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  • quantumperception

    Usually, I either like a majority of a musicians songs, and dislike a few, or I dislike a majority and like a few; Watsky seems right down the middle for me. Perhaps it is because his songs have such varied style, but I will absolutely love about half, and skip the other half. He is always talented, but it seems to come down to sound/style/pace of the song for me- he is never the reason why I pass on a song... its the music he is flowing over. I repeatedly listen to "Whoa, Whoa, Whoa" "Kill a Hipster" "Moral of the Story" and "Let the Ink Bleed", but some of the slower ones or ones with the female singers I pass (Chinaka is great, but she raps, and I meant singers, not rappers). Just personal taste, and again, Watsky is good on those other tracks, but when I am in the mood to listen to him, I generally want a song with a bit of thump to it, and to hear him flow quickly over a drum beat, not an acoustic guitar or the like. I am sure others may like those songs, and I mean no disrespect; I am just commenting on how much I love some songs, and comparing aspects of different songs. Looking forward to more songs, and hopefully more that give me the umpf to keep going on a tough day (drums, bass, and speedy flow). Definitely want to encourage more of that.

  • Niro Taylor
    Niro Taylor Year ago

    Damn man, i would love to pick your brain over a few years. Its like no one in this worlds looks at things the way i do. There are so many different sides to everything and me being the kind of person i am (Gemini/Taurus May 21) i see so many different ways that my views match no one else and im often by myself in the way i see the world and people but something in me tells me im closer to seeing what is actually there then anyone else in the world. I see a few people here and there who may have the same views as me ( or at least as close to what as i see as another human being can be) You are one of those people but i could be wrong. Maybe im just reaching but if i dont at least try i could never let myself live it down.

  • Bullet King 119
    Bullet King 119 Year ago

    Was awesome seeing you live yesterday, shame I didn't get to go to the signing, heat got to me. Was that show recorded?

  • BigCaboose
    BigCaboose Year ago

    hey watsky!!! i was wondering if i could put yours and karmin's song 'no flex zone' in a new youtube video of mine. it will only play for 9 seconds and would be greatly appreciated. i will also be asking karmin for this permission.

  • midnightvirus420

    Kinda bug's me you got rid of IDGAF everywhere....Was way better then ''official video'' you posted =(

  • Strim Men
    Strim Men Year ago

    Хай.Русские есть?

  • AyazJ
    AyazJ Year ago

    Its Springtime in New York and im still waiting for the video for Springtime in New York

  • TheCookieMansion

    What about Exquisite Corpse music video? That would be awesome!!!

  • Akram Ghaleb
    Akram Ghaleb Year ago

    You should work on a song with twenty one pilots

  • Pyro In The 905
    Pyro In The 905 Year ago

    New Album is fkn incredible.

  • stonner2k
    stonner2k Year ago

    queer bitch boy!!

  • Kyla Mullens
    Kyla Mullens Year ago

    Does anyone know why IDGAF is no longer on the channel?

  • Benji
    Benji Year ago

    Nothing can top his whoa whoa whoa. NOTHING. (however, with his talent, he could if he put his mind to it.)

  • Slyhell
    Slyhell Year ago

    is EmpireDi okay to make copyright infringment notices for some videos in place of steel wool entertainment. i don't know if either of these componeys are related to you at all.

  • Jacob Trudell
    Jacob Trudell 2 years ago

    Been watching you since the headphone song was new (it's still good and that was a long time ago). Nice to know you're still improving and rocking

  • Korneel Tirez
    Korneel Tirez 2 years ago

    you need to make a cd and ill buy it !!!

  • prez cahn
    prez cahn 2 years ago

    he did not delete them you can still find them if you know what to type in

  • Britney Newman-Lockhart

    Hi George, we met in Minneapolis. I was the trans-woman sitting with her wife at the meet and greet. I told you that your work has affected me and even helped me return to college and pursue my PHD. However, I did not explain how it happened. I was going from shitty job to shitty job every few years and even got to the top of the "food chain" and became the general manager of a restaurant. The work sucked, I did not have my heart in it and all together I had lost the one thing that really made me happy. My creativity. You see, I lost both my parents to different diseases when I was younger. My mother to cancer and epilepsy when I was 17 and my father to poly-cystic kidney disease when I was 18. I was exceptionally close with my dad and every time I listen to Wounded Healer, arguably your best work, I can clearly picture him. Like you, he was a creative person. He painted and sculpted beautifully and always had a different perspective of the world. I wrote a lot while I was in high-school and a little into my initial party years in college. After 10 years of losing that creative drive you and your work inspired me to start to write on my own and stop pursuing things that were soulfully toxic. I wish I had more time to talk to you, and I was extremely bummed about missing out on the back stage pass. Though I know how busy you were, I could see it in your eyes. I know what it feels like to be on the road for long distances. Getting into hotels well into the evening, waking up just a couple hours later. I hope you have the best tour imaginable. So here I am thanking you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. A lot of things led me back to college, but you laid the groundwork for my field of study. From one artist to another thank you George Watsky. Never let it Die.

  • Peyton Mundt
    Peyton Mundt 2 years ago

    I know that there's a BIG chance that Watsky won't read this, but if you do read this, I want to tell you that you're my favorite music artist and that you should keep up the good work!

  • Sentrik
    Sentrik 2 years ago

    I like how Watsky did Lil Dicky becfore Lil Dicky did Lil Dicky...

    • Jacob Trudell
      Jacob Trudell 2 years ago

      Lil' Dicky is a little dumbed down and a little more normal. His style is actually not new at all he just uses different words than main stream rappers. Watsky is definitely his own dude.

