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  • Janka Boroňová
    Janka Boroňová 3 hours ago

    White splendor - biela nádhera

  • Jaslyn Espinoza
    Jaslyn Espinoza 6 hours ago

    Just subscribed! Beautiful tree! 😊Where did u get your stockings from?

  • Jocelyn H
    Jocelyn H 23 hours ago

    Where did u get the basket around the tree?

  • Kryptonite
    Kryptonite Day ago

    Where are places you can get tea tree oil ( I live in Australia) I’ve tried many stores and can’t find any, I HAVE MY GRADUATION TOMORROW AND I NEED TO GET RID OF THE COLD SORE

  • Natasha Redhead
    Natasha Redhead 2 days ago

    Very beautiful 👍👍

  • S Ski
    S Ski 2 days ago

    Beautiful!!!! ☃️❄️🌲🌲👍🏻

  • Sarita Diaz
    Sarita Diaz 2 days ago

    Where did you get those beautiful glittery pink roses !!??😍

  • Ava Maria
    Ava Maria 2 days ago

    So beautiful 🎄❤️💚

  • Always Lorna Marie
    Always Lorna Marie 3 days ago

    Everything turned out so great!!! I did a pink Christmas theme in my bedroom this year! So much funnnn!!! Thanks for sharing doll!!!

  • Sena Goodwin
    Sena Goodwin 3 days ago

    👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 Great video!!! I enjoyed it.

  • Maria Rocha
    Maria Rocha 4 days ago

    Looks like it came out of a magazine cover! Merry Christmas! 🎄😘🇵🇹 (Açores)

  • Gabby Valdez
    Gabby Valdez 4 days ago

    Where are you dressers from?

  • Frugal Family of 6
    Frugal Family of 6 4 days ago

    Beautiful...... I love the colour scheme so much xxxx

    • Karissa Teixeira
      Karissa Teixeira Day ago

      Thank you! I am happy I went with it although hard to find items for lol

  • Christmas_Year :D
    Christmas_Year :D 5 days ago

    So pretty ❄️🎄⛄️

  • Audrey A
    Audrey A 5 days ago

    Your Christmas Tree 🎄 is beautiful 🥰

  • Brazen Brunette
    Brazen Brunette 5 days ago

    I get them like every year. God bless

  • Brazen Brunette
    Brazen Brunette 5 days ago

    God bless

  • GlamorouslyLiving
    GlamorouslyLiving 5 days ago

    Drooling over your beautiful Christmas tree Karissa! Can you share where you purchased your blush ornaments with silver crystals? 😍 I love that you, your daughter and mom all decorate together, such a sweet tradition! Tfs doll, hope your feeling well! ❤️😘

    • Karissa Teixeira
      Karissa Teixeira Day ago

      Thank you love!! Those were a homegoods find from last year, I wish I could find more!! An soon enough you will have 2+ girlies for your traditions :)

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    Le Hong Oanh 5 days ago

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  • Cynthia King
    Cynthia King 5 days ago

    Soooooo beautiful!

  • Yvette Arnold
    Yvette Arnold 5 days ago

    Beautiful holiday decor

  • Yolanda M
    Yolanda M 5 days ago

    Very Pretty

  • Diana's Usborne Books!

    Looking for backsplash just like yours! Do you mind providing a link? Gorgeous kitchen!

  • murphy1384
    murphy1384 5 days ago

    Your tree is gorgeous.... Mary

  • Helena Andrews
    Helena Andrews 6 days ago

    You tree looks amazing! Love, love the color theme! My favorite tree!

  • Barbara White
    Barbara White 6 days ago

    Wow Karissa! You make everything you do in your home look like a House Beautiful spread. Always classy and lovely, seriously! - As usual, tc of yourself and Hi Mila :)

  • Michelle B
    Michelle B 6 days ago

    One of the prettiest trees I've seen!💕💕

  • TheGlamorousQueen
    TheGlamorousQueen 6 days ago

    I love that your girls decorate together as a tradition that’s beautiful 🥰 the tree turned out so gorgeous I love it 👏🏽😍 enjoy Florida love 💓

    • Karissa Teixeira
      Karissa Teixeira Day ago

      It's the best! excited for you to enjoy the same with your princess.

