The Illusion contest
The Illusion contest
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Danswing Papers
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Once Upon A Time
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White + Gray = Red
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Who’s Chasing Whom
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Sequin Illusion
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Triply Ambiguous Object
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Who’s Chasing Whom
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Danswing Papers
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White + Gray = Red
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Once Upon A Time
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Sequin Illusion
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Champions of Illusion
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Champions of Illusion
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TILLA at the beach
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Mask Induced Filling out
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Shape from motion only
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Lights and Darks in Vision
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Remote Controls
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Silhouette Zoetrope
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Caught inside a bubble
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Mind-controlled motion
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The third hand illusion
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Disambiguating #theDress
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Ambiguous Garage Roof
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The Wandering Circles
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The Day it Rained on Lowry
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Splitting Colors
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Snow Blind illusion
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The Honeycomb Illusion
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Flexible colors
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Tristable Rings
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Stars and Octagons
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The Dynamic Ebbinghaus
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The Dynamic Ebbinghaus
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A Turn in the Road
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Pigeon-Neck Illusion
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The Disappearing Hand Trick
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Mask of Love
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vanLierKoning Example 1
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Stretching out in the tub
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  • arthur 57
    arthur 57 Month ago

    Quem veio pelo felipe neto?

  • TKK
    TKK Month ago

    Level: Japan

  • Fortaleza
    Fortaleza Month ago

    1st time see thumbnail & before seeing the video "what a clickbait, how do this shit could fool millions of people"

  • wildflower12
    wildflower12 Month ago

    I can't see the illusion with all of the interruptions! I wish I could just see it with no explanations!

  • Ralph Peteranderl
    Ralph Peteranderl 2 months ago

    I look at this and think - This was the RUNNER UP?!

  • huskyjerk
    huskyjerk 3 months ago

    My initial reaction is that the mirror is actually a video screen that is displaying a false image in sync with his movements out in front.

  • Петр Шахтерский

    Мне больше не наливать!

  • Ade Sidauruk
    Ade Sidauruk 6 months ago

    Huh? You say this as an illusion? Which part?

  • Phillip Suvacarov
    Phillip Suvacarov 6 months ago

    Who created this illusion?

  • Joseph McKinley
    Joseph McKinley 6 months ago

    How do the shapes change if its on a mirror are they not supposed to reflect the same image?

  • MR.Thiago Slow
    MR.Thiago Slow 6 months ago

    Algum BR em 2019 q veio pelo neto?

  • vikas s
    vikas s 7 months ago

    Now I realised my eyes and brain was stupid .

  • diend S
    diend S 8 months ago


    DEN_SMOG 8 months ago

    нууу тут еще можно представить 3д модель первых 2-3 фигур, с остальными слишком сложно

  • SandRunner Prime
    SandRunner Prime 8 months ago

    stop the video at 24 seconds and you will see the secret.

  • Benjamin Leach
    Benjamin Leach 8 months ago

    what I see when I look at the mirrors in a fun house

  • iSmow
    iSmow 8 months ago

    Quem Veio Pelo Felipe Neto???

  • Luiz Fariaz
    Luiz Fariaz 9 months ago

    I love those creations!

  • Gash Crab
    Gash Crab 9 months ago

    The narration tho

  • Mr Gouda
    Mr Gouda 10 months ago

    Will you guys stop breaking the matrix already!

  • Ale I hwang1ix on twt
    Ale I hwang1ix on twt 10 months ago

    I'm like triggered

  • Ale I hwang1ix on twt
    Ale I hwang1ix on twt 10 months ago

    Came here from kyutie

  • Zoide
    Zoide 10 months ago

    Way too fast

  • Do Thing
    Do Thing 10 months ago

    It's anamorphic*. The three dimensional pin adds to the illusion. *

  • David H
    David H 11 months ago

    Didn’t work on me either

  • ADtheTribalChild Productions

    "Your eyes can deceive you, don't trust them" ~Obi Wan Kenobi

  • Bob Dewey
    Bob Dewey 11 months ago


  • Rajesh Vishwakarma
    Rajesh Vishwakarma 11 months ago

    Isko banate kaise hai aap ek video mein dikhaiye

  • Rajesh Vishwakarma
    Rajesh Vishwakarma 11 months ago

    How to made this

  • Canaan Daniel
    Canaan Daniel 11 months ago

    Who’s here from the fine brothers?🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏽‍♀️

  • WipeoutGamer 25
    WipeoutGamer 25 11 months ago


  • Lizzy
    Lizzy 11 months ago

    anyone else here from youtubers react? just me? okay...

