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  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel 6 hours ago

    Fajne że lubisz kukurydze ,ja też 👍🏻 XD

  • FennaTijd
    FennaTijd 6 hours ago

    Youre very smart

  • Rika Jokahama
    Rika Jokahama 6 hours ago

    Wow 😲 bardzo dobrze mówisz po polsku. Jakieś polskie korzenie czuje 😊🇵🇱 p.s pierwszy raz jestem na tym kanale.

    The PRO GAMERS 8 hours ago


  • Ellie _
    Ellie _ 8 hours ago

    All I hear is: wkdiufjwnw wßkcjsi waknda jing jong ping pong

  • dragongem124
    dragongem124 8 hours ago

    PJ!!! I literally clicked on this and had tingles within the first few seconds

  • Sarah Sowole
    Sarah Sowole 9 hours ago

    Pj: *is talking about how sound is converted through technology* Me: I just had a computer science test on data representation, especially sound so don't remind me

  • Mr. Stupid
    Mr. Stupid 10 hours ago

    How many fucking hair styles does this guy have like wtf

  • GoldingMarina &TheDiamonds

    girl ,i'm gonna marry him😇😂😂💖

  • Harald Nørgaard
    Harald Nørgaard 11 hours ago


  • Leemari Santos
    Leemari Santos 11 hours ago

    I am crushing hard on this guy 😫

  • Swile V
    Swile V 12 hours ago

    I love your hair..

  • nancy byers
    nancy byers 12 hours ago

    ladies.. do not tell me you clicked for the tingles 😁😁😁❤

  • Psycho flower
    Psycho flower 13 hours ago

    Where’s the butter?

  • Laura N
    Laura N 13 hours ago

    Now your hands are veeeeryy clean😎

  • Martina Carluccio
    Martina Carluccio 14 hours ago

    0:07 i need a whole video

  • Drd&drd 123
    Drd&drd 123 14 hours ago


  • daryl Lee
    daryl Lee 14 hours ago

    ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you ☺️

  • Aries Smith
    Aries Smith 15 hours ago

    feeling sleepy and horny is the ultimate mood rn

  • Shadow Wolf
    Shadow Wolf 16 hours ago

    What’s with his hair???

  • T K
    T K 16 hours ago

    I find that crinkling aggressive

  • Mariana Pelegrim
    Mariana Pelegrim 16 hours ago

    I can't believe I finally found the best asmr video

  • T K
    T K 18 hours ago

    I’m in love

  • Casey Jayne
    Casey Jayne 18 hours ago

    Man, you have great hair.

  • Ezric Collins
    Ezric Collins 19 hours ago

    I just wanna throw it out there that I'm 22, have seen ONE show in black and white when I was really young, and I dream in black and white pretty frequently.

  • Темнота Асмр Dark Asmr

    PJ Dreams биздики,PJ Dreams наш ☝🏼

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy 19 hours ago

    Congratulations on 5K subscribers PJ! I knew you could do it after all these years :^)

  • Olivia Allen
    Olivia Allen 19 hours ago

    wouldn’t this sound even better layered?

  • 신재
    신재 20 hours ago

    Foetal is fetal, they just spell it with an o in England,,, anyways, I loved this video,, it was so relaxing and interesting ! Thank you!

  • mizzRachii
    mizzRachii 20 hours ago


  • Lane Phoenix
    Lane Phoenix 20 hours ago

    We stan 🖤

  • Yes IDEKKK
    Yes IDEKKK 20 hours ago

    This was so relaxing. Thank you.

