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Sled Ride
11 months ago
Rocket Train
11 months ago
Mine Escape
Year ago
Snow Marble Run
2 years ago
Toy Destruction
3 years ago
Marble Run
5 years ago
Mini Marble Runs
6 years ago
Ninja Marble
6 years ago

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  • ImportantGuy
    ImportantGuy 4 months ago

    Is this one of those things where you see how many stupid people will believe you or are you REALLY expecting us to believe that this is all legit? There are some Physics issues that need to be addressed and my guess is that's why you wont do anything publicly like so many have asked. I heard TEDtalk wants to say hi, why not let them expose...I mean cover you?

    • 5MadMovieMakers
      5MadMovieMakers 4 months ago

      +ImportantGuy Let me know what video you are wondering about and I will try to explain how it works!

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith 4 months ago

    Found you on Reddit. Any interest in giving a TEDxYouth talk? DM if you would like to explore.

    • Tim Smith
      Tim Smith 3 months ago

      DM'd you on reddit just now. Look forward to exploring with you.

    • 5MadMovieMakers
      5MadMovieMakers 4 months ago

      I can't figure out how to send you a direct message besides right here, so tweet me @5MadMovieMakers or DM on reddit /u/5MadMovieMakers

    • 5MadMovieMakers
      5MadMovieMakers 4 months ago

      Hey Tim, that sounds like a neat opportunity! I'll shoot you a message. When is the event?

  • Joecake Gamedev
    Joecake Gamedev 5 months ago

    I wish I'd discovered this awesome channel earlier

  • Michał Kolek
    Michał Kolek 6 months ago

    what camera do you film with for them slow motions shots?

    • 5MadMovieMakers
      5MadMovieMakers 6 months ago

      In my most recent video I used my iPhone SE recording 720p at 240 frames per second

  • Oliver Wagner
    Oliver Wagner 7 months ago

    congrats on 100k

    GIGGLR 7 months ago

    Redneck troubles: My sister is also my doctor because she cured my virginity.

  • edu puertas
    edu puertas 8 months ago

    Yeeeee, you silver play button, you deserve it! Congrats.

  • Skycoaster
    Skycoaster 8 months ago

    Hey great channel! I've watched every single Video :D

  • KidsVids Entertainment

    Hey! Fun channel!! Cool videos! :) :) :)

  • Luis Segovia
    Luis Segovia Year ago

    your channel is great... more of hot wheels please!!!

  • jothebro
    jothebro Year ago

    hello i would love to make u my youtube partner if u would like to let me know. and u can contact me and ill get u my email. Thanks so much

  • sara rosario
    sara rosario Year ago


  • Mihilon Bindorin

    You have a nice channel. I like what you are creating. Good luck to your channel.

  • Asphalt 8 Gamings by Ethan L.

    Are you crazy or angry?

  • Mac Films
    Mac Films Year ago

    Love your videos!!

  • Atremis21 Artemis21

    Friend, this is the one of the best video of all time. Awesome job! Do you have any more?

  • iqbaltrojan
    iqbaltrojan 2 years ago

    you just passed 30000 subs Congrats! :D

  • Vaglo Creations
    Vaglo Creations 2 years ago

    +5MadMovieMakers How do you calculate the length of your skyrail tracks? Because it is quite hard to measure the corners!

  • Lime Tube[라임튜브]

    Great channel - I subscribed, please subscribe to my channel  :)
    I have a Korea -channel and want to be friends with you .

  • EthiNewqy's Marble Run's

    and so as those two epic ones that you probably know what im talking about- do you?

  • EthiNewqy's Marble Run's

    the ninja marble run is awesome!

  • Scott's Marble Runs
    Scott's Marble Runs 4 years ago

    Same as BergfelderVideos780!

  • iansonwheels
    iansonwheels 5 years ago

    Dude! Awesome stuff here.

  • Jeremy Route
    Jeremy Route 5 years ago

    your movies are AWSOME!!!

  • ItBeCaleb
    ItBeCaleb 6 years ago

    Hey I know who you are :) Thanks for subscribing :D

  • Apollo The Marvel
    Apollo The Marvel 6 years ago

    Hey, what's up?

    - @ApolloTheMarvel

  • ChubadubProductions
    ChubadubProductions 6 years ago

    Check out my music channel. Sub if you like!

  • ScruffieHD
    ScruffieHD 6 years ago


  • Quasar
    Quasar 6 years ago

    you guys make the coolest shit! I wish I did this kinda stuff with my friends! you should make a huge hotwheels track- like, every 5 year olds dream. SUBBED! :D

  • Matt A
    Matt A 6 years ago

    If you're talking about the "Sponsored" videos you see in the related videos column and sometimes in search results, their placement is paid for by the user. I don't pay to 'Sponsor' any of my videos.

  • Calebs Coasters
    Calebs Coasters 7 years ago

    Hey Guys!!!!!!