  • wtf!!
    wtf!! 2 years ago

    I Love your work, the music the poetry haven't read the book but i want to, but Keep up the amazing work! your art, passion, and the form of expression, inspires me so much! so thank you for doing what you do, and i hope you know the positive effect it has made.

  • SharonBernath
    SharonBernath 2 years ago

    Happy Birthday George! I hope you have a wonderful day & a wonderful year? 😃👍😃🎂

  • Evan Blake
    Evan Blake 2 years ago

    New album is fucking sick. Nice work dude.

  • simplemandude
    simplemandude 2 years ago

    anyone know why Watsky deleted multiple music videos, such as Man of Constant Sorrow, Pale Kid Raps Fast, Mrs. Robinson, Rich Girl and IDGAF?

    • Федор Штеменко
      Федор Штеменко 2 years ago

      He did npt delete them though, he stated that under "Talking to Myself" music video. He moved them to the hidden playlist on his channel, you can find them there.

  • Stephen Richardson
    Stephen Richardson 2 years ago

    Hey watsky! My family and ilve in the land of great depression, va. Talking to yourself has struck an amazing chord with me. I've battled with depression since the tender age of 6. I'd love to see you locally, but rarely have the time outside of work to regroup. When do you think you might pop by eastern va again?

  • DeKill
    DeKill 2 years ago

    Dude, I love the new album and the track that absolutely NEEDS a music video is Exquisite Corpse! The story needs to be visualized in some way, man!

  • Sam Levine
    Sam Levine 2 years ago

    Hi I am half way through x infinity and I felt the need to come here and say this album is dope. ive been a fan of watsky for years and he has now officialy cemented his spot as one of my favorite rappers of all time. So keep doing what your doing watsky because your music is amazing

  • ProBoy
    ProBoy 2 years ago

    .......................,,-~*~,,......... ......................./:.:.:.:.:.|....... ......................|;.;.;.;.;./........ ......................|.;.;.;.;.|.......... ...............,,,,,,.).;.;.;.;.|.......... .........,,-":.:.:.:."~-,;.;.;.|.......... ........(_,,,,__---__,,_:.:.);.;.;..",,..... ......,-":.:.:.:.:.""-,,/;.;.;.;.;.",..... .....(:.__,,,,,,,,,___);.;.;.;.;.;|.... ....|"":.:.:.:.:.:.:¯"""\;.;.;.;.;.,".... ....\",__,,,,,,,,,,,__/;;;;;;;;;/\..... .....\.::.:.:.:.:.:.:.;.);;;;;;;;;/::\.... .......\,,,,,---~~~~;;;;;;;;,"::::\.... .........."""~~--,,,,,,,,,,-":::::::\... ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ ░█▀▀ ░█▀█ ░█ ░█▀▀ ░░░ ░█▀▀ ░█▀▀ ░█ ░█ ░░░░░ ░▀▀▀ ░▀ ░░░▀ ░▀▀▀ ░░░

  • iDezi
    iDezi 2 years ago

    Honestly, all the music gets better when you go to 1.25 haha

  • cousiN48
    cousiN48 2 years ago

    why did u take down 3 AM!! i loved that song??? :-(

  • Richard Macleod
    Richard Macleod 2 years ago

    I was in search for something different and i went through several underground artist and lesser know ones. I found several that are far better than whats main stream and then I found you! Your different in how you present you and your music. Your music in itself is different. Flow is amazing and content is thought provoking. I love your music and have been (appropriately) obsessed for months. I have been dying for new stuff and you delivered far beyond what I assumed you could. I heard you say that you want to grow as an artist well you right on point. Thanks for the great music Watsky!!!!

  • Leftover Pizza
    Leftover Pizza 2 years ago

    On one hand, I want you to stay low key so I still have a small chance of talking to you, heart, to heart. On the other hand, I want to hear your name being cheered across the land. Ya know, because you earned it.

  • Kratonagan
    Kratonagan 2 years ago

    i hate you watsky for real dude i swear

  • Elouan Pichon
    Elouan Pichon 2 years ago

    Is the book available in french ?

  • Facu Andrade
    Facu Andrade 2 years ago

    Hi! My girlfriend is a GREAT fan of your work and lately she had some personal problems to deal with and has been kind of depressed. (I`m not an english speaker so sorry for my bad english) It would ve AWESOME if you could send her a message or something to make her feel better. Love from Argentina. facebook.com/marty.bonacossa this is her facebook profile, she doesn`t use it too much. Thank you

  • wtf Am i Watching
    wtf Am i Watching 2 years ago

    U r the white version of eminem

    • Dewt Master
      Dewt Master 2 years ago

      +Kyla 4 Queen You may say that, because i am a major asshole, FINALLY THE DUMB BLONDE CATCHES ON!!

    • Dewt Master
      Dewt Master 2 years ago

      +Kyla 4 Queen What? scared to say hell? Don't want mommy to catch you cursing? Aren't you just a perfect little girl.

    • Dewt Master
      Dewt Master 2 years ago

      Yeah well, so is your life.

    • Dewt Master
      Dewt Master 2 years ago

      yes.. he is dude... you're just fucking retarded :/

    • wtf Am i Watching
      wtf Am i Watching 2 years ago

      well check again he ain't

  • mgoSirlasko
    mgoSirlasko 2 years ago

    Private message me for details. I want to talk to you, dude!

  • Haley Lindsay
    Haley Lindsay 3 years ago

    We could use some new videos! And I could use a new boyfriend ^-^ I'll get coffee in pajamas with you <3

  • Lynx uV
    Lynx uV 3 years ago

    where the videos at

  • Colton A
    Colton A 3 years ago

    If only you would tour in Texas that would be the coolest thing ever!

