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  • ekumeku
    ekumeku Hour ago

    Nice podcast.

  • NateDogg Sliding

    Is Nolan his brother or his son?

  • OneTrue Halo
    OneTrue Halo Hour ago

    I loved the Podcast guys! I can't wait for you guys to do another one!

  • James Jones
    James Jones Hour ago

    Keep it up fellas.

  • Pt19
    Pt19 Hour ago

    Up to speed on Toyota Land Cruisers

  • Lorenzo Labardini

    You should post podcasts in Spotify

  • James Cox
    James Cox Hour ago

    Cool concept. It works. You guys are awesome. Looking forward to part2 and many more after that

  • Blue Ridge Garage

    Usually drive with music, but this time, with the podcast. Definitely entertaining.

  • TP
    TP Hour ago

    I was born on Aug 26 but was registered on the 29th so everyone other than my parents and siblings knows my aug 29th birthday and thats when I celebrate it to make things easy

  • Sokuy
    Sokuy Hour ago

    Nice reference to men at work🤣🤣🤣

  • ernesto rivera
    ernesto rivera Hour ago

    Better than the History Channel

  • Keath Bateman
    Keath Bateman 2 hours ago

    Do an up to speed on gmc

  • Bob The Builder
    Bob The Builder 2 hours ago

    So which Forza this in ?😂

  • Foreskids S
    Foreskids S 2 hours ago

    Your podcast is the only one I would watch and listen to. You guys are the best duo, ahead of batman and robin. 👍👍

  • Matthew Slattery
    Matthew Slattery 2 hours ago

    This is what the new Ford GT should have been. Instead they built a twin turbo v6 carbon fiber dildo for rich dudes. Good job GM

  • PopGamerNation
    PopGamerNation 2 hours ago


  • Henry Shawty
    Henry Shawty 2 hours ago

    It is funny, the sundero is funny

  • Flavio Castillo
    Flavio Castillo 2 hours ago

    Imma head out buy a 2009 86

  • Lil Leslie
    Lil Leslie 2 hours ago

    Just put it in neutral. Yall wasting gas

  • Clayton Mack
    Clayton Mack 2 hours ago

    OMG😂🤣 James' voice impressions are killing me LMAO

  • Jeruelle Apigo
    Jeruelle Apigo 2 hours ago

    43 idiots disliked this superb video.

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 2 hours ago

    Do a up to speed on super sport

  • GeorgeGerr 17
    GeorgeGerr 17 2 hours ago

    im english and tbh i didnt even know the word pip pip even existed also sorry to burst ur bubble but i dont know the queen personally

  • John Clunas
    John Clunas 2 hours ago

    Love this

  • Kyle Davis
    Kyle Davis 2 hours ago

    Raiders bro? Ok i like Gruden too. U get a pass cuz u r funny af.

  • Liam Duffy
    Liam Duffy 2 hours ago

    Furkin Furny

  • Maimo Moline
    Maimo Moline 2 hours ago

    23:02 when Jeremy Clarkson possesses you

  • Zeslore
    Zeslore 2 hours ago

    Is that a saab 93 07+ in the back?

  • Boosted DC2
    Boosted DC2 2 hours ago

    Love the jokes and the voices, but this "story" is better for bed, boring. Ima wait for the movie. Hell of a lot more interesting.

  • Emmanuel Howard
    Emmanuel Howard 2 hours ago

    Too me attention is a nightmare and I always want a Pagani

  • Ben Birrell
    Ben Birrell 2 hours ago


  • Leland Holton
    Leland Holton 2 hours ago

    So, they took a NASCAR and made it slower.

  • Kris Barstad
    Kris Barstad 2 hours ago

    Hey man, when you gonna do one on the Dodge Ram series? I saw the Cummins video, but that’s not really the same.

  • TheSeti12345
    TheSeti12345 2 hours ago

    Millennials can’t afford new cars so obviously they aren’t buying them

  • can çolakoğlu
    can çolakoğlu 2 hours ago

    this shit is hilarioussss

  • Sc4red
    Sc4red 2 hours ago


  • Patrick Kline
    Patrick Kline 2 hours ago

    very funny

  • Your Divided Attention, Please

    My birthday is March 19th too! Such a big fan of the channel! Awesome Podcast birthday bro

  • gamingkingX
    gamingkingX 2 hours ago

    What music service do you use?

