Jorge Masvidal
Jorge Masvidal
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  • 형전드
    형전드 2 minutes ago

    jorge official?

  • Mic Dooleys
    Mic Dooleys 13 minutes ago

    What a fight

  • nicholas Rodriguez
    nicholas Rodriguez 21 minute ago

    Nick would wreck bro. my money on diaz. Masvidal a beast too tho. but my money on Nick

  • Date Mike
    Date Mike 44 minutes ago

    That woman is FIYAYAYAYINNNE

  • Debi Faulkner
    Debi Faulkner Hour ago

    Fat chunky butt good for bottom 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀💩🐀💩😂😂😂

  • Jeff Blevins
    Jeff Blevins Hour ago

    Jorge for President! Other countries would be like..its cool

  • Sandy Rodriguez
    Sandy Rodriguez Hour ago

    Yoel Romero's voice is perfect for this clip.

  • Kez Hughes
    Kez Hughes Hour ago

    Ill be honest, i only heard of masvidal after nate diaz called him out and showed some respect to him!! Can see why and rooting for ya since then. Great fighter and looks to be very old school from what ive seen too.

  • Nate Danho
    Nate Danho 2 hours ago

    Bro, I’m a big fan but you wouldn’t have been rich back then from ppl watching your fight. I saw those fights way back when, had no idea who either fighters were then moved on to the next fight.. great fighter then, better fighter now. Keep doing your thing

  • Rob Smith
    Rob Smith 2 hours ago

    Whooopah MAZZY the man.

  • Sumo Wrestler
    Sumo Wrestler 2 hours ago

    for those that dont know, alexis vila was like 41 in this video

  • starkley spaniard
    starkley spaniard 2 hours ago

    Masvidal your corny asf im sorry go retire already

  • Steven Schilling
    Steven Schilling 3 hours ago

    The rock would drop diaz.

  • jon mox
    jon mox 3 hours ago

    is MOJAHED FUDAILET made this for you?????

  • Dieselx999
    Dieselx999 4 hours ago

    There is really the Diaz brothers in the scarface movie 😂😂🤣🤣

  • kristian chacon
    kristian chacon 4 hours ago

    Scarface gonna end up face down in a pool of blood 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ #theResurrection

  • Mallika K
    Mallika K 4 hours ago

    4:44 after that i learned that i have to kill the refree

  • Mallika K
    Mallika K 4 hours ago

    Hector Lombard is a man of pockets

  • ian arcilla
    ian arcilla 4 hours ago

    Jorge masvidal deserve a title fight!!!

  • Aamir Mahboub Khan
    Aamir Mahboub Khan 4 hours ago

    #Madrespect Masvidal ! Second only to Diaz Bros

  • Cristopher Guevara
    Cristopher Guevara 6 hours ago


  • Buns Loco
    Buns Loco 6 hours ago

    It’s too perfect.

  • cripsnblood
    cripsnblood 6 hours ago

    Liked and subscribed.

  • Anthony Gay
    Anthony Gay 7 hours ago

    whatever. Lmfao

  • ph_hacker_d
    ph_hacker_d 7 hours ago

    Last fight, dude took the weighted shoes off. He on his Goku shit 😂😂

  • the raging laotian
    the raging laotian 8 hours ago

    name of 1st song?

  • Z D
    Z D 8 hours ago

    What is the soundtrack???

  • WereBakedFreestyles
    WereBakedFreestyles 8 hours ago

    Big Dada carrying on Kimbo’s legacy.

  • ActionTv808
    ActionTv808 8 hours ago

    For some reason this reminds me of Conor coming up and started selling fights. Then got him his biggest fight "Fook the Mayweathers" 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Mr Mark D
    Mr Mark D 9 hours ago

    Are you people serious can't you see the rock is tired of kevin hart's little chocolate ass now he wants caramel look at his hard nipples and tongue looking for strange lose his number george he is a demon .

