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Coco Review
14 hours ago
iPhone X Review
5 days ago

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  • Luis Caraballo
    Luis Caraballo 13 hours ago

    Its kinda sad that I have to raise volume at work just because you wont provide subtitles on most of your reviews... I mean, shame on ya

    • Uncreative
      Uncreative 4 hours ago

      The YouTube videos are transcripts of the reviews. Just read them on the IGN website

  • Omega Gaming
    Omega Gaming 3 days ago

    You know, I bet you could round up all the people who work for IGN and ask them, "Hey, name *one* good game," and you wouldn't get an answer.

  • lhagyal bhutia
    lhagyal bhutia 4 days ago

    Can you plz review sims4 for console!!!!Can you plz review sims4 for console!!!!

  • lhagyal bhutia
    lhagyal bhutia 4 days ago

    Can you plz review sims4 for console!!!!

  • lhagyal bhutia
    lhagyal bhutia 4 days ago

    Can you plz review sims4 for console!!!!

  • lhagyal bhutia
    lhagyal bhutia 4 days ago

    Can you plz review sims4 for console!!!!

  • lhagyal bhutia
    lhagyal bhutia 4 days ago

    Can you plz review sims4 for console!!!!

  • Draken Weiner
    Draken Weiner 4 days ago

    Can you please stop spoiling stuff like punisher with telling video titles like you have been, thanks, jeez lo weez.

  • toy soilder
    toy soilder 5 days ago

    your poo

  • Stephen Chase
    Stephen Chase 5 days ago

    Congratulations on getting almost an amazing 7,000,000,000 worldwide views!!!

  • Big M
    Big M 5 days ago

    lol bro u mad bruv

  • EightBit
    EightBit 8 days ago

    Zero coverage on the battlefront 2 news? Disappointing

  • joygasmfilmz
    joygasmfilmz 9 days ago

    ign giving you the daily fix missing the battlefront 2 reddit post in full force i see GG

  • Polar Studios
    Polar Studios 10 days ago


  • The_LongDark
    The_LongDark 13 days ago


  • ImaFnT-Rex
    ImaFnT-Rex 14 days ago

    someone said before that you gave even the WiiU a rating higher then the SWITCH? O_o ... :v

  • Foxy356
    Foxy356 15 days ago

    Sonic was never good huh?

  • Надежда Щипак

    WOW 128K+ VIDEOS!

  • CyberCharger
    CyberCharger 18 days ago

    stop puting the animated shorts of overwatch on for views, its dishonerable. you can watch them on playoverwatch channel so you can give the creators the views

  • texas thunder
    texas thunder 20 days ago

    IGN sponsors of multicultural terrorism

  • Steven Malley
    Steven Malley 22 days ago

    "Sonic was never good" - IGN

  • Sahith Mallampati
    Sahith Mallampati 24 days ago


  • KiyokaMakibi
    KiyokaMakibi 24 days ago

    Anyone remember when it was all about games?

  • The Ultimate H
    The Ultimate H 25 days ago


  • Dylan Houghton
    Dylan Houghton 25 days ago


  • Renato Ramic
    Renato Ramic 26 days ago

    i cant see videos(videos removed) on notification why??? anyone with same problems on IGN?????

    • sethman75
      sethman75 21 day ago

      They are not showing up in my subscription feed. That and many other channels are not showing up for some reason. Only started this week

  • Ir- one red
    Ir- one red 28 days ago

    IGN that girl are great

  • Stupid People
    Stupid People 29 days ago

    does anybody like you guys?

  • Wonder Willa course
    Wonder Willa course 29 days ago

    i like roblox

  • TheDarkGhost000
    TheDarkGhost000 Month ago

    Taking down and launching copyright strikes if they use any amount of game coverage is simply daring and malicious at heart when so many companies are doing it unfairly. Stop in the name of all of youtube.

  • Andreu
    Andreu Month ago

    lol I got a rating for IGN's ratings: 0.00000001/10

  • General GGHD
    General GGHD Month ago

    10/10 for destiny 2!!!!!

  • KirkeGaming
    KirkeGaming Month ago

    Hi, for some reason all your videos are just showing as black. Every other channels vids are fine, are you using a different format or something?

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman Month ago

    Give the boys jobs.

  • Jordan Franks
    Jordan Franks Month ago

    This channel burns! NOW!