  • Minty Mango
    Minty Mango 20 hours ago

    Dammit pj I got home work to do

  • nat rose
    nat rose 21 hour ago

    the hairs giving me shawn hunger vibes and i'm not complaining

  • meowmeowbitch
    meowmeowbitch 21 hour ago

    0:10 S T R E T C H

  • MishyKitty
    MishyKitty 21 hour ago

    Only about 1-2% of the population is know to be INFJs, we are the rarest type... How is it that we all ended up here 😂

  • MishyKitty
    MishyKitty 22 hours ago

    I’m really picky with the mouth sounds I like... these ones are perfect 👍😴

  • SMK
    SMK 22 hours ago

    Just found your channel, love your tapping and microphones but i think you talk too much :)

  • Ray Hill
    Ray Hill 22 hours ago


  • BrownieBunnie ASMR
    BrownieBunnie ASMR 23 hours ago

    i watched this 3 times but couldnt use headphones cus how crappy i was feeling (ended up puking) im still not feeling so great but i know im not gonna need to run to the bathroom so im using headphones and this sounds so nice.

  • Brady Fachner
    Brady Fachner 23 hours ago

    Ok but he’s got a point

  • deathwish 1640
    deathwish 1640 23 hours ago

    K but the pj logo in the corner is still white😂

  • hello im insert random joke

    Your next line is: "I want to touch your hair."

  • Drooski
    Drooski 23 hours ago

    I want to touch your hair

  • ok
    ok 23 hours ago

    am i the only one who thinks he looks like Slazo

  • blueberriesncream

    This gave me so many tingles it isn’t even funny 😂

  • Cassie Doodles

    Am I the only one who can only sleep on there right side

  • Travis Tynsky
    Travis Tynsky Day ago

    He looks like Wilbur soot kinda

  • Aspen Marie
    Aspen Marie Day ago

    I have 3 favorite ASMRtists and they all uploaded today. Pj’s first, then Frivolous Fox, then ChynaUnique. Let’s see if I can stay awake! 😂❤️

  • Aspen Marie
    Aspen Marie Day ago

    I have 3 favorite ASMRtists and they all uploaded today. Pj’s first, then Frivolous Fox, then ChynaUnique. Let’s see if I can stay awake! 😂❤️

  • albert prince
    albert prince Day ago

    i like your hair

  • Haifa Asmr
    Haifa Asmr Day ago

    With this mic I can hear my brain cells dying.. 😁

  • Sawyer J
    Sawyer J Day ago

    I’ve never got the “tingles” but as soon as I clicked on this video I felt so tingly so you got a A+

  • Jaslie Denault

    He makes me happy :) He’s silly & I feel like he’d be easy to get along with

  • poli .z
    poli .z Day ago


  • 0 subs without any videos

    I was just wondering how much those mic's cost because you have the best sound quality in asmr comunity, even when i volume up to the max i can't hear anything but your voice and tapping... Awesome!

  • nevaeh bradford

    Yo my dude, you should see if steel wool would be good for a video! Im not really sure if it would be but it's fun to play with

  • Julia Luz
    Julia Luz Day ago

    Que menino mais lindo❤BRAZIL🇧🇷

  • Liza Riff
    Liza Riff Day ago

    He does have a point, though.

  • Laura Elizabeth

    w h a s p e r

  • Madison
    Madison Day ago

    Me: *sees description* That’s something I like to hear. Literally.

  • Cassia L
    Cassia L Day ago

    Fun fact, not everyone can hear their inner voice. I can't. It's like aphantasia(Google it, it's fascinating) but with hearing. I actually have complete aphantasia with all senses. Ps: I love the idea of 4 mics, hope you try that!

    • Cassia L
      Cassia L 7 hours ago

      @Pan Cat Never heard of it but do some research, pretty sure you're not alien :p But boy, that must be distracting!

    • Pan Cat
      Pan Cat 7 hours ago

      @Cassia L Cassia L I can see the image in front of me, like an snapechat filter. So bright and like real, is it supposed to appear inside my mind? Or when i close my eyes? Am I an Alien? 😂

    • Cassia L
      Cassia L 7 hours ago

      @Pan Cat You can see an image inside your mind when your eyes are open, but the moment you close them it's gone? Is that what you're saying? Fascinating, I've never heard of that.

    • Pan Cat
      Pan Cat 8 hours ago

      I just Google it and realized i can't see anything when i try to memorise with closed eyes, just darkness but when i open my eyes i can see what i try to memorise Cleary. Is it supposed to be?

