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  • Jadzia Lightowler
    Jadzia Lightowler 25 minutes ago

    that time you did the movie titles in different languages video, i liked the "Hogwarts language". what if you do a video on how to speak it or something? that would be cool!!!!!!!!!!! what if Hogwarts language was just called "Potterish" or something maybe. also you guys are awesome :)

  • kaali3468
    kaali3468 25 minutes ago

    Someone translated the book that the king reads from in Frozen :)

  • Joy Jemmott
    Joy Jemmott 6 hours ago

    hi, I know that you guys made a video on Frozen and Tangled about 2 months ago but I was wondering if ya'll are considering making another with the Tangled series now released information?
    I think the series info is really good and would love to see your theories and thoughts on it.....

  • Ashley Foxx
    Ashley Foxx Day ago

    What happened to Nearly Headless Nick when he looked at the basilisk's eyes? Hes a ghost, he can't die again but something did happen, what ? Was he some sort of unconscious or another state of death? Also, how did they revive him from the state he was in?

  • the kid engineer
    the kid engineer 2 days ago

    Hey guys you should do a video on Mary Lou in fantastic beasts email me at this email address and i will explain everything and my theories.

  • Hannah Houser
    Hannah Houser 2 days ago

    I am wondering how all santa claus movie out there connect together history wise or all one universes? ( clay animations, santa claus movie, santa paws and etc..)

  • Lilith Aroz
    Lilith Aroz 3 days ago

    a theory i have is about newt+hagrid+aragog. is it possible that newt was the one that gave hagrid aragog? aragog himself in chamber of secrets states to harry and ron "i came from a distant land in the pocket of a traveller" this theory being looked into will help alot

  • Lilith Aroz
    Lilith Aroz 4 days ago

    interested in the history of madam rolanda hooch. if its possible for a video on that thanks

  • Akito Kiki
    Akito Kiki 5 days ago

    I caught site of your fanmail address and it dawned on me that I live around Roanoke VA. lol It's a small world.

  • Avigael Whiting
    Avigael Whiting 5 days ago

    supercarlinbrothers, do you think the beast from Beauty and The Beast , and Cinderella had the same fairy godmother?

  • Caleb Fasnacht
    Caleb Fasnacht 7 days ago

    Could you please do a video about how spells are made in Harry Potter? Do the words ascribed to a spell actually matter or is it just to concentrate a wizard's magic into existence?

  • marie ta
    marie ta 7 days ago

    If you really want to know a lot of trivial Harry Potters facts, presented entertainingly, watch which is a german podcast (use subtitles) by coldmirror. As far as I can see you don´t yet know many of these facts so I think you will enjoy it, even if you have to read along. Continue to make great videos you guys!

  • Aaron Wirtz
    Aaron Wirtz 7 days ago

    I just watched the video on Captain Phasma's true allegiances and I want to put this idea out there: what if Phasma is Iden Versio? Think about it, who would be a better candidate to go under cover as a commander than someone who was a commander. And she was special forces whose specialties included deception, infiltration, and extraction. All of the skills necessary for an undercover mission. and she personally knew Leia who knew Versio's background and is the leader of the Resistance.

  • Alyssa P
    Alyssa P 9 days ago

    I've noticed that the audiobook for Fantastic Beasts done by Eddie Redmayne Contains more beasts than the actual book does. This includes the Ilvermory House animals and a few others. Do you think this could be a sign that these creatures will be in future movies?

  • Arvind Maheshwar
    Arvind Maheshwar 9 days ago

    HEEEEEY! Brother, I have an idea for a new COCO video,
    Please make a video about everything we know about Dante, the zolo dog

  • Oda Margrethe Lilleaasen

    In the Prisoner of Azkaban movie, the Knight bus slows down time, and generally uses time in several ways. What if there are more ways to warp time than using time turners?

  • GokuAsakura
    GokuAsakura 10 days ago

    2 Potential video ideas:
    - Review/Some sort of theory on Kubo and the Two Strings 
    - Discussion on 'Disney's Nine Old Men': The original core animators at The Walt Disney Company (I really enjoy your 'historical animation' videos)

  • victor racek
    victor racek 11 days ago

    how does coco fit in with the pixar theroy

  • Carlos Bryant Garcia

    Do if Iden was one of the villages on Jakkua in TFA

  • TheDisneylover23
    TheDisneylover23 12 days ago

    I have a few questions that maybe you can answer. I love your videos as you guys have clearly thought things through to the tiniest detail. Can "obviate" be reversed and did Hermione ever unobliviate her parents? What about her grandparents, or muggle teachers and classmates? Does it just do everyone at once? I mean, in a normal world, the grandmothers always ask how the kids are. Also, why do you think Harry didn't help the Weasley's with money, or at least Ron? And one last one. Can a person wearing the invisibility cloak be seen on the Marauder's map? I don't remember it being mentioned. Can you please make a video on some of this? I'd love to know the answers!!

  • Krittika Mukherjee
    Krittika Mukherjee 13 days ago

    Ok I've a question. Jacob in fantastic beasts had not forgotten the good memories and went to bake with structures like magical beats. Can this be the same with J.K.Rowling herself? If not how come every plot and character comes with so detailing and compactness. No loopholes no flips nothing.... May be Jacob is the real life incident with Rowling herself.... or maybe someone some muggel had this sort of experience and narrated or narrates the whole procedure to her ....
    (I'm in Potter-thesis for last 2 years and this sounds weird but this theory is something which needs attention).

  • Guardian Screen Images

    You should do a video discussing the first ever CGI show, ReBoot. This incredible show was released in 1994, and predates the first Toy Story movie. In fact, a lot of the tech created to make ReBoot was used to create Toy Story.
    If you're interested in making a video about ReBoot and need information I do run a wiki site about the show.

  • William Balsley
    William Balsley 14 days ago

    Ponders: Disney's reasoning for not having a character of Giselle in Disney Parks is that she was live action and portrayed by Amy Adams. However, they have Mary Poppins and she was live action portrayed by Julie Andrews.

  • Cody McGreevy
    Cody McGreevy 14 days ago

    Hey guys - I just got done watching your video "Was Nagini a woman" and it brought me to the Fantastic Beast: The Crimes of Grindewald and I noticed something. If you look at the markings on the Elder Wand and the markings on Newt's "Ministry of Magic ID #" they are pretty similar. I wonder if Newt could be a descendant of the Peverell's. Thoughts?

  • Marea Groce
    Marea Groce 14 days ago

    Hey SuperCarlinBrothers and Seamus Gorman,
    I just watched one of your videos you guys did together and it got me wondering and thinking. Do you think the Sorting hat has the ability to think for itself and/or has conscience? I mean, it did tell Harry, "I stand by what I said, you would have done well in Slytherin." It also spends a year, every year until the sorting of first years, to create a song about the houses and make it sound good. I feel like, to do that, it would HAVE to have at least SOME small capability to think. I have some theories of my own, but I am still developing them. What do you think about the sorting  hat? I'd love a response if at all possible!
     - M.C.G.
    Seamus Gorman - 
    I think you have some really cool theories on  different subjects within the Harry Potter realm. There would be certain topics I'd like to debate over with you, but, I think your theories are incredible. Keep up the good work. :D

  • Sam Noonan
    Sam Noonan 16 days ago

    I have some thoughts about the marauders map. It appears to have hand written text for peoples names as well as at least parts of its owners/creators personalities, as shown when Snape tries to read the map and the map insults him in true marauders fashion. This gives me two major thoughts to consider.
    1. The map is most likely a piece of parchment enchanted to fold and enlarge to show the schools passage ways and the people present, and that this required the knowledge of the Hogwarts castles and passage ways that the marauders would have accumulated over the years. However this also suggest that perhaps the map was drawn by the marauders or at least of them and that person provided an example of every letter of the English alphabet to the map (like when constructing a font on a computer). Now who of the marauders would be the most likely to accurately and to scale draw a map of the castle? Who would most likely be chosen to provide the main handwriting? All of the marauders, bar Peter, where intelligent and magically adept however Remus was the one who took his studies most seriously and was the most academic. I believe that he was the one most responsible for creating the map, although the others would have been able to help with the transfiguration or charms needed to create it also.
    This leads me to a sad headcannon of Teddy Luppin being given the map by Harry as he goes to Howarts, as Harry would believe it was in the spirit of the map and the wish of the marauders that it be passed on. Now imagine Teddy opening the map at night and saying "I solemnly swear I am up to no good" just to see his father's handwriting. Or imagine his intentionally getting it wrong to have some sort of interaction with the Pseudo-Remus that is part of the map's defense mechanism. Now imagine Teddy passing on the map for the same reasons Harry did and how difficult that would be.
    2. The map is not dissimilar to Riddle's diary which we later understand contains part of Voldemort's soul. It is able to act and respond as it's owner would, with it's owner's/creator's knowledge and memories. This could potentially suggest the map was a horcrux.
    Feel free to credit me in the video if you decide to flesh out or further explore this idea.

