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My Biggest flaw...
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I owe an apology....
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Mustang GT NEW Wheel Reveal!
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  • Matt Bartholomew
    Matt Bartholomew 3 hours ago

    That’s getting de monetised then?

  • chason kashington
    chason kashington 3 hours ago

    Big Turbo N54

  • tradd
    tradd 3 hours ago

    this is the supra content we get lol

  • Zachary Rupaka
    Zachary Rupaka 3 hours ago

    Mk4 and a Mk5 what a life

  • NC car guy
    NC car guy 3 hours ago

    Ah yes my dream car I'm gonna have a mk4 Supra one day

  • Jorge Morales
    Jorge Morales 3 hours ago

    Did anyone else peep the ford lightning in the back ground

  • Dillan Long
    Dillan Long 3 hours ago

    Been here since the start. Hands down my favorite car for the simplicity of the build. Ita not overly done, it's done just right. This is how I wish to finish my own car one day, with clean lines and just clean simplicity

  • Matthew Grady
    Matthew Grady 3 hours ago

    Probably my favorite intro song

  • Car_enthuzust_for_life on ig

    I remember the day you bought this car!

  • Agent Pig
    Agent Pig 3 hours ago

    Love this build

  • josh reyes
    josh reyes 3 hours ago

    If it’s the last thing I do before I die I will own one on God

  • kaleb cruz
    kaleb cruz 3 hours ago

    Whenever I have the funds to do so, I would love to 3 rotor my frs

  • awesomejj 04
    awesomejj 04 4 hours ago

    I like the old wheels on it better but u do u

  • Black-Unicorn Gaming

    I just want to see another 350z video

  • Lance Perron
    Lance Perron 4 hours ago

    You should use the money from the 458 to do a full send car like do an engine swap that’s completely built from top to bottom with twin turbos and everything

  • PR_Alex990
    PR_Alex990 4 hours ago

    Beam engine

  • bank
    bank 4 hours ago

    Next build should be supercharged

  • loco292_YT
    loco292_YT 4 hours ago

    Tj needs a GTR again...(r35) yo can do so much with that car.... content!!

  • Genesis Goode
    Genesis Goode 4 hours ago

    I went in comments hopeing blackwidowsupra said something 😔

  • J Petro
    J Petro 4 hours ago

    Miss the MK4! If you want to take some time off builds and do track days or driving vids...I think that'd be dope AF👍 Beat on these beauties you guys built!

  • David Dominic
    David Dominic 4 hours ago

    This is maybe one of the best looking cars I’ve seen. I don’t know what I would change

  • Zacker417
    Zacker417 4 hours ago


  • Ratchet Wrenches
    Ratchet Wrenches 4 hours ago

    Been an amazing journey ! Congrats

  • Preston Sarlo
    Preston Sarlo 4 hours ago

    Teej have u ever just sat back and realized everything you have accomplished because it is truly amazing and inspiring🙌

  • Spencer Holmes
    Spencer Holmes 4 hours ago

    wanna sell it?

  • Jeremy L
    Jeremy L 4 hours ago

    YO can we start doing "in 20 mins" lol 10 isn't enough

  • Rubismooth
    Rubismooth 4 hours ago

    Lmaooo loved this video! Calvin is too much 😂😂

  • Bullet Plays
    Bullet Plays 4 hours ago

    Do either a LFA engine or a huracan engine in it

  • Static Infiniti G37s

    How come your factory 2JZ- GTE supra didn’t come with twin turbo brakes?

  • Juan Alcantar
    Juan Alcantar 4 hours ago

    Race Freshkicks! Lol supra vs 350z

  • John Lino
    John Lino 4 hours ago

    Building a Supra in 10 minutes or Calvin being a meme for 10 minutes

  • MisChief DRIFTER
    MisChief DRIFTER 4 hours ago

    Shout out to the bunk wood ramps TJ and Calvin made for there cars

  • swaggynick 0
    swaggynick 0 4 hours ago

    Take all the cars for a photo shoot before you sell the 458🤩

  • Yeet Wall tap
    Yeet Wall tap 4 hours ago

    This is the coolest Supra I’ve seen in a minute

  • Logan Sheppard
    Logan Sheppard 4 hours ago

    AMG next? 😀🙏🏻

  • mash185
    mash185 4 hours ago

    3.0L Subaru Flat 6 twin turbo fully built.

