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Woody's Origins Explained
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In Defense Of Ravenclaw
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  • Isla Bunting
    Isla Bunting Minute ago

    He is in love with lilly because there patronises is the same

  • Matin
    Matin 8 minutes ago

    Vine wood and Phionix feather 14 3/4 inches slightly yielding flexibility

  • MacCheeseLove
    MacCheeseLove 26 minutes ago

    You, I’m a raven claw / slitherin (Never remember how to write Sliterin)

  • Totally Not Awesome
    Totally Not Awesome 28 minutes ago

    I liked, so congrats Narwhal! (Read the description if you don't understand)

  • Pajo Lee
    Pajo Lee 32 minutes ago


  • Megan Tait
    Megan Tait 47 minutes ago

    Dumbledore only said there was a story in his family meaning it might still be a story that just so happens to show up at times in need like it shows up in the chamber of secrets. Grindlewald also could have found a Phoenix and commanded it and trained to come at certain times so grindlewald could well be lying 🤥 That’s my theory

  • JM B
    JM B 54 minutes ago

    Who would win a fight Voldemort🐍-like. Thanos🐙-comment You have 1️⃣ year. GO!!!

    • JM B
      JM B 53 minutes ago

      Let's go

  • Janji Jumanji
    Janji Jumanji 58 minutes ago

    Nice theory but remember that we also saw boats that could move on there own in book 6

  • Gabriel Machado
    Gabriel Machado Hour ago

    What about the car is Cars 2 with eyes on the headlights? and steering wheels and seats inside?

  • Gavin Brown
    Gavin Brown Hour ago

    My name means “little hawk”, ironically, there’s a high school in town that I don’t go to whose football team is the little hawks

  • Wizard Lizard
    Wizard Lizard Hour ago

    I watched this to get away from biology homework, and then he hits me with an osmosis lesson

  • Isaacplays Siddiqui

    Umbridge is most evil



  • Tendo 10Nation
    Tendo 10Nation Hour ago

    Hey I was thinking has anyone ever spotted sids sister Hannah in any other Pixar movies? 👀👀👀

  • 1Dispretty2me
    1Dispretty2me Hour ago

    you hurt your back reaching so hard? jk ily guys

  • DivineChild _CreativeRebellion

    Hey Howdy Hey, Toy Story Fans😛 If your intrested I have made a 100% Movie Accurate Toy story 2 Representation Of A Woody Doll👌, Also in Display case just like big Al and Woodys Roundup Merchandise as Well. Please Check out on my Channel Your GONNA LOVE IT😍😍😍 Kind Regards Divine

  • DivineChild _CreativeRebellion

    Hey Howdy Hey, Toy Story Fans😛 If your intrested I have made a 100% Movie Accurate Toy story 2 Representation Of A Woody Doll👌, Also in Display case just like big Al and Woodys Roundup Merchandise as Well. Please Check out on my Channel Your GONNA LOVE IT😍😍😍 Kind Regards Divine

  • Joann I.
    Joann I. Hour ago

    so you're telling me this squid just pulls the 1st year's boats long bc he's a chill dude? Bc he and Hagrid are homies? I think the squid is probably just there for keeping the underwater portal safe, and might be nice enough to pull dumb 1st years out of the water when they fall in.

  • Micah Anderson
    Micah Anderson Hour ago

    Draco malfoy's says something like I'll be doging you

  • Mike Given
    Mike Given Hour ago

    King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard are an amazing band! You really should check them out

  • Tim Gavin
    Tim Gavin Hour ago

    Merpeople would also be saltwater creatures, all the legends about them are from the sea. So the portal between the lake and the sea might have turned the water salty or at least brackish. Or, it was always a salty lake, there are plenty of muggle world examples of those. It doesn't explain the pressure problem, but there's probably a magical solution to that, and that solution could easily also cover why its hide is tougher than a regular squid.

  • Fitz C
    Fitz C Hour ago

    What I don't understand is why they dumbed buzz down to pretty much the 1st Toy story version of Buzz?

  • the theo channel

    I am the smallest child, and I am: A pretty good problem solver, Creative, AND that's it

  • Jake Turbine
    Jake Turbine Hour ago

    I imagine if Dumbledore ever played muggle videogames he would have enjoyed Sims. He would have been one of those people who spent more time decorating than playing the game >_>

  • 08marliesm96
    08marliesm96 2 hours ago

    Couldn't he incraved the skull later on? Like someone dies on that year but he got hold of it later and then put it on it?

