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The Green New Deal, explained
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The first faked photograph
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Why measles is back in the US
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Earworm is back with Season 2
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Why baby cages were a thing
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Why you're recycling wrong
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A better way to tax the rich
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Peek inside the Vox Video Lab
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  • zljain
    zljain 44 minutes ago

    Following the two recent crashes, the Boeing stocks crashed too, in a similar Boeing fashion, but this time without mcas.

  • Holger Nestmann
    Holger Nestmann 45 minutes ago

    How about draconic penalties when anyone drives intoxicated?

    HANUMAN LAL 45 minutes ago

    The Israeli long live. From indian Army. 💪💪💪🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🚩🚩🚩

  • Boss Frog
    Boss Frog 47 minutes ago


  • naox100
    naox100 48 minutes ago

    In my country there is same licencing system, however about 99,9% of aplications gets rejected (and you can't appeal anywhere about it). If you allow such system to be created this will be your future also.

  • HX3 EN/FR
    HX3 EN/FR 51 minute ago

    Mhhh that is why

  • Kristy Thomas
    Kristy Thomas 52 minutes ago

    Can any1 tell me y there shouldn't b background checks?

  • RBLXNasty
    RBLXNasty 52 minutes ago

    Build that wall!

  • -_
    -_ 59 minutes ago

    @Vox out here doing Gods work .

  • Anthony G
    Anthony G Hour ago

    lol this is a joke

  • oh okay
    oh okay Hour ago

    I have never hated something more than granite in my entire life.

  • Ginnie M
    Ginnie M Hour ago

    This clip reminded me of Disney and its cling onto copyright laws.

  • Matthew Koehn
    Matthew Koehn Hour ago

    There's holes in your solutions

  • xXclapXx
    xXclapXx Hour ago

    "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither Liberty nor safety" -Benjamin Franklin

  • wanekia cook
    wanekia cook Hour ago

    Wait.... this wasn't a thing already???

  • justabitofamug
    justabitofamug Hour ago

    Wait that's the woman who played Adam drivers wife in that rom com that has Daniel Radcliffe in it

  • Vhin C
    Vhin C Hour ago

    Is this somehow related to dog poop?

  • Vicky Harborne
    Vicky Harborne Hour ago

    Great video, pity about that over loud horrid music. Good news videos do not need music that so many think essential.

  • Goldenblitzer
    Goldenblitzer Hour ago

    I think you’ll find that they only made opium illegal once they found that it was being imported. And there were multiple, so maybe do some fact checking before you put out.

  • xavier lopez
    xavier lopez Hour ago

    How long do these tests take? Cbd has been around for years now, can’t they just treat someone with cancer & log it?

  • Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen

    Its not proven he shot himself

  • Bubby Flippu
    Bubby Flippu Hour ago

    Making it harder for citizens to buy guns won't stop dangerous people from getting guns illegally. It's called the theory of "DUH".

  • Homemedrunkimtake

    Soooo... basically like us in Canada, How is this "better", it should be standard.

  • Sheepy Anime
    Sheepy Anime Hour ago

    The comments: 🧂🧂🧂🧂

  • guru x
    guru x Hour ago

    If you have guts, shoot our fishermens now

  • Roberto Fong
    Roberto Fong Hour ago

    I know the US still use the imperial system, but they're slowly introducing the metric system to the society, if you buy any product in the US you'll notice both system specs, even cars comes with both mph and km/h. Maybe people will figure out the metric is easier and start to prefer it as it happened in Canada and Australia.

  • Jadan Kerr
    Jadan Kerr Hour ago

    Dang dude racism is wack

  • The Hiking Viking

    this is some serious late stage capitalism.

  • Funny Valentine
    Funny Valentine Hour ago

    simpler way is mental check. you literally just also said that the FBI checks for every single state agency that has records on you. and then you said that doesn't check everything

  • Ding Dong Ur opinion is rong

    They do background checks at gunshows.

  • Christian Alfred Garcia

    His pimple on his forehead have its own episode :D

  • ahking __revived

    Bruh just go nuclear

  • Brotha Rame
    Brotha Rame Hour ago

    Man this video really leaves out the USA's involvement in creating the tension between the countries in that region of the world

  • Shadian 003
    Shadian 003 Hour ago

    Totally Anti Indian narrative 😡😡😡

  • cool goggles kid

    Just take them to American, or flood the market with bootleg ivory

  • Koshka xD
    Koshka xD Hour ago

    Sounds like malaysia

  • Jiyang Chen
    Jiyang Chen Hour ago

    Come on just ban and confiscate all the automated weapon which are designed for battlefield purposes, like ak-47 and ar-15. How hard can it be? America is like the only country on earth that allow such easy access to powerful weapons.

