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Overwatch HIGHLIGHTS #1
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Thanos DELETES Fortnite
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AIMBOT is the new meta
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We live in a society
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E-Squad Live 2
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Hunting for gold.
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Two Kids Play Minecraft
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H Mart Food Review!
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Decent Match
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MHA Story Mode
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Bite the bullet
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The Legend of Bird Zelda
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indian food
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first original meme
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Sonic Trailer Comparison
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E-Squad In Minecraft
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Good Night Moooooooon
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The BEST Scout song ever
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Yang gang 2020
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God Eater Demo Test Drive
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Bob + Joe Inc.
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The Lion King: Live Action
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This Is What The Fox Says
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My D&D Group
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Piranha Plant Giveaway
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Overwatch Highlights
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Mario's 3D Jazz Band
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That's Long
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  • Maverick Versus Everything

    You make it look easy to grow on YT. Mav has no trouble keeping the energy high over on Maverick Versus Everything either. lolz

    • Maverick Versus Everything
      Maverick Versus Everything 17 hours ago

      E-Squad Productions Apprecitate the kind words!

    • E-Squad Productions
      E-Squad Productions 17 hours ago

      Honestly it's not easy! I just checked out your channel and I love it! It's the cutest most wholesome thing I've seen! Sure our channel may have more subscribers but you guys have a better retention and consistency on video views.

  • E-Squad Productions

    Thank you guys for the views! Don't forget out Headset GIVEAWAY for October! tvclip.biz/video/egK5lybYwqY/video.html It works docked on the switch!

  • E-Squad Productions

    What do you guys think? Is this the actual fix that Paramount is going with?

  • E-Squad Productions

    Fortnite finally ENDS and gets DELETED! Sound warning at the very end btw

  • Guan C.
    Guan C. 3 days ago

    0:14 0:16 0:19 0:29

  • Adison Santos
    Adison Santos 3 days ago

    I liked the Drawing Better

  • Der Mikro M -_-
    Der Mikro M -_- 3 days ago

    3:26 so i want the physical box with the code but i cant order it from amazon can i pre order it from game stop?

  • Noah Parker
    Noah Parker 4 days ago

    Hotdiggitydemon has done it again!

  • Sonic The Hedgehog BR


  • Fintan Mathewes
    Fintan Mathewes 6 days ago

    Wait you actually uploaded

  • E-Squad Productions

    Fin ranks all the Overwatch Waifus without even playing the game. He gets their name and a small description about them. Hope you enjoy!

  • Lingi Brown
    Lingi Brown 6 days ago

    Sonic movie good Sonic cartoon better than Sonic movie hahaha you get it wink

  • R. M.
    R. M. 7 days ago

    3/10 not enough of a mental breakdown

  • OverSquad
    OverSquad 7 days ago


  • SquidVillager
    SquidVillager 7 days ago


  • PastyPickle
    PastyPickle 7 days ago


  • Isaac Mathewes
    Isaac Mathewes 7 days ago

    My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken us humans?

  • Super Mario Kaeden
    Super Mario Kaeden 7 days ago


  • Fintan Mathewes
    Fintan Mathewes 7 days ago

    Im sorru for voicing this

  • Mary Beth Johnson
    Mary Beth Johnson 7 days ago

    Omg, why😂😂

  • Mary Beth Johnson
    Mary Beth Johnson 8 days ago

    woah another zelda noice

  • Brosuke
    Brosuke 8 days ago

    But why

  • Oscar Wild
    Oscar Wild 8 days ago

    I like me the animated Sonic more

  • Brosuke
    Brosuke 10 days ago

    Here comes the ad revenue...

  • Super Mario Kaeden
    Super Mario Kaeden 10 days ago

    I’m first comment and person to watch

  • Arctic Specter / Donte Drew

    I hate both tbh

  • E-Squad Productions
    E-Squad Productions 10 days ago

    15:33 rAsPbErRiEs

  • E-Squad Productions
    E-Squad Productions 10 days ago

    Subscribe for more "Two Kids Play" make sure to join the Headset giveaway! gleam.io/jqOCn/hyperx-cloud-stinger-wireless-giveaway

  • Rafael Nunez Jr.
    Rafael Nunez Jr. 10 days ago

    That headphone mad niceeee!

  • Mario plays
    Mario plays 11 days ago

    More like sonic the loser!

  • Weston
    Weston 11 days ago

    30k dReam DoAwg

  • Weston
    Weston 11 days ago

    paL friend 30k

  • Michael Auker
    Michael Auker 11 days ago

    Best review ever

  • William Tibbits
    William Tibbits 11 days ago

    The cartoon sonic looks great but if I had to choose between the two, I'd have to choose the more realistic looking Sonic cause it actually looks like be belongs in that universe

  • Gosix
    Gosix 11 days ago

    Congratulations on 16.3k subs man I am trying to get to 865 myself. love your videos man and keep making the videos you love

    • E-Squad Productions
      E-Squad Productions 11 days ago

      Thanks Gosix! Really appreciate it! Can't wait for more videos to come!

