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  • lavoirzea o'rear
    lavoirzea o'rear 10 minutes ago

    Keep talking that truth Raven! Respect, love the content. @geeksensei

  • movie centre
    movie centre 31 minute ago

    Kgf trailer reaction

  • -eYe-
    -eYe- 57 minutes ago

    I feel more for Clone Wars Season 7 than I ever have about the last three movies.

  • usmanater
    usmanater Hour ago

    Haha yes! Was waiting for your reaction guys. Awesome as ever!

  • Ayesha Randolph
    Ayesha Randolph 3 hours ago

    Great convo! What is the answer to the situation? I wish I knew. I think you just came up with another possible video subject area. :)

  • AlexM
    AlexM 4 hours ago

    In this scene on 10:39, in right corner we can see Jedi Master Depa Bilaba and her young apprentice Caleb Dume. We would know him better in Rebels as Kanan Jarrus

  • Jeremie Rivers
    Jeremie Rivers 4 hours ago

    Raven, your opinion and Joe/Sam’s reaction to it, is a mirror of society today; it’s unpopular, brash, yet true. Though I get where Joe & Sam are coming from and I could support it, the issue is this: Too many “Good” police officers protect “Bad/racist” cops out of fear of the repercussions. Until this changes systematically, the good cops are just fruit from a poisonous tree. Which brings me back to why your opinion is so poignant. Respect fam.

  • Tenacious K9nine
    Tenacious K9nine 4 hours ago

    This Defently Going To Take Place During Revenge Of The Sith + During Order 66 Now That Would Be Made

  • MJ Projects
    MJ Projects 5 hours ago

    This new season is going down with the events of revenge of the sith coinciding with each other

  • William Sohn
    William Sohn 5 hours ago

    15:30 FAX

  • Nini Davis
    Nini Davis 5 hours ago

    Why so far .Feb 21rst excited ..gotta watch season 6 again..This was a good Review and Fun Reaction to watch..Thank you

  • david Delgadillo
    david Delgadillo 6 hours ago

    Just started my Star Wars journey. Saw episode 1 and 2 and am currently on the second season of the clone wars. Should I see this new season before episode 3 or after?

    • Krist Stevens
      Krist Stevens 5 hours ago

      I say watch it after, because part of the season intertwines with episode 3, so one way or another, you're going to be repeating certain scenes. watching episode 3 will give context to those scenes when they show up in the final season.

  • Jack Allen
    Jack Allen 6 hours ago

    the black and red clone is a new group called the bad batch and rex has new details on his helmet to honor ahsoka

  • Jonathan Schneider
    Jonathan Schneider 6 hours ago

    Long have I waited

  • FUN.
    FUN. 6 hours ago

    ive been waiting for this video

  • wpdn Rla
    wpdn Rla 6 hours ago

    Idc if the new movies are 3d, I really want some crazy saber combats with ridiculous force abilities...

  • Galiad_exe
    Galiad_exe 7 hours ago

    0:40 Mama

  • Cosimo Crupi
    Cosimo Crupi 7 hours ago

    98.2 K......

  • Abhiveer K
    Abhiveer K 7 hours ago

    Should i read Ahsoka's book before or after watching season 7?

  • wolfcomando2
    wolfcomando2 7 hours ago

    you say raiven and the name of the sith lord your talking about is named revan

  • DPeaceful
    DPeaceful 8 hours ago

    PT demo, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil Remake, Silent Hill 2 & 3

  • Kuro Lee
    Kuro Lee 8 hours ago

    This movie was beyond terrible. American Black People do NOT ACT LIKE THIS FAM.

