ago

      Hi Ram! You can find the link to the product underneath the video :) Happy shopping!

  • Scott Dudley
    Scott Dudley 3 months ago

    wow. just wow.

  • Lenny Moss
    Lenny Moss 3 months ago

    My favorite chef!!

  • scott stutzman
    scott stutzman 3 months ago

    Truly one of the best chefs out there. I watch all his cooking videos and learn so much.

  • Outta Thyme567
    Outta Thyme567 3 months ago


  • Jamshaid Khalil
    Jamshaid Khalil 3 months ago

    What,s the price

  • Ana K
    Ana K 3 months ago

    My favorite chef ,delicious 🌺🌺🌺

  • Julio Santos
    Julio Santos 3 months ago

    The master. I've never been trained as a chef but I love to cook and I watch all is videos. One of the great legends of cooking.

  • Andres Porras
    Andres Porras 3 months ago

    only one word...RESPECT!

  • Vanda Bellini
    Vanda Bellini 3 months ago

    Looks so delicious Jacques Pepin! I definitely going to make the chicken with the vegetable! Thank you

  • Michael Hoerig
    Michael Hoerig 3 months ago

    And now I can have a glass of wine... I like how you think!

  • j mangi62
    j mangi62 3 months ago

    Master technician.

  • j mangi62
    j mangi62 3 months ago

    This man is a pros pro. Seriously a master!

  • olga perez
    olga perez 3 months ago

    For years I’ve watched this man. I admire him so much, the fast and simple way he prepares those French recipes. I have a French friend coming to visit us in Chicago so I thought of Chef Pepin and his recipes. I think this one is a good one for me to cook.

  • pjr1525
    pjr1525 3 months ago

    I look at some 'famous' British chefs, and then I watch Jacques Pepin ..........

  • pjr1525
    pjr1525 3 months ago

    Everything he does routinely like cutting, chopping is good to watch.

  • Merin Fraser
    Merin Fraser 3 months ago


  • Loveoldies50
    Loveoldies50 3 months ago

    I have this set, and I love it. I just wish it’s was more affordable.

  • Francisco M
    Francisco M 3 months ago

    Good grinder. I recommend.

  • Manic Mailman
    Manic Mailman 3 months ago

    Vivre Pépin!

  • Manic Mailman
    Manic Mailman 3 months ago

    Vivre Pépin!

  • InvictuZ
    InvictuZ 4 months ago

    Good summary, I never learnt so much in 1 minute before!

  • Manny De Leon
    Manny De Leon 4 months ago

    why wet the filter first?

  • Madison Sherman
    Madison Sherman 4 months ago

    Thank you so much for this video! I was looking to purchase this set and was unsure if I was going to need a cake leveler.

  • Andy Valdez
    Andy Valdez 4 months ago

    Love this guy

  • Don A
    Don A 4 months ago


  • Elric De Melniboné
    Elric De Melniboné 4 months ago

    The master in action.

  • Shiva Vereen
    Shiva Vereen 4 months ago

    You’re like a Jedi Shoaimlin Chef with the most tranquil voice. Can you become my Siri voice. BTW, that looks delicious!

  • Chester Puffington
    Chester Puffington 4 months ago

    Already states, the world is proud of you.

  • Abeer
    Abeer 4 months ago

    “Bladesmith” that sounds cool

  • Old Glory
    Old Glory 4 months ago

    Master Pépin, always perfect.

  • martigues marc
    martigues marc 4 months ago


  • Marshall Linton
    Marshall Linton 4 months ago

    Only way I enjoy coffee at home

    • Marshall Linton
      Marshall Linton 2 months ago

      @Cheftekar D you and I both brother.

    • Cheftekar D
      Cheftekar D 2 months ago

      Marshall Linton ...Kind of like my relationship with dad...😐

    • Cheftekar D
      Cheftekar D 2 months ago

      Marshall Linton I see why. I’ve been a chef for over twenty years. Love coffee. Had it all over the world. I come to my dads house and find this is how he makes coffee and I’m like “Well damn. Where has THIS been all my life?!”