  • Vincent Ray
    Vincent Ray 17 days ago

    do a video on the book eragon

  • Pivot
    Pivot 17 days ago

    how does doc mcstuffins fit in the pixar theory

  • Kevin Wilson
    Kevin Wilson 17 days ago

    how does coco fit in the pixar theory

  • bacca raid
    bacca raid 18 days ago

    hey shouldn't harrys horcrux be destroyed by basilisk fang inside chamber of secrets

  • Pivot
    Pivot 19 days ago

    make a sonic one

  • Pivot
    Pivot 19 days ago

    Rey is a jinn

  • Pivot
    Pivot 19 days ago

    Boo from monster inc turned a prince into the beast we all know from beauty and the beast

  • SWEmanque
    SWEmanque 22 days ago

    /tNQqLeE59s8?t=2m47s Disney reused animation from "Ferdinand the Bull" in WW2 propaganda film. Instead of the crying bullfighter it is Hitler!

  • Atlanta, Jorja
    Atlanta, Jorja 23 days ago

    You know the first teaser trailer for the Incredibles 2 is out. Seamus has already made a video on it soooooooo.

  • Nicolas Toublanc
    Nicolas Toublanc 23 days ago

    Ok so I've been watching a lot of Harry Potter theories and might be completely wrong. But here is something worth digging in a video.
    Hagrid is the only mistake of the sorting hat.
    Hagrid is a powerful wizard, like vastly overpowered. The sorting hat saw that and sent Hagrid to Gryffindor, matching Hagrid's defying of the rules. But what if the hat, whom first belonged to Gryffindor himself is biased. What if when a first year student comes to Hogwarts not clearly belonging to a house, the hat choose. What about a powerfull wizard, when there is a choice between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor ? Godric's will to shine through time pushes the hat to chose Gryffindor.
    Examples : the whole Weasley family (weisel = badgers). Neville Longbottom. Probably more. Hagrid. Rubeus Hagrid.
    Rubeus means "a color between red and yellow". I mean come on.
    Hagrid was a perfect fit for the Hufflepuff House. But since he is really powerfull Godric took him.
    Why Helga does not resist ? I mean if she can, it is Gryffindor's hat. She would not care for the glory, gryffindor is a good house and it produces good wizards, so why resist ?
    In most cases there is no problem, like with the Weasleys, although if they were in Hufflepuff they might not be so broken. For a sacred 28 family they are not really that successfull. What the F is that house I mean come on guys you are wizards you can do more than that. Oh sorry.
    Hagrid is THE mistake, he was expelled of Hogwarts. Because of ... a beast found in a closet on GROUND floor. It is a spider, spider lives in undistrubed towers, are there really no such things in Hogwarts ? But Hagrid was comfortable having it on ground floor.
    What other exemple of student risking eviction of Hogwarts for a beast ? Scamander. But Scamander was not expelled and became a great wizard writing books and being awesome. Because Scamander was in Hufflepuff.
    Hagrid then embraced the Puff side. Growing vegetables, attending a forest and caring for many magical creatures. And became a great wizard doing amazing stuff.
    Who is more loyal than Rubeus ?
    Godric Gryffindor is an arse.
    Sorry for the long post, no need to quote my name I'm not looking for glory.
    Thanks for the videos, I really enjoyed them !
    #RubeusPuffSociety #BetterHufflepuff

  • Arny Boy
    Arny Boy 23 days ago

    INCREDIBLES 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Arieanna Porter
    Arieanna Porter 24 days ago


  • Green Ninja Gaming Carlos

    I saw beauty and the beast for the first time (tear) and I thought the witch was belles mom for a minute but nevermind

  • Jeanette Groen
    Jeanette Groen 24 days ago

    Hey, I just watched tangled (again XD) and I noticed some things I've never thought about before. Why doesn't queen Arianna have powers? Mother Gothel has two capes but why? And last question, why doesn't Rapunzel know what a crown is?

  • Luke Pearson
    Luke Pearson 24 days ago

    Hey SuperCarlin Brothers, so like you fellows I am also a big fan of the wizarding world of Harry Potter, proud Hufflepuff here! So I was watching Half Blood Prince today and there was a line from the movie that got my curiosity spiked. It comes from Slughorn in his first lesson to Harry, when announcing the prize Felix Felicis. Slughorn says " Only one set of student manage to brew a potion of sufficient quality to claim this prize." Now Slughorn never comments in the book version on if a student had won this prize before, so I am wondering if the movie has left us an Easter egg to solve.
    Now if it is true that only once has a student ever claimed this prize, this must mean Slughorn has set this task on first lessons before, this probably in hopes that he can find more brilliant wizards for his Slugclub, like how he discovers Hermione.
    So what talented wizards do we know that could have won this prize. The Half-Blood Prince movie wants us to believe it was The Half Blood Prince, Snape. He is the person who teachers Harry ( without knowing he is teaching him) on how to make the draft of living death. I don't think it is Snape though, in Chapter 15 of the Half-Blood Prince, at Slughorn's Christmas party, he is raving about Harry's potion making skills and says to Snape, " should have seen what he gave me first lesson the draft of living death, never had a student produce finer at least of a first attempt. I don't even think you Severus."
    This leads me to believe that even though Snape eventually got this potion perfect he didn't on his first attempt, therefore not winning the prize. There are other wizards of course in the Slugclub such as Lily Evans another one of Slughorn favourites that is excellent at potions, but I don't think she would have the skills either on the first attempt and we don't hear of an event in her life where she might have taken the potion and had all the luck.
    I think it is a very important student that Slughorn taught that won this prize and I think I know what that student used the Felix Felicis for.
    Now it is interesting that Slughorn did not say the name of this student to his class. A wizard that can not stop bragging about famous and brilliant wizards he has taught and he didn't mention the name? That seemed odd to me. Then it hit me, this student must be Tom Riddle, aka He who shall not be named , aka Lord Voldemort and I believe that he used the Felix Felicis to open The Chamber of Secrets.
    First off, I know that Harry wins his bottle of Felix in his sixth year and that Tom Riddle opened The Chamber of Secrets in his fifth. But I believe that Riddle was such a brilliant student, and the favourite student of Slughorns, that Slughorn would have offered him bonus challenges. Slughorn could have offered Riddle this challenge, and I believe Riddle won the bottle of Felix, took the potion a to help him find the Chamber
    In my opinion, it is very lucky that Riddle finds the entrance to The Chamber, kills a muggle-born, and frames someone else and then gets an award to the school for a crime he committed, all by himself with no help. First, the Chamber is in a female bathroom, I don't see Prefect Tom Riddle, future head boy going into every bathroom, especially the girls bathrooms, speaking parseltongue and then when realising he was wrong he leaves. I feel someone one would have at least heard him or maybe reported someone speaking parseltongue in the bathrooms. 2nd, is it lucky that he actually kills someone on his first successful opening of the Chamber, geez when the chamber is opened 50 years later when Harry is at Hogwarts 4 students, a cat and a ghost are all attacked but no one dies. Either the Basilisk is not actually meant to kill muggle-born wizards and just meant to be the 'monster within " and to scare them all away, or the Basilisk sucks at its job and got very LUCKY the first time. Finally, it is lucky that Riddle all of a sudden knows where to go to catch a student he can frame. Knowing Hagrid he would not have let anyone know about Aragog, let alone where he was hiding Aragog, so how did Riddle know where to go to frame Hagrid.
    I believe that Felix helped him realise how to get away with the perfect crime, and we are introduced to Lord Voldemort's Perfect Day...
    Hope you guys like this theory...

  • Doctor who Обзоры и игры

    the Incredibles 2 trailer IS HERE

  • Heather Allen
    Heather Allen 24 days ago

    the Incredibles 2 trailer!!! yay!!

  • Avery Lopez
    Avery Lopez 25 days ago

    The Incredibles 2 Trailer came out. I'm serious.

  • missfangirlcentral
    missfangirlcentral 25 days ago
    Check out the adorable picture of them on twitter!

  • Minh Tran
    Minh Tran 25 days ago

    Dear SuperCarlinBrothers,
    Could you do a video explaining why twin core wands are so rare. I can understand the deal with dragon heartstring core when one dragon's got no more than one heart. But why don't people take two feathers, two hairs from a pheonix and an unicorn. In fact, I'd take a bunch if I were Olivander.
    Keep up your good work. They are brilliant!