  • TMT 1
    TMT 1 9 hours ago

    Very interested in this Rock Mark Kerr movie! Wonder if they will show the rock winning national finals as Kerr in 92 I believe it was.

  • Tony D. Monkey
    Tony D. Monkey 9 hours ago

    MASVIDALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ''THE BMF'' Masvidal. Fuck the BUM DIAZ'S cockroaches whine sore losersssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Tony D. Monkey
    Tony D. Monkey 9 hours ago

    MASVIDAL SMASHED THE FUCK OUT OF THAT bum Gazella whine of a sore loser BUMMMM!

  • Tony 2times
    Tony 2times 9 hours ago

    Man wasn’t joking when he said give me that machete you don’t even know how to use it

  • Mr Mark D
    Mr Mark D 9 hours ago

    The Lord Jesus has a plan for the sell out Samoan satan dress boy america calls the rock

  • blue lining
    blue lining 9 hours ago

    This is some full circle shit

  • Rocco Siffredi
    Rocco Siffredi 9 hours ago

    Wanna see him beat the living shit out of Connor McTapper

  • Amirul Md. Lazim
    Amirul Md. Lazim 10 hours ago

    even bmf respect his father haha look at that cute hand on back stand next pop.. hahaha u deserved this belt more than nate

  • fedorjmb shin
    fedorjmb shin 10 hours ago

    FOOD = ENERGY no doubt

  • Adrian Rendon
    Adrian Rendon 11 hours ago

    This dude was fucking up some Pollo Tropical, i know what it is lmfao

  • giftofnothing
    giftofnothing 11 hours ago

    Ref let that man drown... Savage... he didn’t tap tho he just took that L like a soldier

  • NateIsInnocent
    NateIsInnocent 11 hours ago

    That was awesome!!! Mad respect between two soldiers of war!!! I love it man!!!

  • mike rusch
    mike rusch 11 hours ago

    When you beat Kahbib you’ll be a BMF

  • Tomas Charles
    Tomas Charles 11 hours ago

    The ref is like is he dead yet lol. that lill man is a beast.

  • Rya N
    Rya N 11 hours ago

    Is this the guy who is in jail for a crime he didn’t commit?

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 11 hours ago

    #WarDiaz #NickDiazArmy

  • Jay Ruger
    Jay Ruger 11 hours ago

    Hahahaha this is hysterically hilarious.. Bet Nick and Nate Diaz laughed their ass off on this too. Lol.. I honestly think if you fight Nate again you will lose I know if you fight nick you will lose. You talking about a different animal bro Nick will f*** you up! I respect all 3 of you guys tho pound-for-pound all three of you are the best to ever do it..

  • Jose
    Jose 11 hours ago


  • David Rogers
    David Rogers 11 hours ago

    Masvidal has earned my respect as a warrior!

  • Craig M
    Craig M 11 hours ago

    That ref was like, "make sure he's dead first.."

  • chihuahuita
    chihuahuita 11 hours ago

    Jorge es el JEFE

  • shallah777
    shallah777 11 hours ago

    The background music is dope af

  • sean kelly
    sean kelly 11 hours ago

    Never heard Jorge speak Spanish. Not a once.

  • Truth hurts
    Truth hurts 12 hours ago

    Did you really? Bahahaha

  • Josh Thiessen
    Josh Thiessen 12 hours ago

    Jorge didn’t come up with this. Come on now. 😂

  • Alex Gonzales
    Alex Gonzales 12 hours ago

    Mi hermano jorge, tu tienes las garras y la furia de seguir luchando similar a mama. Ella con 2 o 3 trabajos luchaba por ti. Eso es la garra peruana!

  • YungShootaOfficial
    YungShootaOfficial 12 hours ago


  • Byron Charles
    Byron Charles 12 hours ago

    I like it, beautiful response

  • eilrach1
    eilrach1 12 hours ago

    Love it!... ,👍👍👍

  • r2 2d
    r2 2d 13 hours ago

    Keep being humble Jorge. You're the peoples champ!! God Bless

  • refugiorod
    refugiorod 13 hours ago