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Warm, humid Thursday
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  • professorrob
    professorrob 9 minutes ago

    Made it all the way to 101 just to experience that smh

  • fran mellor
    fran mellor 18 minutes ago

    Between child rapists and elderly rapist the same coin just different sides..sick twisted scumbags!

  • Paul W
    Paul W 22 minutes ago

    a fine? Jail those bums.

  • Tis Me
    Tis Me 31 minute ago

    @SEASON OF THE WITCH, You are clearly unaware and un-informed. My daughter was there as well. Do you think they skipped out of school? No, they didn't skip school. The school(s) actually took students there. It's called education/current events. Why is this so difficult to understand? And why are you so angry?

  • Asha M
    Asha M 39 minutes ago

    Cant call people ghetto because of there name its the personality thats ghetto not the name.

  • The Mastema
    The Mastema 40 minutes ago

    This guy had it easy... he should've been tortured to death...

  • Barry Boppins
    Barry Boppins 49 minutes ago

    Called the wrong department. That's city works. Not policing.

  • Leon Staal
    Leon Staal 50 minutes ago

    Dirty trash

  • whats my name?
    whats my name? Hour ago

    Good shit devil, 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼

    RAIN MAYHEM Hour ago

    Our government and criminal justice system are corrupt

  • Nimbly
    Nimbly Hour ago

    But the left tells us that armed citizens stopping crimes is a myth. Guess they were wrong... and the CDC was right.

  • Expert1911
    Expert1911 Hour ago

    1:02 Broken bones in the girlfriend's face. It is a tough call to engage someone who does not have a weapon in hand with an armed response. The gun does not leave the holster until shooting the target is all that will stop the harm to others. I am glad that the man had the sense to follow directions and avoid getting shot. This was in 2013; has life improved for this guy? Where are they now episode please.

  • Brad Smith
    Brad Smith 2 hours ago

    Thought I'd visit the comments for a little look-see at all the racism. I'll check back with ya later.

    • Expert1911
      Expert1911 Hour ago

      @Brad Smith same, also lots saying police gave the white guy a pass. I'd be curious what actually happened. Likely they disarmed him and brought him down to the station to complete some paperwork or a statement. I'd bet his gun was at least temporarily confiscated. He'd be lucky if they didn't also put cuffs on him too just to be safe. It helps to know what to expect if you ever have to use your CCW.

    • Brad Smith
      Brad Smith 2 hours ago

      Okay 30 seconds in and we have this whopper; "who cares, she's black" Oh lawd.

  • clover grass
    clover grass 2 hours ago

    It's motivated by genocide, in particular White genocide, a thoroughly jewish agenda, ie Kalergi Plan as one example.

  • MICK
    MICK 2 hours ago

    not sure what physical altercations happened before the video started but from this alone it looks more like the guard was the attacker

  • Upstate Raider
    Upstate Raider 2 hours ago

  • jrc3
    jrc3 2 hours ago

    13% = 52%

  • lavern Holloway
    lavern Holloway 2 hours ago

    Are you kidding? Jail time

  • South Jersey Bear
    South Jersey Bear 3 hours ago


  • South Jersey Bear
    South Jersey Bear 3 hours ago


  • South Jersey Bear
    South Jersey Bear 3 hours ago


  • Joseph Mercado
    Joseph Mercado 3 hours ago

    Where can you purchase these gloves

  • Golden Girl Club
    Golden Girl Club 3 hours ago


  • Golden Girl Club
    Golden Girl Club 3 hours ago

    I bet ur sorry FOH

  • Gomez
    Gomez 3 hours ago

    You never hear this shit in the news.

  • Armed Ferret
    Armed Ferret 3 hours ago

    Oooooh, an "internal investigation"! That sounds serious, SURELY we'll see results from *THAT*!!!!

  • DuramaxRepublic
    DuramaxRepublic 3 hours ago

    Once a marine, ALWAYS a marine.

  • chai Israel
    chai Israel 4 hours ago


  • Colin12475
    Colin12475 4 hours ago

    Good. He didn't get a slap on his wrist.

  • Big Steve
    Big Steve 4 hours ago

    Oh, their day just isn't complete until they've killed someone. What wonderful "people"?

  • bhoost
    bhoost 4 hours ago

    do you think the officer blew his brains out and THEN said ‘i better check if he has a gun’

  • bhoost
    bhoost 4 hours ago

    if the officer is responsible for his actions you should make sure to know your kid is responsible for pulling a gun

  • bhoost
    bhoost 4 hours ago

    maybe dont reach for it lol

  • tlite40
    tlite40 4 hours ago

    That officer was oissed he got knocked over so when finds him he surely gonna shoot

  • Alicia Averhart
    Alicia Averhart 4 hours ago

    Come over to my place in Selma 33 water ava

  • bhoost
    bhoost 4 hours ago

    dont run you dumb fuck

  • Zionist Jews Own the US Government

    109 Times you dirty bastards. Youve been kicked out of 109 countries and 110 is coming right up, just keep this crap up.

  • Kenneth Wilson
    Kenneth Wilson 5 hours ago

    Put up a small billboard in YOUR yard ... making it easy to read from the street. Make sure to put something (racks, dye hard to remove adhesive or my favorite skunk scent glands) around the edges of the sign.

