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Fairy Makeup Look
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the truth about my lies
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grwm to meet ariana grande
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my los angeles trip (vlog)
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you are worth the world
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i tried making an asmr video
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Vlog: My Week In Colorado
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  • Joana Rodriguez.
    Joana Rodriguez. 12 hours ago

    ¿Le puedes poner subtítulos a tus vídeos.? Es que no se inglés jaja y me gustan mucho tus vídeos xd.

  • s.grace
    s.grace 12 hours ago

    Super bland😶

  • emma taylor
    emma taylor 15 hours ago

    every time she says “disenrolled” i literally cringe so hard. it’s UNENROLLED!!! 😂

  • straw baby
    straw baby 17 hours ago

    Haley’s ‘fringe’ are going like: | | | | | | 👁👁 👄

  • Vanilla Taurus
    Vanilla Taurus 18 hours ago

    I enjoy ur videos upload more :>

  • Vanilla Taurus
    Vanilla Taurus 18 hours ago

    U look pretty

  • Betül Mey
    Betül Mey 21 hour ago

    26:40 he is speaking turkhis and he say something like "hi, ur cute"

  • otisfrancoise
    otisfrancoise 22 hours ago

    why the fuck would you go to the game if you’d react that way

  • Zoulikha El Osrouti


  • Lorentchina Dumas

    It's so funny how society is so harsh on young people like her but when it comes to the grown ups it's a different story

  • zlp_fandom_ duh

    Ur so pretty 🥺😂😭 love you……but I miss zaley 🥺

  • 16 and pregnant my ass

    Why is her pupils so wide sheeesh Cocaine or some shit

  • mysterious ways fr

    Wait why are people hating on this girl. She seems like a genuinely cool normal person?

  • al is my pal
    al is my pal 2 days ago

    Y’all broke a teenage girl; you realize that right?

  • Snowtube
    Snowtube 2 days ago

    this content <<<<<

    • 3lDb
      3lDb 2 days ago

      sup ignorant

  • sanatched
    sanatched 2 days ago

    Why is everyone giving her shit for going to the hospital? Her auntie literally LEAKED the song she had been preparing and stressing about for the past months? I, myself, don't even have anxiety but my heart would break if the song I wrote with my tears was leaked. Haley has severe anxiety, we all know it, so why are we still here giving her crap?

  • Lydia Savile
    Lydia Savile 3 days ago


  • Shyla Taylor
    Shyla Taylor 3 days ago

    i miss the old Kanye .. i hate the new Kanye ( ʜᴀʟᴇʏ )

  • Rosie :O
    Rosie :O 3 days ago

    i haven’t watched ur videos in years omg

  • not your dad
    not your dad 3 days ago

    SIS HER TVclip CAREER FLOPPED! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • btch
    btch 3 days ago

    haley please dont try and act like you're happy when you're not. Just tell us

  • btch
    btch 3 days ago

    you're looking so much better than the last time i saw you. Hope you're doing better

  • Taydiy
    Taydiy 3 days ago


  • Aya Chebabi
    Aya Chebabi 3 days ago

    Make an asmr channel already please😂

  • andy why
    andy why 3 days ago

    she's so monotone

  • Jorja Viglino
    Jorja Viglino 4 days ago

    omf i didnt realised the vid was 35 mins long and i watched the whole thing😂😂

  • Sweet Rainbow
    Sweet Rainbow 4 days ago

    I hear Billie Eilish, i subscribe

  • Dkeokdc, Ff
    Dkeokdc, Ff 4 days ago

    I feel like I watch this every night

  • Bebi Bones
    Bebi Bones 4 days ago

    Please cut your hair short (shoulder length), it would look so good on you.

  • maya
    maya 4 days ago

    “ I was being bullied “ BITCHH😂 omg this bitch really needs to die 💀

  • Jasmine Cardozo
    Jasmine Cardozo 4 days ago

    Anybody get a shit tone of ads ?

