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  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 16 hours ago

    Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

  • georgia may brogden

    fuck the government and fuck boris/rees mogg

  • Rhoda Solomon2019

    Catchy tunes

  • Rhoda Solomon2019

    Stormzzzzzzz ya

  • vicki hackney
    vicki hackney Month ago

    Love that I feature in you video

  • Storm Coulson Johnson
    Storm Coulson Johnson 2 months ago

    outfit getting tupac vibes

  • IgotHacked oh yeh
    IgotHacked oh yeh 2 months ago

    yo man u a beast i could see the fire from 3 miles away here man and bro could hear u thats insane broo and the lights seemed to be higher then the clouds

  • Yuan Wullink
    Yuan Wullink 2 months ago

    Now this was a fucking performance. No cap

  • Boris Johnson's letterbox

    Lil dee should of came after p money

  • Boris Johnson's letterbox

    No white rappers tho. Ones that were way before him

  • Jack Redfern
    Jack Redfern 2 months ago

    He still can't say "little red whip" properly 🤭🤭🤭

  • taylor jay davidson
    taylor jay davidson 3 months ago

    he said slowthai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ibrahim gaming
    Ibrahim gaming 3 months ago


  • Mr Mug
    Mr Mug 3 months ago

    And y didnt he pay homage to ruff sqwad for the beat?

  • Mr Mug
    Mr Mug 3 months ago

    Why didnt he mention harlem Spartans??

  • big razz
    big razz 3 months ago

    Thats alot of people saying "fuck the govt and fuck borris" for someone that fucking won

  • As you Were
    As you Were 3 months ago

    *NOW BORIS IS PM* 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Carlo Santi
    Carlo Santi 3 months ago

    Madddd respect from the U S OF A! This man can perform..killed it..

  • Tom The wanderer
    Tom The wanderer 3 months ago

    Chao wang you absolute hero

  • Zsoltii
    Zsoltii 3 months ago


  • 113vinnie
    113vinnie 3 months ago

    😂🤣 This is hilarious ,i have been call fat foreigner i am skinny as a rake ,no talent loser ,dicheads dont even know me 😂🤣

  • TG Media
    TG Media 3 months ago

    Fuck the government and fuck Boris

  • sally cobain
    sally cobain 3 months ago

    I don’t listen to Stormzy so if end up annoying someone I’m sorry 😬 Anyone know the name of the song that is playing while he’s shouting out all those people?

  • 113vinnie
    113vinnie 3 months ago

    I had written a reponse but deleted it ,as too many cry babies got upset i had criticized their hero sorry about that ,didn't realize there were so many losers out there 😂🤣😥😭

    • James odwyer
      James odwyer 3 months ago

      @samwwrl98ify facts

    • samwwrl98ify
      samwwrl98ify 3 months ago

      113vinnie have you literally come here to rag on someone 100x more successful and talented than you? Loser

  • Txmmi
    Txmmi 3 months ago

    The UK are carrying the Rap scene, don’t even lie

    • Joe Mama
      Joe Mama Month ago

      Australia is doing well aswell

    • Mac Todman
      Mac Todman 3 months ago


    • Paulinho Gasta
      Paulinho Gasta 3 months ago

      @Jonny Racher really? Have you ever truely listened to his lyrics?

    • 乔瓦尼
      乔瓦尼 3 months ago


    • Jonny Racher
      Jonny Racher 3 months ago

      John Erwin I haven’t listened to one song by Dave where he’s changed the flow or where he rides the beat. He typically just sticks to one flow throughout the song and he doesn’t have great word play in his lyrics. His music is boring

  • Ellis Evans
    Ellis Evans 3 months ago

    Deadest act on their 💀

    • samwwrl98ify
      samwwrl98ify 3 months ago

      Ellis Evans not as dead as your spelling lad 😂

  • MissGeorgiex1
    MissGeorgiex1 3 months ago

    Ughhhh wish I’d seen this live, love you man

  • Smoczek 84
    Smoczek 84 4 months ago

    Fuck this is so great

  • specificasian
    specificasian 4 months ago

    How shit.

  • Ken Masters
    Ken Masters 4 months ago

    Why fuck Boris? Would he rather a labour soyboy like Corbyn be PM?