  • Maria Torres
    Maria Torres 6 days ago

    Absolutely beautiful 💕💕💕

  • mamãe faz Tudo
    mamãe faz Tudo 6 days ago

    Sua casa é muito fofa vc tem bom Gosto,parabéns 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Chelles Glam Home
    Chelles Glam Home 6 days ago

    Absolutely gorgeous my beautiful friend I adore 🥰 the colours you choose especially the black and white plaid ribbon 🎀 really makes the tree pop and those pink glitter baubles have stolen my heart 💖xoxo

    • Karissa Teixeira
      Karissa Teixeira Day ago

      Thank you! It's nice to get out of my comfort zone sometimes LOL

  • Shannon Betancourt
    Shannon Betancourt 6 days ago

    Love that color scheme! And its so you!😘

    • Karissa Teixeira
      Karissa Teixeira Day ago

      Thank you! I was hoping to try something new while still keeping with my style :)

  • Elisa Mazzanti
    Elisa Mazzanti 6 days ago

    Elegante e originale complimenti baciii a te tuo marito e alla piccola mila bay

  • Mommy Garcia
    Mommy Garcia 6 days ago

    Two words ! Absolutely Gorgeous !!

  • Tina Mendoza
    Tina Mendoza 6 days ago

    Everything looks beautiful! 😍😍😍

  • Tina Mendoza
    Tina Mendoza 6 days ago


  • Alice DH
    Alice DH 6 days ago

    Que hermoso quedó tu arbolito 🥰

  • Crystal Dawn
    Crystal Dawn 6 days ago

    Really love your color scheme! So pretty!❤️

  • Laura Juarez
    Laura Juarez 6 days ago

    Love it looks beautiful 😍

  • Susan B
    Susan B 6 days ago

    Love the sparkle & glitter with the touches of pink and also the black plaid. It looks absolutely stunning!! Love the tree collar too. I’m thinking of getting a gold beaded one hopefully next year 🤗🎄❤️

  • Debra Roth
    Debra Roth 6 days ago

    We got are Christmas tree up to now and still working on decorating the apartment

  • Debra Roth
    Debra Roth 6 days ago

    Your Christmas tree looks beautiful

  • Ana Victoria Frutos

    Wow!!! Your Christmas tree looks beautiful!!!🎄🥰

  • achenfiev victoria
    achenfiev victoria 6 days ago


  • Patsy Brown
    Patsy Brown 6 days ago


  • Temmie Scott
    Temmie Scott 6 days ago

    My husband and I will be traveling during Christmas, and therefore, won't be able to have a Christmas tree this year. Thank goodness you shared this video because now I can "live through you" and watch you and your family put up the Christmas tree and feel such joy for you guys!! Merry Christmas.

  • abhivashi
    abhivashi 6 days ago

    Thank you for sharing your journey, it is so usual to me since we just bought the new house. I do have quick question i saw all your videos can you please tell me swiss coffee and classic gray colors you use for paint are they from Benjamin Moore? Also did you use true color or ask to brighten the color to some percentage?

    • abhivashi
      abhivashi 23 hours ago

      @Karissa Teixeira - What about ceiling color? also which finish did you use for ceiling color?

    • abhivashi
      abhivashi Day ago

      @Karissa Teixeira -thank you :)

    • Karissa Teixeira
      Karissa Teixeira Day ago

      I used true color and had home depot make them in behr brand so I saved on cost.

  • Ava Maria
    Ava Maria 7 days ago

    Everything looks beautiful as always! I wish I could’ve gotten the pink tree - so beautiful! Where did you get the “oh holy night” sign? I love it!!

