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  • Linda De Graaf
    Linda De Graaf Month ago


  • Ruth Myles
    Ruth Myles 2 months ago

    why are you not livestreaming dancing with the stars on youtube? Not only would you reach a wider audience but also get extra revenue.

  • detek aeota
    detek aeota 2 months ago

    Where is Vanessa and Maks' video from WEEK 6?

  • joes mama
    joes mama 2 months ago

    DWTS PLEASE get better cameras!!! 720p is unacceptable even at 60 fps. How can you not even have a decent 1080p version? C'mon guys even medium sized youtube channels can afford better cameras than you are using. Get with the times!!! Even if you don't broadcast at your full resolution a 1440p (4K would be EXCELLENT) down sampled to 1080p would look so much more crisp. Please!!!!!!

  • Sneak44215
    Sneak44215 2 months ago

    Where is Vanessa and Maks's dance for this week, Movie Week? You uploaded all the other contestants dances except for them. Please, upload the dance. Thank you so much.

  • ifeelpretty57
    ifeelpretty57 2 months ago

    Why are the dances from this week made private?!

  • Paula SheRa
    Paula SheRa 3 months ago

    Peta- Why don't you wear your wedding rings? The other dancers do. What's up with that? You two are a beautiful couple and I love to watch you dance together. I'm just old fashioned and I am just curious about the rings.

  • Valerie Gordon
    Valerie Gordon 3 months ago

    Well, not much use subscribing to a f***** channel that doesn't allow you to access videos. Bu by.

  • Velanz Productions
    Velanz Productions 3 months ago

    Saw your comment on another vid and decided to check you out. Just subbed,sub back bro? Check me out!

  • Delaney Lee
    Delaney Lee 3 months ago

    SO dwts opens up the voting to Canadians, just to geoblock all the videos on youtube?! Makes sense. Way to just piss off fans, and miss out on views for the official youtube channel.

  • Valerie Gordon
    Valerie Gordon 3 months ago

    Oh ffs. They are doing it again! Even in Canada this year we can't see the videos like we could last year. Give us a break!

  • Amanda Ricketts
    Amanda Ricketts 8 months ago


  • Amanda Ricketts
    Amanda Ricketts 8 months ago

    this show is trash trash trash trash I don't care what yall say but no one is telling me the other two deserved it more than Normani

  • Cheyenne Beltran
    Cheyenne Beltran 8 months ago

    how many times do i have to write in to you guys.... stop making your videos private.

  • The Big Gleek
    The Big Gleek 8 months ago


  • JIUNnF
    JIUNnF 9 months ago

    Пир посреди чумы.

  • Edith Rizzo
    Edith Rizzo 9 months ago

    Would like to watch Week 5 now

  • Bradford Jewett
    Bradford Jewett 9 months ago

    ...go back to being a dance competition... these big production numbers, especially tonights Disney mess, need to be cut waaay back or completely would be good too

  • Cheyenne Beltran
    Cheyenne Beltran 9 months ago

    STOP making your videos private. this is the way i watch the show now.

  • Cheyenne Beltran
    Cheyenne Beltran 9 months ago

    worst channel ever. omg. stop making videos private

  • Charlene Miller
    Charlene Miller 9 months ago

    They should send Lynn back to England where he belong.

  • Joe Pozzi
    Joe Pozzi 10 months ago

    Does anyone have the song list for the first half-hour of tonight's 03/20/2017 show.Help/////PLEASE!

    • ๑۩๑ MAKS & VAL ๑۩๑
      ๑۩๑ MAKS & VAL ๑۩๑ 7 months ago

      Joe, you should make DWTS Wikipedia page a bookmark, so that you can see the song list (each and every week). Here is the link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dancing_with_the_Stars_(U.S._season_24)

  • Keyblade Mistress

    I have an idea on who could be on Dancing with the Stars Spring Season, Dick Van Dyke. well loved guy. I'm crossing my fingers, hopefully he's on the next season.

  • Rochelle Swanson

    I, personally would love to be asked to compete on Dancing with the Stars on a future season!! Hint Hint

  • CarSVernon
    CarSVernon Year ago

    next time, just announce the contestants, and then crown the obvious one right there.

    • Cliff H
      Cliff H 10 months ago

      Sometimes seems like a gimme, but it's often easier to determine who will NOT win than who will win. Laurie was the hands on favorite last time, but James & Sharna sure made her and Val work for the win, and who saw that coming in week one?

  • Sagan Lister
    Sagan Lister Year ago

    What happend to disney night??????????????? O.O

  • JO JO Bars
    JO JO Bars Year ago

    also agree frustrating you tube channel

  • JO JO Bars
    JO JO Bars Year ago

    Maks and Val need to learn how to communicate in a kinder way when teaching. I'm pretty sure I would not approach either one of them if I ever ran into them for fear they might be in a bad mood and bite my head off for interrupting them. They scare me just how I feel.