  • itsbaxagain
    itsbaxagain 3 years ago

    Where'd you go?

  • bowlofspiders
    bowlofspiders 3 years ago

    Hey Watsky. I've recently become a huge fan of your music, and I was wondering if there was a place I could purchase your music and download it for complete offline usage without a subscription? Thanks.

    • Kirsten Kopkie
      Kirsten Kopkie 2 years ago

      Amazon has all of it.

    • heretillthesuncomes
      heretillthesuncomes 2 years ago

      +Spider Floe go to his bandcamp page. majority of his music is pay your own price (you can choose to pay nothing if you wish also)

    • GroovyGroot
      GroovyGroot 3 years ago

      +Spider Floe iTunes. They might now have all his songs, but I know they have a few.

  • Elliot Back
    Elliot Back 3 years ago

    It's so sad that Watsky has not uploaded in a while! If George is reading this then please i beg you release something new! You are my favorite artist and slam poet, keep it up!

  • Sara Jane
    Sara Jane 3 years ago

    0861530138 my irish number Wake up ring me what have you got to loose !!!!!!! nothing can go wrong if you follow your heart your gonna help to save the world x

  • Payton Wirtjes
    Payton Wirtjes 3 years ago

    O also I didn't realize you did an epic rap battles of history until litterally just now keep being iambic on that ye bastard lol

  • Payton Wirtjes
    Payton Wirtjes 3 years ago

    Hey watsky dont know if you'll ever read this I'm a slim shady tech n9ne and mgk fan because I thought out of most other rappers they where intelligent about it, BUT my friend showed me the difference is the differences and your caliber of vocabulary is way above tech, and slim shady, in fact you should call marshal out and take the belt of rap god. I sent you a request on Facebook accept it! (I am not a stalker)

  • knytrix
    knytrix 3 years ago

    How can I make a you and Les Claypool collaboration happen? Would be Best.Show.Ever.

  • Emily Mulvaney
    Emily Mulvaney 3 years ago

    i know none of you know me, but someday im gonna be singing for watsky...because he is my hero and i just wouldnt wanna do it for any body else

    • Sara Jane
      Sara Jane 3 years ago

      +Emily Mulvaney yes you will

    • Hydro1199
      Hydro1199 3 years ago

      +Emily Mulvaney Keep trying and eventually you'll be there.

  • Kyle Winters
    Kyle Winters 3 years ago

    Gotta say. Just started listening to you through Pandora. First song I heat was "tiny glowing screens part 1". I love it so I searched your channel and learned about spoken word poetry. Pretty interesting. However, by far my favorite videos on your channel is part 1 and 2. I love how it connects with the generation. Very nice.

  • Emma Kauffman
    Emma Kauffman 3 years ago

    I'm just sitting at my computer, supposed to be doing homework, and then come across this glorious human being good golly. Jealous of those who actually know you in person, your spoken word is amazing.

  • Alan Helton
    Alan Helton 3 years ago

    I just wanted to say thanks to G. W. and I don't mean Bush!!! Sir, as a combat vet Ive seen the shit, but you speak it. I could never erect in words, the feelings you emit. Keep your lyrics, tried and true, and for this, I will always thank you. You got me threw my worst of times, and since give me hope of my best. Cold Pizza right!

  • JustmadukA
    JustmadukA 3 years ago

    i love watsky's raps hes bloody fast. woner wen his next video comes out

  • w47willrise ?
    w47willrise ? 3 years ago

    Watsky is really awesome at rapping, and it excites me when I see he has a new rap out. I always try to rap along with him, but he's just to fast for my lips.

  • Eric Smothermon
    Eric Smothermon 3 years ago

    Hey never mind, I found it on teh bandcamp. =D

  • Eric Smothermon
    Eric Smothermon 3 years ago

    Why isn't Amazing Grace anywhere that I can download it and put it on my ipod? I'll give you $10 for it Watsky. Get on it home slice. <3

  • Jon
    Jon 3 years ago

    GW! I have been thinking alot lately about starting my own youtube channel and I was hoping to get your permission to use your music. If allowed I will put links to your videos and channel and give you credit in every video. Love your music, have all your albums, been a fan since pale kid raps fast! If you care, my youtube channel will be commentary on games, playing with my rumble pack!

  • SuperSecret ShiroGuy

    Out of curiosity, have you ever considered making a tutorial on rap accuracy? You enunciate every word perfectly, and that's an uncommon talent. I've not been able to find anything on youtube, but it even I had, I doubt it would be as informative as one you could make. What do you say?

  • Scott Fleming
    Scott Fleming 3 years ago

    Watsky just threw down such a badass high energy outdoor show in 75+ degree blue skies in Alaska! Had the crowd slammin! GO TO THIS GUYS SHOWS! He's the most imaginatively-innovative, innuendo laced lyricist of our generation!!!!!.. If he doesn't just blow up, then we as rap fans aren't really listening anyway. Every track on 'Castles and All You Can do have solid hooks that feel mainstream yet he's throwing down hard and fast unique tracks while making you crack up all at the same time.... Bottom line.. Watsky is ENTERTAINING!!

  • Joshua Stephenson
    Joshua Stephenson 3 years ago

    Watsky! It is amazing seeing how far you have come! I used to be so excited introducing new people to ur songs, but now, most of them already know. Its brilliant, makes me so happy!

  • Greg Frigault
    Greg Frigault 3 years ago

    As someone who struggles with mental illness, your words hit home and help me make it through my days. Thank you.

    • knytrix
      knytrix 3 years ago

      +Greg Frigault I know you posted this 5 months ago. Just wanted to give you a shout out and hope everything is good.