    • Karissa Teixeira
      Karissa Teixeira Day ago

      So sad it sold out so fast! the sign is from homegoods last year :)

  • x_peach_princess_x
    x_peach_princess_x 7 days ago

    I’m meeting my boyfriend in 11 days if I still have this imma cry

    • LSSJ Λlpha
      LSSJ Λlpha 3 days ago

      it goes away in 3 days. don't squeeze it or else it'll take longer to heal because u'll be spreading it around the infected area.

  • Susan B
    Susan B 8 days ago

    Nice items! Love those soft makeup remover cloths and the cozy blanket.. can never have enough comfy blankets

  • Alisha A
    Alisha A 8 days ago

    Where did you get the flowers from and nut cracker?

  • Teena Marie V
    Teena Marie V 8 days ago

    Quick question what size is ur carpet that is a pretty carpet ? Fingers crossed 🤞🏼 ur having boy

  • Maria Loureiro
    Maria Loureiro 8 days ago

    (: Another girl I watch is pregnant too .... lol ... 😚 She is "Paloma Soares" .... 😚 Today she uploaded a small tree she did for her Mother-In-Law ... 🎄 You would love the surprise she did for her husband ... I can't remember if the video is from Friday or Saturday ... I didn't see the one where she made the announcement yet, but she is in Brazil ... ☺ Have a good day Karissa!!!!! ... 😚 Don't overdo it!!!!! .... ☺ Take lots of breaks!!!!! ... 😚

  • Maria Loureiro
    Maria Loureiro 8 days ago

    (: That's a great box!!!!! ... ☺ (: It had alot!!!!! ... 🎁 (: I love those little blankets too!!!!! ... 😚 They are so comfortable!!!!! ... ☺

    • Maria Loureiro
      Maria Loureiro Day ago

      @Karissa Teixeira (: lol ... ☺ They are so comfortable, and this weekend was cold!!!!! Winter is inching it's way in!!!!! I cannot believe how fast Thanksgiving came and went!!!!! ... 😶 I hope Christmas lingers!!!!! .... lol ... 😚

    • Karissa Teixeira
      Karissa Teixeira Day ago

      cuddling in the blanket as we speak :)

  • Maria Loureiro
    Maria Loureiro 8 days ago

    (: I love clay masks too!!!!! .... ☺

  • Tanja Petties
    Tanja Petties 8 days ago

    Good morning Karissa ❄️ The Fabfit Boxes are most definitely all the rage a little bit of this and that all in one decorative box.. Thank you for sharing 🤗 Sincerely Tanja✨

  • Christmas_Year :D
    Christmas_Year :D 8 days ago

    Very pretty 🎄❄️⛄️

  • Nyeema Johnson
    Nyeema Johnson 9 days ago

    Congratulations neighbor! I live in the Oranges and frequent that park often. Beautiful backdrop to shoot a beautiful family!

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  • lorraine haxton
    lorraine haxton 9 days ago

    love your home Karissa, its beautiful xx

  • Nia Nicole
    Nia Nicole 9 days ago

    I love your decorating style!! Where did you get those pink flowers from?

    • Karissa Teixeira
      Karissa Teixeira Day ago

      Thank you!! From homegoods few years ago wish I could find more.

  • lorraine bevis
    lorraine bevis 9 days ago

    Where dud you get the snowflake pillow ? .. Beautiful !

  • น้าหนุ่ยคุ้ยขยะ by Unclenui

    👍👍👍 V e r y n i c e 👍👍👍

  • Ava Maria
    Ava Maria 11 days ago

    Totally unrelated but your makeup looks amazing! Do you ever do makeup tutorials? That pink tree was so adorable but sold out 😢

    • Karissa Teixeira
      Karissa Teixeira Day ago

      Thank you!! Yes I have some old ones here on my channel you can follow :) my maternity makeup video is usually what I do when filming

  • MrsCookCleans
    MrsCookCleans 11 days ago

    Your house is absolutely beautiful 😍 Just subscribed! ❤️

  • Cynthia King
    Cynthia King 11 days ago

    Everything looks so beautiful! And Seeing ur belly makes me so happy! How time flies. And awe Mila is such a sweetie, shes going to be an amazing big sister.

