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  • fat b******
    fat b****** 2 days ago

    1 vvd 2 alderweireld 3laporte 4 vertonghen 5 holding

  • Ravon Shaw
    Ravon Shaw 3 days ago

    who post this is an arsenal fan cause mo salah has incredible solo goals and skills

  • Riccardo Scialla
    Riccardo Scialla 7 days ago

    This video is sad

  • Ryeza ANR
    Ryeza ANR 12 days ago

    Steal video

  • Byron Caudet
    Byron Caudet 13 days ago

    Where are the goals😂😂😂😂😂 overrated he should stayed at Ajax he could be better just like hoe dad

  • Alex russel
    Alex russel 14 days ago

    Song name??

  • Dj Leekid's 94
    Dj Leekid's 94 19 days ago

    1:14 c'est quoi un best of de ces plus grands ratés???!!!! purée j'espère qu'il ne va pas signer à Paris cette grosse merde...

  • Ipan M
    Ipan M 19 days ago

    1.van dijk 2.lovren3.maguire4.boly 5.david luiz

  • Beanie World LOL
    Beanie World LOL 20 days ago

    Alisson is the first in here you ARE NOT right Dea tea isn't even the good he is getting worse and worse Becker better better

  • œ ß
    œ ß 23 days ago

    1.Van Dijk 2.Maguire 3.Wan Bissaka 4.Laporte 5.Alderweireld

  • onepiece_quiz
    onepiece_quiz 23 days ago

    Son is 1

  • shayaan
    shayaan 27 days ago

    Fake news

  • Animation for noobs Get no scoped

    Marry maguire

  • Loice Njeri
    Loice Njeri 29 days ago

    Pogba is better than de bruyne

    • Jack Mahoney
      Jack Mahoney 10 days ago

      Loice Njeri you are mad

    • SWAT 1611
      SWAT 1611 22 days ago

      How many games did pogba take to reach 50 assists? Did he even reach 50?

    • Hido BTW
      Hido BTW 22 days ago

      Loice Njeri what!!!!!!

  • 웃지마 민병관


  • Raw Toast
    Raw Toast Month ago

    Looking at Kane and Maguire when they were very young, you would never say they would be top footballers

  • Brede Mathisen
    Brede Mathisen Month ago

    Fake news

  • empty050
    empty050 Month ago

    A ghost. The most useless player ever seen in Roma.

  • Tony Fixio
    Tony Fixio Month ago

    Ndidi and Gueye Gana

  • A D
    A D Month ago

    Number 9 should be at least 5th

  • Aiman Elhartani
    Aiman Elhartani Month ago

    Better than cristiano ronaldo

  • Sidzej DZN
    Sidzej DZN Month ago

    Jebany kibic Tottenhamu

  • Daniel Davy
    Daniel Davy Month ago

    1 VVD, 2 Laporte, 3 Alderweireld, 4 Vertonghen, 5 Maguire

  • Inside Sport
    Inside Sport Month ago

    Amazing vid!!! I liked and subbed, u deserve more views! Well I guess u will be getting lots from me in the coming months! I have also started my own channel would appreciate if u checked it out

  • Wellinton Tibúrcio

    UAI porquê o Guardiola não deixa ele como titular??

  • Leequin Fortuin
    Leequin Fortuin Month ago

    In the dispriction you said 2018 /2019. How do you you know what will he do in 2019

  • Alfred Nelson
    Alfred Nelson Month ago

    Now 1. VVD 2. Maguire 3. Laport

    • Zane Iqbal
      Zane Iqbal 21 day ago

      Alfred Nelson Laporte second

  • Paulo Dybala
    Paulo Dybala Month ago

    Dybala is a football player amazing Thanks dybala for your football

  • Alex Williams
    Alex Williams 2 months ago

    How is Kane first he was injured most of the season aguero is so much better

  • James Russell
    James Russell 2 months ago

    Alisson: CL winner, Copa America winner, golden glove winner: Premier league, CL, and the Copa America, Ballon d'or ?

    • James Russell
      James Russell Month ago

      @Gem Hackett what's that got to do with goalkeepers

    • Gem Hackett
      Gem Hackett Month ago

      James Russell richarlison won the copa America for them

  • Insane Top
    Insane Top 2 months ago

    Hi bro I make montages on my channel aswell sick vid btw

    CHILIDEL 2 months ago

    Sanchez is better.

