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The first movie with CGI
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Why the US drinking age is 21
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The right way to kill a fish
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The Green New Deal, explained
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The first faked photograph
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Why measles is back in the US
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Earworm is back with Season 2
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Why baby cages were a thing
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  • Paul Maguire
    Paul Maguire 2 hours ago

    The whole "hate white straight males" thing is so boring and outdated. Yawn.

  • Bee be Cee
    Bee be Cee 2 hours ago

    Kick the CIA out of Xinjiang or it will end up like Afghanistan. See what they have done to Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Venezuela, Bolivia, HK etc.

  • Vincent Nghiem
    Vincent Nghiem 2 hours ago

    When someone tells a joke in 2050: "bruh I can't breathe 😂💀"

  • r Phippsies
    r Phippsies 2 hours ago

    I blam the rich white man and woman for killing the great rain forest

  • Janette
    Janette 2 hours ago

    I can't understand Fahrenheit

  • drawn on
    drawn on 2 hours ago

    The Lorax is displeased

  • Jahziel John Cristobal

    How about the destruction of the Congo?

  • Hydro
    Hydro 2 hours ago

    Xqc is going to watch this

  • Derek C
    Derek C 2 hours ago

    One thing that the video doesn't mention is how the US was once covered in forests as well, but we have since deforested most of them in order to use the resources. It seems a bit strange that we are so quick to judge another country for doing the same. Obviously we all agree that we need forests to keep Earth in balance, but it may seem unfair to harshly judge developing countries for doing what our ancestors did. I think a better approach would be to look at this problem globally and work towards solutions that would benefit all forests, not just the Amazon.

  • marissa godell
    marissa godell 2 hours ago

    Whats the use of their legislative if hongkong still under the mainlands control.

  • William Bauer
    William Bauer 2 hours ago

    **Implying Democrats haven't rigged or broken any parts of the American democracy either**

  • ИƎMƎƧîƧ ρЯîMƎ w

    10:36 that thing isn't human

  • SooshieTrain
    SooshieTrain 2 hours ago

    This just makes me believe and think that John wick society should happen to the people who deserve it well I mean if it benefits society they should be deleted from existence 😂

  • PDNH
    PDNH 2 hours ago

    Vox: Blackface! Geisha: *whiteface* vox: ah they just vibin

  • Hingrid Uehli
    Hingrid Uehli 2 hours ago

    Thank you so much for these videos on the Amazon. The rest of the world has to be aware on what our government has allowed to happen. World nations have to unite to protect this forest that belongs to all of us.

  • Mansha .H
    Mansha .H 2 hours ago

    The map of india is wrong.

  • 188petty
    188petty 2 hours ago

    oh but how's the human right's record on the US?

  • ThatPix
    ThatPix 2 hours ago

    Everybody gangsta till the trees start speaking vietnamese

  • ФFFキСキФ
    ФFFキСキФ 2 hours ago

    ع اوه هو

  • Mateus Melo
    Mateus Melo 2 hours ago

    This is our brutal reality here in Brazil: a violent culture. We have about 60 thousand murders by year. Chico Mendes was one of the brightest leaders that we had. However, the actual government of Jair Bolsonaro is destroying not only the Mendes' memory but all pillars of our democracy.

  • Аркадий Оградовский

    Ах война что ты сделала подлая

    B TRUE #PLAN_B 2 hours ago

    Please don't destroy amazon!!! Preserve amazon

  • Ryo Tanada
    Ryo Tanada 2 hours ago

    First part: because of politics, second part: because of money, third?

  • Looks By Naheemah
    Looks By Naheemah 2 hours ago

    Enslaved people*

  • Rosarium1
    Rosarium1 2 hours ago

    Cant believe humans we are not worthy of the planet

  • Crypto
    Crypto 2 hours ago

    Fast forward to 2019, China took one more step too far.

  • Grumpy Lemons
    Grumpy Lemons 2 hours ago

    is the frame rate getting lower with every vox video?

  • Steve o
    Steve o 2 hours ago


  • Jeff Young
    Jeff Young 2 hours ago

    So if you read the articles some of the women took the drug accidentally the next morning or they were driving at 2 in the morning!? Also drug companies might harm unborn babies.

  • Angshu Sarma
    Angshu Sarma 2 hours ago

    Another thing messed up by British

  • Twiistz
    Twiistz 2 hours ago

    Modern day colonialism . Killing of the natives.

