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  • haydog
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  • Otavio Nunes
    Otavio Nunes 3 hours ago

    Cool type beat

  • Beatz Vip
    Beatz Vip 5 hours ago

    this is amazing, great work keep it up +1, super liked 🔥🔺💦💢

  • Fifteen!
    Fifteen! 5 hours ago

    cool type beat

  • Adrian Nunez
    Adrian Nunez 12 hours ago

    Hey can you stop by and see my poetic rap? Id like feedback and see if its any good? In the streets Fighting for meats It ain't easy Fuckin with shooters that'll gun you down all breezy The ultimate test is wearing no vest while all these pests with their red and blue lights shoot an unarmed nigga in the chest I don't wanna be like the rest who have no moral sense but this world has shown me the nicest ones can also be the meanest Thinking they were a part of my life only to find out they stabbed my back with a knife Thinking Im all bark and no bite? Yeah right Ain't noneone in the streets I won't fight You can catch these hands on sight But to calm me down I hit my blunt and take a flight Don't mistake my kindness for weakness I will deck you in the face if I find out you mistreating others because they have so much less

  • Leyla Meral
    Leyla Meral Day ago

    Paroles de la chanson Cigarette par Tsew The Kid Tsew the kid Cigarette J'la vois se consumer, j'nous vois nous consumer Ça fait J'attendais dans ce café à Paris j'suis assis Je regarde la ville j'te vois arriver en taxi T'étais belle mais bon cette fois j'te l'ai pas dis On était deux à la table mais si seuls dans nos esprits Tu commandes un café et moi de même T'allumes ta dernière clope en face de moi au bout de tes lèvres Je sais pas quoi te dire ni comment l'expliquer J'veux plus d'toi dans ma vie mais mon coeur lui veut te garder Ouais c'est chaud de se dire que demain Je me réveillerai solo avec quelques rêves en moins Non je le supporte pas, mais j'suis ferme dans mon regard prêt à te dire au revoir Et là le temps j'le vois se consumer On sait déjà les choses donc y'a plus besoin d'crier On s'regarde dans les yeux à travers la fumée Jusqu'a qu'ton dernier souffle s'écrase dans le cendrier Tout c'qui m'restera c'est quelques photos de toi Tout c'qui m'restera c'est quelques photos de toi Et une trace de rouge à lèvre posée sur une cigarette

  • Keith Grant
    Keith Grant 2 days ago

    Thank you fam

  • A Mani Beatz
    A Mani Beatz 3 days ago check out the mix by john savage beat pac and nipsey snoop dogg and eazy motherfuckin E

  • J - Heavy
    J - Heavy 4 days ago

    The fact this isn't over millions of views, blows my mind. Absolutely fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • Zugothun_Hex Devile_Venxi

    ballin this motherfickin partheeeey

  • 7th Sense
    7th Sense 5 days ago

    7 From ya head to ya toes Man this woman got you spinning She gotta lil attitude wit a 3rd eye kinda vision She got you tripping A down woman that's really independent So relentless She really wants you to witness What her exs are missing And she'll put you in a trance Baby we can start to dance She's in her bag And she takes her own commands Baby count them bands Make them plans Wooo damn Shes so sophisticated And she doesn't have to try And she got a major And you wonder why She doesn't fuck with other guys Cuz you really ain't her type If you the shit Then I'm the plumber And im laying down the pipe Damn its been a good night Close your eyes And enjoy the high Go ahead and feel the vibe Baby its gon be alright Lets just go and take a ride Damn how could I feel this way? Never thought you'd be the one to cause me pain Just make this all erase But everything is a o k 40 to my lips and let it fade 50 in the clip and let it spray Screaming out your name Before I take a leap of faith Pray to God I make it home safe Don't wanna go back to that dark place But play your cards right And you might just get a raise I've been wanting to die But today just isn't the day Get higher and higher Find a new lighter Ah damn its the smoke that I desire Go ahead and start the fire Surrounded by demons They just some Pretty Little Liars If you gon take your life then imma take mine Till death do us apart Baby read between the lines And what i really desire Is to have you back to life You were a work of art So devine Head straight Wit a Soul so defined All I want is you wrapped up in these arms of mine Look up at me wit that smile And tell me that you love me one more time