  • Keven Z
    Keven Z 4 hours ago


  • Qourner
    Qourner 4 hours ago

    This thing is lower than my grades

  • Chris Whitaker
    Chris Whitaker 4 hours ago

    Ferrari motor in the BRZ would be awesome!!!!!

  • Hillardstaggs
    Hillardstaggs 4 hours ago

    Wow I actually forgot this supra has 2 step. Waiting for 2 steps battle with blackwidowsupra

  • Nazrul Shafiq
    Nazrul Shafiq 4 hours ago

    Just make 1000hp already teeg 😂😂

  • XxJut0nxX
    XxJut0nxX 4 hours ago

    I like these type of videos but at the same time I always get that vibe of you guys not having content to release so this comes out for a filler lol still love this tho !

  • Brian Banghart
    Brian Banghart 4 hours ago

    Can you please make a solid ten minute video of Calvin and his crazy expressions and sounds.

  • Brandon Lariviere
    Brandon Lariviere 4 hours ago

    FORD BARRA swap the brz

  • Brad Wiley
    Brad Wiley 4 hours ago

    VR38DETT would look nice in there. Just saying....

  • Ok Boomer
    Ok Boomer 4 hours ago

    You almost mustang us bro😂😂

  • dcplatano1
    dcplatano1 4 hours ago

    If you looking to buy a cheap sedan and want advice follow my bro honda family ( )

  • Kyle
    Kyle 4 hours ago

    Lmao Calvin at the end.

  • Kevin Reilly
    Kevin Reilly 4 hours ago

    I remember when you said you were keeping it stock, those were the days

    • All SPOOLED UP
      All SPOOLED UP 4 hours ago

      Everyone knew that wasn’t gonna happen. What’s the point in having a 250hp MK4

  • Adam Hmaidan
    Adam Hmaidan 4 hours ago

    you and black widow supra NEED to do a rematch

  • Lucas Martínez Parra

    That's a right hand version?

  • Rybrxxd
    Rybrxxd 4 hours ago

    Subaru flat 6 engine

  • Jason Pereira
    Jason Pereira 4 hours ago

    ferrari engine

  • Mutombo Says
    Mutombo Says 4 hours ago

    6:50 That Lightning though, remember Brian O. drove a red one

  • Brandon Vargas
    Brandon Vargas 4 hours ago

    Pls change the front bumper?

  • Jacob Siekmann
    Jacob Siekmann 4 hours ago

    When are we getting diecast cars?

  • Carsandcars
    Carsandcars 4 hours ago

    Is one of the only Supra´s that I prefer modified than stock

  • Dionesy Munoz
    Dionesy Munoz 4 hours ago

    Bring bacl the daily vlogs 😒

  • Jerome Cabaguio
    Jerome Cabaguio 4 hours ago

    2 step is the best part. 😂

  • Not Skilled Here
    Not Skilled Here 4 hours ago

    One of the cleanest supras I've seen yet and I frequently visit Austin Texas where there is Boostlogic and therefore tons of supras. One thing I woudl change would be the black paint. I can't stand the upkeep black paint requires lol. Keep up the great work!!!

  • Jona Gamez
    Jona Gamez 4 hours ago

    He hit 1million on my birthday

  • Jacob Marshall
    Jacob Marshall 4 hours ago

    Toyota V6 swap the BRZ just like throtl's MR2, that thing sounds mean!

  • Spedracer55
    Spedracer55 5 hours ago

    so uh wheres our vs black widow vid

  • BrotherGLG
    BrotherGLG 5 hours ago

    28:50 Now I can Sleep after I know how the driver can out of the car inside the hauler.! hahaha

  • Golden4563
    Golden4563 5 hours ago


  • Street Lords
    Street Lords 5 hours ago

    My goal is 700bhp on my Supra 😱 absolutely love your build. Im maxed out on JDM twins, the step from BPU to APU is substantial... But im saving to make sure its all done right.

  • Ybl_thomas
    Ybl_thomas 5 hours ago

    Hi tj

  • tydan E
    tydan E 5 hours ago

    You almost mustanged us😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hotbanana 152
    Hotbanana 152 5 hours ago

    Calvin makes this 100%better

  • Angel Barajas
    Angel Barajas 5 hours ago


  • Atoxy
    Atoxy 5 hours ago

    please don't ever sell the supra or the rx7 just finish off the collection with a r32-34

  • Brandon Breaux
    Brandon Breaux 5 hours ago

    100th comment

  • Xx swagxx 32
    Xx swagxx 32 5 hours ago

    Are you ever going to make a Drag car?