  • Hunter Jasper
    Hunter Jasper 8 hours ago

    There will be 12 episodes and they will be airing week by week also you can see young Kanan from Rebels next to his master around the Jedi meeting in the right hand corner and some people are saying the part where Ahsoka is having a bad feeling is actually the beginning of Order 66 and then the black and red helmets are not purge troopers, that was the Bad Batch and then rex's helmet was painted because Rex says in the previous trailer that "these men will follow you anywhere as their commander" or something like that

  • Reaper_of _Souls
    Reaper_of _Souls 8 hours ago


  • Locksツ
    Locksツ 8 hours ago

    Unsubscribe from these foolios there idiots and needs to swim down to the bottom of the ocean

    • The Cyber Nerds
      The Cyber Nerds 20 minutes ago

      You say unsubscribe yet you are here week to week watching our videos and leaving a comment! You are the best kind of supporter we need. Thank you 😘

  • Bob Williams
    Bob Williams 8 hours ago

    Love how these didn’t complain about any haircuts of certain characters! Unlike some TVclip channels...👌🏻

  • OllieG Hamster
    OllieG Hamster 8 hours ago

    Did you guys see how the clones painted their helmets to have the same markings as Ahsoka?

  • Bradley Keats
    Bradley Keats 8 hours ago

    THE Plan! Order 66!!

  • Kush Garg
    Kush Garg 9 hours ago

    I cannot wait to see this final season lead into and crossover with "Revenge of the Sith".

  • Tocoolforschool
    Tocoolforschool 9 hours ago

    I just can’t wait

  • Tory Kluender
    Tory Kluender 9 hours ago

    Ray Park doing mo-cap for that duel with Ahsoka is gonna be off the chain.

  • Isaiah carpio
    Isaiah carpio 9 hours ago

    Every choice we as Star Wars fans have made. Has lead to this.😥

  • Tory Kluender
    Tory Kluender 9 hours ago

    Black geeks, man. Y’all make me feel proud. 🤘🏾🖖🏾

  • Blatino Boi
    Blatino Boi 9 hours ago

    Raven has the Spirit of Ogun in him!!! Preach!!!

  • enigmadas5
    enigmadas5 10 hours ago

    Almost at 100K boys!!!!

  • All Things
    All Things 10 hours ago

    Why he so mad like we get it your a grown man with a masculine attitude but damn no need to act like that you can be impressed with a trailer without actually watching the movie please have a positive attitude man cause kids are going to look at you weird and at the end of the day your the only one looking bad ok so please chill and enjoy what your watching and if you don’t like it that much then don’t watch it or be in the video your friends thought it was funny but as a viewer it was just ridiculous and unnecessary I enjoyed the other two reaction but your reaction I could’ve done without sorry man

  • Pablo Orozco
    Pablo Orozco 10 hours ago

    15:56 Joe acting like a whole ass mom, "You got more studying to do" LMAOOO 😂😂😂😂😂 you man kill me.

  • James Greer
    James Greer 10 hours ago

    Yall needa get rid of this boy on the left he has no reaction to anything hahaha

  • Mega Man
    Mega Man 10 hours ago

    My man on the far right is just actually traumatized.

  • Mr. M
    Mr. M 10 hours ago

    So the Obi-Wan series just got delayed...

  • Marion Dorsey
    Marion Dorsey 10 hours ago

    I like where Raven's heart ❤ is! I LOVE where Joe's head is on THIS one! In REAL life_ you CAN'T give HATERS an excuse to do what's in their black hearts ALREADY!!😒

  • The Chosen One
    The Chosen One 10 hours ago

    Great reaction lads! 🔥 as always! So close to 100k folks! Keep grinding! I have a feeling Rex and Cody gonna go at it.....remember Rex mentions him in Rebels, so that's definitely gotta play into it I hope but he would be on Utapau with Kenobi at the moment so not sure.....Kanans Master and others are most likely going to be shown in Order 66

  • Corey Lawson
    Corey Lawson 10 hours ago

    Since this is partly during Episode 3 in the end, it would be a dream story move to have Ahsoka on her way to help Anakin in Palpatine's office but see Mace Windu fly out of the window and make the hard decision to save him instead. By then it would be too late to save Anakin.

  • Jon-Charles Cordery
    Jon-Charles Cordery 10 hours ago

    Blasphemy, gentlemen. The Jedi weren't corrupt. Just maybe a bit presumptuous, and full of hubris. And yes, it is Anakin's fault that he turned to the dark side. He was a mass murderer on the low and confided that information in the evil of evils, Darth Sidious, aka Chancellor Palpatine.

  • ChrisInDC
    ChrisInDC 10 hours ago

    Is pregnant Padme wearing the same outfit she dies in?

