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CATS Trailer 2 (2019)
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  • ThatChemistryDude .SI

    “Well that’s not going to work, is it?” Seems like the actor’s conversation with the director somehow made it into the movie.

  • Mubashir Moos
    Mubashir Moos Hour ago


  • Mubashir Moos
    Mubashir Moos Hour ago


  • Lone
    Lone Hour ago


  • schaedyn
    schaedyn Hour ago

    Wait... why is there a new movie?

  • Jay Gill
    Jay Gill Hour ago

    Larry Wilcox and Erik Estrada or.. NADA!!!

  • Rey Gonzalez
    Rey Gonzalez Hour ago

    We did it gamers keanu reeves is in the movie

  • Lone
    Lone Hour ago

    Sometimes you gotta be ur kids

  • MysticMysfitt
    MysticMysfitt Hour ago

    Will smith goes from a fish to a bird Edit:anybody catch the reference

  • Malia Huerta
    Malia Huerta Hour ago

    2019: "Eww, I hate this Sonic design." 2020: "Okay, now I really liked this new Sonic design."

  • Rodrea Grace
    Rodrea Grace Hour ago

    Mann I’m like her I’m tall everyone say what grade you in your y’all your y’all I’m like ok

  • Daffa D. P.
    Daffa D. P. Hour ago

    Hiccup's Daughter : What happened to your leg ? Hiccup : well uh... Hiccup's Daughter : most importantly, what happened to my grandpa ? Your father ?

  • Kevin Castillones

    Mangle From FNAF: I'M THE BEST PADDLEBALLER IN THE WORLD! Sonic: I'm about to ruin this women's career!

  • Topher S
    Topher S Hour ago

    Oh, this is going to be a delicious train wreck.

  • John’s World Of Art

    SpongeBob is a movie and show that’s been done too many times. T.V. Show of my childhood was Thomas the Tank Engine. It’s going to be his 75th anniversary. SpongeBob must come to an end

  • Ramer Golosino
    Ramer Golosino Hour ago

    Wow new movie

  • DysfunctionalBubble

    I think this is great! I mean it looks amazing to me. I honestly don't see why people don't like this: I'm just perplexed by the reaction. Seriously, what's wrong with you people.

  • Toast
    Toast Hour ago

    Someone needs to make a live action SHOW that is literally the same as the anime, each character looks like the anime, ryuk looks scary ASF, and light actually is smart. Make it PLEASE.

  • Jakie Curioso
    Jakie Curioso Hour ago

    Make a part 4

  • Ethan Playz
    Ethan Playz Hour ago

    Wow... the guy with the beard looks like Hiccup from the How To Train Your Dragon series

  • fish man _
    fish man _ Hour ago

    Why is the video sped up though?

  • mOm GeT tHE CAmErA

    so nobody's gonna talk about how keanu reeves is in the movie

  • Tyrique Henry
    Tyrique Henry Hour ago

    Stop making these movies

  • 복득순
    복득순 Hour ago

    한국 개봉 언제 하는겨?

  • Kevin Castillones

    I think SpongeBobs got therapy

  • Yeet Ski Deet
    Yeet Ski Deet Hour ago

    Do the kids not remember what happened at the end of the third movie ._.

  • Dark weiss
    Dark weiss Hour ago

    2:52 Mickey Mouse 🐭

  • MarloSoBalJr
    MarloSoBalJr Hour ago

    Hey, look! Say what you want about this movie but I'm going to go see it. Any way to get free pussy afterwards

  • gianna
    gianna Hour ago

    please let this movie be a joke

  • steviefranchize21

    Cgi facial technology is so much better now then it was just a few years ago. I’d be happy to see Paul Walker back in the movie even if it’s just small scenes

  • b4tman bruce weyne

    Spongbob: i love my life ilove you so much gary Gary: meowww Meh: i hate my life i hate so much gary Gary: meowwwwwww!!!!!!

  • grasshoppergirl gamer

    It sounds like the light fury said "OH NOOOO" when she saw the drawing XD

    K!NG NEKO Hour ago

    1:25 I felt uncomfortable with those movements its just so aggressive just look at how hiccups move so aggressive just talking to Astrid

  • Big Boi
    Big Boi Hour ago

    I can’t handle this again

  • minh h
    minh h Hour ago

    horrible naughty sure hurt

  • Mason Williams
    Mason Williams 2 hours ago

    Fuck there kids

  • Sunset Bay
    Sunset Bay 2 hours ago

    I just realized this movie takes place in San Francisco

  • Matt Mendoza
    Matt Mendoza 2 hours ago

    Can y’all come up with some new shit?

