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Joe Weller
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See you soon
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The Reason Why I've Changed
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  • ceerw buty
    ceerw buty 3 minutes ago

    No one: Absolutely no one at all: Not a soul: Joe: Hello young boys

  • saliegh davis
    saliegh davis 25 minutes ago

    Joeeee😂😂😂you destroyed him

  • Danny sherpa
    Danny sherpa 25 minutes ago

    So that means wwe is fake.

  • SpinItFruit
    SpinItFruit 40 minutes ago

    Jake Paul's so full of himself that he thinks no one can tell he's wearing a Fake Watch

  • Rax D
    Rax D 46 minutes ago

    Joe is honestly in the wrong here it's clear hes trying to out Jake down when it's not his place. Jake's right, grow up.

  • Bengal
    Bengal 50 minutes ago

    I hope this fucking beef between you and KSI is squashed. You look happy as fuck mate.

  • eduardo santos
    eduardo santos 56 minutes ago

    How can people like jake Paul, his a dick

  • Cam K
    Cam K 59 minutes ago


  • Josh Rogers
    Josh Rogers Hour ago

    Wow joe Weller riding on the dick of the person that beat his ass 👏👏👏

  • Landa Stones
    Landa Stones Hour ago

    Logan should fight Adam

  • The_Happy Kodiak

    I hope KSI and Jake Paul fight so he can smash the last 2 brain cells out of Jake Paul’s head. You are a saint for putting up with him Joe.

  • David Silvaa
    David Silvaa Hour ago

    The Paul's are fucking morons... He won't even listen to Joe.For all the 🧂 Paul Fans,ya'll are just as bad.

  • Luke Wood
    Luke Wood Hour ago

    wow such a wet guy... bruh

  • Hajal Ali
    Hajal Ali Hour ago

    Got him rattled

  • jas coupe
    jas coupe Hour ago

    i’m screaming Joe’s facial expressions😭how he held it together i do not know because wow jakes actually such a freak

  • King Jae
    King Jae Hour ago

    Was that Sable who suplexed you???

  • Theory of Wazza
    Theory of Wazza Hour ago

    Jake Paul is still 10 years old wow...

  • Dante Simpson
    Dante Simpson Hour ago

    Did you see his reaction when ksi won he was shocked and started making excuses for Logan

  • Anthony
    Anthony Hour ago


  • Dante Simpson
    Dante Simpson Hour ago

    Joe is still burning about getting his ass beat

  • Lauren T
    Lauren T Hour ago

    Joe did a fantastic job covering this fight, as well as the build up towards it. He managed to stay fairly unbiased (even though I do feel he thought Logan would win and maybe even hoped for that outcome) he was still so respectful of JJ, gave credit where it’s due and admitted that Logan really didn’t deliver on what he promised time and time again (which he didn’t) if anything, Logan came out as a dirty fighter, something he claimed to dislike in KSI last year and JJ did nothing on the same level as what Logan did this time around. Anyway, great job, Joe! Such a lovely guy, great at interacting with people and I really hope he continues to have a career in boxing, especially with regards to commentating on it and the analysis of the sport which I really enjoyed listening to and learning about.

  • AGY_Julian
    AGY_Julian Hour ago

    I beg I’m the only one who like Logan MORE thank Jake now he cares more about his brand and himself than his brother losing, being a dick to Joe. What a prick.

  • m3ntal mul1sha
    m3ntal mul1sha 2 hours ago

    Don't really follow either of these 2, however from that it's pretty obvious who the dick is.

  • Cody Dewey
    Cody Dewey 2 hours ago

    Notice this is before the fight and there’s still no signs of sickness 🤔

  • Jelawi alqhtani
    Jelawi alqhtani 2 hours ago

    both of u are stupid and acting like children

  • Cubanito
    Cubanito 2 hours ago

    good job joe!

