Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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  • Reggie R2
    Reggie R2 3 hours ago

    Michael knocked back 2 Monster Energy drinks before coming on set.

  • Sagatuppercut SF2
    Sagatuppercut SF2 3 hours ago

    If Shannon Sharpe gives you a C, you better step up your game.

  • owner owner
    owner owner 3 hours ago

    First Take full show. R.I.P Koby Bryant 1/27/20

  • Kafala
    Kafala 3 hours ago

    Noooooo. Never a top 5 quarterback in any year while he was in the league.

    DA GORILLA 3 hours ago

    We miss you CC ! On FS1 I wish we learn to forgive at least none violent, none treating things. I appreciate all the shows I’ve been bless to see, with you and ole Nick Wright! Y’all were the next Skipp and Shannon! I’m praying you get back! Cuz life to short. Rip Kobe Bryant and the others that were lost in that crash. 🙏🏾😇🙆🏾‍♂️

  • Trevor Feeney
    Trevor Feeney 3 hours ago

    Skip Bayless is an idiot and will always be an idiot. He will even argue with Cromartie even though he ACTUALLY played the position. Lol

  • izbo10
    izbo10 3 hours ago

    One of the things im tired of hearing is how spotless elis reputation is, its not true. The man settled a merchandise fraud case out of court that had emails heavily supporting the case he was guilty. You say the man never threw anyone under the bus, Ill give 2 examples that prove this wrong. When dealing with geno replacing him he stated " I thought we were trying to win" implying geno doesn't give you that chance. He also threw a rookie receiver under the bus when he outed that the reciever was asking for help knowing what to do in the huddle. The class act narrative is there to help him because he didn't transcend on the field and because hes a manning and needs to be great, not because he actually was.

    • izbo10
      izbo10 3 hours ago

      also note i think he gets in 1st or 2nd ballot, most likely 2nd, but im questionable if he deserves it.

  • Alfred .Crapsey
    Alfred .Crapsey 3 hours ago

    Skip talks a lot of B.S and I'm not even a giants fan jeez skip make up your mind

  • Christopher Palmer
    Christopher Palmer 4 hours ago

    Terry Bradshaw and Joe Namath are in the Hall of tell me Eli isn’t a Hall of Famer with a straight face.

  • Scott
    Scott 4 hours ago

    Two super bowls period.

  • John Damon Walls
    John Damon Walls 4 hours ago

    Moss is a first ballot HOF’er. No questions.

  • truth hurts
    truth hurts 4 hours ago

    Mahomes is goat in the making.

  • 1perfectstrangerr
    1perfectstrangerr 4 hours ago

    Dak has to show he can carry the team without Zeke....this year he proved he couldn't...I would start looking somewhere else...

  • Yayboi Carti
    Yayboi Carti 4 hours ago

    Nick Foles has done more for the league than Eli Manning. Period.

  • boyzinblue03
    boyzinblue03 4 hours ago

    Daks a joke under pressure. All these QBs coming out in draft, I'd rather take a chance on one over him

  • Will Nichols
    Will Nichols 4 hours ago

    Everyting skip said the last minute is how we all feel about Dak. Everytime he has a bad game all you hear is Dak is a warrior and every excuse he can think of. I'm sure Dak is also a good person but I don't like him because of Skip being Skip.

  • Eagle Fan
    Eagle Fan 5 hours ago

    all Falcons had to do was run the ball gave it away like the Rams and the Seahawks when 1 yd don;t run beastmode lol stupid

  • Ricardo Jorge filho
    Ricardo Jorge filho 5 hours ago

    Tony didn’t say it right it’s “skiiiieup!”

  • Thomas Pick
    Thomas Pick 5 hours ago

    Go ahead big shot Dak, move on. Dallas can get an old qb for a few years while they draft a young qb and develop him. Team players, not super stars.