    • Cormac Oliver
      Cormac Oliver 4 months ago

      Ken Masters he likes corbyn as he gives him and artists like him positive recognition

  • Ethan
    Ethan 4 months ago

    He didn’t even say Dave lol

      TOBS VLOGS 2 months ago

      Nah they peformed with him few seconds before

  • Drew Hamilton
    Drew Hamilton 4 months ago

    Dead crowd

    ESSGEE 4 months ago

    her biji stormzy

  • Julian.O. FN
    Julian.O. FN 4 months ago

    Not die Is Dont dab we vossi bop

  • Rosie Hillier
    Rosie Hillier 4 months ago

    Glad you uploaded bbc won’t cause it says fuck the Boris fuck the goverment

    • MR NUTZ
      MR NUTZ 4 months ago

      Rosie Hillier BBCs a bunch of pussies

  • R.O.K UK
    R.O.K UK 4 months ago

    Proud of u man!

  • Dan Casey
    Dan Casey 4 months ago

    God bless this man for recording in landscape.

  • MegaMarc
    MegaMarc 4 months ago

    "Thank the government, thank Boris" I think Boris Johnson was listening to the Kidz Bop version of this song

    • Myles Leonard
      Myles Leonard 3 months ago

      SevenSeasOfRyroze oh sorry I’m Irish haha the English government are retarded anyway haha

    • SevenSeasOfRyroze
      SevenSeasOfRyroze 3 months ago

      Myles Leonard that’s his point, Boris thought they were saying thank 😂

    • Secretive Hamster
      Secretive Hamster 3 months ago

      Myles Leonard of course it is dipshit

    • Myles Leonard
      Myles Leonard 4 months ago

      MegaMarc it’s fuck the government and fuck boris

  • Nemesio
    Nemesio 4 months ago

    Eros , Enfield ?

  • Nemesio
    Nemesio 4 months ago

    Eros , Enfield ?

    • Lest C
      Lest C 4 months ago

      Ritzy's Tottenham 🤔🤔

  • Scott Jackson
    Scott Jackson 4 months ago

    Cool as fuck

  • Steve Collinson
    Steve Collinson 4 months ago

    It's maaaaaaaad how the security are bopping and lip syncing this !!!!

    • Imtiyaz_ R
      Imtiyaz_ R 4 months ago

      Steve Collinson i bet stormzy was like to them Ay blud you aint better then me SHUTUP

  • Unholier Than Thou
    Unholier Than Thou 4 months ago


  • 113vinnie
    113vinnie 4 months ago

    Rap crap😤😢😭

    • Txmmi
      Txmmi 3 months ago

      113vinnie lol why are u here then

    • Michael Cook
      Michael Cook 4 months ago

      Your crap you fat foreniger

    • Yiannis Gaming
      Yiannis Gaming 4 months ago

      Then why are you watching it fucking idiot. get a life loser🤡🖕

  • Jake Osmond
    Jake Osmond 4 months ago

    One of the security guards was singing along😂😂

  • MyyOwwnEmmpire
    MyyOwwnEmmpire 4 months ago

    Fucking Legend Stormzy 💯 You Deserve This Life My Raasclart G.....Love From Lewisham/Catford........ Yeaaaa Because Stormzy Is Fucking Certified Like that and whatttttttttt 😎

  • Repoj
    Repoj 4 months ago

    1:45 Boys are ridin around borris bike

  • Dingo 8mykids
    Dingo 8mykids 4 months ago


    • Josiah Trelawny
      Josiah Trelawny 16 hours ago

      @Carl Johnson you obviously have never seen fascism on a political compass friend. Then you will understand. Boris is a Thatcherism supporter not fascist.

    • Carl Johnson
      Carl Johnson 16 hours ago

      Josiah Trelawny fascism is extremely right. The position you described is conservative. And this is what Boris is, he is a very right conservative.

    • Carl Johnson
      Carl Johnson 16 hours ago

      Josiah Trelawny communists and Marxists are more Common with Fascist than Skinheads and Alt-White people. I think you know nothing about The left wing my friend

    • Josiah Trelawny
      Josiah Trelawny 3 days ago

      @wv vw mate fascism in its native form is slightly right of centre but extremely authoritarian. Boris fits neither of these. If you deny this fact you obviously dont know what fascism is.

    • wv vw
      wv vw 4 days ago

      Josiah Trelawny I could tell you what fascism is and you'd ignore it and either non-sequitur or strawman me. Just know your little Pommieland is on the downhill skis, big time.