  • Joe2648
    Joe2648 26 days ago

    I'm expecting an Incredibles II thingie tomorrow

  • Molly Shields
    Molly Shields 26 days ago

    i got 16 in the back to hogwarts quiz firebolt one

  • Marea Groce
    Marea Groce 26 days ago

    Hey SuperCarlinBrothers and Seamus Gorman,
    I just watched one of your videos you guys did together and it got me wondering and thinking. Do you think the Sorting hat has the ability to think for itself and/or has conscience? I mean, it did tell Harry, "I stand by what I said, you would have done well in Slytherin." It also spends a year, every year until the sorting of first years, to create a song about the houses and make it sound good. I feel like, to do that, it would HAVE to have at least SOME small capability to think. I have some theories of my own, but I am still developing them. What do you think about the hat?
     - M.C.G.
    SuperCarlinBrothers - 
    About the Pixar Theory - I'm not entirely sure I agree with everything you're saying in it. There are some things that I TOTALLY agree with you about, but there are things that I simply CANNOT agree to. I hope you understand. No hard feelings please! I still think your videos are absolutely incredible, and I wish I  had the guts to talk in front of a camera. :)

  • TrekkieGirl SuperNerd

    Wow, nobody uses this anymore...

  • snowbird
    snowbird Month ago

    i watched monster's inc recently and i can't help but wonder, why was no one in the rooms when mike and sulley were being chased by randal?

  • Juliette Lee
    Juliette Lee Month ago

    SuperCarlinBrothers, could you tell us what Godric Griffindor created in hhogwarts please?

  • todd corby
    todd corby Month ago

    Dude, is it real? Bo Peep news is news to me!

  • Gianina Jahnke
    Gianina Jahnke Month ago

    I know yaw are probably busy with other subscribers but it would make me soo happy if you could try one of my quizzes but I don't know how to get it to yaw

  • Winttery
    Winttery Month ago

    i am the one

  • Kathleen McCabe
    Kathleen McCabe Month ago

    You know how when they find the Room of Requirement, Ron tries to understand how it works by relating it to needing a toilet. Well, have you ever wondered how many first years really had to go to the bathroom and just got super lost in Hogwarts because it's well a castle and just pooped in the Room of Requirement without knowing it.

  • mrogue87
    mrogue87 Month ago

    can we get a vid of how tink lost her princess static

  • Siluel
    Siluel Month ago

    I had a thought that may or may not be worth of anything, but here it goes: Salazar Slytherin was right to fear half-bloods.
    My line of thinking is that wizards, muggles and giants are different races of same species. That in my mind explains how they have similar body structure, have different abilities and still can breed between.
    Different abilities between these races are wizard and witches being capable doing magic, giants being big and strong and muggles being intelligent.
    Muggles superior intelligence over wizards may sound like hogwash but there are lot of proof that pure wizards and witches are not good with anything that requires logic. For example, in first book Hermione says that most wizards couldn't pass Snapes trial because it requires puzzle solving. It's also worth of mention that Hagrid, who is cross breed of wizard and giant gets easily confused with anything that needs logical thinking like debating.
    To get back to the topic, reason why Slytherin had a reason to fear coming of half breeds is heredity. It is reasonable to believe that Voldemort was able to surpass most powerfull wizards of time, like Dumbledore and Grindelwald in half of time it took them to grow in power because of his genetic traits of being both wizard with magical abilities and muggle with sharp mind. Also, a newest movie Fantastic Beasts introduced Credence who is only known person ever able to control Obscurus and also is too most likely a half-blood. Hagrid is also worth to mantion as capable to survive a magical fight between him and group of trained wizards.
    This might explain some weird things in wizarding world, like why British Ministery of Magic does so little of rooting hate for mud bloods and why in America contact between wizards and muggles are outright banned. The reason why United States takes more harsh measures than Britain is because main founder of wizarding school in America was a descendant of Salazar Slytherin (if my memory serves me right), while Britain ideology is mostly based on three founders of Hogwarts and thus is slightly more open in that regard.
    Why other founders of Hogwarts rejected fears Salazar presented? My thought is that Hufflepuff was willing to accept everyone even at the risk of likes of Voldemort, Gryffindor wanted to protect seemingly just cause and Ravenclaw probably realized the risks but was too curious to see results it would bring.

  • lalythil
    lalythil Month ago here's a nice vid on slytherin being a healer!
    though you might know the theory already... xD

  • Phil master 3000
    Phil master 3000 Month ago


  • missfangirlcentral

    Dear SuperCarlinBrothers,
    Okay, so I have a theory about the whole "It's time for the Jedi to end" thing. I think that Luke (unlike the other Jedi) actually realized what Anakin's prophecy about being the Chosen One really meant-in order for the Galaxy to be at peace, there has to be balance-but the Sith would never let that happen. And to 'bring balance to the force' and make both sides equal, Luke wants to destroy the Sith. But to do that..........."It's time for the Jedi to end." Luke knows that he has to eliminate the Jedi to eliminate the Sith. BOOM.
    SuperCarlinBrothers, you should make a video about this! Please please please! I have been thinking about this since I heard Luke say, in the first trailer, 'It's time for the Jedi to end'. It would seriously make my life (not day, days are too short) if you used my theory! I also really think that this is going to happen, the trailers seem to set it up perfectly. It makes sense, and I was thinking.....maybe you are right, and Ben (Kylo Ren) is actually working with/for Luke. In The Force Awakens, he said he wanted to 'finish what you started', while talking to Vader/Anakin's helmet. I think he may actually mean, or will change it to mean, that he wants to finish what Anakin started (and finished, but Luke messed that up), and bring balance to the Force. Seriously though, Anakin did bring balance, because when he was done, there were two Jedi and two Sith. And then Luke had to mess it all up. Also, if you think about it, when Vader died, he was ALSO bringing balance to the Force, because he died while killing Palpatine. That eliminated the Sith, and Obi-Wan and Yoda were already dead. Before you all remind me that Luke was still alive, we need to remember that Luke couldn't have been a full Jedi-he never got enough training. And then he freaking re-started the Jedi, all while ignoring the nonexistent Sith, which actually brought back the Sith through Snoke and his nephew. (Luke's nephew, not Snoke's). I also believe that a Jedi only turns to the Dark Side because somewhere deep inside him or her, he or she senses that the Force needs to be balanced. But through this, the Dark Side takes hold even more and convinces them that they will be all-powerful and stuff. I hope you guys like this theory, like the comment if you do, and maybe Ben and J will see it and make it a video!
    Also, Ben and J, I don't mind if you don't make this a video, I know you have a lot of stuff to talk about, but if you do, it would be the most amazing thing in my life, since you guys are my favorite YouTubers, and Star Wars is one of my two favorite things in the world! (The other being Harry Potter, of course.) If you talked about my theory, I would die of happiness! I love you two! Byee!

  • Timmo R
    Timmo R Month ago

    Your videos make me miss my brother you guys are so lucky to have each other

  • occasionally randomly

    best channel ever

  • Sheridan.r
    Sheridan.r Month ago

    Can you please make the chronicles of Narnia videos?

  • nmckale
    nmckale Month ago

    Dear CarlinBrothers;
    I enjoy some of your theories on your channel; I was wondering if you can do a theory back in Disney's golden age?
    In Pinocchio (above all the human characters); why is there a fox & a cat in human form (I have a feeling it has something to do with Pleasure Island)?

  • justbenice x
    justbenice x Month ago

    Could you guys do an Aladain theory? if the Genie turned him into a Prince, did that suddenly mean new people were created somewhere that he ruled? did it suddenly create a king and a queen as parents for him? when he stopped being Ali did a whole bunch of people his "family" ruled over suddenly vanish along with his king and queen parents? just thoughts but if you did this it would be great!

  • Phil master 3000
    Phil master 3000 Month ago

    I hate this channel it's stupid and a wasted of time don't sub to the Man babies brothers

  • Fire Lion
    Fire Lion Month ago

    Could you please do a video about the ancient runes in Harry Potter? I've really been wondering about them, but could hardly find any information : /

  • Echo Drawer
    Echo Drawer Month ago

    I have a question why does Voldemort think he is all that powerful and "smart"

    • Kyle Coleman
      Kyle Coleman Month ago

      Because he is... Well not ALL, but that's just hyperbole. I'm not saying he's great as a person. I'm saying he's great as a wizard. Just like Hitler (whom Rowling based Voldemort on) was a terrible person, but one of the greatest leaders the world has ever known.

  • Shadow Puppet
    Shadow Puppet Month ago

    Hello, me again. I was watching Wall-E the other day and a little detail popped up that now rather bugs me. If he didn't know that that is what those little light bulbs did how was he able to hook up an iPod to a VCR player? And get it to work?