  • Christian Gordon
    Christian Gordon 5 hours ago

    Mad bout my giants but wat the cowgirls do tho

  • Eagle Fan
    Eagle Fan 5 hours ago

    with cheating or without

  • Eagle Fan
    Eagle Fan 5 hours ago

    u switch Brady and Joe what happens..... well Joe had a tough road with Super bowl NFC Winners for 7 straight years, every week u play a tough team, every play was tough. QB got hit after the play ,after play......let's say Brady makes the 4 SB joe did....Brady loses his SB or barely wins them ....Brady say loses 1(lets be nice) Joe is on the Pats...he has weak Miami and jets every Brady always gets the Bye so very healthy easy road ....Montana should have same Sb appearances again lets be nice. Joe in 2 super Bowls destroys the team which Brady never did in 9. Montana wins 2 Super Bowls Brady could not win due to iMontana's 126 QB rating to Brady more thing....Joe is the GOAT no Int in 4 Super Bowls......Being on the Pats....u decide

  • Matthew Cohn
    Matthew Cohn 5 hours ago

    Is Skip unaware that this is a team sport? He had to deal with dysfunction since the last SB run and didn't complain a bit.

  • adam hachey
    adam hachey 5 hours ago

    This is the same man that argued T.O shouldn't be in the HOF, Please don't take what he says seriously.

  • arodrig4
    arodrig4 5 hours ago

    Skip didn’t know wtf he was talking about on this one. He was clearly blinded by his dislike of TO

  • Nicholas Bronson
    Nicholas Bronson 5 hours ago

    Skip is a joke. Full of himself.

  • TheRebuilt1
    TheRebuilt1 5 hours ago

    LOL, "please merciful God"

  • david smith
    david smith 5 hours ago

    R.I.P. to the goat the legend kobe Bryant u will b forever missed

  • Big homie
    Big homie 5 hours ago

    The Chiefs are gonna bring the defense too there hyped and ready to make big plays go CHIEFS!!!

  • Alan Manriquez
    Alan Manriquez 5 hours ago

    Even molly realizes how much of an idiot she sounds like when she reads Draymond tweets. Her tone says it all.

  • ArrCee
    ArrCee 5 hours ago

    I am never the type to like cocky players, but even tho Mahomes eliminated my team in the divisional round, I been rooting for him to take it all. That kid is unbelievable, just unbelievably good.

  • garygsp3
    garygsp3 5 hours ago

    This is why i dislike Skip Bayless. All season it's been Dak is the best QB in the league. He has the best stats the best QBR, there isn't anybody in the league I'd rather have at QB for Dallas other than maybe Tom Brady. Suddenly it's money time...oh Dak isn't that good. If it wasn't for his line his stats would be anywhere near that. He should give them a hometown discount. It completely negates an entire season of debating. It's illogical in his reasoning. Either he is or isn't worth the money.

  • ivan carter
    ivan carter 5 hours ago

    how you like me now!!!! says Pat Mahomes

  • butter knife 21
    butter knife 21 6 hours ago

    Sure he beat Brady twice. What did he do after that ? Absolutely nothing.

  • Victor Brown
    Victor Brown 6 hours ago

    Downward spiral... AB damn!!

  • That Guise
    That Guise 6 hours ago

    Skip be taking Eli's rings away because of the helmet catch but he never says brady is lucky for the falcons' legs stopping the ball from hitting the grass...

  • Keecho The masked Man from Texas

    he was pretty good but not great.

  • Gian Segovia
    Gian Segovia 6 hours ago

    So his legacy is mostly that he took two rings from the patriots, sad that his victories are just labeled as two super champions. It's almost as important his competitor as the rings themselves....that kinda says all you need to know lol Not a first ballot HoFer, he'll get in bc of his manning and who his team beat, but not because of the player he was, also helps he's in new york so his media relationship is good so that'll certainly help his cause to get in, but strictly of his own merits, not a HoFer

  • Sean Dolan
    Sean Dolan 6 hours ago

    Nah, LeBron will end up 1st or 2nd, KD will end between 3rd and 5th

  • Matt Despino
    Matt Despino 6 hours ago

    Rip to the great Kobe Bryant ❤️

  • Broken Glass
    Broken Glass 7 hours ago

    So everyone calls that pass lucky but nobody seems to call that catch lucky 🤨

  • crimsonxtide50
    crimsonxtide50 7 hours ago

    As a giants fan, I didn’t like romo as quarterback, but as a broadcaster, he’s my favorite

  • Joshua May
    Joshua May 7 hours ago

    RIP KOBE💛💜💛💜

  • Marcus Allen
    Marcus Allen 7 hours ago

    i feel sorry for antonio brown

  • MikeAnthony2007
    MikeAnthony2007 7 hours ago

    They waiting to see if Tom Brady resigns

  • OptimusCrime9900
    OptimusCrime9900 7 hours ago

    So Brady is the goat because of his six rings, but eli doesn't even belong into the HOF with his two?

