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  • BoostedC6
    BoostedC6 4 hours ago

    You still don’t know shit after making this video... you have all the wrong information!!

  • Tommie Reid
    Tommie Reid 4 hours ago

    You left out the BRAKE PEDAL lock. You can't put the car in gear with one installed, and it's nearly impossible to saw it off. The club is only a visual deterrent, real car theifs carry a hacksaw.

  • Brian Proffitt
    Brian Proffitt 4 hours ago

    I think a manual c8 would sell like crazy

  • buk kuk
    buk kuk 4 hours ago

    Good alternative for $ellout EV-Mach-E .. but what's wrong with that .. colour .. ?!? .. disgusting .. >)

  • Ok And
    Ok And 4 hours ago

    Because I have a evo x duhhh lol 😂😂😂

  • Ok And
    Ok And 4 hours ago

    Evo for me👍😇😂😂😂😂😂

  • PickledCucumber
    PickledCucumber 4 hours ago

    I’m related to Craig breedlove

  • Bun Bun The Bunny
    Bun Bun The Bunny 4 hours ago

    8:38 a 800hp mustang is automatic!? Wtf

  • Moug MeDuro
    Moug MeDuro 4 hours ago

    ‘The Mustang Predecessor Everyone (outside of Australia and New Zealand) Forgot About | Bumper 2 Bumper’

  • Junior Gaytan
    Junior Gaytan 4 hours ago

    I'm using this video for my five page essay and I'm getting so many notes... Thank you Donut, much love

  • 4WillDrive
    4WillDrive 4 hours ago

    M Y S T E R I O U S U T I L I T Y W I Z A R D

  • Ratpack Gaming
    Ratpack Gaming 4 hours ago


  • Dane Randel
    Dane Randel 4 hours ago

    Who do you have making the informative graphics you use in these videos?? They drew the spark plug early in the video with left-hand threads! Just... embarrassing.

  • JM Auto Brokers
    JM Auto Brokers 4 hours ago

    If you are in the market for a Copart or IAAI vehicle and need a broker to bid, drop us a line! We specialize in Salvage title vehicles. Thanks Donut Media for the great, informative video.

  • Jack Brock
    Jack Brock 4 hours ago

    What was the website he used

  • Aidan Hansen
    Aidan Hansen 4 hours ago


  • Human user of internet websites

    Mold, birdshit, people cutting into your ragtop? I've only ever owned convertibles and have run into 0 of these issues. Mold - why do you have the top down when its raining? Birdshit - extreeemely unlikely. Cutting into your ragtop - you should never have any valuables exposed in your car. This video is kind of garb

  • Danik Bikes
    Danik Bikes 4 hours ago

    Half of these “points” aren’t true

  • The_GamingChef
    The_GamingChef 4 hours ago

    I bought an R title mach 1 with 50k miles and I'm in love with it!

  • Aaron Sellers
    Aaron Sellers 4 hours ago

    Love my mk2 golf got me a mk3 Jetta 2.0 isn't a bad engine

  • Johnwayne Wireman
    Johnwayne Wireman 4 hours ago

    Since you didn't say it I will "MO POWER BABAHH 800 BUFF HORSES

  • Rj Delaboss
    Rj Delaboss 5 hours ago

    I want a push bar for my crosstrek lol

  • Ben Pratka
    Ben Pratka 5 hours ago

    I fr farted at the exact same time and I was spooked for a few seconds

  • The king 101
    The king 101 5 hours ago

    Salvage title are junks ! Don't buy them if your not going to put more money to fix them .

  • kermit chan
    kermit chan 5 hours ago

    The most wanted m3 gtr

  • Nate G123
    Nate G123 5 hours ago

    Don’t mind me just looking to see if Scotty Kilmer commented

    ULTIMATE REDNECK 5 hours ago

    Future man here, Toyota got added December 12, 2019

  • Navy seals rock
    Navy seals rock 5 hours ago

    Never buy a salvage unless you are 100 percent sure you can fix it

  • Liam Fahey
    Liam Fahey 5 hours ago

    Thank you Nolan. Really, thank you.

  • TheXTutorialsx
    TheXTutorialsx 5 hours ago

    Lmao that's awesome you have the rust Bros on there

  • Anthony Preece
    Anthony Preece 5 hours ago

    Dunkerwalky !!!!!! ?????? What a curse when he was young. Like Jaberwalky

  • Chaz Spellman
    Chaz Spellman 5 hours ago

    2015 was the last year they made the Tacoma. RIP

  • David French
    David French 5 hours ago

    I had a 2006 Ford Expedition that was titled Salvaged. The guy who rebuilt the SUV gave me a lifetime warranty on what he did and it was like one of my favorite vehicles. The only reason i got rid of it was because i couldnt afford the gas. I would 100% love to have it back now that i have a good paying job.