  • ShloKing
    ShloKing Month ago

    Okay, Okay, Okay.... Spider-Man Homecoming theory!!!
    So I've done some looking around, and this theory I've come up with doesn't really seem to be widespread yet, but as far as I can tell, it has a good amount of proof for it.
    MJ(Michelle) has known that Peter was Spider-Man the entire movie.
    So, in the scene where he's making the web fluid, he looks around, and she's kinda right there in the background and it's kinda a bit odd, like she might have seen what he was doing.
    Then there's the Washington memorial, the scene towards the end where she asks him where he's going.
    The fact that she's supposed to be the reinvention of Mary Jane Watson.
    Also, here, some other possible proof.
    So the theory has a lot going for it, and makes sense, a lot of sense. She kinda seems to care about him, or is interested in him, or hangs around him and Ned, cuz she wants to know more about him, about Spidey. I mean, she might have shown up to Liz's party just cuz Peter said that he might invite Spidey.
    Also she knew that he had quit Marching Band and Robotics too. She's also in detention with him for no apparent reason. Twice.
    I honestly believe that she has known this entire time, it would actually explain a lot, so give me your opinion, and let me know if you guys agree that this could totally be a thing.

  • Peanut Butter // Izzy Iffah

    Why did Tinkerbell leave Pixie Hollow with Peter Pan???!! How is no one talking about this!

  • Princess Leia
    Princess Leia Month ago

    Do one for the flash.

  • Mark B
    Mark B Month ago

    I have a theory for you guys! in book 5 after harry sees Arthur W. being attacked by Nagini, harry goes to Dumbeldor's office and hi uses a device which shows 1 snakes being separated into 2. What is this instrument? is this the moment when Dumbeldore realizes that harry is a hucrox?

  • Gabe Eckstein
    Gabe Eckstein Month ago

    Yo, just had a weird thought but could someone answer please. If Harry a horcrux and the basilisk fang kill the diary then how does harry not die when he stabs the basilisk in the head and a giant basilisk fang stuck in his arm.

  • Tabicat in the Hat

    Ok, I'm going to give this a try.
    Olaf is a personification of Elsa's memories of Anna as a child. So Olaf, essentially, is a young Anna. The fact that Elsa accidentally creates a living snowman with Anna's personality is significant.
    I support this theory thusly-- 1) Olaf quotes several things that Anna said as a child, things that Elsa heard (e.g. "I like warm hugs" granted, Elsa said this, but she was doing it for Anna, "the sky is awake"), 2) Olaf clearly has the same personality as Anna, but much more childlike.
    A) Elsa didn't actually want to be alone, so she created Olaf, a personification of Anna at a time when they both were happy, a time before things were complicated. It resonates with her desire to be free, but belies her claim that she wants to be alone.
    B) It also almost seems an apology. In the end, Olaf kind of presents her with the opportunity to make up for that fateful night, by using her magic to keep him alive.

    • Kyle Coleman
      Kyle Coleman Month ago

      This is great!
      I can imagine their title "Olaf is Anna!?"
      Only, this might've missed the Frozen craze and may not be worth the views.

      FROZEN 2 !?!?

  • Grace Louise Phillips

    I was interested after watching your review of Live-action Beauty and the Beast and your explanation of Gaston's character, and it occurred to me that more than in the animated version, Gaston is not *really* evil. He's just kind of a normal entitled straight white man, and, as you said, a respected war hero. I wondered about his descent into becoming a complete Bad Guy archetype (is he even ever that, or just short-sighted and used to wartime). He becomes a person even Lefou - his "oldest and most loyal friend" can't even stand behind which says something to the deterioration of his character throughout the movie. You couuuuuld chalk it up to macho guy getting driven insane by the idea of a girl disliking him but....? Not even just leaving but tying up Maurice in the woods seems to be Lefou's point of deviation from his friend in my opinion.

  • jaimin gandhi
    jaimin gandhi Month ago

    When are you going to make a video on justice league?

  • Stephany Fofano
    Stephany Fofano Month ago

    hello can you do a Video on the Husband of Cinderella do like what his Real name is i did already watch the Cinderella animated the one where Cinderella and in the animated not Disney one the Prince name is Prince Charles he and Cinderella go on adventures together after he meets her them they also go to the Ball together on the Last episode he marries Cinderella it is a animated tv show whit episodes you can find it on Youtube just type Cinderella
    so my question is what is Prince Charming from Cinderella name?

  • mikayla holbrook
    mikayla holbrook 2 months ago

    Have you noticed that there is an island in the pacific called krakatoa?

    • mikayla holbrook
      mikayla holbrook 2 months ago

      I mean, maybe that has something to do with the krakatoa in Moana?

  • E Parhas
    E Parhas 2 months ago

    Why no Thursday vid?

  • Amber Cox
    Amber Cox 2 months ago

    SuperCarlinBrothers, just want to know you should do a theory on the nightmare before Christmas. Is jack the headless horseman?

  • lapis cahill
    lapis cahill 2 months ago

    so if your a hufflepuff lets huff...and puff......and stuff
    name that video

  • lapis cahill
    lapis cahill 2 months ago

    i know this is really random but is anyone else a hufflepuff or even slytherpuff? because i am both of those things

  • Dae Willison
    Dae Willison 2 months ago

    just an old, random thought after having watched a few videos.
    But why doesn't anyone in Harry Potter suggest using something other than magic to defeat Voldemort or the other dark wizards and death-eaters?
    Just seems strange that they constantly use magic against each other, when plenty of witches and wizards live in the muggle world and would have knowledge of actual weapons or tools to subdue people.
    I imagine most muggle things would work...i don't care if you're magic or not, a brick to the head would still affect a witch or wizard right? even vinegar to the eyes or something small like that.
    "I'm sorry Lord Voldemort, but the muggle born child threw vinegar in my eyes and then kicked me in the shin, i had no defense for it!"
    Just saying....

  • Horizon Penblade
    Horizon Penblade 2 months ago

    2 questions:
    1. How do pixar shorts fit into the pixar theory?
    2. Have you guys seen miraculous ladybug?

  • Elisabeth Harkins
    Elisabeth Harkins 2 months ago

    If you have seen the 1980's Original Movie of Beauty and the Beast Movie. This 2017 version is more of a remake  of that film with a little Disney thrown in for kids.

  • belfasterd
    belfasterd 2 months ago

    I was wondering if you could do a video on horcruxes. A lot of people are murdered in those books, but it doesn't seem like the murderer is making a horcrux (except for Voldemort). I was wondering what do you have to do to specifically turn that murder into a horcrux. Also as an aside, I was wondering if Snape killing Dumbledore would result in a horcrux.

  • PhilBagels
    PhilBagels 2 months ago

    Help me, SuperCarlinBrothers! You're my only hope!
    I was pondering the life story of one Mr. Potter recently, and a burning question arose and I'm hoping than your fire extinguishers can deal with it:
    Was there anyone else in the room when Voldemort killed Harry's parents and gave him the scar? Think before answering, because:
    If there wasn't anyone else in the room, how does everyone know that Harry is "the boy who lived"? How do they know that he survived the killing curse from Voldy? *
    If there was someone else in the room, then who was it? Another puzzler, because:
    If it was one of Voldy's Death-Eaters, why didn't they just kill Harry? And why would they spread the word that their lord was killed by his own curse bouncing back off a baby? Doesn't seem like something they'd want to publicize. Especially since they'd then have to answer questions as to why they were in the Potters' house. The dark lord is defeated and dead - this wasn't the time to tell a wizarding court that you entered the Potter house as an accomplice to murder.
    If it was a member of the Order of the Phoenix, who was it? And why didn't Voldy kill them? Why did they not try to stop Voldy?
    I suspect that no one else was there, and perhaps the wizarding community found out by magical means, But that's kind of a cop-out, especially since we've never seen any magic elsewhere that reveals past events that no one was there to witness. If such magic existed, then Sirius would not have been in prison for all those years, and Ron would've had to get some other rat. And Hagrid would never have been expelled, and Tom Riddle probably would have been locked up (or whatever the wizarding world does with underage sociopaths). In fact, if such magic existed, there'd be almost no crime at all in the wizarding world, since you could just cast that spell and always know who committed the crime. No one would be able to get away with anything. And that includes Messrs Riddle, Potter, Pettigrew, Malfoy, Weasley, Weasley, Quirrel, Lockhart, Crouch, Fletcher, and Mesdames. LeStrange and Umbridge.
    So how does anyone even know the details of what happened to Harry as a baby?
    * Sort of like the classic flaw in Citizen Kane: He dies alone in a room and drops his snowglobe, but somehow it's public knowledge that his last word was "rosebud".

    • PhilBagels
      PhilBagels Month ago

      Whoops! OK, nevermind my "half-theory". I had forgotten about the timing on Dumbledore's possession of the Resurrection Stone. So what I said is right out.
      But that still leaves the original question: How does anyone know that Harry survived the Killing Curse, and that it was because of his mother's love and sacrifice, and the rebound back to Voldy, etc.? Barty Crouch Jr., disguised as Mad-Eye Moody, said that Harry is the only person known to have survived it, so it can't be that there are lots of recorded cases of Avada Kedavra backfiring, killing the caster, and leaving a lightning-bolt-shaped scar on the intended victim.