  • Jeffrey Cardenas
    Jeffrey Cardenas 2 hours ago

    Weller should’ve busted his big fucking mouth. Jake a lil bitch

  • TEHTEZ _
    TEHTEZ _ 2 hours ago

    Who told Vick he looks good in a suit?😂

  • Brandon Gregory
    Brandon Gregory 2 hours ago

    Your so fucking gay like

  • Kooked
    Kooked 2 hours ago

    Americans are fucking stupid

  • sam watts
    sam watts 2 hours ago

    That first bitch is why guys are scared to talk to girls

  • Jacob Joyce
    Jacob Joyce 2 hours ago

    I hated joe weller for really no reason until I watched this video because I relate to it so much. I quit playing football my senior year just because I wasn’t getting any playing time. I was underdeveloped, not athletic at all, slow, skinny fat, etc. literally third string safety of JV. That’s how bad. Started lifting and cone graduation I was 185 and solid muscle. The next year I got bigger and even more shredded. When I joined the military everything went down hill. I washed out of the special Warfare program. Got sent to do a shitty job. Quit working out, and played called of duty and smashed honey buns on my down time. I gained 15 pounds of fat in only a matter of 2 months. Just sucks when you look so lean and chiseled and muscular. Then get fat and people look at you and ask what the fuck happened to you. That will really crush you. Shit got so bad I was on 4 different meds for anxiety and depression. It was really hard for me to get back into the gym but this was great to see.

  • Cosworth YBD
    Cosworth YBD 2 hours ago

    Joe Weller Vs. Jake Paul I think would be a fight worth seeing.

  • ATL Herminio
    ATL Herminio 2 hours ago

    Im not 12... cry because logan lost

  • Polski Królik
    Polski Królik 2 hours ago


  • Jamie Collins
    Jamie Collins 2 hours ago

    Wtf get away from these idiots before they bring ya channel down .

  • Alex
    Alex 2 hours ago

    Such a shitty production video, under 10 mins, done on a whim and still bangs 2.5m views.... Weller is an OG

  • Jpwsoccer02
    Jpwsoccer02 2 hours ago

    Jake Paul is actually so immature it’s a joke

  • Edvard Barth
    Edvard Barth 2 hours ago

  • MrNajarvez
    MrNajarvez 2 hours ago

    Strange this is that you hear someone whisper ‘Joe’ after Elliot says ‘Callux and Gundogan’

  • Janos Magyar
    Janos Magyar 2 hours ago

    Jake has such a punchable face fr. Maan I didn’t know that another human being can irritate me as much as Jake does

  • Abdul Choudhury
    Abdul Choudhury 2 hours ago

    anyone here after Ksi rematch LP. Gonna be 2020 next month 2020 YHH LETS GO CHAMP

  • Alex
    Alex 3 hours ago

    Ye got bashed

  • Eoin Crossan
    Eoin Crossan 3 hours ago

    This has aged well

  • Lee Wood
    Lee Wood 3 hours ago

    I don’t know you but I’m proud of you! Well done bro you seem a great bloke

  • Edvard Barth
    Edvard Barth 3 hours ago

    jake paul is a childe bro. he is like 22 and 9 years in his head hahaha. taking all seirus

  • Jacob Gamboa
    Jacob Gamboa 3 hours ago

    I am addicted to this song

  • Haygen Fleming
    Haygen Fleming 3 hours ago

    Joe seller just needs to stop boxing😂

  • Joe Frain
    Joe Frain 3 hours ago

    Little did they know…

  • Marc Byrne
    Marc Byrne 3 hours ago

    Loved when jake hugged joe and he just goes this ‘geezer’😂💀

  • Lewisparkinnn
    Lewisparkinnn 3 hours ago

    Who’s here in 2019, this is the best video 😂

  • alisuo toko
    alisuo toko 3 hours ago

    Joe: '' When ksi was breathing out of his moth'' Also Joe: breathing intensifies

    TYMMI 3 hours ago

    Joe weller is a huge pussy, this was goofy

  • Dingo Nuts
    Dingo Nuts 3 hours ago

    See you joey boi 🤓

  • Liam Gallagher
    Liam Gallagher 3 hours ago

    The second Joe mentioned big gibber he points my crowds here

  • GeGe
    GeGe 3 hours ago

    Who’s here after KSI v Logan 👇🏻

  • fred winterburn
    fred winterburn 3 hours ago

    What an arse hole Jake Paul is

  • Daisy & Raul
    Daisy & Raul 3 hours ago

    He makes 87.3x more money than you and I and who ever replys on my comment

  • Fizzy
    Fizzy 3 hours ago

    This video just shows that Joe learnt from the loss, he's become more collected and calm and you gotta respect that.