  • Antonia Ladislau
    Antonia Ladislau 11 days ago


  • Fintan Mathewes
    Fintan Mathewes 12 days ago


  • E-Squad Productions
    E-Squad Productions 12 days ago

    we did it bois! We got a capture card

    • Brosuke
      Brosuke 12 days ago


  • Surrenda Ross
    Surrenda Ross 12 days ago


  • Amanda Nasr
    Amanda Nasr 12 days ago


  • E-Squad Productions
    E-Squad Productions 13 days ago

    Good plays 7:54

  • Jamie Davis
    Jamie Davis 14 days ago

    God, I know Sonic in hotdiggitydemon already.

  • Rafael Sanchez
    Rafael Sanchez 14 days ago

    Alternatively I tried plugging a headset with the 3.5mm on the Switch and yes it actually works there. For docked users, you can just get an extension cable that supports the headsets and you'll be A-OK. But yeah, native voice chat on Switch!

    • E-Squad Productions
      E-Squad Productions 14 days ago

      yeah an extension cable would totally work! Personally I prefer wireless b/c my setup is around 12ft away from where I sit

  • JW killz
    JW killz 15 days ago

    I'd Rather see the 2d version

  • OmegaWolfe
    OmegaWolfe 15 days ago

    Is there gonna be cross platform?

  • Fintan Mathewes
    Fintan Mathewes 15 days ago

    Wtf is this

  • E-Squad Productions
    E-Squad Productions 15 days ago

    46:50 is where it gets good and by good i mean stupid

  • No Hay
    No Hay 15 days ago


  • E-Squad Productions
    E-Squad Productions 15 days ago

    Make sure to enter in the giveaway! gleam.io/jqOCn/hyperx-cloud-stinger-wireless-giveaway THE GIVEAWAY WILL BE DONE AT THE END OF OCTOBER

  • Desolateblock243
    Desolateblock243 15 days ago

    will my progress on ps4 transfer to switch

    • watermelon drea
      watermelon drea 2 days ago

      jeff stated that they want to do it but their is no plans right now. so you will be lvl 1 with the free skins

  • {Shadow Judy}
    {Shadow Judy} 16 days ago

    I love the animation

  • woah tiff relax
    woah tiff relax 16 days ago

    Will it work on Nintendo switch lite?

    • abysmal
      abysmal 16 days ago

      woah tiff relax yes.

  • Fintan Mathewes
    Fintan Mathewes 16 days ago


  • Dark Veri
    Dark Veri 17 days ago

    Actually japan is getting a physical cartridge

  • Raelena kamakahi
    Raelena kamakahi 17 days ago

    Ooooh I can’t wait for the sonic movie sonic: of course you are gotta go fast 💨

  • DrWizzyRPGaming RPGfan

    I hope sonic is a Cartoon charater

  • Ra Ge
    Ra Ge 17 days ago

    someone pls help if I preordered the game in physical form with the download code will I still get the noire skin?????????

    • Ra Ge
      Ra Ge 11 days ago

      Bella Wieden thank you soooo much :) you helped me a lot 🤛

    • Bella Wieden
      Bella Wieden 12 days ago

      Yeah from reading the desc from my local game store you get all the same stuff as just buying it from the eshop

  • Galaxy Playz
    Galaxy Playz 17 days ago

    Sonic movie, cats movie, What's next? Roblox movie?

  • E-Squad Productions
    E-Squad Productions 17 days ago

    RIP Headphone users

  • Sharlene Cervantes
    Sharlene Cervantes 17 days ago

    Movie sonic mania: Coming Never

  • Imhungry
    Imhungry 18 days ago

    Anyone want to squad up on overwatch if yes comment your friend code I would add you

  • RadioShadowGames YT
    RadioShadowGames YT 18 days ago

    I think they shoulda made a CGI movie

  • Rubi la gamer :v
    Rubi la gamer :v 18 days ago

    Much better 7w7

  • Shark Torpeedoz
    Shark Torpeedoz 18 days ago

    One movie company or One person

  • Milan Lasoe
    Milan Lasoe 18 days ago

    Can you play it on switch lite as well?

  • Lily playz Gacha
    Lily playz Gacha 18 days ago

    Can we have a pixelated Sonic?

  • X.A.N.A.
    X.A.N.A. 19 days ago

    Wait why can’t I just plug in my head phones in dock mode to use a mic

    • E-Squad Productions
      E-Squad Productions 7 days ago

      @Anthony Intelisanocan't wait to get on some Overwatch with all you guys!

    • Anthony Intelisano
      Anthony Intelisano 7 days ago

      @E-Squad Productions whew. Thanks for clearing that up. I was wondering the same. I play my switch in portable mode only, with my pro controller. I'm not home much. My switch is on a stand only a foot from me so I was like wtf cant i plug earbuds with a mic in. Glad we can, Well that settles it. I'm preordering it. Guess I won't be hitting 1000 hours in Paladins now.a little over 750 :( oh well

    • E-Squad Productions
      E-Squad Productions 18 days ago

      Yeah you can do that! You'd have to just get a long cord or whatever to reach the headphone jack. My setup is about 10 feet away so a better option is wireless.

