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Film piracy explained
Views 164K5 months ago
Why reddit got popular
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The Ubisoft model
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The Epic Storm
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Battlefield V Review
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Game Piracy Explained
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The DRM stronger than Denuvo
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  • Christopher Imperiale
    Christopher Imperiale 48 minutes ago

    Battlefield 4 should get a free DLC map a week before the new Call of Duty comes out.

  • zweck4629
    zweck4629 3 hours ago

    7:20 ah come on, you should know better. The blower style cooler ejects the hot air straight out of the PCIE slots while the open fans just recycles the air. Most people are not enthusiasts that care about every aspect of their pc or even understand it, they just want the box to make the games go fast. They often have pcs with next to no airflow, just dumping 200+ watts of heat into that will cause bad performance and worse because of overheating.

  • Alex
    Alex 3 hours ago

    from a point of view, its normal, companies want to make as much money as they can, so they will try to squeeze every dollar they can from players.

  • Hogedu AAA
    Hogedu AAA 7 hours ago

    It is going to be totally a hook up. As Subscription will work, it will probably dominate their services. I hope the scene groups are ready for this kind bulls*it tactics.

  • Ronald Porter
    Ronald Porter 9 hours ago

    Personally I love bad company 2

  • mikkelnpetersen
    mikkelnpetersen 9 hours ago

    My favorite Anno is 2070 2205 was a DISGRACE to the series I want to play 1800 as soon as it returns to STEAM

  • AverytheFurry
    AverytheFurry 9 hours ago

    The argument is that console manufacturers are most likely paying off the developers to make max graphics on pc around the same as the max graphics on console. Thus, making pc not look as good and keeping consoles relevant.

  • mikkelnpetersen
    mikkelnpetersen 10 hours ago

    Best Battlefield game ever? 2142

  • fgfgfgf drtduud
    fgfgfgf drtduud 17 hours ago

    on the horyzen

  • fgfgfgf drtduud
    fgfgfgf drtduud 17 hours ago

    So they are leaving it out to pasture prematurely so you buy new. Would be cool to have open source drivers at least.

  • hans lye
    hans lye 19 hours ago

    they don't mind play as a commie, but they do mind play as a national socialist (super commie).

  • Schmidteren
    Schmidteren 20 hours ago

    So this is why Borderlands doesn't look that different to the older games? They can't put out that great looking game with good performance with Denuvo. xD

  • Fernaureason
    Fernaureason 21 hour ago

    This was really fun to watch! Its funny, I'm here because of Borderlands 3.

  • baka nga?
    baka nga? 22 hours ago

    Who doesn't pirate any movie release. Thank God for the coders of Torrent and Video Rippers program

  • GhengisJohn
    GhengisJohn Day ago

    8:47 man. Really makes you wonder if they can do that, WHY don't they? You could literally butcher your competition here and now. Is it that shareholders expect constant growth? Is it that they plan to release a more expensive SKU later that's tapping more of the potential? I don't understand why you don't just go for the throat here and now and take back their public perception and market share. And they go out of their way to make themselves look like clowns with these blower coolers. I realize maybe they want to lend their partners room to improve but those partners are not ready at launch and first impressions matter. Frustrating.

  • mikkelnpetersen

    Fortnite is crap, i'll never understand how anyone would play it.

    XLEETS Day ago

    YoU ArE a PiRaTe!!!

  • Alexander McDonald

    "Before anyone asks, we are not Xbox fans." - a grown adult who still cares about such petty things (2018)

  • mikkelnpetersen

    Epic is D I S G U S T I N G

  • Chris H
    Chris H Day ago

    Bf4 and bf3 and bf bad company2 were my favorite

  • mikkelnpetersen

    The epic store is disgusting If a game is epic exclusive, it's not really releashed.

  • SugaryHull
    SugaryHull 2 days ago

    How long do you guys think it'll take for the scene to crack Borderlands 3? My bet is two weeks

  • Snow Frostborne
    Snow Frostborne 2 days ago

    All I wanted from Battlefield was Canada’s efforts to be shown

  • Shadow Run
    Shadow Run 2 days ago

    It's fucking ridiculous right now. Nvidia's 199-249$ option(the 1060) have literally been the same for 3 and a half years now. That's so incredibly bad.