  • Tobi-Wan Rodriguez
    Tobi-Wan Rodriguez 10 hours ago

    Fellas you missed it!!! I detect that’s young Padawan Caleb Dune (Kanan Jarrus!!!) next to his master Dipa Billapa around the round table when Mace Windu is saying he senses a plot around the Jedi!!! PEPPERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! ROWWWWW!! =D

  • Corey Wallace
    Corey Wallace 10 hours ago

    I fw Raven on this one

  • duke dudebro
    duke dudebro 10 hours ago

    Nice use of Legend Has It

  • Reece Roberts
    Reece Roberts 10 hours ago

    Yo i'm with Raven's thinking in every sense, so much so I wish I was in the room haha. Saw an early press screening of Queen and Slim before christmas but it doesn't come out properly here in the U.K till the 31st January I'm pretty sure, unless you've got advanced screening privileges or are able to catch advanced previews. It did really hit me on an emotional level and in conjunction with Raven's point, as a Black person, it is difficult to see how our culture is not inhabited with Crabs in a Bucket mentality. Now we can all take three guesses as to where that originated from (Slavery) but what this movie reminds you is that many of us have been able to distinguish ourselves from that entrapment over time and actively fight to empower our community but collectively as a race still suffer from that thought procedure, also in lieu of always feeling like our existence is measured, Live or Die, by the approval of White people which can be reflected in endless things. Ultimately what we come down to is a MLK vs Malcolm X perspective of passive resistance + changing things institutionally colliding with radical change and ultimately segregation in the betterment of black people . What many people don't always realise is just before MLK's death, he felt that he had ultimately betrayed black people to a certain extent by realising that despite changes, he was ultimately going to be setting up black people to constantly lose in a system that will always be more powerful due to lack of black ownership; and so he intended to get radical with the plan of leading a Poor People's March in Washington that was going to encompass a demand for reparation for Black people and a new fight he was prepared to get physical over and a fight which if won would have completely changed the narrative of black people everywhere as he himself once said " Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” But Alas as word got out of his newfound extension of the American Dream, he was assassinated. If you want more detail you can look it up or watch highly respected officials of the Black community interviews on the New York Breakfast Club youtube channel but I say all of that to say that He did concur with Malcolm X's thinking in the untimely late stage of his life and he we are in 2020 STILL SUFFERING THE SAME INJUSTICE!! so something's gotta be done to ignite radical change in the system because protests been done proven to be less effective, as are hashtags and sometimes the dark scary prospect which is Radical Change leads to better journey in the end. PLUS Black people will always ultimately be alright because we are SURVIVORS but is really worth adhering to a system that keeps us just BARELY surviving when we born to Thrive and kings? What change in this current decade of this current century will ever let us become kings and leaders and most of us all be treated with RESPECT if not RADICAL? ? perhaps the younger generation will find a way but lets hope we can live to see it if they don't find a way to make us extinct by then.

  • Alexander R.G.
    Alexander R.G. 11 hours ago

    That soundtrack though 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jonty Cowan
    Jonty Cowan 11 hours ago

    12 episodes

  • Peelings Weird Adventure

    OMG!! I can't wait fam! I'm soooooooo hype for this! Absolute madness!

  • Almighty_ Jones
    Almighty_ Jones 11 hours ago

    This movie was ass 🗑🗑🗑

  • Barnzooka
    Barnzooka 11 hours ago

    If this ends with Maul being forced to flee and Ashoka feeling the impact of Order 66 through the force I will be satisfied.

  • jameela williams
    jameela williams 11 hours ago

    Didn't I say this movie would be triggering? Love how you keep it real, Raven. Joe and Sam we're so flustered they could only regurgitate politically correct answers. Police are educated but they need to be retrained. Laws need to be created to protect people of color rights , especially Black people, and police training needs revamping. I don't know how it is other countries but in the USA because the Klan was shunned upon they have found an outlet and release in the police departments across the country. In order for there to be real change we have to elect people in our government with our best interest who will get laws passed on our behalf.