  • James Bozeman
    James Bozeman 3 years ago

    Subbed Cuz Gorgeous Kneeeeszzzzzzzzzz... bittie plz :)

  • James Jarrait
    James Jarrait 3 years ago

    Just gotta say I love the stuff your produce. Keep making your noise and pushing forward. hopefully as a fan someday I could impress you. but just keep doing what you want! Your passion is off the fucking charts and I really do appreciate the music you make. Fuck whether anyone of us commentors get any recognition for a mild comment. Anyone could say this shit, but keep doing what your enjoying doing and that's enough that I can hope for! I'll make my own name and do my own thing, but if this helps in the slightest i'll cry tears of joy, I'll do my best to follow you and good luck!

  • TalentLacking
    TalentLacking 3 years ago

    Boomerang was good.

  • Josh Hamrick
    Josh Hamrick 3 years ago

    Hey, did you do some Epic Rap Battle of History stuff?

    • b
      b 3 years ago

      Yes. He did Dr Suess vs Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe vs Steven Kings

  • Imascrapman
    Imascrapman 3 years ago

    Hi Watsky, I have a gaming stream, and I listen to your music a lot while I am streaming. I wanted to ask if your music was copyrighted or if I need to get the rights from you to do this, I would like to start trying to make a profit from my TVclip channel so I can turn something I really enjoy (gaming) into my job so I can truly enjoy my work, but before I start playing adds on my videos I'd like to get all my ducks in a row and make sure that I have the rights to play them on videos with your music in them. Thank you Watsky. P.S. I have been to two of your shows here in Kansas and I got to meet you briefly at the last one, you are absolutely my favorite artist and you have amazing talent as both a poet and a rapper, I hope you never stop doing what you do! I always look forward to the next track you're going to release.

  • Joshrd
    Joshrd 3 years ago

    So watsky, been really interested. And i thought you'd like to hear my siuation and then a lyric that i just wrote. With a girl for 2 years, then we go on a "break" and she falls in love with another man for various reasons. I worked harder than i ever had before to win her back and show her my heart and intentions for the future. and on valentines day we decided we loved each other again. the next day we were back together. two days later i wrote her a letter, and in it I said, "we don't need god to see why we need to be better, all we need do is look at each other as we lay" and from my romantic letter conflicting with her newfound spiriruality which she found from this guy she was/is in love with, changed her mind and couldn't decide between us again. The next day, after thinking about it a long ass time. i bowed out of what i felt was a sick competition. She had two un-abusive, rellatively successful people who loved her and would have done anything for her. and she felt outright bothered by me feeling anxious through this whole process. TLDR: for the first time, I broke up with the girl i was with, and it was because i decided i was worth more. The Lyric: What kind of man am I? I wear this skin and bones. My crown turns to ash. My heart turns to stone. And I don't even know. The path that I will go. But I will lead myself to victory. This Boat is gonna row. Just felt you should know. Because your music came onto my radar a week ago, and your about what's real. And i can respect that.

  • JewyHatesYou
    JewyHatesYou 3 years ago

    Watsky, Huge fan i love you duo with Karmin in "No flex Zone" and your duo with Kate Nash in "Hey Assholes" and well lets be honest every song you've made i am in complete love with! I espically love "Moral of The Story" its my favorite work out song! It seems as if you have a song for every mood i can possibly be in!!! Also who didn't fall in love with "Ninja In Paris", and who could forget "Pale Kid Raps Fast"! I can relate to "Wounded Healer" sadly enough. God Damn you're just the best music artist out there!! Take Care! -Joey-

  • D364000
    D364000 3 years ago

    So I heard about the whole jumping from the rafters thing....dafuq?

    • Corey Frank
      Corey Frank 3 years ago

      Yup, that's Watsky. Throws down one helluva show if you've never been.

  • Egg head Meg
    Egg head Meg 4 years ago

    your song don't let it die really helped me with my self esteem after a hard break up. was with the man for 3 years and it turns out he was cheating on me. So the song really made me feel better about myself, made me feel like I can move on and it isn't my fault, wounded healer was pretty relatable too.

  • Michael Schiffhauer
    Michael Schiffhauer 4 years ago

    and the invisible inc clic

  • Michael Schiffhauer
    Michael Schiffhauer 4 years ago

    man it sucks no American tour dates for us who been there since aok

  • aries still
    aries still 4 years ago

    i second that comment foreverboxing369 and wish to personally thank you watsky for youre songs and poems and major respects on all you are achieving

  • Sam McInturff
    Sam McInturff 4 years ago

    Dude, your Brisbane show kicked major ass. every bit as good as i hoped and better. I'm looking forward to seeing you when you come back on your next tour. And to anyone else reading this, sell out his australian shows so he can come back next tour. The guy deserves it and you'll have a great time.

  • Zeus Amor
    Zeus Amor 4 years ago

    Hey men, i don´t know why you didn´t include México in your tour but you should : ( i hope one of this days i can see your show, your rap has good lyrics and that´s what this type of music needs, in the mid time congratulations and keep the good shit coming.

    GOFIGHTWIN! 4 years ago

    im going to his concert tomorrow

  • John Hillyard
    John Hillyard 4 years ago

    swag go to swager on j beber you can kick ahole mane

  • ReXo Ecke
    ReXo Ecke 4 years ago

    one of the most best rappers and most poetic person ever hmu sometime WATSKY me and my bro are huge ass fans man catch you later

  • Alberto G
    Alberto G 4 years ago

    This guys poetry is amazing! I wish I had this talent, yet he has inspired me and I'm sure many others to try and practice. I will be writing a speech for one of my courses and posting it on TVclip about how Watsky brings back poetry and will try my best to have a flow like Watsky himself. I hope this guy has fun in the Midwest this week and I wish he would've hit up Indiana. Maybe next tour?