  • TonyGamer
    TonyGamer 11 months ago

    I know how this illusion works, but at the one at 0:44 made me really confused at first because it looks like one is taller than the other in the mirror

  • Null
    Null 11 months ago

    Would love a pdf or view of this from top so I can print one and see the effect for myself.

  • Teresa P. C. Lim

    Amazing 👍👍

  • Imre Bárándi
    Imre Bárándi Year ago


  • Imre Bárándi
    Imre Bárándi Year ago


  • 刘源
    刘源 Year ago


  • djek
    djek Year ago

    the author you are a moron. it has long been known

  • djek
    djek Year ago

    the author you are a moron

  • djek
    djek Year ago

    stupid author.

  • djek
    djek Year ago

    stupid author. it was known 100 years ago

  • djek
    djek Year ago

    stupid author. it was known 100 years ago

  • djek
    djek Year ago

    stupid author. it was known 100 years ago

  • MineCVid MCPE
    MineCVid MCPE Year ago


  • Mic J
    Mic J Year ago

    Play in slow motion.

  • Steph Escobar
    Steph Escobar Year ago

    This should have at least got third place over the worm illusion. Very good cognitive science involved.

  • Chris Genthner
    Chris Genthner Year ago

    Love this video!

  • Pierre-Yves
    Pierre-Yves Year ago

    Awesome !

  • dadautube
    dadautube Year ago

    color-cycling effect ... some computer graphics and animation programs come with such features built-in ... Deluxe Paint on the Amiga platform is one of the best such programs to do this in a very advanced and creative way! entire movements of various objects, even in multi-frames, can be simulated this way using only a single frame and manipulating the color registers only ...

  • Ganjina Melikmurodova


  • Desprezo Lorde
    Desprezo Lorde Year ago

    The Communism seems to work more than this. Didn't worked for me, at least.

  • Craig Corson
    Craig Corson Year ago

    Some sort of explanation would be appreciated.

  • 45von
    45von Year ago

    No it is not mirrored, if you need a little help... select the gear icon then,speed, set to slowest (.25). mute the audio . watch just one image at a time .

  • shakajumbo
    shakajumbo Year ago

    Nice tune :)

  • aeloria
    aeloria Year ago

    It's cool how the three versions "switch places" when the paper is rotated. The Z-block is initially in the upper-left mirror. Then when the paper is rotated, the Z-block is in the upper-right mirror. Rotated again, the Z-block is now visible in the bottom-center image. This is what makes this illusion interesting to me. It doesn't just change in the reflections. The three variations switch places, or rotate their positions as the paper is rotated.

  • ZZ ZZ
    ZZ ZZ Year ago

    cool, the trick is in the mirrors

  • Sólyom Jöran
    Sólyom Jöran Year ago

    Nekem ezért vannak gondjaim! 1:05-nél látható két nézet közül az utóbb megjelenőn letűzött zászló (vagy a kép többi része) tuti, hogy nem korrekt. Ha csak ...

  • Ruashua
    Ruashua Year ago

    I came here to see an illusion. But it is more like an elusion. I don't understand. Looks like a 2D picture, with a 3d drawing on in, and pin with a flag on it, sticking up perpendicular to the 2D picture. It is rotated..... and it then looks like the same object but rotated. It looks a little squished because I am looking at the 2D thing at an angle but... like, thats not supposed to be the illusion is it? We do that with roads when we spray words on them like STOP or SCHOOL.

    • Pior O
      Pior O Year ago

      Well, the clever trick here is that the reflected objects appear as completely different morphologies, as shown by the flag. For instance, on the last setup (3 objects, after all rotations are done), you have a flag pole appearing to be planted on top of a Z block resting on its side (top left) ; but the other (middle low) appears to be planted on top of an upright Z bloc ; and the last seems planted on top of Z block laying on its back. Hence the "triple ambiguity". It's pretty damn clever IMHO ...