  • Devil Boy Prouductions

    Wow, A youtuber did better than a 5000 dollar movie company

  • EndlessGaming YT
    EndlessGaming YT 19 days ago

    This is the only video when we still can see the cartoon animation. Because the original maker removed it from his channel.

  • Valdeci Borges Júnior

    O segudo gostei😀

  • Jeremiah Kitty-Heyward

    What’s the song in the trailer

  • Fintan Mathewes
    Fintan Mathewes 19 days ago


  • 자메스
    자메스 19 days ago

    900p and 30fps kind of make me hesitate

  • Rafat Sartawi
    Rafat Sartawi 19 days ago


  • Rafat Sartawi
    Rafat Sartawi 19 days ago


  • Rafat Sartawi
    Rafat Sartawi 19 days ago


  • Pixel
    Pixel 20 days ago

    Cartoon is better

  • LStrongYT
    LStrongYT 21 day ago

    I only want to play it if it runs at 60fps so rip

    • LStrongYT
      LStrongYT 2 days ago

      bandana boi69 it’s a competitive game. Competitive games should have at least 60fps for accuracy and response time. It removes the competitive asset of the game with 30 frames. It makes the game a bit more casual

    • bandana boi69
      bandana boi69 2 days ago

      LStrongYT go look at gameplay, it doesn’t look bad. Honestly pretty smoothly

  • Nathan Palmer
    Nathan Palmer 21 day ago

    Haven’t played Overwatch since before I switched to PlayStation 4 but I’m definitely getting this, playing Overwatch at college is gonna be so lit.

  • Lucas Baillie
    Lucas Baillie 21 day ago

    Mario rules sonic drules

  • Kermit_ Frenzy2
    Kermit_ Frenzy2 22 days ago

    Bruh that’s how the sonic movie would look like with an animated/live action sonic

  • the Drifterت
    the Drifterت 22 days ago

    So it’s sonic 1 but realistic

  • Emliy Miller
    Emliy Miller 23 days ago

    I like the cartoon version better

  • Fintan Mathewes
    Fintan Mathewes 24 days ago

    What the hell

  • T- Skater
    T- Skater 24 days ago

    Hey can you guys watch my comparison tvclip.biz/video/pvCFZd_wO2k/video.html

  • E-Squad Productions
    E-Squad Productions 24 days ago

    easy trip at 3:00

  • cuchurrumy el pro12
    cuchurrumy el pro12 24 days ago


  • Fintan Mathewes
    Fintan Mathewes 24 days ago

    Meine arsche, essen, bitte!

    SEAFOOD bEATz 24 days ago

    Warum auch inmer mir das vorgeschlagen wird

  • MT plays MC
    MT plays MC 24 days ago


  • Morning Glory
    Morning Glory 24 days ago

    Damn, only $39?

  • Money Jdtyyftftftfgtyf y ffsdsdddfffghgchhrxd

    Oh my God I love that 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • AkaCode_YT Vlogs
    AkaCode_YT Vlogs 25 days ago

    Nice Video it’s cool

  • Schnitzelheinz 2
    Schnitzelheinz 2 25 days ago

    Thanks! I will only play it in Docked because I have it onTv on my Xbox one X.I hope it will be good!

  • Fintan Mathewes
    Fintan Mathewes 25 days ago


  • Nessa
    Nessa 25 days ago

    I preordered physical cas why not but the noire skins been bugging me. They never said that you’d get it in the physical copy and on Gamestop it doesn’t list the noire skin anywhere besides in the trailer they link. Plus on Reddit someone said that they contacted blizzard and the guy didn’t seem sure about it either. So From as far as I can tell from that people who ordered physical might not get the skin at all. Update: I cancelled my physical pre order and ordered on the eshop instead so there’s that

    • Nessa
      Nessa 24 days ago

      E-Squad Productions will do!

    • E-Squad Productions
      E-Squad Productions 24 days ago

      make sure to get my friend code!

    • Nessa
      Nessa 24 days ago

      E-Squad Productions true, the only difference is the box but It’d make sense that you wouldn’t get the code physical unless there packaging all the preorders with a noire code or they could have given all the sellers codes to give to all those who preordered. Idk hopefully me and everyone else who pre ordered physical will get it

    • E-Squad Productions
      E-Squad Productions 25 days ago

      Hopefully you'll get the skin! I just got it off the eshop because it said you'll get the skin. The only difference is that the "physical" is just a box.

  • spicyy 0pz
    spicyy 0pz 25 days ago

    that should of been the movie

  • Mary Beth Johnson
    Mary Beth Johnson 26 days ago

    It's im-peck-able

  • Karia_ _Pinkk
    Karia_ _Pinkk 26 days ago

    It’s me I lost my laptop once on the plane waaa🤤🙃

  • Dean. Lambros
    Dean. Lambros 26 days ago