  • Lamaj Smoove
    Lamaj Smoove 5 days ago

    379 people have no soul

  • Zachary Madrid
    Zachary Madrid 5 days ago

    Tupac vibing in the back 😂😎✌

  • Brian X
    Brian X 6 days ago

    23 Years

  • Koolin26
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  • alisworld
    alisworld 7 days ago

    best Shiloh Dynasty sample ever

  • H Bizzle
    H Bizzle 8 days ago

    2019 fire. *96 Big Body sitting on chrome*

  • alisworld
    alisworld 10 days ago

    Tell me why I'm waiting for someone that couldn't give a fuck about me

  • X T
    X T 11 days ago

    I got a song that would go so hard to this

  • Shaun Carrel
    Shaun Carrel 11 days ago

    The world is a war zone my homies is inmates and most of them dead gone

  • mady gms
    mady gms 12 days ago

    il y’a plus d’amour il y’a plus d’amitié de toute façon y’a que des regrets on avance pas on reste accroché dans le passé et on regarde le temps passe ton départ m’a fait du mal depuis je suis un peu du-per t’facon quand tu joue tu perd ouais je t’es supprimé des réseaux il faut que je me fasse une raison tu me donne plus de time même plus un petit facetime je parler beaucoup de toi mais toi jamais de moi tu voudrais qu’on se revois mais c’est fini t’es partie j’étais devenue ivre ivre de vie et je voulais te récupère et c’est à ce moment que j’ai capter ne cours jamais après les gens va juste rattraper ton temps j’ai le coeur coupe mais pas brisé

  • Christopher Bowers
    Christopher Bowers 12 days ago

    I thank you for putting this on TVclip! I'm diffently riding to work with this beat! Wow amazingly talented!😎

  • josh brito
    josh brito 13 days ago

    When to sleep hungry/ woke up with my stomach rumblin starve or go get money/

  • Treebender117
    Treebender117 13 days ago

    aye theres some people using one of your beats without credit, Xavier PMG - Live Seige - Anxiety

  • RCH 32
    RCH 32 13 days ago

    Woke up this morning2x 2 in 1 See a king he wants a queen he looks at you cause you are the 1 To rule by his side in his kingdom Youll rule in the queen bed and he'll rule the kingdom you can whisper in his ear to get what's done

  • hammoud lafdil
    hammoud lafdil 14 days ago

    Paye my plus de temp a perdre Si t pa clair je suis pas clair We sa zone sans permis Jvai pa areter dvivre pour eux Jsuis gentil jpeu etre dangereux Weya pay me connio X5 Jpa eu lchoix jai du tourner la page M'encourage. Ya que les vrei dmon entourage qui mevite dboire la tass toi ta la rime facile tu rakonte ke dla merde en masse Tout les matin dans ma tete me revien cest visage On na pas tourner la page mais sortie un deuxieme livre Parlon du kartier on te vois jamais raze le mur de trer pres Tout seul test rien tu risque de finir tes jours condamner y treste des carte du c'est Meme dans la merde on continu a ramer Garde la face faire les chose bien pas finir condamnée T hnine jsui hnine malintentionnées au premier regard jle capte Pas dshit dans lkartier ya les moineaux qui chante Le ventre gargouille tout les jour Ont atend pas que sa rentre Avorte pas la vie a 35 ans y cassera des dent pour tn regard tendre vis l'instant present pense o erreure du passe pour un meilleur avenir fo aimer la veriter pour etre fort tu cest Gros bankee de jaune le soir jsui entrain dme rapeler Y zon investie dans les vehicule kroyant nous ratraper Lopgi fait des aler retour envie dle caillassé Meme en ba dcher moi cest fou vous aver ldon pour les casser A quoi bon feire un charbon si ta pas les 10 coup davance Ont avance meme quon senfonce ont retien ont triomphe Chaise ikea sa piste a donf Les pti son fou ton cac40 Fo balmain fo phillplein en loc tu veux feire le monstre Pas bsoin de pascal rjoula valeur lhonneure sa donte pas besoin ton influence Stereotype meme quon compen Dsé sans la rime tu flanche

  • Pooties Montana
    Pooties Montana 15 days ago Me and my boys killed this track