  • Eric Opryatov
    Eric Opryatov 5 hours ago

    Just buy a car on auction and fix it yourself.

  • Holden Firks
    Holden Firks 5 hours ago

    That's my name

  • Fellenbaum Family
    Fellenbaum Family 5 hours ago

    I have a 2000 Honda Civic SI that’s on a Rebuilt title; it was professionally restored and it’s been great

  • KookMaster
    KookMaster 5 hours ago

    Out here scouting for Scotty rn, let me know if you guys see him

  • Edgar Abad
    Edgar Abad 5 hours ago

    Do yall have a EYNTK on Ducati?

  • Alex Rotar
    Alex Rotar 5 hours ago

    Bru if your gonna buy a new muscle car and keep it stock your get a Mopar. It's a waaaaaaaaaay better deal and is better in general. If you wanna mod your car you get an LS. My personal opinion mustangs have been and will always be shit compared to their competition.

  • Herman Moya
    Herman Moya 5 hours ago

    jajajaja the elephant commercial, i remember that

  • og
    og 5 hours ago

    Your Video is fucking cringy ass fuck, I had to lower the volume like 20 times so my family wouldn’t think I was weird.

  • TrevLord 686
    TrevLord 686 5 hours ago

    I just realized that they haven't done the Ram yet. They've done Cummins and the F-150, but not the actual Ram 1500 line up

  • gsu4life
    gsu4life 5 hours ago

    AT ??? i stoped yhe video at 8:37

  • Karim Moharam
    Karim Moharam 5 hours ago

    What's the track at 3:29?

  • Statik Rey
    Statik Rey 5 hours ago

    Salvage tittle gang 🤘🏽💀

  • Theo Whatmore
    Theo Whatmore 5 hours ago

    Why didn’t I get a notification for this?

  • iSeabeck
    iSeabeck 5 hours ago

    I think Ken Block took the award of most unique Mustang ever.

  • Brady Singleton
    Brady Singleton 5 hours ago

    Here after the redesign for the mach e (not my favorite, to say the least)

  • Compy 227
    Compy 227 5 hours ago

    I saw underground 2

  • Nolan Waddill
    Nolan Waddill 5 hours ago

    Props to them for building their vision. But their mission statement of building an unbeatable performance bargain is kind of a fail. You can definitely build a car to perform to the same level of this for a lot less than $170,000

  • Alan Barron
    Alan Barron 5 hours ago

    Lifted Jeep Wrangler and just off road the bitch

  • AdamRivers
    AdamRivers 5 hours ago

    10/10 way to never get your car stolen. Don’t live in any of the following cities LA, Chicago, Baltimore, New Orleans, Detroit, Portland. Basically if you think there’s a change an Anitifa Jack off might live there “Move.”

  • tree rat76
    tree rat76 5 hours ago

    Saw ford vs farrier on Monday really good movie

  • Shane Rich
    Shane Rich 5 hours ago

    Luv the mustang till the day I die but seriously FUCK THE MACH E!!! I don't mind the electric engine part I can't stand the crossover bit. WTF FORD?

  • Edgar UDO
    Edgar UDO 5 hours ago

    Only a little Bitch would get an automatic hahahaha😂😂😂

  • Devin Bankett
    Devin Bankett 5 hours ago

    There's a Volkswagen back there.

  • spectral_orical1
    spectral_orical1 5 hours ago

    well we can all rejoice with the news that playground are adding Toyota into forza horizon 4 on Dec. 13, 2019

  • Chemical Gaming
    Chemical Gaming 5 hours ago

    Next time drive it

  • BenTheAryan
    BenTheAryan 5 hours ago

    I want a shirt that either says: CARROLL. F*CKING. SHELBY! or Lambor f*cking GHINI or *T E S L A A A A A A A*

  • BenTheAryan
    BenTheAryan 5 hours ago

    I want a shirt that either says: CARROLL. F*CKING. SHELBY! or Lambor f*cking GHINI or *T E S L A A A A A A A*

  • George Lopez
    George Lopez 5 hours ago

    Nolan is the kind of guy to hang out with James dad and not tell anyone about it.

  • Tylnorton
    Tylnorton 5 hours ago

    Splitter in NASCAR is bad lmao

  • Ninja MOnkey03
    Ninja MOnkey03 5 hours ago

    Omg she gorgeous

  • Bubba 21
    Bubba 21 5 hours ago

    Can you do a video on the Ferrari Mythos? It’s a concept Ferrari from 1989 and I think that it would be a good video. Don’t believe me look it up.

