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  • PontiacBandit
    PontiacBandit Hour ago

    Safety issue to an Ethical issue... That was deep

  • Michael Mazarakis

    The roads in va are in bad shape too

  • Thomas Bell
    Thomas Bell Hour ago

    Honestly, given that a "Driver's License" is CONSTITUTIONALLY only required if you are utilizing your vehicle for personal profit/gain, we can drive without a license. It is a HUMAN RIGHT to be able to transport one's self WITHOUT approval of any government facility, and ANYONE who believes otherwise is nothing more than a brainwashed lamb for the slaughter.

  • Lovethemadness ?

    On the island of Kauai the top speed is 50, I lived there for 7 years

  • rezaDoz
    rezaDoz Hour ago

    Imagine if the Democrats didn't have any resistance to their policies and were given free reign, imagine that dystopia

  • Trae Dudley
    Trae Dudley Hour ago

    Yea lived in va my whole life i get a ticket like once a year or every other year and it’s all from the speed limit dropping suddenly and a cop being around the corner

  • Isacraft 24
    Isacraft 24 Hour ago

    "One does not simply drive a car on Virginia".

  • Chris Barron
    Chris Barron Hour ago

    Waldo and Lawtey are basically the same town. So the speed traps are still happening

  • jowarnis
    jowarnis Hour ago

    Thankfully I don't live in US, but in the only normal part of this world Europe.

  • Jack May
    Jack May Hour ago

    I can confirm this, I live in VA

  • smokedogg202
    smokedogg202 Hour ago

    The DMV area is a money grabbing scam with those traffic cameras

  • Abe Hensley
    Abe Hensley Hour ago

    I was sentenced to 10 days in county jail for driving on a suspended license. The only reason it was suspended was because i couldn't afford to pay a speeding ticket. It wasn't till I left Virginia how strict the police/laws are. 8 years later and I'm still trying to get my license back.

  • Spencer Bane
    Spencer Bane Hour ago

    Pretty sure California has more than 4.3million unlicensed drivers. You should do an investigative episode on DMV employees that sell drivers licenses out the back door for $100.

  • border411
    border411 Hour ago

    As a cop in VA, I can attest that all of this info is correct. HOWEVER:Regarding reckless driving-almost every jurisdiction that I know of will reduce the charge to a simple speeding ticket if the offender has a good-decent driving record AND goes to talk to the Commonwealth Attorney (aka-Prosecutor/District Attorney). If someone can not afford an attorney, the majority of jurisdictions will waive "jail time" which then makes it a fine only offense. It is also extremely common for people to ask for a court continuous for court dates to make it easier for them to come to court at a more convenient time for them. Drivers who are convicted also have up to 90 days to pay a fine and court costs. If they need more (up to a year) they can ask for. Community Service can also be done to cover the court costs. I no longer patrol the roads (15 years dont hate on me!), but just wanted to let people know some deeper information. I have no info on Hopewell or contacts down there, so I cant speak on what they are doing.

  • Squeakers
    Squeakers Hour ago

    I'm in the UK and they can use the screens on the highway to remotely change the speed limit and there was a crest and it went from 70 to 40 back to 70 in about 0.3 miles and there was so many cars I saw getting tickets, lucky we slammed on the breaks

  • XIIIking
    XIIIking Hour ago

    I can argue with those statistics based on the framing of those percentages. Now, I haven't read that study but it does not appear to take into account the overall state population. To me, that's a big miss, another item I would like to take into consideration is the time of the accident if it occurred during daylight hours or at night.

  • Wayde Sonoda
    Wayde Sonoda Hour ago

    Lol check out, investigate, n share about the tragic state of Hawaii.

  • Steven Fischer
    Steven Fischer Hour ago

    No Maryland is worse

  • Mark Malinowski
    Mark Malinowski Hour ago

    And that's why John Denver specifically made Country Roads about West Virginia and not the OG Virginia, to protest this injustice!