  • jay ceeaim
    jay ceeaim Year ago


  • Cheyenne Beltran

    this is the worst youtube channel ever. why are you making your videos private. how else am i supposed to watch this now!

  • Familie Paap
    Familie Paap Year ago

    Hello! Why isn't the video of Marilu and Derek of Week 2 available? Would so love to see it!

  • Leila Ghauri
    Leila Ghauri Year ago

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    Good luck if you decide to enter xo

  • John Farnsworth
    John Farnsworth Year ago

    Paige got screwed! Even Lynn said she was the best dancer.

  • John Farnsworth
    John Farnsworth Year ago

    Where is Paige & Mark's Austin Powers Jazz Routine?

  • Cliff H
    Cliff H Year ago

    Two comments:
    1. Nyle seems like a really swell guy and is great at memorizing the choreography that Peta teaches him and the signals she uses to keep him in synch, however...since he cannot hear the music he is not really dancing, only memorizing the movements and cues. If he walked out onto the dance floor and they played a different song than the one he knew he would be helpless. I'm sorry if that makes me seem insensitive, but that is the truth of the matter - he is NOT dancing.
    2. It is terrible when DWTS goes off at the end of each season! Thank goodness they run two seasons a year. I would personally love to see a 'tween season of just the troupe dancers and some of the Pros. I don't think the troupe gets nearly enough exposure during the season as it is and some of them are wonderful to watch. How about it ABC? Any chance to keep the fans hyped for DWTS by providing some dance programming between seasons?

  • Serena H
    Serena H Year ago

    Nyle was 50 shades of WOW

  • David Cervera
    David Cervera Year ago

    Suggestion: DWTS should put together a series of "What is a Paso Doble", "What is a Viennese Waltz", "What is a Quickstep", etc. videos that gives the basics and rules behind each dance so viewers can better understand the differences and when a couple gets dinged for a lift or breaking hold, things like that. The sort of thing you wouldn't put on the show itself but could help viewers enjoy the show more.

    • Cliff H
      Cliff H 10 months ago

      Better suggestion - Why doesn't ABC offer DVDs of past DWTS seasons? As popular as the show is I would think this would be a hot seller for them. I can think of several of the last ten seasons that I would grab in a heartbeat. Much better option than some of the crappy pirate versions here on YouTube.

  • nina gavrikova
    nina gavrikova Year ago

    Tell me please , where is the #week6 ?! =( I dont see it

    • SniperKitty
      SniperKitty Year ago

      +Nina Gavrikova Week 6 dances are not up. My guess is one of the dances had some kind of copyright issue and since they probably can't post all the dances but leave one out, they are just not posting any of them. I don't know this for sure but it seems like they are never going to tell us so that is my best guess.

  • Armando
    Armando Year ago

    um ok so why aren't the most recent dances uploaded yet?

    • Lydia Ann
      Lydia Ann Year ago

      +Armando This is the most frustrating YouTube channel...

  • Dr. Sheldon Cooper

    This show and The Bachelor were entertaining to watch before they started marketing black guys to white girls every time you turn around and infesting this show with an overdose of (c)Rap music. Really dumbing down television so only the "media drones" out there will be tuning in.

  • JadeReignhart
    JadeReignhart Year ago

    thanks for uploading =)

  • Fabio A. Pabon M. Curandero tango

    The Tango is one of the most beautiful artistic expressions in the world, and I feel that it needs to be respected.
    The participants of the show ‘Dancing with the stars’ are dancing tango with music’s other than tango music, this is an outrage!!.. That this people will have the nerve to insult us tango lovers like that.
    Not only they are making a mockery out of the tango, which it is offer to the world with such generosity and such love, but they are also insulting us “Hispanics and the things that we love!!... There for it, I ask you to please ‘Boycott’ ‘ this program.
    Please, share this article!!.. Thank you so much and many hugs every one. C/Tango

  • Mary Truth
    Mary Truth Year ago

    I was a consistent fan of DWTS until this week when I saw everybody criticizing Donald Trump....!!?? I guess DWTS and ABC, Bergeron and the Judges (although I am not surprised about Len's comments on Trump, ..that was very predictable and boring of him) do not want to have all the fans of the number 1 GOP candidate chosen by the people of America. Oh Well, too bad for DWTS, lost of fan are saying "bye bye DWSTs"!

  • John Doe
    John Doe Year ago

    Is This Show Racist Against White Guys? Every time I see a preview I only see white women paired with black, what the hell.... DANCING WITH THE BLACKS.... WELL FUCK YOU ANTI WHITE ASSHOLES

  • Edith Rizzo
    Edith Rizzo Year ago

    I've been watching your site of DWTS Season 22 but without the judges comments and their scores. I would like to know to note them down on the list I prepare after watching each week to keep for my records and personal use

    • ๑۩๑ MAKS & VAL ๑۩๑
      ๑۩๑ MAKS & VAL ๑۩๑ Year ago

      +Edith Rizzo Come here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dancing_with_the_Stars_(U.S._season_22) (bookmark this wikipedia page). It's very detailed and precise (even while the show is airing, someone is doing constant updates throughout the night).