  • Me TV
    Me TV Hour ago

    Its not about guns man its about being nice to people

  • The Golden Tundra


  • Antonio Danner
    Antonio Danner Hour ago

    We are not Africa Americans we are the Americans

  • Timmy Cho
    Timmy Cho Hour ago

    0:01the poster on the wall says all hail president mao

  • Adhi Wicaksono
    Adhi Wicaksono Hour ago

    So, the muslims get it right?

  • Golan Smith
    Golan Smith Hour ago

    Moorish American National Government Awaken to the Suprem laws of Noble Drew Ali redemption Moorish American National Marcus Garvey Prophet Noble Drew Ali redemption Swift Angel #1 Dr. Elihu N.Pleasant-Bey Grand National chairman Google El Hajj Moorish American Government. Land

  • Sheepy Anime
    Sheepy Anime Hour ago

    The world is only falling apart because beliefs are falling apart, which most countries are based off of

  • brianroark88
    brianroark88 Hour ago

    Every time I buy a gun at a gun show I get background checked . Biggest lie going

  • John D
    John D Hour ago

    07:48 "the Saudis who are the ultimate status quo power" .... LOL

  • Amit Shukla
    Amit Shukla Hour ago

    Hey Vox, thank you for some good videos, you guys are good!

  • lhoylhoy
    lhoylhoy Hour ago

    The US has a hand on this definitely!

  • Average Demo Main

    Who decides the criteria for who gets a gun? And which gun show do people not need a background check. And how do more laws prevent criminals who obtain them illegally? Why is this policy built to prevent future criminals, and not actual criminals? I can go on.

    PARADOXICLES 2 hours ago

    Or..... a better solution, is make self defense, both unarmed, and armed, a core class in all levels of school, the same as math, or language, or any other basic subject. when you graduate, you should be given a gun, and ammo, instead of a inky piece of paper (degree/diploma). This way, every person is trained, and armed, to defend themselves, and others, against any violent threats. an armed society where 99.99999% of the public has the ability to defend itself, is gonna be a lot safer then the one we have no where calling and waiting for the cops, which only make up like 0.2% of the population, is the primary means of so called "protection" like is the standard in "modern" society. Further more, the fact that some one exists, is their "licence" for self defense, which includes any and all weapons, including guns. People dont need the permission of any other person, nor group, to defend themselves, particularly not the permission of a overtly violent terrorist organization like the US government. Self defense is an inalienable right, and applies to all people, at all times, in all places, by all means, no exception.

  • Golan Smith
    Golan Smith 2 hours ago

    Moorish American National Government. Land

  • RPMD
    RPMD 2 hours ago

    i mean i like ip man so they can have our movies too

  • Average Demo Main
    Average Demo Main 2 hours ago

    Control private sales. Yea...

  • liama liama
    liama liama 2 hours ago

    Israel is better than Palestine

  • Anthony Nelson
    Anthony Nelson 2 hours ago

    What dribble! Merkel is a man! Transgender alert. Those hand signs are Masonic.

  • Brandon Strachan
    Brandon Strachan 2 hours ago


  • Nick Tueros
    Nick Tueros 2 hours ago

    no one watches olympics anymore, its slowly dying

  • Tyronius biggius
    Tyronius biggius 2 hours ago

    im a libertarian and if you put the licensing system in and not take semi-auto weapons away I'm good with that

    SSN KRAMPUS YT 2 hours ago

    Wrong places for tornado alley

  • Christian Alfred Garcia


  • grod805
    grod805 2 hours ago

    There wasn't any backlash when the men published it because no one reads Statistics academic reports. A lot of people read Parade Magazine. It has nothing to do with mansplaining

  • D L
    D L 2 hours ago

    WW4 will be men throw snowballs to each other in Antarctica while penguins are watching and clapping

  • allizan
    allizan 2 hours ago

    By the way Vox, it’s not ‘rising’ at all. This is normal. Japan has always been nationalistic and there is nothing wrong with nationalism.

  • S Miya
    S Miya 2 hours ago


  • Question
    Question 2 hours ago

    "Little animals" is probably the best and cutest way to describe bacteria in my opinion.

  • Neel Waghmare
    Neel Waghmare 2 hours ago

    I dont care about trends. I like to do what I feel is good

  • TheKing0fHalo
    TheKing0fHalo 2 hours ago

    It’s getting bad everywhere. Here in Florida I’m going to pay $1115 a month for a 550 square foot apartment. Even at $20 an hour wage I barely qualified for the required income to rent it.

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez 2 hours ago

    The question here should be: why are the republicans so against it when people are demanding it? My question is: why are you against a background check? Nobody loses, except the NRA....

  • James L
    James L 2 hours ago

    The party's didn't switch....democrats are still the racist party....this is why its not taught in schools. They control academia...duuuh...