  • Eduardo Muniz
    Eduardo Muniz 2 hours ago

    We are great in changing our environment, but terrible in understanding it

  • Rhaegar Targaryen
    Rhaegar Targaryen 2 hours ago

    How much did VOX donate to TeamTrees? If it's nothing, then I would be seriously disappointed. Donate what you can, I hope the VOX corporation isn't just all talk but no action. I donated 22$ which is a dollar for my age, it's small amount but what I could happily give.

  • Alien_1912
    Alien_1912 2 hours ago

    Thank you Vox for highlighting such a big issue and explaining it very well and in detail. I love these contents.

  • *Oreo Sizzle*
    *Oreo Sizzle* 2 hours ago

    Me was terrified lol

  • Kurosenai
    Kurosenai 2 hours ago

    Anomaly sold the best float of a Stattrak Ak Casehardened for $35,000 USD

  • tony cave
    tony cave 2 hours ago

    I hope Trump and all the other climate change deniers get sick with the disease THEY brought back.

  • Jay Ramsey
    Jay Ramsey 2 hours ago

    "rubber tuppers"

  • TheBECK321
    TheBECK321 2 hours ago

    *Amazon rainforest Overrated* No Elephant No Tiger No Bear No Kangaroo No Orangutan No Ostrich No Wolf No Lion No Cassowary No Hippo No Rhinoceros No Deer No Peacock No Koala No giraffe No Zebra No Buffalo No Pangolin No Tapir

  • Major Lui
    Major Lui 2 hours ago

    Aren't sororities overrated as well

    BITE THE BILLET 2 hours ago

    Lorax irl

  • ThatPix
    ThatPix 2 hours ago

    Why do you pray to god if you dont even Try to prevent it?

  • Igor Balashov
    Igor Balashov 2 hours ago

    Brazil should be under heavy sanctions. If other countries buying their export - they supporting deforestation of Amazonia. Brazilians will only understand that international opinion is their concern if their economics will start to collapse under sanctions.

    • Nikora Toma
      Nikora Toma 2 hours ago

      With their high crime and homicidal rate at an all time high and corruption within the government. I think international opinion is the last of their concerns.

  • Ayush Sinha
    Ayush Sinha 2 hours ago

    RIP Chico Mendes 😇

  • Sobirjon Abdullaev
    Sobirjon Abdullaev 2 hours ago

    Wow it's disgusting they using religion as excuse. Every bad thing that's happening in earth right now is a test from god. If humanity does not stop doing this, we will fail and the earth will be destroyed before you even realise

  • Manish Singh
    Manish Singh 2 hours ago

    That's how human era will end. Irony is no one wants to talk about it. Every Government is busy cutting deals for money that won't save them.

  • The Shadows Channel
    The Shadows Channel 2 hours ago

    I don't know why but i am getting vibes from Pixels

  • DZ 2.0
    DZ 2.0 2 hours ago

    As a brazilian i need to say somethings, most of the 2019 fire in the forest was natural, but the deforestation can grow in the next years, specially in Bolsonaro's government

  • manish madhukar
    manish madhukar 2 hours ago

    Being a responsible nation we need to solve this issue peacefully....

  • Margarida Attam
    Margarida Attam 2 hours ago

    All Trump cares about is profit... Just wait until the EU starts forcing the rest of the world to comply with OUR legislations.

  • I’m Just Dazed
    I’m Just Dazed 2 hours ago


  • B R 3 A D B I N
    B R 3 A D B I N 2 hours ago

    Everyone: Save the trees Mr Beast: Hold my beer

  • Thy Lord George II
    Thy Lord George II 2 hours ago

    I am the lorax I speak for the trees Brazil you better handle this Or I'll break your knees

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    First thing I thought of was does that account for inflation

  • Pie Nation
    Pie Nation 2 hours ago

    I suggest that the world create an organisation and take the amazon away from Brazil. If Brazil disagrees, go to war.

    • Rodolffo Teles
      Rodolffo Teles 2 hours ago

      As if it would be in much better off in the hands of the world power....

  • Bruno Lobão
    Bruno Lobão 2 hours ago

    Could we have a portuguese subtitle? I have friends here in brazil that can't understand your containt and it's really sad have a great explain without a comunication connection

  • Koyas Uddin
    Koyas Uddin 2 hours ago

    Leave the forest alone!

