Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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  • Wylie Garcia
    Wylie Garcia 3 hours ago

    Why didn't you let David West talk about Kawhi, instead of interrupting him?

  • 1canilive
    1canilive 3 hours ago

    This show be call cowboys vs lakers with a touch of hmmmmmmmmm

  • Hurricaneplays
    Hurricaneplays 3 hours ago

    Skip and Shannon should be tough on crime District Attorneys-assault with deadly weapon? Even hyperbole thinks that is over the top.

  • Famliy Family
    Famliy Family 3 hours ago

    Are they winning nope bad division that's why there winning

  • ShaH M
    ShaH M 3 hours ago

    imagine hating a man that playing out of the world at 35 years old.

  • Hurricaneplays
    Hurricaneplays 3 hours ago

    Shannon was right on with the rest of season. Still, it sounds worse than it actually was, a few games at most, to me. But since Myles got the rest of season, the QB deserves at least 1 game for instigating and trying to rip off Myles helmet when they were both on the ground. A case can be made that Rudolph got what he was going to try to do to the other player.

  • Super Basb
    Super Basb 4 hours ago

    Wala akong pake Chris at Shannon! Basta ako Kawhi lang ako win or lose! Para saken sya ang the best player. Tapos!

  • Broadstreet Flyers95

    he was also fouled and got no calls. He should have had 18 if they made the calls.

  • So Cool1
    So Cool1 4 hours ago

    Shannon is a hater

  • Farrakhan Legrande
    Farrakhan Legrande 4 hours ago

    He will be AIGHT!!!!

  • Jazz Travis
    Jazz Travis 4 hours ago

    America. Youll Lakers fans are funny. Youll looking at The weak. As TeAm wins. But just overlooking the gamecthey lost to was more important than any games they won. But you count those useless. As wins. Lol funny. LeBron FAN s

  • Frederick Pogue
    Frederick Pogue 4 hours ago

    Vick is low key hating saying he has topped out but he has not trust me

    IRWIN ROMMEL 4 hours ago

    One my fave players ever-Mr.David West.And yes he's a real tough guy-enforcer!

  • elton thomas
    elton thomas 4 hours ago

    Skip has to be a share holder in the Cowboys.

  • Kevin Lewis
    Kevin Lewis 4 hours ago

    Patrick MAHOMEBOY 😂😂 🤙🏾

  • cedric williams
    cedric williams 4 hours ago

    It's the O-line Skip. He can't run through holes that ain't there.

  • Bryan Terry
    Bryan Terry 4 hours ago

    All melo need is dak Prescott

  • Alieu Camara
    Alieu Camara 4 hours ago

    He’s only played one game after being off for a whole year, give him some credit damn

  • Jon M
    Jon M 4 hours ago

    Jenny wants some of that 4am Shay Shay 👀

  • Joel Crawford
    Joel Crawford 4 hours ago

    Didn't we talk about Zeke yesterday....DAAAAAAAMN WTF

  • Jorge Yniguez
    Jorge Yniguez 4 hours ago


  • ariamhe 032
    ariamhe 032 4 hours ago

    Nah.. SKIP , Lebron proved you wrong over and over again. Take the shame. Lol

  • Laker#24
    Laker#24 4 hours ago

    Imagine if KALOAD dont play Christmas day againts the Lakers🤣🤣

  • Cedric Bryant
    Cedric Bryant 4 hours ago

    Melo will be a Laker come the trade deadline

  • Anthony Polombo
    Anthony Polombo 4 hours ago

    Welcome to the Green led Warriors of 2019. All 3-12 of them.

  • Julian Lueras
    Julian Lueras 4 hours ago

    I can already see it. When LeBron retires he will be on this show one day. Skip Bayless's first question will be "SO... How does it feel to know you'd be 2 and 7 in the finals if Ray Allen didn't save your legacy" 🤣😂😂

    QUEENDOM 4 hours ago

    This comment section is delusional 😂😂😂😂😂

  • K Ahmed
    K Ahmed 4 hours ago

    Cowboys 31 New England 20!!! Go Cowboys!!!

  • Collin Jahns
    Collin Jahns 4 hours ago

    this is so sad he is absolutely toxic to teams and is washed now. this is a pity party

  • Intelligence Only
    Intelligence Only 4 hours ago

    I am already BORED!!! They already have Lebon winning Just Great!!!