  • Rocc Monstrr
    Rocc Monstrr 7 hours ago

    Anonio tho

  • JoseATurner
    JoseATurner 8 hours ago

    He's 20 years old. He'll get stronger. He'll get smarter. The game will slow down for him, and subsequently, he'll seem faster. He scores, passes, and crashes boards. By the time he's 25, he'll be in the running for MVP for years. Jordan, Magic, Bird, LaBron, Kobe may always be too great for anybody to ever eclipse. But I think it's fair to compare overall style and ability between Luca and Larry. Only time will tell if Luca ups his game to Bird's level - or even close to.

  • LeBron James-In Honor of Kobe Bryant

    TOP 3 and I don't give af about stats. RIP Kobe Bryant. I will deeply miss you.

  • TJ Smith
    TJ Smith 8 hours ago

    I’m here 😢💔

  • Bob& SilentJay
    Bob& SilentJay 8 hours ago

    "The most valuable player" and "the most talented player" are NOT the same thing, Skip. That argument is stupid.

  • Justin Christopher
    Justin Christopher 8 hours ago


  • Justin Christopher
    Justin Christopher 8 hours ago

    Both sb championships they were 9-7. Overall record doesnt mean much. The lack of being in playoffs consistently and ints should be biggest reasons he wont. But he'll get in. Ugh cant stand New Yorkers. Why do they always gotta yell?

  • M B
    M B 9 hours ago

    Who's watching this after Kobe died and AB spent a night in jail?

  • TexasBoy Easye
    TexasBoy Easye 9 hours ago

    “You jacked off my time”

  • Bork Laser ✔️
    Bork Laser ✔️ 9 hours ago

    Does michael rapaport have any sports credibility? He’s batshit crazy lol

  • Buddah Theepoet
    Buddah Theepoet 9 hours ago

    He's better now

  • Buddah Theepoet
    Buddah Theepoet 9 hours ago

    Who else read Lavar quote and starting singing "blame it on the rain"?

  • I legend
    I legend 10 hours ago

    If you have to ask... It means he doesnt. You know who the greats are because youll remember them.

  • A Lunch Trey
    A Lunch Trey 10 hours ago

    I’d be more worried if Skip wasn’t hating on the Chiefs. Every game he hates on them they win!

  • DigDigDig
    DigDigDig 10 hours ago

    Mahomeboy lol

  • Deneve Ymbong
    Deneve Ymbong 10 hours ago

    Man after what happened I don't wanna ever debate on this no more like what I always did with Kobe and LeBron. I just want em alive. They all the goat to me period

  • Priyam Roy
    Priyam Roy 11 hours ago

    RIP Kobe Bryant, you will always be remembered.

  • Competition Sports 2019

    Aannnnnd Look where Antonio brown is today!

  • Galen Hill
    Galen Hill 11 hours ago

    Shannon wants to say no.If it was yes he would have simply said “Yes Skip I do believe he should be in”

  • Brian Sams
    Brian Sams 11 hours ago

    Both these MFS dumb ASF

  • Brian Sams
    Brian Sams 11 hours ago

    Shannon sounds dumb ASF

  • pislat siger
    pislat siger 11 hours ago

    My Top 10 List: 1. Michael Jordan 2. Magic Johnson 3. Larry Bird 4. Kareem Abdul Jabbar 5. Tim Duncan 6. Kobe Bryant 7. Lebron James 8. Kevin Durant 9. Hakeem Olajuwon 10. Shaquille O'neil

  • kris hernandez
    kris hernandez 11 hours ago

    Dak prescott not worth 20+ million per year

  • kris hernandez
    kris hernandez 11 hours ago

    man I hate to have to finally say this, but skip sit down, you are an idiot!

  • Shamar
    Shamar 11 hours ago

    TVclip petty for putting this in my recommendations like a week and a half later lmao

  • Matthew Cameron
    Matthew Cameron 11 hours ago

    NFL needs to stop interviewing people until AFTER the SB! Leave my man EB alone until we done winning the Super Bowl

  • Adam Aroeste
    Adam Aroeste 11 hours ago

    Pointless debate. He’s in. 1st round. Haters gotta hate.