  • Killer Valentine
    Killer Valentine 11 hours ago

    Well after finally completing it. I very much understand where everyone is coming from in terms of their points as well as the conversation itself. But as someone that subscribe to this channel Maybe a whole month ago and it's from the United States, this movie was released either in November or December of 2019 in the United States. I watched the movie on New Year's Eve because I didn't want to leave 2019 without seeing it and I really thought I was the only one that was late to see it so I'm glad I'm not the only one

  • Ricardo Amado
    Ricardo Amado 11 hours ago

    and also order 66 at 5:01 when ahsoka and rex were fleeing from the clone troopers that were executing order 66

  • Ricardo Amado
    Ricardo Amado 11 hours ago

    Order 66 4:11

  • Moses Gutierrez
    Moses Gutierrez 11 hours ago

    Well your wrong about the purge trooper theory

  • dkev00
    dkev00 11 hours ago

    10:39 Kanan Jarrus is at the consol. He's the kid.

  • Marc Hamill
    Marc Hamill 11 hours ago

    Wicked reaction. Read the book too and we get to see the scene she keeps reminiscing about in the book. Her fight with DM. So stoked for this. Rex’s helmet is like that in honour of Ashoka. Orange strips. They showed a clip about it a little while back.

  • Marion Dorsey
    Marion Dorsey 11 hours ago

    Y'all did it, fam!! Ya made alotta people's day with THIS one... *Raven was shook!!😱*

  • well damn
    well damn 11 hours ago

    The second red helmet which was on mandalore wasn’t a purge trooper, the mandalorians changed the colours to red for darth maal, the highest ranking mandalorian then had horns on his helmet to obvs rep darth maal

  • Ancient One Gamer
    Ancient One Gamer 12 hours ago

    is it just me or everyone i want more for Ahsoka I want to see more Ahsoka more than movies Rey or Kaylo or TROS others ???

  • jameela williams
    jameela williams 12 hours ago

    My ratings for the series bad boys 1 and 3 are tied for one and then there's bad boys 2. Because I am older than you fellows I found number three to be very entertaining but it also bothered me how Mike forgave his killer son in the end. You can't kill all my friends and I forgive you AND get you work release? Had the captain survived his shooting then maybe I can believe that ending.

  • Dylan Talbot
    Dylan Talbot 12 hours ago

    The color of Rex’s helmet is in the color of Ahsoka (same colors of her face) bc I believe that squad is part of the 501st so it’s a way of honoring her return (or something like that). Also the part that you talked about them looking like Purge Troopers, I’m almost positive they are called the “Bad Batch” which there’s been some trailers that have come out about them. Lastly, I hope you guys do a break/review of each episode coming out this season bc I’m looking forward to what you guys think about it. Keep up the great reactions, really have been enjoying them!

  • Ricardo Amado
    Ricardo Amado 12 hours ago

    the clone trooper that darth maul was using the force against was Jesse because Jesse has the republic logo on the left side of his face.

  • TheScientoonist
    TheScientoonist 12 hours ago

    If anyone is interested, the audiobook for "Ahsoka" is narrated by Ashley Eckstein, the voice actress of Ahsoka! Also, I highly recommend the audiobook for "Master and Apprentice". The narrator sounds exactly like Qui-Gon Jinn.

  • FitnessMadeSimple
    FitnessMadeSimple 12 hours ago

    Hey cybernerds, great reaction video as usual, just wanted to tell you guys an FYI since you mentioned Blade, who's frickin awesome btw, Kevin feige has stated there will be a Blade movie probably in 2021, with Mahershala Ali as Blade, hope I spelled his name right, anyhow feige said he will be in the MCU, I'm still confused about the Spiderman universe with how Tom Holland was in three MCU movies, civil war, infinity war and Endgame, but his stand alone movies were Sony, I still don't get it, but I do think they are building up for a Sinister Six Spiderman movie, but looks like it will be a Sony property, however Blade was a big part of the Spiderman animated series, and like you guys said he was always after Micheal Morbius, and teamed up with Spidey often, I don't know what to make of it but it will be kickass to see Blade join the Avengers wouldn't it!