  • Zee Pooper
    Zee Pooper Month ago

    в рот этот канал ебал

  • ZUIKMedia
    ZUIKMedia Month ago

    Hey IGN in your Dunkirk review, what was the background music playing from 2:22 - 3:25, it's incredible!

  • Dan man
    Dan man Month ago

    Can we have another prepare to try series where the crew play - shadow of colossus, ico or the last of us? I feel like they would be suitable/great games.

  • EpicPro
    EpicPro Month ago

    shitty, shitty, shitty and shitty, stealing vids from valve? wow ign, more dickgn

  • Barbara Belfrey 2

    i wish this company will die

  • Jeremiah Watson
    Jeremiah Watson Month ago

    Please review A Hat In Time

  • joygasmfilmz
    joygasmfilmz Month ago

    Still waiting on the destructoid ac origin experience that was a utter mess or a old build at EGX and a reach out to ubisoft to confirm suspicions damn why hasn't ign hired me yet lol im doing their job.

  • joygasmfilmz
    joygasmfilmz Month ago

    ac orgins new trailer launched 9 hrs ago but here at ign we only cover games with less then minimum amounts of content.

  • kenchiiZ5
    kenchiiZ5 Month ago

    I bet IGN's HR director wears pointy white clothes at night and move around with a burning torch in its hand. Only explanation for why all of their programs is about 4 white dudes in a box or 3 white dudes and the whitest girl ever...

  • colbert bernson
    colbert bernson 2 months ago

    you guys are legend

  • tobby grant
    tobby grant 2 months ago


  • eshaan bahuguna
    eshaan bahuguna 2 months ago

    Hey, IGN why don't you make a review of Warframe in 2017?? as I have heard a lot about how good it is but hasn't seen a single review from big channels like yours. Please make a review on it as again, I have heard that it has changed a lot since 2013.

  • sunnyo barrasi
    sunnyo barrasi 2 months ago


  • zane burns
    zane burns 2 months ago

    hi guys

  • Future
    Future 2 months ago


  • R Hirshi
    R Hirshi 2 months ago

    Your RC Stunt Copter vid is terrible, mine shows me complete it in ACE mode.

  • Jeff Carrier
    Jeff Carrier 2 months ago

    Your Destiny 2 "review in progress" format is terrible. I don't want to watch 8-10 hours of spoilers each day... I want a 3-4 minute video of your thoughts for that day.

  • Dave Yans
    Dave Yans 2 months ago

    i sub your channel

  • Dave Yans
    Dave Yans 2 months ago

    give me some robux name (dave_yans)

  • Justin M
    Justin M 2 months ago

    Destiny PS4 users are getting lock out of the game all night! I looked forward to playing all day and when I got off work at 10pm EST and the Destiny servers were down(not PSN)... 6 hours later the servers are still down! Day 2 of Destiny and I HAVE NOT PLAY AT ALL TODAY! I am a full day behind!!!!!!! Roast Bungie for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Atlas
    Atlas 2 months ago


  • Dhruv Upadhyay
    Dhruv Upadhyay 2 months ago

    You guys cant even review Minecraft properly.

  • HonorYT
    HonorYT 2 months ago

    Sub To me for a sub

  • Game Spot
    Game Spot 2 months ago

    hi i m nuwan srilal.i start a new gaming youtube channel.i dont have a gaming pc to play games.can you be to me a sopsor and give it to me?

  • criança perdida
    criança perdida 2 months ago


  • Justin Asamoah
    Justin Asamoah 2 months ago

    ign go to sonic mania review and read mine it is better and i would like you guys to compare it in the next video

  • Zebra Man
    Zebra Man 2 months ago

    IGN is a dead meme and corrupt at the same time

  • TF2 scout
    TF2 scout 2 months ago

    may i say "Would you kindly make more bioshock games...?"

  • Daniel van staden
    Daniel van staden 3 months ago


  • Anti-SocialAge
    Anti-SocialAge 3 months ago

    This is the second time I have Unsubscribed from this channel. The funny thing is that I NEVER subbed to this channel in the first place. I'm sick of IGN popping up in my notifications like it's a channel I follow. If I wanted to watch bubblegum gamming vids I would watch PewDiePie, (at least he is funny) not this absolute untrustworthy rubbish. I don't know if it's IGN, or YouTube (or both) auto adding IGN as one of my subscriptions, but it is absolute BS and it needs to stop. It may seem like I'm making a big deal over nothing, but I have integrity and crap like this pisses me off.