  • santosh dahal
    santosh dahal 2 hours ago

    Can’t wait for the movie

  • 88ericchua
    88ericchua 2 hours ago

    How to be adorable Toothless's childs...

  • deus ex
    deus ex 2 hours ago

    Think about how the three baby nightfury's are made hmm?

  • Dominik Jelic
    Dominik Jelic 2 hours ago

    Seems cool

  • Niska82
    Niska82 2 hours ago

    Is this a movie? And when does it come out?

  • Vlaka
    Vlaka 2 hours ago

    How to murder a 40 yr old franchise

  • Chambers Breh
    Chambers Breh 2 hours ago

    Me: watching the trailer Me: "Hm, interesting" Me: *Spots Keanu Reeves* Me: *"WAIT HOLD UP-"*

  • jay williams
    jay williams 2 hours ago

    Great movie but I wish stupid people would stop ruining it for others that have NOT seen it yet! If you are reading comments for the first time, do yourself a favor and don't read ANY comments below this point!!!

  • super gogeta 2018
    super gogeta 2018 2 hours ago

    That's a cute dog😍

  • MoodleoNoodle
    MoodleoNoodle 2 hours ago

    Why do they still have their teenage voices? Give him more of a manly voice now that he has a glorious beard.

  • Robwayne Tristan
    Robwayne Tristan 2 hours ago

    background music kinda makes me sad ;-;

  • Cristina wood
    Cristina wood 2 hours ago

    Hiccup: how did this happen? Me: Tuffnut and Ruffnut!

  • Hugo Marcotte
    Hugo Marcotte 2 hours ago


  • Chellie Bee
    Chellie Bee 2 hours ago


  • VinceJabalde YT
    VinceJabalde YT 2 hours ago

    Subscribe! Me plss when I notify you iwill subscribe you!

  • Jarl Vader, Son of Muspellheim

    They want to kill dragons?! Send them on Dr Phil!

  • Andy James
    Andy James 2 hours ago

    Hollywood has no imaginations at all. No one asked for a freaking remake, Please leave the 1998 version alone. The 1998 version was the best. Stop making remakes without our consent. Frick no!!!!!!!!!

  • Raquel Pessanha
    Raquel Pessanha 2 hours ago

    When go be estread?

  • seismicFox 319
    seismicFox 319 2 hours ago

    Once I was 7 years old goes great behind thinking about the entire httyd series

  • Stale Corn Chips
    Stale Corn Chips 2 hours ago

    Gary come home but its sung by Keanu Reeves

  • HeyIm Heii
    HeyIm Heii 2 hours ago

    This is cute

  • Sponge Bob
    Sponge Bob 2 hours ago

    3:02 ummm was that from Star Wars.....

  • oriana garrido
    oriana garrido 2 hours ago

    All those hits in their heads must have giving them HtTyD3 Ending scene amnesia.

  • king dankum
    king dankum 2 hours ago

    Gary now I know I was wrong I messed up and now your gone I'm sorry I negected you oh I never expected you to run away and leave me feeling so empty.

  • Monika Parajuli
    Monika Parajuli 2 hours ago

    The sense of irony Oh God 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    THE ANDROID GUY 2 hours ago

    The First animated movie that i loved and was Awesomee was...... Yes, How to train UR Dragon ❤️

  • NeuTron
    NeuTron 2 hours ago

    This is weird.

  • 何晨楷
    何晨楷 2 hours ago

    How can find this video? I can’t find this in google.... Help me 😭😭

  • Kristian Smothers
    Kristian Smothers 2 hours ago

    So cool awesome

  • Kristian Smothers
    Kristian Smothers 2 hours ago

    Wow 😲

  • Laxus Gaming
    Laxus Gaming 2 hours ago

    Why do I hate hiccup’s kids more than all the villain in the entire movie.