  • Jackson Wang is My Spirit Animal

    *grabs bird mask* it is time

  • Junior Duntin
    Junior Duntin 2 hours ago

    Only Americans I hearing

  • Aditya Prakash
    Aditya Prakash 2 hours ago

    God knows what he does is the dumbest thing anyone can and will ever say!

  • Sanjoke Karki
    Sanjoke Karki 2 hours ago

    its good to see everyone giving efforts to aware about rainforest.

  • Clara Ck
    Clara Ck 2 hours ago

    To resume: the biggest forest in the world is burning because of MONEY ! As always !

  • Nuno Carone
    Nuno Carone 2 hours ago

    Minister Ricardo Salles should be in prison

  • kupis1408
    kupis1408 2 hours ago

    2:09 Ooh.. so that's how rubber plantation industry started in my country huh... interesting.

  • vk hood
    vk hood 2 hours ago

    Turkeys get to the safe zone

  • martin096
    martin096 2 hours ago

    Absolutely disgusting. Those farmers and leaders are rotten to the core and are not worth the oxygen in which they breath. Their actions will affect my child when they grow up and I will always pray that some day they receive karma. I feel sorry to those who live in Brazil who are powerless. I understand it’s not everyone’s fault but the evil ones who only care about their pockets. For those who do not believe in climate change such as trump are just as bad. I can only apologise to the next generation for what man has caused. The global leader system much change to let new and young creative people to take over and care for the planet, until then, I have no hope for humanity.

  • David Z
    David Z 2 hours ago

    haha, their violence protest won't succeed anyway, since it doesn't cause any harm to mainland China but only to their own city, today's Chinese government is powerful enough to handle it, color revolution is impossible, stop trying to use the same approach as which in USSR. 💪🇨🇳

  • Jacques Botha
    Jacques Botha 2 hours ago

    I'm from South Africa and we also see her as a man ......anyone can see this is a man

  • De Leve
    De Leve 2 hours ago

    Falando da Amazônia pela segunda vez em uma semana? Uau.

  • Ben Ok
    Ben Ok 2 hours ago

    I think Brazil shouldn't be in the position to do what they want. Its a world problem not Brazil problem

  • Isa Garcia
    Isa Garcia 2 hours ago

    😢😢 sometimes I wonder if I am really doing a difference by being vegan and minimalist 😭 I see how bad humans are destroying our planet and that makes so sad and angry. I am really making a difference?

  • cindy Queen
    cindy Queen 2 hours ago

    People hate folks that are trying to save the world.

  • Gabriel Guerezi
    Gabriel Guerezi 2 hours ago

    Even though it was 30(ish) years ago, Chico still very contemporaneous here in Brazil

  • Jolgeable
    Jolgeable 2 hours ago

    Yesterday (november 21st, 2019) the city's president of Psol (a political party that is in opposition to Bolsonaro's politics of deforestation), Josimar da Silva Conde, was murdered in that same city, Xapuri. He was a rubber-tapper as well. Yesterday.

    • TheDodicat
      TheDodicat 2 hours ago

      Please send link. I'd like to read it.

  • Lut3nant Craz0
    Lut3nant Craz0 2 hours ago

    I though it meant the company

  • I am Alucard
    I am Alucard 2 hours ago

    Well, it won't matter, in a few decades the amazon will be gone. No matter how hard we cry over the internet. Money trumps all.

  • Panji Hitam Dari Timur Asia Tenggara

    Europe lost all forest long time ago tho

    IN A FLASH 2 hours ago

    See I believe in God, just not the God of man, I believe in the creator. The god of men is used as a reason to do things, like starting wars or this. One day, they'll get up there and will be questioned by God, they'll see how ignorant they were.

  • Krunoslav Šokić
    Krunoslav Šokić 2 hours ago

    ...ireversebly destroying land for couple of cheap burgers. Meat production is just part of the problem...:/

  • Taylor mana12345
    Taylor mana12345 2 hours ago

    Wow, its so sad how the greed for money can make people do evil things

  • Stevie
    Stevie 2 hours ago

    Step one: Get rid of Bolsonaro.

    • Thomas
      Thomas 2 hours ago

      @Twinkiess Will they though? I mean people want to, but big corporation and capitalist countries (basically everyone) wouldn't want to intervene...

