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  • Just Another FS
    Just Another FS 47 seconds ago

    I just wanna slap this in the face of that guy who created the Netflix Death Note lol this is how you make a live action adaptation

  • karl Alberto uy
    karl Alberto uy 14 minutes ago

    My favorite scene in room :)))

  • Roger Kincaid
    Roger Kincaid 28 minutes ago

    This seems fun. Miike, you have my attention.

  • Edward Bliss
    Edward Bliss 33 minutes ago

    The saddest part about this documentary is that none of this raw primal attitude has resonated with our culture since grunge about 30 years ago.

  • joshua carreon
    joshua carreon 34 minutes ago

    The movie ia berry beautiful

  • TV백여우
    TV백여우 52 minutes ago


  • pemangsa lbk Ajha
    pemangsa lbk Ajha 56 minutes ago

    Anggur merah

  • Reski Rahab
    Reski Rahab Hour ago

    The number of the thumbsdowns/dislikes is enough to tell us how poor and bad this movie is.

  • thescooble
    thescooble Hour ago

    Closest thing I've seen that comes near an Ayahusaca trip

  • Reski Rahab
    Reski Rahab Hour ago

    Ini yang tembus oscar? Maaf tapi dengan budget yg sama dengan budget film ini, mahasiswa perfilman Amerika bisa hasilkan film yg jauh lebih berkualitas dari ini. Bikin klaim subjektif juga jangan berlebihan lah, mbak.

  • echolot
    echolot Hour ago

    what.. the..

  • Conni3 summer
    Conni3 summer Hour ago

    this movie is bad,, not awesome.. it doesn't feel like a horror movie, i watched it never got any goosebump😐😐

  • mr zablenk
    mr zablenk Hour ago

    Ini film yg sutradaranya viral? Bagus kok scra kualitas.... Aku jdi pgn lihat full filmnya hehe

  • danielpryme
    danielpryme Hour ago

    Trash content alert!

  • Daya Tom
    Daya Tom 2 hours ago

    Narcissism needs to be starved.

  • Buddy Robinson
    Buddy Robinson 2 hours ago

    I love how the FBI had it taken down

  • 123Dance
    123Dance 3 hours ago

    Hey I m the forth

  • BetaTal
    BetaTal 3 hours ago

    Carl + Alt + Delete

  • Escherlife
    Escherlife 4 hours ago

    I thought this movie was French. But in this clip he’s speaking English. Please explain.

  • Jasmin xx
    Jasmin xx 4 hours ago

    This is Emilia's first film. I was expecting her to be main but she wasn't sadly. :(

  • Omar Chávez
    Omar Chávez 5 hours ago

    Autodefensas llamados los viagras

  • Manoj Kambli
    Manoj Kambli 5 hours ago

    Cm punk looks pro in the acting department in this trailer

  • Malia Ferry
    Malia Ferry 5 hours ago

    I think it's an issue because we make it out to be not because it is one, when my daughter was little it was Thomas the train, dinosaurs, and hot wheels cars, so that's what we bought for her when she was about six she decided she liked princess so what allow your child to be a child today she 11 she climbs trees, loves the dragon movies, and likes math and science and is just a kid. Kids go through fazes they change all the time, so don't make it a big deal and it won't be.

  • Valentina Giraldo
    Valentina Giraldo 5 hours ago

    Someone knows what this movie is called, please. I look for it with the name of the video and I can't find it, someone please help me

  • Bailey Sanderson
    Bailey Sanderson 5 hours ago

    Vince staples plays vince staples

  • Alex 1
    Alex 1 6 hours ago


  • Dan Lutze
    Dan Lutze 6 hours ago

    Thanks Joe Rogan lol looks quality

  • lisa32092
    lisa32092 6 hours ago

    It’s Paige from the word. She was one of Shane’s gf.

  • Familia De 3
    Familia De 3 6 hours ago

    Dónde puedo verla xfa 😍

  • Bagus Rochadi
    Bagus Rochadi 6 hours ago

    ini toh yang didukung pejabat kita... Saya ras gundala milik joko anwar jauh lebih bagus....