  • Daniel Flash
    Daniel Flash 5 hours ago

    Once a marine, always a marine. No such thing as an “ex marine”

  • James Rogers
    James Rogers 5 hours ago

    US is a sad country. Civilians feel they must now kill police for their own safety. I dont want to share my space with these murdering hooligans. Target a cops family. Then they will know what it feels like. And the cops family will wonder what they did to deserve's called justice.

  • mastermooky
    mastermooky 6 hours ago

    wanton murder !!! jesus christ ! when will this crap stop!?.

  • Randy Callaway
    Randy Callaway 6 hours ago

    They even have fack FBI AGENTS too

  • Debbie Cakes
    Debbie Cakes 6 hours ago

    His parents and community failed at raising him correctly. If we want to get rid of evil people, we start with raising our children to do the right things and have love in their hearts. When I see troubled kids i teach them to do the right thing as if they were my own. We need to start with raising our children to do right.

  • myles dempsey
    myles dempsey 6 hours ago


  • 85dime
    85dime 6 hours ago

    I think that's a fair sentence. Attempted murder at 12yr, most likely be released by 30yr. If the system does its job, she can still have some kind of life and be a productive member of society.

  • Jim Halfpenny
    Jim Halfpenny 6 hours ago

    What made Milwaukee famous made a loser out of me

  • Sparkles and Sunshine

    This made me feel so much better about my situation. Always wanted more kids. Was blessed to have just one. Experienced fertility problems after number one and couldnt get pregnant again. Finally have come to terms with having just one child and hearing stories of other women like these ones makes me feel so much better and helps me realize how happy i already am with my one child. :-)

  • Ba Ba Blue
    Ba Ba Blue 7 hours ago

    America you must demand an independent investigation ,by civilians against any form of cover up by the police in the whole off America.

  • Melissa Helping
    Melissa Helping 7 hours ago

    Why would u let your 4 year old outside by there self.

  • kratz57x
    kratz57x 7 hours ago

    I'd like to have heard the mother say she was sorry for being sh*t as a parent.

  • Le F
    Le F 8 hours ago

    What kind of employment screening goes on to get so many of these people posing as law enforcers hired? People have to suffer and even die before some legal agencies say "Oh We've Discovered Another One!"

  • Dale Morgan
    Dale Morgan 8 hours ago


    • Barry Boppins
      Barry Boppins 48 minutes ago

      It's the city engineering department that deals with parking. Not the police.

  • Vermonster90
    Vermonster90 8 hours ago

    This guy sounds like a tool. I hope they cite him for putting up illegal flyers and damaging trees with those staples

  • Blither box
    Blither box 9 hours ago

    Local jewish leaders? Shouldn't they be in Israel? You know your country is a whore when...…

  • Michael Whittaker
    Michael Whittaker 9 hours ago

    30 years is lenient for America

  • Sean D
    Sean D 9 hours ago

    These devils never know when to stop pushing. Historically it has always been their collective downfall. If there is such a thing as the “good Jew”, they better reign in these traitors quickly.

    NOT NO BUT HELL NO 9 hours ago

    Maybe it will burn down. Just not with him in it or anyone or anything. Might be the only way out.

  • Sky_stider223
    Sky_stider223 10 hours ago

    He’s going to do it again It’s like the justice system wants cops to know it’s okay to plant evidence and that there will be little to no justice applied to officers who do break the law And the ones who do go to prison are extreme cases and only the extreme And video evidence too but even that wont be enough to be evidence of corruption in the future

  • Jesse Trey
    Jesse Trey 10 hours ago

    I say the victim, since she's alive miraculously, should decide what to do with them.

  • kimberly walker
    kimberly walker 11 hours ago

    All he had to do was stop and they still got his ass. Car fucked up and house fucked up ,he fucked up . . STOP !!!

  • kimberly walker
    kimberly walker 12 hours ago

    Damn ..😒☹️

  • Sheldon Cooper
    Sheldon Cooper 13 hours ago

    Why did the officer stand on his foot fuck them white🐷

  • Stonewall Jackson
    Stonewall Jackson 13 hours ago

    Typical black man

  • Power 2 Weight
    Power 2 Weight 14 hours ago


  • Hint Giver
    Hint Giver 15 hours ago

    It was right to shoot the dog. The owner should be charged with attempted murder

  • Lindsey Velveeta
    Lindsey Velveeta 15 hours ago

    Just coming to make sure the comments are on point.