  • I cᴀsᴀɴᴏᴠᴀ

    😣 legacy...i miss this old masterpiece back on my young days on NA ijji gunz...not overrated to say most of top clan call us "pro lead ever" with clan war streak 1000win/20lose...but the rival we always dodge was SPARTA clan..they scary..

  • Ivan TheCutie
    Ivan TheCutie 2 days ago

    BF3 was the best

  • mikkelnpetersen
    mikkelnpetersen 2 days ago

    I would rater buy games on Uplay and Origin than on Epic. Biggest asshole gamestore ever, if it wasn't for Fortnite, Epic would be NOTHING, and I don't understand why it was/is so popular, it's a shit game. To me, if it launches on Epic, it haven't launched at all. Shame on all developers who takes Epics money

  • Everything channel
    Everything channel 2 days ago


  • Snow Frostborne
    Snow Frostborne 2 days ago

    Luckily for me I was Dex build in Dark souls sometimes going as far as not using a shield and Bloodborne taught me fight with the camera unlocked. By no means was Sekiro easy but the added mobility was right up my alley

  • Snow Frostborne
    Snow Frostborne 2 days ago

    23:37 Now Epic got fat off the their greed and are no better then the other companies they beat previously

  • Yeah Right
    Yeah Right 2 days ago

    best online game ever created

  • James
    James 2 days ago

    I miss Battlelog... And BF games worth playing. BF1 and V are nothing like BFBC2, 3 or BF4. Makes no sense.

  • Mecha120
    Mecha120 3 days ago

    Eh, I still think BF2 was the best in the series.

    ESTO VIR 3 days ago

    What an amazing reviree. you deserve so much more subs.

  • Gol dorak
    Gol dorak 3 days ago

    Denuvo can win a battle but will never win the war.

  • EyePod
    EyePod 3 days ago

    Hey, does anyone know the song name? Thanks!

  • SmellyCat Gaming
    SmellyCat Gaming 3 days ago

    Go play Battlefield 4 right meow!

  • DFCZ
    DFCZ 3 days ago

    Already lost fight mate.

  • Tony Torres
    Tony Torres 3 days ago

    sadly DRM only affects legit people buying the game

  • Darches
    Darches 3 days ago

    DRM has turned some of my old PC games into frisbees. I don't buy games with DRM anymore.

  • Tallon IV
    Tallon IV 4 days ago

    Someone spam dice to bring mobile commander back

  • Krydical
    Krydical 4 days ago

    Everyone saying this is great but I just bought the premium version on sale and I have only found one person playing in my team in 3 matches in 15 mins :/ The campaign is fun but the multiplayer is dead

  • 81bestof
    81bestof 4 days ago

    BF4 is the last really really good game in the series. I own all of them, but play only Bf 4, because 1 and 5 just sucks!

  • DarkPlainsDrifter
    DarkPlainsDrifter 4 days ago

    +1000 XP earned for the Horizon: Zero Dawn shout out. Also, I'd love a sequel to BF2142. Highly underrated game.

  • jiffy lube
    jiffy lube 4 days ago

    Watching a BFV video brought me here. It was just as boring to watch as it was to play. This is BF.

  • Ivan TheCutie
    Ivan TheCutie 4 days ago

    Miss this game 😔

  • Sentient Zealot XIII

    I used to play on Xbox one but I don't have it anymore but I'm trying to get the game for PC, I want to know what to look forward to because keyboard play isn't my advantage to say the least.

  • Devin Rumer
    Devin Rumer 4 days ago

    another idiot who can't use "literally" in any correct way what-so-ever (9:22). Fucking fucktard

  • Business Ideas
    Business Ideas 4 days ago

    i loved this game. i had the priviledge of playing this for few days in trial period.

  • Apache Helicopter
    Apache Helicopter 4 days ago

    Compare this to BF1 or 5 and laugh at how this generation of gamers are just sheep. Can't beat a 1.8km headshot

  • pharohbender
    pharohbender 4 days ago

    we can build 1080p gaming machines and play at ultra with some pretty cheap gear, i think this is great. how are consoles still around? guess everyone loves a small box, XD

  • Reid Bowersox
    Reid Bowersox 4 days ago

    Seriously. if they actually had the real SAS raid on the heavy water it would have been so much better. And a game that includes Pavlichenko and the battle for Sevastapol would be sexy af. Too bad they're too busy pandering to people and failing to stop cheaters.

  • spock_elvis
    spock_elvis 4 days ago

    Are you a f*cking idiot?