  • Mad Chaos
    Mad Chaos 4 months ago

    He has been making simple elegant meals for years. Nice to find this.

  • Wanderer
    Wanderer 4 months ago

    Beautiful! Is all one can say. Thank you for the excellent explanation, lesson and enjoyment!

  • diamond heart
    diamond heart 4 months ago

    Do we need to preheat the braiser to prevent of sticking food to bottom of the pan or not?

    • Veronica
      Veronica 21 day ago

      diamond heart Right, I have the same question, let’s hope someone will answer.

  • Scotty G
    Scotty G 4 months ago

    Jacques, I’ve been watching you for nigh on 30 years. Have learned SOOOO much, and yet, still learn more from you. The penultimate true real-world chef! Simple techniques... man oh man

  • Phil Hofman
    Phil Hofman 4 months ago


  • MrShroombot
    MrShroombot 4 months ago

    That man can mince some garlic!!!

  • Iman Farooq
    Iman Farooq 4 months ago

    Today i ordered online😍 for my spices pastes

  • marc toom
    marc toom 5 months ago

    Great old school craftsman master.Best easiest quikest way to make a gallantine, i have ever seen! Love it!

  • Lee Allen
    Lee Allen 5 months ago

    I have this very model of the Waring Pro and we love it. First time we used it was magical! 36 minutes later we heard the digital beep and we were like really??? It's done??? Already??? We all ran into the kitchen and watched as my husband carefully raised the golden brown turkey. Such fun and it was done and beautiful I used the Cajun rub from the list of recipe's - great rub and complemented the bird so well.

    • Sur La Table
      Sur La Table 5 months ago

      We think it's magic, too! Thanks for sharing!

  • AtomicDog
    AtomicDog 5 months ago

    That soup looks amazing, I am surprised he did not sear the meat first.

  • Ned Malasso
    Ned Malasso 5 months ago

    I have one and is fantastic....the best...mash potatoes in 3 minutes

  • SaleenDriver
    SaleenDriver 5 months ago

    Yes she would sir......she would indeed. I could watch this guy cook all day.

  • Bolton Michael
    Bolton Michael 5 months ago

    Pure Excellence

  • Scott Buchanan
    Scott Buchanan 5 months ago

    Sorry, still none the wiser as to what this product ACTUALLY does!!!

    • Scott Buchanan
      Scott Buchanan 5 months ago

      SurLaTableCorp Hey, thanks for the explanation! 🙏

    • Sur La Table
      Sur La Table 5 months ago

      Hi Scott! This little specialty timer is designed to cook eggs dipped into already boiling water. The size adjusts for egg size small to extra large giving better control, and the built-in egg piercer helps prevent cracking while boiling and makes peeling less painful. Easy to use and takes the guesswork out of cooking eggs!

  • C_ Farther
    C_ Farther 5 months ago

    Why doesn't anyone tell the dimensions of the inside and outside.

    • Sur La Table
      Sur La Table 5 months ago

      Hi there! You can find the dimensions of this product at the link posted underneath the video :) Click "Specifications" after following the link for more information!

  • Heriberto Mendoza
    Heriberto Mendoza 5 months ago

    She Would Definitely Be Proud Of You Chef

  • JohnMac
    JohnMac 5 months ago

    Bob Kramer is a legend! I have been buying "better" knives over the years, but can't yet afford one of Bob's knives. As to the sharpening, just get a good 800, 3000, and 5000 grit set of stones. The 10k grit is just for polish. I have been able to slice thin paper cleanly after 3000 grit without any problems. Pay particular attention to Bob's motion as he sharpens the knife in this video... heel to tip while maintaining the angle. There are many other folks on YT with vids for sharpening knives, but it seems as though their method takes longer than Bob's. His method will allow you to sharpen a knife almost razor sharp in under 5 minutes, and the edge will last a long, long time. P.S. - If you buy a stamped steel knife, you will never be able to sharpen it effectively (like when it was new). Get good steel, and you will always be able to keep a sharp edge. Again, pay particular attention to Bob's motion and method. Even if you're clunky with it at first, your knife will be VERY sharp when you're done sharpening.