  • patrick carroll
    patrick carroll 2 hours ago

    Did anyone else go look up this band afterwards

  • Jereth Chase
    Jereth Chase 2 hours ago


  • Zorn
    Zorn 2 hours ago

    Did snape teach harry oclumency or ligelemancy?

  • Katherine Wolfe
    Katherine Wolfe 2 hours ago

    Thank you for this!! Love it!

  • E play_859
    E play_859 2 hours ago

    Look at the boat scene again he use magic on his boat no water getting pulled behind him like the others an his boat would make 11 boats you solved it

  • S. Archer
    S. Archer 2 hours ago

    Ran to the comments in a panic about the right meaning of blubber-very happy to see it’s already been addressed a dozen times :)

  • Victoria Hackett
    Victoria Hackett 2 hours ago

    Those who can’t do teach....hence why Dumbledore employs her?

  • bsballlord
    bsballlord 2 hours ago

    So since the elder wand technically killed the horcrux that harry was does it make it theo nly wand that's able to destroy a horcrux?

  • Ben V
    Ben V 2 hours ago

    Super Carlin Brothers REALLY should've made the Fantastic Beasts movies and Cursed Child.

  • Cory Lang
    Cory Lang 2 hours ago

    Congratulations on your second and third children!

  • Cadeboy 13
    Cadeboy 13 2 hours ago

    2:18... I'm a Ravenclaw...

  • Sky Wreck
    Sky Wreck 2 hours ago

    We need more Ben dancing

  • annieloves youtube
    annieloves youtube 2 hours ago

    "Cornelious fudge is the worst" Umbridge: *Am I a JoKe To YoU* "1.he hired umbridge" Umbridge: *THANK YOU*

  • Intet Mane
    Intet Mane 2 hours ago

    Wasn’t the resurrection stone also used to create this potion which lets Dumbledores friend live very long?

  • Chaz Vessie
    Chaz Vessie 3 hours ago

    That's more of a stretch than Michael Jordan in the final game in space jam.

  • Pizzabar2019
    Pizzabar2019 3 hours ago

    I took the quiz and got Griffindor. I want hufflepuff. So I took a different quiz and got Ravenclaw. So I took ANOTHER quiz and got Griffindor...I am a proven Griffindor...I WANT TO BE A HUFFLEPUFF

  • Lunar
    Lunar 3 hours ago

    He’s fred from harry potter

  • Tim Ocnnor
    Tim Ocnnor 3 hours ago

    Older siblings always end up sit near telling their young brothers and sisters that it's more horrible the white you actually a spirits that could also be a possibility of why they didn't tell them it was the sort cat

  • Brittney Rhodes
    Brittney Rhodes 3 hours ago

    Congrats on the new babies! Now that makes 3 little ones right? Why not make it Nessie Loch Ness monster? There are already mermaids which is a magical creature. The squid just never makes sense

  • Tucker Hawkey
    Tucker Hawkey 3 hours ago

    Do a theory on how Forky is able to close his eyes

  • Lunar
    Lunar 3 hours ago

    2nd wizardig war is like wizarding racism

  • Pikminiman
    Pikminiman 3 hours ago

    I don't know. Maybe. I'm not convinced by this theory, but I enjoyed the discussion that sprung from it.

  • Masha Parfenenko
    Masha Parfenenko 3 hours ago

    I think pumpkin pasties are like Reese’s peanut butter cups with pumpkin instead of peanut butter.

  • James DeMorest
    James DeMorest 3 hours ago

    7 1 6

  • ••Tiffany Chan••

    Hermione punching Draco

  • KirasDarkLight
    KirasDarkLight 3 hours ago

    While this is a cool theory, couldn't Dumbledore or a previous head master (one of the Founders) simply put an enchantment on the boats that makes them move, and the command to make them move is "Forward"? Seems a lot simpler. Plus what if they had more boats because one group happened to be larger? Granted they could all be tied around the squid's head... thing, but they probably wouldn't be moving that smoothly. And squid tends to swim in bursts of speed so that would not make for a very smooth ride over to the castle. Though it being there simply to pull students out of the lake on the boat rides or other activities does make sense, that way no one is at risk of drowing.

  • Seridath
    Seridath 3 hours ago

    Great theory I could believe it however I think I need to suggest a change to blubber. Blubber is a slang term in the UK for crying, so with the opposite side to gryffindor saying the others would be crying (blubbering) because they aren't brave enough.

  • Sam Zech
    Sam Zech 3 hours ago

    Yes... And no. I think the squid is a kelpie Look it up in the fantastic beasts book, that's what the loch Ness monster is.