  • Frugal Family of 6
    Frugal Family of 6 11 days ago

    I do adore the little wreaths on the back of the chairs ❤ how lovely! xxxx

  • Lyiah Maria
    Lyiah Maria 11 days ago

    Omg your pregnant!

  • Lyiah Maria
    Lyiah Maria 11 days ago

    Omg I’m sorry I haven’t been watching your videos but I love this

  • rayzorhead
    rayzorhead 12 days ago

    May i ask where you got the tree skirt from??? Want to get it this year 2019 if they have them!

  • Helena Begum
    Helena Begum 12 days ago

    Your house is beautiful

  • Darcy Markey
    Darcy Markey 12 days ago

    Your daughter is adorable! I remember the days of being pregnant and having my other kids and how busy it was. Lots to do. Love your video.❤️

    • Karissa Teixeira
      Karissa Teixeira 9 days ago

      Thank you! Certainly busy but trying to embrace it all lol

  • Always Lorna Marie
    Always Lorna Marie 12 days ago

    It all looks beautiful. I enjoyed hanging with you on this video. Your kitchen is so light and bright and im obsessed!!! Good job on all of it mama!!!

  • MrsPazStyle
    MrsPazStyle 12 days ago

    Absolutely beautiful!😍😍😍 I love all our your decorations!♥️ New subscriber. I just uploaded a Christmas Decorate With Me on my channel. Hope you can return the support!🥰

  • Inspirations of Style

    Love everything you purchased! Can’t wait to see you style the baking sign. I tried to buy 3 of the trees you bought Mila but they were all sold out. It’s beautiful I hope I can get the girls one each next year. Thanks so much for sharing such a beautiful find 😍

    • Karissa Teixeira
      Karissa Teixeira 9 days ago

      Thanks! The tree sold out soooo fast! I am sad many of you could not get it in time it really is perfect!

  • Yessi LifeStyle
    Yessi LifeStyle 13 days ago

    Your daughter so gorgeous ❤️

  • Yessi LifeStyle
    Yessi LifeStyle 13 days ago

    Your belly is so cute! All your decor looks so gorgeous! Your and Lindsey did a great job 😘 I love your window mirror and the sign you put!

  • Chelles Glam Home
    Chelles Glam Home 13 days ago

    Hi my beautiful friend everything is soo beautiful I absolutely love watching you decorate your beautiful home 🏠 love the little wreaths on the chairs and love milas pink tree 🌲 she is soo adorable helping you decorate xoxo 💖💖💖

    • Karissa Teixeira
      Karissa Teixeira 9 days ago

      Thank you lovely! Mila's tree is a dream of mine! Pink can never go wrong lol

  • Life With Jasmin
    Life With Jasmin 13 days ago

    Oh my gosh I LOVE love love your style! Your dining room table set up is absolutely stunning ❤️ I’ve been trying to figure out what to do as a tablescape for the holidays and I definitely got lots of insp from seeing yours 💕

  • Debra Roth
    Debra Roth 13 days ago

    Mila’s room looks good and you did great on everything else too great job 😊💞❣️❤️💕

  • Gladys Ibouth
    Gladys Ibouth 13 days ago

    I loved watching this video! You give me so much ideas

  • Katie Bookser
    Katie Bookser 13 days ago

    The wreaths on the backs of the chairs are so cute. Everything looks great!