  • KuilowKey
    KuilowKey Hour ago

    240SX, C5 Corvette, CLEAN Civics?????? Lol

  • daniel yeroshalmi

    if u guys pay us 10 bux u can advertise for us

  • Joshua Senn
    Joshua Senn Hour ago

    Coming home from college I used to have to drive through VA. It's made worse that a lot of the main highways are 70 MPH speed limits, and in addition to the 20 over law, if you're going over 80 then it's also reckless driving. Plus it always seemed like there was a cop every other mile on the major highways doing radar checks

  • Reagan Lyle
    Reagan Lyle Hour ago

    Same state that's trying to infringe on the Second Amendment

  • Hope4NewDay
    Hope4NewDay Hour ago

    Here are a few more things about what makes VA even worse to speed in: - The speed traps in Richmond are so bad its not even funny, especially if you are traveling on I-95 north or south where the speed limit changes from 55 - 65 - back to 55. Although most people do 75 without realizing it. -- Going 20+mph or above 80mph in VA is defined as reckless driving but the cop will usually tag you with speeding or the court will drop it down to speeding. The worst part is, in most states you can just pay the reckless driving ticket and not appear in court but in VA you or a lawyer must appear since its a class 1 misdemeanor that carries 6 demerit points, $190+ fine or possible jail time. --- Radar Detectors are banned/illegal in VA. This is how police usually catch out of state drivers since their radars can pick up another radar's passive signal. They have the authority to take it and use it as evidence against you in court. So the people who are traveling through VA are more than likely not going to come back to dispute the charges.

  • Tyler Peale
    Tyler Peale Hour ago

    Most highways in Oregon are also 55mph

  • scottthewaterwarrior

    I remember coming out of a store in Virginia to find my car missing. Apparently it had been towed for being parked in "customer parking only" despite the fact that the store I went to was in the same lot, the only sign that said "customer parking only" was on the far end of the lot (not even visable from where I parked) and the store I was parked directly in front of had boards over the windows! Apparently the tow companies in Virginia often don't even hook up the car properly, just scoping it up with the wheel lift and not actually tying it down at all (even in VA an illegal practice, but who's actually going to enforce it?)

  • LostParadise
    LostParadise Hour ago

    I grew up and live on Long Island, New York. New York's state speed limit is 55 on most highways, and I was pretty surprised when I saw such high-speed limits when my buddy and I drove to Miami. The highest I saw was probably 80mph, but everyone was doing at least 85-90, and honestly, I was a little nervous doing 95 down the I-95 in a massive rainstorm. I saw a minivan going 110mph at 2 am, and that's when I went the fastest I've ever gone in my little 4 banger: 119mph. It was scary but my Toyota held up and still is going strong!

  • schalk du plooy
    schalk du plooy Hour ago

    lets talk about road markings is south africa and its neighbours the only countries that have road markings that make sense and can be applied on any road type ranging from a suburban road to a 10 lane duel carriage way freeway ?

  • Mx-5
    Mx-5 Hour ago

    I live in texas and saw a sheriff speeding so I speed up next to him going like 80 in a 65 then he pulls up to a light smiles gives a thumbs up and drives off😂😂

  • DelinquentDJ
    DelinquentDJ Hour ago

    Coming from someone who has racist, bigoted relatives in Virginia, and getting like 2 speeding tickets in one day down there, Virginia should probably just be burned down

  • Ben Greene
    Ben Greene Hour ago

    I got caught in a loop of not being able to pay the tax on my car so I didnt have a license plate, got a ticket, I had to pay it with the money I was saving for the tax, insurance, plate, had to build up the money again, got pulled over again, same deal. Eventually my grandfather heard I was struggling with this and sent me $1200 to cover my car and help me catch up my bills that were also suffering as a result of this. Every time I was pulled over I was going home from work

  • Steve Quinto
    Steve Quinto Hour ago

    This is 110% true, I live here. That’s why all car meets & Mexico runs happen in Maryland 🤣 & one more ticket and I’ll get my shit suspended 😔🥴

  • Au R.Y.N.O
    Au R.Y.N.O Hour ago

    When you drive from Maryland to Virginia one of the first things you see is a big ass Confederate flag displayed large and pride.

