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  • U B
    U B 28 minutes ago

    Sooo many bad choices. He gave me random drugs? Girl you chose to take random drugs. You chose to keep going back. Obviously what he did was wrong and not your fault. But like, you gotta watch your own man

  • Daniella Malone
    Daniella Malone 29 minutes ago

    So scary that this happened so close to home so sorry this happended to you ❤️

  • Jackson Hartman (Student)

    Shane is head demon and is ordering the rest of them around

  • Amanda white
    Amanda white 51 minute ago

    This is such a scary thing and I’m so sorry she went through this but you have to have some common sense. It amazes me how people can be confident and savvy enough to backpack around the world but not have the basic common sense to not put themselves in situations where they are vulnerable to things like this. It should be obvious to all of us from a young age that there are people out there who will prey on and you have to keep your wits about you

  • Weronika G.
    Weronika G. 55 minutes ago

    okay but can we take a minute here to appreciate how good they both look in this episode?

  • NativeNYerChicHK

    My heart was clenched for most all of this story. I’m at the same time so sorry you went through this and also so glad that you survived this. 🤬💔😢

  • P LeFeuvre
    P LeFeuvre Hour ago

    The NRA should pay for people's medical bills when things like this happen.

  • Oh girl No you didn’t

    She is beautiful.

  • Jake lsdk
    Jake lsdk Hour ago

    not a lot of people own cars in London? coulda fooled me

  • NativeNYerChicHK

    There was no kidnapping nor was there sexual assault. No one did anything to this girl, she voluntarily went and did all of these things. She just woke up from the drug haze and regretted her own decisions. There’s a real the difference between assault and regret. She consented to taking the drugs and going with those people while completely sober, before the drugs. This is just a story of a naive girl who regretted trusting the wrong type of people. Please, lets get back to a place of reasonable and rational thinking. We’ve got to have some level of personal responsibility on all of us. This isn’t kidnapping nor is it sexual assault.

  • Mark Webster
    Mark Webster Hour ago

    R.I.p jimmy hoffa

  • • d i o n n e •

    whos here after they left buzzfeed 🤣🤟🏼

  • Izzy Aricci
    Izzy Aricci Hour ago

    This is so scary, thank god she came out alive

  • Jessica Stephens

    The "legend" about Sarah Winchester's superstitious beliefs was made up by neighbors who found her standoffish (she kept to herself because she had a disability) and the people who later bought the property and wanted to market it as a tourist attraction. The house has a weird design because in addition to her(obviously misguided) interest in architecture mentioned in the video, the house was damaged by an earthquake. Some of the features such as walls behind doors were added just to keep the house from collapsing. Even though the spiritualist movement was as mainstream as it was going to be during Sarah's lifetime, she wasn't a part of it. I get that people perpetuate these myths about Sarah Winchester mostly just for the fun of it, but I still find it disappointing how much the silly stuff overshadows her contributions to public health and misrepresents her personality. She did a lot to advance what we know about tuberculosis, and she was known for being pretty good to her relatives and staff. All the deaths in her family led her to dedicate a significant amount of her money to charity and medical research, so it's kind of sad to see her sensible reaction to tragedy warped into these ideas about her visiting psychics and believing ridiculous things about her family's legacy. She was just a normal person.

  • Devesh Raut
    Devesh Raut Hour ago

    Is it just me who is not spooked a tiny bit by these stories?

  • mariannemayparis

    Why TF didn't she leave?!! This is so fucked up what happened

  • Lauchlin Cridland

    I’m not saying she deserved what happened, but listening to this caused a lot of face palms

  • Taylor Marie
    Taylor Marie Hour ago

    Why the hell would you message him the next day after all he did to you????

  • sam is Okay
    sam is Okay 2 hours ago

    So she’s so worried and freaked out but takes drugs

  • deku protection squad captain

    I think that the ghosts never come because shane bullies them 24/7

  • Ami Space
    Ami Space 2 hours ago

    Professional psychic Uhuh I had a friend who told me that her boyfriend could predict earthquakes and was a millionaire with lots of security in flying cars behind him everywhere he went...I didn't believe the psychic part to begin with.

  • The Mughal-killer
    The Mughal-killer 2 hours ago

    Girl is really gorgeous though. A bit chubby but good looking nonetheless!

