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  • Nannerchan
    Nannerchan 3 months ago

    It is a deal with the Devil. I speak from experience. I lost an incisor and got a four unit fixed bridge. Now, years later, all teeth involved in the bridge have to be extracted and I have to go to the same removable bridge that I was offered in the beginning. So, I am losing three additional teeth because I didn’t want the removable before this nightmare. That is a deal with the Devil. If you need this, get a flexible removable. You may not be happy now, but you will shed a lot less tears in the long run. Plus, the cost is better. Please note that the implant route failed, was expensive and the insurance would not cover it.

    • Rida Amroz
      Rida Amroz Month ago

      Ap ka kehna ye ha k dental bridge ni krwana chaheye

  • Mikel Hinganan
    Mikel Hinganan 3 months ago

    palalo na nagsakit ngipin ko

  • Tammy Evans
    Tammy Evans 10 months ago

    so hold on a silver cap goes over the ground down original tooth then the tooth they make is put over that? if this is the case would there be a small gold screw underneath the silver cap with a hard crystal like substance surrounding the gold screw and then the silver cap then the crown? i am asking because this was the anatomy of mine. and i dont even remember getting this tooth crowned thats the odd part. does anyone have anything they can tell me about the anatomy of my crown. is it correct or does this seem odd?

  • Shahbaz Attar
    Shahbaz Attar Year ago

    Cost? Is it available in India

  • SteppinLady Underwood

    How much Doc?

  • xXGamer ForlifeXx

    Cool vid my thoot split in half and this vid helped me,plz do more vids!

  • sandeep singh
    sandeep singh Year ago

    Found you Dr Greany.. You are awesome

  • Southeast Texas Endodontics

    Great information!

  • captfalconXX
    captfalconXX 7 years ago

    Very informative !

  • bangbangtangahwei
    bangbangtangahwei 7 years ago

    informative video

  • Sherry Faith
    Sherry Faith 8 years ago

    intersting now i will floss

  • Nicholas Reese
    Nicholas Reese 9 years ago


  • DawnOfTheTigress
    DawnOfTheTigress 9 years ago