  • Sara Ingram
    Sara Ingram Year ago

    Thank you guys so much for putting, at least, Season 22 new dances on there. I don't even care if you guys reupload the other ones. I'm just so happy you're uploading these! Thank you! xx

  • Stella Maris
    Stella Maris 2 years ago

    "We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once."
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

  • Maria Hefte
    Maria Hefte 2 years ago

    All Access videos only? WHY.

  • MademoiselleLapin
    MademoiselleLapin 2 years ago

    where are the dances, why so many videos of people talking. its not nice.

  • Clay Carmichael
    Clay Carmichael 2 years ago

    Bindi cant be beat so just go ahead and give her the mirror ball trophy

  • fal2grace2
    fal2grace2 2 years ago

    It would be greatly appreciated if you would let your subscribers know if the dancing videos will ever be available.

  • shailesh amin
    shailesh amin 2 years ago

    WTF? No dancin videos, you assholes at ABC.

  • Valerie Gordon
    Valerie Gordon 2 years ago

    Am unsubscribing. This is crap!

  • Maximus4Life
    Maximus4Life 2 years ago

    I WANT TO WATCH THE DANCES. COME ON PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maximus4Life
    Maximus4Life 2 years ago


  • Mary Paul
    Mary Paul 2 years ago

    I guess they do not want us to "cheat" we didnt have to watch the 'boring' shows with commercials (even though they now have found a way to throw in f-ing commercials on youtube!!) they wanted to get us all "hooked" on there show by showing us the youtube quick version....then take it all away so we are all forced to watch bc we are now 'vested' in the show and want to see the ones we like win!! Well now I just do not want to ever watch the show....so WAY TO GO DWTS! WHY even have a Youtube channel.....i will now "UNSUBSCRIBE" everyone else should too! The ONLY way to control that situation.....JSAYIN.

  • Michelle
    Michelle 2 years ago

    I am unsubscribing, the reason I like DWTS is the DANCING!!! I couldn't care less about watching All Access! What a huge disappointment!!

  • Kristen Hagenmaier
    Kristen Hagenmaier 2 years ago

    FIX THE DANCE VIDEOS PLEASEEEEE! I enjoy going back and watching the previous seasons dances.

  • o_o'
    o_o' 2 years ago

    “Apologies all but this is a definitive no from the network.” DWTS, EXPLAIN THIS HOMOPHOBIC BAN ON SAME-SEX DANCING PARTNERS FROM ABC.

  • Red Rose J.
    Red Rose J. 2 years ago

    Why did you stopped uploading the dances? that's stupid. It just drives people to rely on illegal versions of your content!!

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 2 years ago

    wth happened to all the video what is the point of this page anymore unsubscribe

  • Siegfried Spantig
    Siegfried Spantig 2 years ago

    I asked them on Twitter. Still no answer.

  • Maximus4Life
    Maximus4Life 2 years ago

    I am no longer a subscriber :(

  • Maximus4Life
    Maximus4Life 2 years ago

    I am a huge fan and was wondering if you can please unblock the dances? Because that is what everyone subscribes for!

  • Patty Borges
    Patty Borges 2 years ago

    WHY YOU BLOCKED THE VIDEOS? Do you know that there are people and even countries that have no way to watch the videos from Tv? People who do not have the channel that passes the program or passes the schedule that they can not attend, among other reasons .Then since you left open videos and what did that we liked the program you should unblock them again. I also think that you would not have a VERYgood reason why you blocked the videos.

  • Allison Angelucci
    Allison Angelucci 2 years ago

    Why are all of the dancing videos blocked? Please unblock them.

  • Geri P
    Geri P 2 years ago

    where is Mondays show come on whats the point of subscribing

  • Caroline Perez
    Caroline Perez 2 years ago

    Please bring back the videos of the dances!

  • east eur thuggin
    east eur thuggin 2 years ago

    Fuck Disney Fuck ABC, so glad we got other uploaders on YouTube taking care of us especially for those of us who live overseas. Some of these great uploaders upload the full packages of the rehearsals, dance, judging, and scores. I advise the rest of you guys to search them up and stop coming to this channel to support these greedy bastards.

    • Redfroggy
      Redfroggy 2 years ago

      +east eur thuggin You should say 'fuck youtube red' because most likely that's the reason the videos were blocked.

  • tkegal
    tkegal 2 years ago

    Go to the about section and send them a message complaining about them now private videos. I did, now I am going to unsubscribe. You can still see some videos on their Facebook page though.

  • Khrysta Plays
    Khrysta Plays 2 years ago

    I don't understand why all the videos are marked private now. :( I want to see Bindi Irwin dance!