  • *
    * 5 months ago


  • Priya Solanki
    Priya Solanki 5 months ago

    Can it be used to grind dates?

    • Sur La Table
      Sur La Table 5 months ago

      Hi Priya! Yes! Because dates get sticky when chopped, we recommend adding a drying agent to the food processor. Also, remember to remove the pit beforehand!

  • Iga 27
    Iga 27 5 months ago

    Lovely Jacques! Thank you!

  • Supersonicat
    Supersonicat 5 months ago

    Enamel on cast iron was a very bad idea. They all stain permanently on the bottom. 99% of methods to remove dulling and dark stains fail. It doesn't matter who manufactures them. Heated enamel just doesn't hold up in time. I have a Le Creuset dutch over I bought 2 years ago that I use once or twice a month. The stains from browning meats on the bottom cannot be removed and are increasing every time I use it. Anyone out there know how to remove the stains?

    • Supersonicat
      Supersonicat 5 months ago

      @SeikiBrian I got rid of the stain. Now it looks as good as it cooks. Bleached it.

    • SeikiBrian
      SeikiBrian 5 months ago

      So what if it stains. It's for cooking, not for looking.

  • Josy Steinbach
    Josy Steinbach 5 months ago

    Such a nice Man , beautifully presented 👍🇮🇪🇫🇷🐸

  • Gwengie G
    Gwengie G 5 months ago

    I don't even care if Jacques Pepin is cooking or not, I just love love love to hear him talk.

  • Sergio Shafi
    Sergio Shafi 5 months ago

    This is indescribably relaxing

  • M65 F
    M65 F 5 months ago

    Jacques is Bob Ross of coking to me, he has so calming voice and produce beautiful results

  • Daniel Tayong
    Daniel Tayong 6 months ago

    This dude is INCREDIBLE

  • WhyBaneWhy
    WhyBaneWhy 6 months ago

    Where can I get this apron? thanks

    • Sur La Table
      Sur La Table 5 months ago

      Hello! It looks like this is out of stock online completely! However, we do have the Jacques Pepin apron available at a few stores. If you would like to find out where, you can call our customer service line at 800-243-0852. Thanks!

  • Janice Ackerson
    Janice Ackerson 6 months ago

    Where can I find this?

    • Sur La Table
      Sur La Table 5 months ago

      Hi Janice! You can find this item on our website, here is the direct link: Thanks and happy shopping!

  • Maria Callous
    Maria Callous 6 months ago


  • Darleen Sita
    Darleen Sita 6 months ago

    Excellent demo. I love this product!

  • Hot80s
    Hot80s 6 months ago

    Love JP.

  • Dueng Design
    Dueng Design 6 months ago

    Thanks a lot. It works beautifully.

  • Mark Anderson
    Mark Anderson 6 months ago

    Thank you so much for the educational video. Cheers.

  • Pat Williams
    Pat Williams 6 months ago

    it is so easy to love people who love food

  • Dodder
    Dodder 6 months ago

    I've never had a fried turkey before. Is it greasy when cooked? Also it isn't a rotisserie if it is using oil. I want to recreate the original style of cooking meats over an open fire.

    • Lee Allen
      Lee Allen 5 months ago

      It is not greasy at all, esp if the oil is at 375 when you lower the bird and then take it out and let it drain. Oil seals in the moisture but does not penetrate the meat.

    • Sur La Table
      Sur La Table 6 months ago

      Hi Dodder! With proper frying technique and temperature, the oil doesn't really penetrate the turkey, so the bird stays juicy and moist, but not greasy :)

  • James Ziemba
    James Ziemba 6 months ago

    Tony Bourdain once said: “If Jacques Pepin shows you how to roast a chicken THAT’S how you roast a chicken.”

  • TheSPT
    TheSPT 6 months ago

    One quote that caught me (and a reason I especially love Mr. Pepin) -- "It's good to follow the recipe...At least once...So that you know what it tastes like. And after that you should make it your own." He gets that recipes aren't always static. And that everyone like slight variations. He loves the craft and loves us. The Bob Ross of cooking shows.