  • Dillonbninja
    Dillonbninja 3 months ago

    "IGN was never good." - Every gamer ever

  • Tom Pearce
    Tom Pearce 3 months ago

    Random 2017 comment just passing through

  • ceco enev
    ceco enev 3 months ago

    Just look how every person here is talking about how much viedeos they have uploded today and how its crappy content

  • GhettoThuggy
    GhettoThuggy 3 months ago

    GO IGN:-)

  • Bogoo
    Bogoo 3 months ago

    hi IGN

  • Aliens218
    Aliens218 3 months ago

    Post the Gladiator and Highlander executions/emotes.

  • Pandamation
    Pandamation 3 months ago

    i want to punch you in the face.

  • Carl Adams
    Carl Adams 3 months ago

    IGN (Imagine Gaming Network) And also they liked my tweets at Twitter.

  • Carl Adams
    Carl Adams 3 months ago

    Hey! IGN Did a great job for making us a good choice including me!

  • Carl Adams
    Carl Adams 3 months ago


  • toxikrocker
    toxikrocker 3 months ago

    Where's prepare to try ep 10???

  • The Best Around
    The Best Around 3 months ago

    Why do you put Game of Thrones spoilers in the video titles? Please show some common etiquette.

  • nilesh pawar
    nilesh pawar 3 months ago

    Hello guys you are doing great jobs I wanted to know that can i post your videos on my website

  • Dylan Houghton
    Dylan Houghton 3 months ago

    why didn't you give Alpharad a friendly booyah

  • Confussed-Oddish
    Confussed-Oddish 3 months ago

    IGN why didn't you give alpharad a booyah

  • The Mojo Dojo
    The Mojo Dojo 3 months ago


  • GrilledRedBox
    GrilledRedBox 3 months ago

    Why didn't you give Alpharad a booyah?

  • Trowel Knight
    Trowel Knight 3 months ago

    Why did you not give alpharad a booyah?

  • Hhindley2005!
    Hhindley2005! 3 months ago

    Why did you not give alpharad a boo yah?

  • Rumz
    Rumz 3 months ago

    0/10 didn't give alpharad a booyah

  • CookieDough
    CookieDough 3 months ago

    why didnt you give alpharad a booyah

  • Hector Manuel
    Hector Manuel 4 months ago

    We need Epic Mickey 3.

  • Shane Trevor Ruhrmund
    Shane Trevor Ruhrmund 4 months ago

    Please IGN stop putting spoilers in the titles of your videos some of us are in South Africa so are way behind you guys please warn of spoilers before hand and do not put any spoilers for series in the video titles, otherwise I love your channel good job

  • Camelo Miller
    Camelo Miller 4 months ago


  • Camelo Miller
    Camelo Miller 4 months ago

    I just realized I was asking the wrong people yet again

  • ConnorW8
    ConnorW8 4 months ago

    100K+ vids omg wtf

  • mich corgy
    mich corgy 4 months ago

    where are the games?

  • BillBotelho
    BillBotelho 4 months ago

    IGN: 7.8/10 not enough water.

  • Noah Matthews
    Noah Matthews 4 months ago

    im on to you for copyrighting valve ING you lost a sub

  • adam kent
    adam kent 4 months ago

    You guys know what a spoiler alert is?? Granted, I suppose most would say your game of thrones videos are not really spoilers... thanks for just letting me know what happens in the episode with titles and pictures, when I'm trying to avoid it until the end of the damn season. You are the only channel that just goes, "By the way, that thing you can lose friends over from saying too much too soon, here. We're not friends anymore." Unsubbed. Learn how not to spoil things.

  • chris kuypers
    chris kuypers 4 months ago

    trash and dumb to smoke

  • Lazlo Gogolak
    Lazlo Gogolak 4 months ago

    "The game is bad. 9/10"

  • Salty Bacon
    Salty Bacon 4 months ago

    You guys steal other peoples ideas. You're a disappointment.

  • BOT #Iwasboughtbythischannel

    Could you guys at IGN stop it with the trailer-stealing? It's getting ridiculous.