  • Sean N
    Sean N 4 hours ago

    Uncle shay lol dang I love Shannon. Kick back talking bout I’ll be there for the playoffs 😂

  • PL Lyons
    PL Lyons 4 hours ago

    Skip hates blaxks makin 50million😭

  • king hoshi
    king hoshi 4 hours ago

    tf Skinny West

  • M R
    M R 4 hours ago


  • Jeremiah Davis
    Jeremiah Davis 4 hours ago

    They trying clown 🤡 Melo smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Wraith Black
    Wraith Black 4 hours ago

    Scoring 10 in the NBA isn't east. Media people make me sick. They expect indestructible Black men

  • Hater Hurdler
    Hater Hurdler 4 hours ago

    3:29 thank you very much... NOW.... MY TURN

    SHOWTYMEslIM X 4 hours ago

    This is nothing new for rivers he is the last of the gunslinging risk taking QBs.....he always gambles for the win...but chargers as a whole are average i feel like most of thier games are down to the wire and rivers has to the "last drive to win the game type stuff"...legend of a QB my fav type of QBs actually

  • Pablo Wilkano
    Pablo Wilkano 4 hours ago

    Skip always finds a way to talk about the cowboys

  • Timothy Quiros
    Timothy Quiros 4 hours ago

    Melo should focus on being a post scorer. He's too strong and quick for most PFs and SFs in the game

  • Kellen Murphy
    Kellen Murphy 4 hours ago

    David West is a Legend. #Champ 👑

  • Old_Man_ 803
    Old_Man_ 803 4 hours ago

    Where is his #7

  • Hachii Kostaffi
    Hachii Kostaffi 4 hours ago

    With or without that offense he's special

  • Nick M
    Nick M 4 hours ago

    He’s obviously injured. He would never take three games off in a row. No pro athlete would or even be allowed to if he wasn’t injured.

  • Richard Philbert
    Richard Philbert 4 hours ago

    Melo is who he is at this point. Let this season be his farewell tour year.

  • Jon Hopkins
    Jon Hopkins 4 hours ago

    Let’s wait and see at 10 games mark

  • K1d
    K1d 4 hours ago

    Vikings are doing great this season. 8-3 rn!

  • Melody Lover
    Melody Lover 4 hours ago

    The New York Knicks needs to sign Jamal Crawford

  • TyteMind 888
    TyteMind 888 4 hours ago

    If he wears his hair like this, chances are he may require a bath too.

  • Jeremy James
    Jeremy James 4 hours ago

    I wish these three could do undisputed everyday it would be awesome

  • Preston Massey
    Preston Massey 4 hours ago

    GOOD LUCK MELO!!! Awesome seeing him back on the court! 🏀

  • Frank Garrett
    Frank Garrett 4 hours ago

    Jenny is getting annoying

  • roger watson
    roger watson 4 hours ago

    Does anyone think teams just dont want to deal with the hassles that might come with him.

  • Riley Mcfadden
    Riley Mcfadden 4 hours ago

    Skip can’t answer a single question lol

  • Bellmane 45
    Bellmane 45 4 hours ago

    Jenny is damn fine

  • Fyah Isreal
    Fyah Isreal 4 hours ago

    Scamahan is a joke. Get rid of all these old stuck in their way coaches.

  • Days
    Days 5 hours ago

    4:32 had me dead😂

  • Rungy
    Rungy 5 hours ago

    The Superbowl is Sunday!!!

  • P Manny
    P Manny 5 hours ago

    6:20 Shannon a fool 💀😭😭

  • DeMarcus Shipman
    DeMarcus Shipman 5 hours ago

    No, I cannot agree with Shannon! Protest do not & dis not work. Making demands does not work. All it does is change the face of the persecution. Back then it was blatant & in your face now they still do the same the blacks giving us flowers & candy while beating us covertly. Laws do not make change but the people have to actually change!

  • jmassa007
    jmassa007 5 hours ago

    Give him a few games 😐

  • Wallace Mulls
    Wallace Mulls 5 hours ago

    No we didn't. It was because of his lack of talent!

  • De'Andre Carter
    De'Andre Carter 5 hours ago

    Skip be crying when he say “My quarterback” 🤣

  • Evert Comer, III
    Evert Comer, III 5 hours ago

    David West talks with class & wisdom!

  • bubsdennis
    bubsdennis 5 hours ago

    It's even more sad now. He won't help. He isn't a team player.

  • With The Quickness
    With The Quickness 5 hours ago

    Steve Nash and Kobe both had worse ends to their careers given that everything was taken from them by injuries and everything that went against Melo was because he was stubborn, unwilling to adapt to a bench role, etc. Melo was a victim of his own poor attitude. Kobe and Nash had their endings ruined by freak injuries. Kobe was a guy to root for, Nash too. Melo? Meh

  • Omer Noori
    Omer Noori 5 hours ago

    Jenny lookin fine

  • Hardstyle818
    Hardstyle818 5 hours ago

    David West IFB (the ear 👂 thing) kept falling out lol

  • Michael Morales
    Michael Morales 5 hours ago

    I like how PG and Kawhi have yet to play together and they’re making predictions like this. Like how Kawhi wasn’t gonna win a chip in Toronto. Or how James is washed. 😑

  • hoison68
    hoison68 5 hours ago

    Skip, the eternal coward.