    • PhilBagels
      PhilBagels Month ago

      Anyone? Any theories at all? No?
      Well, after pondering some more, I came up with half of a theory:
      Dumbledore had the Resurrection Stone (which he concealed in the snitch that he bequeathed to Harry). So he could have used it to call forth the ghosts of James & Lily and ask them directly what happened. Then he can know.
      The problem with this theory is: How can he then tell anyone else? If he proclaims to know what happened, any other half-way intelligent wizard is going to ask, "How could you possibly know that?" If he told them, then how could it possibly be common knowledge that Harry survived the killing curse from Voldemort, but not be common knowledge that the mythical Resurrection Stone from the Tale of the Three Brothers is not only real, but in the possession of Dumbledore? (Which then would raise the strong suspicion that the other two Deathly Hallows are also real, and Dumbledore has them, too - which he did.)
      Obliviate? "Forget that I have the Deathly Hallows and used them to determine what happened to the Potters and why Harry is still alive!" Doesn't seem like Dumbledore's style, and it leaves the unanswered question of "How does Dumbledore know?"
      Imperious curse? "Believe me when I tell you the story of what happened to the Potters and why Harry lived, and never question how I know!" Also doesn't seem like something Dumbledore would do. And would imperio really work on every wizard in Britain without any of them wondering for 11-17 years?

  • Nerd Dragon
    Nerd Dragon 2 months ago

    do you do lotr ?

  • Happy Cacti
    Happy Cacti 2 months ago

    What about the fact that inside the chamber of secrets' entrance, under the sinks, there is a Hogwarts logo... as if the school as an institution aknowledge this mechanism... ? :O

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  • uhdictiveSUGAH
    uhdictiveSUGAH 2 months ago

    Just wondering how nobody has posted a compilation of all your "These socks are amazing!" moments yet. Anyway, keep up the great work. My wife especially loves your videos

  • Nick Hodges
    Nick Hodges 2 months ago

    Can Alastor Moody see the true form of a boggart? In the Order of the Phoenix, Molly Weasley asks him to see what is in a dresser upstairs, and he clearly states that it was a boggart! But aren't Boggarts confused and change form when it is around a group of people(Prisoner of Azkaban)? So this would mean that the Boggart would have to be in the presence of a person? Except Moody who is able to see through walls and is not in the direct presence of the Boggart.

  • The Lady Covered in Paint

    DO A COLAB WITH MAT PAT?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zac in the game
    Zac in the game 2 months ago

    Emma Jean is andy mum
    i going with the andy mum Theory and i think Emma jean is andy mum cause in the andy mum Theory you say that Emily in Jessy back story is andy mum. well you must be saying that how can that be the truth the names are not the same, well Emma could be a nickname for Emily that all of her family and friend call her. but the last name you must be thinking jean does not match with Davis well Davis could be the family last name and jean could be Emily last name when she was a kid. another part is that Elle and Emily was sister in that case Elle was the big sister and Emily was the little sister. so when Elle and Carl got the postcard from Emily and Emily sing it off as Emma Jean for old time sake and when Elle died Carl gave the postcard back to Emily a.k.a Andy Mum for members and andy mum gave it to andy for keepsake and that why we see the postcard on andy pin-up board. so that my Theory and I hope you make a video about it.
    Thank you for looking at it.

  • Wendelart Z
    Wendelart Z 2 months ago

    hey, I just realized something you could maybe make a video about: Neville asked the Room of Requirement for a secret passageway out of Hogwarts, which was very convenient to bring a lot of people inside the castle very fast during the battle. So why didn't Draco do this, instead of fussing for a year over fixing the vanishing cabinet to get people inside Hogwarts? Didn't he realise the room could do more for him than just hide stuff? It's almost impossible not to discover that, once inside the gave the DA everything they asked for within the first 10 minutes they entered the very first time, they only needed to think about it, not even saying it out loud. And if Draco knew his 'Room of Hidden Things' was the same room the DA was having their meetings in 2 years earlier, he must've wondered where people vanished so fast when he and his inquisitorial squid discovered the room, right? So why didn't the room give Draco his secret passageway...or at least a working cabinet?

  • Douglas Chapman
    Douglas Chapman 2 months ago

    Hey Guys! Where did all the Lootcrate unboxings go? No more?

  • Alex Coffina
    Alex Coffina 2 months ago

    Can you guys explain what the piece of Voldemort that Peter Pettigrew threw into the potion that made Voldemort return is?

  • Rebecca Mackie
    Rebecca Mackie 2 months ago

    What if Nagini was a failed basilisk specimen (please look into this the more you look the more evidence you find)

  • Darren Byrnes
    Darren Byrnes 2 months ago

    I have a new harry potter theory. The theory is that the basilisc would not have killed harry in the chamber of secrets because of his glasses. The basilisc kills anybody that looks directly into its eyes but harry would have been looking throght the lenses on his glasses before looking directly into the basilics eyes so only petrifying him in the process. Moaning mertyl died by looking into the basilics eyes and she wore glasses but what if at the time she wasnt wearing glasses. She was crying when she died so it could have been possible that she took her glasses off in order to wipe away her tears. Let me know what any of you guys think of this theory thanks

  • Tim Garripoli
    Tim Garripoli 2 months ago

    SuperCarlinBrothers, Please do a video on why the fidelius charm on 12 grimmauld place couldn't be removed and then replaced with a new secret keeper. Is it a one-time only thing. And why wasn't it broken when the owner (Sirius) died anyway? Shouldn't the transfer of ownership remove the charm?

  • GlitterMeowMLP
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    do a youtube is google autofill vid. I tried it and its funny and depressing. but i'd love to see your remarks.

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    for obvious reasons the no button does not work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ :-P

  • Rachael Marchant
    Rachael Marchant 2 months ago

    How do the Hogwarts moving-stairs work? More accurately, are there any safe-guards built in to prevent students from plummeting to their deaths when the stairs moved?

  • Phil master 3000
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    This channel sucks balls

  • Joseph Watts
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    do you guys think you will ever do a colab with film theory?

  • Miriam Sliva
    Miriam Sliva 2 months ago

    Not sure if this will be seen, but I have a question that would like answered. I recently joined the Pottermore community and discovered that my patronus is a heron. I have never considered myself a bird person, so if you guys have an explanation, I would appreciate it.

  • Runes K Funk
    Runes K Funk 2 months ago

    I'd like to Apologize for a previous load of comments, directed at the YouTubers on this channel, I had no intent on making anyone here feel threatened, and "I wasn't quite myself that day" Although I may have remembered some people, I have extremely vivid memories, and because of this I have memories of roughly 250 other people even if I only spoke to that person for 5 minutes. Scientists call this T.R.R. or Total Recollection Recall which is how they "Explain Away" the whole idea of psychic connections. An example of this would be this story: A woman is going on a jog through a park surrounded by trees, and hears a couple of men plotting to kill someone, she's not really paying any attention as she is focused on the jog so she doesn't think about it , but the information goes in anyway, she then hears some kind of announcement on the television claiming that so- and so is dead and it triggers the memory about the 2 men plotting so- and so's death, she then believes this is a psychic revelation as she finds the body near the same location where she was jogging and tells the police, case solved.

  • Dogsteeves
    Dogsteeves 2 months ago

    Could you make a Video on how the Disney Show like Sweet Life of Zach and Cody and Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place ect... fit into the disney canon XD

  • Kaylie Snyder
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    do you ( jay or ben ) have face book

  • Marie Cain
    Marie Cain 2 months ago

    I have a Harry Potter related question: everyone who saw the basilisk indirectly was petrified, but Moaning Myrtle saw the basilisk indirectly (through her glasses) and she died. Why did she die?????

  • Arvind Maheshwar
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    please bring back more types of stuff like Juxtabros and google autofill and not just thoeries

  • Rosamund Shirley
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    Okay but why did Bellatrix throw her knife while Harry and his friends were Disapparating out of Malfoy Manor? Sure, it hit Dobby but what if it had hit Harry? What if she killed Harry by accident?

  • Miranda
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  • Silverkiwi
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    Would you guys consider doing a theory video about how Steven King's IT is a boggart? ^_^ It was a pretty cool thought.

  • Petra McCartelin
    Petra McCartelin 2 months ago

    SuperCarlinBrothers, I really want your take on this I heard the Prince Ali song and is says he's got slaves and servants.

  • Rachel Palmer
    Rachel Palmer 2 months ago

    Hi. I just caught your "Voldemort's Full Tri-wizard plan video" and something occurred to me. I remember you mentioned a similar question a while ago in regards to the Marauders Map and how come Fred and George, never noticed that Peter Pettigrew seemed to be following Ron around prior to the Third year. And well, I wondered, shouldn't Barty Crouch Jr have also shown on the map during the Fourth year? Was Harry super unobservant or does Polyjuice Potion also befuddle whatever magic makes the map work?