  • Kobie Johnson
    Kobie Johnson 2 hours ago

    Great production and editing. Matt you're pretty funny brotha. I will keep watching

  • Caitlin walker
    Caitlin walker 2 hours ago

    Wonder if they’ll ever do the disappearance of Madeline McCann 🤔

  • Ilkka Rautio
    Ilkka Rautio 2 hours ago

    To Shane: Copenhagen is like smaller, worse Berlin. 🤔

  • siara705
    siara705 2 hours ago

    freddie mercury?

  • Paulina Bałdyga
    Paulina Bałdyga 3 hours ago

    She became a nun

  • Window Maker
    Window Maker 3 hours ago


  • Amber Lake
    Amber Lake 3 hours ago

    The fact that it said chimney and when he asked again it repeated it in more detail, weird. Although I don’t really believe in the supernatural that was weird

  • Nav H
    Nav H 3 hours ago

    Pretty sure Ryan was possessed at some point

  • yungvrat !
    yungvrat ! 3 hours ago

    i’m from philly & i don’t understand half of the words she’s saying .. am i the only one from philly?😭

  • Krystal B
    Krystal B 3 hours ago

    *Goes to a party and feels uncomfortable* *Has bad vibes* *Takes whatever drug is given to her* *Gets kidnapped* Play with fire, you’ll get burned 🤷🏻‍♀️.. How can she be so naive 🙄. Yes the man who did this is evil and horrible. He deserves to rot in prison. But she could’ve have prevented this traumatic experience if she wasn’t so naive 🙄

  • stzzzy
    stzzzy 3 hours ago

    ghost: ... why are u leaving? ryan: because i’m scared that’s why! ghost: .... ):

  • Gian Varona
    Gian Varona 3 hours ago

    WhErE ThE gHoUL bOyS aT????? #shane&ryan

  • Atqa Rafif
    Atqa Rafif 3 hours ago

    21:43 it like every other place spirit box said the names and flashlights turn of and on

  • Metafile Mercy
    Metafile Mercy 3 hours ago


  • LaUrEn
    LaUrEn 3 hours ago

    I don’t know your entire situation, but WHY on earth would you just take the pills? If they weren’t forced, why would you agree? It just doesn’t make sense.

  • Atqa Rafif
    Atqa Rafif 3 hours ago

    i thought the camera red thing at 16:52 was a demon

  • addi ha
    addi ha 4 hours ago

    my heart was RACING watching this video, like the red flags, kill me:( so sorry baby I'm glad you're safe

  • Alexandra Gray
    Alexandra Gray 4 hours ago

    Shane is so cute😍😍

  • Javier Castelan
    Javier Castelan 4 hours ago

    what the heck this is a joke lmao

  • Sarah Grundy
    Sarah Grundy 4 hours ago

    ''So I broke out my tarot card deck...' exits out of video

  • Georgia Giannaros
    Georgia Giannaros 4 hours ago


  • TWG
    TWG 4 hours ago

    Naivety... yes it’s sad that she had to go through this, buttttt she def set herself up for failure.. ijs 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • jordyn Carter
    jordyn Carter 4 hours ago

    I can’t watch these supernatural episodes without Shane being in them 🤣🤣

  • Exactpi
    Exactpi 4 hours ago


  • sommi
    sommi 4 hours ago

    💙💚💛🧡 You guys are carrying Buzzfeed so hard. The rest of Buzzfeed is a bunch feminist soyboy cuck vegan garbage. 💙💚💛🧡

  • L L
    L L 4 hours ago

    I like snakes - does that mean yet another survival mechanism has bypassed me? 🤔

  • IslandBarbie420
    IslandBarbie420 4 hours ago

    Dan Casalero was murdered... all those men were murdered. This government operates like a shadow to murder people..

  • Abbey Collins
    Abbey Collins 4 hours ago

    Can anyone else hear a girl screaming at 13:21?I think it’s just sound affects but I don’t know for sure.

  • Tiana Shira
    Tiana Shira 4 hours ago

    Well it turns out, I am in fact, a lizard person.

  • XxSky_GamingxX
    XxSky_GamingxX 4 hours ago

    at 26:18 u can hear a woman's scream in the background

  • Sapphire To
    Sapphire To 5 hours ago

    Anyone here after the announcement of the Watcher channel?