  • Santi Barrera
    Santi Barrera 2 months ago

    Pffrr JAJAJAJJAJA Man U 😂😂😂😂. Skriniar se queda en el Inter 🖤💙

  • hbmr12
    hbmr12 2 months ago

    1.de gea 2.lloris 3.alisson 4.ederson 5.kepa 6.leno 7.schmeichel

  • Hammze jama
    Hammze jama 2 months ago

    Newcastle under Mourinho should Confirmed😂 to Buy this Player on The promise of Mourinho

  • Sbuyiselo Sandile
    Sbuyiselo Sandile 2 months ago

    He looks like the kind of player Arsenal would spend a lot to get but they won't play him lol Arsenal is so dumb I swear they gonna Gnabry Reiss

  • Leander Helgestad
    Leander Helgestad 2 months ago

    who is the best player in the world Kane

    • 괴짜농구
      괴짜농구 Month ago

      Sonny did the most

    • I_AM_A_ICON
      I_AM_A_ICON 2 months ago

      He actually did do a lot in the UCL just because he didn't score in the final doesn't mean he didn't help us

    • Leander Helgestad
      Leander Helgestad 2 months ago

      He came from injury

    • Saif Gobran
      Saif Gobran 2 months ago

      Then why didn’t he help spurs win the UCL?🤦‍♂️🤔

  • masters cooper
    masters cooper 2 months ago

    they are all good but van dijk is on another level

  • Marlongas El AlaMBriTo

    Eriksen is better than pogba

  • Edgar Jahir Guerrero Altamirano

    Me parece que se vería muy bien de BLAUGRANA

  • HO amazing
    HO amazing 2 months ago

    1. Allison 2. Lloris 3. Enderson 4. Pickford 5. De gea 6. Kepa 7. Schmeichel 8. Patricio 9. Cech 10. Leno

  • Sierra Cosworth
    Sierra Cosworth 3 months ago

    Lewy amator nawet nie zasługuje, żeby mu buty czyścić. Takich goli lewatywa nawet w fifie nie potrafi jebnąć. Wyznawcy borka zaraz się zlecą :D

  • Aaron
    Aaron 3 months ago

    Aubameyang > any other striker (Exept mbappe)

  • Light Gamer
    Light Gamer 3 months ago

    1. Van Dijk 2.Alderweireld 3.Vertongen 4.Laporte 5.Azpilicueta

    • Zane Iqbal
      Zane Iqbal 21 day ago

      Light Gamer Laporte is second best

  • Kenechi Agbasimalo
    Kenechi Agbasimalo 3 months ago

    If only barca and messi know that the only forward player they need is kylian mbappe lotti. griezman will flop at barca

  • Kenechi Agbasimalo
    Kenechi Agbasimalo 3 months ago

    Tap in specialist

  • Seen
    Seen 3 months ago

    Griezmann 😍

  • Gugu Ndlovu
    Gugu Ndlovu 3 months ago

    That's why his my favorite player

  • The Zoner
    The Zoner 3 months ago

    I invite you to your channel there you will find football videos (eg the best goals, the most brutal fouls, best slips, etc.)

  • Titino Liban
    Titino Liban 3 months ago


  • Premila Khatun
    Premila Khatun 3 months ago


  • Premila Khatun
    Premila Khatun 3 months ago


  • TopBins
    TopBins 3 months ago

    Brilliant video bro and I know it’s a bit late but congrats for 2k🔥🔥

  • Mario Avila
    Mario Avila 3 months ago

    What is music called?

  • Andrej Kostic
    Andrej Kostic 3 months ago

    Matic was best cdm in the season 2017/18.also in season 18/19 he was very good but man united wasn't

  • Jose Mireles
    Jose Mireles 3 months ago

    In 10 years he's going to be the best player in the MLS

  • lisa maylin
    lisa maylin 3 months ago

    What do you mean aubameyang he is trash

  • Aisha Wahba
    Aisha Wahba 3 months ago

    Erikssen is the new xaxi = De bruyne is the new iniesta

  • Daniel Sanchez
    Daniel Sanchez 3 months ago


  • Circle 25
    Circle 25 3 months ago

    lol rashford? top 5? i dont think so Kane Augero Aubameyang Vardy Firmino

    • Circle 25
      Circle 25 Month ago

      @James Jerry most definitely. vardy is a much more proven striker right now.

    • James Jerry
      James Jerry Month ago

      Vardy better than Rashford?????

    • Circle 25
      Circle 25 2 months ago

      @Leander Helgestad potentially, but still not as proven as the ones i listed.

    • Leander Helgestad
      Leander Helgestad 2 months ago


    • Circle 25
      Circle 25 2 months ago

      @Jay Hwang how? who else gets in ahead of him? he's certainly better than rashford

  • Marlongas El AlaMBriTo

    1.Alisson Becker 2.Hugo Lloris 3.David De Gea 4.Ederson Moraes 5.Kepa Arrizabalaga 6.Kasper Schmeichel 7.Rui Patricio 8.Bernd Leno 9.Jordan Pickford 10.Petr Cech

    • Gem Hackett
      Gem Hackett Month ago

      Alison’s fuckin dogshit this kid doesn’t have a fuckin clue what he’s on about he’s shit talking he’s not even top 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000SO SHUT THE FUCK right up an stick your fuckin goalie up my ass you asshole son of a bitch HES SHIT im a leister fan