  • Gonzalez Family
    Gonzalez Family 15 hours ago

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  • Maddox Tolliver
    Maddox Tolliver 16 hours ago

    *so, the cops show up and find a guy pointing a gun at someone, and what, their **_"SPIDEY SENSES"_** told them he was a **_"GOOD GUY WITH A GUN?"_** they didn't even order him to place it on the ground. **_"...well, he WAS "WHITE."_** oh **_...never mind then._*

  • littlekagome3
    littlekagome3 16 hours ago

    Rip kaylie

  • keeranimal8
    keeranimal8 16 hours ago

    Pettis the pussy...

  • Bo Wiggly
    Bo Wiggly 16 hours ago


  • M
    M 16 hours ago

    Sorry, but you run from the cops like that then expect the worse to happen and don't cry to the public bc you can't obey the laws.

  • M
    M 16 hours ago

    We get lectured by Jews while Israel shoots people from their border walls.

  • Troy Boulware
    Troy Boulware 17 hours ago

    He needs the death penalty

  • Priscilla Cortez
    Priscilla Cortez 17 hours ago


  • Michael Rogers
    Michael Rogers 17 hours ago

    Haha dis connects call then has a news station poking around.. lol

  • reCAPTCHA pt.2
    reCAPTCHA pt.2 17 hours ago

    Poor Kaylie 😔

  • William Handy
    William Handy 17 hours ago

    7.3 million / year.

  • John 7:7
    John 7:7 17 hours ago

    We see what your people are doing to Palestinians. You know how this ends

  • Rainy Train
    Rainy Train 17 hours ago

    The ethnic cleansing of white people from their homelands is being sold to us as a humanitarian act. These people know what they're doing. How do they sleep at night?

  • Anime Man
    Anime Man 18 hours ago

    Can I be friends with those guys😂

  • Deelicious Grapes
    Deelicious Grapes 18 hours ago

    He doesn't wanna hear her name?? Negro....the only rights u have is to stfu and go straight to hell.

  • Jay Warren Clark
    Jay Warren Clark 18 hours ago

    Well, it got the attention of the Glendale Police. They took them down-so that he wouldn’t get the attention of a lot more citizens who might find out how easy it is to get City Hall to actually listen! Let’s call this the one man leaflet protest! Post the name of judges, attorneys, and police bullies who screw you over! Why not? You can’t get the local newspapers to publish your Letters to the Editor containing your complaints, right? So, print up some flyers! It’s cheap and, apparently, effective! My congratulations to this gentleman! JWC

  • Algiz Rune
    Algiz Rune 18 hours ago

    Free Palestine!

  • Maxwell 24
    Maxwell 24 18 hours ago

    R.I.P Kaylie Juga She Never Deserved To Die Especially In That Way 😭😭😭😭😭 I Hope Her Family And Friends Recover 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Laretta Moore_Brittmon

    “No body in my family has ever kilt anybody like this”😳

  • ZombieKiller_Challenger_RT

    Right on Judge!!!

  • The App Channel
    The App Channel 19 hours ago

    You got arrested because the bad guy was retreating. Even though he deserves it, you can’t use deadly force on a retreating subject. They teach you that in Concealed Carry class.

  • Tampa Boy
    Tampa Boy 19 hours ago

    We have to ban these high capacity vehicles and their fully automatic transmissions!

  • J E S U S warned us about *THEM*

    Open borders for israel

  • None ya Biz
    None ya Biz 19 hours ago

    I've just watched 8 different videos about Glendales corrupt and criminal police department! Is the State's Attorney General office blind, corrupt, ignorant, blatantly turning a blind eye to this more than blatantly corrupt dept and chief? Or are they in collusion with this obviously organized crime family?!! Whats the may, city council, and city manager doing about the serious liability issue they are harboring?! MAYBE SOMEBODY SHOULD CONTACT THE GOVERNORS OFFICE AND MAKE HIM AWARE OF WHATS GOING ON RIGHT UNDER HIS NOSE!!

  • None ya Biz
    None ya Biz 19 hours ago

    "Launched an internal investigation" is cop speak for "We haven't figured out how to cover it up yet"!

  • Emile Cruz
    Emile Cruz 19 hours ago

    She was probly talking shit all day and then hit the dude and he beat her ass

  • Scott Lindrum
    Scott Lindrum 19 hours ago

    Should skin the black off of her.

  • sigmar heldenhammer
    sigmar heldenhammer 19 hours ago

    I did this back in 2nd or 3rd grade, was one of the 2 people that actually landed safely. The rest crashed. This was back before the renovation.

  • Elix Tido
    Elix Tido 19 hours ago

    who in the fuck cut the video at that point? You useless fuck. I hope you see this . . . . idiot

  • sixtyfps warrior
    sixtyfps warrior 19 hours ago

    More guns= less violence. If everybody has a gun nobody has a gun.......if this went over your head you are part of the issue.

  • 404UserNotFound
    404UserNotFound 19 hours ago

    The only people who can save these neighborhoods are the communities that live there. Fix yourselves or forever be a statistic.

  • joseph call
    joseph call 19 hours ago