  • tNgoc Tam Phan
    tNgoc Tam Phan 5 hours ago

    It's like they're pedophile. Taking a boy for a few days, so strange

  • Kenneth Hauck
    Kenneth Hauck 5 hours ago

    sounds like those people were set up to me

  • jordyn Carter
    jordyn Carter 5 hours ago

    Solve the mysteries of the Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa. I personally felt something in the castle, but mainly in the dungeons. It would be great If you could solve the mystery there.

  • Damien Benn
    Damien Benn 5 hours ago

    You Don't Need to be Troubled to make good Art is the best line Ever in this Video.

  • Saskia
    Saskia 5 hours ago

    I can’t even imagine experiencing something like this. It must have been simultaneously the best and worst thing to have been with your sister in that scenario. :(

  • Kvng Austin
    Kvng Austin 5 hours ago

    The woman in this videos subject is the definition of a “Karen”

  • J. Frost
    J. Frost 5 hours ago

    It's _past_ the State border not _passed_ guys. English.

  • Elyssa Abou Mrad
    Elyssa Abou Mrad 5 hours ago

    I can't believe these motherfuckers went and named their new network "Watcher" I'm so proud of them

  • Numbat Nincompoop
    Numbat Nincompoop 5 hours ago

    *You're a lizard Harry.* Prince Harry: "I-I'm a what?"

  • DeeDee Skinner
    DeeDee Skinner 5 hours ago

    you should disable comments for videos such as these

  • Isla Hook
    Isla Hook 6 hours ago

    Ryan and Shane: 'look at at our belly-buttons lAvInIa!' Lavinia: 'imma head out"

  • Jeffrey Riley
    Jeffrey Riley 6 hours ago

    The photos have pretty much debunked as NOT being Elizabeth Short. Steve Hodel has also claimed his father was the Zodiac Killer so, yeah, his objectivity is clearly questionable.

  • Jon yung one
    Jon yung one 6 hours ago

    This is actually really scary,

  • Angel kitty
    Angel kitty 6 hours ago

    I feel like as the seasons pass, Shane starts to kinda believe the idea of the other side

  • Mini World
    Mini World 6 hours ago

    My grandma is one of the people who saw the shark threw up

  • kara coniglio
    kara coniglio 7 hours ago

    I have been through so many situations like that as a young girl. I just wouldn’t say no! Looking back makes me sick and sad

  • Sweet Lee
    Sweet Lee 7 hours ago

    I’ve been wondering this since I was probably seven or eight... why am I ME?! How come I’m not you? Why am I having deja vu of deja vu while I’m writing this? Ugh.

  • kaara's mom
    kaara's mom 7 hours ago

    The amount of times she shouldve stopped and ran but kept going completely of her own will is insane.

  • thade Splatter
    thade Splatter 7 hours ago

    “I heard you paint house”

  • Eriii Bambi
    Eriii Bambi 7 hours ago

    Why does Buzzfeed not push these kind of videos like they do with other videos. Things like this could help and teach so many people

  • Dayal Patel
    Dayal Patel 7 hours ago

    There’s a lot of shurbbege

  • soorya g
    soorya g 7 hours ago

    Open the glass box and say it.

  • katherine m
    katherine m 7 hours ago

    there were a lot of red flags, but there were also a lot of really bad decisions made :(

  • Mc Bayram
    Mc Bayram 7 hours ago

    25:52 me running upstairs after I close the lights

  • Victor Victor
    Victor Victor 7 hours ago

    I Don't Believe in AntiMatter or AntiGravity Propulsion Systems Doesn't Make Sense .

  • M
    M 7 hours ago

    This is why I trust my gut, I’m so sorry you experienced this

  • Grace Kurtenbach
    Grace Kurtenbach 7 hours ago

    As soon as she started talking about her mother singing You Are My Sunshine, I started sobbing. My mom used to sing that to me every night before I went to bed. I just pictured myself in that situation, and I couldn't help it. Jesus this is brutal. I'm so sorry this happened to you.