    • seamus collins
      seamus collins 2 months ago

      Correct allison the best

  • Shay sidi
    Shay sidi 3 months ago

    Matic was terrible this year

  • Shay sidi
    Shay sidi 3 months ago

    You put clips from 2017/18

  • courage taruvinga
    courage taruvinga 3 months ago

    de gea had a poor season ,he does not deserve to be in the top 5

    RAHMİ AYKAÇ 3 months ago

    Best player

  • Aminath Rishfa
    Aminath Rishfa 3 months ago

    Pick ford is no. 1

  • lil meezo & neesa dee stallion Halim

    Alison second is there something wrong with your brains

  • Ruben Ruben
    Ruben Ruben 4 months ago

    El mejor 9 del mundo

  • Rayz Xmiloo
    Rayz Xmiloo 4 months ago


  • NoonDevX
    NoonDevX 4 months ago

    Come on united

  • Yeni Orduspor
    Yeni Orduspor 4 months ago

    Firmino > Rashford

  • Asit Biswas
    Asit Biswas 4 months ago

    Next Beckham of the world.⚽⚽⚽⚽

  • Kaide Lowe
    Kaide Lowe 4 months ago

    He was s not at United guys

  • Football Maniac
    Football Maniac 4 months ago

    He is shit. A flop

  • Cj_amin
    Cj_amin 4 months ago

    what formation is that

  • Iric Tunety
    Iric Tunety 4 months ago

    Ndidi too

  • Ahamad Sopian
    Ahamad Sopian 4 months ago

    Welcome.... Bro. Smoga manchester united smkin terdepan.

  • Reza Razak
    Reza Razak 4 months ago

    You called it first!

  • B-Samuel 06
    B-Samuel 06 4 months ago

    where is kepa

      TAP FOOTBALL 4 months ago

      This was made at the beginning of the year I didn’t know if he would be good

  • Jack Larkin
    Jack Larkin 4 months ago

    Azpilicueta is a right back

      TAP FOOTBALL 4 months ago

      This was made at the beginning of the year when Chelsea played 3 at the back and he played right center back

  • Apekx Nirrajim
    Apekx Nirrajim 4 months ago

    Dea gea no 1..?? Bullshit dea gea..

    • SubscribeToMe ForNoReason
      SubscribeToMe ForNoReason 2 months ago

      I would say Lloris was the best.

      TAP FOOTBALL 4 months ago

      He was when this was made at the beginning of the year, let me guess u think it’s Alisson

  • Dan DA little Man
    Dan DA little Man 4 months ago

    Why can’t we all just agree that they’re both good

      TAP FOOTBALL 4 months ago

      Because that doesn’t get views 😂

  • DerpPlatypus
    DerpPlatypus 4 months ago

    You fucking bastard, don't steal videos of others stupid

  • FernanGamerX 10
    FernanGamerX 10 4 months ago

    Suso go to atlético de Madrid

  • Xxjuicey FruitsXx
    Xxjuicey FruitsXx 4 months ago

    Ha we don’t need ur rebuild

      TAP FOOTBALL 4 months ago

      I support Sheffield United, and it wasn’t a rebuilt it was just a gameplay

  • Dahlia -
    Dahlia - 4 months ago

    This is SONALDO7 my fover player❤

  • football fan
    football fan 4 months ago

    kevin is best best midfielder de bruyne free kicks 😍😍

      TAP FOOTBALL 4 months ago

      It was unfortunate he hit injured this year

  • Jake Scerri
    Jake Scerri 4 months ago

    Edrson and dea gea better than alisson this season????!! Alisson most cleansheets, least goalsconceded, most saves pergame, most save percentage. When liverpool played man utd de gea had double goals conceded than alisson and had 3 clean sheets and alisson had 14.

    • nero king
      nero king 4 months ago

      Go check that statistics again

      TAP FOOTBALL 4 months ago

      This was made at the beginning of the year it’s not up to date

  • Yosshi
    Yosshi 4 months ago

    Vom WM-Torschützen zum Medien-Buhmann. Vom Ausnahmetalent zur Stagnation verdammt durch seine Krankheit und fast in Vergessenheit geraten. Mario hat bereits die größten Hochs und Tiefs erlebt, die man sich als Fußballer vorstellen kann. Jetzt ist er gerade mal 26, hat sich aus seinem Loch befreit und findet zurück zu alter Form! So schnell wird ihn nichts mehr aus der Fassung bringen. Go Mario, ich habe den größten Respekt vor dir und freue mich auf die nächsten Jahre.

  • Rebecca Thomas
    Rebecca Thomas 4 months ago

    kev is better

  • Harry Kane
    Harry Kane 5 months ago

    harry winks done well.

  • Harry Kane
    Harry Kane 5 months ago

    good job harry winks.

  • Harry Kane
    Harry Kane 5 months ago

    harry winks.

  • Tim Waller
    Tim Waller 5 months ago

    He is a disgrace and should never be allowed to play again

  • Raghav Bukhory
    Raghav Bukhory 5 months ago

    Van dijk??

      TAP FOOTBALL 4 months ago

      He was at Southampton when I made this

  • RotiS
    RotiS 5 months ago

    Liki liki balls

  • Badis 21
    Badis 21 5 months ago

    Eriksen the. Best

  • Steven Mohlmann
    Steven Mohlmann 5 months ago

    eriksen, you amazing no chance to de bruyne

  • Shut Up
    Shut Up 5 months ago

    Are my head phones broken 2:07-4:05

  • NinjaMeloN
    NinjaMeloN 5 months ago

    If muhammad Ali was on the pitch