  • Samir Osman
    Samir Osman 11 hours ago

    Is no one going to talk about how he is #7 in both all time passing yards and TDs? Of all QBs to play the game he is statistically the #7 best passer. Also he has had an absolute sh!t show of an offensive line for those last 8 seasons, and hasn’t had any help on offense until Odell came in. The defense was also horrendous except for that 2015 season. Eli did everything he could for a team that had mediocre at best players for the majority of his career.

  • Blue Hunnids
    Blue Hunnids 11 hours ago

    Damn RIP KOBE 🦋

  • Elton Dennie
    Elton Dennie 11 hours ago

    I dont care what anyone says moss was the most talented receiver ever.

  • hereitis again
    hereitis again 11 hours ago

    Yes he gets in. 7th all time TDs, 7th all time yards, 2 super bowls, more passing yards than Elway. Did Elway get in? He did.

  • Jacoby JaGoaty
    Jacoby JaGoaty 11 hours ago

    Specific rules and pillows on their hands

  • Druid Dude
    Druid Dude 11 hours ago

    I see what you did there. In a week with experienced pundits erecting statues to Mahomes, dissing Eli Manning is a classic cart before the horse troll.

  • Vinny Darnell
    Vinny Darnell 12 hours ago


  • Ronnie Branford
    Ronnie Branford 12 hours ago

    LeBron - two consecutive bronze medals (2004 Olympics and 2006 World Championships), needed Kobe (RIP) to join TeamUSA so he could get his first gold in 2008 (go watch gold medal match, Kobe (RIP) took over). Needed two of the other top five picks from his own draft class (Wade and Bosh) as well as two record-holding three point shooters (Miller and Battier) to win his first championship. Has never even reached the playoffs without at least one all-star team mate (2004, 2005, 2019). Has never won a championship without at least two all-star team mates both averaging above 19ppg on the season (Wade and Bosh with Miami, Love and Irving with Cleveland). Only player in NBA history to be booted out of the playoffs by a lower seed three consecutive years; 2009 Cavs had the 3rd best offense and 4th best defense in NBA and eliminated by one all-star Magic in ECF, 2010 66-win Cavs eliminated in 2nd round by 50-32 Celtics in which Cavs GM Dan Gilbert publicly accused LeBron of "quitting on the series" after putting up double-figure turnovers in the 2nd round close-out game, and in 2011 when the "Heatles" lost with home-court advantage to the Mavericks. Owns two of the biggest finals scoring discrepancies in NBA history; that 2011 series when he was outplayed and outscored by bench players, and in 2007 when 35 year old Bruce Bowen held him to 22ppg on 35% shooting, almost double figures below his season average on both occasions. 2007 was one of two times LeBron has shot under 40% in the finals, and he's been held below 40% shooting in five other playoff series. Worst finals winning percentage of any player in NBA history; only 18 wins from 49 games, most finals games lost in NBA history, 2nd most finals series lost in NBA history. Four times in finals his direct small forward opponent has taken home finals MVP trophy; Kawhi Leonard, Andre Iguodala and Kevin Durant twice. Has lost a finals series by an NBA record margin (2014 71 point deficit where the average margin of defeat was 14ppg), and a finals close-out game by an NBA record margin (2018 23 points, only put up four shots in the entire 2nd half). One of three players in NBA history to average more than four turnovers in multiple seasons (on pace this year to do it for a 4th time) and has had a turnover ratio higher than 10% in each of his 16 seasons played (on pace for 17 this season). In 2007 finals, two of the four games were decided by one possession (3 points or less) and the Cavs were still swept, and in 2015 finals the Cavs had a chance to take a commanding 3-1 lead but in game 4 LeBron finished with 20 points on 30% shooting, 20% from 3, 50% from FT and had 7 turnovers, swung momentum back to the Warriors. 2007 was one of two times LeBron has been swept in the finals, the 2nd was in 2018 and gave the Warriors their 2nd franchise sweep becoming the only franchise to do so multiple times in NBA history. Has been ring-chasing since the conference call to Wade and Melo in 2006 and is still chasing many of his contemporaries ring tally; Kobe (RIP) 5, Duncan 5, Manu and Parker 4, and is only tied with many others; Wade, Cassell and Curry. Has only ever led his peers in the league in one statistical category; a scoring title back in 2008 (oddly enough, claims he "is not a scorer" yet averages more field goal attempts per game than players like Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant). If not for one Ray Allen three pointer in the 2013 finals, LeBron would have the same amount of bronze medals as NBA championships (same could be said for 2016 series if Bogut doesn't get injured, rookie commissioner doesnt suspend Draymond, or if Iggy and Curry are at full health; both had surgery after the series). Since his first attempt in 2006, shoots a mere 17% on game-winning and go-ahead field goals with 10 seconds or less remaining (ESPN: "last second shots are tough, just ask LeBron James"). Has shot in the 60% range from the FT line twice in his career (shooting 68% this season) and for his career shoots 40% when his team is down by one possession in the last quarter (again, ESPN). 0-for-6 on attempted game-winning field goals in the finals (two of which were layups). Has accrued the most financial penalties of any active player from flopping (look up "LeBronning"). Can't function without air conditioning (Spurs series, "full body cramps"). There's so much more I could write but I'm out of space. Sports media should be ashamed for pushing this false narrative.