  • Joseph Andrews
    Joseph Andrews 4 years ago

    I can't wait to see you sing sloppy seconds in eugene :D I hope thats a thing..... cause I am ready for it.

  • Joseph Andrews
    Joseph Andrews 4 years ago

    When your in eugene oregon wow hall :D Ill see you and its going to be so amazing I hope I hear sloppy seconds? your making my day for coming to eugene :D I would hug you!

  • Gianna Bella
    Gianna Bella 4 years ago

    I just really hope you don't end up like those douche bag famous celebrities that joins the "Illuminati" then regrets it shortly after because i really admire you and that would be a stupid ass move.

  • Gianna Bella
    Gianna Bella 4 years ago

    I LOVE YOU! I'll be honest you're not my favorite rapper manly because Eminem is, but you sure the hell are my favorite poet! you are so inspirational. you turned me vegetarian and not always want to kill spiders hahaha! I hope you will reach to the top and be as big as Eminem! <3

      GOFIGHTWIN! 4 years ago

      he's already better than eminem!

  • TheLittlegranger
    TheLittlegranger 4 years ago

    You're amazing dude, your words touch so many people.

  • Ap0llo13playsGames
    Ap0llo13playsGames 4 years ago

    You have amazing talent. I hope you get bigger

  • Tarkamkrest
    Tarkamkrest 4 years ago

    just saw the video with you and Karmin with "No Flex Zone" freaking phenomenal man. I love it!

  • anarchyzchyld
    anarchyzchyld 4 years ago

    Hey y'all I dont normally do this, but if you could take some time out and check out my reverbnation page. I'm not trying to spam, just raise money for the Care charity. 50% of the proceeds from every song sold goes towards fighting poverty. Thank you. www.reverbnation.com/anarchyzchyld

  • onatahoter
    onatahoter 4 years ago

    Happy Birthday Brah!

  • ForeverBoxing369
    ForeverBoxing369 4 years ago

    Man I think you are such a cool and interesting guy. And your talent is staggering. Cheers to you!

    • Mandy Buehler
      Mandy Buehler 3 years ago

      I think he is Real and Original to be a superstar that's what makes it so good, that it's coming FROM him! Ghost Writing, not his real style

    • Jamie Hoglund
      Jamie Hoglund 4 years ago

      I think your lyrics are super ill, like A+. If you ghost wrote for a better performer you would make 1000x more $ tho. You just don't have the it factor or realness that is needed to be a superstar. I'm just sayin'... I'm a backer all day though. Love your stuff bro!

  • Christien Chubak
    Christien Chubak 4 years ago

    When will we see merch on your site?

  • Christian Chadwick
    Christian Chadwick 4 years ago

    Hey man... I ordered the Double Vinyl of your new release off Vanguard Records and still hvn't seen it...placed the pre-order about july 1st. Any news or...? order number is 63953288.

  • Martin Gřibek
    Martin Gřibek 4 years ago

    Hey George, how can I get your signarue man? I love your music! Keep it up! :))

  • spooksar
    spooksar 4 years ago

    I was told there would be a new video

  • Berotej
    Berotej 4 years ago

    Why can´t you watch live-streams on TVclip in Germany ! :(

  • Ash
    Ash 4 years ago

    Are you tired of being shit on? How about being sick of other peoples shit? Are you tired of being told how to act, what to wear, what to be interested in? Do you just not give a fuck? "Nothing Like The First Time" by Watsky is the album for you; and IDGAF is the song for you. It don't matter if you're a Ninja in Paris, a Rich Girl, a Gummy Bear Hundrednaire, a Stupidass, or even a Wounded Healer; All you ever wanted is in this album, and it'll be Nothing Like The First Time you got laid. Buy "Nothing Like The First Time" now on iTunes.

  • CuntsOn45s
    CuntsOn45s 4 years ago

    I'm only subscribed to 5 channels & this is one of them. In saying that, I just wantedto say ... My daughter is so commercialized she often sings lines of your songs & thinks it's a really "cool" line but she is the product of what that line was about to begin with. So in a sense (but probably just innocence) her singing them is really annoying. Annoying not just for me or even you George. It's annoying for the human race, as much as it may not seem to notice right now. I beg you George. When your at 5,000,000 hits in the first day of release. For everybody's sake, don't forget about us.

  • benjigirl36
    benjigirl36 4 years ago

    touched every single time

  • ADaveO
    ADaveO 4 years ago

    I challenge you to cover "Rap God" by Eminem :P

  • Llurendt
    Llurendt 4 years ago

    Watsky has some really amazing videos... They hit me hard in a way no other artist has been able to accomplish. Sure there are other artists who have songs which do the same, but usually not more than one or two. Watsky manages to speak to me in nearly every video. That's crazy. :D

  • Ryan Davies
    Ryan Davies 4 years ago

    I doubt you manage your youtube channel or answer people but anyway I jus did something outa the ordinary (since im a single dad and struggling so everything i usually get myself is free) and bought your album on google play, would have prefered to buy from your site direct to skip the middle man but hey. Great work.

  • pirvity
    pirvity 4 years ago

    Saw him at warped '14 in south flordia, Best concert of my life. <3 watsky :D

  • Dangelo Smith
    Dangelo Smith 4 years ago

    I don't really care for your new music but I still think you are an amazing artist . Keep up the good work .

  • Trey Fawkes
    Trey Fawkes 4 years ago

    Watsky is DA SHIZNIT!