  • Matthew Raskin
    Matthew Raskin 3 hours ago

    Albus Severus could have gone to Hogwarts during a memorial ceremony with Harry for the Battle or something and the Hat could have talked to him then. Thus he would have been made aware of the Hat and therefore Harry could talk with him about it.

  • Halt Jagged
    Halt Jagged 4 hours ago

    Disappointing vid brah

  • The Hokage Chronicles

    Just a quick fix - Sirius Black broke into Hogwarts on October 31st (Halloween), not the 16th. Also this just my opinion but if you predict something bad will happen to someone you are not predicting anything. Life is full of bad things and bad things happen to everyone. It's called living. Unless you can predict the exact day and the exact cause, you are just a fraud.

  • Halt Jagged
    Halt Jagged 4 hours ago

    There are actually people that sit around debating these pointless matters? Seriously who cares about stuff like this besides those with less than 30iq.

  • DevotedFire
    DevotedFire 4 hours ago

    Hahaha haha. King Giz reference. Hahaha.

  • Woman of Steele
    Woman of Steele 4 hours ago

    They didn’t even mention Boo from Monster’s inc.?!?!?!?

  • Drop It
    Drop It 4 hours ago

    not that true at the start, the reason Ron and Hermione did not faint, is becuase the dementor only attacked harry. while he could have gone for Ron and Hermione but dimentors stick more to people who had a bad past, but that doesnt mean that they wont attack you if you dont have a bad past.

  • Caleb’s Vids
    Caleb’s Vids 4 hours ago

    I love the fact that Ben has watched the great british bake off

    KERRIGAN HAVEY 4 hours ago

    harry bathing in goblet of fire

  • GryffindorKitty1
    GryffindorKitty1 4 hours ago

    lol Merlins pants hahaha

  • Noah Schumaker
    Noah Schumaker 4 hours ago

    I did find stuff for Wolverine under o,v,x,y, and z. It just took some effort. Also I just can't just pick 1 x-men! They're all awesome! But if I had to it would be Phoenix hands down.

  • Superhero Family Vs The forces of evil

    Hufflepuff! Hufflepuff! Hufflepuff! 💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛

  • EvilSkull093
    EvilSkull093 4 hours ago

    What about Ron didn’t Sirius black bit him wouldn’t Ron become a werewolf as well

    THE_KRAKEN 4 hours ago

    11:26 book dumbledore: I will not allow you to _manhandle_ my students Albus!

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 4 hours ago

    IT IS pronounced VOL-DE-MOR.............Mudblood IDIOT!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous User
      Anonymous User 4 hours ago

      J.K. Rowling revealed it HERSELF!!!!!!!!!! Idiots!!!

  • Al Meyer
    Al Meyer 4 hours ago

    Polynesians were technologically behind Europeans by centuries as were all indigenous peoples

  • Jon Lamonte
    Jon Lamonte 5 hours ago

    U need to tone down that insane youtube tone u have, your voice is just awful

  • Natanel
    Natanel 5 hours ago

    Oh yeah. It's all coming together

  • camcab13 13
    camcab13 13 5 hours ago

    Does anyone listen to the audiobooks by Demonte Dandridge

  • frogman
    frogman 5 hours ago

    Trolley witch =euginas blackenstof

  • Sunil Permaul
    Sunil Permaul 5 hours ago

    Maybe that's the skull of a person he killed. Perhaps the reason he was expelled from Durmstrang?

  • DeltroxTv
    DeltroxTv 5 hours ago

    I think the snitch should be worth 50 points. So its a good way to catch your team up. But it shouldnt end the game. There should be 3, 90 minute phases of the game in the first section the snitch isnt out yet so the seekers act as an extra player either helping the chasers or the keeper. During the second phase of the game 1 snitch is released and is worth 50 points and once it is caught it goes up straight up in the air as high as it can go,and the seekers are not allowed to follow it. This is to reset its position. During the Final phase the snitch is also released but Once caught the game ends. This would allow the times of matches to be anywhere from 3-5 hours. Which sounds like alot but considering they can go on for days thats not too big of a deal. This would also allow for some more strats and different play styles. During phase 1 Seekers could help defend or they could help score. This would make the game much more unique and interesting imo.

  • Murraymon
    Murraymon 5 hours ago

    but like... don't squids only have 7 legs, octopaties have 8 also... regardles of species, don't they need there tenticals to, you know... swim...

  • Another Feat
    Another Feat 5 hours ago

    The harry potter computer games had pumkin pasties at one point. basically pumpkin candy corn was my impression.