  • Shyloh Sturm
    Shyloh Sturm 2 years ago

    Exactly, why would anyone subscribe except so they can rewatch their favorite dances? Or ones they missed? Pissed. Loved this channel. Now it's pointless.

    • Shyloh Sturm
      Shyloh Sturm 2 years ago

      +Shyloh Sturm also so we can comment on our favorite dances.

  • ally88350
    ally88350 2 years ago

    why are the dances private videoed

  • Brooke Smith
    Brooke Smith 2 years ago

    Hi-just would like to know why all of the dancing videos are now private? Also, why have a YouTube channel when all of the dancing videos are blocked? And why can't you post a reply to anyone?

    • ally88350
      ally88350 2 years ago

      +Brooke Smith I know and right during halloween week

  • Jeff York
    Jeff York 2 years ago

    Hey DWTS, you've got a lot of comments from furious subscribers here about all the blocked videos so can you please make some sort of announcement that we can all see when we log onto your page that explains why you pulled all of the dance numbers from this season? Many of us had them on our fave lists, and we're not happy about you suddenly turning them private. What is up with that?

  • Corrie P.
    Corrie P. 2 years ago

    Here's our conversation:
    ## Please do not write below this line ##
    Your request (#Non-WATCH Related) has been deemed solved. To reopen, simply reply to this email.
    Paulneisha (WATCH ABC Customer Care)
    Oct 30, 8:20 AM
    Hi Corwynne,
    Thanks for replying. Unfortunately, we do not upload any videos to YouTube. We only handle technical support for the WATCH ABC website and app. We do not have an affiliation with YouTube.
    I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience! Please reach out to us again in the future should you have any additional feedback.
    Have a GREAT day from all of us at WATCH ABC Customer Care!
    WATCH ABC Support
    Visit us at:
    Oct 30, 8:05 AM
    Hi I have looked on YouTube help and it says that videos are on private because the uploader has the private setting on.
    Paulneisha (WATCH ABC Customer Care)
    Oct 30, 6:37 AM
    Hi ABC viewer,
    Thank you for contacting WATCH ABC Customer Care.
    Here at WATCH ABC customer care, we only provide technical support for the WATCH ABC website and application. We do not have any affiliation with YouTube nor do we have any control over their restrictions or what content they put up or take down. You will need to contact YouTube about questions regarding their content on their website.
    I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience! Please reach out to us again in the future should you have any additional feedback.
    Have a GREAT day from all of us at WATCH ABC Customer Care!
    WATCH ABC Support
    Visit us at:
    Oct 29, 9:33 PM
    I was just wondering if you are going to put the Dancing with the Stars dances back up on youtube?
    This email is a service from WATCH ABC Customer Care.

  • Corrie P.
    Corrie P. 2 years ago

    I emailed ABC about the private videos and they said that they don't have control over what is uploaded as private and that Youtube set them on private.

  • Lydia Ann
    Lydia Ann 2 years ago

    WHERE ARE THE DANCING VIDEOS?! I had all of my favorites saved to a playlist and now POOF! Gone!! I am actually (dumbly) furious.

  • tkegal
    tkegal 2 years ago

    Where are all the dance videos?! All you have are all access ones, and I hate those! This sucks!

  • JadeReignhart
    JadeReignhart 2 years ago

    yea sorry I am unsubbing if you want us to pay just to watch these =(

  • Sabrina Sadruddin
    Sabrina Sadruddin 2 years ago

    Please unblock the videos!!!!

  • Juli Lazio
    Juli Lazio 2 years ago

    Can anyone explain why none of the dance videos are available? I live in the US and I can't understand why this is happening. They all just say "private".

    • Redfroggy
      Redfroggy 2 years ago

      +Juli Lazio More than likely it's because ABC did not want to participate in Youtube Red. If someone is going to charge to watch their show it's going to be them, right? So, Youtube has privated any videos that ABC doesn't want to be involved in Red. I do not have proof of this but I've heard about videos of other contributors being privated for this reason.

  • Melissa Marciniak
    Melissa Marciniak 2 years ago

    WHY ARE ALL THE DANCES GONE?!?!?!? The ones from this week aren't even up!

  • Sylvia Njoroge
    Sylvia Njoroge 2 years ago

    Can you please upload this weeks dances!

  • Lee GaryB
    Lee GaryB 2 years ago

    So by not letting people watch the dance videos, I'm assuming you're going to be upset when the obvious thing happens and a myriad of people upload them illegally. Seriously Disney/ABC, you are literally throwing away money and making people have to circumvent copyright laws, you're not helping yourselves here

  • TheMinixix
    TheMinixix 2 years ago

    why all the dance videos are private? Please fix this, otherwise you'll get angry people.

  • TheLightningGamer
    TheLightningGamer 2 years ago

    Uhh, what's the reason for privating all your videos, even the old ones, what if someone wants to watch an old favorite dance

  • Tiffany Strout
    Tiffany Strout 2 years ago

    Why are all the dancing video's private now?