  • A. EveythingHype
    A. EveythingHype 4 years ago

    Click here to see Watsky from vans Warped Tour and his freestyle about Toronto from his set at Vans Warped Tour 2014 #everythinghype

  • Daniel Burris
    Daniel Burris 4 years ago

    I'm confident in saying that it's likely that the Cardboard Castles album saved my life. Thank you. Powerful truths.

  • Gabriel Hall
    Gabriel Hall 4 years ago

    I wonder if Watsky will make an appearance on the new "girl meets world"

  • Ryan Reel
    Ryan Reel 4 years ago

    Georgie-porgie-puddin-pie i can understand collabo with another artist. You merged your youtube page with MC Silk (great guy) but how can i link your new goods when they show as another person. Here I was creating fandom....and all I got was an empty plate. :\

    • Ryan Reel
      Ryan Reel 4 years ago

      i semi-apologize as gwatsky still finds you.... yet, george watsky brings up MC Silk. If this is a clever marketing ploy to bring your boy up....I'll buy your an all you can eat pancake stack at steak and shake if you come thru Northwest Indiana at any point.

  • NamesToken
    NamesToken 4 years ago

    WATSKY <3

  • WolfyRDRainbowductions TM

    Sub me

  • WolfyRDRainbowductions TM

    HI I AM A FAN OF YOU :D I love your music! Do you have skype?

  • declan gordon
    declan gordon 4 years ago

    you should totally make season 3 of watsky's making an album

  • declan gordon
    declan gordon 4 years ago

    when is the web series season 2 episode 5 gonna come ?

  • Mr.SucideFox
    Mr.SucideFox 4 years ago

    i just helped you and got you more subs

  • Michael Gable
    Michael Gable 4 years ago

    Your music has gotten me through some shit.break ups. Family issues. All kinds of shit.when I was depressed and your music helped. I know you more than likely won't see my comment. But it's the thought that counts. (.-.)

  • Justin Sherman
    Justin Sherman 4 years ago

    Watsky! Saw the latest ERB. You were great, but I think your older one's were better. You okay?

  • Michael Gable
    Michael Gable 4 years ago

    George, dude. I love your music. Cardboard castles. Strong as an oak. Fire works. I'm trying to spread your Name in the small towns of Lumpkin county and white county georgia. But people here don't want new things in their lives. I try but people wouldn't know good music if it shit in their mouth. Anyways man. No matter what any one says, you are amazing.

  • Anti-SJW
    Anti-SJW 4 years ago

    You keep getting better, dude. Ignore the haters.

  • mccorley michael chamberlain

    love the work watsky does :) true inspiration to those unheard rappers out there

  • Iam Eman
    Iam Eman 4 years ago

    Hey Watsky, what do you think of that spontaneous 3 person jam session that's gotten popular lately? You've done stuff like that before, right?

  • Hope Guerrero
    Hope Guerrero 4 years ago

    Watsky youve been a great accomplishment.With that being said BRING YOUR DAMN ASS BACK TO RAPPING...*coughs* Please

  • Marek Pohanka
    Marek Pohanka 4 years ago

    you know what ? WE REALY NEED YOU IN PRAGUE !!! please :/

  • Hoppie Sherlocks
    Hoppie Sherlocks 4 years ago

    Am I the only one or does Watsky look like Jeremy Renner?

  • dalevlog
    dalevlog 4 years ago

    just too epic

  • Michelle Heller
    Michelle Heller 4 years ago

    You should make a cover of eminems rap god. it'd be tight.

  • Lisa Ripley
    Lisa Ripley 4 years ago

    I would SOOO benefit from a Watsky show about now. Sinking to my lower depths..need that energy and awesome vibe!!!

  • Chris McGraw
    Chris McGraw 4 years ago

    good job little dude. Glad ur making it. Much respect.

  • Dante Vincenzo
    Dante Vincenzo 4 years ago

    So excited 'bout his next album. He can't work to hard on that one! I can't wait!

  • Anel Pejcinovic
    Anel Pejcinovic 4 years ago

    dude watsky you should collaborate with bo burnham.best team up since peanut butter and jelly.which one would you be?

  • Doodleman
    Doodleman 4 years ago

    yay youre back good video

  • ralph waldo picklechips

    anyone know how one might donate to watsky? only found out about him recently and he's become my hero.

  • ariesxflame
    ariesxflame 4 years ago

    you owe me some money for a showww , refund please. i wasnt able to attend.. either that or let me see another one that i can actually make :) haha srsly tho. >_>

  • Doodleman
    Doodleman 4 years ago

    dude where the hell did you go ??

  • wazapets
    wazapets 4 years ago

    I know you just went on tour, but please come to Canada! Sloppy Seconds is my fiance and I's love song!

  • Denis Shleifman
    Denis Shleifman 4 years ago

    Try rapping this: facebook.com/photo.php?v=925287797542203

  • aJAGGZproduction
    aJAGGZproduction 4 years ago

    Watsky, what are you doing? at least make an update video or something, your my insperation

  • 20100 Lbg
    20100 Lbg 4 years ago

    Godd guy and good rap! A french fan, love what you do ! :)

  • Flyingweenerdog
    Flyingweenerdog 5 years ago

    Watsky! Man I am dying for some more of your spoken word poems. :)

  • Antonio Alvarez
    Antonio Alvarez 5 years ago

    You should do a co-op with santa's brother the rapper

  • The Colonel
    The Colonel 5 years ago

    Where's some of your videos gone?

  • Will Francis
    Will Francis 5 years ago

    On your next tour, swing by Pittsburgh. We enjoy a master wordsmith such as yourself. :)

  • Arthur Kirkland
    Arthur Kirkland 5 years ago

    WAAAAAATSKYYYY!!!! Please come back to us, a fan from Australia here and I really enjoy your stuff, come back to us or at least show us a sign! THINK OF THE CHILDRENNN!