  • jojo circus
    jojo circus 4 days ago

    I don't stan her at all but I really think she should take a break. If she really has mental issues and she's on drama channels guurrrl... take a break please. Know what you did wrong and try to better yourself so you could come back a happy and a better person

  • rosie
    rosie 4 days ago

    when she tries hard to be ariana grande

  • Queen Moody
    Queen Moody 4 days ago

    ...now yall care about her lmao .... I love u queen stay strong

  • ariel aguirre
    ariel aguirre 4 days ago

    This Asmr was literally the best it put me to sleep so fast thank you

  • Mariaaa G
    Mariaaa G 4 days ago

    You should totally do like a new ASMR in like a christmas version idk

  • Makeup By M
    Makeup By M 4 days ago

    You kinda look like alyssa from end of the f...ing world on netflix

  • Kylee Cox
    Kylee Cox 4 days ago

    Don't be disrespectful, show love & stay kind <3

  • megan rectenwald
    megan rectenwald 5 days ago

    why so many adds :(

  • Bayan yudeh
    Bayan yudeh 5 days ago

    i miss this Haley morales

  • Jesse Estrada
    Jesse Estrada 5 days ago

    I honestly still Stan her ❤️🥺🥰

  • Myla Pennel
    Myla Pennel 5 days ago

    Omg is that a PLaStIc StRAw

  • araceli d.
    araceli d. 5 days ago

    can y’all shut up abt how she’s looking and what she seems like ?? she’s probably trying her damnest to be okay again and y’all really think pointing stuff out like that is helping ?? just tell her you hope she’s doing alright and go, it ain’t that hard sis

  • Katie Lebron
    Katie Lebron 5 days ago

    What was she doing to her collarbones

  • Tamara Stanic
    Tamara Stanic 6 days ago


  • Viola Carretero
    Viola Carretero 6 days ago

    Used to be obsessed with Ariana now she tryna sound like Billie eilish and Lana Del ray🙄

  • Soynee
    Soynee 6 days ago

    Any small youtuber wanna help each other out?

  • Ruby Janis
    Ruby Janis 6 days ago

    Thank you for not laughing and making jokes (: but i actually enjoyed this video you should make more asmr vids

  • Mickey
    Mickey 6 days ago

    I don’t know anything about makeup so when Haley said highlighters I was all “why would she put highlighters with makeup?” 😂

  • Libertie Beddoes
    Libertie Beddoes 6 days ago

    I love watch your videos love u girl💜

  • Marit _Benders
    Marit _Benders 6 days ago

    6:11 *VSCO girls left the chat*

  • Elliot Berg
    Elliot Berg 6 days ago

    wow you are so prettyyy

  • vonnina mail
    vonnina mail 6 days ago

    My dumpass thought contouring and bronzing where the same, is it¿lol

  • Damian Gonzalez
    Damian Gonzalez 6 days ago

    haley waley glowing 🥰🥰

  • Harmony
    Harmony 7 days ago

    haley: why don't I have any friends? also haley: i JuSt BrUsHeD mY tEeTh FoR tHe FiRsT tImE iN 2 wEeKs

  • — lilibel
    — lilibel 7 days ago


  • amira marionne
    amira marionne 7 days ago

    hals i asked for an album like a year ago i need your voice in my life

  • Jennie DaWeirdo
    Jennie DaWeirdo 7 days ago

    sis do you wanna unblock me on Instagram 😭

    • Jennie DaWeirdo
      Jennie DaWeirdo 3 days ago

      no it’s because I commented “unblock monetized” or something cause she stole her audio one time

    • you smell like broke
      you smell like broke 3 days ago

      Jennie DaWeirdo her mom blocks random followers

  • keira houser
    keira houser 7 days ago

    bet u won't respond

  • Lexie Pope
    Lexie Pope 7 days ago

    A cutie🥺ily bby hope your doing ok.🙏🏼🥰

  • Cristal_editzs Editing with Cristal

    I- I love comparing myself to Haley because like I feel like a ugly rat compared to her- like she’s soooo perfect..she’s literally my favorite person,sometimes I don’t even know how it would feel like to be this perfect..so Haley if you see this PLEASE TEACH ME 💀😌😚