  • Arturo Windle
    Arturo Windle 3 hours ago

    I'm from the future ksi won but

  • Ethan Roberts
    Ethan Roberts 3 hours ago

    4:25 oh yeahhhh now I do

  • MyTryGaming Z
    MyTryGaming Z 3 hours ago

    Mdmazing video

  • Ayy Lmao
    Ayy Lmao 3 hours ago

    i fuck with Joe weller, even tho he lost he still dont back down n thats why i respect him. W in my pov🤷🏽‍♂️💯

  • Reaching 4
    Reaching 4 3 hours ago

    This is how it all started

  • moonlight wolf
    moonlight wolf 4 hours ago

    Get deontay wilder to fight KSI to show him how a real American boxer fights, Not Logan Paul (which is a dirtbag), I mean Logan Paul did so many illegal punches, you can tell he's not a good person And not a good example of American boxer.

  • Sean Thompson
    Sean Thompson 4 hours ago

    Jake is embarrassingly defensive here.

  • IA WWE
    IA WWE 4 hours ago

    Joe you should have span his jaw

  • ZeroChill
    ZeroChill 4 hours ago

    Good sleep is also very important, get enough rest but don’t sleep too much.

  • cod-king145
    cod-king145 4 hours ago

    For some reason, this song just gives me good vibes and reminds me off 3 years ago when me and my sister used to laugh at it at night every day especially when his mum took of the mask 😂😂🤣

  • Beaming Badminton
    Beaming Badminton 4 hours ago

    Jake doesn't know what he's

  • Frazer Boz
    Frazer Boz 4 hours ago

    Mad respect 💪🏾💪🏾

  • hossein_arpi8526 X
    hossein_arpi8526 X 4 hours ago

    9:37 The pyramids took so long to build it was almost as long as a lifetime(80-90 years or less) just saying

  • Marko Antonio Kauric

    Let's go champ

  • luutori
    luutori 4 hours ago

    that classic background music

  • Aidan Perry
    Aidan Perry 4 hours ago

    Why, why is this man still alive. Please someone fucking game end him, he’s 22 and he thinks he owns the planet, but I beg Gib makes him a fucking meme. If you can watch his videos then wow cause I would rather be in a POW camp.

  • James Solari
    James Solari 4 hours ago

    Where it all started

  • childhood drama
    childhood drama 4 hours ago

    Well this video didn’t age well😂😭

  • rez
    rez 4 hours ago

    jake paul is such a fucking bellend

  • ella x
    ella x 4 hours ago

    it’s so obvious that jake has so many walls up it’s crazy

  • Cjcooper
    Cjcooper 4 hours ago


  • Keisha B
    Keisha B 4 hours ago

    I hate Jake so much and this made me hate him more

  • ella x
    ella x 4 hours ago

    dude joe looks like he wants to hit jake across the head

  • LoganW 3633
    LoganW 3633 4 hours ago

    3:59 is a true demonstration of a Logan Paul fan 😂

    • alisuo toko
      alisuo toko 3 hours ago

      It is funny when joe was fighting KSI he was so disrespectful but now he is so respectful

  • ella x
    ella x 4 hours ago

    dude i love joe for that stand your ground man

  • Jenco _dust
    Jenco _dust 4 hours ago

    This is where it started jeez

  • Alex Currie
    Alex Currie 4 hours ago

    3:56 to 4:00 😂

  • Matthew Bosworth
    Matthew Bosworth 4 hours ago

    That’s kid needs a bullet in the sweed what a sausage

  • batfinkable
    batfinkable 4 hours ago


    LIL SMALLIE 4 hours ago

    Anyone here after KSI VS LOGAN 2

  • Marsellus Wallace
    Marsellus Wallace 4 hours ago

    “Starvation mode” is only one theory There’s plenty of other theories that are completely opposite

  • Arjen Robben
    Arjen Robben 4 hours ago

    joe Weller is the kind of TVclip you wanna be friends with

  • Harry Thompson
    Harry Thompson 4 hours ago

    Do another spa / match

  • Joel Piton
    Joel Piton 4 hours ago

    No one: Not a single person: Jake: tHiS iSn't sEVenTH gRaDE

  • aky4aliz
    aky4aliz 4 hours ago


  • LionDe1st Media Leon

    Joe Weller is just childish

  • aky4aliz
    aky4aliz 4 hours ago


  • Young Savage
    Young Savage 4 hours ago

    Who else seen Allison Parker?

  • aky4aliz
    aky4aliz 4 hours ago


    • ceerw buty
      ceerw buty 2 minutes ago

      It’s crazy how Jake is such a dick to weller and always brings up the fact that he messed him up in a backyard spar while ksi beat joe in an actual fight and is mature about it.

  • aky4aliz
    aky4aliz 4 hours ago


  • Deathwish 8348
    Deathwish 8348 4 hours ago

    This is why I like Logan and not jake