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A Second Chance
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Union Pacific - Unified
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The Pulse Of America
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UP Steam Update - May 2017
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We Own It
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Union Pacific Food Train
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Moving More than Freight
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From Rock to Rail to Road
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The Living Legend Returns
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Power and Pride
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Omaha's 2015 Christmas Tree
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UP Steam Update: July 2015
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  • hawkdsl
    hawkdsl 12 hours ago

    When are we getting a full documentary, start to finish, of this amazing machine?? Who decided to bring back a Big Boy.. Why did you pick the engine that you did. Was it hard to get one back. What did you learn rebuilding it.. WHAT, WHAT, WHAT!!! This is a BIG story.. it needs it's own full movie doc!

  • SpicySpider_GamingYT
    SpicySpider_GamingYT 16 hours ago

    Yes I agree. As a huge rail-fan and a huge Union Pacific fan its always and i mean ALWAYS important to stay at least 25 feet back from all tracks. Because the last thing you want to happen is for you to get hit by a train and either get severely injured or get killed by a 4-8-8-4 steam locomotive. Or any kind! Great safety message Ed! Even though I love the 4014, 3985, and 844 I always stay back when a train is coming!

  • Summers Henderson

    Great video

  • Pacific coast piper

    Welcome home old girl, welcome home!!!!!!

  • Hot Rod Daugherty

    0:27 outside of the window, are they shunting cars or did I just watch a couple of runaway tankers?

  • gary lambka
    gary lambka 2 days ago

    You SUCK

  • Union Pacific big boy fan

    Ed please speak up

  • David Lawrence
    David Lawrence 7 days ago

    Really fascinating.... I have several of those lever retracting W&S box tools M-1370 series..... and a thread roller came with one of my lathes. What steel are they rolling ..4140 ? 1117 ? 1018? I want to try that rolling procedure. I didnt know it could be performed on a machine like a W&S #3

  • OregonGirl
    OregonGirl 8 days ago


  • Union Pacific big boy fan

    I hear something in background when ed dickens jr is talking that's why we need him to speak up

  • Robby Bobby
    Robby Bobby 9 days ago

    Unless your a disabled vet. Then they don’t want you.

  • Tomek Gorkiewicz
    Tomek Gorkiewicz 10 days ago

    Hello union pacific did you not hear that steamtown is also geting the big boy back but it's not 4014 it's the 4012

  • Cooper Cash
    Cooper Cash 12 days ago

    What that train derailed in the middle of the song

  • Cooper Cash
    Cooper Cash 12 days ago

    That big boy tho

  • Aiden railfan
    Aiden railfan 12 days ago

    Kinda good. Not too bad. The lyrics sound kind of like wierd

  • Aiden railfan
    Aiden railfan 12 days ago

    Cool! Im a union pacific train. Im from the company

  • swordjr24
    swordjr24 13 days ago

    This video you should watch Union Pacific. You made this. You cut jobs for stock profits one after the other. A kids father lost his job for your selfishness. You want one man crews yet you make a video like this. Your employees are your greatest assets.

  • soinelle85
    soinelle85 13 days ago

    A testament to American Engineering that took hard work, sweat, pride and dedication. All the people from the past that used their hands with the tools that forged history.

  • Zero Hero
    Zero Hero 14 days ago

    When I grow up I'm wanting to be in a part of the union Pacific team

  • Aiden railfan
    Aiden railfan 14 days ago

    The 2nd place one was better than this. (Edit:this is just my opinion but dont take it seriously.)

  • Jason Nadworny
    Jason Nadworny 16 days ago

    This is sad. Sacramento is not a Soccer City it's a railroad so I would like to see the city pay respect to the southern Pacific.

  • Texas Heat
    Texas Heat 16 days ago

    I say big boy

  • VinnyMartello
    VinnyMartello 16 days ago

    To call it a a work of art would be a woeful understatement. Thank you Union Pacific for helping us win the war and keeping American history alive!

    SILVIA BERNAL 17 days ago

    Lets be 4014 go to mexico

  • ghunter182003
    ghunter182003 20 days ago

    Due to its massive size, do the tracks have to be reinforced?