  • Laura White
    Laura White 16 days ago


  • kris hooks
    kris hooks 16 days ago

    Generate heat bring the beat. On these children i excrete Venom put up in em no condition to outplay or act stoked on the rythm Why fight back when can nod and rap Cost to coast ya bust it open Often in the clouds somewhere floatin

  • Wiremu Marsh
    Wiremu Marsh 17 days ago

    (take.1).~>heres a lil something for 2pac.long live the heavens legends greater then great<~///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////(1st verse).~>......uhh yeah. let me tell you how I did it in the hood of south Auckland were youll get your wigg pealed back if you talk sh* a young g growing up was the hardest living life in poverty youngest OF the family starving only knowing struggle that's how all this sh*t started blue dickies suit.chuk taylors.was the starter kit found myself a job that some people have a problem wit making money outta trees that's what i call hustleing must of ben on some real sh*t I got caught up in remember when tupac was alive it was better then even when 2pac made a song drinking juice an jin wit his homie snoop in the cut on some real sh*t reminiscing bout the good old days that the homie spent in the hood upto no good for that gangster sh*t.its survival of the fittest homie an we living it just remember that this message sent cant given back like a bullet in the chamber only ready for attack you gotta stay strapt cause no ones got your back all these bi*ches round here they rush you wit a strap that's why i never bite the hand that's allways giving back an never turn your back on family that's a fact///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////> im sorry for my swearing and spelling guys just a lil rap. but feel free to diss me if yous don't like it because its allgoods anyways I don't rap or free style in real life so this the first <

  • Nolimittrey23
    Nolimittrey23 17 days ago

    I do not care bout no bitch Dont Give no fuck bouta hoe Cuz you know I'm let her go She tryna talk all that shit But she was all on my dick Now I'm not even gon trip x2 People be fake asf Niggas be lame asf Cannot trust nobdoy I only got one hobby Do not camp in the lobby I do not care bout no bitch Dont give af bout no hoe Cuz u know u I'ma let her go She tryna talk all that shit But she was all on my dick Now I ain't even gon trip

  • J White Rose Vevo aka Ride Red

    I can picture Pac flowing to this.

  • J White Rose Vevo aka Ride Red

    #tupac2019 in this track

  • glizzy x
    glizzy x 18 days ago

    Pictures Me Rolling Ain't tryna fail, Send them cowards straight to hell I as grip the mic, listen here right The world a war zone Everybody and Anybody Can get shot on they on block So as a grip the 9, feeling like I'm might be in jail before I died, tell me you ain't impressed by rags and richest telling me you ain't impressed by the other's bitches Just wanna live , life Ain't tryna see another R.I.P on white T C'om tell me is life a cruise Or is it a blessing Buy the whole block With my rap money Ain't tryna see another welfare check Ain't tryna see another brother get shot on the black top Cops ain't seeing eye to eye Killing these brother, reaching for ID There ain't no heroes or villains, ain't no pleasure in killin' Just the smoke from the cap peelin' a man with no feelings

  • Rico
    Rico 18 days ago

    chill summer vibe beat

  • Tukan
    Tukan 18 days ago

    with no skill

  • Tukan
    Tukan 18 days ago

    toxik camper on Anna

  • C U R A U M E L L I H I G H E R

    a I'm a local artist I would like exclusive right to your beat. hmu

  • Raven Blaze
    Raven Blaze 18 days ago

    the best camper in the world

  • AQuaRius Prod.
    AQuaRius Prod. 19 days ago


  • Yo soy Vriine
    Yo soy Vriine 19 days ago

    Sigo pensando en ti Y ya no se.... Que mas hacer si sigo aqui Ex- tra- ñan- dote.... ehh

