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  • Kelly Jamison
    Kelly Jamison 3 minutes ago

    She should have left him in the beginning

    J VIP NEWS 3 minutes ago

    She has someone else’s soul is why.

  • Kadijah Hutchinson
    Kadijah Hutchinson 3 minutes ago

    Wow am lost of words

  • Xoe08
    Xoe08 4 minutes ago

    It's not easy being a black female either. I pray he finds peace.

  • dominic clarke
    dominic clarke 4 minutes ago

    She is ugly he can do better

  • Boo Bear
    Boo Bear 5 minutes ago

    I can't find episode 3 to buy it like before stop playing with me stop making me wait to see something i didnt before i want to buy it so let me but ok I'm so upset

  • Gypsygirl 515
    Gypsygirl 515 5 minutes ago

    The biggest crime in this entire story is the wife’s hairstyle....WTH, the 80’s were def brutal.

  • V's Husband
    V's Husband 7 minutes ago

    She even refers to it as an organization, not church..

  • Lynne TMB
    Lynne TMB 7 minutes ago

    🙄 Gawd. 2:50 SHES SUCH A TERRIBLE LIAR. Pause 3:06 look at this “believe me”, l👀k.

  • Maurice Money
    Maurice Money 9 minutes ago

    The devil

  • alex payawal
    alex payawal 10 minutes ago

    He weighed more then I did when I was 13

  • Danielle Nicole
    Danielle Nicole 10 minutes ago


  • Erica Reyes
    Erica Reyes 10 minutes ago


  • Deb J
    Deb J 11 minutes ago

    It’s so good to see positive News🙏🙏

  • norcalfrenchiemom
    norcalfrenchiemom 11 minutes ago

    The dinner party from hell!

  • Daquan Staley
    Daquan Staley 14 minutes ago

    Thanks to Eric now all she seems to like is white men

  • Lauren Cotten-Taylor
    Lauren Cotten-Taylor 14 minutes ago

    The “problem” is gone?! She has a name

  • Mc LBJ
    Mc LBJ 20 minutes ago


  • Abby Luv
    Abby Luv 20 minutes ago

    Civilized country in every but ONE way

  • Jessey Boe
    Jessey Boe 20 minutes ago

    Ive always wanted to a performer. Make music...become an actress etc. I would literally do it for nothing. Its the only thing that makes me extremely happy.....music...i can dance to it for DAYS nonstop. I wanna help the world in some way. And i think that's it. Thank you Oprah for being one of my virtual mentors 😭

  • Ms. Rawkii Joy, Educator
    Ms. Rawkii Joy, Educator 22 minutes ago

    I love black men, I will marry a Godly black man and have his Godly black babies

  • Abby Luv
    Abby Luv 22 minutes ago

    I couldn’t finish this little video yesterday and am finishing it today still hurts and am so frustrated

  • Mc LBJ
    Mc LBJ 22 minutes ago

    Only white women get away with murder.

  • Marianne Stacy
    Marianne Stacy 24 minutes ago

    This is her money but 800.00 for shoes being on the lower side bottem feeders that would pay half my rent.Her grief is priceless so very sorry for her loss.

  • CellandChell
    CellandChell 25 minutes ago

    He thought she would be different now she’s not so now he regrets his decision! You have to be careful of the energy that you put out! That’s what people feel ultimately. If they continue to be sad then damn it so will she.

  • Fidelia N
    Fidelia N 27 minutes ago

    Keep your dream to yourself

    • Ms Lavender
      Ms Lavender Minute ago

      Bishop can really comeback with the biblical quotes.

  • Shelania Johnson
    Shelania Johnson 27 minutes ago

    Um Bishop...you might want to listen to Lady Mae.

  • Anna Lexi
    Anna Lexi 27 minutes ago

    *_I really loved this episode!! Iyanla did so amazing!! Made me realize that she is really good at what she does!!_*

  • Nicole Lee
    Nicole Lee 29 minutes ago

    She left him thAn was on paternity court trying to find out who her latest kids dad is wish I had the link

  • Michael Bass
    Michael Bass 30 minutes ago

    Not even ordained or even have a bibical degree

  • Anna Lexi
    Anna Lexi 30 minutes ago

    *_Lol omg I thought it was Jessica Canseco!! In the thumbnail they looked a lot alike!!_*

  • cbx25
    cbx25 32 minutes ago


  • Barb
    Barb 34 minutes ago

    Oprah isn't having it.

