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Dancing With The Stars
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  • Renee George
    Renee George 6 minutes ago

    Sean should been gone for weeks, but I'm so glad he finally got kicked out. I knew as soon as judges got the chance to send him home they would, its about time.

  • Tammy Kirk
    Tammy Kirk 8 minutes ago

    He so ugly

  • sylvia walker
    sylvia walker 9 minutes ago

    😃😃😃😃😃 😃😃😃😃😃 Lauren Alaina is a troll, and desperate for fame! Do you guys know that Lauren Alaina gets paid for posting bad comments on Ally, Hannah, Kel, Kate and Sean's vidoes? that's why Sean and Kate got eliminated. She's an online troll. Looking for attention on social media

  • Renee George
    Renee George 11 minutes ago

    The song choices this season are terrible.

  • Antonietta Pugliese
    Antonietta Pugliese 12 minutes ago

    Mi piace molto Descendats 🍎mi piacete molto tutti ma quello che ammiro molto sei tu Carlos io vi seguirò sempre anche tu mi piaci molto Mal ciao🍎🐶⚾️ vorrei aver trovato una pallina nera più piccola mi piacerebbe entrare anch'io in Descendats ma non posso perché non vivo in america ma in Italia io non sono la persona che uscirà io sono un maschio io mi chiamo Simone Ha Ha Ha

  • Athena Crane
    Athena Crane 13 minutes ago

    Yes he finally gone he should of been eliminated sooner

  • john ken
    john ken 16 minutes ago

    This was awesome..i love ally❤️

  • Dianne Zippeliud
    Dianne Zippeliud 20 minutes ago

    I'm glad Lauren was saved sean you did your best but Lauren I want to win she has great personality and I like seeing her grow and dance so much

  • john ken
    john ken 21 minute ago

    Gosh ally brooke slays a lot! She deserves to win❤️

    THE TRACKCAR 23 minutes ago

    She’s a 7 or an 8 at best looks wise.

  • Luara Ananias
    Luara Ananias 23 minutes ago

    It's Ally's time, bitches!!!!

  • Alyssa Grove
    Alyssa Grove 23 minutes ago

    I’m sorry but you can’t tell me this dance wasn’t better than Allys...the judges are underscoring James Hannah and Kel I swear

  • Sharri Garvin
    Sharri Garvin 25 minutes ago

    Total BULLS@IT. The lowest scores he should have gotten were "9's"

  • john ken
    john ken 26 minutes ago

    john ken I love this song❤️ Plus lauren and gleb did great on this.. so far this was my fave performance for this episode

  • mary hartsdale
    mary hartsdale 27 minutes ago

    Wow! Beautiful Lauren. Who knew she could dance like this? Very moving!

  • Mayhem Merill
    Mayhem Merill 41 minute ago

    I love her but she's too stiff.

  • Giovanni M
    Giovanni M 44 minutes ago

    Salsa!!?? Sorry but thats not Salsa music..

  • fafe fofu
    fafe fofu 45 minutes ago

    La falta que hace un caleño

  • Deebah's World
    Deebah's World 46 minutes ago

    Proud of Ally!

  • Valerie Chan
    Valerie Chan 46 minutes ago

    He has improved! His steps were on point

  • Chris Cherles
    Chris Cherles 46 minutes ago

    Thank god Sean you go and kiss donald trump ass now

    • Adriana Robles
      Adriana Robles 18 minutes ago

      haha lets even see if even Donald still supports him after he lost and that his supporters couldnt even save him haha

  • Big Cheese
    Big Cheese 46 minutes ago

    Liar not 15 hours

  • Jerrilyn Guerrero
    Jerrilyn Guerrero 48 minutes ago

    OMG EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS DANCE WAS PERFECTION!!!!! Including their chemistry uh hem ♥️♥️♥️

  • Ociel Torres
    Ociel Torres 50 minutes ago

    I haven't seen a massacre of "No Scrubs" by TLC since the Nina vs Silky lip sync.

  • Bryony Gardner
    Bryony Gardner 54 minutes ago

    Is it me or is this exactly the same as Ashley and Pasha's dance from Strictly? Same song and everything

    JXMAXO 58 minutes ago

    The fans better help her win 😫🥺 !!!

  • brian early
    brian early Hour ago

    Such a beautiful dance to a great song!

  • brian early
    brian early Hour ago

    This was the best dance of the night! imo

  • RichDick Johnson

    Did dude almost kiss Hannah at 0:57 ???

  • brian early
    brian early Hour ago

    I am so glad I was wrong. I liked Sean Spicer, but the skill difference is really starting to show. Good job Sean!

  • Zrogowaciałe Shoty

    I would like to introduce my champ tvclip.biz/video/7Te7AEXC-94/video.html

  • Savvi C
    Savvi C Hour ago

    Why was this so super short? I was waiting for it to start and it already ended. 😣

  • Vanessa St Louis

    They killed it as usual

  • ana cristina perez rojas

    it's a... tango?? ok....