  • Slim Breesus
    Slim Breesus 5 hours ago

    You guys should talk about things like this more. Enough of always cowboys and dak and chiefs talk. There are 32 teams, and tons of stories to discuss.

  • Tyrone Williams
    Tyrone Williams 5 hours ago

    I'm happy Melo got a shot. But he still shot 28%. Hope he can get better. I'm rooting for him

  • PackerFan12
    PackerFan12 5 hours ago

    Skip I thought this was Aaron Rodgers team not daks?

  • Slim 803
    Slim 803 5 hours ago

    Rockets better than both

  • Albert Lucero
    Albert Lucero 5 hours ago

    He's been done, he's trash in the NBA.

  • Ballroom Collection Ball Ball Phython

    Rivers couldn’t run to save his kids.

    BLITZ D 5 hours ago

    Wait, wasn’t Shannon saying the same thing about Kristaps Porzingis but in favor of him? “You can’t have it both ways skip” 😂

  • adingdingdiiing
    adingdingdiiing 5 hours ago

    Melo didn't look rusty at all. It's the same Houston Melo. Even if they give him 10-20 games, he's still going to underperform.

  • mike  caldwell
    mike caldwell 5 hours ago

    Skip stop following my squad ur clueless

  • Ballroom Collection Ball Ball Phython

    They should pick up kap.

  • AnimeKing
    AnimeKing 5 hours ago

    Plot Twist: Micheal Vick can transform into Lamar Jackson and create clones to not get caught

  • Bernard Tarver
    Bernard Tarver 5 hours ago

    CMC > Lamar

  • skatelife2013
    skatelife2013 5 hours ago

    Just be real bout the injury and come out saying you're injured/ end of story. It's the load management narrative and resting this early in the season that's irking fans. Like lebron... he never even hurt himself last year, but he just came out and said he was "injured", but he really wasn't, he was just managing his load smartly knowing that he wouldn't make it anywhere with that scrub team he was with.

  • Jomo Cheatham
    Jomo Cheatham 5 hours ago

    Never heard him break anything down before, but (imo), West just ascended up there with Greg Anthony due to his clarity, objectivity and critical analysis.

  • hoison68
    hoison68 5 hours ago

    Skip =POS

  • mello the fellow
    mello the fellow 5 hours ago

    Melo still got it I don't care what nobody say melo fan all day 15,7,00

  • Kevian Price
    Kevian Price 5 hours ago

    Dame a Superstar Skip...WTF

  • PimpMyPeon
    PimpMyPeon 5 hours ago

    lamelo will be better than carmelo LMAO

  • Drew Brees #Breesus #Dr.Brees aka Mr.5000

    Madden had this bum ranked over me too

  • JR JR
    JR JR 5 hours ago

    Dame is the most underappreciated player in the league

    EULISS BENOIT 5 hours ago

    If you can't beat ain't there yet

  • Aesthetic Vanh
    Aesthetic Vanh 5 hours ago

    Yeah grown men are getting paid to stop him but they are also getting paid whether or not they do stop him

  • Michael Roman
    Michael Roman 5 hours ago

    Waste of money to pay these rb's

    • Dave Brown
      Dave Brown 3 hours ago


  • omackTV
    omackTV 5 hours ago

    Cant stand shay being this much of groupie. Itd not just lebron for all 48mins. Its lebron AND ad. Quit talking like lebron is doing everything by himself. This isnt the cavs without kyrie. This is the lakers

  • dan castro
    dan castro 5 hours ago

    We'll karma for his greed

  • Brandon Epps
    Brandon Epps 5 hours ago

    how does it look that marshmelo joined a 5-9 team that went to the conf finals last yr. it screams desperation an portland should be ashamed that they're playin horrid ball lately. completely down ward spiral. now what?

  • Baby Goats 83
    Baby Goats 83 5 hours ago

    Zeke barley gets the ball consistently... Cowboys 70%Pass 30%Run And most of those are draws out of the shotgun formation.

  • Jose Luna
    Jose Luna 5 hours ago

    Honestly. The Clippers need to refocus.

  • Alfonso Soto-Adame
    Alfonso Soto-Adame 5 hours ago

    Skiupp skiiuup

  • Jabrony
    Jabrony 5 hours ago

    Mid range shooting is a problem for the Lakers 😂😂, like the warriors didn’t win 3 titles not shooting that much mid ranges