  • Tony Williams
    Tony Williams 35 minutes ago

    Black women are so predictable.

  • cbx25
    cbx25 35 minutes ago


  • Watchwoman For Jesus Christ

    The sad thing about it is that all these black men are ugly 🤮🤮

  • Luckesia Jones
    Luckesia Jones 36 minutes ago

    Mrs Knox you took the words out of my mouth his friendship deserves the truth more than a marriage WOW

  • Jh'ane Jones
    Jh'ane Jones 36 minutes ago

    Put a Lego on the floor, let her step on it. She'll know pain then.

  • The Josh O Show
    The Josh O Show 37 minutes ago

    If you’re reading this, you’re awesome :)

  • melodyrhythem
    melodyrhythem 38 minutes ago

    How can she laugh like that over the talk about selling the house !!!!

  • Jovan Dyson
    Jovan Dyson 38 minutes ago

    344 she is right there is only one god the god of the Israelites hebrews that's why they hate us and confused us about are inheritance isreal we are the chosen of the most high god of isreal yahwusha yahweh

  • Legion DC
    Legion DC 38 minutes ago

    Where's Rick Fox's character? GiGi broke up with him? Is Noah gonna get divorce because of this love child he's sharing with GiGi? Charity Greenleaf LOL

    • FutureLPN/RN
      FutureLPN/RN 22 minutes ago

      Earlisha White you she broke up with him after she found out about him using information for that article

    • Earlisha White
      Earlisha White 23 minutes ago

      That's what I was wondering. I don't remember them breaking up last season.

    • FutureLPN/RN
      FutureLPN/RN 23 minutes ago

      Legion DC yeah she broke up with him last season

  • Something In Spanish
    Something In Spanish 40 minutes ago

    And we thought Lafayette had a long name...

  • cbx25
    cbx25 40 minutes ago


  • ItzQuincy Peterkin
    ItzQuincy Peterkin 42 minutes ago

    Lort smack him.🤦🏼‍♂🤷🏻‍♂🙈😭 Thus is The problem with them self proclaimed preachers and Christians of this modern era in the age of reason!

  • Black Onyx
    Black Onyx 42 minutes ago

    I love my country. God bless our country. In our darkest hours, we Americans shine light into the darkness 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Judith Crisp
    Judith Crisp 43 minutes ago

    True story......back in 1986 my Mum and I were in London, here in the UK doing a little Christmas shopping. We were having a cheeky nose around the perfume department of Harrods. There was a gentleman somewhere in his pre-retirement years trying to grab the attention of a sales assistant, who seemed to be deliberately ignoring him. Admittedly he was a little unkempt dress wise, but he was trying to be very polite about needing some assistance. My Mum insisted we hung around to have a nose at what would happen. She schussed me, saying she’d tell me later. The ignorance of the sales assistant continued for a few more minutes. Then the gentleman walked away over to a security guard. Minutes later the manager appeared looking very flustered and embarrassed. He spoke quietly but in a gestured way to the sales girls. Suddenly there seemed to be staff everywhere flustering around this older gent, even giving him a chair on which to sit. A little later when my Mum and I were walking further down the Kings Road, my Mum finally told me who the shabbily dressed man was. Apparently he was none other than the actor Omar Sharif, famous for being in the films Doctor Zhivago and Laurence of Arabia....and had spent nearly £5,000 on perfumes and matching toiletries!!! The funniest part to this story is that a couple of years later I actually was lucky enough to meet Omar. He was so wonderful to talk to, funny, very engaging and wanted to know all about me. But his eyes....oh my god I fell in love with those beautiful brown eyes, so mesmerising, I was struggling to speak!! I think the moral to the story , just like Oprah’s here is, never judge a person by their looks and most certainly never by their colour. Every decent retailer knows.....the customer is always right, because without customers they’d be out of a business!!🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Ruth O
    Ruth O 44 minutes ago

    What kind of parent would allow such a thing to happen again to their own child wtf??