  • Brett Barton
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    We have to have a video where you guys discuss your favorite tabletop board games. See you in another life brohawk

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    So ummmm, where's that video you promised about why disney loves snow white so much?

  • Jonathan Clark
    Jonathan Clark 3 months ago

    In Harry Potter why don't wizards and witches use "muggle weapons?" I would think that in an extreme situation (like a war at Hogwarts) "muggle weapons" would come in handy and would be much more effective then wands. Most wizards are able to move quickly enough to block other wizards spells but there is no way they could be fast enough to block a bullet.

  • Mallika Banerjee
    Mallika Banerjee 3 months ago

    What do you think happens to Voldemort if he takes Amortentia?

  • Jackson Walker
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    you should do more marvel videos

  • ViralPick
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    moana theory : the grande mother from moana is rafiki from the lion king. they seem extremely familiar. also moui parents are poseidon and some other wind god, but he was thrown into the sea as he transformed into a fish, not willingly, but to save him the threw him to the ocean to survive otherwise hell die of lack of water, and to stable his powers they presented him with his hook. over time he became dependant on the hook instead of being able to change at will. disney usually play the part of not needing some item to become great that you've relied on for ages ya dee ya... i would fill in the form but thats allot too fill in

  • Luke Kim
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    you should do more vids about SW

  • Kyle Coleman
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    Please!!!!... Do a video on the debate of whether Wizards and Witches can magically make food appear!

  • DanMat6288
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    Since you've done theories on classic Disney, I was wondering if you have any thoughts on connections between the Pete Junior seen in Bellhop Donald and the one seen in Goof Troop and following movies.

  • Aolani Foxworth
    Aolani Foxworth 3 months ago

    Is miss petunia misunderstood ? what do you guys think.

  • Ian Rees
    Ian Rees 3 months ago

    Hi Can you take a look at my theory about how The Forbidden Forest Scotland is actually the Albania forest mentioned druing the Harry Potter franchise. I have uploaded it to Reddit.

  • Robert Malone
    Robert Malone 3 months ago

    Dear Supercarlinbrothers. Please do a film theory what the hyenas in The Lion King did to get exiled? Did one hyena ruin it for the whole group or did was it a group effort that got them exiled? Also how far back does this exile go? In the cartoon The Lion Guard, the hyenas are still in exile including the younger generation. This makes me wonder if the "crime" that got the hyenas exiled in the first place happened by the group of hyenas in The Lion King movie.

  • Heydad Helfer
    Heydad Helfer 3 months ago

    What is the actual job of the Hogwarts' headmaster? He doesn't actually teach, and it seems as the teachers are capable to handle most issues. So what does he/she do all day?

  • Lizzie Ball
    Lizzie Ball 3 months ago

    Hey Guys!!! You should do a Harry Potter Theamed Q&A session to blitz through so of our personal theories and questions about the books/series! SO many questions and theories!!!

  • Jarod Davis
    Jarod Davis 3 months ago

    In the first Harry Potter film, when Harry meets Professor Quirrell at the Erised mirror how does Harry see himself pull the Philosophers stone out of his pocket, I understand that maybe Harry's greatest desire was the stone as he didn't want Voldemort back whole, but the mirror shows you're greatest desires not gives you that desire. So how does he end up with the stone in his pocket?

  • Jonathan Emptage
    Jonathan Emptage 3 months ago

    I keep on wondering what happened to the Dursleys after the war could you do a video on that.

  • Dani R
    Dani R 3 months ago

    Hey there! I know this isn't necessarily YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, but I'm having difficulty finding an answer on my own.
    When Pottermore was first created, I immediately jumped at becoming a member. It was fun to go through the Harry Potter books and practically be in the room as HP and Co. had their adventures. It was like a Find-It riddle with a story I already knew, but could discover more!
    Recently, though, I went back, and it seems to have changed into a kind of HP Wiki. What happened? Is there a history to this? Is it possible to find and experience what Pottermore used to be?
    A Confused PottHead

  • kellen bennett
    kellen bennett 3 months ago

    if harry potter saw snapes memories in deathly hallows part 2 then why doesnt harry know all the spells that snape knew?

  • OJ Vader
    OJ Vader 3 months ago

  • Blumalou
    Blumalou 3 months ago

    In your video about Scar and Mufasa being brothers, you used a lot of fan art, but I didn't see any credit given to the original artists. Will you please fix that? Thank you.

  • Foxeyfire2008
    Foxeyfire2008 3 months ago

    Since its coming up to that time of year again has anyone ask the question Why Oogie Boogie is scared of Jack/ How did Jack get to be king?

  • Zuzu Covert
    Zuzu Covert 3 months ago

    I'd like to hear about some Tinkerbell theories, like how she ended up with pan and how she acquired the ability to have unlimited dust.

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 3 months ago

    Hey, I'm not sure if you guys have noticed (well you probably have) but you know in the lion king yeh, Pumba's like "timone, what are those bright lights in the sky" or something and timone's like "they're fireflies, fireflies who got stuck on the sky". Well in the princess and the frog, the firefly Ray I think dies at the end and flew up to the sky as a bright light to the other star Evangeline and then they are like stars together forever.

  • Bryce Sanders
    Bryce Sanders 3 months ago

    Hey guys, just found your channel a week or so ago and I love what you two do! Y'all remind me of my brother and I, which is awesome. Keep up the fine work AND, ever think of tackling some Star Wars or Lord of the Rings theories?

  • Amadeus  Sommers
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    supercarlinbrothers a lot more people would watch your vids if they involved things like marvel or DC

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    Could you a google autofill about back-to-school?

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    Please do more videos of the two (or 3) of you and just talk about funny memories of your child, talk about your family, etc.! :)

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    Could u do a Brother Bear video

  • Andy Rumore
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    You guys should marathon Avatar: The Last Airbender. It is an unbelievably good show that I think you guys would appreciate more than most. If you need convincing, there are hours of videos on YouTube that could explain better than I can why it is one of the best show ever created. The character development, the power crawl, the story arc, the rich world history and complete world building. And if you've already watched it, then I think you should talk about it in a video!

  • Mongopingy Man
    Mongopingy Man 3 months ago

    I recently noticed Dumbledore was also master of Death, but I don't understand why James gave his cloak to him before his death...
    Any ideas?

    • Elle Anya
      Elle Anya 3 months ago

      It's been a while since I've read all the books. However I believe Dumbledore borrowed the cloak to test it. Cloaks can be charmed to be invisible however the magic is no where to the level of THE deathly hallow. Dumbledore had his suspicions about whether it was one of the deathly hallows but had to know for sure by testing it. Since James died before he could return it..he gives it to Harry.

  • Elle Anya
    Elle Anya 3 months ago

    I'm rereading the Harry Potter series and I've tried to find the answers to this but alas i haven't. Okay...The photos and portraits now there's more information about the portraits and the power of the witch or wizard, and interacting with it to help it know what to say and how to act. But the photos or snapshots are merely visual only. The chocolate frog cards- the person leaves here and there. Do they only travel to other cards and how do 'they' know how to act? If they're only visiting their own product the odds are really high that you won't see them again for months or longer. The photos of baby Harry with his parents and the photo of Harry and Professor Lockhart show the people acting in a way that captures the mood at the moment. Why don't they leave to go elsewhere like the choc. frog's cards?

  • Colleen Davies
    Colleen Davies 3 months ago

    Why is it that Cinderella's stepmother and stepsisters don't recognize her at the ball?

  • Mr. Awesome Sauce
    Mr. Awesome Sauce 3 months ago

    Why are there only mammals in Zootopia?How do Frozen and Wreck it Ralph fit into the Pixar theory?

  • Brick Plaza Films
    Brick Plaza Films 3 months ago

    Do you have a link to the Discord Server? Thanks!