  • N Ybarra
    N Ybarra Hour ago

    Kcuf Virginia!!!

  • Salty man Reviews

    Maybe we should start a gofundme to sponsor Aaron, I'll chip in $10

  • FrownyMascot
    FrownyMascot Hour ago

    6:38 WTF 😂😂😂😂❤️

  • Hnter
    Hnter Hour ago

    that and the fact that some highways are 70-75 mph speed limits now in virginia but driving anything over 80 mph is a reckless driving by speed fine, basically makes it worthless to have those higher limits

  • pimpninja1985
    pimpninja1985 Hour ago

    The fact that Virginia is now a blue state means it’s shit.

  • Raziel Rabner
    Raziel Rabner Hour ago

    Not as bad as in Israel they use unmarked police cars, and even go as far as installing radar guns on police motorcycles!! They do too much to list everything in this comment. Just disgusting. Not to mention that only 2% of casualties in accidents are due to speeding, and even that fact is doubted. Policing for profit is a crime and it should be outlawed everywhere!!!!!!!

  • Patrick Lee
    Patrick Lee Hour ago

    Thank god !!clearly there are someone who understands my struggle . I am a Pennsylvania residence who goes JMU in VA . Every time when I take I-81 and I -66 towards DC I see peoples who gets pulled over or its me who gets pulled over. First year moving to VA I got 9 tickets. I thought It was because of my Red S550 GT... ( I assumed its the color so I wrapped Matte black) Thank god I never got my License suspended. Because I have a Pennsylvania Driver License. Which is out of state license so if I pay my ticket I wont get any point deduction and it doesn’t stay in the record. And I just got a reckless driving ticket last month for recking my car although the car slipped in Black Ice while dodging a fuking deer and hit the roundabout... I called the cops and AAA . And as soon as the cop sees my s550 he was like “ I can tell you were speeding” and gave me reckless driving ticket with court date. Fortunately with all my frustrating experience with VA cops I learned something , which I had a dash cam mounted in-front of my rearview mirror. Which led me win the case. Also among the 9 driving tickets I was issued , I won 6 of it. Maybe its because I wasn’t speeding ?? and I am Asian with glasses who looks innocent and cops or the judge thinks its my first offense because of out of state license ? Whatever the reason is , my Pennsylvania License is expiring on May and Im graduating on May Im leaving this shit place ASAP And like Nolan mentioned I got all those speeding tickets at the speed traps which goes 70 mph that drops to 55mph you NEVER DRIVE IN VA !!!!!

  • Raider
    Raider Hour ago

    Country Roads take me away from West Virginia.

  • kittens_ nmilk
    kittens_ nmilk Hour ago

    Rip Kobe,rest easy king👑

  • Kodjie Quiroz
    Kodjie Quiroz Hour ago

    I never thought I'd hate a state, I don't even watch any sports on tv, but this is as fair as babysitting for a week with no payment.

  • Billy Tran
    Billy Tran Hour ago

    A Durango SXT can tow 62,000 should double check that statement...

  • TheMach1ne
    TheMach1ne Hour ago

    Does it not tell the state something when they catch so many people that maybe the speed limit is a bit too slow?

  • Kyle H
    Kyle H Hour ago

    Can confirm, those cameras in Baltimore are absolute cancer

  • Andrew A
    Andrew A Hour ago

    If you live by the beach we go to North Carolina just for higher speed limits on average. Highway says 55 but people do 70.

  • Mikeman Jordan
    Mikeman Jordan Hour ago

    all states terrible places to be a car owner,dealing with evil corrupt people. Welcome to life in this world

  • Thunder Hammer
    Thunder Hammer Hour ago

    Policing for profit is horseshit!

