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  • 0d in
    0d in 32 minutes ago

    Stupid is a better word for these pieces of shit.

  • Maria van heerden
    Maria van heerden 35 minutes ago

    Thanx I enjoyed it so much

  • just me
    just me 41 minute ago

    5:49 why does a 4 year old have a smartphone?

  • mccookie2000
    mccookie2000 53 minutes ago

    i dont like how some of these dogs are growling and showing their teeth. are they ok?

  • Aidan Obiedo
    Aidan Obiedo 55 minutes ago


  • Frozen Scribble
    Frozen Scribble Hour ago


  • Maria del Carmen Melo

    burlarse boluda!!!🇺🇾

  • Melissa Clark
    Melissa Clark 3 hours ago

    GoOd ThInG tHe GlAsS Is ThErE 🙄 some people


    Mom:sleeping Me:laughing with shouting Mom:woi you better stop laughing Me:still laughing with shouting Mom:come and heat me

  • Jade Edwards
    Jade Edwards 4 hours ago

    I would love one of these it’s not fair they’re so expensive 😔

  • Maciej Szymanski
    Maciej Szymanski 4 hours ago

    My friend who is veterinarian by profession said once: ' I do not like cats but I can confirm they're the best God's creatures'

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 4 hours ago

    Viele schebbige Köter dabei

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 4 hours ago

    Title fraud

    WIL SMITH 4 hours ago

    I love my pug Hovis, he's so funny &cute🐕🐶💖👍💕

  • ThyJuan C
    ThyJuan C 5 hours ago

    Pigs are so cute.. was raised around pigs.

  • Koldex
    Koldex 5 hours ago

    sub to me plz

  • Bilal Saleem
    Bilal Saleem 5 hours ago


  • Raigardas Ruksenas
    Raigardas Ruksenas 5 hours ago

    not funny

  • Zame Zaw
    Zame Zaw 6 hours ago

    1:58 was halerious

  • Chris Litts
    Chris Litts 6 hours ago

    that black car singing the blues what a classic 😄

  • pop quiz
    pop quiz 6 hours ago

    I hate the music

  • jhon rc
    jhon rc 7 hours ago

    Dog be like I want to call my lawyers before death....

  • * EyeAmYOUniverse *
    * EyeAmYOUniverse * 7 hours ago

    1:30 the Robert Kraft special

  • hafiften çok değil , Çocuk

    pj masks cool video 😃👍

  • Ralph Hunt
    Ralph Hunt 8 hours ago

    I have a springer spaniel going to the vet no problem going to the groomer very very big problem he reconinizes. The word groomer if I say the word gromer to my wife he cocks his head and takes off he's impossible to catch when I do get him there it takes staff assistance to get him in the back he howls and acts like he's going to be murdered I felt so bad leaving him there After I picked him up he avoided me for a couple of days and would lay on his bed and poute vet shots dental work no problem groomer omg call out the national guard

  • Cordelia Hutchinson
    Cordelia Hutchinson 8 hours ago


  • Samuel Arthur
    Samuel Arthur 8 hours ago

    Some of it looks like animal "abuse".

  • Jay Riviera
    Jay Riviera 11 hours ago

    You are horrible to your cats

  • Mischelle
    Mischelle 13 hours ago

    Cat was like you seriously, are you going to chase it? 😂

  • soisitimpossible
    soisitimpossible 13 hours ago

    House cats, the MOST pointless/useless creature on the planet!

  • jordy pickles
    jordy pickles 14 hours ago

    this is my legacy

  • Public Domain
    Public Domain 15 hours ago

    I feel bad for the lion she's just like ooh piece of candy over and over but she never gets ut

  • James Greene
    James Greene 15 hours ago

    That lion was actually terrifying, but still cute and funny.

  • carrie white
    carrie white 15 hours ago

    Like your video

  • Charles Hoeft
    Charles Hoeft 16 hours ago

    I liked when the woman was poking the cat with her finger. The cat was like "You must want to lose that finger very badly lady".

  • Yu Chen
    Yu Chen 17 hours ago

    That was so funny 😂 👍

  • леха зеленый


  • Yazz H
    Yazz H 17 hours ago

    My kitty was looking everywhere for these kitten and tried to cuddle with my phone

  • Zeph Dragon
    Zeph Dragon 17 hours ago

    this video: Forget Cats! me: *No, i don't think i will*

  • Carolina 1
    Carolina 1 18 hours ago

    The cat cornered at the 8 min mark is funny?

  • Jeff Austins
    Jeff Austins 19 hours ago


  • AJ Grant
    AJ Grant 19 hours ago

    Lose that damn music!

  • west west
    west west 20 hours ago

    а я нажимаю на ссылку, а там собака пердит в камеру, нихрена себе юмор пошел кругом, хуже животных стали

  • ruthie
    ruthie 20 hours ago

    Ferrets are idiots.

  • Ali
    Ali 20 hours ago

    The music is awful

  • Sugar kitty
    Sugar kitty 23 hours ago

    0:16 it’s a good thing she can scream loud Incase for help Edit: 1:53 this guy is stupid af

  • Paul Fisher
    Paul Fisher 23 hours ago

    so funny!!

  • Cheryl Reed
    Cheryl Reed 23 hours ago

    Come on people it's wrong to tease the big cats, they're frustrated already from being captive and on display, please don't let your little ones tease them!!