  • duy vo
    duy vo 19 days ago

    Tiếng nhạc được vang lên là những âm thanh vô tình trong bóng tối đằng sau của nó là cả một đống trình, mà bóng hình của nó ko giống sói Con đường tao đi vẫn còn trống lối , mọi người đã bị tao hất văng Cố tình mất phanh để mà gây tai nạn Để rồi tới giai đoạn nghe dc tiếng thất thanh Tình cảm qua đi mà không cần nhìn lại, cô gái thứ mấy còn nhìn ngại Từng lá thư cũ anh xem xong rồi vứt nhớ hồi ức mới biết là mình dại một thằng khó gần , có lần đúng và cũng có lần sai May mắn anh có được tình yêu đầu đời giờ thì phải cầu trời để có được lần hai Cầm kỳ thi họa văn chương thì khai sáng Tình cảm tan thương này ai bán Bạn bè anh em thì ko có nề hà nhưng mà tao phải về nhà để mà lo mai táng Dừng Dừng một chút để kết thúc tại đây Trăm tỷ suy nghĩ tao đang có trong đầu và tao chỉ mong cầu có ai đó đậy tai Hook: Cuộc sống này không như m thấy đâu Đừng nên vội vàng đánh giá người khác Họ tự dìm nhau xuống tận đáy sâu 1 người thiện nhưng có tới 10 ác Ở Trong cuộc sóng này thì thật sự khó có ai mà hoàn hảo Tình nghĩa anh em có hay là toàn ảo , càng suy nghĩ cho đêm mai thì càng não Tao lại một mình , ngồi một mình than thở với thời gian Tại sao trời ban cho ta một trang vở lại rộng mở quyển nhật kí lời than Mọi sự ko vui hôm nay Tan vào mắt Mày nghĩ tao ko Tham giàu chắc Trầm cảm theo tao Từng đêm Tao Cần thêm cả một Gam màu sắc Không ăn chơi hút chích thì tao lại biết bài bạc và trắng tay Mẹ tao đã dặn mà tao Vẫn hay cãi, hôm nay phải viết bài nhạc đắng cay Có những điều ở trong cuộc đời mà tao vẫn đang muốn Tìm lại Liệu em có phải là một câu thần chú, sao đêm đêm anh cứ mãi HOÀI NIỆM Lại thêm một lần nữa , một lần nữa cho tao được nói ra Mê cung đời này vẫn còn lối khác nhưng mấy thằng thối nát sẽ ko thấy lối ra

  • giupeppe peppegiu
    giupeppe peppegiu 20 days ago

    ed io volevo stare con te ma tu non stare con me che tanto il cielo è un’altra dimensione e tu volevi stare con me ma non posso stare con te che tanto il cielo è un’altra dimensione mi rimangono poche le cose, ma si sono ancora molte le corse, e allora corro, allora corroh, allora corroh fino a riempire tutti i miei forse

  • Travonte King
    Travonte King 21 day ago

    I'm sipping on my T like my tea is some codeine I like bitches honey I leave them in the perfect coating I glazed yo honey buns just to show im the one that

  • Daniel Oladipo
    Daniel Oladipo 22 days ago

    I bought the beat and was wondering where the sample was from? This shit is too dope.

  • Gee Ree
    Gee Ree 23 days ago

    Now I’m gone of the bong Takin long walks off the gonge Long talks with mom about my wrongs To make me strong So I write my wrongs in all my songs So I belong for long It ain’t good for my health Try to help but it don’t do shit You a bitch this suit be ludacris Then we gonna hop up in your ride Till we die Then we come back alive for the fun Diamonds shinin in the sun Now I’m gone Now I’m done But he Had to grab that gun Had to ruin all fun that we had That’s to bad But it’s truly so sad Cus you know I’m with the gang Back it up let it bang Shit to loose shit to change Better watch what you say and what you do When you round me and my crew Cus you know we’ll smoke you and all your dudes Open up the sliding door and start sprayin Whatch the bodies hit the floor im not playin Listen to what you sayin when you prayin cus imma start slayin Y’all thought I was playin now look what happened Y’all need to learn to Read the picture and forget the caption Took a flight in the night to Jackson Mississippi With the sippy Be to trippy like a hippie I be trippin way to hard It be catchin me off guard Lovely hugs lovely drugs it what make me Who I am Couldn’t stop her so I drop her so I prosper In the land Do what ever I can I’m the the man Talked to god trippin hard y’all don’t understand Y’all know I don’t give a fuck What is up with all the ruckus First you drop then you summit Psychedelics twistin up my stomach All of a sudden we be gunnin never runnin from the ops Non stop let it drop to floor

  • Tyrik West
    Tyrik West 23 days ago

    Is there a version of this with the actual lyrics in it??

  • Jez King Musik
    Jez King Musik 23 days ago

    This ridiculously good bro the vocals a hella dope stay blessed.