  • Ed
    Ed 4 months ago

    Glad someone uploaded cuz the BBC won’t

    • Steve M
      Steve M Month ago

    • Trish Delish
      Trish Delish 3 months ago

      "Fuck the government, and fuck Boris!" #merky2019

    • zCharged
      zCharged 3 months ago

      @IFB The BBC and Glastonbury organisers are separate

    • IFB
      IFB 3 months ago

      ​@Redd_Salty They clearly didn't care about the government diss or they would just have not let him perform Vossi Bop.

    • Redd_Salty
      Redd_Salty 4 months ago

      Ed CG they won’t upload it because of the government diss in it 😂

  • Seth
    Seth 4 months ago

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 moment

  • Richard Richard.
    Richard Richard. 4 months ago

    Potter payper bang ya doors. He's the man

  • GEᗩᖇOIᗪ ᕼᗩᖇTᒪEY


  • XxRedDevilxX ¡¡¡
    XxRedDevilxX ¡¡¡ 4 months ago

    Stormz is probably the nicest rapper I know

  • XxRedDevilxX ¡¡¡
    XxRedDevilxX ¡¡¡ 4 months ago

    Stormz showing everyone that you can make it with hard work

  • Eddie Hitchens
    Eddie Hitchens 4 months ago

    Pull up your trousers you talentless prick

    • Osman Chude
      Osman Chude 4 months ago

      I’m sure your mum can’t sing better than him

    • HC_ Jiymister
      HC_ Jiymister 4 months ago

      Damien Pearson is it creepy to stop and approach women on the street?🤣🤣

    • Oli
      Oli 4 months ago

      Fuck up you wasteman and keep googling how to pick up girls lol, stomzy might not be everyone's cuppa tea but he's a good ambassador for how to be as a person , more power to him

    • Moonwalker 2006
      Moonwalker 2006 4 months ago

      Eddie Hitchens that's not what millions of other people think🤣

    • Johnathon Robinson
      Johnathon Robinson 4 months ago

      Eddie Hitchens yawn

  • Claude G
    Claude G 4 months ago

    Lmao British rap is hella trash. They can stay over there

    • Tomas Bakucionis
      Tomas Bakucionis 24 days ago

      X1 true expert !

    • Tomas Bakucionis
      Tomas Bakucionis 24 days ago

      This Energy is too much for you G to understand.thats our coulture ,low it.we dont ask any of your western shit here so stay away from ours

    • Miss brown
      Miss brown 2 months ago


    • Sippy
      Sippy 3 months ago

      falling for a weak troll eksdeeee

    • Threatz Uno
      Threatz Uno 4 months ago

      Then y r u on this video u retard ????

  • Tony Heathcote
    Tony Heathcote 4 months ago

    He shouted them all out before shut up message sent if you ask me 🤔

    • chao wang
      chao wang 4 months ago

      He basically declared who is the king at the moment....

  • Nick Doyle
    Nick Doyle 4 months ago

    The kids are easily impressed these days

    • Have-a- Cigar
      Have-a- Cigar 4 months ago

      Ellis Saunders seriously you called the guy a nonce ? Wow that’s low . Easy to just go low early eh ? Then you don’t need whit , intelligence or charm. Just bang pedo done

    • Have-a- Cigar
      Have-a- Cigar 4 months ago

      Andreas Wong you are 100% wong

    • Have-a- Cigar
      Have-a- Cigar 4 months ago

      GK TV max your grammar would suggest shoe size iq . I feel sorry for you like, can’t be easy living with a disability.

    • heathersyer
      heathersyer 4 months ago

      Billie Eilish is such a talented musician.

    • xxxtensioncord
      xxxtensioncord 4 months ago

      @CyberHazard Billie Eilish is great dude

  • Nick Doyle
    Nick Doyle 4 months ago

    Load of rubbish

    • IgotHacked oh yeh
      IgotHacked oh yeh 2 months ago

      american as hell

    • M. Isa
      M. Isa 3 months ago

      @Fortune Gabriel-Oluwatobi you noticed how man like this dont reply to comments like this ool

    • Txmmi
      Txmmi 3 months ago

      Nick Doyle probs American, don’t know what real rap is you fat wanker

    • OutlastedTruth
      OutlastedTruth 3 months ago

      Go stuff a burger up ur ass American

    • Yasin Rahman
      Yasin Rahman 4 months ago

      @M Nafay yo! American's are showing mad love no need for hate!

  • B. H.
    B. H. 4 months ago

    doing the gods work!

  • jasmine DL
    jasmine DL 4 months ago

    Yes stormzyyyyyy 🇬🇭 🇬🇭🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Rekinato
    Rekinato 4 months ago