  • Bryanne Millyard

    i’m gonna say the L word

  • Lolly pop
    Lolly pop Day ago

    No ads on this video, I can sleep well tonight

  • That’s the tea

    You remind me of Heath ledger

  • Catia Sintra
    Catia Sintra Day ago

    Why wasnt this videos on my subscritions list :(

  • mw7899
    mw7899 Day ago

    Yall are hallucination he don’t look like David at all

  • Jake Dever
    Jake Dever Day ago

    The most D you'll ever find in a video okay PJ.

  • Pamela Alexandra Rijo Reyes

    I find that if I play one of PJ’s videos as I do homework, I don’t stress about assignments like I usually do. It actually helps me concentrate more if that’s possible. Idk if anyone else relates.

  • hoes mad
    hoes mad Day ago


  • Brianna Airola

    Tell me why he kinda looks like Travis from Hannah Montana the movie

  • soft satan
    soft satan Day ago

    Dude you can't do that to a horny, pubeseant teen

  • Mariette Osório

    Just all I needed today. Thank you for posting this, PJ.

  • yasmin breckney

    ok this man had a glow up within the space of a couple months but i cant after fucking years?

  • Malik Montana 2115

    Nice bongoo

  • L͙u͙i͙z͙a͙A͙S͙M͙R͙2͙2͙2͙


    RUN OUT GIRL Day ago

    Am I the only one who noticed that there is no "and" when you say the numbers? For example: 456 is four hundred fifty six not four hundred AND fifty six. (Idk it just bothered me, otherwise I love his videos)

  • Olka demolka
    Olka demolka Day ago

    Best wisper ever

  • rae florio
    rae florio Day ago

    sir i’m gonna need that hair tutorial

  • kty iwa
    kty iwa Day ago

    You learning Polish?

  • Brandon March
    Brandon March Day ago

    New fav person on earth

  • Yasya Yants
    Yasya Yants Day ago

    I dreamed about this video Wow! Like I wanted

  • Shaya
    Shaya Day ago

    So glad you decided you liked microphone tapping. I thought it was great when you did it on stream.

  • Zara ASMR
    Zara ASMR Day ago

    *Me: “Pj never fails to rela-“* 😴

  • Mery Anttonen
    Mery Anttonen Day ago

    Господи, Windy31 что ты делаешь??

  • FrozyLeaf
    FrozyLeaf Day ago

    It could be perfect asmr video with no commentary

  • Rayan Lucas
    Rayan Lucas Day ago

    david dobrik changed his type of videos??

  • Shut uppp
    Shut uppp Day ago

    I'm Brad Pith

  • Aiden Guerra
    Aiden Guerra Day ago

    vid: “cure for a bad headache” me: I could really use that, school was a bit stressful today ad that decided to be rude and be on full volume: BITCH YOU THOUGHT DOFNDIDJSOSHXOJS

  • Crystal Ramos
    Crystal Ramos Day ago

    The only asmr I actually enjoy their whispers is pj and gibi ❤️

  • Anonymous Lord


  • BrOoKlYn
    BrOoKlYn Day ago

    His hair is so fluffy I love it 😻 also your so genuine and lovable and I love how sweet you are...never change pj please ❤️

  • Darkpanda123
    Darkpanda123 Day ago

    Hi random scroller

  • Lilith ,
    Lilith , Day ago

    Would you ever join tingles app?

    • Lilith ,
      Lilith , Day ago

      @PJ Dreams ASMR Omg thank you

    • PJ Dreams ASMR
      PJ Dreams ASMR Day ago


  • Aleksandra Bartuś

    I liked him straight ;/

  • Юля Ек_
    Юля Ек_ Day ago

    so mush talking, ugh......

  • Alfred Neumann-Winther

    Me: doing asmr until i fall asleep The People that are watching: why is it 24hrs long

  • Ash
    Ash Day ago

    You are so perfect 😋

  • Eunikkoh Castillo

    You are a nerd, but a warm and colorful one! 😂 Keep being sincere to your craft and to your audience, PJ!

  • ThePurpleSaber

    This guys face looks like a mix of David Dobrik and Black Gryphon