  • Benyamin Hussen
    Benyamin Hussen Hour ago

    Ally!! Baby I am here for only ally Harmenizer for life❤❤❤

  • Erwing Torres
    Erwing Torres Hour ago

    Thats was not even salsa...

  • Claude Balls
    Claude Balls Hour ago

    Sean was terrible, but I love the fact that he annoyed the crap out of all the liberal leftists watching this show. Now you can all cuddle up in your safe space and sit back to watch my Emma and James win.

  • Kath
    Kath Hour ago

    THIS deserved a perfect score, for sure. Not her samba. The judges are so biased at this point.

  • Sammy Quisqueya1974


  • Selling Silverman

    I guess because I can’t dance, I can’t see what’s so bad about his dancing... I don’t follow the show to know how much better all these other guys are..(so much for the golden rule).. he’s eliminated from the show..no need to further degrade the guy. I think for his age he does well enough and better than a lot of men 1/2 his age could do. Good effort in my opinion

  • Varina Kosovich
    Varina Kosovich Hour ago

    HAhaha! He's finally gone! Should have been kicked off on week 1.

  • Kath
    Kath Hour ago

    Go, Kel!! If James doesn't win, Kel definitely deserves to. He, James and Hannah are my top 3. I think I finally made up my mind.

  • Sah Senaaah
    Sah Senaaah Hour ago

    ella arrasó ♥️♥️♥️

  • RSS
    RSS Hour ago

    Sean was the worst dancer on the show PERIOD!!

  • Jon Tracyy
    Jon Tracyy Hour ago


  • Author F.E Feeley Jr.

    When did that motherfucker get so hot?

  • Karla Morales
    Karla Morales Hour ago

    Ally you are killing it every single night!!!! Let’s go Alls!!! #TeamTime2Shine

  • Tiki80
    Tiki80 Hour ago

    Ok that 0:58 sommersault was flawless! How did he not get at least two 10s??

  • Karla Morales
    Karla Morales Hour ago

    I’m so proud of you Ally!!! You are definitely proving the haters wrong!!!

  • Army Loves Busan Boys

    BTS song!!!??!! Hell yes!!!!

  • Jasleen Gill
    Jasleen Gill Hour ago

    I feel like the scoring here is much lenient than the uk version

  • Barb Redgreen
    Barb Redgreen Hour ago

    Awful choreography. About 0:24 doesn‘t it look like she‘s kicking him into his parts, twice??

  • TFVids
    TFVids Hour ago


  • Danielle Calderon

    I haven’t cringed so hard in a while. The female dancer was great...but Spicer. Lol

  • Emma 54
    Emma 54 Hour ago

    He deserves to WIN

  • Barb Redgreen
    Barb Redgreen Hour ago

    This is not terrible at all. Sean looks like he was enjoying the dance too

  • Wayward Virgil
    Wayward Virgil Hour ago


  • Wumbo Wumbo
    Wumbo Wumbo Hour ago

    I can’t believe they voted out the best dancer

  • Autumn Brown
    Autumn Brown Hour ago

    ARMYYYYY 😍👋🏼

  • darling tanj
    darling tanj Hour ago

    Get it girl!

  • Tiki80
    Tiki80 Hour ago

    He was too angry in the face.. but u know he does all of his dances to perfection.. but the dances are short n this just started n then ended right away

  • Joanna Williams
    Joanna Williams Hour ago

    Who is hannah brown and why is THIS ON TRENDING??

  • Brandi Edstrom
    Brandi Edstrom Hour ago

    This is the best dance EVER on the show.

  • MAdemsoiselle Rhapsody

    finally found the right style for spicey

  • Series Clips
    Series Clips 2 hours ago

    Amazing dancer but he's so tense it annoys me

  • Johnny Rotten
    Johnny Rotten 2 hours ago

    this ashole should never have been on the show to sr=tart with . just shows how bad this show is in . to have a liar that lied to our country everyday and now hes being rewarded for it . fuck you dtws fuck you hard. iwill never watxch your show again . sean spicer needs ot be in jail with the rest of them .

    • L. Garcia
      L. Garcia Hour ago

      Johnny Rotten Still complaining See they are still not happy.

  • MAdemsoiselle Rhapsody

    what dance style was that supposed to be?

  • Thatoneguy onyoutube

    Those legs doe...😛

  • Kath
    Kath 2 hours ago

    Underscored!! Deserved all 9's

  • Gabi Casamayor Rodriguez

    Thanks u 💜

  • LovedBy You
    LovedBy You 2 hours ago

    I would watch her all day.

  • Kath
    Kath 2 hours ago

    This dance didn't had that much to be a perfect score, in my opinion... James' jive was more complex and executed perfectly, yet it got all 9's.