    GRIME UP NORTH 24 days ago

    To whoevers reading this: keep grinding, one day you could make it!! 🙏 RIP X ❤

  • J White Rose Vevo aka Ride Red

    2Pac is too cool for fame

  • J White Rose Vevo aka Ride Red

    I can imagine 2Pac spittin' on this beat.

    GUATO MOLINERO 25 days ago

    This Beat Fuckin Snapped 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Christopher Wesley
    Christopher Wesley 25 days ago

    Bruh you killed it AGAIN 🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥

  • Boombino
    Boombino 26 days ago

    Crack they head like a Pepsi

    • ThatKidWhoGames
      ThatKidWhoGames 14 days ago

      I was looking for a comment like this 🔥🔥😂

  • Cham Busy
    Cham Busy 27 days ago


  • Ikeft From Mars
    Ikeft From Mars 27 days ago

    Its weird how u still love someone even tough u know their using u

  • Bad Bass Beatz
    Bad Bass Beatz 27 days ago

    perfect travis vibe please check my beatz too

  • Bryan Keith
    Bryan Keith 27 days ago

    #NO #CAP

  • 369
    369 29 days ago

    Heftiger vybe!

  • DzimiBeatz
    DzimiBeatz 29 days ago

    Nice Travis type beat fam, you mind checking mine out?🔥🔥🔥

  • Bandana Beats
    Bandana Beats 29 days ago

    Very nice 🔥

  • Shahed Ahmed
    Shahed Ahmed 29 days ago

    Nice video

    • John Savage Music
      John Savage Music 29 days ago

      I have buy 1 get 2 free till August 24th

    • Shahed Ahmed
      Shahed Ahmed 29 days ago

      Mr Savage, are you offering any deals lately? Never know until you ask right.

    • Shahed Ahmed
      Shahed Ahmed 29 days ago

      @John Savage Music Welcome! Not just the video bro! Beat is great too. You always improve. Its industry quality. Keep it up bro!

    • John Savage Music
      John Savage Music 29 days ago

      Thank you 🔥🔥👍

    LIDO BEATS 29 days ago

    This is fireeee

  • Amarii Beatz
    Amarii Beatz 29 days ago

    So clean bro 😎

  • Shay Michelle
    Shay Michelle 29 days ago

    could i use this and give you credit. imma use it for non profit use just wanna make a cover

  • Angel Robles
    Angel Robles 29 days ago

    fucking love this beat! check out doctor sparta - RX he used the what you say beat and mann its fucking amazing!

  • Richard Murdoch
    Richard Murdoch 29 days ago

    Too dope

  • Otavio Nunes
    Otavio Nunes Month ago

    I suddenly fund myself speaking in English

  • Otavio Nunes
    Otavio Nunes Month ago

    I didn't know you did live

  • izkray
    izkray Month ago

    Sheeeesh 👀⚡ percussion is dumb hard

  • Lucas Benguem
    Lucas Benguem Month ago

    Let’s go !!!!!!!!

  • Jeremayer69
    Jeremayer69 Month ago

    Rip X..

  • Jeremayer69
    Jeremayer69 Month ago


  • Free Think Mafia
    Free Think Mafia Month ago

    Tell me tell me The details never matter to me, my entire life I’m a King, household name, perpetrating so many unforeseen crimes That’s a problem and now I can see clearly for the first time Guardrails are there for safety not just to annnnnoy me. Please spoil the story and tell me the end Brothers Grim I fear them, and Disney I’m so neeear them, everywhere I goooo It’s like Mickey Mouse runnin shows He in control-lll They suck at killing me, Jason King chasing Bourne agent, Agent Orange when they catch up, I say “fuck them heathens” when and they suck keeping me in tune, still breathing I don’t need themmmmm Heat on my skin, hold my hand, falling in, tip top of sin I’m in all up in the Abyss Death gave me my first kiss Damn.. not worth it. Told me how me it was x4 Told me how I gonna die real young If I keep this up Check check x2 Check that out this a fatal cut Fatal wounnnnndddd I need this rooom to be empty like righhhht now No excuse for my behavior my choice my creed my way of living They tempppted me with it Im sorry I’m really sorry, I’m repenting Tarty to the party in heaven Alarmed when they undress and They tell me how it wasss But we know that it’s a lieee I thought you was my cousin my frienddd Forgetttt what I meanttt {^^}Shacked up with my baby my love In my case, you didn’t give no fucks They told me how it was This is all just some fussin MJ done nothing Thriller Billy Jean redeemed So obscene Howwwwww They lie through stained glass teeth like pussies on a playground They don’t get my spirit, they don’t get my sound, they just sit around and tell us what is is... Told what it was