  • ツJayde
    ツJayde 7 hours ago

    Shane doesn't get curses, *_because he is the curse_*

  • Scott Lutz
    Scott Lutz 8 hours ago

    I enjoyed the video. I use a Ouija board that I made on my TVclip channel to read Tarot and oracle cards on. I focus on finding answers to missing persons cases. I have studied Hermetic Kabbalah for a long time now and Metaphysics in general for over thirty years. Here is a brief summary of the truth behind it all: 1.) The Ouija cannot open portals to demons this has to be done during ritual magick work. It takes a certain time and environment to call up demons and speak to them and they each have a very specific state and nature. Calling them up can be done and has been done for hundreds of years. Demons are in reality fragments of the collective human subconscious that can be manifested into forms and spoken with. So are benevolent entities known as Angels. The word Demon comes from the Greek word Daemon which means "Guardian Angel" or "Genius" and what that means is that there is a part of everyone's being that is connected to deity (or if you do not believe in a God then the Universe's consciousness) which we are simultaneously separated from because of our flesh but also in connection to through our mind and spirit. The word is actually older than even the Egyptian language and reaches back to Mesopotamia. 2.)The Ouija board is related to working with a Pendulum and not Goetic magick which is why you can't cause a demon to posses you by using one. You are getting information from a hyper state of reality that emanates through the body to use the ideomotor effect to reveal information. That hyper state of reality is one that contains nothing but information from all events past/present/future and can be reached through a non local way. The Esoterist may call this aspect of reality the Akashic records and It is a state of manifested reality that is actually a higher state than where Demons exist as noted through the Kabbalistc tree of life. Technically the Ouija board works but it takes time and persistent usage. It works much better with at least two people and four would be the ideal number. 3.) Using a Ouija board CAN cause manifestations of poltergeist activity in the home but poltergeist activity is mostly energy from the body and mind of a person under stress. Our bodies emanate subtle energy that can have big effects in our immediate environment and the Ouija board can act like a catalyst for this phenomena. 4.)Ouija boards are awesome and fun and I love the way they look. Hope you will take a moment to check out my TVclip Channel and see the one I made!

  • DJ Plays!
    DJ Plays! 8 hours ago

    The biggest mood in this video Is the closed caption [both yelling]

  • Best Bops
    Best Bops 8 hours ago

    He has a disorder of some sort but he still has common sense idk it’s weird LMAOO

  • Martin Prince
    Martin Prince 8 hours ago

    Why you people are so terrified about talking "bad" about jews?

  • alexgasbutt
    alexgasbutt 8 hours ago

    Florida really is just like that huh

  • dreaminghat
    dreaminghat 8 hours ago

    Shane, ryan, where are you guys? I miss youu 😕

  • Mikayla Roos
    Mikayla Roos 8 hours ago

    I live in Vegas and the day after this everyone at my school was crying bc some ppl from my school died or loved ones who had died. I couldn’t even contact my some friends who’d gone to the festival bc of the panic and some lost their phones. We all cried so much together that day, I can’t imagine in if I was there

  • dollofvoodoo
    dollofvoodoo 8 hours ago

    I can't even imagine the fear she and her sister must have felt. I was fearing at the beginning that she was the survivor and her sister wasn't. I'm glad they made it out alive as well as others. My heart goes out to the families and friends who lost. I hope those that lost their lives went quickly and didn't suffer.

  • Emma Marshall
    Emma Marshall 8 hours ago

    I can never hear the so called voices 🤔

  • Susie Espino
    Susie Espino 8 hours ago

    Zak bagans should invite Shane to a ghost investigation and see if he's still skeptic after it lol

  • Angel Beaudoin
    Angel Beaudoin 8 hours ago

    Did they get their dates wrong?? At 3:25 they say the investigators noticed the pension had been robbed in 1976 and that Hoffa disappeared two weeks later. Later in the video they said Hoffa disappeared in 1975 🤔

  • Cagla
    Cagla 8 hours ago

    But Destiny said that it was between her breast to John (4:52) and down to her stomach almost (14:03).

  • Rosie Posie
    Rosie Posie 8 hours ago

    Thats so scary

  • Dominique
    Dominique 8 hours ago

    I can’t believe I wasted 18 minutes of my life watching this

  • D W
    D W 8 hours ago

    the courage to admit you made poor choices is admirable. i still struggle to do so. thanks for sharing. i am so so glad you are alive and thriving.

  • BenjaBeb
    BenjaBeb 8 hours ago

    Shane is wearing shaggy clothing while hunting ghosts

  • Gia Thompson
    Gia Thompson 8 hours ago


  • Christopher Justice
    Christopher Justice 8 hours ago

    Psychics do this thing called “Cold reading” where they do research into people before talking to them. They then bring up things they learned in their research. John Oliver did a great segment tearing into psychics.

  • NamStackz
    NamStackz 9 hours ago