  • diego hernandez
    diego hernandez 2 hours ago


  • Zach Mckowni
    Zach Mckowni 2 hours ago

    Ah you drinken la piss

  • Rusty 95
    Rusty 95 2 hours ago

    As an Italian i laughed at them trying to spell Italian names. Especially "Giorgino Colombo". You would spell that like: "Jorgeeno Colombo." Hope this helps :)

  • Anime_EditorX
    Anime_EditorX 2 hours ago

    Up to speed on the Chevrolet Nova

  • Cal Erba
    Cal Erba 2 hours ago

    barchetta = guys are so good at pronouncing Lemans and all the other words that I want to teach you some Italian pronunciation rules. :) There is no K in the Italian alphabet, there is no Y or J either, no these sounds are made with other letters. che=ke, chi=ki, ca=ka, cu=ku, co=ko, cia=cha, cio=cho, ciu=chu, ci=chi gl=a y sound this is usually followed by an i making a yi sound. This is usually followed by an a or an o. Portafoglio means wallet. POR-TA-FO-YI-O(long O sound) gn= a NI-A or NI-O sound like the end of Virginia, Bologna is actually pronounced BO-LO-NI-AH and not BO-LO-NEE or BO-LOG-NA :P I love you guys! Please keep the shows flowing! :D:D:D:D:D

  • Ray Reyna
    Ray Reyna 2 hours ago

    @45:48 James has to be mocking his real landlord😂

  • NRG _Hrtz
    NRG _Hrtz 2 hours ago

    I am gonna migrate to murica just for this car 😂😂

  • Squidward Q
    Squidward Q 2 hours ago

    Why does enzo sound Asian according to James

  • Mr SiRK
    Mr SiRK 2 hours ago

    Glad Im not the only who thought Enzo was a total Douchebag

  • Jacob Martin
    Jacob Martin 2 hours ago

    "waste of a Ferrari motor" half of Ferraris bought are sitting in garages or used to go 25 down some main street.

  • Lenta Jzx
    Lenta Jzx 2 hours ago

    You know you guy's should call this segment (Drunken Car History) cuz you guys can't stop laughing and joking that is the majority of the show! 😂 😂 😂

  • dangerdog paintandbody

    This is a great video on Pontiac but I wish some of the crazy things Pontiac did before it came to an end, like the grand Prix gxp

  • Casual King
    Casual King 2 hours ago

    4 part series? Awesome!

  • Patrick Smith
    Patrick Smith 2 hours ago

    You two guys are great . Fun to watch .

  • harshleen singh
    harshleen singh 2 hours ago

    I need 100 more of these podcasts ASAP

  • Egg Dude
    Egg Dude 2 hours ago

    Honestly back when they were talking about how old the town was, I was just waiting for james to go "and about a bajillion years, before post malone was born"

  • Xx_Stalinas_xX
    Xx_Stalinas_xX 2 hours ago

    But have you owned a VW passat

  • J
    J 2 hours ago

    “He’s 22 years old, Jessica! “ lolz

  • mat mat
    mat mat 2 hours ago

    Are the rest only going to be on Apple Music?:(

  • 4brisk2ksirb0 69
    4brisk2ksirb0 69 2 hours ago

    gotta love the Cummins air fucker.

  • Arumugham Ramasamy
    Arumugham Ramasamy 2 hours ago

    After singapore gp

  • Mohammed Hussain
    Mohammed Hussain 2 hours ago

    You could buy a Genesis online

  • Victor Ivanov
    Victor Ivanov 2 hours ago

    Hey my birthday is march 21st!

  • Dennis the menace extreme

    This... This is now my number 2podcast 1.JRE 2.Past Gas 3.Critical Role

  • Eshan Satti
    Eshan Satti 2 hours ago

    mine is march 10,

  • Josh Leach
    Josh Leach 2 hours ago

    if yall could pull up pics of the cars for the youtube vids of the podcasts that would be cool

  • John Mark Bennett
    John Mark Bennett 2 hours ago

    I saw a AE86 and a 1976 Volkswagen Scirocco at cars and coffee this morning, and they looked dope, podcasts are sick!

  • JakeLovesWeed
    JakeLovesWeed 2 hours ago

    You should make a up to speed car parts where instead of talking about the history of a car brand talk about how certain car parts work and how they’ve changed over the years

  • DDD
    DDD 2 hours ago

    400 liera in 1920 ish time would be around 1200 usd in todays money. its roughly .23 dollars per liera and adjusting for inflation gets us to 1200.