    • Karissa Teixeira
      Karissa Teixeira 9 days ago

      Thank you! I just wanted simple touches of christmas in the kitchen I felt those did just that :)

  • Susan B
    Susan B 13 days ago

    Mila’s room looks adorable! Love the plush runner and the tree looks so cute on her little table. Also the dining room table is stunning and the four small wreaths on the chairs adds the perfect touch to the Christmas decor. Looking forward to your coffee station area video also ❤️

    • Karissa Teixeira
      Karissa Teixeira 9 days ago

      Thank you Susan! She is so happy to have her room decorated for christmas for the first time :)

  • CaroLove being a mommy

    It came out so beautiful

  • Angela Santiago
    Angela Santiago 13 days ago

    Omg, it turned out sooooo cute!!!

  • topazmeagan6
    topazmeagan6 13 days ago

    Where were the black and white check napkins from?!

  • Journey2b Nitat
    Journey2b Nitat 13 days ago


  • Lindseys LifeNstyle
    Lindseys LifeNstyle 13 days ago

    You’re so sweet girl!! I just can’t get over how gorgeous your decor is! 😍🙌 Look how cute your belly is!! Omg I’m getting all the baby fever! Thank you so much for collabing girl! I just love your channel!❤️

    • Karissa Teixeira
      Karissa Teixeira 9 days ago

      hahaha the preggo bellys did the same to me! It's all fun until the nausea hits LOL same here loved collabing again! xx

  • Crystal Barrow
    Crystal Barrow 13 days ago

    awesome video friend i love how you decorated this year.

  • Just Breathe and Clean

    Love those wreaths on the chairs!

  • JJTheSavage YT
    JJTheSavage YT 13 days ago

    I love the glam of your home

  • Audrey A
    Audrey A 14 days ago

    Beautiful haul Karissa 😍Thank you for sharing 🥰

  • Vintage pearl Rodriguez

    Beautiful darling blessings ty👍🙏💋Happy thanksgiving family 🙏

  • alyssa morrell
    alyssa morrell 15 days ago

    Cannot wait to see the house tour!

    • Karissa Teixeira
      Karissa Teixeira 13 days ago

      Thanks! Few more decor videos an then the tour will be up :)

  • Maria Loureiro
    Maria Loureiro 15 days ago

    (: You don't really need lights in everything ... Some decor doesn't even need it!!!!! .... 😚

  • Maria Loureiro
    Maria Loureiro 15 days ago

    (: Yeah .... I really love the look of "flocked" but almost everyone complains of the mess it makes so I'm not sure if I would use flocked items!!!!! I would assume, it will yellow too in time!!!!! I still have a white tree that I now probably have to spray paint, or I will have to get rid of it!!!!! ..... :( It's not only the flocked trees... I had a small white one too, and I had to throw it out 2 years ago because the artificial material on the branches kept falling off and it had yellowed too!!!!! ... :( It would have taken me forever to get it all stripped in order to reuse it so I had to dispose it .... I was sick of seeing it like that!!!!! But I liked it though .....I had it on a table and it was nice when it was new!!!!! But not everything lasts and lasts!!!!! .... :(

  • Maria Loureiro
    Maria Loureiro 15 days ago

    (: Things really go faster now anywhere because of online shopping!!!!! It has both advantages and disadvantages!!!!!

  • Maria Loureiro
    Maria Loureiro 15 days ago

    Last year I ordered online from Joann's and I was disappointed because it was so badly packaged!!!!! Some things were even broken!!!!! ... :( And I was also terribly disappointed in the quality of some of the materials!!!!! And I think it was missing an item too!!!!! ... :( That shouldn't happen!!!!!

    • Karissa Teixeira
      Karissa Teixeira 13 days ago

      Oh wow! Sorry you experienced that thankfully all my items I was happy with minus the slighty chipped sign.

  • Maria Loureiro
    Maria Loureiro 15 days ago

    🌺🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍊🍊🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🌺 🌺...HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! ... 🌺 🌺🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍊🍊🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🌺

  • Maria Loureiro
    Maria Loureiro 15 days ago

    (: Beautiful Tree for a little girl's room!!!!! ... 💕