  • André Robertsson
    André Robertsson 5 years ago


  • NordicMe
    NordicMe 5 years ago

    Watsky isn't posting anything on TVclip as well. I'm worried about him. Sure he hit rock-bottom, but he survived. Best thing to do is to show the world that he's standing with both feet on the ground, we never wanted him to collapse under the impact. Damn it Watsky! Man up, people are looking up to you. You got over half a million subscribers still here giving a big mans shit. Just tell us you're ok. Make a vlog, talk about your cat, show some normal footage from your shows... Move on. You made your errors, your apologies and your duty as an inspiration. I'm just going to quote your own sorry ass, even though that's f*ing cliche. "We don't care where you've been. How many miles. We still love you." Come back. Show yourself. Please.

  • Pat Black
    Pat Black 5 years ago

    Straight up lovin' you gwatsky!

  • XxSimplyX9606xX
    XxSimplyX9606xX 5 years ago

    Watsky! Can we get a Rap God! Just got exposed to Bizzy Bone's "Clash of the Titans" (Rap God Response) and your name came to mind of some other artists I would love to hear do this..

    • declan gordon
      declan gordon 4 years ago

      i was thinking this aswell would be class

  • mrparkours1
    mrparkours1 5 years ago

    please make more songs like wounded healer. They are alot more better then some songs you have done.

  • Cally Endra
    Cally Endra 5 years ago

    Hey ^^ Could you please tell me where you got the exact 4th Doctor's scarf for the Rap Battle vs Doc Brown? =O

  • Darth Vegeta
    Darth Vegeta 5 years ago

    Hi Shakespear

  • Nicholas Grevas
    Nicholas Grevas 5 years ago

    George. Please. For the Love of the almighty creator, who's existence you struggle with... Have a conversation with Bo Burnham and become his friend. Please. Get the world thinking!

  • chillledout
    chillledout 5 years ago

    blame the iphones i say, without em hardly anyone would know ;) the singularity is near and its ganging up on us! stupid mate, really stupid, sorta fucking rock star thu man... now you just gotta spit on a few people and you'll be a card carrying member!

  • Slade366
    Slade366 5 years ago

    Why did Watsky delete a lot of his video (including Pale kid raps fast which had like 100 million views?)

    • Sloppy
      Sloppy 4 years ago

      +Jeremy Card Well actually no. He deleted it because youtube is a source of money for him since he is a content creator and when you make money off of youtube you cant use copyrighted songs and the insturmental of pale kid raps fast was a song from Busta Rhymes.

    • Jeremy Card
      Jeremy Card 4 years ago

      He didn't. He renamed it "Watsky raps fast" so people would stop thinking of him as a joke and take him more seriously.

  • Gavin Gerald Griffin

    Keep making music man! Everyone can get on the web and spite with a stroke on the enter key.. Not many people have the skills you do sir.

  • drewsathlon1
    drewsathlon1 5 years ago

    things happen, move on.

  • Maurice Rodriguez
    Maurice Rodriguez 5 years ago

    You rap fast, you do, yes you rap fast it's true ! But let see how you rap vs Thing 1 and 2...

  • Isabelle H.
    Isabelle H. 5 years ago

    Try to cover the rap god verse!!!

  • Tyler Hamblin
    Tyler Hamblin 5 years ago

    i think the dive was nice

  • Tyler Hamblin
    Tyler Hamblin 5 years ago

    hahahah watsky youre a true boss man

  • Judwah
    Judwah 5 years ago

    Radio silence huh????

  • Hillary Simmons
    Hillary Simmons 5 years ago

    u did good rapping as Shakespeare in ERB. U should do another one like that.

    • Natalie Latta
      Natalie Latta 4 years ago

      Oh, I didn't see it. Sorry

    • Natalie Latta
      Natalie Latta 4 years ago

      +Leopold Slany And Edgar Allan Poe in the new one

    • Leopold Slany
      Leopold Slany 5 years ago

      He did, he was the forth Doctor in the Doctor Who ERB.

  • loudross
    loudross 5 years ago

    you numpty, but well we all do dumb things

  • Anthony Arnieri
    Anthony Arnieri 5 years ago

    Watsky you should make a video for Hard Headed Ned

  • tayRANT
    tayRANT 5 years ago

    awesome jump, shame about the people getting hurt. everyone else get over it.

  • Daniel Tull
    Daniel Tull 5 years ago

    Mate I know it may be slightly insensitive to those hurt but that was the most rockstar thing I've ever seen. 35ft jump into a crowd. Stupid, yes, ballsy, yes!

  • Droop99
    Droop99 5 years ago

    jumping wasn't the smartest move but at least you had the decency to apologise. hope you and the people who were injured are ok.

  • kitschykaytee
    kitschykaytee 5 years ago

    Everyone makes mistakes. I'm glad things weren't worse than they could have been. I think you're handling things extremely well. I still love you and your music and I got your back ;)

  • Duane Green
    Duane Green 5 years ago

    You may have a talented tongue, but that has to be one of the most inane things I've ever seen a person do. Almost got yourself a Darwin award for that. Smooth.

  • cherryblossom1289
    cherryblossom1289 5 years ago

    What you did at your concert was unbeliveable messed up...

  • NovaBlue
    NovaBlue 5 years ago

    Big fan of you. But I am disappointed in that "stage dive". Good on you for not sensationalizing it and apologizing but I think you should do something for those people which you injured.

  • SadSevensHut
    SadSevensHut 5 years ago

    Something happened that we don't know, maybe. Maybe he was so nervous that he kinda freaked out, I don't know if that's possible, I'm just saying...