    MİNA BOĞUR 23 hours ago

    Nooo cat is sad you is happy...! >:'(

  • Viral Pack
    Viral Pack Day ago

    Truly liked seeing all of your clips

  • Alicia VanKoughnet

    fun funey

  • Lorraine D'Souza

    What appears to be cute n funny is just meanness on the part of the humans. It is a known fact that the harmonica probably being a higher pitched sound n higher pitched singing voices are actually distressing to cats n dogs bcoz they hv more sensitive hearing. As kids we too had teased our neighbour's dog so now realize why they howl along. But for adults to do this just to put it on TVclip is just mean and stupid.

  • Mr. Pank
    Mr. Pank Day ago

    Like❗❤ °enter ready °° ▪︎ Sign ❗❤ ▪︎ I will do the same❗❤

  • Zëd Zënkoden {Infinite Løop Angel}

    You have no idea how wrong you are *There are a million things more funnier then cats*

  • Beverly Glover

    Cut that nasty little chihuahua's toenails!

  • Satyajit Chitale

    She'd which

  • Viral Pack
    Viral Pack Day ago

    It truly is good fun to watch your vids

  • Oofline Aimy
    Oofline Aimy Day ago

    4:15 is my mom when I get a bad grade on my report card

  • Katie shoemaker

    At 1:31 the cat look like my cat

  • Fahad Samir
    Fahad Samir Day ago


  • Glasses&Mouthplates

    The black cat does a good Bob Dylan impression.

  • Audrey Getten
    Audrey Getten Day ago

    I'm going to show my boyfriend this video to convince him to let me get a kitten....

  • LaMarty
    LaMarty Day ago

    3:56 when I fail in life

  • Son Of Oden
    Son Of Oden Day ago

    Lol I showed this to my cat and it was so cute she was swatting the screen 🤣🤣🤣

  • pupu lulu TV
    pupu lulu TV Day ago

    cute 🥰🥰

  • Amy Cuaresma
    Amy Cuaresma Day ago


  • Amy Cuaresma
    Amy Cuaresma Day ago


  • Slytherox Master

    I have a ferret and I went to see a movie and I left him home (I wish i didnt have to) and when I got home I saw him looking through the window at me

  • Grace Carnegie

    The music makes it hard to hear whats happening

  • Luis Carrasco Toledo

    Like que la mayoría es tigre y León

  • Melisa Lopez-Perez

    Me and my cat sing along to the SpongeBob intro and the Teen Titans intro 😂😂

  • Dixie Shuffler

    The 6k thumbs down must be mice😉

  • Dana Mccarty
    Dana Mccarty Day ago

    I laughed really hard through the whole thing

  • Gee money
    Gee money Day ago

    It’s always the black cat with the rhythm lol

  • YBF-ACE !
    YBF-ACE ! Day ago

    2:49 me when I get way to high and I’m hiding under a Blanket and my boys are asking if I’m good

  • Саодат Ахмедова



    00:34 that’s me when I have to go to school

  • DkViking
    DkViking Day ago


  • Katherine Czyz


  • Myratana's Tubing

    woha hehe😂😂😂😂😂😆

  • 1000 Subscribers Without Videos Challenge

    Who else thought the thumbnail had a dead cat with blood all over the place?

  • Marina Kitrell

    I have been watching this till i was 4 im 9 ((on moms account))

  • Carolyn Yoxall

    When you scratch a cats back like that and they react in that way that is very painful to the cat. Please don't do that to your cats

  • Funny Animal Video

    This video is great on my channel have fun video if you watch the cat and I would appreciate if you subscribe to my channel

  • Funny Animal Video

    This video is great on my channel have fun video if you watch the cat and I would appreciate if you subscribe to my channel

  • Carolyn Yoxall

    Terrible! Just terrible

  • My uhhh
    My uhhh Day ago

    4:36 pls never give your ferrets anything sweet, not even fruit as an occasional treat. If they eat kibble it should be low carb too. It’s actually serious, not something to be taken lightly. They have high risks of insulinoma.


    this is not funny

  • June Garza
    June Garza Day ago

    We went to the zoo and I pet the goat and he farted on me! 😥😞😖😂😂💕🤘🥰

  • Lola Salcedo Domene

    Chihuahuas, maravillas de la creación. Adorables, siento pasión por la raza. Saludos desde España.

  • محمد المسعودي


  • Stélian Graphics

    Imagine a zoo without that filter between cute and horror called glass

    • Stélian Graphics
      Stélian Graphics Day ago

      @Ваха Вахаев what

    • Ваха Вахаев
      Ваха Вахаев Day ago

      Nicki89 is yyjnyogj8tuition I think you should be able 3rd and a half hours in the morning of the match your own home and buryi8hdtv6tenner 3bhu guitgbyuhu8regressed h8

  • Shane Farfrom
    Shane Farfrom Day ago

    I will say this... I absolutely don't trust every veterinarian...

  • Charles Koushik

    4:05 Guy : c'mon... c'mon mate... Dog : get the f**k outta here human... Or ill bite you in the ass...

  • hamod777 gamer
    hamod777 gamer 2 days ago

    the dog 9is ingk

  • hamod777 gamer
    hamod777 gamer 2 days ago

    thank you very much !!!

  • Riley Bulpin
    Riley Bulpin 2 days ago

    Hello I'm doggy

  • Royal Chambers
    Royal Chambers 2 days ago

    who disliked i think the dogs did

  • Brilene Yopuz
    Brilene Yopuz 2 days ago

    So cute

  • The Patitos Zueiros

    0:22 ps3