  • Sarah N
    Sarah N 2 years ago

    Why are suddenly all the videos blocked? Do you want people to illegally stream the show? Fix this. If you were going to block the videos, it should have been done from the beginning not now all of a sudden.

  • Astrid M.
    Astrid M. 2 years ago

    Please make it unprovable ugh I am unsubscribing :(

  • Tess Chronicles
    Tess Chronicles 2 years ago


  • abby c
    abby c 2 years ago

    Make the videos were people can watch them. It's pointless to upload them if people can't watch them

  • Brandy Sears
    Brandy Sears 2 years ago

    I'm in the U.S. and the a lot of the videos are labeled private now. What's going on?

  • Kira Smith-Ahles
    Kira Smith-Ahles 2 years ago

    All the dances are blocked bring them back come on guys

  • Ariya Syed
    Ariya Syed 2 years ago

    WHY ARE ALL THE DANCING VIDS BLOCKED I LIKE SEEING THEM!!!!!!!! the interveiws are cool to but i like the dances the most

  • Danielle Kreiger
    Danielle Kreiger 2 years ago

    Please bring the dancing videos back ))): they keep me from being bored at college. I love them! this is sooo not coooool.

  • Mary McKinney
    Mary McKinney 2 years ago

    Please unblock all the videos from this season! Seriously why did you guys do this?!

  • Janelle Rudolph
    Janelle Rudolph 2 years ago

    Why are the videos blocked now in the US as well? :(

  • MsPoppy1979
    MsPoppy1979 2 years ago

    Thanks again ABC... (from a French fan in desperate need of a sarcastic font)

  • agnia85
    agnia85 2 years ago

    What the hell, why is it all blocked?

  • Mockingbird
    Mockingbird 2 years ago

    What happened to all the videos of the stars' dances??? Why are they blocked?

  • abby c
    abby c 2 years ago

    all of your dance videos are private!!!!! I can't watch them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Astrid M.
    Astrid M. 2 years ago

    Please put back the videos

  • AugustHawk
    AugustHawk 2 years ago

    So, is this another "Sony Hack" situation - the dance videos being blocked globally and *crickets* from DWTS in response to all the fans inquiring?? What's with that?

  • SuperSDal
    SuperSDal 2 years ago

    WTF?! I wanted to check out the videos but they're all private videos now WTH?! UNBLOCK THEM NOW BEFORE YOU LOSE A LOT OF SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laura M
    Laura M 2 years ago


  • Erika Alercia
    Erika Alercia 2 years ago

    why did DWTS make all the videos private? I had missed the show on Monday and now I can't watch any of the dances.

  • 13tkdgirl
    13tkdgirl 2 years ago

    Why have all the dances suddenly been blocked? It's crazy, unblock them please! I want to see the dances anytime I want to, I love this show!

  • fal2grace2
    fal2grace2 2 years ago

    All the dancing videos are marked private now and not viewable. Please fix.

  • Shannon Hansen
    Shannon Hansen 2 years ago

    All the videos are not viewable in the US, as well. Do not know what is going on! Was just watching them yesterday!!!

  • taylor052790
    taylor052790 2 years ago

    When did all of the dances become private videos? Unblock please!

  • Alberto Villafan
    Alberto Villafan 2 years ago

    Me parece injusto que mi pais este bloqueado por este usuario

  • Bianca Yakubov
    Bianca Yakubov 2 years ago

    Oh my god I love dancing with the stars, especially when its binds or Alic or Alexa & Carlos its too much to say. I love the show and I thought the ugly truth was hilarious please do more of it. well see u guys next Monday.

  • JadeReignhart
    JadeReignhart 2 years ago

    UK, South Africa, Canada

  • faithslayer500
    faithslayer500 2 years ago

    Why have you suddenly geoblocked all the videos?? It's STUPID. It just drives people to rely on illegal versions of your content!! And it's ESPECIALLY insulting after the hooplah made about All Access being streamed to Australia last week during Bindi's interview. You could capitalise on having a huge international audience instead of treating international fans like dirt.

    • faithslayer500
      faithslayer500 Year ago

      +Bophrey Humgart I totally agree. I voted for years, and when they banned it on ABC I just gave up. Now when I see one of the Pros asking people to vote on social media I feel a moment of panic/guilt until I remember "Oh, you're not allowed to vote anyway. You have no say in who you want to support because they're determined to ostracise their own fans."

    • Bophrey Humgart
      Bophrey Humgart Year ago

      They have not only geoblocked the videos; they have geoblocked (love that word!) voting on Facebook. I have lived outside the U.S. for almost nine years and have always been able to vote on the abc website--until last year. This year they decided to block Facebook. Thanks, guys. Why bother to have these videos and why not just come out and say that no one outside the country, citizen or no, is welcome to watch or participate in any way in your show?