  • itzjoseph
    itzjoseph Month ago

    RIP 2PAC

  • Inky Mf Elz
    Inky Mf Elz Month ago

    🤮🤮🤮 sick asf!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Raul Tääker
    Raul Tääker Month ago

    Duude love it!!! But maaaan its not free😖😭

  • daylybred
    daylybred Month ago

    This is damn perfect💕💕

  • Slick Black
    Slick Black Month ago

    Can I buy this beat

  • Triple Oracle
    Triple Oracle Month ago

    John, I put some vocals on it for fun.. non profit. check it out!

  • Give_me_ lamp Lamp

    This is really good keep up the work

  • Oktariski07 Chill

    R I P X X X T E N T A C I O N

  • Lamaj Smoove
    Lamaj Smoove Month ago

    This track has been on repeat for 2days now

  • Sub To Crosski
    Sub To Crosski Month ago

    Tell me why I'm waiting. For someone. Who couldn't give a fuk about me. No you wouldn't

  • Lamaj Smoove
    Lamaj Smoove Month ago

    A creative artist would do what A Tribe Called Quest did with find my way with the vocal sample

  • Lamaj Smoove
    Lamaj Smoove Month ago

    Smoke weed think and repeat

  • Eaglephin Pretzel

    I pull the fking pen out and i write some things Yeah I look up at this astronaut, peek they way he swings Oh My god, my focus shifted, lets get back, im trynna think Already filled a notebook with words that you cant read in ink It aint really Chinese babe its just my fking handwriting Bitch im on a thing Please dont talk to me Cant u see my face See my glace Written dont disturb Im locked up in my cage In race Amazing Got a destination And no its not vacation Smells weed in here u blazing? What’s with the bullet casings? This how you trynna chase things? How you try to change things? A thug from the beginnings.. WHAT? THIS WEED IS FROM A BLUNT CASINGS FROM A HUNT WHY YOU ASKING BITCH YOU DUMB? YOU’RE BOTHERING YOU CUNT DEER IS IN THE FRIDGE COME BACK WHEN YOU DONE IM TRYNNA WRITE A SONG

  • une marocaine
    une marocaine Month ago

    a big artist died a big part of the art died too

  • keanu tamatea
    keanu tamatea Month ago

    Yeah since day one im down with the homies- Ride for my team- Always spoke the truth to my peps- Never reduced my worth- Always open minded when it comes to that term- Working my hands to the bone where the feeling is earnt- Never dwell on the past where the visions are ash- Cause i know use fucking hate the pain an it hurts- But this is whats to gain if only you let it burn- Reaching higher state of minds as you come to learn- So let me elaborate- As i steady elevating my game to counter danger with a rough journey in range- I got the right motivations to pursuit a change-

  • WhereTheYamsAt YamMeister

    Holy fucking shit I am absolutely singing to this

  • David Kaplan
    David Kaplan Month ago

    Love your work! Mind giving me feedback senpai?

  • sven bob
    sven bob Month ago


  • The Electric Lemonade Corp.

    Groundbreaking , yet legendary. Kudos Mr Savage. Another classic!!!!

  • Nathaniel Silbersack

    0:22 im back from the dead im back up again coulda fed a family but i bougt a chain instead walking down the block everybody turns there head im tryna get a milly im baking up some bread the future has alot of benajmins up ahead i go on the green lights and speeding through the red im heading to the peak and never going to decend im better than decent the im a youngin im recent my music is lit its in season im not leavin im already deep in on myself i depend to make it and leave a mark a footprint on the game and turn didnt to did its and prove against all ods i can do it im doing it again gettign the money and keepin the friends folowing myself and not the trends went through the curves and the bends but it doesnt matter cause im bacc again

  • S⃟E⃟E⃟M⃟S⃟ L⃟E⃟G⃟I⃟T⃟

    bruh this so damn hard tho 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 you're a god for this one 💪🏿😤🐐

  • Amarii Beatz
    Amarii Beatz Month ago

    Sounds cool😎

  • Otavio Nunes
    Otavio Nunes Month ago