  • Leo Dilles
    Leo Dilles 3 months ago

    Dear Super Carlin Brothers, I have a theory that I thought up that may sound ludacris. But it might be something. What if, "Calvin and Hobbes" is in the Pixar universe. Let me explain. To refresh your memory, "Calvin and Hobbes" by Bill Watterson, is about a young boy who plays with his stuffed tiger imagining him as a real tiger. Calvin often imagines himself as many characters he made up. Including Space man Spiff. Calvin imagines various people in his life, particularly those he doesn't like, as aliens, including his teacher, Miss Wormwood.
    Let's consider Aliens vs. Monster. In the movie by that title we can see that they are different. Although their rough definitions are different, they do have overlap. An alien is anything not in its own environment. For example: Yellow in a mixture of shades of blue is an alien. Blue, likewise, is an alien in a world of shades of yellow. Either way, you get green.
    Monsters are any animal seen as a threat. usually not including birds of beasts (mammals). For example: A single ant may see ant anteater as a monster. Likewise, an anteater may see an entire swarm of ants coming towards it as monstrous. Both aliens and monsters are concepts that rely on point of view. An animal as a threat to another species in a world it has never been in before is both a monster AND an alien. Calvin imagines aliens when Space man Spiff. He also fears the monsters under his bed. Please note this for later.
    The Pixar universe, in theory, diverted from our own when the meteorite missed planet Earth, thus, "The Good Dinosaur" and the Pixar events that happened hence forth. The two worlds, so far, are not that different. The world of Calvin and Hobbes has no absolute solid evidence that it takes place in our world. It could be the Pixar world. The movie "Inside out" was made in 2015 and seems to be set about then in the movie. We'll call this the "present". It is also one of the "other side of the door" from the futuristic monster world. You guys recently came up with the idea that the monsters' original "other side of the door was the time of the black plague. The have been opening new doors since then. One time section COULD BE Calvin's. Note this for later.
    The human race goes on until Cars take over. We don't see them again until "Wall-E." There we see them on a massive spaceship. Where have they been all this time? We know they have been there for generations. It is possible they visited other planets where they gathered other worldly DNA, but because of their unhealthy eating habits they have forgotten or maybe it was so horrible they wish not to remember. Anyway, this could have helped them evolve into monsters later when they return to Earth (and maybe start remembering?). Almost there. Stick with me. Anyway, other worldly creatures are not to happy with humans. They come to Earth. Blend in with the monsters. Use the doors to go back and collect scream energy (remember this is before Monster's Inc.) so that they appear useful. A few in particular find themselves under a little boy's bed. CALVIN'S BED. Not quite finished. Getting close. One of these "monsters" disguises themselves as an elementary school teacher, spying on the human race as to know who will invent the "Axiom", what are the designs, and where will the DNA compartment be, as so they can report back and retrieve what was rightfully theirs. Miss Wormwood is undercover. Calvin's imaginings are in fact suspicions, which are in fact true, and Miss Wormwood is on to him. That's why she doesn't like him that much. Sure he's annoying but.....hmmm. Maybe that is why she is ready to retire in five years. So she doesn't have to deal with him. OR maybe she is concerned because she only has five more years to work on this "Axiom" project and she is worried Calvin is too much of a distraction. Hmmmm....
    So, MIND BLOWN??!!! Is what I right bollocks? Is it worth your time? Is it another page in history? What do you think. Please, please make a video, or at least contact me on your thoughts. Be honest. I'd LOVE to know. What do you think?
    Love your work. See you next time.

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson 3 months ago

    Okay so here's the question, when you split your soul the first time and make your first horcrux is it a 50/50 split of soul in you and the horcrux? If so, if you make a second horcrux does each part have 33% of your full soul or does the first horcrux still have 50% then the new one and you having 25% and so on with each subsequent horcrux. And beyond that does that mean the first horcrux you make is the strongest as it has the most soul in it and just how small could this mean The Dark Lords or anyone's soul can be? Asking for a friend.

  • Michelle Swatzell
    Michelle Swatzell 3 months ago

    I would like a video of the top ten Harry Potter characters you would bring back to life. I mean if you haven't done this before. .....

  • Tassana Burrfoot
    Tassana Burrfoot 3 months ago

    Dear SuperCarlinBrothers,
    Do you think Nick Wilde in Zootopia knew what the night howlers were?
    Here me out. When Judy first meets Nick, he kind of treats her pretty rudely, most likely because he had seen the fox repellent spray (which he does mention having seen later on in the film) and is, no doubt annoyed that it's there, but he does not point it out immediately. This gives us an idea as to how predators are viewed in Zootopia, despite the fact that there are several on the police force. (I know this can be seen as an allegory, but wait.)
    Later, when Manchas goes savage, he mentions the night howlers, but so many things happen almost immediately that Nick doesn't really have a chance to talk about them until he and Judy are on the lift, but he's so overcome by what he had just witnessed between Judy and her boss, it wouldn't surprise me if the mention of night howlers slips his mind until they are watching the video in Bellwether's office, but then Judy gets so excited by the night howlers being the wolves and wanting to go find them that Nick follows rather than tell her what night howlers are. And, honestly, it works out pretty well as the wolves did end up leading Nick and Judy to the missing animals. So, perhaps he might think he is wrong. Or maybe he didn't make the connection either. And then they are at the ZPD and Judy makes her statement about a predators DNA being the cause of them going savage and he becomes angry because it's showing Judy's naivety and, well, prejudice.
    The reason I think Nick knew what night howlers were is mostly because of the conversation Gideon has with her and her parents about night howlers (Gideon, who is a predator and a fox) and then Nick's non-reaction towards Judy's reveal to him about the night howlers. Now, it may very well be that he didn't react because he was depressed and might have felt that he couldn't trust her, but she had had that spray from the moment he had met her. Also, both Manchas AND Emmitt had known about night howlers. They are both predators. Judy had only known the "scientific", long-winded name for the flower, but it seems as though predators knew them as night howlers. So, why wouldn't Nick know? Of course, this begs the question that, if he knew, why wouldn't he bark it out as Judy had done? Why wouldn't he clue her in in some way, shape, or form?
    Started watching the two of you a few months ago and I just love your shows. I tune in as often as I can to see what sort of new material you've put out. Was actually a little surprised when I didn't see something about this put out from one of you. Keep up the great work, guys!

  • Julia Flores
    Julia Flores 3 months ago

    I need you to do a video explaining how a person inherits magic in the Harry Potter world. A common theory is that its a recessive trait (like blue eyes) requiring a "magic gene" from both parents in order for the child to be a witch or wizard. People try to discredit this theory by pointing out that under these conditions squibs should be impossible. It's true, just like two blue eyed people cannot have a brown eyed baby, if the magic gene is recessive then two magic people cannot have a non-magic child. So what does that tell us about the true parentage of squibs like Mr. Filch, Harry's neighbor and Ron's distant relative? They are the result of an extramarital affair with a muggle. Interestingly, the pattern of inheritance described in the Harry Potter books can also be explained by the magic gene being dominant. In this case, it is possible for non-magic children to occasionally be born to a magic couple but it is the mothers of muggle borns like Hermione, Lilly Evans and the Creevy brothers who have some explaining to do.

    • Elle Anya
      Elle Anya 3 months ago

      Maybe it's similar to the x gene. Just a genetic mutation that awakens in some people.

  • Kaitlin Carlson
    Kaitlin Carlson 3 months ago

    Oh, I don't know, maybe Darla IS BOO'S SISTER!?! EVER THOUGHT OF THAT! Seriously, that explains the similar looks, the same mobile and drawings, and maybe the illegible name is Darla. It also explains the toys in the chest, and maybe Darla, as a older sister, thought it would be funny to switch the drawings.

    • Kaitlin Carlson
      Kaitlin Carlson 3 months ago

      Please, at least consider this, I don't usually make theories, but you have too admit, it has a good amount of evidence.

  • Shem Mariano
    Shem Mariano 3 months ago

    Who is faster JACKSON STORM or HUDSON HORNET???

  • Nick Luft
    Nick Luft 3 months ago

    i found a potential easter egg in rattaotie. the dog that barks at remy could be doug from up

  • Robert Malone
    Robert Malone 3 months ago

    Ok, so I've came to the conclusion that the elder wand did in fact belong to Voldemort. If you follow the path that the books and movies lay out, the wand went from Dumbledore to Draco to Harry. When Voldemort killed Harry in the forbidden forest, the wand should have switched over to Voldemort. The wand switches allegiances when someone kills, defeats or disarms the previous owner. People say that Voldemort didn't really kill Harry just the horcrux inside him, but Harry did die. He had the choice to "move on" or "go back" which means he was dead. If he had chose to move on then that's the end of the story. He was dead. Also I've read that people say since Harry went to the forest to die and didn't fight, that somehow changed the circumstances and the wand was aware of his intentions so it didn't change its allegiance. I ask how is that different from when Dumbledore lost it to Draco? Dumbledore intended to die that night. He never intended to fight Draco. He gave his life just the same as Harry so why did the elder wand switch from Dumbledore to Draco but not from Harry to Voldemort? The wand should have switched allegiances and should have belonged to Voldemort.

  • Marika Lagervall
    Marika Lagervall 3 months ago

    I wish you would do a video to explain where Harry Potter is the first day after his parents have been killed. We know from the books that they were killed in the evening and it is also late evening when Hagrid deliver Harry to Privet drive 4, but it is also clear that the wizarding world have known for the whole day what happened. When Harry comes to the Durleys house it therefore must be at least 24 hours since his parents were killed. So, where has he been that time, and with whom? Has Hagrid taken care of a baby for 24 hours? Any ideas?