  • Stephen Salach
    Stephen Salach 12 hours ago

    *Giants win super bowl* Skip: pshh all defense and Eli didn't do anything!! *Pats win the super bowl* Skip: OMG BRADY DID IT ALL!! HE'S THE GOAT!!

  • Rod Weaver
    Rod Weaver 12 hours ago

    I guess people are always going to have their own opinions. Each era is going to have players that people talk about. The Raiders' Lester Hayes was really good, especially in the big games. But, I remember Revis and how superior of a cornerback he was. Sherman's comment about him living on reputation doesn't make a lot of sense. How do you think Revis got that reputation?

  • Marcus Watson
    Marcus Watson 12 hours ago

    I’m seeing this the morning after Kobe died. Wonder why

  • First Name
    First Name 12 hours ago

    Top 5 rip

  • R Garcia
    R Garcia 12 hours ago

    Now he calls him Mahomie. Let's just call this show what it really is.. Uncorrect

  • tin nguyen
    tin nguyen 12 hours ago

    @SHANNONSHARP What did Lebron do in the last 2 years to leap frog Kareem and MJ on your list? Getting swept in the finals twice?

  • Speedy
    Speedy 12 hours ago

    Shaq complaining to David Stern about uncalled fouls against him. Stern response to Shaq “I have 28 teams complaining about you”😂😂

  • Black Legacy Entertainment

    Skip- did you order that?? Classic

  • Lee Webster
    Lee Webster 12 hours ago

    Sharpe come off like a clown

    THE GOAT- STIOPIC 12 hours ago

    Rappaport is such a cornball.... And he shud b n the hall of fame

  • This is Laflare Tv
    This is Laflare Tv 13 hours ago

    Skip that is very white of you

  • Anime Dude
    Anime Dude 13 hours ago

    Never forget that Skip not Shannon Sharpe thought the Mahomes pick was a great one after the draft. Not really sure why Skip switched but it might just be in his nature to go against popular opinion

  • Damon Harper
    Damon Harper 13 hours ago

    Mahomeboy is his name now , huh Shay Sharpe 🤔

  • Kevin Burns
    Kevin Burns 13 hours ago

    Redefined position. Name one more QB who has been more clutch in the past 20 years, Skip. I'll wait.

  • String Theory Guitars
    String Theory Guitars 13 hours ago

    We lost the legend of Kobe today, and the game will never be the same

  • MadMax™
    MadMax™ 13 hours ago

    Receivers shouldn't even be in the discussion. The GOAT is either Jim Brown, or Walter Payton.

  • J.R Cody
    J.R Cody 13 hours ago

    I think people are forgetting Andy is a solid quarterback, and that Tom didn’t play too well this year yet they won 12 games. Honestly if the Patriots wouldn’t have had to go against Derrick Henry in the middle of his rampage they could’ve won and given the Chiefs a hard time in the divisional round. Brady may be better than just a system quarterback, but let’s be honest he has always had a great supporting cast.

  • Tom Soleymanbik
    Tom Soleymanbik 13 hours ago

    LeBron needed to find teammates and swap teams to win. Michael made it happen at Chicago. Michael stayed with his team, he did a three peat twice. People love basketball because of MJ.

  • Josh V
    Josh V 13 hours ago

    Skip is stupid , mayweather knocked out victor Ortiz 2011

    • Josh V
      Josh V 13 hours ago

      Also in 2007 Ricky hatton