    • Mafeflca
      Mafeflca 2 hours ago

      @Twinkiess the Amazon is responsible for around 6% of the world's oxygen.

    • Twinkiess
      Twinkiess 2 hours ago

      @Trid The Amazon rainforests provides 20% of oxygen on this world. When the problem gets too serious, eventually there will be international intervention. When this affects the entire world, it becomes a serious problem. Once it gets too out of control, to every other country, it can be worth starting a war over. Brazil has to fix this internally, and if they can't, every other country will want to take action when Brazil won't in the future.

    • Danielle Spargo
      Danielle Spargo 2 hours ago

      Trid you're right, he was elected, because lula was jailed on bogus charges and not allowed to run. bolsanaro and his kin are the arbiters of this coup

  • Pqo
    Pqo 2 hours ago

    A amazônia é nossa e fodase, pau no cu de quem achar ao contrário.

  • CanPak
    CanPak 2 hours ago

    In todays world the trade and markets are bigger than humanity , kashmir is the biggest example.

  • Major Lui
    Major Lui 2 hours ago

    The right way to approach Vox

  • Purry Furry
    Purry Furry 2 hours ago

    Wow cutie! 🐾💖

  • Suraj Pang
    Suraj Pang 2 hours ago

    Believe me almost every present day problem is created by Europeans..Be it oily unstable middle East be it Amazon be it racism in US even radical Islamists (by destroying caliphate) be it climate change.. Irony is today they are selling their solution and teaching world and try to imaging so civililise..!!!!HAVE SOME SHAME!!!!!!!

  • joe bloggs
    joe bloggs 2 hours ago

    by creating a reserve in one place it allows for trees to be cut someplace else, nature reserves often are rich in minerals, its a method of exploiting one resource at a time

    • joe bloggs
      joe bloggs 2 hours ago

      wait until you control the government then you control all resources

  • suzako23
    suzako23 3 hours ago

    Blame this on Germans, italians and poles. The States of Brazil who voted majority in Bolsonaro are from this countries.

  • Johnny Blake
    Johnny Blake 3 hours ago

    *"The Earth has enough for everyone's need but not for just a few's greed"*

  • Ahmed Proyash
    Ahmed Proyash 3 hours ago

    "At first, he believed he was protecting the rubber trappers and forest. But then he realized, he was protecting the Amazon and the world" That almost had me in tears.

  • Maisonier
    Maisonier 3 hours ago

    That won't change any soon ... meanwhile 2019 ... Tesla CyberTruck appears

  • Neethi vanan
    Neethi vanan 3 hours ago

    You are left handed 👍

  • Rishikesh Ingle
    Rishikesh Ingle 3 hours ago

    Ban beef

  • Umesh V. Joshi
    Umesh V. Joshi 3 hours ago

    It is not one nation or country now. The Amazon forest is responsibility of all the nations. Brazil should be compensated by the rest of the world for protecting forest. Asking Brazil not to cut forests, expend on protection and not to be paid for loss of revenue is unjustifiable. Unselfishness is more paying, but humans do not have patience to practice it. And at last change is brought only when catastrophe strikes humans. Darwin once said, human species is still not evolved fully. How true!

  • Anay Gupta Anay gupta

    In your final video, could you please also add some things that we, the TVclip audience, can do to help the Amazon. Thank you so much for creating this series and spreading awareness, this issue truly deserves such coverage at the least.

  • Faisal NH
    Faisal NH 3 hours ago

    Murder of environmental activist is still happening today. In Indonesia just about last month anti-palm activist in Sumatera was killed. Recently, an activist is missing for the same activity. Two years ago, a peasant protecting his land from gold mining in East Java was beaten to death in front of his own house. We need to act together, those greedy money mongering capitalist doesn't really care about the environment as they have the money and power to have an escape plan when the earth is inhabitable anymore.

  • Sajal.B.
    Sajal.B. 3 hours ago

    100 push-ups 100 squats 100 sit-ups and a 10km run.

  • StoopidSillyyy
    StoopidSillyyy 3 hours ago

    What a man

  • nelson machado
    nelson machado 3 hours ago

    The Amazon rainforest is not only in Brasil, It is in other 8 countrys.

  • Margarida Attam
    Margarida Attam 3 hours ago

    Do anything for profit. 🤢🤮