  • Dj Boz
    Dj Boz 2 hours ago


  • abrady0
    abrady0 2 hours ago

    I just came from a video about wingdings and now I'm watching a video about comic sans. I wonder if they have a video on papyrus font

  • Rox quote
    Rox quote 2 hours ago

    Thats why america is the worst country in my opinion

  • AM2 SCG
    AM2 SCG 2 hours ago

    Kindly please stop criticism of Putin vox All you do is criticize any country but you don't tell anything bad about US or Britain if you are doing this then I call you a pet of the western world.

  • Tathagata Mukherjee
    Tathagata Mukherjee 2 hours ago

    Half a century passed by , and we are still in wait for another massive manned lunar mission.

  • Shinobi kake
    Shinobi kake 2 hours ago

    You guys are pretty crafty, know what every country hold secrets. If you don't know don't judge.

  • cola man
    cola man 2 hours ago

    0:53 WH40!!

  • Colin Wilkie
    Colin Wilkie 2 hours ago

    why don't the UN go in & sort out the gang's, then give the people back there country. what's the IN for if not for something like this. UN Army's would clean the gangs up in a year or so. why aren't they going in.

  • preet inder
    preet inder 2 hours ago

    I appreciat you guys sharing this info, but biggest coverup and conspiracy for genocide has been 1984 delhi sikh killings. I wonder if you guys can make a video on it too

  • Nunya B
    Nunya B 2 hours ago

    They forgot to mention how criminals get guns illegally

  • Racist
    Racist 2 hours ago

    Africans stay in Africa

  • Lon W.
    Lon W. 2 hours ago

    Khasoggi was an enemy of the United States,

  • powerplayerGK
    powerplayerGK 2 hours ago


  • Johnny Schmegma
    Johnny Schmegma 2 hours ago

    'Only a mother could love" how dare you assume a maternal instinct in woment

  • Christian Alfred Garcia

    The only problem here is that you are an introvert and single... good luck taking selfies

  • Katherine OY
    Katherine OY 2 hours ago

    That's why I hate selfie

  • Vorzel _
    Vorzel _ 2 hours ago

    And the whole reason we still use the imperial system is because of... you guessed it...PIRATES!

  • uayfb1
    uayfb1 2 hours ago

    What? Americans overthrowing a democratically elected government?! What a concept!

  • Christian
    Christian 2 hours ago

    So sad they booed Jose Feliciano. Absolutely love his version <3_<3

  • Darknimbus3
    Darknimbus3 2 hours ago

    Of course this is coming from Vox XD No, Vox, it’s the other way around. The UK is better off without the EU, not vice-versa.

  • Zack Stines
    Zack Stines 2 hours ago

    why must news now and days have to be SO SO left or right???? this part of vox news only works because those to the right enjotly watching trump and all of his counterparts be put down, which i think is disgusting. especially when you realise almost all news is either left or right now. this is honestly sad

  • Bedava Nitro
    Bedava Nitro 2 hours ago

    Türküm turk olanlar +1

  • Wayne Burkett
    Wayne Burkett 2 hours ago

    BETO the convicted BURGLAR wants to confiscate your home defense, think about that. CRIMINALS want the people they intend to harm to be unarmed !! the COMMIECRATS!!

  • Plague Doktor
    Plague Doktor 2 hours ago

    Imagine looking to Vox or famous actors for firearms knowledge

  • Arthur Refslund
    Arthur Refslund 2 hours ago

    LOL! The fact that this was not already required is a joke haha - Especially with the amount of killing going on. Amurica XDDD

  • Andrew Ling
    Andrew Ling 2 hours ago

    Follow Australia

  • Caelin Bevan
    Caelin Bevan 3 hours ago

    The problemo: its an anarchy aerver

  • Jose Carlos Albarracin Sato

    2:15 *Jared from Subway has joined the chat*

  • Obi9..
    Obi9.. 3 hours ago

    An honest and OBJECTIVE video Vox I am pleasantly surprised

  • 君rei
    君rei 3 hours ago

    Jesus... convicted with no fair trial at the age of 20... all because two professors forcefully connected unproven scientific "evidence", out of what, maybe desperation? What became of those two odontologists, by the way? Hopefully regretting their careers. They were the main factors that propelled this whole debacle of allowing pseudoscience with no reliable error stats into law for two decades. I have an inkling that they probably knew they had nothing to prove themselves right, because you can't be a man of science for so long without acknowledging the stone cold fact of a simple tested theory and statistics.

  • D.j. B
    D.j. B 3 hours ago

    Taking advantage of crime to Profile & tax a constitutional Right. Licensing a right IS NOT POPULAR! IT IS TYRANNICAL!