    • Valerie Gordon
      Valerie Gordon 2 years ago

      wish I could find one. Also can't get ABC or any of the US sites in Canada! And CTV never changes their one episode, so we are fubarred

    • east eur thuggin
      east eur thuggin 2 years ago

      +faithslayer500 Thank God for those other uploaders who care more about their international viewers to get their content to us.

  • Sylvia Njoroge
    Sylvia Njoroge 2 years ago

    Why have you all of a sudden blocked viewing in South Africa? They were fine last week.. :(
    Please Please Unblock!!

  • orchid
    orchid 2 years ago

    well they have done so i cant sese them too and im from Denmark and i love to see them too, right now i also watch our own dancing with the stars and i love it so please unblock so we can see it please

  • Kathleen Morgan
    Kathleen Morgan 2 years ago

    Please unblock for viewers in Canada!!!!

  • MercenaryChef1973
    MercenaryChef1973 2 years ago

    Quite ignorant to make these videos not available in canada after a few days.

  • Deborahl256
    Deborahl256 2 years ago

    Why are they now blocked in Canada?

  • Erna-Karin Polden
    Erna-Karin Polden 2 years ago

    I just have one question - why have you blocked (most of) the videos from this season from viewing in the UK? I love the show and want to see it... Please unblock!!

    • Erna-Karin Polden
      Erna-Karin Polden 2 years ago

      +Erna-Karin Polden By the way - last season's pretty much blocked too...

  • Mary De Shelley
    Mary De Shelley 2 years ago


  • Jennifer Hodges
    Jennifer Hodges 2 years ago

    Ok, #DWTS- you've got the female pro dance on YouTube, but where is the male pro dance? We girls want to see that hot little number again. #itsgoingdownforreal

  • Ricky Price
    Ricky Price 2 years ago

    Can someone tell me how to ask a question to the Sky Box

  • linnie poo
    linnie poo 2 years ago

    They need to do something about the audience loudness or is it a sound track. Can't hear Tom B. and the yelling is even going on during the dance performance, annoying and distracting. I probably won't watch the rest of the season. TOO MUCH NOISE!!!!

  • slowcheet
    slowcheet 2 years ago

    I cant hear judging?

  • Dottie Sue Grantham
    Dottie Sue Grantham 2 years ago

    just saying they should get some stars from shows on HBO like GOT or Doctor Who

    • Vasalya Moodley
      Vasalya Moodley 2 years ago

      +Dottie Sue Grantham like the poor stars who's characters were killed :D

  • MrJayrhine
    MrJayrhine 2 years ago

    paula dean on dwts? I 'm done with that show!

  • Kaely Couture
    Kaely Couture 2 years ago

    im going to miss this season i think its one of my favorites

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    cyril jan casteloy 2 years ago

    some videos are not available to watch in my county. please! I love your show.

  • sowowie
    sowowie 2 years ago

    Hello, is there any way to get song from Bethany & Derek's Viennese Waltz?
    I would love to dance to that song on my wedding but there is applause on the movie and I can't get rid of it...
    Please help ;)

  • LemonDrop
    LemonDrop 2 years ago

    Maddie Ziegler!!! <3

  • StarryNightMary
    StarryNightMary 2 years ago

    Post Maddie Ziegler's Dance first please!!! And feature it! Thank you!

  • Madison Lainhart
    Madison Lainhart 2 years ago

    my dream is to be on the dwts show.Willow was 14 on the show can u make room for a 12 year old:)

  • Madison Lainhart
    Madison Lainhart 2 years ago

    go derek :) <3

  • Madison Lainhart
    Madison Lainhart 2 years ago

    I also love to dance I have been dancing for 6 years.Dancing is practically my life:)

  • 123trishanne
    123trishanne 2 years ago

    Please post Noah and Sharna's jazz performance. Thanks

  • Hannah Evans
    Hannah Evans 2 years ago

    Does anyone know next week topic? Like spring break

  • Edith Rizzo
    Edith Rizzo 2 years ago

    And why is it not available in my country. That's what it says when I try to click of their dances

  • Edith Rizzo
    Edith Rizzo 2 years ago

    I am so disappointed that I could not watch this week's Dancing with the Stars. I used to watch them a few hours after the show in previous weeks and years. In my country we are about 6 to 8 hours ahead

  • Cathy Malsch
    Cathy Malsch 2 years ago

    I think Len Goodman needs to retire and leave the show. He is too old fashion and his comments are ancient. You need a younger judge who can give criticism in the current century.

  • KaratekidSean1
    KaratekidSean1 2 years ago

    I can never watch these videos.... please make them available in places other than the US.

  • Mirela duarte
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  • rg0057
    rg0057 2 years ago

    Please explain to me the logic of broadcasting your show in Canada, and then banning your YouTube clips from Canada?
    First, you know I'm just going to download it somewhere unofficial.
    Second, it's just rude. What is wrong with you?

  • Marianna L'Engle
    Marianna L'Engle 2 years ago

    The behind the scenes All Access is a cool idea, but there's no audio?