  • Fardawg
    Fardawg 12 hours ago

    The helmets of Rex and the other troopers are painted with Ahsoka's face markings to show their respect and loyalty to her despite her leaving the Jedi. They showed that scene at Celebration in Chicago.

  • Michael Coffey
    Michael Coffey 12 hours ago

    Will the reaction be worth it? Yup :) 50x over it was worth it :). Sad they are ending the show but it get's to go out on a good note and I can only hope another animation show down the line is done even 1/2 as well. I also as said am glad the Skywalker saga is done so we cna move to any and all time lines and show any and all characters. As for me I am still hoping they bring back Revan, do the story and show both the most powerful Jedi and the most powerful Sith. THAT would be an amazing movie series.

  • brycekali
    brycekali 12 hours ago

    501st helmets aren’t black and red. They’re orange and white to mimic ashokas skin👌🏾

  • DenalPvP
    DenalPvP 12 hours ago

    This is great but I wish Disney would just finish the original 9 seasons that Clone wars had planned.

  • Geek Sensei
    Geek Sensei 12 hours ago

    Fam drop here your thoughts on this matter.. Lets begin a in depth conversation

    • STARKILLER Aka PumPumMasher
      STARKILLER Aka PumPumMasher 2 hours ago

      They need to put real SAS dons on the force not some overweight 50 year old who needs to pull out a weapon to win a struggle. It should be the best of the best protecting the people. Not a bunch of grandads fam

    • t
      t 8 hours ago

      Was the shooting justified?

    • Brittany James
      Brittany James 9 hours ago

      @Ben Perez Ben. You do realize, it is already segregation. I leave in NYC and I work in education. Lot of people, clear segregation. The fact that I'm black it is a problem for me to say that? Why? Not one ever questions, Asians, White Jews, and other groups of people for having there own schools and neighborhoods just for them and there own grocery stores. No one would ever go to Chinatown and tell the people that they are being racist because they have there on banks, businesses, and school. But as a black women your response to me is that I promoting segregation. What? loving my people and wanting to live amongst them and see them do well. Me wanting my people to love themselves first like everyone else does! AND NOT GET SHOT! Me not caring about the opinion of people who don't care about me is wrong? Are you serious? You can't see how it's something wrong with that? That's your response! Martin Luther king was not the only person who fought and died. This is much bigger than his dream. Black people's struggle started way before King was born and it's still going on.

    • Ben Perez
      Ben Perez 10 hours ago

      Brittany James so u wanna end racial division by segregation? MLK jr would be so disappointed smh

    • Corey Wallace
      Corey Wallace 10 hours ago

      I fw you on this viewpoint

  • lights out23
    lights out23 12 hours ago

    And no the purge troopers are clones that were born during the clone wars. They are among the last clones to be created. There is no specialized training happening yet, not until the inquisitors step into the picture since they serve as security forces for them.

    • lights out23
      lights out23 12 hours ago

      Fun fact if you read the comics some of the inquisitors were killed by purge troopers because a jedi survivor used a mind trick to activate their chips and said execute order 66. And they started gunning the inquisitors down because they used to be jedi

  • lights out23
    lights out23 12 hours ago

    I sense a plot to destroy the jedi. Thats straight from episode 3

  • brycekali
    brycekali 12 hours ago

    Just here for my clone bros✊🏾 and they better show Mace surviving the fall

  • Blatino Boi
    Blatino Boi 12 hours ago

    I love this review and these types of discussions!

  • Michael Coffey
    Michael Coffey 12 hours ago

    Fun review gang :) thank you for putting this in your channel spotlight :)

  • Zak A
    Zak A 12 hours ago

    Lmaooo That typical black character dies trope. They’re never safe😔

  • Brittany James
    Brittany James 12 hours ago

    I love it! Raven you said it! Of course they dies, they are black! You have become my favorite nerd now. seriously. Raven thank you for keeping it real.

  • Brittany James
    Brittany James 13 hours ago

    THANK YOU THANK YOU! I love you guys! I'm so happy about this review!