  • Alluka Zxz
    Alluka Zxz 7 days ago

    Annika acts like one of those 13 year olds who just got dropped off at the mall by her mom with her friends

  • kaylee owen
    kaylee owen 7 days ago

    It is on Netflix

  • Toys In Heaven
    Toys In Heaven 7 days ago


  • Toys In Heaven
    Toys In Heaven 7 days ago


  • bethany lopez
    bethany lopez 7 days ago

    honestly, why do people still stan this girl? be forreal🥴💀

    • One Hell of an Opinion
      One Hell of an Opinion 4 days ago

      @bethany lopez Maybe you should stop trying to cancel a fucking MINOR and focus on yourself, sis. Going after a kid ain't a cute look.

    • bethany lopez
      bethany lopez 5 days ago

      Kathleen Almario looks don’t matter. herself as a person is problematic, and just an all around bad person.

    • namj__ns
      namj__ns 6 days ago

      Kathleen Almario doesnt matter. shes problematic

    • Kathleen Almario
      Kathleen Almario 6 days ago

      Cuz she cuter than u

  • axelcraft456 Barreto

    Jsjdjdj en un momento te parecias a millie bobbi brown

  • S C
    S C 7 days ago

    Ok peeps we don’t need no guards we just need guards around Hayley cause she just spilled that all nighter

  • Moonlxght Amvs
    Moonlxght Amvs 7 days ago

    Haley, I genuinely do not support how you handle your drama or what happened at all but I did watch the video about your lies and mental health. I have bpd and I was on abilify for about a couple months - 5 months, i gained so much weight it made me way more depressed than I already was. As soon as I was off I started becoming happier. Abilify is really bad with side effects, be careful ♥️ a very calming and helpful medicine you can ask your doctor/psychiatrist about is seroquel/quetiapine, it’s for schizophrenia in adults but I was prescribed it first for my insomnia which it worked amazingly and then also for my bpd. It helps me a lot with my panic attacks and breakdowns, stay strong

  • I LoveChristmas
    I LoveChristmas 8 days ago


  • DerpyPandaGurl
    DerpyPandaGurl 8 days ago

    Haley you need a break, please you dont look okay

  • Smh_ Mymy
    Smh_ Mymy 8 days ago

    How come ppl hate u your so cute 💚🖤💚

    • I LoveChristmas
      I LoveChristmas 8 days ago

      It's because she's toxic and manipulative. :/ her physical beauty doesn't cover it, no matter how much she wants it to.

  • blackpink stan
    blackpink stan 8 days ago

    aww she looks so sad. we have to help her you guys! show her some support whenever you can :) (i’m not a fan of haley and her actions, but everyone desires to be happy.)

  • Aya Chebabi
    Aya Chebabi 8 days ago

    Asmr channel please😂💖💖💖🙏

  • Leah Webster
    Leah Webster 8 days ago

    im late but i love you haley! this look is beautiful my love

  • Rosé
    Rosé 8 days ago

    Damn what happened to your views

  • Serina Jaramillo
    Serina Jaramillo 8 days ago

    Haley is baby, ngl. 💗

  • skinny
    skinny 8 days ago

    dislike this

  • Victoria Mbah
    Victoria Mbah 8 days ago

    I literally love this girl I always will idc🤞🏼♥️

    VICTORIA SANTOS 8 days ago

    Haley is me when she put on her eyelash

  • Brooke Reyes
    Brooke Reyes 8 days ago

    Bring👏🏼Back👏🏼the👏🏼bangs👏🏼💖love you

  • toxiqq;
    toxiqq; 8 days ago

    i love you!

  • Rachel Dukes
    Rachel Dukes 8 days ago

    Your channel dying fast asf

    • One Hell of an Opinion
      One Hell of an Opinion 4 days ago

      @I LoveChristmas Imagine wanting to burn a fucking minor and actively participating in cancel culture. Can't relate, sis.

    • I LoveChristmas
      I LoveChristmas 8 days ago

      Good lmao

  • Beth black
    Beth black 8 days ago

    She has an unattractive face without makeup. It's actually shocking. She needs a nose jobs baldly as well as forehead surgery (to lower her hairline).