  • Jay Slomine
    Jay Slomine 6 hours ago

    Prepare A Patriot Must Always Be Prepared to Defend His Country Do Not Forget Jefferson Do Not Forget Eisenhower’s Warning Something Wicked is Coming Prepare Prepare Train Be Ready


    "How ya doin' Bernie? OY VEY! OY VEY!" - Weird Al

  • LIZ pelaez
    LIZ pelaez 6 hours ago

    Que decepción! La niña no se parece en nada a heidi ni tiene el carisma

  • Liam Middleton
    Liam Middleton 6 hours ago


  • Dataterra Surveytama


  • Kendrick Speed
    Kendrick Speed 7 hours ago


  • Wesley Lewis
    Wesley Lewis 7 hours ago

    They shouldn’t have built anything there.

  • Willie Muniz
    Willie Muniz 7 hours ago

    The truth will soon be exposed in the COURT of LAW ... I witnessed the drilling through the main support beams CPLR 7800 the CIA is negligent for hiring a Russian Spy, w/ an American accent, who was watching the back of one man who did the drilling. It took 11 years to drill through the main support beams it's on tape,

  • tanea milbourne
    tanea milbourne 8 hours ago

    Y’all keep saying the trailer “ruined” the movie.. why keep watching til the end then 🤦🏾‍♀️🤔

  • Hyena Lobster
    Hyena Lobster 8 hours ago

    So this is where CNN gets its sources

  • William A
    William A 8 hours ago

    the military is so poorly trained its pathetic...its only by the grace of God they can do anything

  • ukhti khairani
    ukhti khairani 8 hours ago

    Film psycophat ya



  • patrick Clark
    patrick Clark 8 hours ago

    Charlie Sheen is a pedophile , its a disgrace to everyone who lost their lives for this scum to even be on this film

  • Ed Zehoo
    Ed Zehoo 8 hours ago

    Kung Lao: Origins

  • Merkeresseria Coleman

    The way he looks at her... I saw the movie.. didn't want it to end...

  • Asa Dean
    Asa Dean 8 hours ago

    This is such a bad film special shoes yet first goal is with head. And it looks like it was made with iMovie

  • uncle darren
    uncle darren 8 hours ago

    I quite enjoyed this. Very twilight zone

  • Johnathon Rodriguez
    Johnathon Rodriguez 9 hours ago

    Dean- dont do that to the wrong person next time kid😂

  • Mac Martin
    Mac Martin 9 hours ago

    They cant rebuild on the ground because it's still got radiation from the government nukes that they set off to collapse the towers that's why there water fountains.

    • Calvin Adam
      Calvin Adam 8 hours ago

      Mac Martin 🤔 I really hope your joking.

  • Coco
    Coco 9 hours ago

    I feel sorry for the African girl she was the best 💔

  • martian al farizki
    martian al farizki 9 hours ago

    Crine crib

  • LeviathanSpeaks1469
    LeviathanSpeaks1469 9 hours ago

    This Son of Bigfoot prequel looks amazing...

  • Tallow Hyde
    Tallow Hyde 9 hours ago

    brilliant movie...great acting great script

  • Melissa Mashike
    Melissa Mashike 9 hours ago

    And look at that. The auto industry is doing better than ever before and it's going back into the economy.

  • David 1167
    David 1167 9 hours ago

    Charlie is sweating thinking bout when he can get his next bump!

  • thebatmanover9000
    thebatmanover9000 9 hours ago

    This is a thing?

  • Seven
    Seven 9 hours ago

    If only they were as concerned about who did the attack as they are about the "sacred ground".

  • Leslie Taylor
    Leslie Taylor 9 hours ago

    Story is the Bamboo princess and movie 👘💖💚💜💎

  • Norma Olguin
    Norma Olguin 10 hours ago

    Donde la encuentro en español

  • Hellur chile
    Hellur chile 10 hours ago

    i was rooting for blondie to stay alive and Then she go and say that- tsk SMh

  • Victoria
    Victoria 10 hours ago

    The mom in the book was not this chill. She was dramatic and wayyy overprotective.