  • London2362
    London2362 6 months ago

    He is an artist, and a genius in the culinary world (he turned down being head chef for the Kennedy White House.) He makes everything seem easy. Virtually flawless technique. (P.S. he also holds a masters degree from Columbia University.)

  • Dora Silva
    Dora Silva 6 months ago

    I watched a few of these videos because I want to learn how to sharpen knives myself with these stones. This video is the best I have seen. Very helpful and straight to the point.

  • Bruce Barnes
    Bruce Barnes 6 months ago

    You make some beautiful blades sir

  • suziequzie
    suziequzie 6 months ago

    Chicken Skin Cracklings. I'm gonna do that next time I make chicken.

  • Len James
    Len James 6 months ago

    I started with a kinfe now I have a sharp ice pic....I need to practice...great vid

  • Vanda Bellini
    Vanda Bellini 6 months ago

    Jacques I will going to try this delicious dish ! Thanks

  • Tomas O.
    Tomas O. 6 months ago

    When chef can butcher a chicken better with his hands than you can with your knife. 😅

  • Particular Individual
    Particular Individual 6 months ago

    Mise en place on point!

  • Gold Blonde
    Gold Blonde 7 months ago


  • CT2507
    CT2507 7 months ago

    this is similar to the chicken i make in the steam-cooker. i use orange juice instead of wine though and some chili. the orange juice and the chili that gets infused into the tender chicken is amazing! lovely video! :)

  • Jay Matane
    Jay Matane 7 months ago

    The master at work.. Absolute masterclass

  • Jay Matane
    Jay Matane 7 months ago

    Thank you for a beautiful video

  • jplobotomy
    jplobotomy 7 months ago

    this would be great for cutting fruit for my chickens

  • Susan Taunton
    Susan Taunton 7 months ago

    i'm house sitting and this is what the owners had in the drawer, I wasn't going to be able to open my pinto beans but found your excellent demo. thank you! and no kidding, what a really cool can opener!!

  • HooperWest
    HooperWest 7 months ago

    The Pépin Standard is the GOLD STANDARD

  • Lucy Cepeda
    Lucy Cepeda 7 months ago

    I absolutely love this man. His mother would be proud of all of his accomplishments!!

  • MrHestichs
    MrHestichs 7 months ago

    This is like all the classic french flavours combined in one!

  • Emmanuel Pousse
    Emmanuel Pousse 7 months ago

    I've watched many videos of Jacques Pépin in the last year or so, and this one has instantly become one of my favorites. Mr Pépin, you are a delight to watch; thank you for the genuine way your share your authantic passion for cooking. You do it with such class, with so much contagious pleasure, and with a like-no-other smile, kindness and marvelous "candeur"; we are very found of you indeed :) May you cook -and drink wine! - for many more years to come :) Un grand bonjour d'un français depuis son Afrique du Sud d'adoption. Bien cordialement

  • Christina Lopez
    Christina Lopez 8 months ago

    I must admit I have a problem with these food videos I can watch them all day which in turn; I will eat all day it's just a lovely thing on the weekend. Jacques wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful

  • Walter De wit
    Walter De wit 8 months ago

    My mother would be proud of me . . . That is so sweet.

  • Franco L
    Franco L 8 months ago

    Incredible. Got to love him. I've learned so much from Jacques and Julia over the years . . . forever grateful.

  • Jim Morrison
    Jim Morrison 8 months ago

    He is the master. Now I want to run out and duplicate what he just taught me.

  • Makomuono bunde-omuono

    Wow! Precision & perfection rolled into one. Massive respects.

  • njuham
    njuham 8 months ago

    A true master. Taught me how to cook a perfect omelette (two ways, classic French and country version).

    • George Semel
      George Semel 4 months ago

      I am still working on that one, I figure in another 200 dozen eggs I should have it really down, It's slow going, but overall my cooking skills have improved- I can do a passable Omelette, better today than I was when I decided I would do it, for my New Years Resolution. I even go to a local farm for fresh eggs. The lady was wondering why I would come for a dozen twice a week! Said that is a worthwhile resolution