  • King Kuveh
    King Kuveh 5 hours ago

    Remove all the gas/fuel in your car to make it run almost 20 times better.. the gas/fuel just weighs you down and you can get peak performance without it /s

  • AdrianRock
    AdrianRock 5 hours ago

    If you live in Dallas, sadly these cars have salvage titles with out of date inspection stickers. Also they have some annoying rims that are worth more than the lawnmower itself. 😂😂😂

  • Kevin Campusano
    Kevin Campusano 5 hours ago

    It would be nice to see driving impressions in bumper to bumper.

  • D k
    D k 5 hours ago

    Try considering INDIA!!!! people prefer manual over auto!!

  • Muletown Rubitrux
    Muletown Rubitrux 5 hours ago

    Dr. Disrespect style background music???

  • jintermont
    jintermont 6 hours ago

    Are you sure that type R was championship white and not milk white lol...

  • Dio Black
    Dio Black 6 hours ago

    Mach E isn't about speed. Its about transportation.

  • 336 x
    336 x 6 hours ago

    After a year of begging Playground games for toyota ... WE FINALLY GOT IT FAM

  • Justin Reed
    Justin Reed 6 hours ago

    What's the name of the song @4:05

  • anthropologyable
    anthropologyable 6 hours ago

    Why is he dressed the same as shaggy from Scooby doo?? Green shirt and red pants

  • Pat Mchugh
    Pat Mchugh 6 hours ago

    Get better James👍🙏🇺🇸

  • naike lema
    naike lema 6 hours ago

    west coast customs also did a modern general lee charger. u guys should have mentioned it oz they choped it and turned it into a 2 door

  • Who Dis???
    Who Dis??? 6 hours ago

    That is a pretty ass car.

  • DaveSKI
    DaveSKI 6 hours ago

    Can we get a Bumper 2 Bumper on Lightning McQueen? Like on April 1st?

  • cockmaster1819
    cockmaster1819 6 hours ago

    Go bucks

  • Martin Rodriguez
    Martin Rodriguez 6 hours ago

    Nice but 100k over priced!

  • Jim Patterson
    Jim Patterson 6 hours ago

    I just wanna get revenge on those jerk bystanders as i leave the car show

  • DansLife
    DansLife 6 hours ago

    I NEED ONE!!!! (0_0)

  • 831Crazylife
    831Crazylife 6 hours ago

    Copart gang where you at Thats all my pops does anyways. Buys buys buys, sells sells sells and profit

  • rafael cabrera
    rafael cabrera 6 hours ago

    Hey i just get a 2009 toyota yaris driverside crashed whit 91,xxx miles and title is clean is just perspective 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 and i'm a honda accord lover always been driving salvage honda accords 2000 2004 and 2010 whit no problemat all and i ger it by half of the pruce drive for couple years and resale by the double of rhe purchased price.

  • Avery Lee
    Avery Lee 6 hours ago

    Did this fool really say “nightmare from heck”

  • jpspider
    jpspider 6 hours ago

    Congratulations to all! Great job on this videos. Keep them coming guys

  • Patrick Kennedy
    Patrick Kennedy 6 hours ago

    t warms my heart to see you get so emotional Pump

  • Sity 909
    Sity 909 6 hours ago

    I bought a salvage title car. Had a replaced rocker molding.. nothing to worry about

  • ilovemycamaro22
    ilovemycamaro22 6 hours ago

    Road runner please!!!

  • turbiz
    turbiz 6 hours ago

    Whats 10 k? 10 000 dollar? Im from another country.

  • Setya Novanto
    Setya Novanto 6 hours ago

    Nolan doing it good! keep it up! . . . . . . . But where is James?

  • x iDropKillz x
    x iDropKillz x 6 hours ago

    instalike for the piston rotors song

  • Andres Perez
    Andres Perez 6 hours ago

    You guys need to do something about the sound in this video

  • DANIEL Pitt
    DANIEL Pitt 6 hours ago

    I believe you are getting mixed up with new Zealand they love their sheep... a little too much 👉👌🐑

  • acreatureofhabit
    acreatureofhabit 6 hours ago


  • Raul Esquivel Rubinstein

    samcrac be like

  • Patrick Kennedy
    Patrick Kennedy 6 hours ago

    Could you imagine if Chevy had the guts to back CS, imagine what us FORD cats would have to look back on

  • Red Crab
    Red Crab 6 hours ago

    Looks kinda like the Senna wing lol

  • Brandon Jones
    Brandon Jones 6 hours ago

    Nolan wash your car.

  • Lan Patrick
    Lan Patrick 6 hours ago

    10,000$ for that? Lol