  • Lucas Ulloa
    Lucas Ulloa Hour ago

    Please make a Bumper 2 Bumper episode on Gingum’s AWD Miata. One guy in his latest video was wearing the Donut black hoodie

  • Audi Josh
    Audi Josh Hour ago

    That happened to me with my ex girlfriend in Virginia in her car my insurance didn’t go up

  • Makuhita Hariyama

    Ive been driving on a suspended license for like 5 years. i just quit speeding and they don't even notice me anymore

  • AdotLOM
    AdotLOM Hour ago

    Speed traps should be unconstitutional

  • Firegames
    Firegames Hour ago

    Im from Austria. Gimme merch 🌏🌎🌍

  • Shannon Oliver
    Shannon Oliver Hour ago

    Great video. I'm surprised you didn't mention Ohio.

  • Steak 516
    Steak 516 Hour ago

    I live in Virginia and got popped for a reckless my court date is in two weeks wish me luck boys

  • InsomniaFun
    InsomniaFun Hour ago

    A hatred I have for Virginia is the fact that truckers don't get relegated to the right lane-so you get stuck behind two behemoths that won't go over 55.....on a highway that has a 70 mph speed limit. It's absolutely infuriating.

  • Jake Boryszewski

    Buy mabye two identical Miatas or Mustangs or something!

  • a y k d b i
    a y k d b i Hour ago

    yes 3 mil

  • Corban Haire
    Corban Haire Hour ago

    Which Rammstein was that?

  • kenny neur
    kenny neur Hour ago

    Bruh while watching this i got a youtube notification on why us roads and highways from cnbc

  • OCTurboJoe
    OCTurboJoe Hour ago

    Unfair for gun owners too!!

  • Nikola Ilic
    Nikola Ilic Hour ago

    Who else is from virginia

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost Hour ago

    As a Virginia resident I can confirm how bad Virginia can be

  • bigjai
    bigjai Hour ago

    I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia and its so boring, no cool cars, no cool places, nothing. And emporia sucks

  • Upside down
    Upside down Hour ago

    5:56 so they make money from speeders, but they say less people are speeding, yet they are still making revenue so people are still speeding or the officers wouldn't make any revenue

  • Anonimous Syed alam

    Gud shit, next u guys should do a series abt races events/competitions (F1, NASCAR, rally, F1e etc.) Sounds pretty cool amirite

  • Connor Kowalski
    Connor Kowalski Hour ago

    I live in Virginia, and already assumed y'all were gonna talk about it when I saw the title funny it was actually true. No one knows how to fuckin drive down here and the cops genuinely suck but I still respect their authority as everyone should. Anyways, Love the show guys

  • James Lionheart
    James Lionheart Hour ago

    Northern Va driver, drove on a suspended for like 2 years because I had to. Speed traps, profit policing, and over zealous speed laws actually cause a lot of accident here. So does "rubber necking". Driving here is infuriating for no real reason. And those statistics are severely skewed. Today, literally on my way to work this morning, I saw 2 people run very stale red lights, 1 person blow through a stop sign, and the cherry? Some ID-10T driving on the wrong side of the road. This is a daily thing up here. Speed and youll get pulled by 4 cops and a dog. Do something that can get people killed, no one cares.

  • Dreadrius
    Dreadrius Hour ago

    “You Starlord action figure that got put in a microwave.” LOL

  • whyarewehere
    whyarewehere Hour ago

    I was like there cool then he said $10... Yeah no

  • Aaron Cone
    Aaron Cone Hour ago

    Don't travel thru Virginia with out of state plates, or if your driving a truck & possess a CDL. Not only are you the target, but they know your gonna pay it (Working Man).