  • Sugar Happy
    Sugar Happy 13 hours ago


  • Surprise Gilman
    Surprise Gilman 13 hours ago


  • LeMon ShaunDreya
    LeMon ShaunDreya 13 hours ago

    I’ve been waiting all day for this BRUVS

  • Fardawg
    Fardawg 13 hours ago

    As others have pointed out, this will take place alongside Ep3. Filoni has said before, as far back as at least 2016 when the Ahsoka book came out, that the Siege of Mandalore episodes happen during Episode 3. The reason Anakin and Obi-Wan have to leave before the battle on Mandalore is that they get the call that Palpatine has been kidnapped and have to leave to rescue him. Anakin sends Rex and part of his troopers with Ahsoka, which is the retcon reason for Rex not being seen in the movie. TCW were originally supposed to follow Ahsoka through Order 66 and show how she survived. Some of that stuff became official backstory for Rebels and was talked about in the Ahsoka book. Now we will finally get to see it. From the looks of it, this will retcon some of the stuff in the Ahsoka novel. Order 66 seems to possibly take place in a different location for Ahsoka than the book had and her sabers are blue here (gifts from Anakin) rather than her green ones that the book mentions.

  • GonzalezSky 14
    GonzalezSky 14 13 hours ago

    They are not purge troopers they are the bad batch a special forces unit

    • GonzalezSky 14
      GonzalezSky 14 13 hours ago

      And the orange helmets captain rex and the 501st have are for ahsoka

  • TheScientoonist
    TheScientoonist 13 hours ago

    Love the new intro, Raven did you edit that? Hella talented!

  • Justin Mahendrarajah
    Justin Mahendrarajah 13 hours ago

    The time has come......

  • onlyoneofme7
    onlyoneofme7 13 hours ago

    Raven basically said we’re taking it there off top... “of course they were gonna die, they black” 🙏🏽😫🤗

  • Geek Sensei
    Geek Sensei 13 hours ago


  • CooLin1stPlace
    CooLin1stPlace 13 hours ago

    The animation looks crisp. Come on Sam I'm on S5, we can make it bruh. Raven held them tears back this time. *Run dat ting back!*

  • Jon-John Pinckney
    Jon-John Pinckney 13 hours ago

    People love SW:TCW because it fills in holes for the prequels and it's now meshing itself into all of the lore! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH CARE AND ATTENTION TO A UNIVERSE YOU NEED TO DO THAT AND SUCCEED?!

  • GonzalezSky 14
    GonzalezSky 14 13 hours ago

    15:29 FACTS

  • Itzester Idk
    Itzester Idk 13 hours ago


  • zi0
    zi0 13 hours ago


  • deltakilo1-1
    deltakilo1-1 13 hours ago

    Joe does not like yoda Lmaooo

  • Gabriela S. Dorado
    Gabriela S. Dorado 13 hours ago

    3 words: All. The. Feels!! 🙌🏻 And as much as I enjoy Sam Witwer voicing Maul, I hope Ahsoka slices and dices him in many pieces... the more the merrier 😏

    • The Cyber Nerds
      The Cyber Nerds 9 minutes ago

      You need to watch Rebels 👀

    • Krist Stevens
      Krist Stevens 5 hours ago

      @JayGeeForty yeah... if he hasn't seen Solo, then it might complicate some things.

    • JayGeeForty
      JayGeeForty 10 hours ago

      @Gabriela S. Dorado someone needs to watch Rebels and Solo.

    • Gabriela S. Dorado
      Gabriela S. Dorado 12 hours ago

      @Jack Reacher you mean the 1st time when Obi-Wan splits him in half or are you talking about Rebels? I know he shows up there too but haven't seen the series so I'm not sure if his death (hopefully for the last time) would come before or during Episode III.

    • Jack Reacher
      Jack Reacher 12 hours ago

      Do you not know how Maul dies?

  • D Steezle
    D Steezle 13 hours ago

    Been a Bad Boys fan since day 1 and i thought this 3rd flick was dope 💯 even though it took 17 damn years to finally see it...

  • InvisibleMann 8
    InvisibleMann 8 13 hours ago

    Maaaaan love yall reaction there's alot of good energy. What do yall think about padme with the baby bump.. that means some of this new season bleeds into episode 3 because she tells him in that film AND does that mean we get order 66? Think about it.. I hope filoni goes there