    • 롤캐
      롤캐 8 days ago

      wtf is wrong with u

    • A Roach
      A Roach 8 days ago

      she doesn’t need to change anything about herself just bc you think she’s ugly, she is beautiful with and without makeup, so if you came here just to hate, leave

    MICH VFDZ 8 days ago

    so you guys actually still like her? i miss lena so, only here to unsuscribe

      MICH VFDZ 7 days ago

      @Sasha KT lol, clown=me

      MICH VFDZ 7 days ago

      @A Roach oh now im the clown, i didnt know that lmao btw your profile pic and username are my mood

    • Sasha KT
      Sasha KT 8 days ago


    • A Roach
      A Roach 8 days ago

      lena is alive, it was faked:/

    VICTORIA SANTOS 8 days ago

    Her dog be fierce but cute

  • Abby michelle
    Abby michelle 8 days ago

    To everyone saying that they miss the old Haley ,miss seeing her smile, etc.. just remember that it takes time to heal from what she has went through and I know that personally I would rather her show how she truly feels and talk about her problems than put on a fake smile and call it a day and to Haley just know that you are Not alone. We All go through trials and illnesses so if you ever need to talk, feel free to message me on @ab.bsluv or @hcleymarle on insta. That goes for anyone else who just needs someone to talk to ,I am here. I promise that what you are going through will end soon and that you Will make it through, please dm me if you need someone or get help through a therapist . I love all of you 💗

  • Карина Баймурзина

    No one: Absolutely no one: Not a single soul: Hayley: *showing us her makeup secturs already the 3rd time*

  • hey helena
    hey helena 8 days ago

    Hey Haley, we really hope your okay and we are sending nothing but love to you, I really hope your doing well and yeah

  • Lil_B
    Lil_B 8 days ago

    we dont want to hear abt ur life, just do the makeup tutorial. thats what we came for.

  • Pamela Tenorio
    Pamela Tenorio 9 days ago

    y’all protecting her after what she’s been doing lmao a joke

    • you smell like broke
      you smell like broke 3 days ago

      jenlisaツ彡 sis that comeback died

    • jenlisaツ彡
      jenlisaツ彡 4 days ago

      @One Hell of an Opinion I'm the clown? Sis you're the whole circus, now hop along and go and do your homework, Haley wannabe.

    • One Hell of an Opinion
      One Hell of an Opinion 4 days ago

      @jenlisaツ彡 No, she didn't do ANYTHING. There are PLENTY OF FUCKING RECEIPTS ONLINE. Look it up yourself, fucking clown. D'Angelo Wallace made a DAMN good video about it, go educate yourself.

    • I LoveChristmas
      I LoveChristmas 8 days ago


    • jenlisaツ彡
      jenlisaツ彡 8 days ago

      @Sasha KT she did EVERYTHING

  • Samantha Ruiz
    Samantha Ruiz 9 days ago

    'Im sO UgLY" *proceeds to take multiple photos* ..lmao ok

  • Georgina Chavez
    Georgina Chavez 9 days ago

    she looks thin and sad

  • Jamilyn Stutler
    Jamilyn Stutler 9 days ago

    love this hair color on you btw you should do a megan fox makeup and hair look since you kinda look like her now !

  • Lyrics Videos
    Lyrics Videos 9 days ago

    Who does this? -Opens a Fanpage and talking like you are in a video. Just me Ok!

  • Juliana Gomez
    Juliana Gomez 9 days ago

    y’all act like vereena can only do the butterfly clips. I love them both but give haley a break!😭

  • Heytheredee
    Heytheredee 9 days ago

    i think Haley is naturally pretty and i'm very jealous LOL

  • jacqueline capri
    jacqueline capri 9 days ago

    everytime i feel anxious or alone i always watch this videon it makes me feel sm better..i dont “stan” her but idk

  • Roxy Poppick
    Roxy Poppick 9 days ago

    great job hales yeah

  • AdonisDaBoss
    AdonisDaBoss 9 days ago