  • diygarage
    diygarage Hour ago

    Nebraska feels like a giant speed trap if your ever driving through. But at least the speed limit maintains 75 so not the worst

  • Andy Lineberry
    Andy Lineberry Hour ago

    Knew the state before I clicked play. I live in Va. Absolute truth. Not much more to say. But, if you live here you know most of the speed trap locations. Hint: the big white signs in the median. Eyes ahead. Zoom zoom.

  • Eli Eli
    Eli Eli Hour ago

    I live in berlin ... no problem 4me

  • Siddharth Bhujle

    Virginia is also the only state where radar detectors are illegal...

  • Blue Noodles
    Blue Noodles Hour ago

    I live in VA and 30 over is an automatic 3 days in jail

  • Evan L
    Evan L Hour ago

    Va sucks dude. I got 4 tickets in 2 months. The worst was for going 40 in a 35 smh. Like seriously? Get your act together PWC

  • Dr NsL
    Dr NsL Hour ago

    I drove through the entire state of Virginia doing 90...

  • Stickman
    Stickman Hour ago

    I would’ve though Illinois be on the list. Cause Illinois Sucks

  • Edgar Garcia
    Edgar Garcia Hour ago

    Wow, first the second amendment and now speeding? Wow. Virginia is just a shitty place over all.

  • Yonathanman21
    Yonathanman21 Hour ago

    So now i have to move

  • arbyfiles
    arbyfiles Hour ago

    This is all true about VA, but also maryland is nearly just as bad because of the cameras and much higher density of state troopers

  • MRG Rob
    MRG Rob Hour ago

    At 2:15 I thought Nolan was going to say “Yeah, people probably shouldn’t drive with pizza.” 😂😂😂 am I the only one?

  • nitrous36
    nitrous36 Hour ago

    North Carolina is not as bad, but sometimes I think we aspire to be more like Virginia than the neighbor south of us. Speed traps. Ineffective vehicle safety inspections. Classic/antique vehicle tax. - A tax markup based on age. Yes thats a thing. :( Random road blocks for checking licenses, seatbelts, plates, DUIs, open containers, whatever cause they choose to enforce for the day lol.

  • ncstatecamp
    ncstatecamp Hour ago

    Most motorcycle stuff!!!

  • firecharger
    firecharger Hour ago

    You failed to mention that Virginia is one of the few states where radar detectors are illegal.

  • thejets24revis
    thejets24revis Hour ago

    In ga they dont even pull you over untill you are going 20 over the speed limit

  • Rising Sun Garage

    Mugen formula

  • James Colvard
    James Colvard Hour ago

    I lived in Virginia for 5 years. The traffic laws there are so rediculous. I had a car I bought in 2013, I haven't lived there in 6 years and somehow, I'm still paying personal property tax on a vehicle I no longer possess.

  • ManCity Yaya
    ManCity Yaya Hour ago

    S/O Iowa

  • Liam Jackson
    Liam Jackson Hour ago

    Just go 19 miles over

  • Cuesco
    Cuesco Hour ago

    I live in VA. I also cant wait to leave VA. I have a friend who went over 120+ and got pulled over. He spent 10 days in jail 😕

  • security quip
    security quip Hour ago

    I resent that you pictured an RX-7 when mentioning suspended licenses.

  • Joe Ludicrous
    Joe Ludicrous Hour ago

    Real ones knew it was Virginia before clicking 😂

  • ATAY Vids
    ATAY Vids Hour ago

    I go to college in virignia the police will stop you over the dumbest things here , as dumb as making a turn to slow ,

  • Tungsten23
    Tungsten23 Hour ago

    Also illegal for radar detectors... probably the real reason lol

  • Zohn
    Zohn Hour ago

    I live in Virginia. As a car guy I can confirm it’s terrible out here for us.

    • Zohn
      Zohn Hour ago

      S/o to my nova drivers, see y’all on 66 🤣

  • Southpines Hooligan

    microwaved Star Lord action figure i fucking cant

  • Smokinbago
    Smokinbago Hour ago

    From he title alone, I guessed Virginia. As a current Virginian for over 15 years, this video is spot on.