  • Bishop Fuller
    Bishop Fuller 45 minutes ago


    JACINTA JEANETTA 46 minutes ago

    I’m reading her book in class

  • K Hall
    K Hall 46 minutes ago

    Warning comes before destruction! This season is going to be GOOD!

  • Lady Boone
    Lady Boone 46 minutes ago

    Well... 😯😮😯😮😯😮🤔🤔

  • Tracy Kingston
    Tracy Kingston 47 minutes ago

    No one has the right to destroy another person's life like this leaving them to suffer so greatly

  • MissMirus Robinson
    MissMirus Robinson 48 minutes ago

    Maybe it was grief that made her feel that way and she wasn't really thinking

  • Samantha Smith
    Samantha Smith 49 minutes ago

    When she asked her mom.if she thought about her brothers .. that killed me man

  • Jessica Reed
    Jessica Reed 49 minutes ago

    I know several black women who are in interracial relationships but they separate themselves for black issues just like the black man when he is in a interracial relationship. I can't cosigne their attitude because if their partner leaves then they will have nothing. If you do date outside your race make sure he is not ashamed of you and your people because it is easy to embrace whiteness but hard to accept blackness.

  • LookatMY Hat
    LookatMY Hat 50 minutes ago

    Poor chris ... he had such a beautiful soul, what a beautiful son. RIP

  • Mary Graham
    Mary Graham 51 minute ago

    OWN is crazy. I have WiFi but it doesn't carry enough for the OWN app. Unreal. So one has to pay to see anything from OWN. BUT, they only take certain ones. It's ridiculous! So many providers do not carry OWN. I wonder why?

  • shareejl1
    shareejl1 51 minute ago

    I can see divorce written all over his face!!!

  • Heather TEA
    Heather TEA 51 minute ago

    SISTAS PLEASE STOP following poisonous NARRATIVES. We aren't SUPERWOMEN! We're FEMALES with strengths, weaknesses; good & bad behavior. You're hurting, seek as MANY healthy & safe ways 2 assist your ISSUES.💖😊

  • Tech Unboxing Videos
    Tech Unboxing Videos 52 minutes ago

    My favorite show.

  • Niya Harris
    Niya Harris 53 minutes ago

    I’m really upset with this show in a good way tho 😭😭 this season is spicy

  • FutureLPN/RN
    FutureLPN/RN 53 minutes ago

    I think she needed it! But I really hope she didn’t know about Mac and faith and all the other girls!

    • FutureLPN/RN
      FutureLPN/RN 24 minutes ago

      Havilah Driver Exactly! That would have sent her over the edge!

    • Havilah Driver
      Havilah Driver 34 minutes ago

      FutureLPN/RN She did. During season two, she told Bishop Mac watched their father sexually abuse her. For Mae not to believe Grace when Faith recanted makes no sense to me.

  • Anna ASMR
    Anna ASMR 53 minutes ago

    Hope everyone reading is having a great week so far 💕❤️💕💕

  • MrNoluv
    MrNoluv 54 minutes ago

    Colorism is a problem for DARK BLACK WOMEN! Have to ask yourself if it is only affecting a small percentage and not a big percent like let's say depression, cancer, obesity...then it must be a self-perception issue. How come you never hear whites, Asians, Hispanics, Black Men, Eskimos...it's only DARK BW. Let's be real, if you think people don't find you as attractive as others.....THAT'S A YOU ISSUE!

  • LookatMY Hat
    LookatMY Hat 54 minutes ago

    The mom should have been more educated before flying her out to mexico. She was just making excuses not to exercise. thats just laziness and Im sorry for her.

  • Esjai Ceh
    Esjai Ceh 59 minutes ago

    Why is there a trans gender representing and speaking for natural women?

  • WindowShaker
    WindowShaker 59 minutes ago

    All the food obviously went to the mom she looks like a pig.