    • SadSevensHut
      SadSevensHut 5 years ago

      +Troy S Yeah, I saw it on his facebook page. Definitely mushrooms.

    • NovaBlue
      NovaBlue 5 years ago

      +SadSevensHut He said it was just his way of trying to get over a fear of heights. I believe him on that and it was stupid and reckless but hey at least he is doing right by the people he hurt.

    • SadSevensHut
      SadSevensHut 5 years ago

      +Bunny Hugger Or cocaine!

  • apegrum
    apegrum 5 years ago

    You fuck, how can you do endanger other peoples lives like that. You deserve no respect

  • James Y
    James Y 5 years ago

    Only a fool would do that, plain and simple.

  • PJ DeVisser
    PJ DeVisser 5 years ago

    what drugs were you on when you jumped?? please make a video about it!

  • CRTukker
    CRTukker 5 years ago

    Hey George, i want some of that stuff you smoked before jumping lol

  • Jacob Goddu
    Jacob Goddu 5 years ago

    watsky im not sure what happened but get better man

  • Daniel Laine
    Daniel Laine 5 years ago

    So heard about you stage diving off of the lights during a concert. Hope you get better, but that was pretty dumb.

  • Leon Epic
    Leon Epic 5 years ago

    hey man , make a remix of the new eminem song , RAP GOD

  • nyutrig
    nyutrig 5 years ago

    YO GEORGE, where did all of your old videos go? please at least upload them to your other channel possibly? i really enjoyed your poetry.

  • Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke 5 years ago

    Hey Watsky I was looking to buy some of your merchandise I found a while ago but I am unable to find it again. I found these shirts online around the release time of your album A New Kind of Sexy some of them had the bear on them and some were in 3d. I hope you read this and know what shirts I mean because I have been looking a while now and I really wanted to get some on them. Love your music.

  • Eric Devore
    Eric Devore 5 years ago

    Major respect for you man, I wished i could say I have the same amount of talent as you do...

  • GunMetalKiss
    GunMetalKiss 5 years ago

    We met in Asheville, NC on the 18th of October. I know it is a show for you and I appreciate that. You stuck around to talk to everyone that stayed around to meet you. The venue wanted to close but you wanted to connect. People like you are why I have faith in artists. You signed a CD for "Baby Mine." I did not get to tell you but "Mine" is my pet name from my girlfriend who is pregnant. We play your CD for our unborn child. My lady, beautiful and awe-inspiring, was introduced to you by me and we share your art. She is an amazing singer, voice of honey as it were. She is talented in song, I am talented in writing. Your CD will be sound-tracking early development. As an artist, I hope you are proud. You inspire us as parents to teach our child how the world is and how wonderful it could be. Real music touches real people, and I hope you know that all that you do, if you, "make it" or not, touches real people. Thank you for signing for us. Thank you for talking your fans.

  • Brennan Sedivy
    Brennan Sedivy 5 years ago

    I was having a pretty shitty weekend, but your concert at Freak Fest in Madison made my night! Jumping off the roof was epic! You're the bomb, George!

  • Gray Jackel
    Gray Jackel 5 years ago

    how would i nominate watsky for the music awards?

  • Anthony Miller Jr.
    Anthony Miller Jr. 5 years ago

    Question: How did you go about getting your music overseas to booking world tours early in your career?

  • David Beckham
    David Beckham 5 years ago

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  • gryphon scott
    gryphon scott 5 years ago

    yo your raps go in hardcore i'd give 10 fucks to see you in concert

  • ReaLiZaSion
    ReaLiZaSion 5 years ago

    Watsky, your songs are the sh*t. Just bought your Cardboard Castles album and i can tell you ill be listening to it and playing it for my friends for the next month or longer. keep singin bro, keep playing those messages __ V (0 0) /

  • cjreviews
    cjreviews 5 years ago

    my sister hates you but IDGAF your fuckin amazing

  • wearing_socks
    wearing_socks 5 years ago

    No doubt you've seen Eminem's new "Rap God." I'll be looking forward to a response/challenge video of you do one.

  • KillerBeZen
    KillerBeZen 5 years ago

    Im french im 16 and I love you WATSKY

  • TheKnightSaber1
    TheKnightSaber1 5 years ago

    Hey George. Can't wait to see you tomorrow night at Musica :D . I am going to try my hardest to shake your hand. You are amazing and an inspiration. Keep on tucking !

  • AnalyticL Music
    AnalyticL Music 5 years ago

    Listen to my rap and judge the fuck out of it... Please.

  • Adrianne Autiangco
    Adrianne Autiangco 5 years ago

    Hey, is there an address or email to write a letter to George?

  • K.E.V.
    K.E.V. 5 years ago

    check out my music !! :D

  • Audrey Wright
    Audrey Wright 5 years ago

    hey you do covers sometimes would you think about doing pinch me by bare naked ladies...

  • David Curry
    David Curry 5 years ago

    The ultimate file sharing site is here globalupload makes sharing your files fast and easy so come on over globalupload.nl

  • shinjinobrave
    shinjinobrave 5 years ago

    I may have missed this, but did you ever respond or react to Dan Bull's love letter to you? don't disregard the man's feelings!

  • Cameron Bird
    Cameron Bird 5 years ago

    post kill a hipster already your killing me

  • theadytor
    theadytor 5 years ago

    watsky tes trop fort

  • Sckilay're Eberhardy

    We need more Watsky in Wisconsin!!!

  • K.E.V.
    K.E.V. 5 years ago

    went to your concert once it was awesome give my music a look over man. I do the fast rap thing with a guitar too..