  • SilentHamish
    SilentHamish Year ago

    I get it.

  • DagKouta
    DagKouta Year ago

    simple, yet very neat.

  • Alexey Aktau
    Alexey Aktau Year ago

    За что получили премию?

    • djek
      djek Year ago

      за дебилизм.

  • Attila István Nagy

    Wow, really? This is the best illusion of 2018? Maybe they should have tried to draw 3 rhombuses (put together so that their 120° corners touch) shaded differently and "voilà" you have at least three different views of a cube.

    • SpaceWalk
      SpaceWalk Year ago

      seriously this isn't even close to an "illusion"

  • Benjamin Márkus

    why is this a big deal?

    • Attila István Nagy
      Attila István Nagy 11 months ago

      @aeloria Yepp, that's the point. The name of the contest says: "2018 Best *Illusion*" and not "2018 Best *Perspective Trick*". :)

    • aeloria
      aeloria 11 months ago

      @Attila István Nagy It's not really illusion. It's just a perspective trick. But if you know of another entry into the 2018 Best Illusion of the Year Contest that you liked more, let us know!

    • Attila István Nagy
      Attila István Nagy 11 months ago

      @aeloria Yeah, the "magic" of isometric projection. Pfff... If this is illusion, then I spent a big part of my teenage years juggling with illusion. Back then I thought it was only some nice game (Transport Tycoon, UFO series, etc.) but I never thought that I only should have flipped over my display 120° to experience the "illusion". :)))) Well you never know, "in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king"...

    • aeloria
      aeloria Year ago

      Because this has multiple interesting aspects. The different variations appear to be entirely different structures with the flag sitting in an entirely different place on each variation. In addition, the three variations switch places as the paper is rotated. I'm not saying this is the best illusion ever, but it was mildly interesting to watch, and maybe the other illusions in the competition were all rotating spirals and ripoffs from Brain Games.

    • SpaceWalk
      SpaceWalk Year ago

      Wes Ellis you must have a extreme lack of creativity. This is stretching the definition of illusion. A child could come up with this. Draw a 3d box with an isometic viewpoint, shade the sides differently, rotate it 120degrees, oh wow a "new" box. Cmon dude this sucks

  • Bruce IDW
    Bruce IDW Year ago

    It’s just like how Mario is always in the center of the screen (typically) whether you go forward or back. You’re just controlling the background and foreground, not mario.

  • Martin Römer
    Martin Römer Year ago

    Sorry, I fail to see what's so special about this. It took me 5 Minutes to reconstruct and sketch the actual shape based on what I was seeing in the video, and another 10 to reproduce it cleanly. Here it is: - the red dot marks the spot for the flag. Have fun!

    • Martin Römer
      Martin Römer Year ago

      One small note: this trick only works because the brain tries to make a 3-dimensional shape of a flat object in a (2D) video. If you try this at home and don't see it, try closing one eye, or actually film it and you will see the effect in your video.

  • Tibs O
    Tibs O Year ago

    Keep pausing and still don't get it.

  • Tibs O
    Tibs O Year ago

    It melts my brain

  • Senyorita2030
    Senyorita2030 Year ago

    When the left half of the triangle was turned upside down, it appeared to me that the left side is expanding downward and the right side is expanding upward - no illusion of rotation there for me. The music is nice though.

    • Christoph Gössel
      Christoph Gössel 9 months ago

      This is exactly what I perceived as well, until I read the text. Afterwards I saw the rotating xD

  • no name
    no name Year ago

    What music is playing?

  • VirginiaRBLX
    VirginiaRBLX Year ago

    What the fuck was that u retarted asshole

  • Luciano Melo
    Luciano Melo Year ago

    What song is this? I want this complete song!

    • Jim Pickard
      Jim Pickard Year ago

      I was just messing around on GarageBand, thanks though! Jim Pickard

  • DKJHamp
    DKJHamp Year ago

    This is incredibly interesting. It seems that changing the color from dark to light and light to dark it causes your brain to think it's going in the opposite direction.