  • jose andreu
    jose andreu 2 hours ago

    400 Italian lira in 1930 is about 323.39 usd today for those wondering

  • ___ Anthony
    ___ Anthony 2 hours ago

    My man talking about my Ohio valley.

  • Dane Pienaar
    Dane Pienaar 2 hours ago

    Benny's Custom Works!

  • Joshua Gonzalez
    Joshua Gonzalez 2 hours ago

    DUUUUDEEEE I was born March 20th

  • nathansabo96
    nathansabo96 2 hours ago

    Would have been cool to see what it was like to drive. I wonder if it has a super low red line like most diesels

  • Normal Viewer
    Normal Viewer 2 hours ago

    They filmed most of the film near me and I saw a lot of the cast. I also have access to the runway where they filmed all the driving scenes of y’all are interested in using it

  • sticky rice
    sticky rice 2 hours ago

    I'll watch this every week

  • Paula Bennett
    Paula Bennett 2 hours ago

    The r32 was the Godzilla not the r34

  • Michael Novelli
    Michael Novelli 3 hours ago

    22:07 I could not stop laughing here😂

  • Robb Chastain
    Robb Chastain 3 hours ago

    Thanks for your oral book report and kudos for this homework in anticipation of the movie. And it sounds like Mr. Ferrari was like a lot of us, a guy who was really into racing. And ultimately he became like none of us, crafting cars collectively worth billions of dollars.

  • Theophilus Thistler
    Theophilus Thistler 3 hours ago

    That moment when I realise I give myself too hard a time at my abilities to convert metric to imperial.

  • Braden Marcera
    Braden Marcera 3 hours ago

    I'm not old lol 😂

  • Alexis ruiz
    Alexis ruiz 3 hours ago


  • Logan D
    Logan D 3 hours ago

    4:50 "it consisted of, an engine" ya I hope so

  • Andrea Ballan
    Andrea Ballan 3 hours ago

    Here in Italy the movie will be titled “Le Mans ‘66” ahahahah people who doesn’t know history will be upset! Anyway, Ferrari was in deep crisis and Ford wanted to buy it but Enzo Ferrari didn’t want to build American style v8 or a Mustang in Ferrari trim, so decided to sell to FIAT who guaranteed him the last word on its products. Ford was upset and used all its money to build a racing car to beat Ferrari in Europe.

  • GresleyA4 4468
    GresleyA4 4468 3 hours ago

    I think it is Oh Zed

  • Jose Aguilo
    Jose Aguilo 3 hours ago

    Fantastic you get to spend time with your son. So happy for you both.

  • Rensouhou-Chan Studio

    I'd love to own a Focus RS

  • ERIC & CINDY Crowder

    1 out of every 5 babies not living to age of 5 didn’t have anything to do with living in Italy. It had to do with being born in the 19th century before modern medicine. Even to this day infant mortality is common in the developing world with limited access to modern medicine and clean water. But in the western world most babies live.

  • Ashwin Suraj
    Ashwin Suraj 3 hours ago

    U guys are hilarious af 😂😂😂♥️♥️😎😎

  • Jess Please.
    Jess Please. 3 hours ago

    I want Bart to cut more helmets in Half. Bring back scone garage.

  • mike s
    mike s 3 hours ago

    This made me a little gassy. Or maybe it was the burrito supreme.

  • tyler yonker
    tyler yonker 3 hours ago

    This is gunna be legendary mark my words!

  • Atlan Crossman
    Atlan Crossman 3 hours ago

    Not trying to throw flack at James but he mentions how Enzo was an ass but Volkswagen diesel gates kinda takes the cake for assholeness change my mind

  • Ben Turner
    Ben Turner 3 hours ago

    What about the Tesla semi truck

  • Mark Nealon
    Mark Nealon 3 hours ago

    Does nobody else think the allen bolts are a terrible idea? Now if he'd gone with torx...

  • James Sturrock
    James Sturrock 3 hours ago

    That was great! Keep it up guys... maybe someone will build a car in your honor...

  • Gared Camarena
    Gared Camarena 3 hours ago

    And great vid i love this

  • Gared Camarena
    Gared Camarena 3 hours ago

    Can u plz do an up2speed on the firebird

  • Dimitri Liakos
    Dimitri Liakos 3 hours ago

    Do the Chrysler Corporation minivans

  • Mujahid Mohamed
    Mujahid Mohamed 3 hours ago

    is he his actual son or not? i genuinely wanna know!

  • JP#222
    JP#222 3 hours ago

    Yes. I need a spotify account. To listen to this