  • LovedBy You
    LovedBy You 2 hours ago

    I can see this ,dance on tour

  • Z K
    Z K 2 hours ago

    Ally and Sasha gonna win 🙌🏻🙌🏻🎉🎉🎉 (Hopefully)

  • C-here P
    C-here P 2 hours ago

    The band is actually singing in Korean. Omg! Thanks for this! It was amazing! 😍😍💜☂️

  • dewey seymour
    dewey seymour 2 hours ago

    He was A bafoon in the white house.Did anyone really think he could dance??🤔🤔🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • LovedBy You
    LovedBy You 2 hours ago

    I'm so impressed she kept herself from a wardrobe malfunction.

  • Red Ruby
    Red Ruby 2 hours ago

    They could of used Airplane pt2, that would of been smooth and sexy.

  • KrazyKleptoCollecto Mars

    I don’t like their waltzing... sorry... her feet are just all over the place...

  • Jessy NYC Rhino Skin.

    She got a stiff body movement 🤔

  • Elizabeth T
    Elizabeth T 2 hours ago


  • Mary smith
    Mary smith 2 hours ago

    You know I really wish he could have made it to the Finales just to listen to all you jerks cry. But he came to have fun and did his best and made friends with all the dancers on the show and they was all nice to him. He smiled his sweet smile every week. So proud of our Spicy 🌶. He is a stand up Man and Served in the United States Navy you would think that you would show some respect to a Veteran on Veterans Day but ya'll gotta cry and be disrespectful. Shame On You!!

    • L. Garcia
      L. Garcia Hour ago

      Mary smith You are a nice, kind person.

  • Brandi Edstrom
    Brandi Edstrom 2 hours ago

    what the hell is with the song choice? Im done watching this show.

  • Homework Assignments

    I loved this 😍😍

  • Jhon & Lola
    Jhon & Lola 2 hours ago

    The music is horrible and has nothing to do with the type of dance. This show is very stupid. God forbid they use the appropriate music and enlighten the idiocracy of the U.S.

  • catalina diaz
    catalina diaz 2 hours ago

    Wasn't sean dancing with linsay first?(i haven't watch the hole show)

    • Joy K
      Joy K Hour ago

      catalina diaz He was but Lindsay’s mother in law passed away so she went home to be with family and Jenna stepped in for her.

  • Brenda Moore
    Brenda Moore 2 hours ago

    That was overdue but I hope it’s a lesson to Hollywood to keep the BS political bias out of our entertainment and start treating everyone with respect (highly unlikely though). Jenna’s demeanor towards Sean was so “mean girl” and Len needs to realize that being old doesn’t mean you are entitled to act like a complete a-hole. He has been horrible to some of the pros, Sean & once to Ally when she tried to high-five him. What a jerk. To all the pros & celebs who showed class, good luck! Signing out for good though DWTS.

  • Mary smith
    Mary smith 2 hours ago

    So proud of our Spicy 🌶 he brought joy to the show every week. His huge smile on his face. He said he loved being on the show it was like family with the other dancers. They was all good to him. Sad to see him go but it was good to see him having fun!!!

  • Beautiful Brown
    Beautiful Brown 2 hours ago

    OMG……..this is the funniest thing I have EVER seen in my life. Go Sean, goooooooooooooooo! Seriously tho, nobody in man’s history of moving to music has ever put in the effort that Sean Spicer did to learning these routines. Can you imagine the “Before”????? Big respect!

  • SageoftheGhostFire
    SageoftheGhostFire 2 hours ago

    About damn time. I can finally continue watching this somewhat fun season.

  • Réka Roób
    Réka Roób 2 hours ago

    I love Kel soo much, this was a great performance but I couldn't feel this dance. Maybe it's just me🤷‍♀️I think I miss the chemistry sometimes in their performances. There are 3 persons on this season who I rooted for:Sailor, Kate and Kel. They really embodie what the show is about. Improving and telling stories with the dances. I miss Kate&Sailor soo much😭😭I hope the best, James wins.

  • thor
    thor 2 hours ago

    ally and sasha killed it!

  • George Langheinrich
    George Langheinrich 2 hours ago

    Sean Spicer exudes style and grace. His dancing reminds us of Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly.

  • Tina tankersley
    Tina tankersley 2 hours ago

    I don't know who she is.. But damn look at those legs.. Great legs

  • Kath
    Kath 2 hours ago

    This didn't got a perfect score???

  • Ray Stay Suave
    Ray Stay Suave 2 hours ago

    im soo happy to see ur evolution dancing OMGGGGG

  • Deborah Bell
    Deborah Bell 2 hours ago

    You gave it a good try Sean I give you a lot of points for the courage you have shown

  • Lavo Soap Co.
    Lavo Soap Co. 2 hours ago

    I mean he just stands there while his pro partner dances around him 🙄

  • Artisan Gallery Intl

    Mercy ! ~ reminds me of a * WATER BUFFALO * trying to Dance on 2 Legs ! ! !

  • Deborah Bell
    Deborah Bell 2 hours ago

    Well he got voted off too bad he wasn't that good of a dancer. I guess Trump's followers weren't enough to keep him alive in the finals