  • Jgamer_playz Productions

    What did I just click on... Oh yea a masterpiece

    DOG MAN 25 days ago


    • DOG MAN
      DOG MAN 15 hours ago

      @Petey The Cat petey ur Not UP!!!!!!!!!

    • Petey The Cat
      Petey The Cat 15 hours ago

      No we cant because this was we thankfully for UP DOG MAN

  • Nathaniel Cruz
    Nathaniel Cruz 26 days ago

    I wish that Big Boy would've been in Thomas & Friends because if any engine on the Island of Sodor is not strong enough to pull long freight cars, 4014 will get the job done.

  • Big Boy 4014
    Big Boy 4014 27 days ago

    Are the trains dancing?

  • King Orry
    King Orry 27 days ago

    What have I just seen?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Franky M
    Franky M 28 days ago

    Nice UP SD70ACE George 41 H.W. Bush 41 Heritage I Saw UP 4141 George 41 H.W. Bush Magnolia Tx

  • Not Sophia
    Not Sophia 29 days ago

    Who loose his tender

    FERROMEX KCSM 4007 29 days ago

    Team ferromex

    FERROMEX KCSM 4007 29 days ago


    FERROMEX KCSM 4007 29 days ago

    Team ferromex

    FERROMEX KCSM 4007 29 days ago

    Team Ferro

  • Ritchie Lamadrid
    Ritchie Lamadrid 29 days ago

    big boy 4014 with 4141 to collage station

  • Areal finston
    Areal finston Month ago

    Haha xD but i dont like the music

  • Pennsylvania District Railfan

    Whenever I see people do dumb things like that. I feel chills go down my spine

  • ironfox7
    ironfox7 Month ago

    I was there on that day and remember the speech it was the greatist day and moment of my life I swear I had a tear come out of my eye. Thank you Uionion Pacifics and Ed Dickens for making the impossible reality for restoring UP 4014 big boy and thank you UP for making the transcontenental railroad 150 years ago.

  • Camden Jones
    Camden Jones Month ago

    literally the most strangest remix on the face of world.

  • Mrcat Games
    Mrcat Games Month ago

    PTC sounds like a sexually transmitted disease.

  • Louisville Nashville RailRoad fan 1982

    Just honna say the hopper car and some others have 2 wheels in the front and 4 in the back

  • Louisville Nashville RailRoad fan 1982

    When it started I cried out laughing

  • Madeline Gonzalez

    Dab or t post

  • Fiona lover 2.0 gaming


  • hakan abrahamson
    hakan abrahamson Month ago

    Congratulations to a marvellous person in the UP organisation - Mr Ed Dickens!. I have seen you in various videos explaining the technological difficulties you had to solve while restoring this big locomotive. And I have also seen the kindness you show older, former employees. An engineer with a smart brain - and a big heart! Kind regards from Sweden

  • Fiona lover 2.0 gaming

    What is this

  • wilson chen
    wilson chen Month ago


  • Union Pacific big boy fan

    Ed dickens Jr on Halloween I am dressed up as you

  • Parkey6 krinock
    Parkey6 krinock Month ago

    They need to do Big Boy Challenger 844 as a triple-header one year now that will be a sight to see

  • Fiona lover 2.0 gaming

    Union Pacific building America 🇺🇸

  • Union Pacific big boy fan

    Where's challenger in this video Mr dickens

  • Union Pacific challenger fan

    Northern I thought that you left ed dickens jr there in California you are a bad locomotive I am telling challenger on you

  • Cheese
    Cheese Month ago

    So this is why your laying off so many employees..

  • wilson chen
    wilson chen Month ago

    I live in Canada I went to the USA before!