  • Willy Ci
    Willy Ci Year ago

    you have to assume the map is fixed, not moving.

  • Fedosiki
    Fedosiki Year ago

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  • turquoisestones
    turquoisestones Year ago

    Liars! Puss in Boots is NOT going by circle, but exactly in a figure of 8! It can be clearly seen at 0:24.

    • bazem
      bazem 16 days ago

      Watches a video about illusions in a channel about illusions. Get explanation why the illusion happens. Doubts the explanation and believes in the own illusion.

    • turquoisestones
      turquoisestones Year ago

      @Андрей Владимирский: А мне ещё листок бумаги к экрану для этого приложить потребовалось и карандашом траекторию прочертить - только тогда согласился.

    • turquoisestones
      turquoisestones Year ago

      @Андрей Владимирский: Блин, точно!

    • turquoisestones
      turquoisestones Year ago

      @Opal Echo Nightfall: "it is going in a circle; you can see part of its path at 0:55" - Exactly! At 0:55 you can see only the PART of its path. You don't see the whole path there. Now, please, go back to 0:24 and check again, and you will see that at 0:24 you see the figure of eight, while at 0:55 you see only one half of that.

    • Peter
      Peter Year ago

      it is going in a circle; you can see part of its path at 0:55. But the book itself looks to be making a figure of 8 around the cat so it's a little more deceptive than the rest.

  • Tony Salinas
    Tony Salinas Year ago

    An illusion within an illusion within an illusion!

  • кот в мешке

    Ну и в чём прикол!? Не меняют они направление:(

  • DD
    DD Year ago

    My brain just exploded.

  • Eskizer Wizer
    Eskizer Wizer Year ago


  • BrandGSX
    BrandGSX Year ago

    It was neat but I didn't see them right until I read the explanation.

  • Rob Main
    Rob Main Year ago

    What? I am just seeing the things that are being explained to me?!

  • Snooby66
    Snooby66 Year ago

    If this won then the others must have been really bad

  • Леонард Рейн

    1. Watch any dashcam video. 2. Do you think that car is moving? 3. No way, stupid, car is stationary. The world moves around it! 4. Your brain is very easy to fool. 5. Best Illusion of the Year!

  • Greggan!
    Greggan! Year ago

    Those were some poor illusions, just hurt the back of my eyes...

  • Den Kis
    Den Kis Year ago

    oh, lol))) Rly, the best illusion))?

  • Topix
    Topix Year ago

    i got it after a few seconds. the map is moving, not the points. I'm not stupid but neither i'm a super brain soo...wheres the Illusion?

  • Ignacio FreVan
    Ignacio FreVan Year ago

    Wow! Can somebody explain how it's made? After 5 min thinking and stopping the video I still don't get it :p

    • Tim Maddux
      Tim Maddux Year ago

      It's a flat object with lines and shading drawn on it, and a yellow flag pushed into it with a red pin. All the three-dimensionality of the monochrome shading and lines is illusory. Try pausing it partway through a rotation...

  • mike shall
    mike shall Year ago


  • Wynstan'sMom
    Wynstan'sMom Year ago

    Good Sunday Morning, Redditors

  • Konrad Delong
    Konrad Delong Year ago

    FYI: The number 88 has been often appropriated by extreme right movements in Europe.

  • Tim Gunderson
    Tim Gunderson Year ago

    When he turned it the first time I threw up all over my pants.

    • Angry Kittens
      Angry Kittens Year ago

      When he turned it the second time I

    • Ruashua
      Ruashua Year ago

      When he turned it for the first time I dialed 911

  • Leonardo Carvalho


  • Leonardo Carvalho

    Trata-se de uma maneira muito simples de nos iludir.

  • Dylan Parker
    Dylan Parker Year ago

    i actually quite enjoyed this - thought it was quite cute. didn't enjoy the `intermission' but that's just personal taste

  • User Name
    User Name Year ago

    Хуйня какая-то

  • Дмитрий Джей

    and where is the illusion? first the map moves in relation to the blue point, then in relation to the red, where is the illusion?

  • psypepper
    psypepper Year ago

    хуета ещё та

  • Ваше Величество,

    и за это дали премию??? 0_О херня какая то)))))))) мир деградирует...