  • FruckFilms
    FruckFilms 5 hours ago

    Never did I think I'd hear King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard mentioned on this channel. One of my favorite bands, they're so prolific and so consistently great its kind of crazy. They might actually be a wizarding band, cause it just would make so much since like.. how can they make both "Paper Mache Dream Balloon" AND "Infest the Rats' Nest"?? how can it be the same band?? Crazy... I advise you check them out.

  • ChaosTherum
    ChaosTherum 5 hours ago

    Cubic Zirconium is literally the same thing as diamond it's just not natural.

  • HypotheticallySpeaking

    Fishing for fishies - KG&LW

    • FruckFilms
      FruckFilms 5 hours ago

      love that album, and Infest the Rats' Nest. Two great albums in just a few months of each other, so insane.

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 5 hours ago

    Nitwit, blubber, oddment, tweak = Ron, Neville, Harry, Hermoine

  • Robert Shields Jr.
    Robert Shields Jr. 5 hours ago

    More like the 4 man team of Harry, Hermione, Neviel, and Ron.

  • Victoria
    Victoria 6 hours ago

    Or blubber as in to cry. Aka a cry baby

  • Elias Williams
    Elias Williams 6 hours ago

    I almost cried 3 times at the end Once because Iron Man Twice because oh &$%# that's awesome

  • michelle Hunsinger
    michelle Hunsinger 6 hours ago

    Shape starts teaching the class about the spell accio Harry: accio my parents! Two dead body's come flying through the window

  • DaeShawn Leverett
    DaeShawn Leverett 6 hours ago

    If only they put the part that Scar is the rug in Lion King

  • Sunil Permaul
    Sunil Permaul 6 hours ago

    Why couldn't Lily have Harry's eyes? Brown..BROWN.. *BROWN?!?!*

  • Kaelin
    Kaelin 6 hours ago

    only up to 6:58. just wanted to mention that there is a museum about 20 minutes from where i live that has a colossal squid on show (a dead one in a giant tank of the weird liquid that stops it from decomposing) so i kinda could go and look at it almost whenever...

  • Writers Room
    Writers Room 6 hours ago

    What I’ve gotten from this is that Ana gets nothing 😂

  • SigmaElement
    SigmaElement 6 hours ago

    The wikipedia tells you the full name

  • Nature Heart
    Nature Heart 6 hours ago

    Pumpkin pastis are like Cornish pasties which are meat pies. So in other words a pumpkin pasti is a different way to make pumpkin pies ^w^

  • Void Ace
    Void Ace 6 hours ago

    I only disagree with the Slytherin, though I don't think Ben's guess is too far off. The thing is, it doesn't fit with the rest. The rest all talk about how one house views the other three while that one speaks of anyone who's not pure blooded, it just doesn't fit. I think it's probably more something like: They value using their wits to get through life don't they? So I feel like they might say other schools leave what they might see as odments that the Slytherin house sees value in, things that only they in their tricky nature see an odd value in.

  • dopp nett
    dopp nett 6 hours ago

    I did notice he always brought up a message of unity... actually, Hermionie herself brought it up when she indicated if Harry and Ron even heard Albus when it came to helping Draco Malfoy. As far as Unity, I did notice and wonder about Voldemorts half about what if Hogwarts had only one mascot akin to every No-Maj school. This in return is what Ilvermorny is about because, despite there being 4 houses, all 4 is a part of a person. That reflects Albus's messages. And thou there are 4, everyone is in unity with the same colors of red and blue. Unity also plays a role in the anthem as much as the song of the sorting hat. "We stand as one united".

  • Charlotte B
    Charlotte B 6 hours ago

    there is 40 people in a class not a grade

  • Shep B
    Shep B 6 hours ago

    Next why thor and Loki are scar and mufasa (because the are ).

  • Camryn Keen
    Camryn Keen 6 hours ago

    What’s wrong with hufflepuff ? I’m a huffelpuff.

  • Stephen Planas
    Stephen Planas 6 hours ago

    Speaking of Umbridge, do you guys think that she would have a portrait in the Headmaster's office when she dies? As much as I hate the idea, she was technically appointed headmistress for a little bit.

  • tamanna anand
    tamanna anand 6 hours ago

    I find it rude that you think hufflepuff isn't important

  • Ashleigh Scott
    Ashleigh Scott 6 hours ago

    dude is getting serious about his dad jokes

  • Vinny Da Skinny
    Vinny Da Skinny 7 hours ago

    Nah bro needs the tenticles to swim cant be pulling and moving unless it has a sweet squid saddle