  • John Rankin
    John Rankin 5 days ago

    Dany wanted more soldiers to fight the night king. Congratulations on a video that doesn't need to exist

  • Zogetha SoCoTra
    Zogetha SoCoTra 5 days ago

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  • matsv201
    matsv201 5 days ago

    Why did they put Womenn in a retarded role in WWII.... rage bating... its as simple as that.... Did it work... not really.. but they still claimed it did

  • matsv201
    matsv201 5 days ago

    13 year old doughters asking why people in BF5 cant look like them... .. why do i have a strong fealing that discussion never happened... 8 year old girl.. sure... 10 year old...maybe... 13 year old? sorry... i think the conversation was more like "You are fucking stupid dad, why can´t i have a piercing in the nose and why don´t you give me alcohol, all my friends are alowed" I´m Father of 3... two girls... and i grew up in Sweden just like Sunderland....

  • matsv201
    matsv201 5 days ago

    "This is not the same women you would se 10 years ago." So... it was 2018 then... lets se... 2018-10...... thats.. 2008... Can i find a game from 2008 with a women in... Mirrors edge (1)... Strange how that is

  • matsv201
    matsv201 5 days ago

    I really don´t agree with the people should not need to grind.. But the issue with the Jets was really quite problematic. For all other classes, there was really not a issue. To get the first bolt action rifle.. it was like two levels. If you can´t play that much to understand how the game works before you start sniper camping..You should really not be alowed a sniper rifle Also the later expansions tank warfare and the air deathmatch system really solved it for most players.

  • matsv201
    matsv201 5 days ago

    Im am a Battlefield player since Codname eagle... And i really liked the close quarters DLC as well as Metro... Why.. because it gave me one more game. Its so diffrent, still good. so i consider it a brand new game...... M-coms... same thing.

  • Mateja Micic
    Mateja Micic 5 days ago

    Whats the name of the game playing in the backround?

  • Jørn Mulder
    Jørn Mulder 5 days ago

    the best pc that you can have is the one you can buy, AMD or intel, it's all good !

  • 635574
    635574 5 days ago

    So u telling me AMD wants their hot fans to blow them...

  • Arni88
    Arni88 5 days ago

    bf3 is still better than bf5

  • David G.M.
    David G.M. 5 days ago

    May as well be two branches of the same company

  • Mansoor Haque
    Mansoor Haque 5 days ago

    These scene groups are crazy good.

  • Tom Marvolo Riddle
    Tom Marvolo Riddle 6 days ago

    I only pirate to play the game for about around an hour or two, then I ask myself if I want to buy it on steam or uninstall it. It's usually uninstall.

  • Juan Manuel Medina
    Juan Manuel Medina 6 days ago

    If Radeon VII drivers support don't last for at least 5 years more, i swear to god that this will be my last AMD gpu and my last high-end gpu. I would keep inside the 200$ price range of GPUs forever.

  • FusionGamerElite
    FusionGamerElite 6 days ago

    Extra Credits is FUCKED! I was subbed a few years ago, saw them turning to shit and unsubbed - because I have a brain, brain cells, intelligence and common sense! Many other gamers do not possess what I have, such as the ones who play Battlefront 1+2, COD series, BF5, Fifa's and Madden's, oh and the NBA2K series...and GTA5 online whales, see my point?

  • driveandkill
    driveandkill 6 days ago

    This video is VERY relevant again as concerns are arising in the community that Cyberpunk 2077 has been downgraded because newer gameplay videos look significantly worse than the first ones!

  • Xezr
    Xezr 6 days ago

    This is a really good video, but for the future you might consider varying the music in the background, the same track gets very tiring to listen to for over half an hour :)

  • Xezr
    Xezr 6 days ago

    Fantastic analysis of Battlefield V, DICE and EA. One thing's for certain; DICE STHLM are headed down an all too familiar path, leading to an unmarked massgrave of companies EA have killed. And once DICE are gone, no-one will miss them and it's all their own fault.

  • David Noble
    David Noble 6 days ago

    hopefully nvidia price them selves right out of the market.lol

  • Klemenix
    Klemenix 6 days ago

    No offence but if you buy steel what are you doing with your life? You can get it for free just a little time won't matter i mean i bought shaman 2 days ago now tommorow i will already buy centurion without any steel boost. Sure i won't be mad if you buy heroes but if you buy emotes and executions then you are just waisting your money but hey thats just my opinion...