  • AngieKiss02
    AngieKiss02 2 years ago

    We Canadians would love to be have access to the videos as well! :)

    • faithslayer500
      faithslayer500 2 years ago

      +michaelgabrielraphael Youtube only takes down/goeblocks what they're told to - it's not their fault. It's DWTS, ABC and Disney blocking international people from watching. So it's East Enders/their network or parent company preventing you from watching.

    • Erna-Karin Polden
      Erna-Karin Polden 2 years ago

      +michaelgabrielraphael It says on my screen that Disney Enterprises! has blocked access to the videos here (UK) though - and Disney owns ABC... so not sure you're right???

    • michaelgabrielraphael
      michaelgabrielraphael 2 years ago

      I think it's Youtube not necessarily DWTS. For example I'm in the USA but can't watch my fav Brit Soap Opera EastEnders....I have to rely on an unofficial youtube channel to upload it (and try to watch it before YOUTUBE takes it down). :)

  • Marco Malagon
    Marco Malagon 2 years ago

    Whq adha susiq shaggy ANSI dau fzu GGP siau aksah ayw ujwy also .ajwui Jwitqk ajwkt shwh sheu agekd yeoe rjruirutf RAIA sud Shu Fido so Shep djdi Eurostat day feh fei gjdooe did sht ddu fzu gjo Gabi eydu ds ioi xduo situp shoots xheu DNR chsu dhu God su CGI FBI dau zhs sink cah xh uy xh o SNL copy's AHS DUI CIO xsu dh cd😂dkr dke fsu ddu chosen dhu fzu ji dgopp sjspp ajw dusi csy fsu ddg zhsi for cfhh fido PCI six who di CIO gsy Chao crippled dui

  • .
    . 2 years ago

    i love the rehearsal feeds. can you upload the ones from week 1. I love to see how the pro's teach. I can learn a lot from them. Thanks so much.

  • Durango HS cheer
    Durango HS cheer 2 years ago

    Love the rehearsal live feeds! Hoping you'll upload Witney and Chris' rehearsal from 3/11 soon so our whole team can see it!

  • Tony Adams
    Tony Adams 3 years ago

    Such a cool Channel...thanks for the inspiration!

    UTAH TV 3 years ago

    can u upload Alfonso Ribeiro & Witney Carson CHA CHA/ARGENTINE TANGO - DWTS 19 ?

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  • Amanda N
    Amanda N 3 years ago

    please show the footage of bethany and derek had they made it to the finals :(

  • Chico Maroto
    Chico Maroto 3 years ago

    region block... thank you...

  • Robert Sherbondy
    Robert Sherbondy 3 years ago

    I don't think that it is fair to announce the elimination of a team at the end of show based on their total scores from the previous week's competition. This means that they have had to create a new routine and practice for a whole week to perform one or even two new dance routines that will not be considered in the ongoing competition. It would be better to determination elimination results following the judge's scoring during the current show, and this include the results from two of the judge's evaluations and one from the viewers. This practice would be fair for everyone and note that the judges' scoring for the dances is most important, after all they are the professionals. Derek and Bethany put in a lot of work to prepare and perform two dance routines that were never going to be considered in the competition, because the producers obviously knew that they were going to be eliminated when the final scores from the previous weeks competition were tabulated. I hope that they will consider changing this practice next season.

  • aminee neel
    aminee neel 3 years ago

    who was voted off tonight on dwts final?

  • Amy Ding
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  • Elizabeth Mills
    Elizabeth Mills 3 years ago

    OK, I'm a big fan of the show..............BUT.......what is up with the Judges? They have lost their professional appearance and my respect. They giggles and childish behavior is sicken. I enjoy the show but the judges are behaving like children, everyone likes a little laughing and fun comments but the behavior being displayed in toxic. Please do something about this

  • elmari5281
    elmari5281 3 years ago

    Hi! I think you forgot to upload or make public Derek and Bethany's Viennese Waltz from last night... please share! ;)

  • Arielle Lingat
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    Badie show #4!! :)

  • Lourdes Crespo
    Lourdes Crespo 3 years ago

    i'm from Puerto Rico and Puerto Rico its part of United States, why i can't see the videos? why you block the videos to PUERTO RICO. i been subscribe to your page a long time along. IT'S NOT FAIR BECAUSE I VOTE FOR THE CONTESTANT. i saw the program on ABC PUERTO RICO, YES "ABC PUERTO RICO" eliminated the block to Puerto Rico

  • Grégory Giotto
    Grégory Giotto 3 years ago

    why u ppl dont let our country see it? thats not fair... =.=

  • K Webbq
    K Webbq 3 years ago

    Why would you block Season 18 recordings? Obviously the public wants to see them or they wouldn't have gone viral on YouTube. If you're not willing to capitalize on your investment and sell Season 18 to the viewing public, then you're loosing out on a lot of profit. I didn't expect Season 19 to be anything like the previous season, but I didn't expect it to be this. Fire your casting director because that's why your ratings stink! I was willing to get through it hoping next season would be better. I notice that your concern for copyright violation only applies to Season 18--Season 19 copyright is violated, but you don't seam to care! I will watch Season 19 IF you bring back the enjoyment of full packages of Season 18 performances. Otherwise NBC offers The Voice in the same timeslot. My attention will be diverted to the competition!