    • Isaiah Lozano
      Isaiah Lozano 2 hours ago

      I dunno, I’m sure they’ll get some character development, I mean it is still the beginning, it’s best not to make hasty judgments They may not leave a good first impression, but hey, it might work

  • Kermit
    Kermit 2 hours ago

    Sanic vs Sonic.

  • questions
    questions 2 hours ago

    2:32 the noises they make!

    SILVER GAMING 2 hours ago

    Will it be on Netflix

  • your comment might not work so please

    Well animation kinda sucks.

  • BookDraco
    BookDraco 2 hours ago

    Hiccup looks like he’s still wearing the shoulder pads from his riding suit. Wow, that gives me P A I N

  • Golden Spirus
    Golden Spirus 2 hours ago

    1:03 i thought that was jesus

  • Nazar Korejo
    Nazar Korejo 2 hours ago


  • ToxicSkull0
    ToxicSkull0 2 hours ago

    I bet the light fury’s like “You’re seriously thinking of letting me rule this dragon utopia by myself? And with the KIDS??”

  • ToxicSkull0
    ToxicSkull0 2 hours ago

    Zephyr: “What happened to your leg?” Hiccup: “If it weren’t for a dragon you wouldn’t be here”

  • Ali Zone
    Ali Zone 2 hours ago

    This is a joke🙈

  • Melody Nickle
    Melody Nickle 2 hours ago


  • Sawtooth3
    Sawtooth3 2 hours ago

    "Do you wanna be desert for a dragon? "Hmmm, me thinks I don't. LET'S KILL THE DRAGONS!!! Hiccups kids are brats.

  • ron ron
    ron ron 2 hours ago

    Spongebob is movie

  • jayhawks leo
    jayhawks leo 2 hours ago

    Hold on was this before they met toothless or after?

  • Kamarul Finn
    Kamarul Finn 2 hours ago

    "Me thinks i don't, let's kill the dragon" quote of the year right there

  • michahael bautista
    michahael bautista 2 hours ago

    Is this part 4? Or what

  • Lauren Bauer
    Lauren Bauer 2 hours ago

    Did Jason Derulo forget how to sing just to make this movie even worse?

    • Lauren Bauer
      Lauren Bauer 2 hours ago

      He answers my question with his one line in this trailer.

  • L K D
    L K D 3 hours ago

    The trailer looks like a "mini movie" it self!!!

  • That Dude
    That Dude 3 hours ago

    Is this a movie or a special episode

  • suitcases
    suitcases 3 hours ago

    “Well, we failed. Don’t look, honey.” *cocks gun*

  • _gridlock_
    _gridlock_ 3 hours ago

    0:43 he drives an Audi E-Tron?!

  • Juan Pineda
    Juan Pineda 3 hours ago

    God has blessed us

  • Marisa Cohen
    Marisa Cohen 3 hours ago

    I feel like they change the main characters looks so much each time they make a new movie. Like Astrid looks sooo different compared to the first one, she looks like a different character lol I get that she’s older but she’s almost unrecognizable

  • Angelo Nielo
    Angelo Nielo 3 hours ago

    Stupid dog are Reality Smart dog are CGI WHY??? (--__--)

  • FaZe RoJo
    FaZe RoJo 3 hours ago

    Isn’t this a re-upload

  • Cayden Yap
    Cayden Yap 3 hours ago

    Sage is John wick

  • Courtney Kwong
    Courtney Kwong 3 hours ago

    Okay I'm going to try to translate what toothless and his family are saying Note: I'm am going to call the nightlight with the with dot on his nose snowdrop, the mostly white one skyla, the last one is skyler, and the light fury liry Snowdrop: dad? What are you doing? Toothless: hi bud, Im... *skyla and skyler cut him off with their wrestling* Skyla and skyler: oh! What's that! Can we draw too?! *skyla and skyler continue to draw wings while liry enters* Skyla:look mom look dad! Skyler: look loook! Liry:awe honey look *toothless draws another drawing of hiccup* Liry: that human again? Really dear? It's been years! Toothless: oh honey you know I love you! Time to go kids!

  • krishna sen
    krishna sen 3 hours ago

    Is this the entire movie 🤔🤔🤔

  • nasya Novita
    nasya Novita 3 hours ago

    Cepet tayang dong

  • Abrial Woodford
    Abrial Woodford 3 hours ago

    Seriously? I thought they loved dragons.

  • TheScaredHalfSkeletonGirl Hi