  • x-hook Tow Hook
    x-hook Tow Hook 5 hours ago

    We need more mkiv Supra content dude. More mods pls

  • T G
    T G 5 hours ago


  • Nicholas Andreatta
    Nicholas Andreatta 5 hours ago

    Ooooh FFf, TEEJ! You almost mustang’d us my dude 😭😭😂

  • 2step And rotary
    2step And rotary 5 hours ago

    And supra

  • Randy Le
    Randy Le 5 hours ago

    Put the 2020 supra wing on the oldskool supra !

  • 2step And rotary
    2step And rotary 5 hours ago

    Tj I love your rx7

  • Tucked Tv
    Tucked Tv 5 hours ago

    @10:15 😂😂😂 Had Everyone trippin, 🔥🔥🔥🔥Video brotha👌

  • Tulepeeker
    Tulepeeker 5 hours ago

    That Supra looks gorgeous.

  • Maze King
    Maze King 5 hours ago

    The title of this video should be "10 mins of Calvin being a memer."

  • DriftSix
    DriftSix 5 hours ago

    “You almost mustang us my dude” 😂😂😂i watched that part 3 times when that video came out

    • Roar
      Roar 3 hours ago

      I've watched that video so many times. Something addicting about the tire screetching lol

    • Turner Claybrook
      Turner Claybrook 4 hours ago

      DriftSix same

  • The Wolf
    The Wolf 5 hours ago

    We NEED more videos of the Supra

  • Christopher Carpenter

    Ok so last summer(2018)around late June early July i was on a road trip with my grandpa from Maine to Washington d.c to Arizona but i swear i saw this car trailer and i have pictures. comment if you want me to put the pictures(in the pictures it looks left hand drive but it was right hand drive) and if i do post the pics like so tj can see cuz if its the same supra ill be amazed.

    CARLOS LIM 5 hours ago

    "you almost Mustanged us" hahaha

  • Evan Shaw
    Evan Shaw 5 hours ago

    Legend. That’s all I have to say

  • randyj2022
    randyj2022 5 hours ago

    We need more Supra content lol

  • Jay Cee
    Jay Cee 5 hours ago

    Next stop. 2mil

  • 10th_gen_civic
    10th_gen_civic 5 hours ago

    Crazy part is i Remember every single video awesome work bro keep up the crazy hard work.....

  • J Mza
    J Mza 5 hours ago

    need to put those volks wheels back on!!!!

  • haymont sharma
    haymont sharma 5 hours ago

    NSX is next :)

  • Reidar Torgersen
    Reidar Torgersen 5 hours ago

    Still no 1mill video tho 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Cody Branden
    Cody Branden 5 hours ago

    I actually forgot he still had this car seeing as how he never actually drives it or does content with it.. but I guess I'll watch another 10 min video of shit we have seen already

    • All SPOOLED UP
      All SPOOLED UP 4 hours ago

      So you think he doesn’t drive it just because it’s not posted on his channel?? Ok then lol..

  • scottymax5
    scottymax5 5 hours ago

    Are you keeping your MK5 stock wheels?

    • scottymax5
      scottymax5 4 hours ago

      All SPOOLED UP I know, I want his matte black stock wheels for mine.

    • All SPOOLED UP
      All SPOOLED UP 4 hours ago

      Huh?? The MK5 has a crazy set of custom HRE’s on it

  • Kumayl
    Kumayl 5 hours ago


  • Conner With Cars
    Conner With Cars 5 hours ago

    Im waiting and hoping tj does a a classic muscle car at some point like a 68 charger or 70 mustang mach 1 or a 69 camaro just something at one point you know just for like a change of pace like love that he is building a bike!

  • AFewGuysWithZipTies
    AFewGuysWithZipTies 5 hours ago

    😭😭😭 crazy seeing the footage again. The Supra was done so cleanly. 🤙🏼🤙🏼 also random but we use a lot of the songs in this video on our channel lmfao

  • Supreme.209
    Supreme.209 5 hours ago

    no view gang

  • Nicolas Struble
    Nicolas Struble 5 hours ago

    This kinda makes me want to cry Nostalgia :)