  • Delores Brown
    Delores Brown 3 years ago

    I used to love this show--tonight was very boring and glad when it was over--this was not dancing except for 2--it's burlesque and the costumes gets skimpier and worse. How a bout some real dancing?

  • ToughLoveIndigo
    ToughLoveIndigo 3 years ago

    Although she's been nursing her Husband back to health (after a SECOND transplant-- the last one, earlier this year, was a DOUBLE!), I've been trying to contact you guys for a couple of years. Now that her Husband's doing much better, I'm going to need you guys to consider casting Adele Givens next season... Put that in your pipe & smoke on it for a minute. You'll be glad you did ;P.
    And if you have trouble reaching her, I'll be the link. HOLLA!!

  • EeVon Tan
    EeVon Tan 3 years ago

    You should really consider making your videos available worldwide. Not all of your fans are from the US. It would mean a lot if we could also watch it. Thanks.

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    Where can we watch the videos from the live stream?? You should upload them as well for all us fans who go to the tapings or can not watch it live still be able to see them

  • Becky M.
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    Please post the video of Lea and Artem doing contemporary! And stop blocking other people's videos of DWTS!!!! Some of us can't watch the show on TV and rely entirely on Youtube videos to see the dances from each week!

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  • andrea smith
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    Where's Lea Contemporary from Week 4?

  • mainarocha2
    mainarocha2 3 years ago

    I wish you would realize (I'm sure your have, based on the comments below) that the show has many fans in other countries, and make the videos online available to all countries. THAT is the reason why other channels repost videos of the episodes, so instead of going on a blocking spree, be more considerate to your international fans and let them watch and support a great show that they love!
    It would only benefit the show in the end...

  • Emoto Tawako
    Emoto Tawako 3 years ago

    Please be broadcast on Japanese television programs

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    Please unblock your videos and let us in Australia watch them! This is one of the best shows out there and you are stopping us from being able to love and support your show! You leave us no choice but to find an illegal version but you have blocked most of the good ones. Please either unblock your videos or stop blocking others' videos of your shows! I beg you let us watch!!!

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    so why i can't play any videos??????
    it says it's not available in your country
    plz do something

  • Lynese S
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    I wish this channel didn't make the videos private. Shawn and Derek's dances had insane amounts of hits.

  • elmari5281
    elmari5281 4 years ago

    Please upload Derek Hough and Jamie Goodwin's amazing gravity defying Macy's Stars of Dance performance tonight! This incredible routine needs to be enjoyed in HD over and over and over again!

  • mwmxmp
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    Awwww... Andy went home. He's made it so far! Proud of you Andy Dick!

  • GDV Daily
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    Awesome Channel. Like your videos. Keep It Up

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    What pre-show bullshit? Where about compitition dances like before? Unsubscribed.

  • elmari5281
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    Please upload the AT&T Spotlight dance with the amazing Brilynn Rakes and Derek Hough. That is one of the most inspirational stories and beautiful dances I've ever seen on the show!

  • ๑۩๑ MAKS & VAL ๑۩๑

    Once again, you have shut out/blocked Canada from watching your videos. We love Dancing With The Stars you don't allow us to watch your videos here, nor on the DWTS website. Very disappointed in you. And you want us to vote? Well, let us watch and we will vote . Thank you.

  • mwmxmp
    mwmxmp 4 years ago

    I was like wtf when I found out dwts was on today. I ALWAYS miss the first episode! Good thing I turned on the tv and checked to see what they're playing. But I just missed an hour of the show :'(

  • itsabrandnewday1
    itsabrandnewday1 5 years ago

    Any reason all the dances from Season 15 after the second week are now private (with the exception of a random few)? At this point DWTS has become something to laugh at. Season 15 was a mockery and now I can't rewatch dances I enjoyed.

  • Anna Bercot
    Anna Bercot 5 years ago

    i dont know what you guys did to this channel cuz it was prefect and now you change it like change it when the new season comes ourt come on PEOPLE !!!!!! u just lost a subcriber .......:(

  • Cara
    Cara 5 years ago

    Does ABC seriously expect me to believe that Melissa Rycroft really won DWTS purely by viewer and judges votes? Shawn was a way better dancer and all of her 14 dances have way more views and Shawn has way more twitter followers. I still love DWTS, but it is definately rigged.

  • Gillian Cate
    Gillian Cate 5 years ago

    shawn jonhson

  • Emily Walter
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  • ๑۩๑ MAKS & VAL ๑۩๑

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