  • Andy Anderson
    Andy Anderson Month ago


  • Achmad Syifa Papahnya Reyhan

    God Bless to Union Pacific that bring 4014 Big Boy back to track...only UP that don't really leave steam and that was Fenomenal... Cheers from Indonesia

  • Union Pacific big boy fan

    844's so boring and so is big boy locomotive

  • Union Pacific big boy fan

    Mr dickens please speak up some of us can't hear

  • Madeline Gonzalez

    I love big boy😀

  • Micro Drew Studio


  • Union Pacific big boy fan

    I have been staring at union Pacific living legend while ed dickens jr is talking

  • Union Pacific big boy fan

    Northern 844 I still see you

  • Union Pacific challenger fan

    I see you northern behind ed dickens jr

  • Union Pacific big boy fan

    Northern was mentioned

  • Madeline Gonzalez


  • Jack Riba
    Jack Riba Month ago

    What is the future for the Union Pacific railroad? Will there be high speed passenger trains powered by electricity?

    YIAY Vs. LWIAY Month ago


  • Union Pacific big boy fan

    Ed dickens needs to speak up for people who are hard of hearing like the guy did

  • New England Railfan productions 2017

    What’s gonna happen to 4014 after the RailGiants excursion, is it going away for the winter because I’d like to see it pull a recited ww2 1940’s era freight with tanks and other military equipment in the winter snow around Christmas guys, why is RailGiants its last excursion.

  • Union Pacific big boy fan

    Ed dickens has to talk louder because he talks too soft

  • Scooby Carr
    Scooby Carr Month ago

    It's the same in Portland while trailers and containers are handled on Union Pacific with one of its intermodal trains through the Cascade Mountains in Oregon. BTW I'm doing a stack train on UP's former Southern Pacific on MSTS Train Simulator between Klamath Falls and Eugene, but the equipment is of Canadian origin.

  • nomadcowatbk
    nomadcowatbk Month ago

    union pacific makes the best films

  • nomadcowatbk
    nomadcowatbk Month ago

    why don't they look?

  • Union Pacific challenger fan

    Mr dickens we have same green eyes

  • Carmen Drust
    Carmen Drust Month ago

    I saw this train today in Mariana

  • QR15274 Productions

    0:16 Holy Cow! Look at the size of that lady's hair!

  • Gary VLOGS And Films

    My dad works here

  • Lisa Bentz
    Lisa Bentz Month ago

    I'd forgotten how much I love the sound of a steam engine's whistle!

  • Union Pacific challenger fan

    You are confusing me Mr dickens

  • Ganesh Trivedi
    Ganesh Trivedi Month ago

    Amazing Wonderful

  • DJ BN
    DJ BN Month ago

    Thanks U.P. for the update.

  • Union Pacific Productions

    4014 coming to Arizona!!

  • Union Pacific Productions

    Woooooooo 4014 coming to Arizona!

  • Greenden M
    Greenden M Month ago


  • Union Pacific challenger fan

    Mr dickens is talking to himself and I wish that he is talking to us

  • Union Pacific challenger fan

    There's 844 background

  • Union Pacific challenger fan

    How nice of northern

  • 4013 fan john
    4013 fan john Month ago

    What's the music in the background?

  • DarcyAmtrakNinjaGamer830AUTTP TV


  • Hutton Nation Animations

    WeRe ThE Up AnD wE hAvE THe RiGHt AwAY

  • ConfailFan76
    ConfailFan76 2 months ago

    0:37 Jorries

  • sturoc0
    sturoc0 2 months ago

    Big Boy 4014 just rolled into Las Vegas today and it was great to see this beauty in person. Hundreds showed up to welcome the train into town and the all kids were thrilled to see a real Locomotive up close. UP Steam tour continues thru the Mojave on Tuesday with stops at Cima, then Kelso depot way out thru the middle of the Mojave preserve. Now thats gonna be a special moment to see too .

  • Brandon Conboy
    Brandon Conboy 2 months ago

    I missed the tv Airings, will it be shown again?

  • Bernard Lau
    Bernard Lau 2 months ago

    It seems like Thomas and Friends had a cooperation with Transformers

  • Pac drain No. 10 Contreras

    We're are great rolling railroad here the diesel engine power. And I forget the full

    • nowthatsjustducky
      nowthatsjustducky 24 days ago

      We're the Union Pacific going 90 miles an hour. I have the "professional" studio version of this on my phone, and it comes up frequently on my shuffled playlist when out walking.