  • Badboy DCX
    Badboy DCX 6 days ago

    😢I wanna play I was so excited to play but I never got to

  • sedaberry
    sedaberry 6 days ago

    Battlefield 4 is a great game but the aiming is a bit off.

  • sedaberry
    sedaberry 6 days ago

    The 3 best are battlefield 2 battlefield 4 and battlefield 1

  • Voshmir
    Voshmir 6 days ago

    Man, glad I held out for a dual fan asrock 5700xt. But another issue is trying to get any third party cooler 5700xt. I got lucky and found the last one in stock at a local store. They are sold out just about everywhere online.

  • EmpReb
    EmpReb 7 days ago

    I find it funny at the end of 2019 Epic games is making the same mistakes as the rest of the industry. Will get interesting now...

  • John doe
    John doe 7 days ago

    Games with drm should be lower price for all the days you cant get online and play .

  • XxMr_FrozenRage
    XxMr_FrozenRage 7 days ago

    wait wait, are they free but for steel or what?

  • Caleb M. F
    Caleb M. F 7 days ago

    Not worth $39 though

  • Hooley
    Hooley 7 days ago

    I'm sorry but BF3 Close Quarters dlc was amazing 👌👌

  • Caspa Cz
    Caspa Cz 7 days ago

    Just got this for Xbox one

  • Francis Beran
    Francis Beran 7 days ago

    BF3 the GOAT

  • Oni Morphic
    Oni Morphic 8 days ago

    Yoooooooooo drop your old gunz name here just for. The nostalgia this is the original Alucard a k a Shinkutsuki/LadyAlucard miss this community so much it was so great playing with you all

  • Gaulo Pina
    Gaulo Pina 8 days ago

    The Epic's good deed. Now they're using it to do shit.

  • Astrah Cat
    Astrah Cat 8 days ago

    Hey, indie game maker here, I'm kind of just blinking my eyes at this like........what. : I

  • Mikhail Mondy
    Mikhail Mondy 8 days ago

    I havent got to your channel bc of TVclip fugging up But gdi im so glad I watched this, i loved it

  • Tepek RajczuFan
    Tepek RajczuFan 8 days ago

    Why is this on pokemon walking/running animations playlist?

  • Taco Moises
    Taco Moises 8 days ago

    Bf4 premium edition is less than $10 on PS plus!! All 5 dlc included !!

  • Strayfu
    Strayfu 8 days ago

    basically every steam games is playable cracked because of the steamworks fix xD

  • fatfinger 101
    fatfinger 101 9 days ago

    Game sucks

  • Paranoid
    Paranoid 9 days ago

    noooooooo, don't insult my favourite corporate company like this!!!1 CDPR are for the consumers oh noooo

  • Occlusion
    Occlusion 9 days ago

    I got the game on day 1 launch and i should have refunded it after seeing such a small player base, but i kept it and put a total of 15 hours into it and it was dead within a week

  • Jake Van Putten
    Jake Van Putten 9 days ago

    The game dev being interviewed needs more makeup.

  • Alex
    Alex 9 days ago

    Only 10,000 views??? WTF Wish I could give you 10k more :(

  • QuietHumour
    QuietHumour 9 days ago

    I read the comments here and everyone is caught up in the very narrow issues of their reality; what's going on in our computer world, AMD this, NVidia that. Red team, blue team.... Oh how we all are being played, the duality of our time. What I got from this informative video is that Red team will shoot itself in the foot every time they have surpassed the Blue team in innovation. Who gains from this? Well, it isn't the consumer as more of your hard earned cash is pressed into supporting the Blue team's "better quality" for better performance.... for a hefty price. The logical conclusion is that both Red team and Blue team are on the same team. The same team out in the real world who only wants to bleed everything from us. It makes sense to me why so many of you mention never getting notified of this video. It's real world information, there is a wake up call embedded in the message. Expand our reality beyond the 1440 wide screen to the real world. Maybe then things will change for the better, for all of us.

  • Okay Usa
    Okay Usa 9 days ago

    I play bf4 daily. Vehicles should have ammo limits. To many flir and inrv lovers.

  • Just an ordinary Man

    Reflex Gaurd is easy to control if you know what you're doing and if you have fast reaction time on console.

    • Ironkevman 151
      Ironkevman 151 8 days ago

      Just an ordinary Man I agree, as well as to keep switching guard in case you fight someone with quick light like kensei