  • Brian Walker
    Brian Walker 3 months ago

    I noticed something this weekend and you may have done a video on it already and I missed it. My kids and I were watching Monsters Inc. and Monsters University. In Monsters Inc. when Mike and Sully are leaving their apartment for the first time Mike says "you are going to be seeing my face on TV a lot more often". Sully says "yeah on Monstropolises Most Wanted". Mike then says "You have been jealous of my good looks since the 4th Grade". My question was when you watch Monsters University is the first time they meet how has Sully been jealous of Mike's good looks since the 4th Grade?

  • The Grand Admiral
    The Grand Admiral 3 months ago

    I am listening to the Sorcerer's Stone audiobook again, and a potentially dumb theory just occurred to me. Forgive if this has been discussed before. But the boa constrictor Harry speaks to at the zoo. Could that be Nagini? I always sortof wondered where Voldemort got her. I just thought she was a regular snake he used "engorgio" on, but the boa in the Sorcerer's Stone is described as gigantic. Sounds like the right size for Nagini. Voldemort could have magically enchanted her to have a venomous bite.

  • Musa Aristaios
    Musa Aristaios 3 months ago

    hey can somebody tell me the name of the "funny movie movie in which the dog dies". I'm actually curious about it

  • Twizlicorn
    Twizlicorn 3 months ago

    I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! Could you do one about Mrs. Norris? I want to know more about her history. Even though I am only on the fifth book of Harry Potter, I am absolutely obsessed, and can't wait for more Harry Potter videos.
    - May Unicorns be with You

  • TheBros2theend
    TheBros2theend 3 months ago

    BRO!!!! WALL-E, what other planets are there? i dont think you have done a video on this before. its a huge overlook . the E in wall-e, stands for earth class. what other planet classes are there?

  • Isaac Ferguson
    Isaac Ferguson 3 months ago

    So I don't know how many people have heard but with the Toy Story world in Kingdom Hearts 3 confirmed canon story between Toy Story 2 and 3, doesn't that mean Kingdom Hearts is now part of the Pixar Theory?

  • Asweger 123
    Asweger 123 3 months ago

    rofl dead chanel

  • Teeny Tiny
    Teeny Tiny 3 months ago

    i have a theory for you to help me with maybe the powerful spell jk rowling  said you need when making a horcrux is the killing cures think about it its the only one he uses in all his murders and the only one he uses on baby harry after killing his mom making harry a horcrux

  • Aza Smith
    Aza Smith 3 months ago

    THEORY: Maui's tattoos are magical, but they are not sentient; Maui just went crazy on that island.

  • Shelby Douglas
    Shelby Douglas 3 months ago

    just thought u should know that u can get ur own personalized hogwarts exeptance letter for 15 pounds or $19.33 us dollars....super awesome and no i dont work for them i just remember u guys talking about how cool it would be to get one

  • alexshellnot
    alexshellnot 3 months ago

    you gotta be kidding me you have to pay to join ur discord, I feel like someone could just pay the 3 bucks a month and then send invites to random people. I feel like you should have 2 discords, one for the casual fan and another (like you do) for the patreons, the one for the patreons you would be on more and give more perks for being in it, the one for the casual fan would just be a chat for your fans, even if you only look at it like once every year at least it gives your fans a chance to interact with each other in a way without paying.

  • alexshellnot
    alexshellnot 3 months ago

    the question is how can one join said supercarlin discord

  • Nerdity
    Nerdity 3 months ago

    OH WOW when did you get a disscussion

  • Grayson Ingram
    Grayson Ingram 3 months ago

    hey jay and ben have y'all every stopped to consider why coco is going to better than 'The book of Life' even though to the untrained eye they are looking like they will be similar movies?

  • Sydney King
    Sydney King 3 months ago

    Do J and Ben ever tell us what their Patronuses are?

  • Grecia Farrera
    Grecia Farrera 3 months ago

    Dear SuperCarlinBrothers it would be interesting if you could check out some of the BTS Music videos and tray to explain all the theories behind it

  • Steven Laing
    Steven Laing 3 months ago

    Hey guys, What do you think would happen if young Tom Riddle found the sword of Gryffindor and turned it into a horcrux. Would that mean he is immortal (as the sword cannot be destroyed)?

  • Brennen Andrie
    Brennen Andrie 4 months ago

    Can you guys explain why Cinderella's glass slippers not vanish? Like the fairy godmother did say everything would be back to normal at midnight. UGH!?!?!?!

  • Matthew Knobel
    Matthew Knobel 4 months ago

    Ducktales please. What is the thing with Donald's sister and the spear??

  • Proverbs Brothers
    Proverbs Brothers 4 months ago

    Been listening to the Harry Potter books in audible, why wasn't Percy Wesley a Slytherin? All the books talk about are his ambition.

    • Elle Anya
      Elle Anya 3 months ago

      I believe they did a video on the sorting hat. Something to the effect of being able to choose your own house, like Harry choose not to be in Slytherin etc.

  • moondust99999
    moondust99999 4 months ago

    can you guys discuss the avatar the last airbender franchise? I feel like you guys would have great theories about that series, and it'd totally be up your alley! plus that show is awesome

  • Allison Coiteux King
    Allison Coiteux King 4 months ago

    Theory(sort of): did you ever notice that Queen Athena from Ariels Beginning and Ursula have almost the same shell necklace?( different color but its still a shell!) What if Ursula is a reincarnation of Queen Athena? Also, what if Athena married Triton in order to get the trident and control of the ocean and she died before being able to do so so she came back as Ursula to get the job done? Can you make a video about this and tell us if this is just nothing?

  • Alex Schulte
    Alex Schulte 4 months ago

    Have either of the brothers ever responded to a comment in here? I have looked a bit and haven't seen one.
    Anyways - I think it would be an interesting video explaining (if there is a reason why) for what reason Ilvermorny was kept out of the Triwizard Tournament. Obviously it contains a British (Hogwarts), French (Beauxbatons), and Norwegian/Swedish
    (Durmstrang) magical schools. But Ilvermorny existed and it would have been affected by Grindelwald (so a possible connection to Voldemort as well). And with Dumbledore's connection to an early Grindelwald, I am sure he would have known about the American Magical community. So why did Dumbledore never approach them for the tournament and all around help against Voldemort and the death eaters? I mean... he sent Hagrid as an envoy to France for the giants (remind anyone else of Benjamin Franklin?)! So many questions from my last watch of Fantastic Beasts

  • Leslie Moise
    Leslie Moise 4 months ago

    No Lootcrate for August?

  • Darling
    Darling 4 months ago

    how do i break an Unbreakable Vow?

  • Monika Masikonytė
    Monika Masikonytė 4 months ago

    1. Looks similarity ( without faces, dark cloth, practically shadows )
    2. Wants ppl to be dead (Death just chilling near the river where people drowns; Dementors just chilling and doing their stuff )
    3. Death takes lives when resurection stone crashes the good memories.
    4.Both of them never seen by muggles
    What do u think guys? Maybe others have more arguments?

  • Julie Quackenbush
    Julie Quackenbush 4 months ago

    My son had an interesting thought about Death's gifts. Could the Goblet of Fire be a gift from Death? It does seem great, but is ultimately trying to kill people. It's like it's weeding out the greatest potential wizards of each generation. Wizards can even be trapped into participating. The Goblet's origins are unknown. It all seems a bit fishy.

  • Chelsy Moore
    Chelsy Moore 4 months ago

    Could queenie actually be snapes gma? Not quite sure given the fact that snapes mother sir name is prince. Also the fact that jacobs last name isnt prince which makes it all kinda wonky. I know that tina eventually moves ith newt to england. I know that she could jus t go with and find a man there but then again in turn why would she be sweet on jacob and probably will help get his memory back just to leave him behind? But i will say it does seem kinda fitting weirdly.

  • collin buckley
    collin buckley 4 months ago

    More Harry Potter theory's

  • Elephant Jesus
    Elephant Jesus 4 months ago

    how does one become a ghost in harry potter

  • Elephant Jesus
    Elephant Jesus 4 months ago

    do a Star Wars trivia

  • miahbecker
    miahbecker 4 months ago

    You stated in one of your videos that Wreck It Ralph 2 will be only the second Disney animated sequel to be released theatrically. I respectfully point out that you, sir, happen to be incorrect. 2011's 'Winnie the Pooh' is a sequel, or more precisely a midquel, to 1977's 'The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh'. Do a video on that why dontcha?

  • Phoenix King
    Phoenix King 4 months ago

    what ever happened to JAR JAR BINKS?!

  • ary loquvam
    ary loquvam 4 months ago

    I believe that the sorcerer's stone is actually death. as death in the deathly Hallows grants wishes.