  • Jarrica H
    Jarrica H Hour ago

    Her mother claims she got it from other little girls mwan while she eating a spoon full of food every meal herself....like people need to take responsibility and stop passing the blame

  • T. Marie King
    T. Marie King Hour ago

    They always say it was a perfect marriage honey at the end of the day there was always some red flags but you choose not to see it

  • The dusty foot It’s Nunti

    God Bless this Beautiful lady in and out 🙏❤️🙏

  • Sweb 35
    Sweb 35 Hour ago

    If I had Oprah’s money I would have crushed that guy online then call the owner and tell him how blacks are being treated the store. I would not have bought that damn bag especially not from that store. That guy would not have gotten commission off me.

  • Susan Emberley
    Susan Emberley Hour ago

    Why is oprah wearing a tina turner wig.

  • Animal Society
    Animal Society Hour ago


  • Cherie Grant Johnson

    Love this show, didn't know that was the finale last week, very good The book that started it all was great also, I highly recommend you read it while waiting for season five😍Blessings

  • Tony Williams
    Tony Williams Hour ago

    Trans women are not women They are transwomen lol

  • Pan Mantequilla
    Pan Mantequilla Hour ago

    Suze orman was SAUVAGE

  • Eireee17
    Eireee17 Hour ago

    Blessed those doctors! She looks great!

  • Shelby Jonai
    Shelby Jonai Hour ago

    Melody is a strong and incredible woman who is destined for more success.

  • CourtneyMarie 6661

    I don’t live far away from there and I remember when he was found. It was nuts.

  • miniimufin
    miniimufin Hour ago

    "yea put life insurance on your husband, he is your jewel, your ticket out"...what an awful thing to hear and say about someone

  • Tony Williams
    Tony Williams Hour ago

    I swear to god. Black women hate us black men more.than yall dislike the Klan kkk or white by skinheads..white men can keep you black chicks.

  • Eireee17
    Eireee17 Hour ago

    I'm glad she got to tell her story

  • Sara Patrick
    Sara Patrick Hour ago

    My heart hurts for her especially when she talked about scaring children. I feel that would be one of the biggest hurdle for me

  • Kina Espinoza
    Kina Espinoza Hour ago

    It’s the moms fault.

  • Love Peace And Happiness

    ❤❤❤❤🙌🙌🙌🙌 God is good!!! All the time!!!

  • Tony Williams
    Tony Williams Hour ago

    I swear blaxk women dream to be single moms for the clount. Dumbass attention whores. I swear.

  • Sheila Mccullough

    Poor baby Good Bless You n your mother

  • Eireee17
    Eireee17 Hour ago

    When you see the red flags ... GET OUT!!!

  • Bishop Fuller
    Bishop Fuller Hour ago

    Mrs Cross Mrs. Cross Mrs. Cross Please leave my pastor alone gal. Damnn !!!

  • Kim The Koala
    Kim The Koala Hour ago

    And I thought I had a long name:kimberly Pacheco melendez macias praujio Guadalupe piñeda martiasea valentina grenada Lopez estrada Rodriguez

  • Tony Williams
    Tony Williams Hour ago

    I would never NEVER EVER. DATE a black woman who dated or slept with a white man. I could never. Ever..ewwww.

  • Tony Williams
    Tony Williams Hour ago

    As a Black man i wish more black women dating interracial so they can finally feel as black men alone. And take their obsession with us black men away. Its super unhealthy. White men can have yall.

    • Danielle Nora
      Danielle Nora 29 minutes ago

      Tony Williams White and nonblack women can have you too

  • Royce Mosley
    Royce Mosley Hour ago

    Gosh... Where can I watch this full story??? Without . it cutting off?? #OWN

  • Sankofa Shakur
    Sankofa Shakur Hour ago

    When will there be a forum for brothers to also let our frustrations out?

  • Lubbylove89
    Lubbylove89 Hour ago

    He seems like such a genuine guy who clearly adores her....I wonder what Mama's problem is lol

  • Katherine Canaday

    That mother was all about herself

  • Madame Paulettes

    She is so strong and brave to come on television to warn other women. She was born for a purpose and I can tell she is a beautiful soul!

  • Linda Harper
    Linda Harper Hour ago

    That kid should have been able to tell the audience what the scripture meant that he yelled out. It means; "The Lord is saying that if a person is ashamed of Him (Jesus) when they speak to others then the Lord will be ashamed of them when they meet with him face to face."

  • Tyleshia Thompson

    You can’t practice what u preach if you don’t understand what u preach