    PUERTO ROCK 10 hours ago

    Blair Witch Sasquatch

  • O w O O W o
    O w O O W o 10 hours ago

    W e l p

  • Enny Del Rey
    Enny Del Rey 10 hours ago

    Wtf. After I watched the movie. I still don't know who is the father of the baby.

  • Jessica Grove
    Jessica Grove 10 hours ago

    Absolutely beautiful✨

  • hachuto
    hachuto 10 hours ago

    This looks like some tlc movie

  • Firefox Fire
    Firefox Fire 10 hours ago


  • Joel Laurel
    Joel Laurel 10 hours ago

    The best pinoy movie napanood ko di tulad ng kay kabisoteng paulit ulit lang, eto napakaganda talaga.

  • 8BIT
    8BIT 10 hours ago

    Imagine what this actor thinks of the movie producers deciding he looks like a neanderthal

  • hotboyjameshh
    hotboyjameshh 10 hours ago


  • mz irex
    mz irex 11 hours ago

    L'une des pires VF de l'histoire du cinéma

  • Kevin HM8404
    Kevin HM8404 11 hours ago

    This was stupid even for Kirk Cameron, and everything he does is some level of stupid.

  • Rodrigo Lbbe
    Rodrigo Lbbe 11 hours ago

    Its pennywise

  • Livia
    Livia 11 hours ago

    I love it....happyness there

  • rosimeire aparecida da silva


  • Roy Saucedo
    Roy Saucedo 11 hours ago

    Dog : * eats nose * Me : 😂🤣😂😂🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤮🤮🤮

  • boussalem bahaeddine
    boussalem bahaeddine 11 hours ago

    It's basically Fifty Shades Of Grey without S&M.

  • KristinazXz
    KristinazXz 11 hours ago

    This looks stupid

  • maria
    maria 12 hours ago


  • itspaddylicious
    itspaddylicious 12 hours ago

    Hi guys 👋👋 please support and help me grow as I pursue this vlogging thing. Thank you so much 😘 😘. God bless.

  • Cutupuss
    Cutupuss 12 hours ago


  • Sumerpupy ,
    Sumerpupy , 12 hours ago

    0:46 Run!!

  • Swoor.
    Swoor. 12 hours ago

    O Y V E Y

  • Yowatsapp 05
    Yowatsapp 05 12 hours ago

    Oh no...

  • Fat Princess
    Fat Princess 12 hours ago

    Watched this while eating Cheetos

  • Leanne Allen-Bader
    Leanne Allen-Bader 12 hours ago

    So a live action Balto??

  • Kenton Pryor
    Kenton Pryor 12 hours ago

    This is the scene that earned Brie Larson an Oscar! :D

    YDA YDA 13 hours ago

    This is indeed a great korean movie. 1 and 2.. take your time and watch it guys

  • OG Irish Wolfpack
    OG Irish Wolfpack 13 hours ago

    What about Littlefoot, bigfoot seems to be hard to find.

  • Adowa Walo
    Adowa Walo 13 hours ago

    Don’t know if anyone cares but I just rented this movie from redbox. I really liked it😆

  • شوق شوشو
    شوق شوشو 13 hours ago

    لو سمحتم إلي عنده فيلم مدينه ملفقة يرسله علي

  • Dablitfam
    Dablitfam 14 hours ago

    Is that Murr from impractical

    PANZERFAUST.mp4 14 hours ago

    great movie,

  • Tj Ob
    Tj Ob 14 hours ago

    I fill bad for the kid

  • Kookid10 8
    Kookid10 8 14 hours ago

    Golden shoes = president affection... nice

  • Children of the Ummah
    Children of the Ummah 14 hours ago

    All about JINN - @t

  • Dexterous
    Dexterous 14 hours ago

    ''This is the first time that recreational pot has been sold legally in the modern world'' A typical example of American arrogance. The modern world also includes Europe, which includes the Netherlands... hint hint int

  • Kamcupcake Campbell
    Kamcupcake Campbell 14 hours ago

    It’s coo-joe and he strikes again

  • elchamber
    elchamber 14 hours ago

    I don’t know how Ford can be the good guy in this race. He wanted Ferrari. He didn’t allow Ferrari in his races. He wanted to throw is weight around.